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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 24, 2013 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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impossible to run that power play against, as he just destroys guards pulling around.1 >> al: manning on a second and seven, throwing incomplete. looking around for a flag is joel dreessen, there is none. third and seven. >> cris: i know we don't see peyton manning run the football very often, but he had as much space as he wanted going around that edge. i just don't think it ever quite crossed his mind, trying to get the ball down into dreessen. there was nobody there. that was a free first down for him.
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time-out will be taken here by the denver broncos. >> cris: well, some of the best throws we've seen all night from peyton manning. he is razor sharp here on that one, just outside of aqib talib's arms. comes right back to jacob tamme. you can't be much better covered than that. and he's going to need one more. i think this is probably four-down territory down here, don't you? >> al: i do too. yeah, new england took that time-out defensively. belichick actually called it from the sideline before manning came up on a third down and seven. just to make sure they were totally set in the situation. of course every third down in a game like this at this point in the game is huge.
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manning comes up to the line. totally agree on a four-down situation here, cris. third down and seven. >> cris: jamie collins against jacob tamme. that may be the matchup you want. >> al: manning, pass incomplete but a flag is thrown. you had jacob tamme and ninkovich contact there. here's the call. >> cris: cut right across the face of rob ninkovich and he just hooked him. >> al: pass interference, defense number 50. spot of the foul, automatic first down. >> cris: a good call. watch ninkovich just reach out and grab him. that's a good call. those patriots fans are saying
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where was that one last week. >> al: denver with two first downs by penalty on this drive. first and ten from the 11. a fade, and it is caught by thomas in the end zone for the touchdown! so thomas and talib all night long, and talib has had the better of him for the and a half quarters. but all of a sudden demaryius thomas has been the major factor. >> cris: well, demaryius thomas just too strong. aqib talib, one of the bigger, stronger cornerbacks in the nfl. most guys can't handle the kind of pressure he can physically put on guys. but demaryius thomas just one of those monsters on the outside. a calvin johnson-type guy. what a game. >> al: here's prater for the point after to tie the game.
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regulation, manning/brady, it would figure in the ultimate. 31-31. i grew up wanting to play basketball and having fun with comthe game.h it. when i'm playing, it's not even half the game. more than anything, it's mental. when should i go? as soon as they switch, that's when you gotta catch and go. now we put in a lot of hard work until you join our team. you inherit that. you inherit being selfless. you inherit what it means to be a part of a group like this because, you know, it doesn't come around a lot.
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>> cris: gets the play from josh mcdaniels, who was the former broncos head coach. came right back here and is now going to be designing one of the most interesting drives of this season. >> al: and to do it with branden bolden starting at running back. they run three receivers on the left and bolden will look for space over the left side. picks up three to the 23 yard line. >> cris: the broncos haven't stopped them yet this half. it has been all tom brady all the time. touchdowns and just one field goal. and now they need a play. von miller was making plays earlier, shaun phillips was making plays. it's going to come down to some man coverage opportunities on the outside and they're going to have to do it without dominique rodgers-cromartie and there is duke ihenacho at the top of your screen against rob gronkowski. >> al: new england 249 yards in this half. and the pass is a little behind and caught by vereen but he gets
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tackled immediately by danny tremendous va trevathan. so now a big third down coming up. second half possessions, td, td, td, td, field goal. for a first down. >> al: and right now they'll take it to the two-minute warning. two minutes remaining in regulation in foxborough on sunday night football. 31-31. hey wayne, quick question... did you try restarting it? no, not that. i was thinking about getting a tablet as a gift... verizon has tablets. they got a lot of them? accessing brain information... yes, they have a lot to choose from. did you really just... and now you can get $100 off any tablet. thanks, wayne. save like never before on any tablet at verizon now. get $100 off any tablet. plus trade in your old tablet for up to $150 or more. that's powerful. verizon. can you move your beverage away from the keyboard?
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gets it away but a good tackle is made short of the first down. edelman tackled by quentin jammer, long-time san diego charger. 12th year in the league hanging right with him. edelman comes limping off and new england is forced to punt. >> cris: here he comes, von
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miller around the edge. got the good pressure inside solder. and i couldn't help but think that it was sort of fourth and one, fourth and 2ish, we've seen one of these situations where bill belichick decided to go for it. not here. >> al: so now you've got wes welker going back to receive this kick because trindon holliday has had all sorts of issues hanging on to the ball. so even more drama. here's welker back to receive the punt. punting with the wind will be ryan allen. brady back on the bench. manning ready to go to work. denver using a time-out here so they'll have two when they get the ball. >> cris: well, i hate to bring this up for a second time, but left-footed punters in crazy winds, left-footed punters by themselves are hard to catch. with the crazy winds, it is an
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uncertainty. >> al: another part of the equation, del rio can't take a chance with holliday trying to grab this one. allen gets the kick away and welker is underneath it and welker will field it at the 20 yard line. avoids a first tackler and then brings the ball back to the 33 yard line. coming up after the game, it will be the wendy's postgame report. michele on the field with the stars of the game. bob, tony and mike wrap it up, take a look across the lead. cris and i look ahead to our thanksgiving night matchup in baltimore with the steelers and the ravens coming up right after the game. so here's manning. and you know what he's going to do right now, it's real simple. 1:34. not only try to get them obviously into field goal range but take as much time off that clock and leave brady with nothing. >> cris: field goal range here is probably inside the 30 yard line because of the wind
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conditions. >> al: manning throwing. starts with a nine-yard pickup to jacob tamme, the tight end. >> cris: isn't it nice to have somebody in your hip pocket that you're that familiar with. tamme has had a big role in trying to get the broncos back in this thing. >> al: second down, two. here goes moreno angling that shoulder and that should move the chains as the clock particulars down to 1:05 and going down. first down at the 43 yard line. and again manning obviously trying to get them into field goal range but using as much of the clock as he can along the way. play action, chased from behind and he's going to dump it but he's out of the tackle box. he was chased by andre carter. and of course the crowd wants grounding, but if you're outside the tale grounding, the quarterback was
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out of the pocket. second down. >> cris: andre carter, the old man here coming around the edge. he's going to put pressure on peyton manning. he probably knows as well where that bad ankle is. what the heck, take a shot at that too. >> al: he gets them to the line of scrimmage. second and ten. the pass is incomplete. intended for welker. he was wrapped up by kyle arrington. so the two guys who went head to head in practice for a number of years are at it here again. >> cris: kyle arrington really learned so much over the years playing against the great slot receiver, wes welker. and here it comes for peyton manning. third down, you have to have it. certainly don't want to give it back to tom brady one more time. couple of seconds off the clock. third and ten. manning down the sideline floats and it's incomplete. demaryius thomas was there,
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tried to hook it into his body. covered by talib and it's fourth down. they'll punt with 38 seconds. >> cris: i don't think you can play it better than talib right here. watch him. he's going to put pressure on him for the first five yards. after five yards you have to release it, go up and make the play on the ball. so this great fistfight of a battle between these two all stars on the outside comes down to that one and who knows. al: talib playing with a ot. strained hip. all over thomas all night long as colquitt's kick, they put the rush on that time. takes a good denver hop but it eats more clock as well on its way down the sideline. they'll yard line. 28 seconds remaining. afc playoff picture right now, of course a lot depends on what's going to happen here.
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denver either goes to 10-1 or 9-2. right now kc and tennessee would be in the wild card spot despite a 5-6 record. pittsburgh, baltimore, san diego, the jets and miami all in the hunt. >> cris: if new england were to win out, they would be the number two seed at least. that would be the worst they could do. so they control their fate here. this is a dangerous round. you think back to the super bowl in this situation in tom brady's first year, some very safe passes, maybe a little screen something, see if it gets going. >> al: here's edelman and he will pick up a yard, maybe two. that takes six seconds off the clock. and we look like we're very much headed for overtime. >> cris: you would think here. and with denver with two time-outs remaining, you don't want to have one of those kind of situations either.
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so kind of a no big chances probably on either side, i would think. >> al: you would be correct. to the 20 yard line goes shane vere veree vereen: that's going to make it third down and two. they're going to let the clock run all the way down and the next big decision will be heads or tails on the call by denver. >> cris: what else would you expect between these two legendary quarterbacks? just another one for the history books here tonight. >> al: manning/brady 14 will go to overtime. each team would get three time-outs. all replay reviews from th again, each team with an opportunity to possess the ball. once the team receiving the kickoff gets a touchdown, the defense scores a touchdown or safe
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safety, tied after one possession each, the next score wins. so it's real simple. you know the rules by now. they changed them a couple of years ago. you get a field goal, the other team gets the opportunity to get the ball back. you don't, it becomes complete sudden death. >> cris: and i asked jack del rio, would you ever consider taking the wind in this situation? obviously if you kick off to the other team and they score a touchdown, the game is over. he said if the wind was significant enough, perhaps. but in this game there's been so much offense going into the wind, i don't think that's going to happen. >> al: agree with you, even though it's a prevailing wind left to right as we look at it out of the north. >> cris: although i will say that i just watched matt prater out on the field making a few kicks and from -- he just kicked one with w so if he got to vote, i know how he would vote. >> referee: each team will have two time-outs. fourthuarter timing rules will be in effect. all replays will be upstairs. both teams will have an
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opportunity to possess the football unless the first possession results in a touchdown or a safety. visiting captain call the toss. the call is heads. it is a tail. you've won the toss. which goal would you like to defend? are you choosing to defend a goal? new england has won the toss, elected to defend. they will kick to denver in this direction. >> cris: they are taking the wind. >> al: bill belichick has decided to take the wind. >> al: right. very interesting call. dramatic game in foxborough. more to come. the pace of change is accelerating. the way we...
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>> al: so bill belichick electing to make the wind the biggest factor. his team with its backs to the wind, so gostkowski will kick off. and what he's doing is he's letting denver have the ball first and basically saying, okay, they're not going to score a touchdown because that's how denver would win the game without new england getting it. at worst a field goal and new england would still get the ball with the wind. and gostkowski's kick will go out of the end zone. peyton manning will go to work at the 20 yard line. in overtime in their career, career regular season, peyton 3-3, tom 8-2. >> cris: you know, these new overtime rules have certainly changed the way that bill belichick thought about that.
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if he had to defend against a field goal on the first drive, probably doesn't do that with peyton manning. but because they would have to score a touchdown to beat them, he does. >> al: totally agree. especially with the wind playing so much of a role. they start on the ground and give it to knowshon moreno. huge night for him. gain of eight. he got started early and he's run often. 31 carries, 178 yards on the ground for knowshon moreno. >> cris: and so into the wind, they go right back to kind of how they started this game, playing a little power football running. they're still playing the man coverage on the outside, still with two deep. there should be run opportunities. brandon spikes coming upnd having an extra d-lineman up there. >> al: second and two. moreno again huge hole. out to almost midfield. he gets to the 47 yard line. tackled by devin mccourty.
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and that's 197 yards for him. 18 there. >> cris: power football right over here. these guys have just done a fantastic job, and that's how they have gotten started tonight. boy, if they take it down the field with their running game and entire defense on the other side, this is going to be some conversation tomorrow. >> al: the rookie c.j. anderson is in there. they give to him. manning hit as he throws and the pass is dropped. ninkovich came in. the pass intended for c.j. anderson. so you had ball fumbling early, so he hasn't been back in a while. moreno needs a break every now e rookie, drops the pass intended for him. >> cris: beadles tries to block ninkovich but completely misses on the play. >> al: second down and ten.
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double slot to the right. on the ground and this is c.j. anderson. what a spot for a guy who doesn't have very much experience, has played very sparingly. rookie free agent from the university of california. third and four. >> cris: and you know for peyton manning so many times protection the big issue with him. now they're going to spread it out. third down and they're going to go to these bunch formation. watch all the picks, watch all the rubs. this is when it comes. right up here, there will be a lot of action. >> al: manning gets it away. it's caught and it's going to be a little short of the first down, at least with the naked eye. i think you're just shy.
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a flag comes in just a couple of seconds ago. so some action afterwards and of course with new england clapping, you know what that means. >> cris: there's a little pick play right in the middle of the field and bodies were flying everywhere. it has to be the call. >> al: now belichick will have the option here. it will either be fourth down and one if they decline it or third and wherever he's going to spot the ball next. >> referee: pass interference offense, number 87. ten-yard penalty. replay third down. please reset the game clock to :55. 12:55 on the game clock, please. >> cris: decker will come across and create a big pile over there for tamme coming across the field. jamie collins, the one that got picked. and that is monstrous.
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you can't be that obvious with those picks. >> al: so belichick turns down a fourth and one for his defense for a third and 14.3 f1 play clock at 5. manning deep downfield and it's broken up. aqib talib got a hand on it. demaryius thomas was the intended receiver. fourth down and 14. >> cris: i tell you, so many times i've seen demaryius thomas go up and make this play on the ball. aqib talib one of the bigger, stronger corner backs in the game comes up with it again. this game may well be decided with the matchup between those two. demaryius kind of fell away from that catch.
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he goes up strong for that one. he may have had a chance. >> al: britton colquitt will send it down to julian edelman, who sets up at his own 12 yard line. fair caught at the 18 yard line by edelman. so now we're at the point where it's total sudden death. field goal wins the game for new england. as brady goes to work from his own 17 yard line. >> cris: this is when you need your superstars to step up. and if the eyes of von miller and saying now, we need you now. >> al: ball spotted at the 18 yard line. give the ball to bolden, and he
11:59 pm
will get thrust back immediately. by big number 94, terrance knighton. >> cris: terrance knighton came over from jacksonville and he has made a huge difference. we talked about knighton, we talked about shaun phillips and how much better this team is against the run. remember, it was probably the patriots a season ago where that 250-yard rushing performance that made them start looking around for better run defenders up front. knighton has had a big impact.32 el movimiento brady. con presión >> al: brady, plenty of time. hits gronkowski. not trying to avoid contact, trying to initiate contract against the young rookie, kayvon webster. too much to ask of him. >> al: from the 31, they give it to bolden.
12:00 am
bolden out to the 37 yard line. it will be a gain of six and be second down and four. a little more than four minutes into overtime. >> cris: i tell you, brandon bolden has stepped in and done a nice job. ridley with the fumble, legarrette blount with the fumble. brandon bolden has had to come brady is crazy about this. quentin jammer and kenbrell thompkins were there. >> cris: tom brady sprinted down the field to argue with the referees. let's get a look at it. quentin jammer over the top with that shoulder. i'm surprised that one wasn't called. and tom brady same way he finished the game last week with a conversation with the officials. >> al: of course the crowd looks at it on the video board. they're insensed again. brady still wild with the officials.
12:01 am
new england will take a time-out just to settle down before third >> cris: well, you always talk about big moments in the game. the officials don't like to decide games either. sometimes you can get a little more aggressive. but there's no doubt about it that quentin jammer was a little early on that one and i thought impeded the receiver. >> al: there's your fertilizer chant again. so third down and four from the 37 yard line. >> cris: well, time after time we've seen it this year, rob gronkowski, the guy at the end of the game last week against caroli where he wanted to go with the ball. and if they leave one on one matchups with him, unquestionably that will be the first look for tom brady. man coverage, you've got to expect here, so some of these
12:02 am
pick plays a possibility too. three receivers down at the bottom. >> al: going five wide on a third and four. three-man rush. eight men in coverage. going deep downfield and incomplete. quentin jammer covering julian edelman. very interesting call on a third down and four. very. >> cris: well, let's give some credit out there to quentin jammer. they were going to attack him. he's the old guy on the field. goes after the deep one trying to end it right away. and jammer another little grab, but that ball was thrown out of bounds. >> al: absolutely. wasn't even catchable. so now welker goes back to and that's jammer who's down.
12:03 am
so before the kick jammer needs some attention as if the broncos don't have enough issues in that secondary. >> cris: i'm trying to see if his face hit the turf first. sometimes your helmet will slam down on the bridge of your nose. he gets tripped up and goes nose first. >> al: he's bloody, so signals over to the bench. the long-time charger gets some attention on the sideline as the play resumes now with welker setting up at his own 17 yard line and ryan allen in for his
12:04 am
fifth punt.3 f2 las condicionesm the 12. and taken down at just about that spot. so no room to run for him. the wind is now down a couple of miles an hour at 18 and peyton manning going into it. >> cris: just so much on the line. not just season records, trying to get the first spot in the nfl playoff. there's prater on the side line. again, with the wind you've got to think somewhere around the 30 yard line at least he has to get. that's a long way from here. >> al: from the 13. peyton in the pistol gives it to moreno. he's out to the 19 yard line and that's going to push him over 200 yards on the ground tonight. 202. he's carried the ball 33 times. about six yards a carry.


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