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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 30, 2013 8:30am-10:01am EST

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it could mean big business for our local economy but you may want to take alock the coat today. >> you got that right. we're ending november on a very cold note. amelia segal is in for chuck. >> you're exactly right. it's cold and today will be another chilly day. yesterday, beautiful blue skies. not the case today. by the midday and afternoon hours we'll be mostly cloudy. on the satellite and radar i'm tracking clouds moving into the area. right now you can see the d.c. metro area just coming in. plenty of cloudiness developing across the area. filtered sunshine right now. clouds will continue to increase. by noon, 4:00 p.m. mostly cloudy at that point and temperatures today will be a good 10 degrees below average. typically our high about 51. well, today our high temperature will be 41. warmer weather just around the corner. i'll tell you when in about ten minutes, richard. thanks amelia. new information on a developing story out of scotland now. a police helicopter crashed into
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a popular pub in the city of glasco. one person is confirmed dead. the initial estimate was three victims although the death toll could raise later as those buried under the rubble and debris are evaluated. witnesses told police there was more than 100 people inside the club when the chopper was crashing down. many were there to watch a band perform. >> it started coming in more and someone started screaming and the whole pub was dust, you couldn't see anything. you couldn't believe. every time you took a breath you were caught in your mouth. >> the three member helicopter crew included two officers and a si have juan pilot. those three were found and have been taken to the hospital. >> happening today, police, back on the streets retracing the steps of a prince george's county postal worker gunned down as he delivered the mail. they're searching for more clues
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in the death of tyson barnett. derrick ward is live this morning. the search expected to begin any minute, huh, derrick? >> well, the side of the street we're on now is fairmont heights. if you look just down the hill, that is the crime scene. the last thing that happened was a vigil. police will be back out here, though, to try to figure out who killed tyson barnett and why. the grief is still palatable and the case is still open. that was one week ago when gunfire startled residents of this community. it was about 7:30 in the evening and a homeowner whose mail had just been delivered emerged to find barnett dead on the lawn. the postal traumatic was nearby but since then police have gone door to dor in this neighborhood they will retrace his rounds an
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his picture and seeking any information to help them solve the case. it's unclear if anything was stolen from the mail truck, however, this murder highlighted safety workers for postal workers delivering mail late in the evening and this time of year when it gets dark earlier. and they're delivering things more valuable to criminals. we expect police to be here in half an hour. they're going to go back along his rounds and there's a $100,000 reward leading to the arrest and conviction of someone respobsable for this kidding. derrick ward, news 4, back to you. >> thanks. new this morning, police are looking for whoever pulled off a smash and grab at a verizon wireless store in montgomery county. officials got the 911 call about 3:00his morning and then headed right over. no one was in the store at the time of the break from. surveillance cameras inside the store or around it may have
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started the people or the person responsib responsible. >> police are looking for a connection to a death this morning. the 24-year-old was shot to death yesterday morning. someone killed him presumably after a holiday party being held at the industrial park building. his father, a long time nbc employee says he called him around midnight friday to check in. now he hopes someone will now call police and pass along a tip to find his son's killer. >> i didn't have a clue. whoever did this to my son to come up and speak. >> police have not released any details on a possible motive. >> now to the lathest on the controversial website. officials are working around the clock to have the site up and running again. kristen welker has more on how the troubleshoot as good going. >> reporter: health and human services secretary kathleen
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sebelius that's been the face of the administration's effort to recover from the failed launch of the health care website said people should shop off peak hours, mornings, knights, weekends. >> it tell mess that the system isn't fully baked. this system should be able to accommodate as many people that want to go on as possible. >> i'm going to make sure we get it fixed. >> reporter: the administration's goal of making sure the website can support 50,000 users at one time by the end of saturday is not the best way to measure success. >> 50,000 is not a number that is unheard of for websites to be able to support at one time. so i think the challenge is not just the number of users, but whether there's still bugs in the system that will present the process from running smoothly.
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>> a health care official said the site can surveillance spo sport -- support 50,000 users now and it operates more quickly. it used to take 8 seconds for a page to load and now just milaseconds. the white house tweeted a video showing parents encouraging an adult son to sign up. >> we love you no matter what but it's time to get it. >> health insurance? >> if the website doesn't work soon, that critical group used to getting whatever it wants with a click could be dissuaded. >> the fact is that the administration has let this go nebulous enough that they'll be able to say yes we did meet our goals. >> that was kristen welker reporting. the website will be off line tomorrow between 1:00 and 5:00 in the morning for more maintenance. >> it is now the third day of the busiest holiday shopping
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weekend of the year. today the attention turns away from the big retailers on black friday, small business saturday could mean big business for a local economy. we found a phrase going around in participation of the sales. small is the new black. the holiday shopping season could be make or break. >> small businesses are the first ones to fall out. we don't have the deep pockets. >> we do more than half of our business in the last three months of the year, american express created small business saturday years ago. many include a free item with purchase. right now, the rush to return home after the holidays. the extra resources we're going to see today to help calm the crowds at airports in our region. the plane crash in alaska,
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the new information about those that were on board. >> plus a new invention for toronto's mayor. now we're learning he has plans for a talk show. >> we just posted new video also of the police chopper that crashed into a crowded pub in scotland. we'll be updating this breaking news
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metro is making it a little easier for you to get around today because of the long holiday weekend. the transit agency is taking some what of a break from all the track work. all stations are open but today only orange trains run only every 20 minutes because of silver line construction. and metro is also trying to make things easier for those of you planning to fly. here's a live look at the
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conditions at reagan national this morning. metro is running extra bus service to and from the region's airports. 200 extra buses are servicing dulles and bwi over the weekend. >> it's panda watch again. tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. they'll announce the panda cub's name to much pomp and circumstance with 12 foot scroll with the name on it in english and chinese. we got this video from the panda house yesterday. the zoo waited the traditional 100 days before naming the cub. [ cheers ] >> christmas time is here. from zoo lights to tree lights, last night the reston town center flipped the switch to light the tree. i was lucky enough to help the
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tree glow for the 23rd time. doug was there to help bring viewers a firsthand look and the big guy himself, santa claus, even made an appearance and helped us turn on the switch. >> i hope you slipped him a little note there about your christmas list. >> not very often you get him in person. >> i have been great all year this year. we'll see. >> the obama family making plans now f life after the white house. why the post presidency agenda could keep them from going back to their hometown. >> let's talk to amelia. >> clouds continue to increase. what can you expect
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new this morning, an infant is among those killed in a deadly plane crash in a remote part of alaska. four of the ten people on board died including the pilot and a baby. it went down right before landing near st. mary's alaska. the plane took off from the small town of bethel about 80 miles away. it's not clear what caused the crash or the conditions of the people that survived. this morning, surprising new allegations against an elderly american man detained in north korea since last month. 85-year-old meryl newman confessed to a number of crimes during the korean war several
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years ago including killing civilians. no one outside of north korea can verify it. north korea is accused of coercing statements in the past. vice president joe biden is gearing up for a trip to east asia that could ease tensions over a disputed air defense zone. u.s. air carriers need to comply with china's demands to know who is traveling through a disputed region over the east china see. china and japan are in a dispute over who owns that air space. >> toronto mayor rob ford says he and his brother are taking their show to the internet. it got huge ratings but was stopped because of high production costs. ford admitted to smoking crack but refuses to re-sign. most of his powers have been
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taken away. his brother and show cohost is a city councilman. an unexpected hero. josh romney. the son of mitt romney helped save four people after their vehicle crashed into a house on thanksgiving. romney told a local utah paper that he was heading home with his family when he saw an suv speed past his car and into the building. romney tweeted out the picture of himself next to the wrecked vehicle. he's getting mixed reaction for this tweet. in an exclusive interview with barbara walters the president and the first lady opened up about their second term. they talked about the legacy the president will leave behind and the realities of their daughter dating. they admitted their younger daughter sasha would have a stronger voice and keeping with the female power approximate president talked about the possibility of seeing a female in the oval office. >> i think we have amazing
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female public servants all across the country and there is no doubt that some time very soon we're going to have a female president and i'm confident that she will do a great job. >> walters also had the first lady open up about how she stays level in the public eye. mrs. obama sees the private quarters of the white house as a sanctuary to be a mother and wife. >> it's hard to imagine they have any type of normal life living where they live. but at least they try to make it happen. >> they'll be among friends if they stay here in d.c. we'll see how that election goes. turning to the weather. another cold day. >> yeah, we're continuing to run below average as far as our high temperatures are concerned. as we finish off november it will be a chilly end to the month. average high about 51 degrees. today our high will be 41.
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you're seeing sunshine right now but clouds quickly moving into the area and those clouds will continue to increase. expect a mainly cloudy day. not like the beautiful blue skies we had yesterday. 20s and 30s across the area. 29 in college park. 24 in camp springs and 22 degrees back in leesburg, virginia. when you factor in the winds, although they are light, it's producing a wind chill in some areas. but in manassas it's feeling about 19 degrees. in gaithersburg about 26 degrees. so you're outnd about today for small business saturday. the hunting season getting under way. need to dress warm. satellite and radar continuing to track clouds moving on into the area. the clouds are only going to build. mostly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon hours. here we are at 4:00 p.m.. much of the same into the early evening hours and partly to
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mostly cloudy overnight tonight. heres what you can expect for temperatures as we head into the midday and afternoon hours. noon, 37 degrees. 2:00 p.m. we're only in the upper 30s. 4:00, that's when we'll hit our high temperature of about 41 degrees and low temperatures tonight will be around freezing inside of the water, around 30 . the suburbs, living there cold tonight with temperatures in the low 20s, partly to mostly cloudy skies across the area. for tomorrow, it will be warmer. high temperature of 47 degrees with partly to mostly cloudy skies. there will be a little more sunshine than we're seeing today. hard to believe tomorrow is the first day of december. the first few days of december, temperatures remaining in the 40s. 48 for a high on monday. tuesday a high temperature of 47 and plenty of cloudiness. for tuesday, not only will it be
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mostly cloudy but those of you in southern maryland and eastern maryland do have the chance of rain but most of the area will be dry and cool. for wednesday, mostly sunny, a high temperature of 50 degrees and then something starts to happen on thursday and here's exactly what, a pattern shift. cold air heads back up into canada. mail air works it's way into the area. a high temperature on thursday of 54 degrees. friday, mild, highs near 60 but with that plenty of clouds and the chance on rain. >> at least the temperatures are going up a little bit. >> not a lot of rain chances either. a lot of people hanging holiday decorations this weekend. good for them; we're checking your first four traffic near the malls this morning. the new tanger outlets. this is a look at the outer loop of the belt way. traffic there seems to be moving smoothly on the inner and the outer loop this morning. the outlets will be opening up
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at 9:00 this morning. >> the power of a good nap. why naps might not be good for just everyone. montgomery county wants to change when the school bell rings but not so
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hopefully you had a chance to sleep in a little this morning but sometimes getting a
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full night's sleep isn't in the cards. >> yeah, most of the fiem ftime us. napping is usually a good alternative but how do you get the most out of your shut eye? bob hansen has pointers. >> we all took naps in kindergarten and many college students think it's still a good idea. >> i nap for 20 minutes to an hour. >> i could fall asleep in any position at any time. >> but once we're out of college, napping falls out of fashion. it's something to hide. something we do on the sly. but should we be ashamed of catching a quick nap? >> i take care of professional athletes that insist on taking naps and think that helps them perform better. >> he is the director of sleep medicine at uc san diego. he says we had a sleep deprived society. while a good night's sleep should be the first choice, an afternoon nap is the next best thing. >> taking a nap as a college student is an easy thing to schedule.
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but what if you spend your day at work? is a nap still possible? for 15 years this president has used a 30 minute afternoon nap to recharge his day. >> if i can stop in the middle of the day and take a nap, i can be a lot more effective. >> if you're in a circumstance where you can lie down in a comfortable, quite area that's dark, that would be a deal. >> he says napping too long can make you feel groggy and impact your night's sleep. naps are a bad idea if you suffer from insomnia. if you're looking for a boost to get you through the day, a nap is a alternative. could it make you a better person? >> i don't know but i'm more rested and alert. >> napping can also improve your memory. if you can't sleep sitting quitely 15 to 30 minutes can help you feel rested but i don't know about you, that is just simply impossible because i would spend the whole time thinking about the things i have to do. >> that's the thing. you have to wipe out your mind.
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>> work on it right now. >> the big announcement maryland governor martin o'malley plans to make in prince george's county. >> and the police officer says there's a good reason for his suv hitting one man's truck. it could happen to any of us. think black friday ends friday? think again! h.h. gregg's black friday sale continues through saturday. save up to 40% on appliances, electronics, furniture and more. samsung 51 inch hdtvs, just $429.
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overnight a police helicopter crashed into a pub killing one. more deaths are expected. roughly 30 people were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. officials are not sure what caused that crash. right now, police are returning to the scene of last week's murder of a prince george's county postal worker. tyson barnett was shot and killed along reid street. this is out in fairmont heights. it happened last saturday. investigators are casing the area for clues and handing out flyers in hopes of generating new leads. >> time's up for the administration promised to get the broken website up and running for users. obama's administration insures everyone there's drastic improvements including the capability to have 50,000 users on at the same time. >> talking about what's outside, sunny skies now but that might not be the case all day. >> let's go to the storm team 4 weather deck with amelia segal. >> good morning to you. already seeing filtered sunshine across the area.
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so the skies quickly becoming partly sunny for your midday and afternoon hours. it will be mostly cloudy across the area and it is chilly out here. i have my scarf and jacket on. there's a little bit of a breeze. i feel the chill in the air. you can see clouds streaming in coveri the d.c. metro area through northern virginia into western maryland and virginia. so beautiful blue skies we had yesterday. it will be another chilly day. we're in the 20s and 30s for the most part. 31 at reagan. 30 at college park. 27 at gaithersburg. your planner including areas like montgomery village in maryland. mostly cloudy skies. by noon, we're still in the 30s. upper 30s at that point. 2:00, we're at 35 degrees. a high temperature of 41. warmer tomorrow. i'll be talking more about sunday coming up, richard and angie. >> thanks. today maryland governor martin
9:02 am
o'malley will be in prince george's county to announce the final results of a operation aimed at getting violent offenders off the streets. it ran from july to october and lost month the operation lead to almost 600 arrests. that announcement happens later this morning at the county sheriff's office. police want you to keep a close eye on your things. especially if you're out holiday shopping. someone walked up to a woman and her grand son at a wawa convenience store. the man pulled a knife and demanded her purse and took off running. police searched the area. they didn't find that man. anyone with information is asked to call police implts a tragic turn of events for a baltimore family with a strong d.c. tie. they're the parents of evan, a d.c. airman found dead in the baltimore harbor. evan had been celebrating a friend's birthday when he presumably fell into the water last weekend. his friends said he was a caring
9:03 am
man and everyone knew it. that and their faith is helping them through this difficult time. >> but our faith is going to hold us together. we have -- in the last 24 hours we have gone through an incredible amount of pain. it's just been an absolute nightmare. >> the d.c. national guard had recently selected him as airman of the year. it's an honor he'll never know he received. >> this morning a new effort to stop montgomery county from expanding the school day for elementary students. the washington post reports there's now a second petition challenging the proposed changes to class times in montgomery county. the plan includes expanding the day by 30 minutes for elementary students and includes a later start for high school students. those changes came after 10,000 people signed an original petition to start classes later in the morning. >> a police cruiser smashed into
9:04 am
a parked truck in denver and regulation police equipment may be to blame. >> woke up last night to a big thump around 2:30. sounded like the newspaper hitting the front yard and it wasn't the newspaper. the newspaper doesn't come at 2:30 in the morning. my wife opened the door and looked out and she said it looks like there's a cop -- no, the cop car is on top of your truck. >> reporter: bad things happen. john knows all about that. in august, he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. the new truck he bought a month ago was a celebration for beating it. >> i picked up a 2013 tundra and i bought it so i only had it four weeks. >> reporter: it was parked in front of his home. >> he pushed the truck about 35 feet forward. totalled it. i mean -- we don't know it's totalled. we're still working with the
9:05 am
insurance but that's done. >> reporter: he said he talked to the officer who hit his car, a sergeant with the police department. >> he said i feel terrible. i was looking down at my computer and by the time i looked up there was no time to even swerve. all i heard was a big thump. >> reporter: dpd is investigating what happened. the department can't yet tell us their version. reports for these things take time but a spokesman says when you drive for a living, these things happen and the internal punishment for an officer, if they are at fault, is severe. >> i have been in an accident before and my thought was, man, u're supposed to not have these things happen but at the end of the day. we're all human and mistake dos happen and you have to give yourself a pass. that's tough. >> not the best way to wake up at 2:30 in the morning. >> reporter: he hopes to replace
9:06 am
the truck and sees this as another reminder that driving should be the only focus when behind the wheel. 5 minutes after 9:00 right now. this morning, a mystery illness that took over an entire football team. how doctors say the virus s
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this morning, doctors are trying to figure out what caused more than a dozen people to get sick out in las vegas. all of the patients were there for football youth tournament and it includes players, parents, coaches from several teams. they're complaining about flu-like symptoms. doctors believe it may be an r airborn virus though they're not sure which one. all of the patients were staying
9:09 am
at the rio hotel near the las vegas strip. >> happening today, heros from the homeland will be heading out to the midwest. the group will be traveling to washington, illinois to help clean up from the devastating ef-4 tornado that struck earlier this month. they'll help to rebuild and organize and remove the wreckage left behind. they'll have things like hand warmers, cleaning supplies and gift cards. >> the long holiday weekend has a special meaning for a local police chief. she is getting national recognition. >> and the winner is, chief patricia harmon. patricia harmon of stafford was named best police officer in the first annual steve harvey neighborhood awards. she went to chicago to accept her award on the hit tv show. growing up she was a troubled kid until i prince william county police officer changed her life.
9:10 am
>> and when kids get in trouble in my community, arrest is the st tng we do. we help them. helping out a kid in trouble really can change a life. >> another big winner, karen's florist shop won the award for best florist. you can watch the steve harvey show every weekday afternoon at 2:00 here on nbc 4. congratulations to them. >> why kevin bacon is making a personal employee to help support the d.c. area economy. >> and some of the holiday sales may not be worth rushing out to this weekend. we'll compare. >> amelia is here. >> we're looking at mostly cloudy skies today and cooler temperatures but warmer tomorrow. how
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new this morning, the mega millions jackpot just got a lot bigger. no one won last night's drawing which was worth about $230 million. now that jackpot is worth 257 million. this is the largest since a year and a half ago. but no one wanted to look at numbers 09, 41, 43, 47, 57 and the mega ball was 5. >> i'm mad at you. >> because i got my ticket
9:14 am
without you? >> yes. >> i didn't win anything. >> i don't like people that won't go in on a pool. >> i'll share some with you. >> i don't know, it's suspicious. today many business owners hope you will participate in what's become known as small business saturday. >> and even some celebrities are doing what they can to help out the small business owners. >> this holiday season come down and do your shopping at any one of these great local stores. >> in case you can't tell, behind the costume is actor kevin bacon. the video encourages people to shop local this weekend. more than 200 small businesses are participating in the campaign called shift your shopping for good. they teamed up to donate a portion of the sales to charity and in shops in old town and all across the region are participating. >> you never know who you might see out and about on small business saturday. last year, president obama and his two daughters visited one more page books in arlington. no word on if the first family will be making a similar outing. however we do know that eric
9:15 am
holder is scheduled to visit business owners this morning. >> did you go out and shop the black friday sales? if so, you're part of the next story. later today the national retail federation will release the early estimates for yesterday's sales. according to stats, sales rose 9% with online sales growing. 19.7%. experts at the national retail federation believe that if these numbers stay true, $602 million will change hands in the last two months of 2013. but, buyer be ware, according to the website nerd, those black friday deals might not be all they're cracked up to be. some of the discounts aren't exclusive to this time of year. macy's promoted a blender for $26 but earlier this month the same blender sold for $19. k-mart did the same thing with a 60 inch television that was
9:16 am
selling for the exact same price it was during their labor day sale. macy's has compelling promotions throughout the day. k-mart says they offer great deals not just on one day. >> more than 1,000 people weighed in on this questionnaire and 3 to 4% of shoppers say they will buy more than they did last year. but it's not all good news for retailers. >> shopping bags are bigger and the bigger the better for the millions hitting the malls. the credit union association says shoppers expect to pick up more gifts and shell out more money than ever before. the predictions grow every year. >> our high school spending survey has shown them following the provisional readings of 2008. >> smartphones and tablets make it con convenient but the same devices that make it easier to buy make it easier to track
9:17 am
buyers. loyal programs provide an accurate figure of how much buyers spend. tracy phillips has it all figured out. >> we'll be spending about 3,000. >> and with plans like those, the stores are hoping to see dollar signs. >> but our survey also suggests that the government shutdown and related budget controversies have tended to depress spending. >> the economic recovery isn't over yet but by the looks of it the holiday season will be a profitable one for retailers. >> and consumer watchdogs say family finances have improved but wealthier people finances have improved. that lady is spend 3,000 dollars on gifts. i got to get on her list. >> we are rounding out november. we can't believe we're already in december. >> hard to believe. >> but below average. it's been going on like this for a week. >> yeah, we have been in this
9:18 am
pattern change where areas out to the west are above average. that will start to change as we begin december toward the end of this upcoming week. around thursday we're going to start to see warmer temperatures. not the case today. here's a live lookout side right now with our tower cam pointed at the national cathedral. washington monument in the background. you can see clouds streaming into the area. tomorrow the logical start to winter. december 21st, the official start to winter. temperatures will continue to get cooler, on average, but as we are talking about, the chill continues here and it is going to be a dry start to december but as we look to the end of next week, temperatures will actually start to warm up a little bit. the chill will be leaving the area. high temperatures in the low 40s. 41 in washington. easton and cambridge. lorraine, winchester, martinsburg more upper 30s with
9:19 am
mostly cloudy skies for everybody getting into the midday and afternoon hours. temperatures right now are in the 20s and 30s. 31 in washington and annapolis. 29 in huntingon the and 30 in leesburg. still 29 degrees in frederick, maryland this morning. high of 41. this is going to be the coolest high temperature over the next seven days. tomorrow i think we will have a little bit more sunshine. partly to mostly cloudy skies and we're warmer. a high temperature on sunday of 47 degrees. redskins playing tomorrow evening, taking on the new york giants. kick off for the game around 8:30. if you're heading there, it will be cool but it's not going to be bitterly cold. the winds will be light with temperatures around 40 degrees. so you definitely need to dress warm but, again, with light winds and temperatures around 40 it won't be too bad there for football in december. monday and tuesday, plenty of clouds around the area. high temperatures in the upper
9:20 am
40s. most of the area will remain dry on monday and tuesday. however, those of you in southern maryland on tuesday do have the chance of seeing rain. we will continue to track that potential for you. but most of us dealing with the clouds and cool temperatures. then for wednesday, mostly sunny skies. it's the only day during the upcoming week where we get in on a lot of sunshine. we finally break the 50 degree mark. for thursday, this is when we start to see the pattern and shift i was talking about where the cold air retreats up to the north, up into canada and mild air starts to make its way into the area. you can see the high temperature on thursday of 54 degrees with the cloud-sun mix. then for friday, high temperatures will actually be near 60 degrees. however, with that a cold front will begin to move into the area and that will bring the chance of rain showers during the day on friday. maybe a little bit of rain lingering into next weekend. working our way, though, slowly into the rest of the weekend and
9:21 am
into the upcoming week. temperatures are going to start to warm up a little bit but plenty of cloud cover across the area. beautiful blue skies yesterday. even with the chill if you have blue skies it feels better i think. >> a agree. thanks amelia. >> we're watching the roads near the malls. we'll check out conditions that could impact your drive before you head out the
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♪ getting cozy. ♪ shopping for gifts online. ♪ the perfect way to get into the spirit any time. ♪ ♪ hello ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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hey guys, good morning. we've got breaking news we're covering at dulles international. a flight attendant is now at the hospital after a hard stop on the tarmac. a united airlines plane was pulling out of the gate and starting to head to the run way and the pilot hit the breaks to avoid hitting another airport vehicle on the ground. she may have been giving safety instructions at the time. all passengers were seated. none of them were hurt but police did ticket the driver of the airport vehicle on the ground. from the run way over to the roads right now, we want to check your first 4 traffic near the malls this morning. we want to show you the view near tyson's corner.
9:25 am
this is right at international drive at route 7. saturdays known to be a big spot for congestion and gridlock. traffic is hard to find at this time. the mall opens around 10:00 this morning. >> people are laced up and burning their thanksgiving dinner off this morning, a few days later but the 8-k and fun run started 20 minutes ago. he raised money for the housing and community services of virginia to benefit the homeless. >> obie's new owner. >> that's him right there. >> okay. it's one slimmed down pup. he tipped the scales at 77 pounds. well, he dropped 54 pounds and is inspiring people across the country to get fit and healthy. his journey to shed pounds pushed a lot of attention his way.
9:26 am
>> he got popular. there's 146,000 people following his facebook page and just interested in his story. >> and his new owner has him on a strict diet of only dog good and he exercises daily. and that is really key. my dog lost 30 pounds. >> yeah, it's paying off. looks like a whole new dog. >> and cutting out the human food is a huge part of that. pet owners beware. you think you're showing them love but you're just adding to the problem. he looks great, though. >> he does. why too many pictures of your kids, that may not be so cute. >> don't tell me this. and a surprise letter in the mail that could be worth a chunk of change. wait until you hear who wrote it and how you can get ahold of it. >> if you couldn't take part in our food for families donation drive we're still accepting gifts at nbc all the money raised will help needily families during the holidays. go to our website
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right now police are back on the scene of a murder one week after a deadly shooting it still remains unsolved this morning. >> yes, they are trying to figure out who gunned down a postal worker as he was delivering mail on his route in prince george's county. news 4's derrick ward is live right now in fairmont heights where police are looking for new clues in a new way.
9:30 am
good morning. >> we're in this neighborhood. chevrolet on that side of the street and police will be back out here again trying to find information and trying to find out who is responsible for this murder. tyson barnett was working his route here a week ago. it was about 7:30 last saturday when he was shot and killed. since then there's been vigils and canvassing here. they're going door to door and they're going to be back again today but they're going to be broadening their efforts and retracing the entire route with pictures and information hoping to jog the memories of people along the route for info. in cases like this police say no clue is too insignificant. they wanted to jog people's memories and get all the information they can and decide whether or not it's pertinent to the case. we'll hear more from that from a spokesperson from the prince george's county police department. >> it would be nice to offer his family closu sing as this is around the holiday time.
9:31 am
anyone with any information. no piece of information is too small. anyone that would like to report anything or that has seen anything to call our crime solvers tips. >> now, prince george's county police are working with postal inspectors as well on this case and working hand in hand on this investigation and the reward, now, is topped $100,000. it's actually about $125,000 now and of course in a case like this, a conviction could lead to the delg penalty. ter going to be parting this about 9:00. it will be going for a better part of the morning. thanks a lot. we have clouds moving into the area. >> plus, it's definitely cold and the clouds aren't helping. grab the big coat and even gloves if you plan to head out. >> or just crank up the heater and stay inside. >> either one of those options works for me but if you're outside and you want to be outside for awhile, you need
9:32 am
some gloves. the chill is in the air. you can see clouds moving into the area. we're going to continue to see increasing clouds throughout the remainder of the morning hours for the midday and afternoon hours. mostly cloudy skies and that's going to keep the temperatures on the cool side. generally around 30 degrees right now. 31 in washington and the satellite and radar shows these clouds building into the area during the morning hours. high temperature today of 41 degrees. we'll hit that around 3:00 p.m.. by 9:00 p.m. we're still in the upper 30s. warmer tomorrow. upper 40s. but what about the sunshine? i'll be talk about if you'll see more sun tomorrow coming up in a bit. thanks. we're watching a developing story out of scotland this morning. official verss have confirmed o death after a helicopter crashed into a local witnesses told police there were
9:33 am
more than 100 people inside that popular pub. they were there to watch a band perform and that's when the crash happened. >> i don't know if anyone is trapped in there but there wasn't anyone screaming for someone. everyone was making sure their friends were okay and people that they met that night were okay. >> scottish officials are trying to wrap their heads around the ints de incident and figure out what caused the crash. a 23-year-old is dead in landover and police want to know what happened. officers say the 23-year-old was shot to death yesterday morning on west street. someone killed him outside an industrial park building that was used for a holiday party. his father is a long time nbc employee. he says he called home around midnight friday morning to check in. now he hopes someone will call police and pass along a tip to
9:34 am
find his son's filler. son's killer. >> who ever did this to my son should come up and speak. >> police have not released any details on a possible motive. >> time is up. the self-imposed deadline for the affordable care act expires today. as of today, should have most of its clicglis worked out. that means easier accessibility and should be able to support 50,000 users at one time. an attempt to make it easy on the site, kathleen sebelius suggested people log on during off peak hours. it will be off line from 1:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the morning. here's the story of how one man's stance made all the difference to his students. he has more on how one texas teacher challenged the
9:35 am
president. >> reporter: when thomas ritter watched the president and congress push health care reform he was not happy with the way the health care law was moving forward. it was 2010 right in the middle of the president's first term. a proud supporter of democracy he decided to send the president an e-mail. >> are you kidding? nobody is going to read this. >> he wrote the e-mail anyway saying the president should do the right thing and not the political thing and suggest a bill that americans can support. ritter never expected what would come next. >> my first thought was oh my goodness, there's no way. >> in the mail was a handwritten note from president obama it defends the health care law saying it was not the smart political thing for the president. while he doesn't agree with all the president's policies, there's an example in the dialogue. >> he said we need to be able to talk to the other side. i like that.
9:36 am
whether we listen or not, i like the fact that we can talk to the other side. >> but ritter says the words on his note have hallowed, especially in the wake of the obama care roll out. >> the words on that lost meaning. >> the card will go up for auction. regardless of the politics, his back and forth with the president is a story he'll be telling students for awhile. >> that was keaton fox reporting. >> more problems for the purple line. the endangered animal now causing a delay on construction. >> go ahead, give into temptation. how your love of food may not hurt your diet after all. >> you can join us online throughout facebook and twitter throughout the show.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
people in northern virginia aren't just gearing up for the holidays this weekend. check this out, transportation was the theme at yesterday's reston holiday parade. they had floats dedicated to metro's new silver line. the first phase is set to open early next year. at that point the silver line will connect reston to largo. the second phase is still a few years away. and in the meantime, an animal on the endangered species list could be standing in the way of the proposed purple line. the washington post reports a rare shrimp-like creature that's only known to exist in rock creek park could spur a new fight over the light rail transit line. an environmental study didn't find the species in montgomery county. the proposed line could connect
9:40 am
people from the orange line to the red line in bethesda. >> a new study shows that people that indulge a little when it comes to snacking have a better chance of losing and maintaining weight. psychologists and researchers discover those of us that see foods like chocolate and cake as more of something to celebrate with are much more likely to stay slim. but if you are racked with guilt chances are you'll pile on the pounds. >> if your facebook feed is filled with pictures of your friend's children, experts are warning parents noto take too many pictures. too many pictures can make children feel overly important and it can create tension between family members when one member is photographed more than the other. hire a professional person to take the family photos. i'm not saying anything. >> the last laughs for a late
9:41 am
night favorite. how will snl's seth myers say good-bye as he moves from the weekend update desk to a weekday time slot. >> and the picture that was snapped moments after the rescue. >> another november day. another day to layer up. amelia. >> you're exactly right, angie. and the last day of november 2013. clouds moving into the area. as
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
new this morning, investigators are trying to piece together what caused a deadly plane crash in a remote part of alaska. police there say four of the ten people on board died including the pilot and a baby. it went down right before landing near st. mary's alaska. the plane took off from the small town of bethel. only about 80 miles away. it's still not clear what caused that crash or the conditions of the people that survived. a deadly shark attack in australia is closing a beach there after that attack. a teenager was body boarding with friends near sidney when this happened. the shark came up and bit his legs. the teen went into cardiac arrest. divers are looking for the shark now. this is the second deadly shark attack in australia in a week. rob ford and his brother are taking their short lived talk show to the web.
9:45 am
the show ford nation will hit youtube by christmas. the canadian tv station aired one episode of the show but stopped it because of high production costs. ford admitted to smoking crack but refuses to re-sign. most of his powers have been taken away. his brother and show co-host doug is a city councilman. >> an unexpected hero, josh romney, the son of former presidential candidate mitt romney helped save four people after their car crashed into a house on thanksgiving. romney told a local utah paper that he was headed home with his family when he saw the suv speed past his car and into the building. romney tweeted out himself next to the vehicle and is getting mixed reaction to the tweet. the president and the first lady opened up about their second term. they talked about the legacy the president will leave behind and the reality of seeing their daughters date.
9:46 am
the parents also admitted their younger daughter sasha is going to have a strong voice as to whether or not they stay in d.c. after the president's second term since she will be in school and keeping with the female power, the president talked about the possibility of seeing a woman in the oval office. >> so you may want to stay in washington because of sasha? >> i don't want to pin you down? >> let's put it this way. sasha will have a big vote. >> the first lady opened up and said she sees the private quarters of the white house as a sanctuary where she can be a mom and wife. >> we saw her doing that yesterday when the christmas tree arrived. >> so many more festivities to look forward to. >> we hope to get an invite. >> a lot of people will be headed out to shop and a lot of people putting on their christmas trees. they need to wear the gloves.
9:47 am
>> it's feeling winter-like. it feels like i'm going out to pick my christmas tree weather out there because the chill is in the air and it's going to remain on the cool side as we begin december. it's hard to believe december 1st starts tomorrow. i feel like the holiday season is already in full swing. temperatures right now, around 30 degrees. 31 in washington and we're looking at a high temperature today of about 41. so temperatures will warm about another 10 degrees from where you're at right now. your planner for the rest of the day, mostly cloudy skies and it's going to remain chilly. 2:00, still in the 30s. 4:00 p.m. that's when we'll hit our high temperature of about 41 degrees. and here's some other highs across the area with the cloud cover, pretty uniform temperatures. 40 in germantown, columbia, laurel. 41 for a high in fairfax and manassas. marshall looking at a high temperature today of 40 degrees.
9:48 am
now, with future weather, it's keeping plenty of clouds throughout the day today. here we are at 4:00. still mostly cloudy skies at that point. but getting into the overnight hours, skies will become partly cloudy and with that our temperatures drop. another cold night. 30s, low 30s in washington an areas by the water. gaithersburg, leesburg, will be in the low 20s. so a cold start for your sunday morning but overall the day will be warmer and i think a little bit more sunshine around tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow in the low 40s. during the afternoon hours we're in the upper 40s. so what day might be the better day to get the christmas tree or hang up the holiday decorations outside, tomorrow will feel a little more comfortable. >> tomorrow evening temperatures in the low 40s and tomorrow
9:49 am
night the redskins take on the giants. temperatures for the game will be around 40 degrees so it will be cool there at fed ex field. deftly need a couple of players. temperatures for the game will be around 40 degrees. the good news, though, light winds. we're not looking at any windy conditions over the next seven days. so winter starts tomorrow and astronomical winter starts on december 21st. a slight warm up in the near term but long-term temperatures will get cooler. mostly cloudy skies monday and tuesday. upper 40s for high temperatures. wednesday mostly sunny a high of 50, and then on thursday, this is when we start to see a pattern shift. we've had chilly temperatures for awhile now. those cooler temperatures will start to head up north. mild filters in the area. a high on thursday of 54 degrees. friday we're near 60 degrees which compared to what we're dealing with right now can feel balmy and the chance of rain
9:50 am
with a high of 58. >> those temperatures -- >> they're going to make all the different and even a little sunshine makes all the difference. >> thank amelia. >> thanks. >> he has been making us laugh for more than a decade but seth meyers is ready to move on. >> people are sad. he has a hand full of episodes left at snl but the weekend update anchor will just be working a different shift. >> reporter: 13 years in studio 8-h have been an education for seth. >> was it any sense of being in the last semester of college? >> very much so because i feel like my next job is like right next door to the college. >> that's because meyers will segway into a new job in february as the new host of late night when jimmy fallon takes over as host of the tonight show. >> how is late night going to be
9:51 am
different? >> it will be way less wonderful impressions. there will be way less beautiful singing. and all of the things that jimmy does better than anybody else in late night i'm very aware that i don't do as well. >> meyers strong suit is topical comedy. >> only six people actually signed up for the affordable care act on its troubled first day which means that obama care is doing only slightly better than guitar lessons by mike. >> i really do like talking about things that are in the news. i like having people that will play people in the news and that's an element of weekend update that we want to bring with us. >> his final snl is still awhile away but he already said the bar with bill hader's exit. >> i feel like in the end that will be my great send off moment and this will fade into the night. >> into the late night that is. >> nbc news.
9:52 am
>> it's great he'll still be around. >> yeah, watch him every night now. >> never too late to try something new. >> the leap of faith for one sky diver who
9:53 am
9:54 am
panda cam is getting a lot of clicks this morning with just one day until we learn the name of the new cub. this little girl. you're looking live at mom and baby. now or actually just baby.
9:55 am
maybe mom is off taking a nap. the national zoo will be putting finishing touches on the ceremony set up tomorrow afternoon. the zoo waited a traditional 1 hyundais befo hundred days before naming this cub. >> an incredible story about a woman that isn't letting her age stop her. >> a great grandmother fulfilled her dream to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. kevin oliver has her story. >> reporter: she knew she wanted something for her 90th birthday that would take her breath away. so with her family and friends she headed to the parachute center. her birthday gift a leap of faith. >> i did it on my 85th birthday and it was so much fun i decided i wanted to do it again. >> her partner said he wasn't going to question her decision. >> there's other things on her bucket list she wants to do. zip lines and other things. >> are you going to let her do
9:56 am
it. >> i don't let this woman do anything. she does it. >> with her son and family physician going on for the ride, she made her way out to the run way. >> let's go jump on the trailer. >> there was even never a glimpse of fear as the plane climbed to 13,000 feet and she did it. she fell back toward the earth blowing kisses along the way. she wasn't alone. professional sky jumper r 2 was riding tandem. with the air ziping by it was cold and unforgettable. for about 5 minutes she glided over the fields and her family and friends watching from the ground and as she came in for the landing her pink parachute collapsed around her. she challenged one of her sons that stayed on the ground. >> you should have gone and made it a family affair. >> the woman said she was actually more relaxed for this, her second flight. >> i opened my eyes better and looked around better than i did the first time. >> are you going to do it again?
9:57 am
>> we'll see how i feel when i'm 95. >> that was kevin oliver there. i'm sure she will be feeling great. he'll a real daredevil. >> people say you come alive and feel so liberated by it. >> final check of the forecast. >> chilly day. a high temperature of 41 degrees. that's about 10 degrees below where we should be. winter starts tomorrow. a little more sun and warmer tomorrow. >> november going out with a chill. that's all for news 4 today. thanks for joining us. >> we're back here tomorrow morning at 6:00. until
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