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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 24, 2013 6:00am-8:01am EST

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temperatures in the 20s. it is bone-chilling cold outside. don't expect to warm up much today. you will feel it as soon as you step outside. it's not just the temps. that wind is making it feel a lot colder than it really is. get ready to bundle up. it will be a fun ride, folks. i'm angie goff. thanks for joining us today. i'm richard jordan. we are not used to these kind of cold temperatures. but our forecast team has been expecting this. and it is here. lake-effect snow? pennsylvania created slick roads and contributed to a number of accidents. many roads had to actually be shut down. a little snow spotted here overnight, too. let's check in with meteorologist chuck bell. >> we were chitchatting before the show and both saw
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conversationial snow flakes around the area last night. it's indicative of how much cold air has arrived and it's here to stay, everybody. temperatures not just into the upper 20s, but low 20s. the wind, oh, is it windy outside. winds are gusting to around 30 miles an hour across the region. close to a 40-mile-per-hour gust at andrews air force base. single digits and teens. hitch in your giddy up. passing snow flurry or two, no accumulations. temperatures are not going to move much. only up to around the freezing mark by lunchtime today. windchills in the teens to near 20 all afternoon. highs today, we'll be lucky if we make 35 degrees. how long does the cold last and when does the moisture return is coming up in your seven-day.
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the associated press says the u.s. and iran held what they call high-level discussions at least three times over the past year. overnight, rowhani -- six months in exchange for loosening international sanctions on iran. president obama made a rare saturday night speech after the deal was announced. >> if iran seizes this opportunity, the iranian people will benefit from joining the international community and we can begin to chip away at the mistrust between our two nations. >> the moments leading up to the president's speech, in casual attire, talking with top advisers about the deal. that photo taken before the address. prime minister benjamin netanyahu called the deal, quote, an historic mistake. israel is a key u.s. ally. that country's minister is
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criticizing the deal, saying there's no reason for the world to be celebrating. a number of republican leaders are sounding off as well. marco rubio says it sends a wrong message to iran and can worry our all lie allies about e question this morning, what does this deal mean now for relations between the u.s. and iran decades of a lot of tension? the "today" show continues our coverage at 8:00 this morning. southwest d.c., police are on the scene of what could be classified as a murder later today. 3:00 this morning, when they arrived at galveston place, they found the body of a man who was recently shot, pronounced dead there at the scene. officers are still on the scene and don't have any strong leads at this time. all lanes are open again on
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southwest branch avenue after a multi-car crash. seven people were hurt in the crash in prince george's county last night. fire crews reported to the scene at branch avenue at allentown road. four of the people involved in the accident were thrown from their cars and seriously hurt. three needed to be flown to trauma centers. still no word on what led up to that accident. investigators are trying to figure out who shot and killed a postal worker, delivering mail, and why. this happened last night when the mailman was on his route. darcy spencer spoke with his co-workers. >> a carrier like that, we're only working hard and have to be out here. it could have been me. >> reporter: postal workers arrive at the scene where a fellow mail carrier was shot and killed. >> late at night and in a high crime area, and we have had
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carriers robbed in landover before. >> reporter: the carrier was shot just before 7:30 in the evening on reeve street in prince george's county. one resident told me she heard about five shots. >> safety. post office not caring about us. that's what's going through my mind. it's not just us. it's u.p.s., it could be anybody. it could have been me. >> reporter: detectives near the victim's mail truck. the motive for the shooting is still unknown. >> we've been asking to come in early, to get us off the streets early, because it's dangerous. >> reporter: the victim's co-workers are sad and angry. they hope this death will bring about change to make their job safer. >> the post office won't bring us in earlier. it's no concern about the carrier. it's all about the mail. this right here hopefully will open up the eyes for the people up top, that letter safety is a
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very bad issue right now. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4 today. traffic alert for you now. frederick douglas memorial bridge is expected to be closed. ddot is expected to do some work. where these flurries sparked quite the conversation in our region. that's next. after this cold and wind pass through, we're in for another system that will shake us up
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whether you love it or hate it, snow has made it into our region here. outside of the mall in rockville
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last night. on social media, a lot of you are talking about the arrival of flurries. some of you happy about it, some of you not so much. we always want to see your pictures. tweet us at or send it to this guy. >> this guy, who love it is. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> more than just an occasional flake. i wouldn't say that i was surprised by t it was a little more intense when i was going to bed as i thought it might be. a lot of times when you get the leading edge of the arctic air to slide right on in, just like yesterday, you literally ring the moisture out of the atmosphere. today, we may still see an occasional snowflake or two. but these will not be because of ringing the the moisture out. these will be lake effect streamers. yes, indeed. streaming all the way over the mountains and down into the northern-most parts of maryland. outside for now, it is a cold way to get your morning going. the scaffolding starting to come
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down on the washington monument as repairs are just about completed on the outside anyway. current temperature, 27 here in washington. winds northwest at 16, gusting to near 30 miles an hour. temperatures low to mid 20s, even in northern maryland. mid to upper 20s across much of northern virginia, upper 20s in southern maryland and upper 20s bay side on the western shore. a bitter cold wind will go nowhere today. the cold and the dry air will stay in place for today, tonight and tomorrow as well. and for better or worse, everybody, rain chances are coming back. thanksgiving week travel troubles may be, indeed, something we watch very carefully. cold rain moving into the area which may start out as wet snowflakes in the shenandoah valley and maryland. it will turn windy and rainy and may actually end as a couple of conversational snowflakes late
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in the day wednesday. your out and about planner for today, 1:00 in the afternoon. full sunshine. gusty northwesterly wind all day. air temperatures will reach the low 30s at best. windchills will stay in the teens to near 20. extra layers if you're spending any time outside today. nothing major on storm team 4 radar. lake effect streamers as the cold air goes over the relatively warm lake waters, ringing out in south central pennsylvania. could see a snowflake or two. we'll keep you ahead of the forecast online. dress in layers. dent forget your hats and gloves if you're going to be outside and drink extra weather even in the cold weather because cold weather dries you out just like hot and humid weather can. highs, as i mentioned today, only in the low 30s for most of the windchills will stay in the
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teens. it will be extra cold around for today and tomorrow. really cold start tomorrow morning. mid teens in the suburbs to low 20s in and around town. tomorrow afternoon, the one nice thing is that it won't be near as windy. the second half of the day on tuesday night into wednesday, heaviest of the rain. this next event may start and end with some snowflakes. we'll be keeping a very careful eye on that. best news of all, it's all out of here for thanksgiving day itself. it's going to be cold turkey for everybody. temperatures back down into the 20s. thanksgiving day and thanksgiving weekend will be great. >> just have to get through it and have some hot stuffing on the side. >> i agree. all about the hot stuffing. next up is reporter's notebook, a look at stories affecting our community. >> we'll be back in 15 minutes with more of our morning's top
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stories and maybe we'll grab some breakfast, too. as creigh deeds recovers from stab wounds, there are conflicting stories about whether there were beds available the night before when he tried to check his son in. he stabbed his father reportedly during a fight and then shot himself. there have been mental health questions raised about this story and about whether virginia has changed the way it treats mental health cases. however, we don't know exactly what happened in this story. what do we know, dave? >> the reports are that the young man was -- had an appointment with mental health authorities the day before and was having apparently, according to reports, some problems, mental problems. there were not enough beds in the facility. he was refused entrance. that was the prelude to reports of the incident the next day.
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in other parts of the mental health situation, operation in virginia saying, yeah, there were beds. there could have been room made for him. we're getting a dispute on that. >> well, there are loopholes here somehow in the system in relationship to the patient or the person, the victim. and this is the bad thing, pat. this is a very sad case, a very tragic case. but the fact is that if they were told that there were no beds and this happened, it says a lot about virginia's mental health system. >> i think it says a lot about our mental health system nationally. >> right. >> uh-huh. >> this is a problem that has gone back to the reagan administrations, the courts. you've had republicans and democrats who were in favor of deregulating. >> deinstitutionalization.
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>> deinstitutionalization, whether they could be treated at home. problem is that it did not correspond -- the money's not there across the country. >> the deinstitutionalization, i remember when it happened in the district of columbia. the big question almost relates to this story, are they taking their medicine? are they going to take their medicine on time? speaking of those, the patients, who are now out in the street. who is going to monitor them? because when it comes to mental health, in many instances, any expert will tell you, it can happen at the flick of a second. >> mental health is still a stigma. >> yeah. >> that we still deal with. >> a lot of people don't want to talk about it. >> that's true. you have all of those issues. that horrific verirginia tech shooting, right after that, there was swift action by the general assembly. once the recession hit, they started making cuts in the general assembly and now there's
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not as much funding as there was before. >> that's the point, dave. when it comes to mental health or people with disabilities in this country, we always put them aside. we always come up, we don't have the budget for it. >> just in time for the holidays, walmart is planning to open two stores in the district. the stores on h street and georgia avenue will open december 4th, featuring fresh produce, deli, organic foods. the roo the arrival comes after the mayor vetoed a bill to raise the minimum wage. they will hire some 600 associates together. what will the stores mean for the communities, jerry? >> for the communities, a lot of people -- it's almost split. a lot of people welcome walmart because they don't have to go to the counties but there are those still who question the fact that they're working at a minimum wage that does not give them sufficient funding to survive in
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this d.c. economy. now the one on georgia avenue, up there, it's the same story. there are a lot of people that will go to walmart. walmart is strong when it comes to advertising. and a lot of people will go. the underlying fact is that the district of columbia and other areas of the nation will have to come up with a good, strong, minimum wage package. >> the fight for liveable wage is not over. you asked a very good question. what does it mean to the community. one, let's be honest, it will be jobs. you'll have some people who say any job is better than no job. >> yeah. >> true. >> food deserts, this is where you don't have grocery stores and foods in certain neighborhoods, so that will be resolved. and i suspect these stores will be flooded with folks who are probably minimum wage, lower middle class.
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>> right. >> they'll have a place to shop. but the fight for liveable wage is not over. >> no. >> and, in fact, the city council is poised to have a vote on, i believe, $11.50 to raise the minimum wage and the mayor has been noncommittal. of course, he zapped the walmart -- raising to pay for them. it will be interesting to see how this place out. you know, on the one hand you're getting more jobs, more business development. on the other hand there's the concern about a living wage. >> vincent orange plans to move that bill out of committee. it would hike the minimum wage from $8.25 to $11.50 an hour. of course, the debate over walmart was about a $12.50 an hour minimum wage. prince george's is considering it, but prince george's is waiting to see what happens in d.c. montgomery county. >> virginia is out of the question. they're tied toyto a federal la
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>> right. >> the mayor was concerned because this was tied to only certain types of businesses. this is across the board now. we'll see where the mayor will go with this pill. >> when the walmart story first came up, we said it could end up in a type of compromise. i look at vincent orange's bill. this is almost on the edge of -- >> i bet you walmart ends up opposing this. >> proposing it? >> opposing it. >> opposing it, right. but i think the mayor is going to be on the fence about it. >> the mayor performed his first marriage ceremony this past tuesday. he officiated at the wedding of a gay couple. a new law allows the mayor to offic officiate over such weddings
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without a clergy being present. he says it's important to him others say it's important to your political career. what do you think? >> it's both. >> both. of course. >> the mayor of san francisco, now a u.s. senator. cory booker. i mean, this is the -- i don't want to -- it's a photo op. of course it looks good. it looks good to a very large active group of constituents and that's your gay and lesbian community. >> does this mean the mayor is going to throw his hat in the ring and run for a second term? >> of course. >> is this a signal we missed when he was doing that? >> he has been doing that all the time. building up and building up. >> has to be mayor. >> just goes to show that the mayors and everybody else that go for same-sex marriage, they put their personal life aside. vincent gray is a catholic. i don't know how that's going to question how he stands with going for this.
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but like you said, it's political time. so we'll practice catholicism later. >> we'll be back. stay w
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welcome back. al alex andria wants to turn into boat yard. should the city be allowed to take this land? >> the supreme court ruled on this a few years ago, saying jurisdictions can actually evict people from their houses if they determine that a certain part of the city would be better suited to business and commerce. on the other hand, politically, we'll find out the next time they're up for election whether it was the right move to do, if this continues
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but it's an argument against people who wanted to preserve a little bit more of -- not park land exactly. they want to make it a park. but kind of less than a business frenetic area. they thought there were areas of the waterways that ought to be preserved and this is one of them. >> let's face it. this has to do with money, revenue. i look at it as a center point to northern virginia and its connection to the harbor and ronald reagan airport. alexandria is growing and that waterfront is becoming very, very popular. if you're a boater, you go from georgetown to washington channel to alexandria. and now they have a taxi. >>ing across the potomac. >> national harbor. >> national harbor. my whole point here is i understand the eminent domain ture, after e people off.
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those 90 days, it's going to go through. >> people want access to the waterfront. >> right. >> and dave is absolutely right. this has already gone through the courts. i lived in detroit, there was an entire community, they took the entire community and built a dodge plant in the name of commerce. and i suspect that that's what's going to happen here. and this 90-day effort is just to see what kind of agreement they can get. but people want access to the waterfront. that's what makes the city attractive. >> they're running out of space now. >> and the council has voted to continue negotiations for another 90 days. that's what the 90 days refers to. in maryland, should the state legalize pot? if democratic gubernatorial candidate gets her way, it will. taxing it in a way similar to
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the way the state regulates alcohol would help boost early childhood education. she says taxing marijuana sales would generate millions of dollars annually. will it help her campaign, dave? >> that's hard to say. it's certainly provocative and it will strike a cord with the people who believe in the use of pot and the legalization of it. she started a conversation going. she has a good debate going on this. it will be interesting to see what the other candidates have to say in response. >> well, it may be the new cash crop for the state of maryland much the way that tobacco was centuries ago. >> right. >> the reality is that the country is moving towards that. state after state after state. but your question is, will it help her campaign? i don't know, pat. >> she'll get the votes. >> i think there are more important issues. >> yeah. >> in the state of maryland for the governor to address than
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whether or not people should have pot. in d.c., mayor gray fired the insurance commissioner after he questioned the president's proposed solution for people who are losing their insurance policies under the affordable care act. william white has been replaced by chester mcpherson in a move seen as not to ruffle feathers in the white house. >> he spoke out to calm the fear that is he started when he say if you like your insurance policy, you can keep it, period. and letting people keep their policies. there is immediately a reaction from a number of people, including him saying, no, this isn't going to work. whether he cleared saying, this isn't going to work with the mayor, remains to be seen. but my reporting indicates he probably didn't. >> was it heavy handed? >> well, he's being criticized for speaking out without consulting. >> my point is, if you're not part of the team and you go out there and publicly -- not only embarrass the white house, but also embarrass the mayor --
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>> thank you. >> -- then you are gone. >> you work at the pleasure of the mayor. before you go making public statements like that, don't you think you ought to clear it, especially with the mayor? something as controversial as the affordable health care act has been. here you are, in close proximity to the president. you want all kinds of things from the president, particularly recognition for your budget, budget autonomy. then you have a key person in a key battle saying, you know what? i side with the tea party people. you're gone. you're out of here. >> that said, i'm not so sure this is going to work. in all deference to you, mr. president, in all respect, then that might have worked. >> he should have kept his mouth shut. >> he would have kept his job. thank you so much for being with us. that's reporter's notebook. news 4 today continues.
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check it out. a live look at the flag, just flapping in the wind. we are waking up to the bitter cold this morning. and i hate to report it's only going to get worse. i am here in the storm 4 "weather center" alongside chuck bell. we have come prepared. here is your checklist. >> this is what you need to be inside. when you go outside it's going to be really cold. you want everything to be layered up and warm before you head out the door. >> you always have this fancy weather talk. when it comes down to it, people want to know what the real feel is out there, what it's going to be. >> that's right. and it's really going to feel like the middle of winter. all day today, the cold air has settled in while you were sleeping. the temperatures did the nose dive and now temperatures are all the way back down into the 20s. mid 20s around town, low 20s in northern maryland and as we were saying, that's only about half
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the story. these are your current windchill values. 5, the current windchill, 7 in martinsburg. midtown temperatures are in the mid teens. it's cold. there may be a passing snow flurry or two today. not looking for anything to accumulate. high temperatures later this afternoon, we are going to struggle mightily to get under the low to mid 30s at most and windchill also stay in the teens all day long. it is a hot, chilly alert. highs tomorrow may only be a couple of degrees warmer than this. at least tomorrow the ferocious northwest wind will be gone. we'll talk more about that and tricky travel for tuesday and wednesday. get into those details when we see you next. bitter cold rain and snow is heading our way. the powerful storm eyeing the east coast has already caused problems in the midwest and even the southwest.
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nbc's dan sheneman has a look at the impact. >> reporter: the storm that slammed the past two days leaving a path of destruction and eight confirmed fatalities in its wake is pushing eastward. in nevada, 15" of snow for some areas. >> it's what we need for a base. we've had almost as much water content out of this one storm as we had most of the season last summer. >> more than 140 crashes in 24 hours, five times more than normal. in texas, it wasn't rain, but ice making travel treacherous. on friday, more than 50 accidents blamed on icy conditions. saturday, as described on his facebook page, willie nelson's band's bus crhed. fans bundled up to beat back the 26-degree temperatures. and in chicago, thousands braved
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the cold to see the magnificent mile lights festival. those frigid temperatures are expected to reach the eastern seaboard as early as the beginning of the week. dan sheneman, nbc news. new details on a story first on 4. pursuing an animal cruelty investigation following the discovery of several dead animals. investigators identified a dog, fox and raccoons among the carcasses piled up in the creek in the waterford area. workers are trying to determine how to remove the remains. a construction worker discovered the bodies last week. the american indian museum will open its doors as scheduled after a scary situation yesterday. a man jumped from the fourth floor of the museum into the atrium below. the museum was evacuated as paramedics rushed to that man. he was taken to the hospital. that's where he is this morning.
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we have no word on who he is or how he's doing. in the week ahead, it is unlikely that we will find out who is the official winner for virginia's attorney general. closest state-wide race for the state in modern virginian history. with just a 165-vote lead for democrat mark herring, republican mark olbechein is expected to ask for a recount. >> a federal judge ruled the fbi must retrain an army veteran who lost his hand beginning next year. winning a discrimination lawsuit against the fbi after he was kicked out of the academy because of his prosthetic hand. the agency must start training the man on his own by april 1st or june 1st if they can't assemble another class of trainees. classes were expected to resume
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in 2015. >> d.c. area is home to a number of toll roads for one man trying to beat the system, it didn't work out too well. he skipped paying tolls and now will be paying up for the rest of his life. chris gordon explains. >> jason bursur ignored the notices, telling him he owed $440 in unpaid tolls for using the dulles toll road. he said he was unemployed at the time and commuted looking for whatever job he can find. now he has a job but this week it's struck home. >> dulles toll road and basically they're suing me for $200,000. >> jason was told that toll takers stop working at 11:30 at night and after that time you don't have to pay to use the dulles access road. turns out jason's friend was wrong. remember, jason originally owed $440. over time, with fines, penalties
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and interest, the amount vdot billed ballooned to over $200,000. this week, rather than fight vdot in court, he agreed to a settlement of $40,000 in monthly installments. interest will add another $55,000 for a total of more than $95,000. >> put me on a payment plan for $150 a month and that payment plan will be finished in 2067, currently 33. i'll be 87 when this is all done. >> vdot issued this statement to news 4 saying "the lesson learned is to work with us. if you don't have a transponder or the cash to pay a toll, don't wait. and don't ignore the notices." chris gordon, news 4 thnchts morni. this morning, more than two dozen children are waking up with their forever families. d.c. superior court, part of the 27th annual d.c. adoption day. new parents say they're excited to celebrate the holidays with
6:38 am
their new families this year. >> adoption just does something to your heart. we just want the best for her and that's why we did it. >> this is our thanksgiving gift and christmas gift. and she's very precious and she's going to make our lives much better. >> so awesome. d.c. mayor vincent gray and news 4's barbara harrison are on hand. for more information on how you can help, visit and search wednesday's child. operators at the tanger outlets are calling the grand opening a success. officers estimate about 900 cars an hour came through. there were no major issues or injuries at the outlets yesterday. as for the opening day, friday, police estimate 32,000 cars went in and came out of that parking lot safely. >> five, four, three, two, one.
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♪ it's beginning to look a lot the like christmas ♪ >> oh, gosh. >> in the district. i probably shouldn't try to spring. unveiling its holiday window display. one of the windows showed the iconic scene of "the miracle on 34th street" where verge yairgil that is letter to santa. macy's trying to show off some of their favorite winter looks as well. the flagship store in new york city unveiled their window displays. these can compete. they're really, really neat. >> nice job there. >> i know i shouldn't haveed that at all. >> no, no, it was good. >> speaking of "the miracle on 34th street," the mailbox, all of the macy's have a mailbox in their stores and my daughter mailed one off last week. >> straight to santa. potential problem jets could have in the air due to a problem that was just discovered.
6:40 am
>> mixed opinions on this one. should passengers be allowed to do this, use their cell phones while on the plane? we would show you what it would sound like if the rules loosen up. the debate between that country's president and a council of elders that directly
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beautiful skyline out there. boy, is it cold. we could see delays there because of the wind. chuck is going to have an update on all the conditions ahead in a few minutes. we are following a developing story right now. afghan president hamid karzai says he won't sign a security deal with the u.s. immediately. he says he needs more assurances from the international community about next year's election
6:44 am
process. it comes after a meeting with tribal leaders. they've been trying to finalize the graechlt the deal is needed to keep american soldiers in place beyond the 2014 deadline to withdraw. typhoon survivors are celebrating a big wind for one of their own. manny paciao says my victory is a symbol of my people's comeback from a natural disaster and national tragedy. organizers showed the match on screens set up at the astrodome in the hard-hit area of tacloban. hundreds are gathering to offer prayers for the victims of the typhoon. even though the storm blew off the roof there, that didn't stop them from gathering and praying for help. more than 150 people died in that typhoon that hit the island
6:45 am
two weeks ago. 50 years ago, a nation paid its respects to john fncht kennedy. it was also the day assassin lee harvey oswald was shot and killed in dallas police station. what was then known as the d.c. stadium. it has since been renamed rfk in honor of robert kennedy who was assassinated five years later. in the meantime, the man who killed robert kennedy 45 years ago is waking up in a different prison this morning. sirhan sirhan was transferred. he is serving a life sentence for shooting robert kennedy in los angeles back in 1968. a california corrections officer said the move was a routine one. and the fact that it happened 50 years to the day of jfk's death is a coincidence. two decisions connected to
6:46 am
the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary in connecticut. tomorrow, prosecutors are expected to release their final report on the investigation into the shooting that killed 20 first graders and six educators in newtown. also tomorrow, a judge will rule whether the 911 calls made from the school should be released to the public. boeing's new planes could be facing a serious issue, an icing problem with eight models and dreamliners. those specific planes avoid flying near thunderstorms, many which contain ice crystals because it could affect the engine performance. united, japan and air india. this next story is a talker. should airlines allow passengers to talk on their cell phones while in flight? how in-flight calls could impact travel. >> reporter: the hassles of
6:47 am
flying. baggage fees, paying for leg room and now paying for peace and quiet? >> i think it should stay just as it is. >> i want to read a book, work on my computer, i don't necessarily want to hear what you had for dinner. >> as long as everybody keeps their tone down. >> reporter: after the faa recently loosened the use of electronic devices on landing and takeoff, the noise level may be taking off. a new proposal is asking the fcc to use their phones once in the air. this is what we're used to it being like when we're on a flight in the air, but we wanted to see what it would be like if all of your neighbors were able to be on their cell phones. the average flight has about 150 people on it. right now we only have about 20 and it's pretty noisy. if the rules do change, you're probably going to get to know
6:48 am
the people next to you a little bit more, whether you like it or not. >> i bought that plane ticket to get me to point b safely. >> reporter: aside from flight attendants' concerns that passengers will not be paying attention, others are concerned whether the electronic interference is safe. >> why would you want to risk your life or your personal well-being for the sake of queens? >> i'm just looking here. people are all up in arms about this online. we asked it on our twitter pages. people don't understand their own volume. that is the problem. >> that is the problem. >> that's exactly the problem. and it's a lot louder on a plane than you realize. that ambient noise with the jet engines going by, you'll have to really speak up. if everyone is doing it -- >> you might have to invest in noise-canceling headphone. >> plugs, everything. it's going to be unpleasant. let's hope that doesn't come to
6:49 am
pass. people flying out today, they need to call ahead. >> they need ear mufs. >> yes, and they need to call ahead. >> there's no rain or snow to worry about. airlines should be able to stay ahead of it. nonetheless when it gets this windy outside sometimes it can slow things down a bit. pack your patience and be ready, everybody. tomorrow will be the best travel day of the week before our next rain and potentially, dare i use the word snow in a sentence? yes. there may be some snowflakes to contend with. outside on your sunday morning, beautiful start out there first thing. it is cold. sunrise just about ready to come up in our eastern sky. 27 degrees. winds northwest at 16, gusting to 29 miles an hour. that is throwing those windchills back into the single digits and teens this morning. it is a bundle-up factor, alert number one for the season. 22 right now in martinsburg, 27 in fredericksburg, waldorf, la
6:50 am
plata. the 24-hour temperature change, compared to this same time yesterday, most locations are 15 to 25 degrees colder than yesterday. it's going to be a bitter cold day today. plenty of wind outside. the cold air will last into tomorrow as well. thanksgiving week, travel troubles are stacked up for the second half of tuesday, and at least the first half of wednesday. it's going to be cold around here tomorrow as well. maybe you're going to the monday night football game. the 49ers are in town, taking on the redskins. game time temperatures, down near the freezing mark. so it's going to be really cold for monday night football fans. bundle up and be ready to cheer on the redskins. they're going to need all the help they can get. hometown forecast, chevy chase bethesda today. montgomery county, through 10:00 this morning, rising only in the low and mid 30s to
6:51 am
gusty, northwesterly wind, windchill values will stay in the teens and low 20s all day. it stays windy through at least sundown tonight. start-off temperature tomorrow morning, 23 degrees. luckily, by then, most of the wind will be gone. have a little bit of a recovery tomorrow, back into the upper 30s. that's still 15 degrees colder than average. no rain or snow showing up on storm team 4 radar just yet. there are lake effect streamers coming down through pennsylvania. northern parts of frederick county, you may see a couple of snow flurries during the course of the day today. not going to add up to anything. nonetheless, it will be conversational and you'll be able to say, look, it's windy, cold and snowing. breezy and bitter cold early on. the wind will lay down by early tomorrow morning and tomorrow with more sunshine, less wind outside. it will be an awfully cold day. clouds are back in the picture as we head toward monday night and tuesday. here is your extended forecast, everybody. 35 and ferociously windy today.
6:52 am
38 tomorrow for a high temperature not too much of a wind to worry about there. but tuesday night and wednesday, this could be the real trouble time for us around here. it may start as some snowflakes around lunchtime tuesday, especially for you folks in the higher elevations, and it may end as snowflakes late wednesday on into wednesday night. not looking for any accumulations on the i-95 corridor for travelers. nonetheless, it is not the time we need to have anything. a big storm going up the coast like that on the busiest travel days of the year could be trouble. if you can fly out monday, get on a plane. just to be safe. >> because you don't want to miss thanksgiving dinner. >> exactly right. once things go bad tuesday night into wednesday, all those plan planes will be full until friday. >> good advice there, chuck. >> why metro is
6:53 am
♪ kiss that boring bird goodbye ♪ ♪ at our thanksgiving we're gonna make our turkey fly ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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6:56 am
the skins not playing today. they'll face the 49ers tomorrow on monday night football. over on the ice last night were alex ovechkin, staying hot. league leading 20th goal against the maple leaves. the caps couldn't close it out. in a shootout, lapool sends caps to their third straight loss. they take it 2-1. over on the hardwood, john wahl doing it all for the wizards against the knicks, finishing with 31 points. that's back-to-back games with 30 or more points for him. he wasn't just all offense. wahl slams the door on this shot, winning it 98-89. that's a look at your morning sports. hope your sunday is a good one. at the end here? good news for redskins fans out there.
6:57 am
nights, metro will be extending service for two additional hours. tomorrow and then on december 1st, which is a sunday. fans leaving fedex field for the morgan boulevard station will find the last blue line train heading to virginia will leave at 5:25 and the final train heading forlargo will head out. customers should be able to make connections to other lines. sunday night's football bus winds its way to washington, the bus will be at fedex field as the redskins take on the new york giants. today it's in new england for the pats ga pat's game against denver broncos. >> manning, brady. doesn't it get any better than that? three winners here, missouri, north carolina, we're all in good moods. >> having a great sunday with exception to you saying it's going to feel like it's in the
6:58 am
teen tas. ld. you need your hot coffee in the morning, hot soup at lunch and hot chili later on this afternoon and hot sauce not a bad idea to keep a bead of sweat on your brow. ferociously windy. northwest winds 20 to 30 miles an hour sustained winds today. high will reach only in the low 30s for most. windchills around the teens. the wind won't lay down until after midnight tonight. monday morning will be cold. won't be that much wind left. temperatures between 15 and 24 degrees for air temperatures. any breeze at all will make it feel colder than that. closely keeping an eye on tuesday and wednesday. big travel days ahead of thanksgiving. rain likely. high spots, shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia. that tuesday afternoon may start as a little snow. it will change over to all rain. 99% of this event will be rain.
6:59 am
it may start with snowflakes and may actually end with snowflakes late wednesday, wednesday night. we'll keep a close eye on that. the rain could be heavy at times and wednesday will be windy again. this will be one of those winter weeks. >> got to be prepared. >> thanks, chuck. much more ahead on news 4 to
7:00 am
7:01 am
7:02 am
good morning. welcome to "viewpoint." i'm pat lawson muse. he is now running for his third term. he recently referred to his military career, when describing the challenges of guiding the county during challenging conditions and difficult circumstances. he is ike liggett, the leader of montgomery county is our guest this morning. good to see you. >> good to see you. thank you for having me back. >> we want to talk about one of the challenges. the big issue -- one of the big issues in montgomery county right now is the silver spring transit center, two years behind schedule. it is tens of millions of dollars over budget. and one of your opponents, phil andrews, has called it the biggest construction debacle in the city's history. >> i think that's a bit of a stretch. it's not just that someone walked in and said there's a problem. we looked at it ourselves, went out and got an outside expert to
7:03 am
look at it. that expert looked at it and said i think what you're about to pay for and accept is not acceptable. had we done what the contractors and others had suggested we would have accepted this project two years ago. so it's the county, my decision to decide not to accept it. to keep in mind, this is a project that will be with the county for the next 50 years. if it takes a little bit of time to make sure we get it right, to respond to the safety we've looked at, we're going to take the time to do so. the center will last the next 50 years. and we don't intend to pay an additional cost for it. there have been some inconveniences. some of the riders who have had to walk a bit of a distance to get around the construction site. beyond that, we've not lost anything else. >> your general services director says the beams and girters need extra support and the engineering firm says they don't. who is right? >> that's where we go back, the county saying we need additional
7:04 am
support. we are the ones saying we want to make sure that we want all the safety requirements. based on what we've looked at it, we're going to have it done. there's no dispute about having it done. it will be done and in a timely fashion over the next few months and we'll get into the center. >> will it delay your scheduled opening in 2014? >> i don't think that it will. we plan to have it open probably some time in the late spring. if you look at what is happening, metro is on board with the fixes. we understand what the fixes require. we're going to make those fixes and do it t. at the end of the day, we will not be costing additional monies. at the end of the day, we'll get a center and the current center continues to operate. it's not a fiasco as such but a delay for good reasons that the county has identified to say we want to delay it, not the outside public. not some of the contractors. it's the county who said we want to delay it, because we want a better center than what was initially presented to us.
7:05 am
>> so,course, all of your political opponents are weighing in on this. so, we have one saying it's a big debacle. the other -- >> to describe what the debacle is. is it the debacle that we're not going to get what we paid for? we are. what is the debacle we're talking about? only that there is a delay and the delay is associated with safety reasons. and i'm not sure that we are going to move forward unless i personally believe it is safe to do so. you also have to keep in mind the following. >> yes? >> but for my stewardship, my financial management, we would t even be talking about a center today. it was only because of that that we were able to even go forward to even afford to do this so, otherwise, the center would have simply sat there. no one would have built in. we built it under extraordinary circumstances, get to the very end. find a problem. otherwise, this would not even be in the process of being built. >> so, the former county executive doug dunkin says
7:06 am
somebody should be fired. will anybody be fired? he thinks the general services director should go. >> i don't understand the rationale as to the general services director who says look at this. make sure we get what we paid for. the service director who pointed out the problems and concern, the service director, who is holding the contractor's feet to the fire. the service director, who is now making sure that it's getting repaired. doesn't make any sense. not the government officials, it is the private contractors. that is who should be held responsible for it. >> they're just trying to make political hay of it? >> i thenk so. they know it's going to be completed and will get our process completed in the timeframe we suggested. it's a simple political opportunity they're taking advantage of. that's all. >> while on the subject of politics, there's a big gubernatorial race under way. both u.s. senators have endorsed lieutenant governor anthony brown for governor. do you plan to make an endorsement? >> probably at some point in time. i'm not ready at this point in time to make an announcement about two are from my own counta
7:07 am
third one i know very well. i think maryland will be served very well with one of the three candidates and hopefully at some time in the future we'll make an announcement about it. >> they would all make history. >> that's true. >> one way or another. >> that's true. i want to make sure we have the right person there, most capable person. i think we have good candidates already. >> all right. isaiah liggett is o
7:08 am
7:09 am
welcome back to "viewpoint." mr. liggett, you have a growing diversity population in the county and as a result in montgomery county schools, which are very overcrowded. talk about the county's plan to address that. >> a number of plan weiss have in store here.
7:10 am
first of all, the growth is extraordinary, more than any other jurisdiction in the state of maryland. more than three or four jurisdictions combined, the largest school system in the state. so we provided, i think, an extraordinary amount of money already for the school construction. when you look at those kinds of numbers, the numbers that we're talking about at this point in time are simply overwhelming. what we're looking at, last year i supported very strongly the city of baltimore's efforts to rebrand, to some degree, its capital campaign efforts to have additional capital monies for it. the state stepped in to help, provide them with greater leverage for bond construction. i decided to support it. that need to moment is upon us, to provide us the same level of flexibility for construction of schools we provided last year in baltimore. that's only fair. we are grong probably larger
7:11 am
than most people even imagined many years ago the rate that we're growing. we have to deal with ongoing maintenance questions and additional capacity questions. we need additional revenues to do so. we're going to do our part locally. we provide a very healthy local capital budget for our schools. when you look at the amounts of monies we're talking about today, it's simply extraordinary. no local system in the state can do that without some meaningful assistance from the state of maryland. >> and what about housing? >> well, housing is something that we've been aggressive at in terms of affordable housing, to fight this recession, 8,000 affordable housing units, built, maintained or constructed. that's an extraordinary amount we've done. we were able to do that by leveraging the amounts of monies we provided to both the capital sections of other firms throughout the state and throughout montgomery county in the private sector that allowed us to do so. we made some headway in that regards
7:12 am
aof affordable housing in montgomery county. >> i just thought i would ask you about the controversy over the muslim holiday that some wanted to see for students in the county. there's been a strong push in the community to have schools closed. >> right. >> for the islamic holiday. >> right. >> what's your thought about that? >> i think we should look very carefully at that. i support the efforts to do so. we have a large muslim populaon in montgomery county. we're not asking that, you know, you not have something that is reasonable and balanced. and often times the holiday even falls on the weekend. but school days, force many of these kids to choose between going to school or observing a significant holiday is unfair. i hope that the school board will affirmativeely agree to extend this to our muslim population. >> some 400,000 veterans call
7:13 am
montgomery county home. >> i'm one of those veterans. >> yes, you are. >> that's right. >> you pointed that out on the campaign trail. >> i'm one of the veterans. in fact, i'm a vietnam veteran and very proud to be a vietnam veteran. we have a large veteran population in montgomery county. unfortunately, not a lot of them see -- veterans commission in montgomery county. we're not expanding that through the commission holistic system for them to respond to their needs, needs of a family. whenever a veteran is impacted, it impacts the veteran and the veteran's family. as a result of that, we have to look at all the thing that is impact in terms of housing, insurance, health care, making certain that they have the kind of educational support that they need. we put together a program with montgomery college, university of maryland to try to respond to all of those concerns. and i think that it's one of a
7:14 am
kind, one in the few in the nation to do so at a local level. >> you brought up the subject of health care. i have to ask you, the state's exchange is not working as well as it ought. there are many marylanders who need insurance who can't sign up for it. what are your thoughts about the way this has complicated efforts to roll out the affordable health care act? >> very disappointing. i'm hopeful that we can get the technology working appropriately. and i think if not, it will cause some disruption on the back end. but i believe we have an opportunity still ahead of us to do so. i believe that this creates huge problems unless we tux the system. there are other wou address this. they are not as efficient. talking on the telephone and doing it by hand requires a great deal of work that i don't think we can do in the timrame
7:15 am
to get things ready by january
7:16 am
good sunday morning, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. grab those winter gloves and scarves. it's turned an ugly shade of winter out there this morning. southbound into parts of southern maryland. low 20s right now across much of northern maryland and the western suburbs. so, factor in what is a pretty stiff northwesterly breeze and windchills are in the single digits and teens. so your sunday starter, windy and bitterly cold the next
7:17 am
several hours. temperatures will gradually climb to around the freezing mark by late this morning. yoor ond about planner for this afternoon, even though it will be full sunshine, afternoon highs today only in the low to mid 30s at best. windchills during the course of the day, teens to near 20 degrees. and it will be cold for your sunday night out on the town as well. workweek and travel forecast coming up. >> montgomery county executive isaiah liggett. we were talking in the break about the efforts to raise the minimum wage, not only in montgomery county, prince george's county is considering it. they're waiting to see what you're going to do. sharon baker, your counterpart in prince george's proposes maybe a statewide approach would be better or regional approach so that everybody is maybe on the same page. >> i supported the approach last year. vigorously got out front and
7:18 am
supported that. unfortunately it didn't pass. at some point someone has to go forth and we may differ about the amount. i think it should be phased in. i urge my colleagues in montgomery county to consider it. we can debate about the level of increase and the number of years, those kinds of things. it's time for us to act. i'm prepared to act and also believe there should be a higher level in the washington suburban area, places like montgomery county, prince george's county and possibly the rest of the state. there needs to be an address for this. one, we should have a statewide one if possible. montgomery county, prince george's county if possible. it should be phased in. we can debate the amount of moni and phase-in period. we need to go forward.
7:19 am
>> your business owners would disagree with you. >> i think they would disagree with some of it. i don't think many businesses would disagree that we should not have an increase. i think the debate is what that increase should be. have not at least said to some degree that should be an increase. they're determined to look at how much that increase should be and whether or not that increase should have exemptions or spread out over a number of years, those kinds of things. i don't think the bulk of business people agree that the current level is what we should accept. >> would the $12.50 an hour amount proposal that has been bantied about and debated, do you think that should be too much? that was a breaking point in the district. >> right. i suggested $10.75 spread over three years. again, there are different views about that. that's what i suggested we support. we have different views about that. and i think we can debate that point. >> tell us about the latest plans for bus rapid transit in
7:20 am
montgomery county. >> the council just approved but now you have to go to each individual sector of the county to determine what routes, what will be the parameters of that. it's something you're talking about for the next 20 years or so but not a 100-mile system we're springing up overnight. you'll have an opportunity to look at each individual route, each sector and determine whether or not that's appropriate, the timeframe and cost for each individual component. that's the beauty of this plan. the plan is that you don't have to have it all at one time. you can add routes, increase routes, change routes and build it in a way that's sort of like a jigsaw puzzle. you put pieces in when you determine that are appropriate and remove piece if you don't think they make sense in terms of ridership. get the public involved in all aspects before you ultimately end up with a complete system. >> the county's new tax compliance office identified recently thousands ofccnts
7:21 am
mistakenly claiming homeowner tax credits to the tune of over $1 million. >> several million dollars. >> several million. >> yes. >> what happens, people receive a homeowner's tax credit and claim to live in the home. we find there are a number of people who actually don't live in the home. this is part of our due diligence to go back and check, verify. we put together a program a couple of years ago to go back and check some of these. we were suspicious of a few. it turns out there are quite a few in that category. something that is not unique to montgomery county but something throughout the entire region. those states in places where you have this, you probably need to examine it, make certain people are actually living in a home and are eligible for the credits they're claiming. >> were you surprised to have that revealed? >> i was somewhat surprised of the number. but, again, it is only because we went back to check to make certain and put together a program to do so. one of the few jurisdictions to do that.
7:22 am
otherw y would not have known the extent of the problem. >> all right. isaiah liggett is our guest this morning. we'll continue, right after this.
7:23 am
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7:24 am
welcome back. we're talking with isaiah liggett. you're running for your third term. what are you hoping to accomplish? >> the transportation network we started. very forcefully years ago for transportation dollars, increase in the gasoline tax. as a result of that, we now stand on the verge of completing some very major projects in montgomery county. i want to make sure we do that. i also want to make sure we continue our efforts to properly fund our schools, we are growing at a huge rate. thirdly, the process we started
7:25 am
with housing. unfortunately, we still have a ways to go in that regard. we have a large number of research facilities in montgomery county, large number of firms in montgomery county to ensure we can translate that into commercialization, to increase the jobs we have in montgomery county as we. we've done exciting things in the montgomery area. i want to continue those things the next four years. when i assumed office, i walked in the door looking at $200 million plus, then we were hit with the worst recession in this history since the great depression. despite all of that, closing $2.7 million in budgetary gaps, we were awarded with additional triple bond rating from anmoody's, we now stand with the highest cash
7:26 am
reserves in the history of the county. let me repeat that. the highest cash reserves in the history of the county. maintained record number of schools, firestations, recreation stations, all of those facilities at a time when many other jurisdictions go in a different route. our police crime reports are down. our fire response is up. you look at all the -- montgomery county stands very well, in a very good position compared to many places. what i want to do now is to build on those things, look into the future and ensure that we have the kind of prosperity for the county that our record clearly shows. if you look at this record, it is a record of success compared to erjurisdictions. that is clear not only to myself here, and to people in this area, but other county executives around mencht i was recently elected as the president of county executives in america because many county
7:27 am
executives recognize the kind of contributions and the efforts we've made in the leadership of the local level. that's an extraordinary record and that's just part of it. people need to look very carefully at the record, look what we've accomplished over the period of time and also look at what we've done in comparison in very difficult economic circumstances. this was done in the midst of a recession. very few people can say that. >> what would you do differently, though? >> differently? >> in the third term? >> i would try to better number one. you still have to deal with transportation, the environment. there are some things we will do differently. i think the relationship at the state level will be different. i think the relationship with many of our businesses can, in fact, be different and we can build on those things as well. the difference will be a difference in completing those projects as well as expanding and doing a better job with the firms and the indie try to take the job back from you, doug duncan? >> that's something that the
7:28 am
voters will have to decide. you compare my record to the last seven years, in the midst of a recession, the worst recession and put those two things together and compare quarterly. i feel very confident once you compare that, people will recognize the job that we've done. i don't get into whether or not it's a style question, those kinds of things. it's the results. not only look at the results but look at the results that we accomplish on the difficult, unbelievable economic challenges versus clear, good economic times. >> it would be your third term. of course, in montgomery county there are no term limits. maybe i ask you to project too far into the future but how long do you want to be -- >> no, e this. it's a very challenging job. we're talking about a budget in montgomery now of $5 billion. we're talking well over a million citizens. a very diverse community, a very
7:29 am
difficult and hard job. it's not something that i would want to continue. i'm not interested in any other political office. i want to make sure i complete what i started, enhance on the future and build on those very exciting things i just described in biohealth technology, to build on the relationship we started abroad. we just return friday china, building on our health technology sector, took a delegation of 90 people to china, helping to sell montgomery county for the future. >> isaiah liggett, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> always good to see you. that's "viewpoint." i'm pat lawson muse. stay with us. news 4 today continues. blistering cold and biting wind. that's what you can expect in not just this morning but all day. the d.c. region is gripped by a cold blast.
7:30 am
morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 today. i'm richard jordan. >> the warm days we saw last week are a thing of the past, at least for now. you can see the flurries coming down. you can hear the wind. nothing actually stuck to the ground. people were all over facebook and twitter posting images just like that. you can always tweet us the pictures @nbcwashington. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is calling it controversial snow. people are talking about it, chuck. >> you bet ya. the sflnowflakes weren't coming down just going sideways. as soon as you step out the door this morning, you need to be prepared for a bracing chill, for sure. this is the view from our camera, hd tower camera looking southbound. national cathedral, washington monument. we'll see more cloud cover laert on this afternoon.
7:31 am
it is cold. those are the three words to describe the day. low to mid 20s with winds gusting between 20 and 30 miles an hour, even a 40-mile-an-hour wind gust near the air station. that's lowered windchills into the single digits and teens so your forecast for today is a very wind-chilled one, indeed. highs lucky to make it into the low and mid 30s with windchills in the teens all day long. it will stay bitter cold for today. the real question is what about your monday? even more important than that, thanksgiving week travel troubles start on tuesday. >> this morning, new details about an historic deal with iran over its nuclear program. associated press say the u.s. and iran held high-level discussions at least three times over the past year. hassan rowhani says it recognizes iran's rights to
7:32 am
maintain a program. it stops the program for six months in exchange for easing sanctions on iran. president obama made a rare saturday night speech. >> we can begin to chip away at the mistrust between our two nations. >> this is a moment leading up to the president's speech. you can see him talking with top advisers still dressed casually. you can notice he still has his nikes on there before the national address. this morning, the rest of the world is reacting to news of the deal with iran, president benjamin netanyahu calling the deal an historic mistake. israel is an ally and he is saying there's no reason for the world to celebrate. a number of republican leaders are sounding off, marco rubio saying the deal sends the wrong
7:33 am
message to iran and could make our allies worry about the u.s. commitment to their security. house majority leader eric cantor says he is afraid the deal doesn't do enough to stop iran's capabilities. what does this deal mean now for relations between the u.s. and iran after decades of tension? the "today" show continues our coverage. that's coming up in about 30 minutes. now to another developing story. hamid karzai says he won't sign a security deal with the u.s. immediately. he says america should bring peace to his country before he signs any deal that would keep u.s. troops in his country beyond next year. the news comes after a meeting with tribal elders, who urged karzai to sign the deal by the end of the year. afghan and u.s. negotiators have been trying to finalize that agreement. right now, we are working to find out more information about the postal worker shot and killed on the job in prince
7:34 am
george's county. the shooting happened just after 7:00 last night on reed street in the landover area. the mailman was making deliveries on his route. the man's co-workers came to the scene. they are devastated and say they are worried about their own safety of making deliveries at night. >> we're in the dark and the post office don't care about that. all they think about is the mail. they don't think about this right here. >> so far this morning, the name of the victim has not been released and police have not made any arrests in this case either. seven people are recovering after a multi-car crash at allentown road last night. several people were badly hurt, four were ejected from their vehicles. the accident shut down the southbound lanes of branch while officers were there investigating the scene. still no word on what led to the accident. getting word on how the
7:35 am
deadly situation at los angeles international airport was handled. >> everyone on the ground! >> everybody get down! >> tense situation there. you're looking at the brand new cell phone video taken by a passenger in the terminal friday evening. moments before that footage was taken, reports of shots fired and possible gunman in the terminal spurred the quick action. a series of car accidents outside the terminal caused all the commotion. >> looking ahead, we are expecting two decisions concerning the pass shooting at sandy hook elementary in connecticut. prosecutors are expected to release their final report on the investigation that killed 20 first graders and six educators in newtown. with whether the 911 calls made from the school should be released to the public, a judge will decide that tomorrow. boeing just released news that its new 747-8 and
7:36 am
dreamliners have icing issues. boeing recommends those specific planes avoid flying near thunderstorms, many of which contain ice crystals. airlines include united, japan, uthanza and air india. lake-effect snow mibsed with icy temperatures cause addd a pregnant woman to lose control of her car. one was trapped in all of the wreckage. mother nature made the final home game for seniors at the ohio state memorable. look at this. this is what the team had to play through. heavy snowfall, lashing winds and actually carried the ball sometimes more than the players. in the end everything worked out for the ohio state, as they beat indiana 41-12. busy morning in the storm team 4 "weather center." if you are just waking up, we had a big temperature drop
7:37 am
overnight. wait till you see what's coming up in the week ahead. truck has the holiday travel outlook next. gas prices, yeah, they went up again. we're going to tell you just by how much and what you're going to be shelling out after yesterday's ten-cent jump. >> temperatures drop, gas prices go up. >> that's good news, right? >> yes. we have breaking news and weather updates. we'll be back here in just a we'll be back here in just a mome
7:38 am
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a live look now at the potomac near national harbor. you're going to want to grab that big coat if you are headed out. it is cold. most of the region in the 20s this morning. when we might see a warm-up is coming up in chuck's seven-day
7:40 am
forecast. >> if you plan on driving, expect to crank up the heat. pass this along to you. gas prices are up just as drivers are preparing for their thanksgiving day travel. about 43.4 million americans are expected to travel 50 miles or more during this holiday weekend. aaa reports the average price in d.c. is now $3.50 a gallon for regular. that's up 10 cents from last week. in maryland, prices are also up a dime at $3.39. in virginia, another 10 cents higher at $3.21. in west virginia, the average is $3.36. that's up about four cents. you might need some extra time on the rails. metro this morning has two lines that are running slower than usual because of all the track work. on the orange and blue lines trains are running every 24 minutes. the redline is running a little faster, every eight to 16 minutes, typical for a weekend. yellow and green lines are running on normal schedules. unlike the last few weeks, all
7:41 am
stations are open system wide. >> the transit system will be in service for two additional hours tonight and next week for the home games. tomorrow and december 1st, fans leaving fedex field can grab the blue line train headed to virginia until 12:25. the final train heading for largo will head out at 10:30. now we are just about 24 hours away until the arrival of the christmas tree that will light up the u.s. capitol this year. prince george's county after some stops yesterday in maryland and pennsylvania. tomorrow is the day the 88-foot tall engleman spruce will finally arrive, scheduled for 10:00 tomorrow on the the west lawn of the capital. >> cannot wait for the national tree lighting. >> always a real sign of the season that christmas is here, yeah. >> yust in time for your trip to the grocery store, we are
7:42 am
helping you prepare that turkey dinner on a budget. >> i'm liz crenshaw. got company for thanksgiving? how to make this feast without busting your budget. my story is coming up. and i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. it's windy. it's cold. it's sunny. but all anyone wants to know is what about thanksgiving? how is that forecast looking? i'll give you what i think is going to happen for thanksgiving and, m
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
check it out, that flag outside our studios in northwest washington, a pretty good indicator of just how strong those wind gusts are on this early sunday morning. that, along with the cold temperatures, it's feeling great outside. >> if you like it cold. >> i'm kidding. chuck will give us an update on his forecast in a few minutes. >> feels good as long as you're prepared for it. layer up. >> layer up. >> hits on it's about making a thanksgiving meal on a budget. >> news 4's liz crenshaw talked with chef james denapoli. >> a thanksgiving feast like this may look expensive. if you're a savvy shopper, you can save money and prepare a delicious meal. >> don't be shy with that salt and peper. >> shopping at an organic grocer
7:46 am
and shows it can be cost effective. first rule, buy only what you need. for the turkey, he says cook just a breast instead of the whole bird for a smaller crowd. >> this is one of the ways to save money. >> make it look and taste special with his herb pesto. >> liz, we're making a little bit of a pesto to stick underneath the skin, rosemary, sa sage, little bit of thooim. >> this beautiful herb-roasted turkey breast, $33 to feed eight. why your guests won't guess you're on a budget if you start with luxurious soup. try creamy chestnut. splurge on the chestnuts the rest of the ingredients are inexpensive. $13 for eight bowls. next up, dressing casserole. the secret to keeping the cost down, make it meatless. >> simple bread stuffing. >> celery, onions, bread?
7:47 am
>> i didn't do any sausage, anything like that. >> less than $10 feeds eight with leftovers. >> another thanksgiving staple, cranberries. this relish has three ingredients, fresh cranberries, sugar and one navel orange. just $5. a simple vegetable for thanksgiving? roasted brussel sprouts. >> simply cut them in half, olive oil, salt and pepper and in the oven. >> this veggie side dish costs $5. mashed potatoes are not expensive and are a staple. mix white and sweet potatoes in the same dish. a delicious, colorful side, about $10. and let's not forget about dessert. risp. >> apples are so inexpensive this time of year. >> this dessert costs about $8 to feed eight. the total cost for this thanksgiving meal about $85 or
7:48 am
about $10.50 per guest using organic ingredients. if you shop at a traditional grocer you can make the same meal for $56 or $7 a head. >> beautiful spread without busting your budget. happy thanksgiving. >> liz crenshaw. >> mashed potatoes look good. >> i'm impressed. >> have guests bring the pumpkin pie or cherry, if you like. it makes them feel good and it's just one thing can you mark off your budget. >> get all those recipes at the "today" show is next on nbc 4. it starts at 8:00. >> erica hill and lester holt are joining us from new york. good morning, guys. hey, guys, are you with us? >> we are right here. >> hey, hey. >> talking about cranberry sauce. >> serious discussion about do we like canned cranberry orphansy kind. >> i think we like the canned. >> you can sois it up any way you want. >> it slices beautifully and
7:49 am
also there are lines on it to show where you can slice it. >> there is news happening on the show. >> what's cooking, guys? >> a fair amount of things happening overnight. there is, of course, this historic deal reached to curb iran's nuclear program, happening in the wee hours in geneva. we'll bring you the latest on that. in the developments in the past couple of hours out of afghanistan, could keep u.s. troop there is for another decade. dilld. ylan is tracking that big storm making its way across the country. she'll have an update on what it may mean for your thanksgiving plan. >> if you're off to the airport wouldn't it be nice to park your car at the airport and not have to pay for it? or better yet, have someone give you a little cash for it? sounds like a great deal which probably means there's a little catch. holiday etiquette, should you make your guests take their shoes off when they come to your house? this may be bigger than canned cranberry. we'll find out. >> just might be. we'll get to all of that when we
7:50 am
get started on this sunday morning. >> i'm korean descent, so we always take our shoes off. >> see you in a little bit. time to get a check on this forecast. >> we're hearing from scott out there, who is saying 20 and windy out here in the valley. >> yeah. it's cold outside everywhere first thing this morning. and you really need to be  prepared for it. remember to dress in your layers, drink a little extra water. sometimes really cold weather like this dehydrates you just as much as the hot weather can. outside right now, 26 degrees. that's all we have at national airport. the other half of the story is the wind. winds are averaging 20 miles per hour, gusting to 25 miles per hour right now here at national airport. these are air temperatures now across the region. 22 in smithsburg, maryland, 22 in charlestown, west virginia. front royal, strausberg. mid 20s there. upper 20s brandywine, calvert
7:51 am
county. be ready for it. temperatures are about 20 degrees colder now than we were yesterday morning at this same time. we'll notice that difference for sure. factor in the wind, windchills are in the single digits and teens area wide this morning. and even with full sunshine later this afternoon, temperatures will struggle mightily to get up above the freezing mark for only a couple of hours. bitter cold and windy outside for today. cold weather again for tomorrow. but it will be dry. that's at least a little bit of good news. the wind will not be as much of a factor tomorrow as it is today. if you're one of the 80,000 plus headed down to the 49ers and redskins game, monday night football in washington, temperatures will be in the low 30s and thanksgiving week travel troubles are looming a well. the next storm system, which is in the southwestern united states now will be arriving here late tuesday and could really slow down air and road travel second half of tuesday on into wednesday.
7:52 am
not much of a precipitation threat today. it would be snow, if anything came down. look at that streamer coming off the great lakes. lake-effect snows now noo up near erie, pennsylvania. frederick, maryland, hagerstown near the mason-dixon line here. no accumulations. temperatures, future temperatures only up into the upper 20s to low 30s by lunchtime today. high temperatures today about 35 in town, 36 in manassas and fredericksburg, but high temperatures only near the freezing mark in parts of northern maryland. your all-important seven-day forecast. it will be cold around here and will stay that way for much of the coming week. 38 tomorrow. not all that much of a breeze. that will be nice. it will still be cold. rain and snow chances arrive on tuesday as a big east coast storm could really mess up parts of the i-95 corridor, mostly a rain event. nonetheless, windy and rainy and
7:53 am
cold for wednesday afternoon. all that comes to an end wednesday night. could start with snow flurries tuesday afternoon and end with some snow flurries late wednesday. the all-important day of the week, turkey day, will be great. cold, but great. >> but great. thanks, chuck. the redskins aren't playing until tomorrow. what do the players do for fun in their down time? how one group is getting out
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
the redskins have the afternoon off. the team is getting ready to give it their all against the 49ers at fedex field. some of the players are getting recognition for giving it all off the field. diane racini talks to what she calls the redskins fab four. >> this is the scoreboard that nobody ever sees. at the top, four redskins players, the same four volunteering their time all the time. why do you give back? why do you like doing it? why are you out there every day? why on your day off? >> why? because nobody did it for us. you know, we never really -- i know i didn't. nobody really came to southwest d.c. i never saw any of the -- no offense to the redskins or anybody, but i never saw and i felt like it would have helped a lot of people's lives. it probably would have saved
7:57 am
some of my friends from getting shot or locked up. it probably would have helped some of my brothers. it probably would have helped a lot of people be in this position. i wasn't a football player. i was just an athlete lucky enough to make it. >> do you enjoy doing it? when you see them out there, running? when you're watching each other hang out with these kids do you ever sit back and think, this is great? >> you must not be watching me. i'm literally having fun. i'm having fun, getting to play quarterback. i don't get to play quarterback out here. i'm out there, slinging around. my team won 75% of the time. you know what i mean? >> this is competitive. >> oh, yeah. just go out there and have fun, most important thing not that we're having fun but the kids are having fun, if we're doing something for ladies that are getting through breast cancer, to make sure they're having a fun time. whatever it takes. i know robert and i, we put on the wigs. everybody loved it and laughed.
7:58 am
that's what we're doing it for. >> we do it because we care, giving back, you know what i mean? i'm pretty sure, myself -- i'm pretty sure they do, too. it's kind of just like -- we want to give back. >> on that tuesday, you guys ever just want to stay home, just chill, hang out in front of the television? >> no days off. >> yeah, no days off, man. no days off. >> diana racini, news 4 sports. the nbc sunday night football bus will also be there. the bus is filled with tons of fun game day gear. today it's in new england turn as pats take on the denver broncos. that will be some game. >> tomorrow will be cold for the game tomorrow. >> you bet ya. plan on something warm to sit on now. that bleacher will be cold. >> yeah, yeah. >> bundle up, everybody. >> hot chili and hot soup today.
7:59 am
>> and hot coffee. we're back in 25 minutes with another local news update.
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