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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 22, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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approach that involved the entire community. that starts with parents, end quote. drug use is taking place on school grounds, even in the classroom. >> i know, for the short time i was there, the culture in the school was that it was acceptable to bring drugs to school. >> reporter: when she spoke about the addiction problem at school meetings, she's told the problem starts and ends with parents. >> it's a community problem. the schools are an integral part of the community. for them to suggest it is not their problem is disturbing. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. >> now there are programs aimed a at combatting the problem. one says that's not enough. we'll hear from her in the second report at 6:00. right now at 5:00, cold, frigid air rolling in
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weekend. we are on storm watch as we head toward the thanksgiving holiday. tonight, the eternal flame flickers on a dark and gloomy day 50 years after the assassination of president john f. kennedy. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse, wendy is on assignment. the arctic blast. the next 24 hours is going to feel very, very different. we are breaking down everything you need to know for the weekend. >> we are keeping an eye on an approaching storm. chief meteorologist, doug kammerer is here. doug? >> things have changed over the past couple weeks and months. it is starting to get active outside now. let's take a look and we'll show you what we are talking about here. as we look toward the maps, one thing we are seeing here, one thing coming in is the cold air. we have showers in there. we are talking a frigid sunday and a coastal storm developing, too. let's look at the showers. the showers making their w i th
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toward portions of southern maryland and to the west and portions of west virginia. we continue to see those move through the region tonight. we need the umbrellas as you head out. a frigid sunday. we have been telling you about that for the last week. now, continuing to watch this storm that's going to develop from the south and move up the coast. i-95 is going to play havoc as we move on to the next couple days and tuesday, wednesday and potentially, thanksgiving. if you have travel plans, you don't want to miss the forecast. i want to let you know how cold things are going to be. i think the numbers are going to shock you a little bit. >> you can monitor the weather all weekend. download the storm team 4 weather app in itunes or google play. ♪ his flame burns on and
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the nation's capitol to dallas, americans are remembering president john f. kennedy. his only surviving sibling laid a wreath at his grave as bagpipes played. the flame requested by jackie kennedy two days after the president was assassinated. >> the assassination led to deep scar on the national psyche and much of that pain centered on dallas where the president was killed. today, the city held a memorial service and took another step toward recovery. wendy rieger was at the service today and she joins us with more on what happened on this emotional day. wendy? >> reporter: well, jim, you know, dealy plaza is iconic because of what happened here 50 years ago was so sering and so horrific and has remained and lingered in the american consciousness. what happened here today was uplifting and transformative.
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>> when hope and hatred collided here in dallas, we watched the nightmarish reality that in our front yard, our president had been taken from us. taken from his family, taken from the world. our collective hearts were broken. ladies and gentlemen, would you join me in a moment of silence in honor of the life of john fitzgerald kennedy? [ bells tolling ] ♪ >> goneot forgotten is the
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old expression for departed heroes. but if not forgotten, they are not gone. >> reporter: and that was the u.s. naval academy's men's glee club singing here. they were amazing. coming up in just a little bit, everyone you talk to here, when you ask them why was it important to be here, how did you feel after you attended the ceremony, everyone started an answer with where they were when they learned that kennedy was shot. everyone, everyone, everyone. it's something they have to do. coming up at 5:30, tom brokaw who is doing a documentary about where you were is going to talk about that. i'll see you in a few minutes. back to you. >> thanks so much.
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what a powerful day there. we invite you to stay with us for more team coverage marking 50 years since the assassination of president kennedy. ahead, people share their memories of that terrible day. in the second half hour, we are going back to dallas for another live report from wendy and a special interview with tom brokaw. right now, a baby is safe in the custody of authorities after the quick thinking of a neighbor. that neighbor who lives in damascus, maryland, noticed the child being carried inside a diaper bag. the child's mother seemed to be in distress. the neighbor was able to get the baby out of the bag and call police. >> her head was kind of tucked in and all i could see was her arm out. that's when i told her, you know, i told her to back up on the landing. i sat the bag down gently and took her out. >> after being examined by paramedics, the baby was physically okay. a push for
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case investigation in montgomery county. police want anyone, everyone to take a look at a composite sketch that took place in wheaton, silver springs and takoma park in the mid-'70s. police hope someone recognizes the man in the sketch. they believe there may be more victims and releasing the sketch may cause people to come forward. two young people are dead. a woman was killed near an apartment complex on g street in southeast washington just a few hours earlier, a man shot to death a few blocks away. news 4s, jackie bensen has the latest from police on both the investigations. >> reporter: family members tell news 4 they are shocked and devastated by the murder of 28-year-old kevin lucas. the southeast washington man was found shot to death before 8:00 last night in the 3400 block of a street southeast. five hours
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a.m., sixth district officers were called to 4900 block of g street southeast. inside a second floor apartment, they found a 21-year-old suffering from a fatal gunshot wound. >> there was an argument taking place in the hallway prior to the shooting. after that argument is when the victim was shot. >> reporter: the two murder scenes are about a mile apart. >> at this time, we have no information to suggest the two are connected. if you have information about the argument or the gunshot that is followed, we would appreciate that information. >> reporter: detectives have some information about both of the homicides, they still need a lot more. there is a $25,000 reward for information in each of the cases. in southeast washington, jackie bensen, news 4. security cameras captured two suspects wanted for a robbery and stabbing.otos
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taken at the twin brook metro station. police arrested anthony jeffr s jeffries. he's only 15. he's charged as an adult with attempted first degree murder. an 18-year-old was also arrested and charged with first degree assault and attempted robbery. virginia state senator, creigh deeds is out of the hospital tonight and speaking out just three days after police say his only son stabbed him. deeds tweeted, i am alive, so must live. some wounds won't heal. your prayers and friendship are important to me. police tell us his son, gus, took his life after attacking his father. gus had undergone an emergency mental health e vaguation monday but was released because there wasn't room. black friday is a week away. but, tonight shoppers are lining up to find deals at a new mall in prince george's county.
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tanger outlets opened their doors this morning and hundreds of bargain hunters streamed in. it features 80 high end stores including under armor. it's located on oxon hill drive in harborview. tracee wilkins caught up with a group of women who couldn't wait to check it out. >> reporter: these seniors were so excited about the debut of the tanger outlets they took a bus to the grand opening. >> there we are. >> reporter: once on the grounds of the 340,000 square foot shopping outlet center -- >> oh, lord. >> the ladies first learned how to use the directory. kind of. >> what does that mean? >> we just arrived. just looking around. >> i see things my grand kids would love but things i would like too. >> reporter: they have a young vibe and felt more lik
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these experienced shoppers didn't mind the waiting or the walking. for high end outlet shopping so close to home. >> we usually go to the shopping, the outlets in queenstown and hagerstown. >> my favorite stores, great. >> reporter: there are a few things they would change. >> they need more restaurants on this end. >> reporter: what store is missing that you would like to see? >> nordstrom, lord & taylor. >> all in all, they got two thumbs up when they weren't reaching for their wallets. >> i already spent too much money, over $100 on my great grandson. >> reporter: they were impressed with the way it's set up and they would come back here again and again. it's what the county wants to hear. they are hoping to make more than $6 million a year in taxes from tanger outlets. judging by today, they are well on their way. in oxon hill, i'm tracee wilkin nthe streets of californd
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into rivers. this same storm could have a different impact when it hits our region. >> copper crooks take it too far. how hundreds of people were left without power because of one crime. plus, after a slow start to the rollout of obama care, we are learning about a new announcement about the delay. a live look at the kennedy center right now. there are jfk tributes across the region tonight. still ahead, more team coverage as we look back at how the world changed 50 years ago today.
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right now, people are gathering at the d.c. church where president kennedy's funeral took place. a special ceremony is about to begin there. >> it's one of several tributes marking the 50th anniversary of the young president's death. derrick ward joins us live. >> reporter: good evening. as you see behind me, st. matthew cathedral is behind me. we remember the famous picture of the president's son 3 years old at the time, saluting the coffin. there's going to bebs some formal, some not to formal. all with stark memories and
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recollections of that fateful day a half century ago. on that fateful day in dallas, 50 years ago, the reaction was immediate and sorrowful. here in washington and elsewhere was not immediate but as heart felt. the news came during a school day. >> they announced it on the intercom. >> reporter: he was a tenth grader in maryland. not the memory or the emotions passed. >> a lot of disbelief. it was hard to believe something like that could have happened. >> reporter: others worked closer to the events. he was working with the u.s. agsz. at the time, he was in puerto rico. >> somebody told me who couldn't talk english very well, so i didn't know what she was saying. >> reporter: then the news was conveyed by a waiter leaving no room for doubt. >> president, president, murder. pow. >> reporter: he was among the
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speakers observing the day camelot ended and the day america came of age. among others on the panel, dean owen, a former journalist. >> part of john kennedy's legacy is his assassination and questions around it. >> reporter: in the aftermath, the mission seemed imperil. those who worked in the administration, a slow recovery. >> it left a lot of people who had come to love the president. they were unable to function well for a time. >> reporter: coming up on news 4 at 6:00, we'll look at a man who chose a unique way to observe this day. we're live in downtown d.c., derrick ward, news 4. southern california. tonight, one man is lucky a
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firefighter has a sharp eye. check this out, a rescue helicopter flew over the high water in san bernardino, california. crews rescued him and saved several others stranded along that river. the high water is gone right now, but it created a terrifying night for the driver of this minivan. the flooding trapped him in an underpass in san diego covering the van up to the roof. police jumped in to save him. san diego life guards helped get him. >> how about wet weather? are we going to get it? >> that storm is going to make its way across the country. it will be here as many of us get ready for the thanksgiving holiday. get ready, it's coming. the cold air is not tonight, however, something else is moving across the area. that's the shower activity. if you are heading out and about, take the umbrella with you. you can take the small umbrella, though.
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we are not looking at that much rain. 59 degrees is the current number. winds out of the south at 5 miles per hour. one more day of this, nice warm weather, then things come downhill starting tomorrow afternoon. first off, let's talk about the temperatures. 59. nice in winchester. 59 in honeytown. we can just wave good-bye to the mild temperatures. they are out of here. we are looking at a few showers, though, through prince george's and stafford county and southern maryland. st. mary's county seeing rain now. a few showers to the west. it's where the frontal boundary continues to make its way through. itis the first front. first, let's talk about tonight. if you are going out tonight, no problems. take the umbrella with you. we will see light showers around 7:00 and 9:00. the rain ending. cool around 11:00 with a temperat o yet. let's go ahead and break it down and show you what i'm talking
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about. this is the first front. the front that takes the mild air out of here. tomorrow starts mild. then a secondary front. this is the polar front creating windy and cold conditions by 5:00 or 6:00, you notice a major, major difference. on sunday, windchills all day in the teens to lower 20s. we are talking about very cold air. i'm not trying to hype up the storm, but this will be the coldest air we have seen this season and one of the coldest days we have seen in quite some time. 49 in d.c. for tomorrow. 50 in manassas. 55 in fredericksburg. that's misleading. once again, we are talking temperatures this warm early. 46 to 50. then becoming windy and turning cold in the afternoon with winds eventually gusting upwards of 30 miles per hour. with that, temperatures plummet. 29 degrees early on sunday morning. a high of 36 on sunday. onlysday and that's when the storm comes in just in time for many of us to travel.
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we talk about sunday first and talk about the temperatures as far as the windchills are concerned between 15 and 25. that's during the afternoon, with temperatures 33 to 37. winds gusting upwards of 25 to 35 miles per hour. sunday will be cold. monday will be cold. wednesday is really the day, tuesday and wednesday, i think the rain moves in tuesday into wednesday. the coastal storm moves right up along the i-95 corridor and a little back to the west. you may run into problems late tuesday into the day wednesday. storm team 4 will keep you ahead of it all. a development in the chris brown case. let's go to scott macfarlane at the live desk. >> the hip hop artist will not have to appear in a court related to the assault outside the w hotel. a judge granted his attorney to management rehab. he was ordered to stay in rehab
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90 days stemming from an assault on his girlfriend, the singer rihanna. the hearing for that case scheduled for 10:00 monday morning. at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. a major development on the rollout of obama care could directly impact the next elections. we'll explain why, next. >> reporter: i'm julie carey in loudoun county where a gruesome discovery has been made in the creek. what appeared to be
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nbc news confirm tds private
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contracting company that employed navy yard shooter aaron alexis pulled his security clearance because of a psychotic episode. they reinstated it but never told the navy. with that, he had open access to the navy yard and building 197, the scene of the mass killings. a navy investigation is under way to determine whether the experts complied with emergency requirements. we are following a story involving the rollout. it's pushed back a month. the 2015 enrollment period will start in november and end in january. that will give customers more time to review options and insurers time to set up premiums and puts the enrollment period past the midterm elections. brothers on the field and off due in part to the challenges of their neighborhood
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and in part to their desire to win. suitland looks to continue the undefeated season against duvall. jason pugh tells us the struggle to keep kids on the right path could be in line for a third straight title. >> reporter: more so than other players in the d.c. area, ed shields believes his players are truly one of a kind. >> i don't think we'll have a problem with that. it's a struggle the kids go through. some of the things that they have to face and the things they pull through anyway make them special kids regardless of what win or lose. >> over come it working hard. on this team. we push everybody pushes everybody to get better. itis what we do. >> reporter: the hard work paid off for them. they are undefeated this season. this year's senior class refuse zs to be anything other than
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great. >> our goal is to get better every day. we do that, we know the weekends will take care of themselves. it's been great. it's a great experience. >> this could be you next year. what's expected of them in years to come. >> reporter: this program is no stranger to winning state championships. everything is in place to pull off another state title run. >> the kids have shown they have the will and fire to do it. again, as i told them, if you plfs, you will be out. we want to make sure we are getting better. fridays working to make sure we get better. we have a great chance. >> this saturday, suitland will look to stay unbeaten as they take on duvall. the last time they met up, the rams won. tomorrow, they expect a tougher game. kick off is at 1:00 p.m.
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>> thank you, jason. right now at 5:00, we return live to dallas on the 50th anniversary of jfk. >> tom brokaw joins our team coverage. the stories of the people who remember that fateful day 50 years ago. nbc news special correspondent, tom brokaw talks about the impact of jfks death and shares insight on the conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination. >> plus, copper crooks. they did a lot more than just steal a few wires. how some found a way to leave hundreds in tht kid, now
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returning now to the national tributes to president john f. kennedy 50 years from the day he was assassinated in dallas. >> the death americans then and does to this day. it's the subject of a documentary that airs tonight. our coverage beginning with tom brokaw in new york. tom? >> hey, wendy, how are you? we wanted to remind the american people about why john f. kennedy lingered so long in their memory. itis not just that god awful day in dallas and the way his presidency ended.
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he was a new kind of president. he came of age as the television age began to be spreading across america. people had, in their living rooms, a television set they could see the president every night. that was a phenomena in this country. before that, we had television with truman andizen how, but not like when kennedy was president. he was perfectly cast in this medium, he was handsome and photogenic and knew >> you have mentioned kennedy was a generational president. you were 23 at the time. where were you on this historic day? >> in omaha, my first year as a television journalist. i was working at a morning affiliate. i wrapped up the noon hour in the midwest when the bells began to ring on the wire service machines.
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i walked over thinking it was a local bulletin and read the memorable words, shot in the motorcade, the president fatally wounded. that was the beginning of his demise, obviously, by the time he got to parkland, they determined he was dead. then the world came apart for me, personally and for this country because i had assumed he would be our president, probably, i know, for the rest of that term and he caught a stride and chances were he would be president at the end of the second term as well because the polls showed he was running well ahead of goldwater. you never know what happened in campaigns. the world changed. we went from john f. kennedy for the television age, lyndon johnson, a traditional of the old school. johnson got civil rights passed, the tax bill passed and led us
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into vietnam. >> nbc news special correspondent, tom brokaw. thanks so much for taking time out for us, we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> where were you the day jfk died? it starts at 9:00. we invite you to watch it here with us on nbc 4. get ready, we are bracing for a dramatic drop in temperatures this weekend. could feel 30 to 40 degrees colder at this time tomorrow. >> storm team 4 meteorologist, doug kammerer is watching it all. doug? >> yeah, guys, watching it for sure. this is ridiculous, the kind of temperature drop we are talking about here. 60 today. late tomorrow night, could be feeling temperatures around 20 degrees with the windchill. right now, just the rain. we are talking about the rain coming through portions of the area. it's in the panhandle and back to frederick county and maryland. a few light showers in loudoun county. the heaviest rain, this is not heavy at all, to quantico and
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waldorf, southern an run dell county and route 2. calvert county and leonard, too. the rain is coming through tonight and the cold air coming in. some of the air will be some 20 to 30 degrees colder. we'll talk about the windchills starting off tomorrow, not that bad. the future windchill, 43 at noon tomorrow. wait until i show you what we are by 5:00 in the afternoon. a dramatic drop coming guys? >> i fast forward through the headlines. d.c. police trying to solve murders. a woman was found shot to death in the 4900 block of g street southeast. five hours earlier, kevin lucas was killed about a mile away on 34th and a street. police don't believe the two cases are related. virginia state senator, creigh deeds thanks supporters
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tweeting your prayers and friendship are important to me. it's his first public statement. his son stabbed him several times before taking his own life. hundreds of shoppers are taking advantage of the deals at the tanger outlets mall in prince george's county. the grand opening took place there this morning. it's on oxon hill road in national harbor. it features 80 stores like coach and h & m. a story that show you many of the pictures our cameras captured. loudoun county animal investigators are investigating dozens of dogs found. julie carey followed up on a tip and found the gruesome scene today. >> reporter: just outside waterford, this sign shows a
5:37 pm
scenic river. what we found is anything but scenic. what i'm looking at down here below the bridge is so awful, we can't show you. i'll describe to you what i'm seeing. there are essentially two piles of dead animals, one here and one mid way through the span. this pile is the most disturbing. it appears to be that of dogs. i can count 27 of them and there are others beneath. the other pile seems to be cows or deer. this man works on a construction site nearby. he made the discovery and contacted animal services. >> i was driving by and saw a pile of something that looked strange to me so i stopped and investigated more. i determined there were animal bodies. >> reporter: when we contacted loudoun county animal services, a spokesperson refused comment saying there's an ongoing criminal investigation.
5:38 pm
this couple who lives near the bridge stopped to see what we were doing and were horrified to see what was in the water. >> down here are the larger animals. >> that is just disgusting. >> reporter: dog owners themselves, he had a same reaction. >> it's horrifying. hopefully they can find the perpetrators and jail them. it's absolutely horrifying. >> reporter: the creek runs under a single-lane bridge on a lightly traveled road that cuts the farms and mansions. the man hopes they can track down whomever is responsible. >> i would like to see somebody prosecuted. >> anyone who drives in washington has to look out fort cameras. we just learned that about more than 100 new cameras will be deployed around the city. >> reporter: i'm adam tuss. do we need a huge parking lot r
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department is using automated safety enforcement to reduce the violations. >> d.c. police are telling aggressive drivers to be aware. online ads say police are using automatted traffic enforcement. new policing methods target them if they block intersections and drive oversized cars on nar oro streets. d.c. police will roll ott 132 cameras before the end of the year. d.c. street safe will allow them
5:42 pm
to enforce it. starting december 30th, you w see new gridlock cameras and oversized vehicle cams throughout the district. the skies could become more cell phone friendly if the head of the fcc gets his way. today, tom wheeler, who chairs the federal communications sayses it's outdated. use their smartphones to e-mails, text and download data. critics cringe at the idea of a planeful of chattering passengers saying it could under mine safety. >> it's their worst nightmare stuck in a tube with people making unnecessary calls for six hours or more. >> cell phone use allowed above 10,000 feet and banned during take off and landing. the fcc will consider the proposal at a meeting december
5:43 pm
12th. they weren't the brightest crooks cops caught, but managed to leave the community in the dark. i'm mark segraves and i'll have the story, next. i'm liz crenshaw. do outlets have the same merchandise as full prize retail
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we are getting in some dramatic video of a massive fire battle. scott macfarlane is at the live desk. >> just getting pictures in now.
5:46 pm
look at your screen. this is coming out of indiana. moving as we speak. give it a moment. it's southern johnson county, not far from indianapolis. the images are moving. the fire fully engulfed the home. two children trapped inside. injuries have been reported. this is near indianapolis, an ongoing fire engulfing a home there. no further details at this time. keep it here for more. at the live desk, scott macfarlane. >> we know you will. thanks so much. four people arrested after police say they caused a blackout across an entire community. >> charged with cutting down power lines. >> mark segraves reports they were after the copper wire. >> reporter: this isn't the first time utility crews had to replace the wires along this stretch of annapolis road. police say the easy access to the copper wire means an easy
5:47 pm
target for thieves. >> they are getting about $3 a poy to support their drug habit. it's unfortunately quite that simple. it's something that is played into the region. >> reporter: these are the woods along annapolis road where the thieves have been hitting. last night, these four suspects cut down 250 feet of this copper wire. they say the thieves usually are smart enough to know to cut the negative wire, not the live wires that carry the power. last night, about midnight as they were using bolt cutters and tree trimmers, they hit a live wire and knocked out the power to nearly 2,000 homes and businesses. customers were watching the football game. >> lights started flickering, come back on, flicker again, boom, we are out of power. >> nurses had to go room-to-room to make sure patients were okay. >> that was the one they tohe's
5:48 pm
outages were caused by power thieves. >> my parking lights, they tear up the wire and take them from me. we go look at it and it's chopped. doesn't surprise me, angers me. i'm glad they are caught. >> reporter: the power was out about an hour. it could have been much, much worse, either a longer black out for the community or a deadly shock for the thieves. mark segraves, news 4. it's that time of year when we, here at nbc 4 hold the food for families campaign. we are getting a lot of help, as usual, from the nurses of med star georgetown university hospital. they are collecting cans. if you would like to help, bring your donations to the verizon center on monday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. or you can donate from the warmth of your home org on to
5:49 pm >> of course, pat is always down there before sun up. she's going to have to bundle up. we have training for that cold month, right, doug? >> that's right. temperatures are going to fall late in the afternoon. sunday, brutal cold. it's not the case out there tonight. the evening planner, if you are going out and about, cloudy. 55 at 7:00 dropping to 47 by 11:00. we'll call it cool. once again, the cold air waits until tomorrow afternoon. storm team 4 radar showing shower activity toward winchester. also, around the charlestown area and down toward the south. waldorf, reporting rain. it will move out. most of it is on the lighter side. le let's talk about tomorrow. if you have events, they should be nice. the st. jude's walk should be noon tomorrow.
5:50 pm
here we are, take a look at the time. noon, 43 windchill in d.c. 38 in winchester. by the time we get to 5:00, back close to freeze zing to the west, 41 in d.c. and overnight is when the cold air moves in. 26 for a windchill. tomorrow night at 11:00, 19 in winchester. 19 in frederick. we get colder by early in the morning on sunday. 7:00 a.m., 19 in d.c. that's in the city. 14 in winchester. 17 in leesburg. 17 in manassas. during the warmest part of the day, the windchill will be in the teens to lower 20s. we are talking brutally cold air making its way in sunday. bring the pets inside late tomorrow night. 49 for a high. dropping temperatures tomorrow. 36 on your sunday. 38 on monday then watching that storm, that will affect us tuesday and wednesday and could affect your driving, if you are going to be driving, travel plans will be affected. looks like heavy rain late
5:51 pm
tuesday into wednesday. cold for thanksgiving. how long does it take to defrost a frozen thanksgiving turkey? once it is defrosted, how long do you cook it? from turkey to shopping. a way to end ask liz. it's making me hungry. how long does it take a frozen turkey to thaw? >> don't wait. the safest way to defrost that frozen turkey is in the fridge. usda says it takes at least 24 hours of defrosting time in the refrigerator for every five pounds of turkey. a 12 to 16 pound turkey, three to four days. go check your bird now and see if you need to move it to the fridge this weekend. cover your turkey in cold water putting it in a plastic bag or large bowl. change the water every 30 minutes to keep it cold.
5:52 pm
this takes 30 minutes per pound of turkey. a 12 to 16 pound bird takes six to eight hours. put it in the fridge now. >> the change of water thing is a lot of work. let's move on to cooking the bird. how long should you cook your thawed turkey or fresh bird? >> forget your grandmother's recipe. today's turkeys cook at a different rate. set your oven temperature to 325 degrees fahrenheit. roast it anywhere from 1.5 to  five hours. the most important factor is the internal temperature. make sure it reach 165. check the temperature with a meat thermometern thanksgiving tips head to our website, crenshaw. >> since thanksgiving means turkey and shopping -- >> it does, doesn't it? >> a brand-new outlet mall
5:53 pm
opened. are the products sold at the outlet stores the same as you buy at a regular retail store? >> it depends. consumer reports helped us. some goods are products that didn't sell at retail or have been marked down then sold at the outlets. some products are made specifically for the outlets and they are made of lesser quality. also, one more thing, you should know some stores at the outlet malls are not discount stores at all. they are regular retail and sell at regular retail prices. they like being at the outlet malls where folks are primed to buy. if you have a question you would like us to consir ask liz, send it to me. connect with me on twitter, search liz crenshaw and search for me on facebook. smarter now? >> yeah about shopping and turkey. jim? >> thank you both. we are getting a look at a plan
5:54 pm
to put parking under the national mall. how it could change traffic in downtown d.c. a woman c
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let's check out the stories trendsing online. the second movie in the "hunger games" trilogy opened. it stars oscar award winner,
5:57 pm
jennifer lawrence. critics say it could be the biggest box office hit of the year. if you are not holding the new x-box one gaming counsel, chances are you won't be getting one for at least a couple days. hours after it went on sale, supplies were gone. we checked in with best buy and game stop. either had any online or in the store. the counsel costs $499. there are nearly two dozen games available that go with it. a movie trailer just released is fit for a hero. check it out. a fan made it shows all the excitement in gotham as he saved the city. last week, 5-year-old miles scott brought san francisco to a halt as a make a wish effort here helped him be bat kid for a
5:58 pm
day. there he is. his parents reveal they are starting the bat kid fund to help other families with sick children. it's a surprising new idea that will change your visits to the national mall where parking is next to impossible. >> a group wants to build an underground parking garage under the nation's front yard. it would ask taxpayers to fund it. adam tuss says what it could mean for tourists and commuters. >> reporter: digging under america's front yard and putting in a nice big parking garage. at first glance, it seems unreasonable to some. >> i'm not sure. w i would change the area. >> reporter: examine why it's needed and your perspective would change. >> basically, it is a box, a big box. >> reporter: the coalition to save our mall says there are a couple main reasons to do this.
5:59 pm
he says the big box would not only provide a space for tour buses that clog up city streets, but the buses would no longer have to idle with the engine on to keep the heat or air-conditioning going. there's enough parking for 1,000 vehicles and it would house a welcome center and double as a reservoir to fill up if the mall flooded. >> it's very realistic. it's been engineered, costed out and it solves all the needs we have. >> reporter: let's give you a better idea of where this whole thing is happening. here is the smithsonian castle. jefferson drive below that, then swing back over here to the


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