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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 6, 2013 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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nutes could save you...well, you know. anybody? >> announcer: welcome back to the wendy's post game report. here now al michaels and cris collinsworth. >> al: before we wrap it up mike florio has breaking news in new york. mike, what do you have? >> mike: well, al, earlier in the week the buccaneers released josh freeman, a first round pick in 2009. i'm told he will be signing with the minnesota vikings. joining a depth chart that includes christian ponder and matt cassel who was acquired in the off season and played well last weekend for the vikings to get their first win of the season. josh freeman to the vikings. we'll see how it plays out. >> al: thank you, mike. they are off this week. by week for them. they have carolina next week. it gets more interesting there.
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meanwhile for us, we go to arlington, texas for washington and dallas. rgiii took the measure of dallas twice last year. still getting 100% healthy. they come off a win against oakland. how do you see the game shaping up? >> cris: last game for rgiii was the first time i thought i saw the old rgiii. the guy that was the playmaker, scrambler with the ability to move around, make big throws down uh the field like he did a season ago. he was rusty to start the season. for the cowboys such an emotional game. they play so well. they go blow for blow with manning and the broncos. to come out a loser you have to get jacked up for the decision game which is important. >> al: no question. 2-3 is good enough to be tied for first place in the east. >> cris: yep. >> al: that's a wrap from candlestick park. 34-3 was the final. san francisco. so next week to arlington, texas. coming up next your local news
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followed by "dateline." from the whole gang here and the gang down stairs good night from san francisco.
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new information about a crash that sent 11 people to the hospital. >> worst thing i've ever been involved? >> tonight what investigators
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think may have sent two cars into oncoming traffic. storm team 4 tracking big changes after summer like weekend. how much rain we could see tomorrow and when it all gets here. and protesters target nfl owners here in dc, pushing the league to take a stand against the name redskins. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> 11 people injured. among them, four children. good evening, i'm jim handly. as many as six cars were caught up in the wreckage. tonight, investigators are looking to see if a big crash in brandywine, maryland, was caused by street racing. it shut down route 301 for nearly six hours today. darcy spencer spoke to two men caught up in this crash. >> it's dangerous. it's very dangerous. >> reporter: these men were riding in a dodge dakota in
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brandywine sunday afternoon when a car barrelled through the grassy median from the northbound side and triggered a chain reaction crash. >> we ended up in the ditch. luckily we were in this slow lane here. >> reporter: the crash involved six vehicles and sent 11 people to the hospital. maryland state police are investigating the possibility it may have involved street racing. >> how could you tell they were drag racing? >> they were -- they were -- they were going at a pretty good rate of speed. >> reporter: police say a 23-year-old and 17-year-old were in the mercury that crossed the median at a high rate of speed. they were flown to a trauma center. a man in his 30s suffered life threatening injuries. 17-year-old as well as four children from 3 to 8-year-old was also hurt. >> it's the worst thing i've ever been involved in. >> reporter: a pickup truck struck burst into flames. >> he was saying get me out, get me out. and then we just tried to help him out. >> reporter: ron's legs were cut in the crash. he and his friend feel fortunate
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though they weren't more seriously injured. they're hoping police figger out just what happened here. >> if there is a drag racing issue or problem in this area, they need to -- that needs to be addressed. >> reporter: maryland state police troopers plan to look at surveillance video from nearby businesses to see exactly how this crash happened and to see exactly what role racing may have played in this tragedy. in brandywine, darcy spencer, news 4. new tonight, a freon leak killed a maintenance worker. hospital officials tell us tonight melvin lewis was called to fix an air conditioner in the hospital's east building today. he was quickly overcome by fumes when he went into the building's mechanical room. a hazmat situation was declared and lewis later died in the emergency room. some patients were briefly evacuated this afternoon. metro's red line will be back to normal in time of the rush hour after a contractor was killed. two metro employees seriously
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injured when they were hit by a large piece of track. it all happened in a tunnel near union station. the three men were replacing parts of the railway early this morning. investigators say there was a small fire and a loud boom when the piece of rail shifted. 41-year-old harold ingram of richmond was killed tonight. metro tells us one of the other employees is out of the hospital. thousands of federal employees preparing to lead back to work tomorrow and tonight we've learned that includes gs employees at walter reed medical center in bethesda. 300,000 furloughed workers in all were called back after defense secretary chuck hagel classified them as essential today. we spoke to one federal worker who still on furlough tonight but says he knows many more who are relieved to be going back to work. >> it's really tough on them. so they're all pawns in this little game that we're playing. it. >> does have a hit because they
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were also effected by the sequester. >> there is no sign the rest of the country's furloughed workers will be back on the job any time soon. lawmakers faced off on national television today and appear no closer to a deal. as nbc's brian mooar explains this could go on for weeks. >> with the government shutdown heading into week two, house republicans say they are eager to negotiate with president obama. but they're not giving up on their fight to use a budget bill as a way to chip away at obama care. >> i thought the fight would be over the debt ceiling. but, you know, working with my members they decided let's do it now. the fact is this fight was going to come one way or the other. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz, a pivotal critic in this fight saying they would have to bend at october 17th when the government hits its spending limit. >> the debt ceiling historically has been among the best leverage that congress has to rein in the
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executives. >> reporter: jack lou says that is playing with fire. >> on october 17th we will exhaust our borrowing capacity. at that point i have nothing else in the drawer. >> reporter: in a rare bipartisan display the house unanimously agreed on saturday to retroactively pay government workers but the paychecks won't go out until after the shutdown is over. how long that might be, no one can say. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. turning to the forecast now. get ready, folks. we're going to need the umbrellas again tomorrow. we've got to find them first. how soon for how long? storm team 4 meteorologist has a first look at the rainy monday for us. >> you're right, jim. folks are going to have to dust off the umbrellas tomorrow. you definitely need it. this has been a 15-day dry spell. you see the rain on storm team 4 radar. this with the cold front going to move through the area tomorrow. the biggest concern is going to be flash flooding as this front makes its way through the area.
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i think we'll pick up a quarter to an inch and a half of rainfall from this front. so a moderate concern for some flash flooding tomorrow. there's also a moderate concern for some straight line wind damage. as the front moves through the area. we can't rule out an isolated tornado but a very low risk that that does happen. and i don't think we will be seeing any hail with this front. so exactly what time does the rain arrive in your neighborhood and when does it leave? the answer in ten minutes. >> thanks. we're getting a look at all the damage caused by record rainfall in kentucky tonight. take a look in louisville. about seven inches of rain fell in just 36 hours. emergency crews rescued 12 people from flood waters and more than 80 people had to flee their homes. so far there are no reports of serious injuries. and the area will get a break from the rain tonight. military families forced out of their homes after a fire broke out at california's camp pendleton. will get to go back home tonight. the fire began yesterday.
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and strong santa ana winds spread the flames across more than 15 hundred acres overnight. fire officials started letting marines and their families back on to the base around 8:00 tonight. the blaze is still only about 15% contained. there are no reports of any injuries. new tonight, an suv crash in leesburg adds to a deadly weekend on the roads in northern virginia. this crash happened early this morning on evergreen mills road if suv lost control around a curve, hit a tree, and burst into flames. both people in the car died at the scene. one man who lives nearby called 911 after he heard the impact and tried to put the fire out before rescue crews arrived. >> yeah, we heard it. we came up here. the car was just totally engulfed in flames. raised home. got our fire extinguishers. it was so hot. >> reporter: police believe the suv was going too fast. they haven't released the victims' names.
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officers say speed could be a factor in a deadly crash here in fairfax. 21-year-old devin austin died after the car they were in slammed into a bridge pillar early this morning here on van dorn street near i-95. another passenger was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. a loudoun county man charge with drunk driving after a deadly crash in ash burn. police tell us mark anthony garata crashed into a motorcycle early this morning throwing a man and woman from the bike. they were pronounced dead at the hospital. nfl team owners are in the district tomorrow for their annual fall meeting and this year they will be greeted by a group of proes the protesters h get the redskins to change their name because many find it offensive. here's a look at the latest effort to make a change. >> reporter: on the field they are fierce competitors with a
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faithful fan base but off the gridiron a different battle over the team's controversial name, redskins. in an interview released saturday president obama weighed in for the first time. >> i got to say if i were the owner of the team and i knew that there was a name of my team, even if it had a storied history, that was offending a sizable group of people, i would think about changing it. >> reporter: redskins owner dan snyder recently said he would never change the name. on saturday team attorney lanny davis told nbc news he respects the president's opinion but the moniker is staying. >> this is about loving an athletic team. it's not about disrespecting or disparaging anyone. >> reporter: that explanation isn't good enough for some native americans like those in the oneida nation who have launched a campaign against the mascot. >> any other group or ethnic group would not tolerate this kind of language being used
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about them that's so dehumanizing. >> supporters say there are other native american namesakes. still, pressure is mounting with protesti ining sprouting up out games and some media outlets refusing to use the term. a group of lawmakers including drks c's eleanor holmes nor on the sbro duszed legislation aimed at forcing change.  >> i certainly think it's a tipping point. i think that the handwriting is clearly on the wall. >> but for former washington pro bowler jeff bostik, is about holding on to a tradition. >> we were proud to be called redskins. we were proud to represent our nation's capital. >> the redskins name is also facing a legal challenge and there's an effort under way now to get all broadcasters to stop using the term. the oneida nation hopes tomorrow's protests will show the nfl that a broad group supports the change. coming up, new reaction tonight from spectators in a crowd during a scary crash in a race in houston. we'll tell you how the injured
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driver and fans are doing tonight. plus, we're learning more about how a 9-year-old managed to fly to vegas by himself without a ticket. and a special day for victims of the boston marathon bombing. ♪
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technology that lets you play with the big boys. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's powerful. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. three-250i78 indy 500 winner dario franchitti is in fair condition tonight in a houston hospital after this terrible crash today. franchitti's car went airborne on the final lap of the houston grand prix. debris from the car went flying into the stands. nine fans had to be treated at the scene. two had to be taken to the
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hospital. >> just shattered. just like class. it just went -- it went everywhere. it's almost like something exploded. >> franchitti who is married to actress ashley judd was awake when he was transported to the hocht. a spokesman for his racing team said he was only complaining of a sore ankle and back. a 9-year-old boy managed to skirt airport security and board a flight to las vegas without a ticket. tonight delta air lines and the tsa are trying to figure out how he did it. nbc's dave bergeron reports from minneapolis. >> we've all been through it. multiple security stops before taking a seat on a plane. the last thursday, major miscues. >> that's shocking. >> that's really crazy to me. >> according to an msp spokesperson a 9-year-old boy sneaked pass a security checkpoint and passed agents inside and finally on to delta
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flight 1561 heading to las vegas. the plane left minneapolis with the boy, a run away from the twin cities, on board. he was finally questioned and stopped in nevada. airport officials tell us surveillance footage shows the 9-year-old likely passing through the airport without a boarding pass. >> i can't think that a child unattended would not be attended to. >> reporter: in a brief statement delta says we are investigating the incident and cooperating with the agencies involved. it was the same reaction when we reached out to the tsa. >> that's crazy. i got an 8-year-old son. so that freaked me out. >> reporter: terry researches the commercial air travel industry and all rules and regulations. >> all of this since 9/11 has been to keep us safer and it has but still we have gaping holes and this was a perfect example of it. >> he says stowaways like this are rare, especially with children. officials with msp international say the child is in protective custody and is returning to the twin cities. >> nbc news has learned that
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that 9-year-old boy has had previous run-ins with airport police. the tsa says he did go through security with every other passenger and they believe he may have attached himself to another family to board that flight. the supreme court goes back to work tomorrow to begin its new term. most of the justices attended this annual red mass today at st. matthews cathedral in northeast d.c. the supreme court is expected to hear some controversial cases this term including the place for prayer in government settings. and affirmative action case. and for the first time in seven years the court will hear an abortion case. the court may also hear suits over parts of obama care. major milestone for some victims of the boston marathon bombings today. dozens gathered on a field today to take part in a running and mobility clinic. for many it was their first time running since losing a limb in that deadly attack six months ago now. they were paired with coaches who helped them get used to their lu limbs.
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>> had to experience using it. i thought, i'm never going to be walking. and i did it. >> if you know that the exercising that you need to do is going to get you your independence, then you're going to do it. >> many said the clin anybody helped them feel like they were getting back to normal. this event was organized by the challenged athletes foundation. it provides equipment and training for the amputees. that is a picture to see. six months later in the making. >> absolutely. okay. get ready. we're out of practice using an umbrella, finding one. stepping over puddles. we're going to get wet tomorrow, snuff. >> absolutely. mainly during the afternoon hours is when that front is going to move through. it was a hot day today. high temperature of 91 degrees in washington. dulles set a record high temperature. 88 degrees. the record to beat though was 86. so it wasn't that hard relatively speaking. there's a look at high temperatures. around 90. if you like the heat i hope you
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enjoyed it today. it's gone tomorrow. right now we're still balmy. temperatures in the low to mid 70s across the area. washington now at 75 degrees. a low tonight in d.c. of 69. outside in the suburbs, temperatures there also relatively mild. in the mid 60s. tomorrow morning, it's going to be a dry start for that early morning commute. here we are with future weather at 5:00 a.m. plenty of clouds across the area. may be an isolated shower until about 9:00 a.m. but look what happens at 9:00 a.m. further back to the west. it's like cumberland and petersburg. you start to see some heavier rain moving on into the area. stopping future weather here at 11:00 a.m. for the most part, the d.c. metro area still dry at that point. areas just to the east of that 9 is corridor like frederick county, loudoun, even portions of prince william county, down through culpeper, start to see rain over spread the area.
11:54 pm
look at haguers town at 11:00 a.m. noon, this is when rain starts to enter the d.c. metro area. you need your umbrella at that point. we continue to see moderate to heavy rain at times moving through the area during the afternoon hours. future weather now at 3:00 p.m. you can see that heavy rain over the district making its way into prince george's county. tracking on into anne arundel county. i think by 7:00 p.m. we will be dry across the area. but that evening commute could be a slow go. look at what happens overnight. skies begin to clear out. so here's your planner for tomorrow. 6:00 a.m., dry. but there will be some patchy fog. keep that in mind as kids are getting on the bus tomorrow morning. 69 degrees at that point. 11:00 a.m., this is when showers start to move in. mving in from west to the east. temperatures in the mid 70s. tomorrow it's still pretty mild. a high near 80 degrees.
11:55 pm
at 3:00, tracking rain with embedded thunderstorms and downpours likely at that point. we could be seeing some flash flooding. 7:00 p.m., that's when the rain starts to come to an end. then we're cooler for tuesday. a high temperature of 72 degrees. mostly to partly sunny skies. for wednesday, partly sunny. high temperature, refreshing high temperature, jim, around 70 degrees. thursday, a high of 72. maybe a shower on friday with a coastal storm, of course, tom kiernan in tomorrow morning continueses to track this rainfall. >> coming up next in sports, a career day for tony romo ends in career day for tony romo ends in a very tony
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february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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jason, i'm thinking we could have some angry cowboys next week. >> they played a great game against the broncos. it looked like a basketball game, so many points were scored. today the redskins setback and watched their next opponent. dallas went toe to toe with peyton manning and company but in the end it was a tony romo mistake. how many times have we said that over the years. tony romo mistake cost dallas the game. pick this one up in the fourth quarter. dallas down five. tony romo in second and goal. he's got plenty of time to survey the field. he's going a fake it. maybe run. pulls up. finds jason witten. cowboys take a three-point lead. five touchdown passes for romo. he threw for a career high


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