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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> you have that ever present young person shot down at the prime of his life, so handsome, so vital, so full of life. and i think everybody looks back and remembers a time when they were young as a result of that. >> 50 years ago today, america was struggling with a shock of losing its young, dynamic president. five decades later, his goal remains that the passage allows a more clear-eyed view of his life and times. camelot became the shorthand, but it wasn't camelot, that mythical kingdom of the musical stage. that was mrs. kennedy reaching for a metaphor after his death. it was, however, a uniquely american transfer to a new age powered by a young man with a bold vision and vision for the nation lead. a charismatic young man, unafraid of reaching for the stars, insistent on taking us with him.
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for nbc news, i'm tom brokaw. with him. for nbc news, i'm tom brokaw. good night. -- captions by vitac --
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now at 11:00 she survived a motorcycle accident and months of rehab but then a tragic twist of fate. >> she is the most giving person ever. >> reporter: how she lost her life on the first day she felt strong enough to leave home. caught on camera. we'll show you how technology is helping a crime victim keep tabs on the person who stole her cell phone. a new outlet mall opens in prince george's county. we have erything from the deals to the traffic and the expectations going into the to,
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people from california to colorado are getting hit with awful weather. it's heading our way. >> we'll have more on your holiday forecast in a moment but the big concern tonight is the falling temperatures. we could be in the 20s by tomorrow. let's go to storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug cammer to break it down for us hour by hour. >> it is amazing. the temperature over the last hour has gone up by 5 degrees. by this time tomorrow night it will go down by 40. let's take a look at the numbers right now currently sitting at 62 degrees. our winds have just shifted oust the northwest. it creates a little downsloping. 62 right now. 60 degrees in for the bell var. 62 college park. enjoy it tonight if you can. take the dog for an extra walk or rest of the night we are talking very cold numbers. tomorrow. but not tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning in the city 43 degrees around 8:00 a.m. looking good. 49 by noon.
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and then in the afternoon, the wind chills in the 30s by 4:00. i'll show you just how cold they go because that's nothing just yet. guys? >> okay. thank you. breaking news in los angeles tonight. live pictures now from the los angeles international airport. the american airlines terminal there has been evacuated. we also understand that an suv slammed into a nearby parking garage. we're not sure if that is the reason the terminal was evacuated. these are live pictures on a story that's just now breaking at los angeles international airport. on november first a gunman opened fire inside terminal 3 at lax killing a tsa agent. the suspect was later arrested. again, a terminal at lax is evacuated tonight and these are live pictures from the scene. we're not sure exactly what's going on yet. we'll bring you more updates as soon as we get more information. tonight we're learning more about a woman who was killed at
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a busy crosswalk in woodbridge, virginia last weekend. turns out she spent the past six months recovering from a motorcycle accident and then she was killed on the first day she left the house. shomari stone has reaction from the victim's husband, who is heart broken. >> she was the most giving person ever. >> reporter: bill oakley breaks down in tears wishing his best friend sally ann was alive to celebrate their wedding anniversary thanksgiving week. >> 41 years. monday. >> reporter: the 59-year-old mother of two was killed while crossing opitz boulevard at montgomery avenue last weekend in woodbridge, virginia. suddenly police say 24-year-old amanda stiles maze crashed into her near this memorial at the intersection. >> one of her favorite things to do was to walk over across that street to the gas station.
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>> reporter: sally ann outlasted a battle with cancer and recently survived a motorcycle crash. the couple belongs to the rolling thunder motorcycle club and paid tribute to veterans on memorial day. >> six months ago we were in a motorcycle accident and she had been laid up. >> reporter: last weekend was the first time she was able to walk outside. sally ann had just finished buying her paper and coffee sunday morning. she was walking across the street in the crosswalk. she had the right of way. >> it wasn't fair. >> reporter: stiles maze was charged with failing to yield to a pedestrian and reckless driving. >> this was a christmas gift. it's a redskin plaque. >> now bill reminisces about their marriage with photos. but she will be alive in your spirit? >> oh, yeah. she'll always be there. >> reporter:omari stone, news 4. our cameras were rolling when police arrested a man for drunk driving tonight. witnesses say the man hit several cars before police caught up with him.
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the driver was arrested near the corner of 14th and v streets northwest. that's just a block away from the busy u street area. nobody was injured. police tell us the man will be charged with a dui. a former pharmacist indicted in her husband's murder. diana lawkin pled not guilty in court today. prosecutors say she shot her husband in the back of the head after an argument at their apartment in southwest d.c. back in march. she is facing life in prison if convicted. police hope this sketch will help them crack a decades-old cold case. the man was behind a series of sexual assaults in wheaton, silver spring, and takoma park in the 1970s. investigators believe there are more victims and are hoping the picture will jog somebody's o an arrest. >> virginia state senator is back home from the hospital making his first comment about
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an attack involving his son. he released a message saying i am alive so must live. some wounds won't heal. your prayers and your friendship are important to me. on tuesday, the politician's son, gus, took his own life after he stabbed his father several times. gus had an emergency mental health evaluation the day before the attack but was released from the psychiatric facility because there wasn't enough room for him. new revelations now about the navy yard shooting raising questions tonight about whether the massacre might have been prevented. senior u.s. officials say the consulting firm that employed the gunman revoked his access to classified material back in august after a police incident that revealed he was struggling with mental health issues. his two days later, but the company never told the navy. that was six weeks before the shooting at the navy yard. >> prince george's county police were in the air and on the
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ground tonight as shoppers made their way to the new tanger outlet. the stores closed about an hour ago but the crowds will return tomorrow and traffic concerns are top of mind for a lot of people. erika gonzalez joins us live from the national harbor with more. hi, erika. >> reporter: hi, doreen. busy is an under statement for what things were looking like earlier today. look down this way. you see the walkways, nearly empty. this is the calm after the storm so to speak. the stores open tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. and they are expecting from 75,000 to 100,000 people this weekend alone. the tanger outlets at national harbor have opened with a bang. >> it is so wonderful to have this in prince george's county, in my neighborhood. this is just fabulous. >> reporteeen flooding the new shopping center since early this morning. >> parking wasn't very fun. >> reporter: things got so bad in fact people were seen parking along 295 to avoid this.
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>> it was crazy. the traffic was terrible. >> reporter: ruth shelton can attest to the traffic tieups. >> of course they said 15, 20 minutes but today it took more than an hour. >> reporter: is it really worth it? tell me about the deals. are you really saving a lot of money? >> yeah. i think we are. most places are like 40% or 50% off. >> reporter: leslie and her daughter braved the crowd to add new things to their wardrobe. >> we arrived about 11:00 this morning. >> reporter: you're just now leaving. >> and we didn't even stop to eat. >> reporter: you could also say they're pumping money into the local economy. there is method to the madness. go online, get the coupons. but it's worth it because the savings are great. >> reporter: maryland could stand to gain an additional $6.5 million in annual sales tax revenue. meanwhile, other savvy shoppers are already thinking ahead. >> i'm scouting for black friday. i'll be back with my coupons. >> reporter: all right.
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you're going to want to come out here tomorrow and get a good parking space like this one front row you'll need to be here very early and pack your patience. this afternoon we saw a lot of people circling the spaces. i do it all the time as you're circling around like vultures waiting for the spots to open up but you're going to have to wait a while. there are 6,000 parking spaces and 75,000 to 100,000 expected this weekend. live in national harbor, news 4. >> thanks. we are following breaking news now in hyattsville, maryland, police on the scene of a deadly hit-and-run. we're told a man was walking in the 7200 block of landover road when he was hit by a car. this happened about two hours ago. police are still trying to find the driver of t somber tributes from around the country have been marking the 50th anniversary of president john f. kennedy's assassination. at arlington national cemetery
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the last surviving kennedy sibling laid a wreath at her brother's grave. at the white house and on capitol hill flags flew at half staff today. in dallas, texas thousands braved the cold and rain for a memorial service in deeley plaza, the site where president kennedy lost his life 50 years ago. nbc's jay gray has our report. ♪ >> reporter: a day of painful memories and memorials began at president-elect's grave site in arlington national cemetery. ♪ where family members gathered for a brief service. by midday, thousands have poured into deeley plaza much like they did 50 years ago, the horror of that day replaced by aemn, somber memorial. >> join me in a moment of silence. >> reporter: remembering a leader taken way too soon.
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♪ america america >> reporter: as the temperature and rains felt, the conditions could not keep out those here drawn by the emotions of what happened a half century earlier. >> gone but not forgotten is the old expression for departed heroes but if not forgotten, they are not gone. >> reporter: the images and his profound words have kept the kennedy legacy alive since his death. and today the city of dallas unveiled this plaque, a text from the speech he was never able to give. >> we in this country, in this generation, are by destiny rather than choice the watchmen on the walls of world freedom. >> reporter: freedom ensured by heroes like our 35th president, john f. kennedy. jay gray, nbc news, dallas. we have a section of our website dedicated to
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president-elect and today's events. we've posted never before seen pictures from his funeral as well as all of the reports from dallas this week on nbc coming up, her cell phone was stolen in the district and now weeks later she says she knows who did it and even gets pictures of the suspect on a daily basis. >> a warning for drivers. more than a hundred new cameras are going up and they're not just looking for speeders. also using your cell phone at 30,000 feet, a heated debate over plans to allow travelers the option to use their iphon
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from a bank in orlando,
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florida, yesterday, surveillance video captured it all. police say the thieves ripped the atm from its foundation and used a stolen front end loader to drop it into a getaway truck. so far nobody has been arrested. tonight a d.c. visitor is upset and not just because somebody stole her cell phone. she gets new photos every night from the woman who now has her iphone. dawn ball lives in kentucky and was in town last month for the komen three-day walk. she says her phone disappeared from a charging station at the d.c. armory. when her new phone arrives she checked the drop box account still connected to her old iphone. turns out, she was still getting pictures from the stolen phone, which now shows the suspect. significant other and friends and then there's also some personal videos and some pictures that i know i wouldn't want other people to see.
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>> she claims she also has photos of the woman in a security guard uniform with her badge and her name. she says she is not getting any help from police but she is still trying to get her phone back. some frequent flyers are voicing their concerns tonight about a new proposal that would allow travelers to make cell phone calls at 30,000 feet. the federal communications commission says it is considering lifting the ban. some airlines including jetblue, delta, and united have already hinted that they will not make the change. this comes one month after the government lifted the ban on texting, e-mail, and surfing the web in flight. the fcc is still months away from a final vote. get ready. more than 130 new traffic cameras will soon be watching you in d.c. they're not just checking your speed. the cameras will be looking for drivers who block intersections, who don't allow pedestrians to have the right of way. the cameras will also be targeting over sized vehicles
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that drive down narrow streets. the cameras start issuing tickets december 30th. fines range from 50 to $250. doug is here with more about this weekend deep freeze we're headed into. >> it's going to be cold enough to freeze all those cameras. they won't work. >> okay. good. >> i tell you what though. it is going to feel just that cold. that's what we want to talk about tonight. it is not just the fact we're getting cold but that you're going to wake up tomorrow and think, hey. everything is okay. not bad. as a matter of fact, right now it's 62 degrees. that is the high temperature for the day. notice the flag blowing in the wind out of the northwest and it has brought us some warmer numbers. right now 62 with the northwesterly wind at 10 miles an hour dealing with some cloud cover.tingo see some clearing. we will see a little bit overnight. cooler to the west coming in at 48. 54 in winchester. you get downwind of the mountains here and it gets warmer. 62 in d.c. 64 toward fredericksburg. so it is going to be a very mild night. i do expect temperatures to drop
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overnight down to the 40s from most locations but then back up before plummeting. we saw a few showers that came through parts of the area. mostly down toward southern maryland. that was about it. light rain for the most part. calvert county, st. mary's county, even charles county some rain. that's from the front. the first front that brought mild weather with it moves through tonight. then here comes the arctic front. not early, though. 8:00 a.m. starting off pretty nice. you'll wake up, walk out the door. a lot of things going on including the st. jude walk downtown tomorrow looks okay. here comes the arctic front during the afternoon. it will turn windy and will turn very cold by around 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow night and then it gets even colder during the day on sunday. one of the coldest days we've seen in quite sometime. let's show you td chill. that is really going to be the factor. about noon tomorrow wind chill 43 in d.c. that's chilly. 39 in gaithers burg. 39 martinsburg. at 5:0033 in winchester. 41 in d.c. still chilly but then it gets
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downright cold. 11, 26, 21 gaithersburg. 19 winchester. we're not done just yet. how about 14 in winchester? 19 in d.c. that's at 7:30 in the morning. during the afternoon the wind chill will not make it out of the teens in some areas right around the d.c. metro area, thinking a wind chill of 25. this is very cold air. 62 now. 25 on sunday afternoon. you're talking about a 40-degree temperature swing. that's the way it is going to feel. we are going to go down quickly. 49 tomg. 36 on sunday. then it stays cold. 38 on monday. that's well below average. we get to 45 on tuesday. that's when we see our next storm move in. tuesday night into the day on wednesday with a high of only 40. talk a little bit more about that sunday forecast. a high of 36. 33 and 37. the wind chills 15 to 25. those winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. that is going to start late tomorrow evening. then we move to the storm. chance of rain, yes. that's why i put rain.
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this is not going to be snow. could we see snow? sure. maybe some flakes on the back side as the cold air moves in but the bigger problem will be tuesday and wednesday from boston all the way down toward atlanta. if you're driving, taking the rails, maybe flying, call ahead. make sure you give yourself a lot of extra time. there could be a lot of traffic problems as you make your way in toward thanksgiving holiday and thanksgiving right now looks dry. once again, a high of only 38. yes, the wind chills on thanksgiving also around 25 degrees. >> guess we better pay attention. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> sports coming up. nfl referee association is speaking out and they are not speaklook, every day we're using more and more energy.
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so some bad blood out there with the nfl and the rest. >> the referees, the players, and the nfl. so it's just bad for everybody. now the nfl suspended official roy ellison after redskins lineman tripp williams said he verbally abused him during last sunday's game. it is a one-game suspension minus pay for ellison who is claiming williams called him a racial slur. as you can imagine he nor the nfl referee association is happy about the suspension here's what they had to say in a statement. quote, the nfl's decision to suspend mr. ellison creates a double standard for what is acceptable on field conduct. the league insisted officials are held to a high standard but others involved in the game are held to no standard. apparently the nfl accepts and condones a culture where players and coaches and teams can use
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racial slurs and profanities toward each other and at officials. ellison is appealing that league suspension. on the basketball coach the wizards were looking to put together their first three-game winning streak of the season. they seem to be back ontrack. tonight they got derailed against the raptors. north of the border visiting toronto. pick it up third quarter. wizards down by two. off the raptors' turnover. john wall getting fancy. behind the back. that tied the game at 57. later in the fourth wiz down by five. wahl misses a free throw but gets the ball back. he is going to bury the three-pointer. he had 37 points in the game. wiz within two. just a few seconds later, closes the door on that come back. he had 17 points. wizards win it, 96-88. to the ice caps and the
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canadiens. didn't have a great start. first period montreal already up two. on the power play. josh gorges to daniel briere cashes in. 3-0 lead. to the third period caps on the come back trail down 3-1. john karlsson shoots. he scores. take another look. alex ovechkin out in front. he scores on the deflection, nhl leading 19th goal of the season second on the night but not enough. the caps fall to montreal, 3-2. playoffs, high school football, northwest at quince orchard. northwest won the regular season meeting. three straight scores for the jaguars. quarter. cougars did come back. shawn berleo coming at your screen. 11-yard touchdown run puts orchard within six. last chance for the cougars fourth quarter fourth down. he gets picked off by josh skills. that would end it. your final score 28-20 northwest
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quick update from lax. an suv slammed into a garage. an american airlines terminal was partially evacuated as a precaution. we are told there is no threat and crews are still trying to clear the accident scene. all good at lax. at midnight the voting will close on choosing a name for the national zoo's panda cub.
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the white house is even getting in on it tweeting out a picture this evening to remind people to vote. the panda weighs nearly 11 pounds now starting to walk. you can see the difference from a few weeks ago. the zoo will announce the name when she is 100 days old. on december 1st. if you want to vote go to n
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