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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 29, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now, new details as police try to piece together who shot and killed a man inside a car. the latest in the investigation. first, ready, set, shop. millions fled to stores for black friday and people around here are saying about the deals and the crowds and where shoppers had to duck for cover after shots were fired. good morning, everyone and welcome to news 4 midday. the holiday shopping rush is on. it is black friday and shoppers are out and about. many stores opened more than 16 hours ago. the challenge is to get window shoppers to make a purchase.
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we were there as a steady stream went through tanger outlets and the stores offered early morning deals. megan is at fashion center in pentagon city. how is it looking? >> in the last hour or so, the crowds are building back up and a steady stream of people in and out of the stores. we are seeing them with quite a few bags. the window shoppers are making purchases. lots of sales going on. the foeblgs are saying they don't mind missing sleep to get a good deal. at the tanger outlets, bargain hunters started early and there were plenty of door buster deals and mark downs and coupons. >> i have seen great deals. i went to coach and that is 50
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and 10% off. 60% off. we got a great deal. that is his gift. >> i picked out my own christmas present. merry christmas to me. >> it's been a busy 14 hours at the fashion center at pentagon city. macy's and 18 other stores opened at 8:00. the rest of the mall opened at midnight. >> we got here and stayed a couple of hours and got some rest and came back. this is round two. >> it is the promise of holiday discounts that had many shoppers choosing the mall over sleep. for example, the gap is offering 50% off everything, but today only. >> it has been a lot of buy one get one free and 50% off. things that i know i need that i get sales on which is good. >> all the bags are an encouraging sign to retailers. >> people are definitely buying. we are seeing a lot of packages.
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it's really a good sign for us as retailers. >> to give the deals, you have to keep an eye on the clock. this sign said until noon, 50% off. there sales that are time sensitive and you have to get there during the hours of the actual discount. other stores are offering discounts all day. some tweak it and change it as the day progresses. we are seeing a lot of people out and about. if you are not shopping, never fear. special holiday hours to entice people to do shopping. back to you in the studio. >> thanks, megan. in fairfax, hundreds more people made their way to the fair lakes shopping center. the store manager said a steady crowd was in the store at about 1:00 this morning. that's when the crowd started to
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disbur disburse. >> i haven't found anything. looking for maybe like dvd and video games. so far no luck. >> news 4 will keep an eye on how the stores are dealing with the black friday crowds throughout the day. >> we are fired up! >> the black friday bargains were not the story at wal-marts. nine people were arrested outside this wal-mart, one was an employee at the store. 1500 different protests are scheduled across the country today. mainly focusing on wamgs and benefits offered to employees. the average hourly wage for the retail giant's 1.4 million employees is about $8.81 an hour. a parking lot fight in virginia at a wal-mart was void of any holiday spirit when man stabbed another man over a parking spot. virginia police confirmed men
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were arguing over the parking spot and the discussion got heated and the fight occurred at the wal-mart over governor perry highway. one of the men threatened to use a gun and grabbed a knife instead and cut the other man in the arm. the man is charged with malicious wounding and the man should be just fine. some went from the mall to jail after a police involved shooting. guy stole clothes from a kohl's store near chicago and jumped in a get away car. an officer chased him and got stuck in the car's door and was dragged across the parking lot. a second officer shot the driver. both the driver and the officer are in the hospital and two other men went to jail charged in connection with the shooting. back here at home, what can you expect if you are hitting the stores today? let's check in with amelia with the first forecast on the weather deck. a lovely autumn day and a gentle
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breeze at times. more over, not a cloud in the sky. it's feeling comfortable out here in the studios in northwest. a temperature of 44 degrees. there is a live look at the rest on towne centre. the weather is no excuse for to you go out and take advantage of the great deals we are hearing about on this black friday. temperatures across the region in the upper 30s and low 40s. 37 in gaithersburg. the temperatures in the mid 40s. here's the forecast for suburbs. the black friday forecast 2:00 this afternoon outside of the beltway. a temperature of around 40 degrees. 4:00 in the low 40s. beautiful sunshine throughout the day today. coming up in just over ten minutes. we will have an update to the weekend forecast and remain on the cool side for tomorrow. what can you expect for sunday?
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i will be talking about that in just over ten minutes. >> see you then. >> prince george's county police are going through a car for clues in a possible deadly shooting. a man was shot not far from martin luther king,jr. highway. the victim may have been at an effect nearby before the shooting. right now no details on a possible gunman or the motive, but police are investigating this as a homicide. a man tried to sexually assault a woman while she was taking out the trash near walker mill drive. a woman told officers the men approached her striking her in the head. she said she fought him off and ran from the scene. police are still looking for the man. they have minimal leads. we expect to find out how a missing d.c. national guardsman ended up dead. they expected to release 29-year-old evan's cause of
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death. his body was found floating in the water after he went missing after snding a night out with friends. he was last seen walking to his car. he failed to pick up his 4-year-old daughter the next morning. new video of an accident involving a police cruiser. the accident occurred around 8:30 at the intersection of colesville and university boulevard. even with all that damage, police say no one was hurt. a massive sinkhole opened up flooding the area and causing that sinkhole that swallowed an suv. 300 people were without water. traffic was backed up as crews removed the suv and repaired the broken pipe. happening right now at the white house, a special delivery is on its way. still to come, why it's about to feel a lot more like christmas for the first family. plus, black friday at the
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nation's biggest mall. shoppers encountered when the door was open on thanksgiving night. we will take you there live, next. we are on top of a developing story. a massive fireball in the night sky
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>> that was the madhouse outside a macy's in new york city last night. security couldn't stop shoppers from rushing the doors. no one was hurt. many say they felt like they were in the middle of a stampede. cops say they had to pepper spray a man in a wal-mart. he got into an argument over a tv on sale. that man is in jail now. black friday is the unofficial kickoff to the holiday spending season and with six more days
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between and christmas this year, retailers are pulling out all the stops luring customers into their stores. nbc's jay gray is live at the mall of america with how things are looking there. shoppers trying to get bang for their buck, right? >> absolutely. always good to talk to you. they are searching for deals here. the shoppers in this mall do it at a different level. they are going through in waves, looking for the bargains. this year, black friday and thanksgiving have merged together and not everyone is buying into that. the dash for deals. the push for presents. the rush for a little retail therapy. it began just after all the turkey was gone. >> i live for this day and i take this day off of work every year. dinner is cook and my belly is
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full and i'm ready to shop. >> searching for the same thing. savings. >> trying to save some money. this is the holidays and trying to get as much as we can for the kids. >> starting early and stretching even past the weekend. >> i think black friday is gaining because it's more of a season than one day in particular. >> not everyone is sold on the idea of shopping thanksgiving day. >> they should all be closed on thanksgiving. it's thanksgiving. >> if there is a debate about what to do on thursday -- >> football and beer and fri pretzels and food. friday it's clear. finding that perfect gift at a great price. a good deal for retailers too. consider this the trends and analysts are saying that everything is looking up for the retailers. on the escalator, we are moving up. this year they expect shoppers
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to spend an average of $650 this weekend. that is up 11% from last year's black friday. good news for everybody. the shoppers i talked to say they are finding great deals. hope you can when you get done there. >> thank you very much. see you later. stay with us throughout the day for the latest on the black friday shopping spree. check out nbc washington to see everything what you should and shouldn't buy and the hours that stores are open. all of that is on our website. a big delivery at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. michelle obama is welcoming the official white house christmas tree. this is video from a few minutes ago. this year 18 1/2 foot douglas fir is coming from i tree farm in pennsylvania that will sit in the blue room throughout the holidays. some people in california are lucky to be alive. their car plunged 600 feet down
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the side of a cliff. two carser headed towards each other and overcorrect and went into the other lane. that car swerved to avoid an accident and then turned off the side of the road and went down a steep embankment. person was able to crawl back to the road and flag someone down to get help. emergency crews airlifted the other three people and got them off of the cliff much the heavy brush was able to save the persons's lives. checok out of a deadly crane collapse in brazil. you can see the moment it fell on top of the main stadium that is being built for the world cup. two workers were killed and a labor union said a safety emergency said the crane might be unstable, but nothing was done about it. the company denies the claim and said the stadium will be ready for the world cup this summer.
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a developing situation in missouri. firefighters are keeping a close watch on a pipeline that excluded overnight. this is about an hour from kansas city. the blast was so powerful it rattled homes 15 mile away. no one was hurt. firefighters are now patching up the line and the welling the fire burn itself out. overnight we learned it had a similar explosion in 2008. >> three, two, one, zero. >> some incredible video of a space launch that was scrapped at the very last second. they had to abort lift off of the unmanned rock for unexplained technical reasons. this is the second time the space company had to a port launch plans. the company is trying to launch a 7,000 pound communications satellite worth about $100 million. we had another cold start around
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here. it's a few days until december and it's feeling like december already. >> temperatures running about ten degrees below average, but the good news is plenty of sunshine right now. i was outside on the weather patio and the winds for the most part of light. really if you have on a warm jacket, it feels comfortable outside with the warmth of the sun. here's where temperatures are at. we are in the 30s and 40s. it will be warmer there today. outside in the suburbs, high temperatures will be generally in the low 40s. areas like washington will hit up the temperature of 45 degrees and camp springs at 38. reagan at 41 as well as college park. rest on at 38. it was the coldest thanksgiving since 2000. it was brosy yesterday with tin area. not a cloud in the sky, but back to the west continuing to track
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cloudiness on 91 including areas like front royal. they will continue to break up as we work into the afternoon hours. most of us it is a sun-drenched afternoon that is light winds and cool temperatures once again. 3:00 is when we hit the high temperature. around 45 degrees and a chilly evening. 6:00 we are back into the mid 30s. you have pla tonight and maybe you are heading out to dinner. you won't want to do any cooking and you need to dress warm. areas by the water will be in the mid- to upper 20s. in the suburbs, this is where it gets cold. temperatures around 20 degrees. a low of 17 in gaithersburg and fred wick. a low of 21. a lot of high schools are into the playoff season. if you are in the playoffs, you go to the game and bundle up. it is going to be cold for the
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friday night lights that are still going on. as we look to torrow, saturday is still on the chilly side. here's the average high. 51. tomorrow we are at 41. we will start off with sunshine and clouds will increase throughout the day. mostly cloudy for the midday and afternoon hours. that high temperature of 41 degrees. for sunday i think it is the better of the two weekend days. warmer and featuring more sun. high temperature of 47 degrees. of course the redskins take on the giants and kickoff at 8:30. if you are heading to the game, it won't be frigid, but i remember a couple of layers for a temperature of around 40 degrees. sunday is december 1st. the first week is looking on the chilly side, but mainly dry. the best chance comes next thursday when temperatures fanlly make it. the high is 53 degrees.
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>> not a bad way to end november. >> we had the rain for tuesday and wednesday and ho how wickly you forget the two days of straight rain. >> good to get a break. >> tragedy on the highway on thanksgiving night. still to come, 80 until you hear at caused a deadly crash. there is a lot going on this weekend. we will run down the holiday festivities starting tonight. first here's a look at what's hot right now on
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. >> alexandria is offering a cheap and easy way to get to your stores. the king street trolley started running at 6:00 a.m. to get you to the shops at old town.
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it will run every 15 minutes until 10:15 tonight and it is free. lots of stores are offering downs up to 30%. one of d.c.'s most popular attractions will show off holiday spirits. zoo lights opens and this year more than a half million lights will transform into a winter wonderland. they will have a new garden light sculpture. it is open from 5:00 to 9:00 january 1st and will be closed on christmas eve and christmas day and new year's eve. >> alexandria mayor will turn on the lights in old town and at 7:00, county executive will host the ceremony at national harbor. that lighting event will be followed by fireworks. today is the beginning of a long holiday week of sales. many community stores are getting ready for small business saturday. it's a day designed to shop in
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. >> new today, two people died while coming home from thanksgiving dinner. officers were speeding near another car and the car crashed into several other vehicles including the victim's van. the van killed the people inside. the driver they were after
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speeding up to 125 miles per hour for at least 20 minutes. new today, video of an unusual sight in the sky. heavy fog forced several plans to divert to portland. the extra air traffic there forced the planes to circle the airport waiting for a landing window. several people called in to local radio and station, asking why so many were circling at once. as many as 50,000 people were impacted by the extra flying time. this weekend a team will launch a search for a missing virginia teen. alexis murphy was last seen in august. the 17-year-old stopped at a gas station. sunday morning volunteers will search the area where murphy was last seen. police charged randy taylor in connection with the disappearance and he is now in jail with a trial coming up in february. police call a construction worker's death an accident after he slipped on ice. he was in silver spring yesterday and police tell us he
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was trying to catch up because he fell behind schedule due to recent rain. he slipped and fell in the garage and died at the scene. the occupational safety and health administration is looking into the accident. a power outage may be partly to blame for a power that destroyed a house. flame shot up from the house on lucasville road when firefighters got there. when the power went out, they left to finish at a relative's house and came back to find their home destroyed. two dogs also died in the fire. the home owners believe a power surge sparked the fire. they are looking into that. police are investigating two explosions outside an air base in japan. a launching device was found outside the air base near tokyo. there had been no reports of injuries or damage. they blame ultra left wing activists, but nbc throughs has
11:32 am
not been able to confirm that. it is black friday. whether you are already home or getting ready to head out, as millions shop, many thieves are doing shopping of their own. chris black ham told us how to keep your information safe. >> more christmas shoppers means more are likely to fall victim and they say do something now. >> the number one thing you can do is add a password to your phone. it will help protect the data you have on there. >> possibly a bigger risk is getting hacked because you are using the wrong wi-fi. >> it's always possible that a free wi-fi setting could be listening in. >> public spots are not secure. some might be people with computers that throw up a
11:33 am
network that could be used for bad purposes. >> security expert wade baker said the safest thing to do is shut off the wi-fi and use your own plan for internet access. short of that, at least don't do anything very important while on public wi-fi. >> better to do certain things at home. if you are on a public network, at least make sure it's a legitimate and the one offered by starbucks or the actual airport rather than some guy sitting in the corner. >> if insist on buying online, only enter personal information when there is an s for security at the end of http. >> taking a look online, a chilly day. storm team 4's amelia segal joins us with a look at the forecast. >> a beautiful day outside.
11:34 am
wall to wall sunshine. our rest on camera looking at dulles as planes are arriving and departing. if you are leaving after spending thanksgiving here, i hope you had a wonderful time. dry weather continues and in fact over the next days, there alths rain chances. let's talk about the highs for today. generally in the low to mid 40s. washington with a high of 45. gaithersburg with a high of 40. frederick with a high of 43 degrees. as we look to tomorrow, very similar as far as temperatures are concerned. a high of 41. more clouds for saturday. sunday a little warmer. a high of 47 and more in the way of sunshine. for hanging the holiday decorations, hold off until sunday where you can take advantage of the few extra degrees. next time you see me i will talk about when the chill will lift
11:35 am
and if there is rain or snow in the forecast. >> thanks. there is a search in north carolina for a real life grinch. someone stole a salvation army red kettle. james griffin is a bell ringer and left to pull the door open for a grand mother and four grandkids and when he returned, his kettle and the $50 in it were gone. that hurts others in need. >> the feeling when you work all day and you look and it's gone, it was a surprise. i was very hurt. whoever would take that. 4,000 people that we are trying to clothe and feed and buy toys for. >> there is no surveillance video of the theft, but in an effort to restore holiday cheer, the manager put $100 into the replacement kettle. black friday shopping may be easier than ever before thanks
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to your smart phone. they have aps to help you find deals. when you are in a store, you can check the facebook and twitter accounts because some offer coupons and giveaways there. some compare it deals or search ads for you on the ap or shop topia. that means it's one of the biggest teak buying days of the year. what was once hot for the holidays is fizzling out and there is a new list of must haves. >> 'tis the season to shop and for the past several years, high tech gadgets have been at the top of the list. katie looks for gifts of all sizes. some are functional and others are just fun. >> this is a usb tentacle. there is no point to it. it's under $15 and has no storage in it, but it looks awesome. >> black friday is the best time to score deals on big priced
11:37 am
items. the sales can be tough to pass up and shoppers are looking for a good investment now. >> consumer spending is the lowest it has been. >> smart phones are replacing cameras. who wins apple's iphone face off for the best snapshot? >> if you want the best of the best, you will have this device for two years, just for the camera i go with 5 s. 5 c is an iphone 5. i have both versions and 5 c is something you you can put any cool case. bump up and go with 5 s. final answer. >> they are in demand for kids, but with all that technology is the battery battle no one can escape. >> i check out my charge for a girl or guy or anyone in your life. >> the smaller gifts will be big. >> accessories are going to be huge this year. blue tooth head phones and
11:38 am
speakers and even seeing something like blue tooth ear mugs. they will be hot again this season. >> as always, the experts recommend comparison shopping to make sure you get the best deal. we have breaking news now. let's go over to erica at the live desk. >> good morning. i want to tell you about a water main break affecting the area of east and south. let's show you live images there. chopper 4 over the scene and huge water main break about 9:30 this morning. what this is really having an impact on is the nearby animal shelter. they had to close and they are making provisions for the animals. wssc has been notified. they are on the way out there and have not arrived to the scene again. this happened around 9:30. this is a water main break. we will have much more information on this as it develops. at the live desk, imerica
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gonzalez. >> if you are not sure what to get your significant other for the holidays, you are not alone. a lot of people are having the hard time finding that perfect gift for your heroin. a lot of them don't know where to start. the survey found the more money you make, the harder it is to choose the right gift. you may be able to predict if your marriage will be a happy one years down the road. researchers followed 135 newlywed couples for four years and rated their attitudes towards their partners. they measured how long it took them to identify certain words as positive or negative. the longer it took for them to recognize a word as positive, the more likely it was for that person to tell researchers they were unhappy with their marriage years later. they argue the study shows we know in our gut if a marriage will be successful. this weekend we learned the name of the new baby panda at the national zoo. more than 115,000 people voted
11:40 am
on the zoo's website for the first name. they are waiting until 100 days after the panda's birth to keep in line with the tradition. she had her own thanksgiving meal yesterday. she snacked on some bamboo. this morning the web is buzzing about whether or not not one, but two coaches may have taken things too far. plus controversy over a suitcase? why some say they were so outraged that it's being sent packing. you might want to grab a lottery ticket when you are out okay, i need a better pizza.
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one made with only real cheese. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza.
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freschetta. made better to taste better. >> detectives searching for madeline can have been swamped with more than 5,000 calls. they released this image of a man they want to talk to with in connection with the disappearance.
11:44 am
the picture came out and the tips came in from the uk, germany, holland and portugal where the girl was taken when she was just three years old. the case was closed in 2008, but they reopened it saying there is a good chance she is still alive. huge flame ripped through a garment factory and firefighters faced unexpected difficulties putting out the flame. firefighters in bangladesh released intentionally set fires after it was closed. the building closed and firefighters arrived and some of them put dents in the building and angry factory workers were in the way. there no reports of injuries. chances are you have seen this video of jason spilling his drink to earn a time out. the decision to pull the stunt is going to cost him. he will be fined $50,000 by the nba. the video appears to tell his players to hit him so he would spill the drink and get a
11:45 am
much-needed time out. he claimed the drink slipped out of his hand and league officials don't buy the story. a controversial play in a showdown here on nbc has twitter buzzing. baltimore raven jacoby jones was returning a kickoff when it appeared that the steelers head coach mike tomlin got in the way. he appears to try to avoid tomlin and gets tackled saving what looks like a touchdown return. he said after the game he was watching the return on the jumbotron and didn't realize how close to the field he was. th the ravens wound up winning. a russian department store ordered a 30-foot by 100 footlong louis vuitton suitcase to be built for the 150th anniversary of the brand name. it didn't go over well with the politicians. the completion was followed boy
11:46 am
an order to have it removed. tonight the mega millions jackpot is the biggest since the record high and it's getting bigger. new rules said it grows more every time no one wins. this time the prize jumped from just over $200 million to $230 million. the record for the jackpot is three times that, more than $650 million. it's a short holiday shopping season and they are keeping an eye on how retailers are doing. hampton joins us with more on that. good morning. >> it's a short trading day with markets scheduled to close a little over an hour from now. the dow is up about 50 points and the s&p up five. all eyes on the retailers and more than a dozen retailers
11:47 am
opened on with plans to stay open through black friday. macy's wal-mart and best buy were among the early winners. whether the store traffic or online. wal-mart is out with what it calls the record breaking black friday results saying they served more than 22 million customers on thanksgiving day including more than 10 million registered transactions. television and tablets were the big sellers. it wasn't all smooth sailing. there were problems with the website and some could not get to the check out page. wal-mart said they were isola d isolated. early returns however on how the holiday season is starting out for those who opted to get shopping done from the comfort of their couch. as of 9:00 p.m., online thanksgiving sales were up more than 11% and mobile traffic up 31% and smart phones beinging
11:48 am
for nearly a quarter of all web traffic. we are looking forward to monday. amazon is not waiting to roll out its deals. the online retailerses open the special on sunday at midnight promising new offers nearly every ten minutes. amazon said cyber monday is the top mobile shopping day of the year. meanwhile all the shoppers out there, an estimated 33 million expect to be at the stores and 140 million over the weekend. that's a lot of folks. >> you can say that again. have a good weekend. >> in courthouses across the country, hundreds of children were adopted over the weekend at the annual adoption day in court celebration. 27 years ago, washington, d.c. became one of the first to hold such a special event that happens before and our own barbara harrison has been a part of it all. here's a sample of the heart warming families being brought
11:49 am
together. >> the color guard was through the judges and dignitaries and children and families. signalling the opening of the 27th year for the adoption day in court in the district of columbia. ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ >> the leslie kids were back again and after i welcome from the judge and chief justice, there were more songs and poems. >> love is patient, love is kind. adoption is love. >> words from city officials about the need for more families to adopt from the pool of hundreds of children who remain in foster care. something we know something about here at nbc 4. >> i bring you all groatings from everyone at channel 4ment. >> the wednesday's child program was promoting adoption and lowering will number of kids languishing in temporary homes. >> it's not just us, but we love
11:50 am
our friends in freddie mac who have been there with us to make sure this program continues. >> when the adopting families began to come forward to have their final decrees signed, among them were several children we featured on wednesday's child like two sets of twins all adopted by one family. >> jesus is god. >> family after family came forward surrounded by those who helped make this day possible. attorney, guardians and extended family members. the kids being adopted were the stars of the show. >> people who are being adopted, they should be great and happy. >> just like you, right? >> uh-huh. >> it's official. she's your mom now. >> the big moment for each child was when it was signed, sealed and delivered to happy new parents. >> the happiest day ever. >> is wonderful now.
11:51 am
>> it wasn't just the parents who were over the moon. delante was in foster care for ten years. >> how are you feeling? >> i am feeling excellent, like riding on a rocket or something. >> there were smiles all-around on the faces of brand-new families. >> congratulations, everyone. news 4 for wednesday's child. >> you can help change a child's like those parents did. if you have room in your home and heart, call the hotline. you can also search wednesday's child on today a group of women is making an incredible picture in the sky. take a look. 90 women are trying to set the record for the biggest all female skydiving formation. this is what it looked like when they tried yesterday. they were jumping multiteletipl times. a group of 41 owners that
11:52 am
record. did you do your shopping already? keep the receipt because you may not have cashed in on the items as much as you first thought. bringing in the holidays is the event where you can see some of
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. watching develops stories for you now. chopper 4 is over the scene of a water main break in rockville. montgomery county police said there multiple breaks. an animal shelter and several homes are affected. watch for the latest on and this afternoon on news 4. also right now, police are looking for the gunman who killed a man and police say they know the man was shot in a car that was on west street not far from martin luther king,jr. highway. the victim may have been at an event before the shooting. they searched it for evidence and may eventually lead them to
11:56 am
the killer. if you plan on hitting the shops today, listen up. some black friday deals are not deals at all. shoppers will not be getting the best deals on big screen tvs. the best discounts are before the super bowl for the big tvs. luggage is cheaper in march when the travel period is over and winter development is at the lowest prices in the spring. nbc 4 will help kickoff the holidays in rest on. they started at 8:00 when the ice skating pavilion opened up. a parade is happening now. at 6:00 tonight, you can join angie and santa. the tree lighting ceremony and a sing along at market street. there is a lot of tree lightings going on today. what's the weather going to be like? >> chilly, but mainly clear
11:57 am
skies. breezy yesterday and the winds not as bad. temperatures around 40 degrees and washington at 43. rockville at 39 and rest on is coming in at 39 right now. on the satellite and radar, you can see for the most part across the areas and west virginia area in far west. most of us with plenty of sunshine and light winds in the beltway, a high of 45. in the suburbs, temperatures in the low 40s. it's cold for everybody. 28 for a low tonight in washington. rest on tonight will be looking at a low around 20 degrees. for tomorrow, still chilly with a high of 41 and more clouds tomorrow, mostly cloudy for sunday. 47 with a mix of clouds and sunshine. december of course begins on sunday. temperatures will be generally below average. >> not bad. a quick programming note, the ellen show will be shown at a special time today. it's next here on nbc 4 followed
11:58 am
by special nhl coverage as the bruins face the new york rangers. you can watch the news after that. thanks for joining us and we are back on the air after the game and remember we are always online and on your phone at any time. head over to i will be back here with angie. have a great week, everyone.
11:59 am
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♪ ♪ [cheering] ♪ have a little fun today ♪ >> celebrating 11 seasons, here she is now. ellen degeneres.


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