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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 27, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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buss to new york city. the weather did cause a few delays at union station and it was a slow go for a lot of people trying to head home and celebrate thanksgiving with their families. >> so the roads are wet, the temperatures are dropping. that could only mean black ice. doug, is that in the forecast? >> it is going to be a problem in some areas, the good news as far as that is concerned, we'll start to see the winds pick up. that's already happening. any time you have the wind it helps to dry out the roadways. that's what we're going to see as we move throughout the night. storm team radar still showing a few showers. and back down towards the south around fredricksburg. you may see a couple of more sprinkles or flurries as we move on throughout the night tonight. we're not expecting a lot out there. we show you the wind gusts. 24 miles an hour wind gusts in washington. 26 in martinsburg and 18 in manassas. the winds coming through will dry the roads, but they are going to create brutal windchills once again, and because of that we do have actually a wind advisory in the portion of the shenandoah
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valley, page county. gusts up to 50 miles an hour. the rest of us will see winds gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour. and a very cold start early tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 20s will lead to windchills in the teens to start off with. a low of 27. 33 by 11:00. about 37 degrees for a high tomorrow on thanksgiving. that will be the coldest thanksgiving in well over a decade, and for you to check in with storm team 4 any hour of any day, all you have to do is download our weather app, search nbc washington weather in the itunes store or on google play. >> thank you, doug. how about the conditions on the roads right now? shomari stone is live trying to find out. >> reporter: hey, how are you guys doing? it is cold out here as doug kammerer just told you.
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i'm standing by where the beltway meets i-95 north and the traffic is moving rather well right now. of course, it's subject to change over time. the roadways are relatively clear for you folks thinking about hopping on the roadways now to the beltway and 95 north. we got on off of connecticut avenue, drivers are doing a relatively good job of slowing down on the roadway. we saw snow flurries and rain in some areas. the good news is we haven't seen any accidents. if you're traveling to new york or boston, you could encounter heavy rain this evening. the beltway is relatively clear here. and if you plan ongoing to see relatives with thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, it's worth mentioning you may want to slow down because the roadways are slippery and chief meteorologist doug kammerer also told me we need to watch out for possible black ice in some of these wet
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areas that are wet right now. i'm shomari stone, news 4. a developing story in los angeles right now. a man has taken at least one hostage and barricaded himself inside a house. one police officer has been shot. he was hit in his protective vest and is expected to be okay. officers say it began as a domestic dispute. they were called to a home for reports of a man dragging a 14-year-old girl. police say shots were fired at them as they arrived on the scene. a second officer was sent to a hospital, but officials would not confirm if that officer was also shot. a woman attacked at an atm, robbed and raped. this all happened before 11:00 last night. a man reportedly came up from behind, robbed the victim, and then took her to an alley and sexually assaulted her. mark segraves is here with more on this. mark?
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>> jim, this is normally a busy stretch at wisconsin avenue with all the shops and restaurants up and down here at friendship heights. last night the rains were heavy. so not many people are out here. still police are hoping that somebody saw something. >> a young woman walking on wisconsin avenue in the area of garrison street northwest. it appeared she was followed a little bit by a subject. >> wow, i'm very surprised. >> the victim just walked past this atm and was continuing down wisconsin avenue when a man came up on her from behind and placed an object against her back. >> we believe he may have had a knife. >> reporter: the suspect took the woman's cash and forced her to walk with him, side by side, as if they were a couple sharing an umbrella. they crossed wisconsin avenue right here in the middle of the block. >> she was walking on wisconsin avenue, and he came up behind her and accosted her at some point and took her off. >> he took her to this alley
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behind rodman's drugstore where he raped her. >> it's really frightening because this neighborhood is really nice neighborhood and i feel pretty safe. there's generally a lot of people walking around on the streets. >> reporter: police are looking at the possibility that last night's assault is related to a sexual assault that happened this summer a few blocks down wisconsin avenue. they say the description of the suspects inwoeparate cases don't match. news on a second assault in thisly safe community has rattled neighbors. >> we always have to be careful and cautious. it shocks me. >> reporter: this woman is not concerned for herself, but for her daughter. >> i always tell her not to go out by herself. not to wear a ponytail. people can pull your head by your ponytail. >> reporter: one concern for police with the christmas shopping season in full swing this weekend and all these shops between chevy chase and friendship heights, there may be more opptunity for more victims. they hope to have a surveillance
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picture of the suspect in a few days. in the meantime they're asking anyone who may know anything about the incident to call police. reporting live, mark segraves, news 4. tonight as police search for a killer, we're getting our first look at the young man who was murdered in laurel today. 23-year-old alex little jr. was shot several times on russet green west. police are questioning two witnesses. investigators don't have a motive but they don't believe it was a random act of violence. >> about half an hour from now the community will hold a prayer service for the victims of a massive church fire in ocean city, maryland. two men were killed, one of them was the pastor. according to church officials the reverend died this morning from his injuries. the woman who was injured remains in critical condition tonight.
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they're still trying to figure out what caused that fire. nine people have been arrested during an internet prostitution sting. police posed as escorts on a website often used for prostitution during a sting on november 15 thd. they received 70 phone calls from people trying to make appointments. police say they could make more arrests. a huge decision on an airline merger could affect what you pay to fly. today a judge cleared the way for american airlines to join forces with us airways. adam tuss is live at reagan national, one of the places where we could see cheaper flights out of this merger. adam? >> reporter: hey, doreen. this deal has a lot of moving parts. now, of course, we all want a better deal when we fly, but it could depend on where we fly. american airlines and us
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airways coming together. some see positives. >> i would hope the cost would be lower for us consumers. >> reporter: others would like to keep things the way they are. >> they have a relatively similar price and one is a much better airline, i would feel it's much less hassle to travel with them. >> reporter: as part of the deal they get to merge into the world's largest airline, known as the the new american. what does it mean here? well, previously us airways and american operated seven out of every ten flights out of here. the government required them to cut the number of flights for five to ten. that means p spaces should open up for lower cost carriers like southwest and jetblue. >> when you're shopping for a flight, what are you looking for
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the most? >> the cheapest one. >> but because some routes go away, some worry flights to smaller markets will also go away. and that leaves travelers paying a higher fare because of fewer options. >> the concern isn't bigger cities, it's small cities. the small cities take the brunt of air fare hikes. >> reporter: one thing that is certain, change is coming to dca. back here now live at reagan national airport. now this deal is expected to be finalized earlyext moreporting m tuss, news 4. it is official now that the votes will be recount in the virginia attorney general election. republican mark obenchain made the request for a recount this morningment the board of elections certified the results
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of the election on monday. mark herring won by only 165 votes. the recall is expected to begin in mid-december. we're told it should take three days. sold. the long time headquarters of the "washington post" at 15th and l streets is going under new owner ship. car properties is buying it from graham holdings for $159 million. the newspaper will continue to rent space in the building until a new "washington post" headquarters is found. the deal is expected to close in march. they're taking the air out of the parade. tonight we're tracking whether the floats will be part of the macy's day celebration. and new security video inside a school that shows a powerful tornado ripping through town.
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this is the third straight thanksgiving that the president and his family have helped out at the food bank. tonight there's more scrutiny from president obama's health care plan. many people who go to the hospital don't have insurance
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and can't afford it. hospitals are losing billions of dollars in the financial aid that covers cost of caring for the uninsured. danielle leigh reports on how this could put hospitals out of business. >> reporter: culpeper regional is the only place to go for an emergency in miles. she's still in pjs after rushing her 1-month-old daughter to the e.r. oversnignight. >> we don't have a hospital nearby. >> reporter: most people can't afford the services they're about to get. the government helps cover the st through hospital subsidies that are getting cut by $18 billion over the next seven years. >> there you go. >> reporter: the affordable care act mandated the cuts, assuming more people would be insured, but then 25 states decided not to expand the government insurance program for the poor, leaving a marge amount of people
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with no coverage. hospitals won't be fully reimbursed if for cost of care. you are looking at hospitals shutting their doors in the communities that depend on them. >> we will remain viable. but we are currently very challenged with the significant decreases. >> reporter: kirk says the hospital will lose about $3 million this year and a part of that is coming from the cuts to the subsidies. with a limiting operating budget, that eats up the buffer this hospital had. kirk already cut his staff by 5%. no services could be next. meaning fewer options for the most vulnerable patients. in washington, i'm danielle leigh, nbc news. if you live in d.c. and your insurance was canceled because of obama care, you are out of luck. city officials will not exercise
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their options to extend canceled policies. more than 21,000 will have to buy new policies. tonight we're getting a look at the damage done by the powerful storm that hit the midwest last weekend. security video from inside an indiana middle school shows a moment the storm blew open the roof and shattered the windows. students were out of school for a week while crews worked to clean up the damage. we have some winds picking up in our area as you can see from this live picture at union station. >> no, not at all. and that sform that came through, we saw amazing footage. just new footage that you saw right there and a couple of tornados for the latest storm that brought us the rain and sleet earlier today. storm team 4 radar is dry for
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the most part. can't rule out a few snow flurries and sprinkles but the storm is finally getting out of here. you make your way out tonight and into the day tomorrow. we're still dealing with problems in new york and boston. their biggest problems are not the snow or rain that they're seeing now. it's going to be the wind. winds up around boston could gust up wards of 50 to 60 miles an hour. call ahead. you may see delays. back towards the west it is lake-effect snows. cleveland and pittsburgh will continue to deal with that throughout the night tonight. for us it's just the colder air. 39 is the current temperature. winds out of the northwest at 18 miles per hour. but the winds are gusting to near 25 miles an hour, and that puts our windchills down to the 20s, and by this time tomorrow, the windchills will be in the teens. current numbers, 32 in winchester, 39 in d.c. you add in the wind and these
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are the windchills we're talking about. down to 18 in winchester. 25 in gaithersburg. 27 in camp springs and 33, now down to 32 in fredricksburg. we are really going to be in for a very cold night and a very cold start to our thanksgiving. let's take a look at tomorrow morning. cold and windy. windchills in the teens for sure. actual temperatures are 22 to 27 degrees. if you're thinking of getting up early and stepping outside, get ready for a chill. winds gusting from 15 to 25 miles an hour. gusts will be early tomorrow and then we'll see the winds calm down. as far as the lows are concerned, down to 21 in frederick, 26 towards fredricksbu fredricksburg. these are the actual temperatures with with the windchills in the single digits to lower teens. the coldest thanksgiving that we have seen in over a decade. and then back to the '80s to see something also very similar with highs in the 30s for thanksgiving. high of 34 in winchester.
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34 in martinsburg. 37 in washington. the good news, though, no precipitation tomorrow, no rain, no snow, things will be dry. we will see some sunshine during the day. the winds, as i mentioned, will start to come. and it's going to be a lot better as far as the temperatures are concerned. and then going up over the next few days. 42 on saturday. 47 on sunday. so a chilly weekend. but not the brutal cold we'll see tomorrow. and then we're going to watch another storm system on tuesday and wednesday. that will be smaller but off the coast and it could bring us another mixture of rain and snow. that is something that we will be watching for you right here. storm team 4 always keeping you ahead of the storm. hopefully we kept you ahead of this one. some locations picking up two or three inches of rain during the last 24 hours. now we can start to dry out.
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>> and for all the people doing their traveling tomorrow morning, it feels good. >> it looks good. the roads should be fine. >> and the the rest of us will be nice and warm in the kitchen tomorrow. >> cook up something for me. >> or some other place other than the kitchen. in the den. our chairs are lined up but people are not in them. they're in their cars instead. and tonight how a higher minimum wage could affect local businesses. and combining two holidays into one. into one. we'll report how people in the
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it is an extremely rare occurrence. jewish holiday of hanukkah and thanksgiving are overlapping this week. and as chris gordon reports, some shoppers and stores are scrambling tonight to get things ready. >> reporter: they sing songs of hanukkah, playing with dradels. here at the jewish community center of greater washington, they're preparing the students to celebrate hanukkah and thanksgiving together on the same day. at the kosher market in silver
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spring, they have turkey with all the trimmings together with chocolate coins and potato pancakes. >> sour cream, apple sauce. >> reporter: not what the pilgrims had in mind. >> no, definitely not. >> reporter: here at the coreer pastry oven there's a line of customers for the cash register to the door. there are making thousands of jelly filled doughnuts and this year in respect for thanksgiving, they're adding pumpkin filled doughnuts. customers call in advance. order slips covering the walls. customers say the wait is worth it. >> these doughnuts are special. we get them from here every year. i ordered them because this is obviously the first night of hanukkah. >> reporter: and that brings us back to the children and the joy of the holidays. the last time hanukkah and thanksgiving coincided was back in 1888. the next time could be 70,000
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years for now. for the first and final time on tv, i wish you a happy thanksgivikkah. >> well, this is already a happy thanksgiving for 5,000 people who enjoyed the 14th annual feast of sharing. hundreds of volunteers helped prepare and serve a full thanksgiving meal including a pumpkin pie to many of the elderly. all this happened at the washington convention center. >> i think it was a great idea. but at the same time i think it's important for us to think about what's going to happen. >> unfortunately we hear the economy does better but we find in spite of that there's more people in need. >> the dinner guests are also treated to health care screenings and nutrition advices as part of the big event.
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coming up in the broadcast, a police officer's incredible rescue caught on camera as he jumped into action to save a man with a burning truck. i'm tracee wilkins. the prince george's county council voted to raise the minimum wage. why some business owners say it was a step in the wrong direction. >> and the stars of th
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right now at 6:30 we're watching the roads and the skies as the busiest travel day of the year begins to wind down. traffic today was heavy, but moving well in rain, light snow and sleet. >> and in the skies, about 260 flights have been canceled nationwide. fewer than 20 of those in our region. doug kammerer and chuck bell are standing by with what kind of weather we can expect. >> the best thing here is this storm is finally pulling away from the area. we saw two to three inches in part of the area. now that is all out of here after switching to snow. but the big deal will be the temperatures and winds tonight. 39 in college park. 39 in bowie.
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36 in gaithersburg. storm team 4 radar only showing a few showers. these are near anne arundel county. you will see light shower activity here. this is in the form of snow and we'll continue to see more snow showers as we move on through. the wider view shows the entire storm as it moved on through our region, right up the i-95 kor der. still dealing with this up towards new york and boston. for us it's something completely different that's moving in right now. we're now forecasting one of the coldesthanksgivings in over a decade. chuck bell is live with the wind and cold air moving behind the storm. >> you better believe it, doug. winds are out of the northwest. 25 to 35 miles per hour. 24 at national airport. 33 miles per hour gust at winchester and 35 miles per hour gust. how about mid to upper 20s for
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the remainder of the evening? dropping to the teens by 11:00 tonight. and a cold start tomorrow morning. single dimts and low teens. there will be a reprieve late in the day and luckily the wind will die off by the second half of tomorrow. but it's going to be a cold turkey, doug. >> but it welcomes like conditions will improve a little bit towards the weekend. we'll let you know about the next system in the forecast. >> thank you, doug. this storm dumped heavy wet snow from ohio to pennsylvania and new york. 12,000 people lost power at one point but most have it restored by now. some businesses are not happy about a newly passed measure to increase the minimum wage. it's part of a regional effort to make the minimum wage at
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$11.50 an hour. some business owners say it's going to hurt competition. >> there was celebration in the city council chambers as soon as the bill pass. >> the money that goes into the pocket of the lowest wage earn ers will go right back to the economy. >> reporter: full time workers earn $15,000 a year. the new measure in prince george's county will gradually raise the rate to $11.50 by 2017. full time workers will then make about $24,000 a year. it mirrors a measure passed in montgomery county on tuesday and a bill expected to be voted on in d.c. next week. >> reporter: the regional piece is key because we live in an an area that is very expensive to live in. the coowner of the group flat
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out o pez the bill. says they are competing with businesses for ann arundel. while he pays his workers above minimum wage and supports an increase. he's worried about the law making wages too high for his small business. >> i am a little concerned that we may start having to raise prices. and others may wind up higherring a few less people. >> reporter: the workers we talked with support the bill. >> it should have been done years ago. >> reporter: the county executive will have ten days to review the legislation once he gets it. then he will decide whether or not to veto it. he's been in support of the state passing the minimum wage changes and not the county. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. tonight funeral arrangements are set for the mail carrier shot and killed while working in
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prince george's county. his funeral will be held sunday in south carolina. there's a $125,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in the case. right now police are trying to find two people who robbed a store and shot the clerk. it happened this morning around 10:00 at north capitol and ugg street northwest. police say the clerk was shot in the neck and is still in the hospital tonight. if you have any information at all you're asked to call the police department. rjs one of the most beloved parts of the holiday tradition is still in jeopardy. high winds could keep the balloons for the macy's thanksgiving day parade grounded tomorrow. jay gray has an update on conditions in new york city. >> reporter: good evening. the conditions here have been frankly miserable. still they are inflating the balloons with the hope that the show goes on as planned early tomorrow morning.
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despite the falling temperatures and at times falling rain, the holiday week is on the rise just outside of central park. crews are working through the weather to inflate the massive balloons for the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade, while keep an eye on conditions that could keep them from flying. >> we're inflating all the giant balloons that we feel confident will fly in the parade. and we're going to keep an eye on it. >> reporter: the balloons aren't the only ones with a holiday trip in jeopardy right now. flights have been canceled across the country. we have a little bit of rain, but if there's problems elsewhere it could affect us here. >> rain, snow and ice are impacting the highways as well. some are inches along because of
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the wintery mess. >> we're nervous with all of the weather. it was pouring, but it was good. >> reporter: making the most of the holidays. which will hopefully include a very special tradition to so many on thanksgiving day. >> they love the giant balloons or the energy of the marching bands or the fun of the clowns or the beautiful floats and pageantry. this is america's holiday. no matter what the weather brings. >> so the lingering questions is will the bigger balloons like snoopy be a part of tomorrow's party. the cutoff is 23 mile an hour sustained winds. the forecast will be right there. so they won't make a decision until parade time early tomorrow morning. in new york, jay gray, news 4. that will be sad if they can't fly tomorrow. a police officer in new jersey risks his life, not once, but twice, to save a identify. we have the video.
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they've got the guardrails set up. the chairs are in place holding their spot. they take a look at this tent. coming up, i'm going to tell you what motivates the eager holiday shoppers. also giving thanks to the women who served our country overseas. >> i'm diana russini. rj3 with fighting words for anyone attacking his family. >> anybody out there going after my dad needs to back up.
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a police officer said any one of his colleagues would have done what he did, race to a burning vehicle to save a man's life. the patrolman's name is scott. on monday he came upon a burning truck. the man inside the truck was unconscious. he dragged him to safety before going back to the burning car to
6:40 pm
make sure nobody else was inside. the driver is in critical condition. we have pictures of a house explosion in texas. >> we have live pictures into the newsroom, aerials over the scene. a large house exploded, burning at least four young people two of them are in critical condition. the others are in serious condition. we saw at least one person air lifted. good news for dominion virginia power customers. rates are going down. the average customer's monthly bill will be reduced by 11 cents. the reduction is based on projected costs. dominion has thousands of customers in northern virginia. a community outreach to help female veterans transition back
6:41 pm
to civilian life. they serve more than 100 veterans today, handing out turkey and other food at the american legion in temple hill. they help female veterans handle the challenges they face when they return home. >> it means a lot. it's for those getting back on their feet. just not having the resources to make the meal or purchase the meal. >> the founder is a former homeless veteran. she started the organization because she had not seen any other group like it in the area. it's a line as long as a football teeld. tonight it's wrapped around a store in northern virginia. coming up, we'll talk to people starting a new trgz tradition. and
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vonn. the national minora is lit tonight marking hanukkah. it's the first time hanukkah and thanksgiving have coincided in 125 years. it's not expected to happen again for as much as another 79,000 years. tomorrow is thanksgiving, but for many it's also the start of the holiday shopping season. most plan to spend more money. the consumer federation of america and the credit national association are predicting as much as a 4% increase in holiday spending over the year. 61% of the people surveyed said they will spend as much orb more
6:45 pm
than they did in 2012. it's the fifth year in a row the survey projected an increase in spending. the strongest result since 2006. 26 hours for now doors will already be open for major retailers across the country getting a head start on black friday. and some shoppers are ready in line. in springfield shoppers are already lining up. >> reporter: less than 24 hours to go now until the doors at the best buy here in springfield opened for their big sales. but in talking with several eager shops, it's not so much the sales alone that attract them to camp out. in fact, it's become a holiday tradition. >> five years in a row, got to be some type of tradition. >> that's how mario sees it.
6:46 pm
#. >> reporter: tonight he's bundled up in his hat, gloves and blanket. >> it's horrible. it was raining ice earlier. >> reporter: a veteran black friday or in this case thanksgiving shopper, mario says there's a technique to waiting in long. >> get along with whoever is in front of you and behind you. >> reporter: so best buy managers tell me ahead of opening the line stretches past this pet smart about a football field's length just to get to the front door. that is unless you're first in line. >> i've been hout here for two days now. >> reporter: the cousins claim that spot this year. >> reporter: a lot of times people try to come in last minute and sneak to a line in the front. they're not letting anyone take
6:47 pm
it from them. i'm david culver, news 4. >> how do they charge the batteries. lindsey vonn says she hopes to be back in competition next week. she had a brutal knee injury when she crashed last week. lindsey vonn says if she were not wearing a brace at the time the knee would have been blown out. >> too hard. it was a fluke accident. that's the risk you take when you're going 80, 90 miles an hour down a mountain. >> vonn says she's still optimistic she will be able to compete in sochi. >> and we hope she will. >> i was clocked at 57. >> no. >> yeah, yeah. going straight down. >> backwards. >> yes, backwards, one ski. i was a prodigy.
6:48 pm
let's show you what is happening out there. liberty mountain is opening on friday. the earliest opening since the year 2,000. if you want to go skiing, hey, liberty mountain is open. . current temperatures have been oen the cold side and we're seeing snow now. a few showers towards the chesapeake but up to the west we're seeing the snow come down. right around damascus, clarksburg and 270. this is just light snow showers that will move south and east. if you look around rockville or gaithersburg, you will see those in the next half hour. the windchill will be the story tonight. it won't be the rain or snow anymore. it will be the winds and windchill. it's 28 in dulles. 27 right now in camp springs. a very cold night and a very
6:49 pm
cold day tomorrow waking up. we're going to see temperatures into the 20s. 27 in d.c. 26 in burke. that's the actual temperature. take off about ten degrees and that will be your windchill. so gaithersburg your windchill tomorrow morning could be down to 12 to start off your thanksgiving. so it's going to cold for sure. 37 in d.c. 38 in kul puper and the windchills in the 20s. tomorrow will be a cold day. very similar to what we saw on sunday. that was a cold one as well. the turkey is definitely cold. 40 on friday but temperatures are warm the next couple of days. at least warming. 42 on saturday. 47 on sunday. up to 49 on monday. and then we start toe see another chance for scattered shower activity. that one, however, will be, will pale in comparison. just a little guy.
6:50 pm
passing quickly by. >> we have sports coming up. diana, what do you got? >> it's cold outside, but things are always hot at redskins park. rg3 hits back hard on the criticism of his father in the locker room. and he's back, returning to
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this is stupid. >> doreen and i are going to be over here. never saw archiemanning in the dressing room with payton. if somebody has a beef because rg3's locker room comes in, sits down, talks to his son and says man up. what is the problem with that? >> a lot of people think it's roub ert's job. >> his job is on the field. his father came in after the game. his father didn't go to the sideline and say come on, let's do it. rg3's job is on the field. what does it matter if he goes into the locker room? >> let's include the viewers. after monday's loss rg3's dad was inside the locker room talking to his son. i've never seen a quarterback's parent ever in a locker room.
6:54 pm
but from my perspective it looked like a dad checking on his boy. others thought otherwise. robert set them straight today. >> my dad came to check on me and make sure i wasn't injured. mom was upset. he wanted to do his fatherly duties and step in there and see if i was okay. he meant no harm. anybody out there going after my dad needs to back up. that is my father. i will protect my family. obviously i got kicked in the gonads. wanted to see if i was okay there. come on. >> it's good to know there will be a griffin iv. >> there will be a griffin iv. there will be. >> all right. so you hear robert there. he's clearing the air. he's saying dad was there to check on the boy parts. >> and why would anybody have a problem with thats what my problem is. why y'all be making something out of nothing? >> this is all way too much information if you ask me.
6:55 pm
>> this is what happens when you lose. >> controversy every day. remember the days when juan dixon was king of maryland basketball? he was the acc athlete of the year, and he's now in begin, joining the team as a special assistant. assistant coach delonte hill was the lead until a third dui last year has resigned from his position. dustin clark the director of basketball operations will take hill's place. but picking up that legend at maryland could be great addition. he led them to their first and only title in 2002. his responsibilities will include scouting, film breakdown, academic support and mentor ship with additional administrative duties. a few months ago, maybe a few weeks ago, if you said john
6:56 pm
wall, many basketball fans would say the guy who can't shoot. he's shooting that down no. averaging 33 points a game. shooting an impressive 66% from the field. the wizards are 2-1 in that span. and last night against the lakers, 31 points including this 360 slam. hello. 30 points in each of the last three games. the point guard is embracing the criticism and using it as motivation. bring it. >> i'm using what everybody said. that i'm not a top ten point guard. my prove is not go out and proov it by scoring, but also by winning the games. i'm trying to lead the team and trying to win as many games as we can. >> what statement are you trying to make? >> best point guard in the league. >> what a statement. chris paul may disagree but his recent young is making people take notice. elsewhere in the nba, the
6:57 pm
houston rockets are getting into the holiday spirit. and if the players are not familiar with the song, they are now. >> i have a little dradle. i made it out of clay. with legs so short and thin ♪ >> animaniacs ♪ >> oh, boom! >> that's why they're basketball player ls and not singers. >> don't quit your night job. that's our broadcast from now. we have nasty weather still out there. the whetheather is getting bett.
6:58 pm
it's smooth sell sailing. >> would have played here. >> call for football
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on our broadcast tonight, the ripple effect on the busiest travel day of the year. millions dealing with a big storm that hasn't left. on top of the race to get home, all eyes are on the stars of tomorrow morning. will they be grounded or allowed to take to the air? another setback for the obama care website as the white house announces another delay in the rollout. spy thriller. a hollywood legend's secret double life. one of the biggest nuclear arms dealers in the world while working in pictures. if it sounds like something out of the movies, that's because it is. and country roads. a man and his truck and a delivery route like none other in america. "nightly news" begins now.


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