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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 30, 2013 6:00am-7:01am EST

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developing right now a scene no one could imagine on a bar on a friday night. a helicopter came crashing through the roof and there's a search for victims still trapped under the rebel. >> plus, deadline day for the government's health care website why users may find trouble if they try to sign upright now. i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan. this is a huge weekend for holiday shopping. it could mean big business for the local economy but you may want to take along a coat if
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you're running from store to store today. >> that's good advice. amelia is here with your bundle up forecast. >> good morning angie and richard and good morning to you. it's another cold start on this saturday morning with mainly clear sky across the area right now. the satellite and radar imagines showing no clouds across the area. however, that's not going to be the case as we work our way throughout the day. heres where we're at temperature-wise. in locations in the low 20s. we will warm into the mid 30s by late morning hours but as our temperatures slowly warm, the clouds are going to increase. mostly sunny skies right as the sun is coming up. partly sunny at 9:00 a.m. by 10:00 and 11:00 a.m., mostly cloudy skies at that point. aye be back in about 10 minutes with what you can expect for your afternoon. >> thanks, amelia, happening today police will be back on the
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streets retracing the steps of a police george's county postal worker gunned down as he delivered the male. investigators will be in landovertoday casing the area for clues. they plan to pass out flyers in the hopes of generating new leads. tyson barnett was shot and killed along reed street last saturday. prince george's county police are also investigating another young man's death in landover. the 23-year-old was shot to death yesterday morning on west street. someone killed him outside a industrial park building used for a holiday party. his father said he called home around midnight to check in. he hopes someone will pass along a tip to find his son's killer. >> whoever did this to my son should come up and speak.
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>> police have not released any details on a possible motive. >> we're watching a developing story out of scotland this morning. a police helicopter comes crashing through the roof oi a pub. at least three people are dead and 32 others are in the hospital right now. officials are trying to wrap their heads around the against. witnesses told police there were more than 100 people inside when the crash occurred. many were there to watch a band perform and that's when it started to happen. >> it started to come down more and people started screaming and the whole pub filled with dust. you couldn't see anything. you couldn't breathe. every time you took a breathe you were caught in your mouth. a horrifying situation there. the three-member he wanted crew included two officers and a civilian. >> that's just some of the
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promises for the affordable care website. the obama administration has a self-imposed deadline of today to have it ready to handle 50,000 users. danielle lee has more on whether the changes will become reality. >> reporter: he has a lot of sympathy for the tech perts rushing to fix >> it's a challenge. >> reporter: the website increased it's speed and decreased error rates uting it on track to support 50,000 users. >> there's been a focus on the website that until they get that running smoothly it's hard for them to if he cuss on the other elements of the law which are very popular. >> this week the administration delayed online enrollment for small businesses. another set back could deter people from signing up, especially the young and healthy like nathan sheets. integral to keeping premiums low
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and not particularly in a rush to get covered. >> i just -- i haven't gotten around to it, yet. >> health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is hoping to increase the odds for success. she posted shopg tips onlishopp online. this is a definite work in progress. >> and determining how much the website has improved after tomorrow might be tough. the administration only releases enrollment numbers once a month. >> it is now the third day of the busiest holiday shopping weekend of the year and today the attention turns away from big retailers that are popular on black friday. small business saturday could mean big business for the local econom economy. david went to alexandria where
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small is the new black. >> reporter: this old town store always looks a lot like christmas. >> it's a christmas angel. >> reporter: these sisters run the shop. used to belong to their parents. >> she is older. i'm younger. i let her think she is in charge and i make the decisions. >> and it worked. beautifully. >> reporter: but there's pressure to keep this family business alive. >> it's all been all or nothing. we do more than half of our business in the last three months of the year. >> we have a bad two years we're out of business. >> she feels the same pressures. >> it's hard. it's hard. we can't really compete in that sense. this saturday she is planning a 30% sell but don't expect door busters. >> big box stores can go deep discount but maybe their mark up is higher than hours. our mark up is not that high. >> a little bit in the section
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overhere. >> reporter: her customers get it and support it. >> i always try to help the local places trying to do something dirgelt and trying to have a different vibe than the places that don't need my help. >> it's a marketing technique but it's also nice to be able to go to streets like this and support people other than the huge box stores. american express first created small business saturday just a few years ago. experts say about two -thirds of small businesses will offer a discount. many could include a free item with purchase. the rush to return home after the holiday. the extra resources to help calm the crowds at airports in our region. out of alaska, rescue crews are on the scene of a plane crash. new information about those on board. s through a new venture for toronto's mayor. we're learning about his plans for a new talk show. >> it is small business saturday. we just tweeted out a list of
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metro is making it a little easier for you to get around today because of the long holiday weekend, the transit agency is taking some what of a break from track work. all stations are open but today only orange line trains will run every 20 minutes because of silver line construction going on. metro is also trying to make things easier for airline passengers who want to take a live look at reagan national this morning. metro is running extra bus services to and from the region's airports. two hundred extra buses are servicing over the holiday weekend. it's panda watch again. we're about 30 hours away from
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finding out the name of the national zoo's baby panda. tomorrow at 1:00 in the afternoon the national zoo will announce the cub's name to pomp and circumstance including lion dancers and 12 foot scroll with the name on it in english and chinese. you can see her cuddling with her mom. the zoo waited the traditional 1 hyundais before naming the 11 pound cub. 125,000 people weighed in to take part on the process. >> zoo lights were turned on at the national zoo last night. this year's display features 500,000 led lights making up dozens of brightly lit animal silhouettes. zoo lights will be open from now until january 1st from 5:00 in the evening until 9:00 at night. the only nights it won't be open are christmas eve, christmas day, and new year's eve. oh, there you have it.
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last night, the town center lit up the tree in the night sky. this for the 23rd time. i was lucky enough to make a wish and help the tree glow. news 4 meteorologist was also there to bring a firsthand look at the festivities and santa claus is joined by mrs. claus as well and helped light the tree. >> mrs. claus knows better than to let santa out to see you without her. can't trust you. >> it was a great night. >> you did a lot of talking. your voice is horse. >> it's not because of that. i'm recovering from a cold. glad i was able to make it out there. glad to everybody that came out and said hello too. a lot of viewers came out to support. three years and counting until his term is up for president obama. we're learning about a possible plan for life after the white house for the first family. what they revealed in a recent interview, next.
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it is chilly again. >> you're right. a high today of 41 and overall mostly cloudy but we'll be warmer
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plus special financing. only at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. breaking news at 6:15 here. we want to take you to 395. this is the southbound lanes between seminary and duke street. hard to make out the picture but you're looking at an overturned
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vehicle. we know one vehicle involved in this crash or this accident. you can see that traffic, the very light traffic is able to squeeze by to the left. no word yet on any injuries. stay with news 4 throughout the morning for updates on the conditions here at 395. >> another breaking news story out of alaska. that's where crews are on the scene right now of a plane crash in a remote area. a little over an hour ago police there confirmed four of the ten people on board died including the pilot and a baby. it went down right before landing near st. mary's alaska. the plane took off from the small town of bethel. that's only about 80 miles away. it's not clear what caused the crash or the conditions of the people that survived. >> surprising new allegations against an elderly american man detained in north korea since last month. state media there says that 85-year-old newman confessed to a number of crimes during the korean war including killing civilians.
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no one outside of north korea can verify that confession. this video surfaced of him reading a handwritten apology. north korea is accused of coercing statements in the past. >> vice president joe biden is fweering up for a treatment to east asia. u.s. air carriers need to comply with china's demands to know who is traveling through a disputed region over the east china sea. china and japan are in an argument about who controls that air space. >> rob ford says he and his brother are taking their short lived talk show to the web. the show ford nation will hit youtube by christmas. earlier this month a canadian television station aired one episode of the show to huge ratings but stopped it because of high production costs. ford admitted previously to smoking crack but he refused to re-sign. most of his powers as mayor have been taken away. his brother who is also a cohost
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of the show, his name is doug, is a city councilman. >> a meeting of the minds at the white house. >> in an exclusive interview with abc's barbara walters, the president and the first lady opened up about their second term. they talked about the legacy the president will leave behind. the possibility of staying in washington after his turn is up and including whether or not the president sees a female in the oval office. >> i think that we have amazing female publicer servants all across the country and some time very soon we will have a female president and i'm con fireworks debit she will do a great job. >> walters had the first lady open up about how she stays level in the public eye. mrs. obama says she sees the private quarters of the white house as a sanction wasanctuaryn
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be a mom and wife. >> we're going to end on a chilly note. >> teens and twenties for highs. typically our high temperature right now should be in the low 50s. well, today we're going to be in the low 40s for highs. yesterday we had beautiful sunshine. wall to wall blue skies throughout the day. that's not going to be the case today. any early morning sunshine will give way to clouds by the midday and afternoon hours. current temperatures right now, teens and twenties. so heading out this morning, dress warm. 19 in washington. 18 in manassas. 31 degrees over in annapolis. heading out today for small business saturday. again, even during the afternoon hours, a little bit of a chill in the air. keep that in mind. 9:00 a.m. a cloud/sun mix. but by 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. even that early. already seeing mainly cloudy skies.
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11:00 a.m., temperatures in the mid 30s. into the afternoon still plenty of clouds around and low 40s during the majority of the afternoon hours. temperatures tonight are not going to be as cold as they are this morning for the most part because we will have partly to mostly cloudy skies across the area. here's what you can expect. washington areas by the water around the 30 degree mark. areas in the suburbs will be in the low to mid 20s. manassas a low of 22. gaithersburg as well. fredericksburg, a low tonight of 27. for your sunday, we are warmer. a high temperature tomorrow of 47 degrees and partly to mostly cloudy skies. hanging holiday decorations this weekend, we're not looking at any rain but we could certainly use a little bit of an increase. as far as the temperatures are concerned, of course the redskins take on the giants tomorrow evening with kick off at 8:30.
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it's not going to be fridged but it will be cool there for temperatures for the game around 40 degrees and at least we're seeing light winds. what the 7-day is really lacking is any rain chances. the next chance of rain holds off until next friday. you can see temperatures here as we start off december remain just below average. our average high is 51. monday, tuesday and wednesday we're only in the upper 40s. eventually low 50s. however, once we hit thursday we're going to start to see a little bit of a pattern change. cold air starts to recede up north. mild air starts to make its way into our area and once we finally start to get a little bit more mild rain into the area, we'll go from 41 today the last day of november and starting off december, looking attempts to flirt with the 60 degree mark by next friday. >> thanks amelia.
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>> the power of a good nap. just how easy it could be to catch a midday snooze. >> the racial discrimination claims raised against a popular baby
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welcome back. hopefully you had the chance to
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sleep in a little this morning but sometimes get a full night's sleep isn't in the cards. >> tell me about it. napping is a good alternative but how do you get the most out of your shut eye? >> reporter: we all took naps in kindergarten and many college students think it's a good idea. i usually nap 20 minutes to an hour. >> i could fall asleep at any time. >> reporter: but once we're out of college a nap is out of fashion. something to hide. something we do on the sly. but should we be ashamed of taking it? >> some professional athletes take naps on the day of a big game. >> reporter: he is the director of sleep medicine at uc san diego and says we are a sleep deprived society. while a good night's sleep should be the first choice, an afternoon nap maybe the next best thing. >> taking a nap as a college student is an easy thing to schedule but what if you spend
6:26 am
your day at work. >> i take my nap in my car. >> this company president has used a 30 minute nap to recharge his day. >> if i can stop in the middle of the day and take a nap i can recover that energy and be more effective. >> if you can lie down in a comfortable, quite area that's dark, that would be a deal. >> reporter: napping too long can make you feel groggy and impact your night's sleep and they're a bad idea if you suffer from insomnia. but if you're looking for a boost to get you through the day, a nap is a natural alternative. could it make you better a person? >> i don't know. but i'm more rested and alert. that was bob hansen reporting. doctors say napping can also improve your memory. if you can't sleep, sitting quitely for 15 to 30 minutes can also help you feel rested. racial discrimination claims against a popular baby store. >> proceeded back to the register. she said your money is still no
6:27 am
good. >> how the police got involved in this one. plus what the retailer had to say about the allegations. >> and he disappeared after a birthday party. now parents of a local airman are talking after confirmation of their young man's death. >> plus the weather is a little warmer this morning but not
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♪ getting cozy. ♪ shopping for gifts online. ♪ the perfect way to get into the spirit any time. ♪ ♪ hello ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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a car flipped between 395 southbound and duke. this is a live pick of the scene. traffic getting down to one lane as firefighters work to attend to the victims in that consider. good news to report, at least positive news is that there are tho serious injuries related to the crash but the car was flipped on its top there along the southbound lanes here of 395 between duke and seminary. you want to use caution as you get by there. traffic is limited. fire crews are working to remove that car. a tow truck is on the scene to clear it out of there now. >> we have a quick look at this morning's other top stories. a police helicopter crashed into a pub in scotland killing three people overnight. the death toll is unconfirmed but more than 30 people were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. officials were not sure what caused the crash. >> police will be back on the scene of last week's murder of a prince george's county postal worker. tyson barnett was there saturday. they'll handout flyers in hopes
6:31 am
of generating new leads. the improvement deadline is here for the affordable care website. they promised to get it up and running for users. obama officials assure everyone there's drastic improvements. >> once the sun comes up this morning we may not see much of it today. >> we have amelia with a look at the cloudy day planner. >> wind versus a little easterly component today. early morning sunshine will give way to afternoon clouds. temperatures across the area right now, 29 in washington. 18 in manassas, 21 for those of you in gaithersburg. it's a cold start for your saturday morning and overall, it will be a chilly day by noon. haven't even broken the 40 degree mark yet. still at 39 degrees. our high this afternoon of 41. we'll hit that around 2:00 p.m. and then remain in the low 40s through the rest of the afternoon and early evening hours. like i said, any early morning sun quickly gives way to clouds.
6:32 am
so what about tomorrow? i'll be talking about your sunday forecast in just over 10 minutes, richard. >> thanks amelia. today the maryland governor will be in prince george's county to announce the final results of a county wide operation aimed at getting violent offenders off the street. it ran from july to october. the operation lead to almost 600 arrests. that announcement happens this morning at the county sheriff's office. >> the pain is still fresh for the parents of a d.c. national guard airman who was found dead on wednesday. the airman disappeared after leaving a birthday party in baltimore last weekend. ky reid spoke with the victim's family. >> if you could mold the picture of a son, evan was that one. >> reporter: evan didn't know it but the d.c. national guard recently selected him airman of the year. through their grief, his parents are comforted knowing that others knew just how special he
6:33 am
was. >> one of those people that you would want to be around. positive. upbeat. he put others before he put himself. >> reporter: he was celebrating a friend's birthday last weekend when he went missing. he was last seen at 1:30 saturday morning. the search lead investigators to the water where divers discovered his body wednesday. his parents are waiting for final autopsy reports but it appears that the 29-year-old accidentally fell into the water. no evidence of foul play. >> but our faith is going to hold us together. in the last 24 hours we have gone through an incredible amount of pain. it's just been an absolute nightmare. >> reporter: his dad talked about evan's love for his family and firemens. especially his 4-year-old daughter. in a statement, officials from the dc national guard called him a friend, patriot and professional. >> i can't even tell you the
6:34 am
number of people that we have gotten messages from, you know, via facebook and e-mail and text messages who, you know, people i don't even know who have seen the story and, you know, just want to offer their prayers. evan was one of the best things that ever happened to me. >> and that was ky reid reporting. he also spent two years in the air force. his fami is working with military officials to plan his funeral. two major department stores made headlines after he were accused of racial profiling. now questions are being raised about a popular retailer in long island, buy buy baby. what happened to two men when they tried to make a purchase. buy buy baby is a mecca for all things baby. but these cousins claim they weren't allowed to make a purchase there all because of
6:35 am
the way they look. >> i was traumatized. >> humiliated. >> they went into this buy buy baby and tried to buy a stroller, a crib and a car seat for their cousin kevin's daughter but when they tried to pay for the $1,100 tab in cash that's when the harassment began. >> the cashier took her counterfeit bill and checked all the bills and said they had to be checked by the supervisor. store security video that buy buy baby provided for the investigation shows some of the exchange. it's not clear which employee is narrating the video. >> now the three suspects are clearing their pockets of all the counterfeit bills. >> somebody else said do you have another form of payment because i feel uncomfortable for your bills. >> i said do you want 20s. >> and they said all of your money.
6:36 am
they say the supervisor threatened to not call the police if they didn't threaten to leave. >> i don't have any counterfeit money. one officer told the manager that the bills looked good. >> i asked for a formal apology. she said i don't have to apology. >> i said officer could you walk with me while i get my gifts. proceeded back to the register. she said your money is still not good. >> buy buy baby denies any of the employees said that. they believe they were the victims of racial discrimioepor new york state division of human rights found there was probable cause to support those allegations saying that the harveys were discriminated while shopping. in a statement buy buy baby responded to the allegations saying they have zero tolerance for any form of the discrimination and that the allegations are very much under review. when the incident occurred an internal memo was sent to all stores warning cashiers about an
6:37 am
influx of very realistic counterfeit $100 bills. the harveys can now have their case heard by an administrative law judge that will make a final determination. still they hope that by coming forward they can present the same from happening to others. >> it was so humiliating that we said i don't want this to happen to anyone else anywhere else. i don't want anyone to experience what we experienced that day. >> she says the harveys were eventually able to buy their gifts. they had to give their cash to a cousin that went back to the store and paid with his debit card. at this point there's not been a legal resolution in the case. >> why hollywood actor kevin bacon is making a personal employee to help support the d.c. area economy and a virginia cop's reaction when steve harvey called her name on the show. hear what she said when she made it on the stage. use chase freedom at select department stores
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happening today, some heros for the homeland will be heading to the midwest. the group will be traveling to washington, illinois to help clean up from the devastating f-4 tornado that struck earlier this month. the heros will help rebuild, organize and remove the wreckage left behind. they'll also be distributing much needed supplies there. >> the long holiday weekend has special meaning for a local police chief. she is getting national recognition. >> and the winner is -- chief patricia harmon. >> patricia harmon of stafford was named best police officer in the first steve harvey
6:41 am
neighborhood awards. she went to accept her award on the show. growing up she was a troubled kid until a ride along with a prince william county police officer changed their life. >> when kids get in trouble in my community. arrest is the last thing we do. we help them. helping out a kid in trouble really can change a life. >> congratulations. here you go. >> another big local winner, karen's florist shop won the award for best florist. you can watch the steve harvey show every weekday afternoon at 4:00. >> the busy work happening at the white house today now that the christmas tree arrived. >> you saw the crowds. but did they spend money? the early estimates in for black friday that could be a key indicator about our economy. >> what's going on amelia? >> another cool day today. a beautiful sunrise right now. but how long will the sun stick
6:42 am
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the "today" show is up next here on nbc 4. let's find out what they're working on. >> erica hill and lester holt join us live from new york. good morning, guys. >> good morning. coming up on a saturday morning, i know you have been covering this crash in scotland of this helicopter into a pub. we'll have a live report from the scene. they're still searching for trapped survivors. we'll bring you up to date. >> also ahead, the latest on the fraud trial involving the former
6:45 am
assistant to celebrity chef nigella lawson. coming up, testimony about her drug use and claims she let her assistants speed big money to keep it a secret. >> now that black friday is over, the holiday shopping season is in full swing. what do retailers have in mind to get you to open up your wallet? more on that and ideas and apps that can make the shopping trips easier and save you serious money. >> plus is it necessary to bundle up your pets when you take them outside this winter. to find out we sent dylan and her best friend out on a day to do a little shopping to find out. >> richard and angie, back to you. >> thank you, guys. >> see you later. today many business owners hope you will participate in what's become known as small business saturday. >> even some celebrities are doing what they can to help out the small business owners. >> this holiday season come on down and do your shopping at any one of these great local stores
6:46 am
and get two for one -- >> in case you can't tell because he is wearing a costume. that is kevin bacon. the video encourages people to shop local this weekend. more than 200 small businesses are participating. many right here in old town alexandria. >> i like his hair. you never know who you will see out and about on small business saturday. president obama and his daughters visited one more page books in washington. no word on if they'll make a similar outing but eric holder is scheduled to visit in the d.c. union market area later this morning. >> the numbers are running in for black friday and retailers should be looking good. they'll release the early estimates for yesterday's sales. according to preliminary stats sales rose 9% with online sales
6:47 am
growing 19.7%. if these numbers stay true, 6 600 -- it will be $602 billion. >> white house volunteers and staff are working to get everything ready for the wednesday holiday preview. aaron gilcrest has more on the welcoming of a very important part of the tradition. the tree. >> reporter: better than being strapped to the roof of a chevy. a horse and buggy came carrying the official white house christmas tree for 2013. michelle obama followed tradition and accepted the gift of an 18.5 foot tall douglas fur from a tree farm in pennsylvania. >> this is the best part of the holiday season when our tree
6:48 am
comes. you guys check it out. >> reporter: presidents and first ladies have been welcoming christmas trees to the white house for more than a century, delivering a gift of greenery from the historic blue room from the national christmas tree association became a tradition in 1966. one welcomed by every first couple from the reagans to the obamas. >> it looks good. it looks beautiful. >> reporter: and every year the delivery happens with much anticipation and a crowd of media with snapping cameras and extended microphones. but this year a moment perhaps like most any american family. >> what do you think? >> love it. >> all right. >> we will keep it. >> reporter: news 4 today. a new jersey farm actually won this year's national competition to supply the white house tree but it didn't have one large enough so the owner asked a farm in pennsylvania for help. this year's tree will be decorated with pictures of
6:49 am
military homecomings. >> it's always one of my favorite parts of the year is seeing how they decorate the house and bo is always a part of the decorations. >> a lot of people stringing lights outside this weekend and trying to get everything together. what do you have to say? >> at least it's going to be dry. it is going to be on the chilly side. temperatures today a good 10 degrees below where they should be. tomorrow a little bit warmer. if you cannot stand the chill, maybe you should hold off until tomorrow. temperatures will be about 6 degrees warmer for today. the chill continues not just today but on into the first couple of days of december. typically our high this time of year about 51 degrees. we're continuing to hawaii temperatures in the 40s. as we get to the end of the upcoming week, temperatures will slowly start to warm. talking about the chill for today, here's your high temperatures in the low 40s. 41 for a high in washington.
6:50 am
41 in manassas. 41 in frederick and 39 in winchester. mostly cloudy skies for the midday and afternoon hours. temperatures right now cold. teens and 20s. 21 in gaithersburg. 29 in washington and 18 in martinsburg. lows tonight will be in the low 30s inside of the beltway. areas by the water will be around 30 degrees. the suburbs in the low to mid 20s. so another chilly night and then tomorrow it will be a cool start but overall warmer. for your midday hours on sunday, partly sunny skies, low 40s already and mid to upper 40s through the afternoon hours. that's when we hit our high temperature of 47 degrees and then the evening hours, temperatures will be in the low 40s. hunting season kicking off today in maryland. no snow to track but at least
6:51 am
we're looking at for the most part weather that is cooperating. for monday, a high temperature of 48 degrees and mostly cloudy skies. tuesday, we're still mostly cloudy and a high temperature of tuesday of 47 degrees. here's what you can expect tuesday. not only plenty of clouds put a slight chance of rain in southern maryland or eastern maryland. otherwise we just cool noticing plenty of cloud cover. as we look to wednesday, plenty of sunshine and a high temperature of 50 degrees and then we see a little bit of a pattern change for thursday. the cold air goes sbup canada and we start to see more mild area overspread our area. high on thursday of 54 degrees. next friday, the temperatures warm further. a high of r5 8 degrees with the chance of rain showers, angie. >> looks like we have a little bit of a warm up there. >> yeah, a little bit of a warm up and the trend will continue but starting off said we're looking a little cool but not extremely cold. >> thank you.
6:52 am
>> the dog that made national headlines for tipping the scales. now his diet maybe inspiration for humans. >> if you couldn't make it to our food for families donation drive, we're still kpeping dpifts at nbc the money will help needy families during the
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huge savings at h.h.gregg. hey, guys, good morning.
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the washington capitals will look to make it two wins in two days when they visit the new york islanders tonight. at home against the canadians, he lead the way scoring the tying goal in the third. also had an assist. more importantly in the shoot out, he was golden giving the caps the advantage. then braden holt only started because of a pregame injury. shuts the door on this one. caps win it 3-2. to the hardwood, wizards look to bounce back after getting pummelled by the pacers. lance stevenson had the play of the game. >> terp with the huge match up against 7th ranked ohio state this week. four straight wins for maryland including yesterday's 89-62 win.
6:56 am
jake scored a career high 27 points. terps take on future big 10 rival ohio state on wednesday. that's a look at your morning sports. i hope your saturday is a fabulous one. happening today in springfield, hundreds of people will be burning some thanksgiving calories at the 5th annual drumstick dash. it starts in about two hours. the race raised the $22,000 to benefit the homeless. >> he's a dog with the new lease for life. he was the dog that tipped the sales at 77 pounds years ago. he inpyred people across the country. his journey helped people along the way. >> there's 146,000 people following his facebook page. just interested in the story.
6:57 am
>> wow. well, he's on a strict diet of only dog foot and exercises daily. he had quite the crowd out there. >> he looks good and it's nice that now his belly doesn't roll up against the floor when he walks. >> couldn't have been comfortable. >> they have such short legs. >> but he looks like an entirely new dog there. >> dog food only is his diet now. >> that's going to do it. >> you're going to walk the dog out there. >> chilly, low 40s for a high today. >> we're back in 25 minutes with a local news update. >> and join us again at 8:30 this morning. we have 90 minutes of news and weather for you. have a great day.
6:58 am
while stopping at dunkin' donuts,
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breaking overnight. a helicopter crash in a big city. a helicopter as much as into a popular pub there. rescuers looking for victims this morning. we are live on the scene. speaking out. a first look at the american veteran being held as a prisoner in north korea. authorities say he is allegedly confessing to crimes in the korean war. some fights break out on black friday with retailers opening early and retailers hoping black friday brings a lot of green. this


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