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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 21, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> now at 11:00, con serves in one northern virginia community after the murder of a high profile transportation official. police say there was no threat to the public. so why hasn't there been an arrest? >> the i-team goes undercover to show how people are riding the rails for free. and we'll see what happens once the police find out. >> a my jor economic boost for prince george's county as bargain hunters countdown for the opening of new outlet stores. >> first tonight, the moon hunt for two men wanted for murder. >> the victim was shot and
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killed in gaitersberg, prompting nearby schools to go on lockdown. >> reporter: right now, there are a lot of unanswered questions. police have no motive, no suspects under arrest and few leads. tonight, the crime scene tape is down, but seven hours after police found the body of a man on the sidewalk they're still here. >> a lit the worried because, you know, it's right here. >> reporter: police drove to the 400 block of north summit avenue after a report of shots fire 2:30 this evening. they found the victim's body outside building 438. witnesses say two men took off running. the man got shot in the head. >> edwauardo shot drecell phoneo of the s.w.a.t. team moving in. police searched everying in -- building in this area. they say the two men got away.
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>> it's a worry. a worry, you know, because you hear so many stories. >> patients waited 2 1/2 hours for their children at a nearby elementary school. dismissal was delayed because the school was on lockdown. tonight, many of those parents and people in the neighborhood are on i letter. alert. >> we have to keep a lookout because it happened here. >> that's exactly what folks out here are doing. now police are continuing to investigate. they have not released the name of the man who was killed. they must first notify his relatives. live in gaithersburg, i'm shamari stone, news 4. >> alexandria neighbors questioned the chief of police there tonight, worried that there's a killer on the loose. ron kirby was shot to death in his home on elm street more an a week ago. immediately after that crime, police said there was no danger to poerps but with no arrest yet and police asking for leads, neighbors have concerns. >> that's what scares everybody. we're just wondering, i mean,
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people, they're thinking it's maybe not a random burglary. but i don't know. maybe it was. >> chief earl cook says it's still early in the investigation and leads are very important to the case right now. >> still no answers tonight about what led to a double murder-suicide frederick county. his wife was a former researcher at the university of m.d. m baltimore. the couple and their 3-month-old child, their son, were found shot and killed last night inside their home in new market, maryland. no word on who killed them. the couple's 5-year-old daughter ran next door for help. she is now with child protective services. >> police are hoping this surveillance video will help them catch the men behind a brutal beating in northwest d.c. you can see two guys kicking and hitting a person on the sidewalk. it happened along lamont street northwest last saturday.
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that's a few blocks from med star hospital center. there's a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in this case. >> a show of support tonight for state senator creigh deeds who was shot. medics air lifted deeds to the hospital on tuesday. police believe deeds' 24-year-old son austin stabbed him at their home in bath county and then killed himself. the senator is now sid said to be in good condition. >> a florida congressman has checked himself into rehab one week after pleading guilty to drug charges. trey reidel pled guilty to buying cocaine from an undercover agent. he's been sentenced to one-year probation. he's also taken a leave of absence from congress while he
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undergoes treatment. >> a winter storm is dumping several inches of snow. temperatures are going all the way down into the teens. and that, folks, is the weather that's coming our way. doug, when do we expect it? >> it's coming this way quick. you've got one more day of mild temperatures. then this weekend. it all goes downhill. take a look at the numbers. you just mentioned, look at the current temperature, 13. just like us, they were near 60 during the day yesterday. they are now at 13 degrees. still seeing some snow there. all of that cold air back to the west will continue to make its way our way over the next couple of days. we are going to see some fridge ji frigid, frigid air, as cold as it gets here in december and january. something else we're watching, though, the all-important thanksgiving week next week. and of course, there could be a storm that could hamper your travel plans. if you've got plans from saturday all the way through next week, i've got your details. >> thank you, doug. people have complained about a lack of shopping options for
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decades in prince george's county but that's about to change. the tanger outlets open aboten hours from now. 20,000 people are expected to check it out right away. here's a sneak peek. >> at every turn there was this. employees celebrating and so were the shoppers. at the preopening of the tanger outlets. >> great place to shop>> it's 340,000 square feet of shopping, and it's opening at 99% capacity. it's expected to generate $6.3 million in tax revenue for the county>> it doesn't disappoint. it really doesn't. very nice. >> the design is inviting with an indoor and outdoor feel throughout the plaza. >> these are the brands we've been waiting for. it's what people have been asking for, and here we are delivering to them amazing products. >> yes, they are bringing the brands, with more than 80 stores, including coach, h&m, michael kors. >> i like banana republic, calvin klein? >> what about coach? >> yes.
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>> when we told shoppers about what tanger was offering, they could not wait for the grand opening. >> clotit's close it's vent and need it in p.g. county. >> are you going to go or are you going to wait? >> we're going to tomorrow. >> this is just the soft opening. they're expecting 20,000 cars a day to come into tanger. this is the road they're going to be using. oxen hill road. two lanes in each direction. narrowing down to one lane in each direction as you go a little further down that road. they're expecting some serious traffic tomorrow. in oxen hill, i'm tracy wilkins, news 4. >> a rough start for the streetcar project in northeast. today, during the test run along h street, it took the car nearly an hour to get five blocks because of pedestrians that wouldn't move and cars that were blocking the tracks. d.c. officials plan to crack down on that problem beginning on december 1.
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that's when they'll start ticketing and toeing drivers who block the tracks. the streetcars are expected to be up and running on h street next year. controversy over a new draft of maryland's student discipline policy. some parents say it is not strict enough in light of shootings such as the one in sandy hook elementary in connecticut. in one case, first-time offenders who make a bomb threat or threaten a school shooting will face only peer mediation. the new policy is reportedly aimed at reducing the number of suspensions. school officials say the number of minority students who are suspended is disdisproportion e disdisproportionately high. the maryland board of education says the draft is not a mandate and it has not yet been approved. >> tonight, an order from the white house marking the 50th anniversary of john f. kennedy's assassination. flags will fly at half staff tomorrow. and thousands attending a ceremony will have a moment of silence at 1:30 our time.
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that's the moment the shots rang out. wendy regehr is in dallas as people remember the event that changed the course of our history. >> the grassy knoll is full of a mob scene a bit, but awful a lot of colorful characters including a buy who came in from long beach, california, covered in beautiful tattoos of president kennedy. and the first lady jackie kennedy. something he was quite proud of. he said that it was important to him to carry them on his arms. because he also had them on his front. >> i went from oswald kennedy to i'm afraid oswald didn't kill kennedy. to please god don't let it be the cia killed kennedy. to the cia did kill kennedy to
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oswald killed kennedy . >> so you've come full circumstance snl. >> the place will become very quiet and a solemn ceremony will begin to unfold as they remember the 50th anniversary of the killing of president kennedy here in dallas. back to you. >> wendy will anchor our coverage from dallas tomorrow beginning at 6:00 in the morning here on news 4. >> coming up, the i-team going undercover to tell show you how people are getting a free ride on metro. and why breaking the rules could come with a criminal record. >> stealing metal and getting a profit. before anyone noticed. >> inside the dark world of heroin additio
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a metro contractor has been arrested accused of stealing copper wire. police say he stole the many et al. from several location ins colluding the green belt rail yard beginning back in june. he allegedly sold the copper to a company down in charles county for cash. police say he made more than $10,000 from his theft. he worked for a company that provided electric service to metro. >> records obtained from scott mcfarlane reveal a 20% spike in tickets issued for fair evasion. 3,200 people busted system wide already in 2013. news 4 went undercover. we taught dozens of people
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slipping in in and out of the emergency exits. metro police have b cracking down and the punishments can be stiff. >> the fine could be $10 up to $300. i think a lot of customers fail to realize that gives you a criminal record. >> pentagon city, 236 citations so far in 2013. new carlleton, not far behind. >> mobt gomry county is seeing a recent spike in overdose deaths. tonight, darcy spencer with a closer look at the problem and why so many young people are losing their lives. >> in montgomery county, more than five dozen people have died on overdose heroin. >> how many times have you hit that vain? >> 30 or 40 times.
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>> his vein still bleeds sometimes but he's beat his injection. >> i was injecting myself seven times a day. >> speaks show there's been 13 overdose deaths from heroin in the county just since june. >> we are seeing heroin pop-up throughout the county. >> one of those areas is damascus known for rural property, landscaped properties and expensive homes. there have been several heroin busts along route 27 and damascus. it's a two-lane road. dealers use this instead of the interstates. >> some call it a virtual heroin highway. >> the heroin problem in montgomery county in my experience damascus is at epidemic levels. >> she said the drug emerged quickly as prescription painkillers got harder to buy.
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>> really penetrated every click from the cheerleaders to the football players and the goth kids. >> she's spoken out publicly about the problem after her boyfriend took his own life. other friends have died from accidental heroin overdoses. >> it's really sad to see the kids i know now who are addicted and to think, like, they're just going to end up dead. >> a montgomery county school spokesman told me there is education in schools and offer counseling. but he also said this is taking place for the most part outside of school. we have students for one quarter of the day half the year. this must be a collaborative aroach that involves the entire community, and that starts with parents. but evans said drug use is taking place on school grounds,
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even in the classroom. >> for the short time i was there, it was acceptable to bring drug fos school. >> she's been told the problem starts and ends with parents. >> it's a community problem. and to suggest at any point that it is not their problem is disturbing. >> darcy spencer, news 4. >> there are programs aimed at fighting the heroin problem and getting help for addicts. but some say there aren't enough of those programs. darcy will have more on her second report that's tomorrow night on news 4 at 6:00. >> doug is here with the school on our weather. not bad tonight, but that's about to change. >> in a big way. temperatures get up to 60 degrees. and then it all comes crashing down. and boy it's going to come
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trashing down hard, too. >> we are looking at a pairly calm night. tomorrow will get up to 60 degrees. 47, the current number. winds are calm, temperatures tonight are going to be much, much warmer than the last couple of nights. 45 over gaithersburg. the radar is all clear, but look out to the west, notice a couple of showers out towards petepet s petersburg, west virginia. we're going to see more of a warm front. we're going to continue to see the cloud cover. answer a chance for shower activity, too. cool, but not cold. and definitely not crazy like we're going to see. but by tomorrow afternoon, notice washington still on the dry side. kbu the showers start to move in. we're going to be on the mild side. it's trying to make its way in here. near 60, but a chance for sot
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some showers. take the umbrella with you just in case. by rush hour, we'll start to see showers. most most of us should remain on the dry side. when the cold air begins on saturday amp, you will need the coats. most of saturday may not be all that bad, but by 2:00, 3:00 in the amp, you're going to notice a big, big difference. temperatures tonight, 44 in d.c. 38 in manassas. so not nearly as bad. ander really, not nearly as cool as what we're going to be for overnight lows and high temperatures. 49 on saturday. 36 on sunday. that's another high temperature, but that's nothing compared to what we'll see for the wind chill. slowly getting a little better then we get out towards thanksgiving. how about that sunday temperature? we mentioned the temperatures near 36 degrees.
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so 33 and 37. but the wind chills between 15 and 25. that's all day long. that's normally what we see in month of january. we're seeing it very, very early. winds gusting 25 to 30 miles an hour. and then watch the potential storm that could move up the kwoes on wednesday. if it does, this is one of the biggest travel days of the season. it could post problems for the i-95 corridor from raleigh to richmond, d.c. all the way up towards boston. the backside would be cold enough for some snow. mostly back towards the mountains. not worried about that here. worried about the rain and the colder weather, six out of the next seven days, well below average. he's full of good news. >> problems in paradise for two >> problems in paradise for two local teens.
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vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. >> this is going to be the week that changes the redskins season or this will be the week they look back on like that is when it all fell apart. all the drama. hopefully today was the last day of it. offensive coordinator kyle shanahan, he heard rg3 say that the eagles knew what was coming before it was coming which at the time seemed to be a shot at the man calling all the plays, but today we were told rg3 walked into his coordinator's office to talk face to face, man-to-man to clarify his statements that move that his
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coach had, his trusting in his leadership that he's trusting him. >> i've got no problem withr roberts. it tests everybody in the locker room. it's a challenge and you get something better at. i think robert is going through that right now. i think it's part of the process of making him great. >> vcu women's basketball team is number ten in the country right now nap's the best rank they've had in school history, that's about to change, though. tonight in puerto rico, unranked florida state stunned the rams. known for their havoc defensing but they're the ones getting worked tonight. first half, the pass is stolen by white. throws that one right down. then two seconds before the half, fsu's pass to brandon and again slam. up by 12 at the break. second half, florida state runs away with this one, up 12, up
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18. ian miller, alley-oop. seminoles upset the rams in a big way, 85-67, the final this. also in puerto rico, josh smith and georgetown facing northeastern. and the hoyas they came out strong. smith, 350 pounds, all of him. waiting for that hoop and he jumps out to an 8-0 lead. >> turn up the d. comes up with this steal. finishes with the jam here to georgetown, up 11 at the break. things were hopping. not for long. late second half, down two. uh-oh, here we go. another turnover. 16 in the game, northeastern wins it 63-56. georgetown will play kansas state in a consolation game tomorrow. elsewhere, hey, it's c-lo making an appearance.
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b bison making their voice heard. houston goes on a 13-2 run. icaprun trops to 2-4 this season. finally in oklahoma city, a thunder fan hits a half court shot. $20,000. forget the money,s in the best part. that's jay-z right there with his wife beyonce congratulating. two guys in a row hitting that half court shot. it. >>'s a lucky
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>> i looked at this last night and died laughing. a woman started to take sons of her 2-year-old son and their new puppy and put it up on a book. this thing is going viral. they kochg oconk out every day t 11:00 in the morning. but they're never far apart. the family got him from the animal shelter after his older siblings asked for a dog. but now guess whose dog that is. >> and forever will be. >> forever and a day. that is so cute. that look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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