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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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nothing calls them to the table faster. make breakfast pop! nothing calls them to the table faster. it took a lot of juggling to keep it all together.k. for some low-income families, having broadband internet is a faraway dream. so we created internet essentials, america's largest low-cost internet adoption program. having the internet at home means she has to go no further than the kitchen table to do her homework. now, more than one million americans have been connected at home. it makes it so much better to do homework, when you're at home. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. now at 11:00, gridlock on the roads, delays in the air, and it's not over yet. we'll have team coverage as a mass i'ive winter storm threate the busiest travel day of the year. the height of rush hour and tonight, the search for the woman behind the attack.
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a woman discharged from the navy after undergoing a root canal. now a major development in the three-year fight to clear her name. news4 at 11:00 starts now. >> first tonight, travel challenges as thousands get a head start for the thanksgiving holiday. a massive winter storm is closing in bringing rain and wind to our region and several inches of snow to these. the system is already being blamed for causing 11 deaths nationwide. and it's not over. the worst of it could be coming tomorrow on the busiest travel day of the year. we have team coverage tonight. we begin with doug kammerer up in the weather office. ( from . @ 30 these numbers.
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to the east,éy09 george's county, 57 degrees up from the 30 earlier. #[oboi1escr00 way.earlier. #[oboi1escr00 (h-÷ery warm 09 ?' theñy with erika gonzalez. she's live in arlington where it's already slow on the road and in the air. >> reporter: darlene, rain is coming down and the winds are whipping up. i tell you what, it is quite the difference than we saw just a
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few hours ago. and if you are going to take to the roads tomorrow, tonight, you better make sure that your windshield wipers are working because this is one road trip you are going to need them for. it's cold. it's wet. it's just two days before turkeys make their grand appearance on dining room tables and people are trying to get home. >> we're going to chatham, virginia. >> reporter: but this is what the roads are looking like as more than a million travelers in the dmv try to head out. a last-minute flight to miami was too expensive so this couple decided to drive. >> just really bad, extremely bad. >> reporter: hence, the visible backup on the gps. >> the traffic is the red line. >> reporter: we took this picture headed down 95 south. slow crawl. last night crews were preparing for the potential for icy roads. tonight, with all this rain, it's flooding they're concerned
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about. gas stations are packed. adam schuster and his family are filling up. >> it is pretty nasty out. really wet. you know how virginia is. people forget how to drive pretty quick. >> reporter: better to get their late than not at all. >> it's nasty, wet, hard to see. but we're going to get home safe. >> reporter: i want to give you a live picture over reagan national airport right now where we have been notified that there are a few delays. no cancelations though. but if this forecast proves true, aaa is calling this a week of flight nightmares, quote unquote. back out here on the roads, the winds are whipping up tonight. tomorrow, give yourself extra time. if you've got to head into the office, just to be on the safe side. live in arlington tonight, eric is a gonzalez, news4. >> thanks, erika. tonight, federal workers need to know the government will be operating on a normal schedule tomorrow. employees are expected to report on time. a threat of sleet for son
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unscheduled leave today. meantime, lucky elementary school in southwest d.c. will be closed again tomorrow as contractors repair the heating system. all other d.c. public schools will be open. as we deal with high wind and rain, the plows and shovels are out across states to our north and st. this is what people woke up to in columbus, ohio. and it wasn't much better in pittsburgh where the snow changed over to rain. and they've got more snow on the way there. and a reminder if you're leading out for thanksgiving you can get the latest weather conditions on your smartphone or tablet by downloading the storm team 4 weather app. other news now in tonight, still no arrest after a violent attack on metro today. a woman stabbed a man at the van necessary udc station. the platform was packed but investigators say they don't have any solid leads yet. shomari stone is in northwest d.c. now with new information just released by the police.
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>> reporter: that's right, jim. police released this new information 30 minutes ago. we now know that the victim is 56 years old. he did not know the suspect. this all happened during rush hour behind me here at the van station. >> reporter: this video shows paramedics wheeling a man to an awaiting victim. she was sta tonight police released surveillance images of the suspect. a woman in her 20s. metro riders like samantha lewis are concerned. >> i'm more wary of my surroundings and, i don't know, it puts me on edge a bit. >> reporter: metro transit police say they drove to the station located on the red line around 5:00. they say the woman and the man got off the train, got in an argument, and for some reason she stabbed him. police are investigating what led up to the stabbing. they will review the
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surveillance video. there are cameras all over the place like this one right there. medics drove the man to a hospital with a stab wound on his left side. police searched for evidence in trash cans, looked around the area and hoped someone recognizes the suspect. >> it makes me more conscious of my surroundings. >> reporter: now, a lot of people came up this escalator right here after this all went down. police have not released a name of the 56-year-old man. we do know that he's going to be okay. he does not have life-threatening injuries. live here at the van necessass- station. a man who slipped on a banana peel on the metro elevator is now facing fraud charges. surveillance video captured the incident at the potomac avenue station in august. maurice owens is the man's name. he says the peel was left on the ground, but the video appears to show him dropping it and looking into the camera several times.
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then he falls on the way out of the elevator. owens '15,000 lawsuit against metro was dismissed. he's now facing criminal charges. he will be in court next week. some sketchy dealings in one of the most affluent suburbs. jackie bensen is there as police is shutting down spas. >> reporter: neighbors say they had noticed something odd including one saturday morning when the people who worked here started bringing in mattresses, one after the other, and taking them in the back. l.a. nails, a street level storefront business on st. elmo avenue in bethesda has been raising eyebrows in the community for some time. employees of other businesses on the street tell news4 they notice very few customers occupy the manicure tables and many more people, all of them men, heading into a back room. >> people on the street kind of new what was going on a little bit. but having to keep it kind of a, you know, a two cop cars pulling
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up, kind of jumping and gunning, i think was a surprise. >> reporter: the business is one of eight spas in montgomery county shut down by police after detectives notice they had a heavy presence on adult internet sites. several people were charged with providing massage therapy without a license. others with permit violations. >> there were several others operating within a two to three-block radius right now. it's a constant problem. i'm not sure what they're going to do about it. >> reporter: a neighboring business owner tells us the women who worked here would occasionally come to his shop. he says they appeared to be as young as 14 and 15 years old. in bethesda, jackie bensen, news4. tonight a second person has died after a fire inside a church in ocean city, maryland. witnesses say a man on fire rushed into st. paul's by the sea church. he set the building on fire then. police are still trying to figure out just how it all happened. the church was hosting an event in the basement at the time, an
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event to feed the needy. a third victim is being treated for life threatening injuries. a victory for a woman this maryland who has been fighting the navy to clear her name. jim handly is at our live desk with more on that. jim? >> jim, this is a huge relief for a highly regarded former navy service member in montgomery co.e'been at the cen story that triggered anger and disbelief on our website and across the country. now, we first told you about her ordeal earlier this month. the navy discharged her from active duty with the status of other than honorable. that was three years ago. all because she took pain medicine after a root canal and forgot to disclose that before a drug test. she feared the discharge would impact her school and job prospects. after a long battle to appeal the decision, today the navy confirmed to the gazette her record has been fixed. in an e-mail tonight, she told news4's jackie bensen, we're so happy this is finally over.
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thank you for being part of our fight. you made all the difference. she is now thinking about re-enlisting. . at the live desk, i'm jim handly. back to you. now to a story you saw first on news4. the washington nationals looking to put a roof on nat's park. the team wants d.c. taxpayers to pick up the $300 million tab. the team is already approached several city officials including the mayor. plans are still in the very preliminary phases. neither the team nor the mayor's office is commenting but the district is relubt tant to spend that money on the stadium. tonight police are pouring over surveillance video after a report of a robbery during last night's redskins game. two people allegedly used a stun gun on two women who were working at a concession stand at fedex field. the employees were then put in a freezer while the robbers took cash and ran off. a witness tells news4 the man got away with $7,000. police say there are some
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inconsistencies in the case and they're still investigating tonight. coming up tonight, a woman watched in horror as her pets were left in 90-degree weather. tonight she's talking to the news4 i team after an airline tried to pay her to keep quiet. and we're looking at storm team 4 radar. we will zoom in around the washington, d.c. area. one thing you notice, the heaviest rain just off to the north into prince george's county. we're starting to see a little bit of a break. i'll let you know if that rainier weather, rather, the heavier rain, moves back in. ♪ kiss that boring bird goodbye ♪ ♪ at our thanksgiving we're gonna make our turkey fly ♪
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a woman in virginia tells the news4 i team her dog almost died on a cross-country flight. >> the airline wouldn't pay the vet bills unless she agreed to keep quiet. tonight she's speaking out about what she caught on camera. she's talking to the iteam scott mcfarland. >> i still want to be reimbursed but i'm not going to be quiet. >> reporter: when janet sinclair decided to move to the east coast from san diego she signed up for united pet safe program. >> we had never been on a plane together. no, this was our first. >> reporter: she wanted to make the trip as easys a possible for her greyhound and her cat. the program promises personal handling in climate-controlled vehicles. if animals will be exposed to temperatures greater than 85 degrees for more than 45 minutes. >> and that was the beginning of the worst day of my life. >> reporter: during a layover in houston janet watched from her window seat as her animals came off the plane. >> i watched this man kick her crate six times. kick it, kick it, kick it until
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it's under the wing of the plane. >> reporter: photos snap we'd her cellphone shows the animals sitting on the tarmac where according to the national weather service temperatures reached 94 degrees that summer day. >> it's 4:06. the animals are still sitting on the tarmac. this man is about to load luggage. >> reporter: as janet's concerns grew she started periodically reporting the trip. >> it's 4:25. that's the fuel truck. animals were loaded on, door still wide open. 4:58. they're having air conditioning trouble. >> reporter: after a three-hour delay they finally made it to boston. janet says he was barely alive. >> sedona's entire crate was filled with blood, fess seize, urine, she was dying. united says cases like janet's are view telling the news form iteam they transport 77,000 animals this year with incidents in less than 1% of cases. reported problems to the u.s. department of transportation are relatively low for most airlines. the news4 iteam finding so far in 2013 there have been 21
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deaths, 7 injuries and 2 lost pets reported. >> that small percentage is a huge percentage for the pet parent. >> reporter: kelly e. carter is the founder of the jet set carter says store is are like janet shows flying with pets are risky. >> people have to really stop and really think about it long and hard. is it worth it for me to check my family member as baggage. >> she was in icu for three day railroads the vet diagnosed him with heat stroke, urinary tract infection, and liver problems. $2700. sinclair wanted united to pay for it but the airline argued the dog had a pre-existing condition even though she received a clean bill of health prior to the trip. >> they would give me $1,000 if i signed a nondisclosure agreement. >> reporter: sinclair refused, instead going public creating a facebook page called united airlines almost killed my greyhound which now has thousands of supporters. the next day they offered to pay
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the entire bill but still wanted the disclosure agreement. >> the only reason i can do this interview is because i didn't sign that and i won't sign that. >> reporter: in an e-mail united tells the news4 i team we are committed to ensuring safe and comfortable travel for all pets and regret that sedona did not have a good experience. we offered to compensate ms. sinclair but unfortunately she declined to accept the terms of the agreement. carter says while nondisclosure agreements are common among airlines she doesn't think passengers should sign them. >> you have to go public, you owe it to travelers, passengers, sets. >> reporter: united airlines did refund janet's fee for flying her pets and we checked with the department of transportation about janet's incident because airlines are requifrd to report pet injuries and pet deaths to the federal government. they did not have any information involving sedona's incident from july. scott mcfarland, news4 iteam. for tips on traveling with
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your pets logon to and search pet travel. anybody traveling with a pet tonight is probably not too happy. >> no. getting a lot of people on my facebook and twitter pages saying when can i take out? he's got to relieve. i can't go outside. it's too wet. we're dealing with the heavy rain and that heavy rain continues and it will continue as we move on through the rest of the night. >> that's why you went to meet rol ji school. >> so i can tell you when you can take your pet out. to the east, the winds are out of the south. look at the difference in the temperatures. 61 in easton. 61 in cambridge. 36 in leesburg. 34 in winchester. no warming back towards the west. we see very warm numbers out towards the east. but that is going to be changing as we move on through the night
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tonight. d.c., 45. rather, 48. now we're back down to 45. storm team 4 radar showing the rain up around the baltimore area. s in down toward the south, a little bit of clearing. inside the metro area that rain still coming down right now. most locations have already picked up well over an inch. there is more rain to come. i'll take you down toward the south. i want to show you where this is coming from. look at the gulf of mexico. but the actual area of low pressure is actually way down toward the south. let's show you where that is. how about mississippi where it's currently snowing in parts of that area. that's what you're doing to see. they did see the snow a little bit earlier today. they're going to continue to see that. as far as the rain is concerned we're going to see that rain moving on through the area. heaviest rain will be probably overnight tonight and again tomorrow morning. we are going to get a little bit of a break but it's going to come around 2:00, 3:00, 4:00. around 7:00, it's right back in across the area. tomorrow afternoon, we're going to see that cold air move in and the snow moving in, too.
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the winds will be rather gusty. upwards of 30 miles an hour for the most part and look up towards the north. we're talking about the chance for some snowfall up here towards the westminster area of baltimore and gaithersburg. we're going to watch out for some of it transferring over towards the snow as we move on through the area. let's get rid of our tool box and see if we can move on out. 6:00 a.m. temperatures, these are the windchills. 29 in winchester. 37 in d.c. as we move on through the day tomorrow, a high temperature in the afternoon only around 40. the windchill of 35 in d.c. 25 in win chster. by tomorrow night, windchill back down into the 20s. thursday morning, windchill's in the teens. nine, winchester. 18 in washington. so once again, we are talking some very cold air making its way in across our area. just in time for thanksgiving. a high of only 37 degrees. that will the coldest thanksgiving in 13 years. 40 degrees on friday. and then the numbers start to go in the right direction. 42 on saturday. 45 on sunday. as we move on monday and
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tuesday, temperatures back into the 50s for the first time in what seems like weeks but once again, tomorrow, got to be tough travel. if you're traveling to the west, there will be pretty good snows heading out towards pittsburgh and morgantown, west virginia. we have sports coming up. you see john wall, wow, 360. lookout.
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okay. skins ain't diddly but the wizards are playing some ball. >> this is how they can win in this town. you have to be close, you have to be family. a reporter inside the wizards locker room say the spray
11:26 pm
deodorant on his arm. that's how close they are. that's what it takes. if you smell good, you win. that's how i look at it. this team is gelling. john wall is leading the charge. >> every week we should try that. >> for the first time in his career wall has scored more than 30 points in three straight games. lakers had no answers on how to stop them. look, there's some redskins out there today in the game. randy wittman always talking about defense. look right there. coming up with that steal. a little spin move. easy for him. takes the two. he had a career high 30 points in the game. second quarter. more defense. john wall picks off the pass. check this out. 360 slam. i got to see this one again. >> sweet. >> wizards led my four at the half. let's fast forward. 1:30 to play. wiz down one. guess who, wall hits the jumper to give the wizards the lead for good. he had 31 points and 9 assists. his third straight game scoring 30 or more.
11:27 pm
wizards win it, 116-111. those that doubted wall, he says, hey, thanks. >> i think i'm using what everything said about me me. i'm not a top teen point guard. my job is to not go out there and just prove my scoring but by winning the games. that's what i'm trying to do, is lead this team and keep trying to win as many games as i can. >> you trying to make a statement in three games? >> a guy like has skent or 60 games, it doesn't mean you can go back to sloppy any day this week. >> all right. one last four out of the five for the wizards. the redskins, they believed all they would need is a win and this season could change but getting a victory has proved to be too hard for this team after 11 weeks and eight losses, there's no one answer. in fact, there are hundreds of questions. >> you keep your mind like mine, you know, you know that it's going to be rough times.
11:28 pm
it's not always easy. everybody expect you to come in this season and run through anybody and everybody. we didn't do it enough to do that. we won the east last year. so what. you got to come back and work for it again. you can't just line us up and say, you know, we're going to win it again. and then the day i never had my mind on, you know, us being, you know, big bad [ bleep ]. i just feel like we had to go out there and work to be able to be recognized like that again. >> always keeping it real. >> time now for basketball and hockey. hockey.
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