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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 30, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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right now at 6:00, searching for the person to killed a local mail carrier. police and postal workers trying to keep the trail from going cold. two people home when a loud crash interrupted their saturday afternoon. the driver of an suv now in police custody. and the first family doing a little bit of shopping in d.c. on small business saturday. first tonight, the latest developments in the murder of a prince georges county postal worker. tyson barnett's funeral is tomorrow. today and tonight, officers again canvassing the
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neighborhood where he was killed. they talked to neighbors in cheverly and fairmont heights as news4's derrick ward reports, they're actually ring barnett's mail route looking for even the smallest clute to determine why he was shot one week ago on reed street. >> in one part of the neighborhood, a letter carrier on the usual rounds but around the corner, postal police and prince george's county officers. make the rounds retracing a slain letter carrier's last route. >> it's our priority this investigation for the postal inspection service. >> 26-year-old tyson barnett killed here on reed street near the end of his route. >> this was a guy doing his job and was gunned down. >> we heard the gunshots, but we didn't run outside to see what was happening. then we found out later. >> the murderer is still out there the somewhere. investigators say the trail isn't as cold as it would seem, and the clue or tip that breaks the case may not seem immediately obvious. >> it may not be something that happened immediately before or
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after he was killed. it may have occurred on another day that there may have been some incident that could have led to this. >> it's the age old notion that the biggest threat to the letter carrier was a dog, but things have gotten a lot more dangerous and there's a lot more they have to look out for. enough that carriers are routinely briefed on certainly safety. instructing carriers how to protect themselves, you know, if they're confronted by someone. >> meanwhile at the spot where barnt died a wreath, otherwise a symbol of holiday cheer marked something darker. police hope it will serve as a reminder how much they want to close this investigation. >> it would be really nice to offer mr. barnett's family some closure seeing as though this is around the holiday time. >> in prince gorge jess county, derrick ward, news4. >> a big surprise for two people in temple hills this afternoon. police say the driver of this suv may have been speeding when he lost control and slammed into a house on old branch avenue
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around 1:00. police took the driver into custody for possession of a controlled substance. he wasn't hurt. neither were the two people inside the home, but they say they certainly were startled by the crash. >> last time i heard something like that and come running outside, it was the earthquake. i said not again. i come running out of the house and see the limb in the yard and said what happened. then the guy came and said, it's a car run inside. >> police say the crash did not do serious damage to the home. president obama and the first daughters got out of the white house today for small business saturday. they did a little shopping at politics and propose bookstore on connecticut avenue in northwest washington. president bought about a dozen books while at the renlster, he chatted with an employee there about the store's chicago location. he also sent out a tweet encouraging americans to support small businesses in their areas. well, the obamas weren't the only ones shopping small today.
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stores across the country participating in this, the fourth annual small business saturday. news 4's darcy spencer caught up with some local shoppers getting in on the action and she's live in bethesda, maryland, tonight. hi, darcy. >> we talked to a lot of shoppers this afternoon, many say they love the idea of small business saturday. they find when they go into these mom and pop shops, they have great quality and the service is even better. ryan and robin bandy are among the shoppers buying local on this small business saturday on bethesda row. >> sometimes with the small businesses you doll feel like there's a nice touch and community feel. they spend a little bit more time individually trying to talk to you through what the purchases are. it's a tailor-made feel, custom feel. >> it's nice to support different community vendors and shops and things like that versus fighting the crowds in the small and you can go pick up exactly what you need at a small
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shop and it's perfect. so -- >> millions hit the mauls and big department stores on black friday. others saving their holiday dollars to spend on a more personal shopping experience. >> quality of service as well as the quality of merchandise is always refreshingly high. everyone's very friendly. >> even attorney general eric holder getting in on the small business incentive, buying at several shops and eateries at union market in northeast washington. >> it's a great place. it's got eight range of wonderful things that you can get. a bunch of small entrepreneurs who are doing wonderful things. hiring people. >> reporter: the catwalk boutique is one of the businesses participating on h street. the owner tells news4 that small business saturday in its fourth year is catching on and it's gotten bigger this year. >> i meet the designers and make sure their cloerting is not in the big retail department stores so il offer something different. 99% of women that come in, if ooh, ah, have you something different and come back.
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>> if you have nel money left after black friday and small business saturday there's another big opportunity to shop a couple days from now. you know it, cyber monday. reporting live from bethesda, darcy spencer, news4. >> and if you spend anytime shopping today is, hopefully you were bundled up. it's been cold. a could cloudy start to the weekend. emilia, what can we expect tonight? >> chris, we are going to see cold temperatures across the area tonight but improvements for tomorrow. cloudy skies right now keeping temperatures pretty uniform across the area in the 30s. and highs teed were generally only in the upper 30s. but like i said, warmer tomorrow. so maybe you put off hanging up the holiday decorations. tomorrow i don't think will be too bad. not only will we be warmer but we'll have more sunshine, as well. right now at 38 in washington. the high in the district today was 39 degrees. 34 in gaithersburg, freezing for those of you in manassas. low temperatures by the water and inside of the beltway will be in the low 30s. the suburbs though will be in
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the local 20s. a high temperature tomorrow of 47 degrees and for the most part, starting tomorrow, our temperatures only go up. i'll be taking a look at the next seven days in just over ten minutes. >> seese you then. more than 30 people reply displaced tonight after a two-alarm apartment fire. fire started at a community on cherry hill road in beltsville just before 4:00 this afternoon. prince george's county fire department says the flames spread to multiple floors but no one was injured. we don't know yet what caused this fire or when tenants will be allowed to return home. well, the clock is ticking to fix the affordable care act website. and tonight, the obama administration says it will meet its self-imposed deadline for fixing the site where people can sign up for health insurance. has had major issues since it launched october 1st, but the administration says by tomorrow, and the site will be able to handle 50,000 people
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at once. however, there are still questions about the stability of the site, but people signing up at an event in manassas this is morning didn't run into much trouble. >> it was really fast this morning. i was really surprised. and i did forget my passport but i was able to recover it quickly. it was great. and the helpers, diane na was able to help me be able to select a plan that was best for my needs. >> will go offline for maintenance again tonight. it's scheduled to be up and running by 5:00 a.m. a flight attendant was injured at dulles airport today after a united airlines plane made abrupt stop on the runway. officials say the plane was taxing when a vehicle on the ground crossed in its path. forcing the pilot to make a quick stop to avoid hitting it. the flight attendant was thrown, fell and had to be transported to a hospital but not with
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life-threatening injuries we are told. takeoff was delayed for about an hour. the driver of that ground vehicle was cited. and will have to be retrained before returning to normal duty. friday night at a pub interrupted when a helicopter came crashing through the roof. tonight, new details about this deadly crash in scotland. we're also getting white house reaction to new video of an american held captive in north korea. and 100 days is almost up. the name of the national zoo's baby panda is about to be revealed.
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helicopter crash in scotland is climbing. the police chopper crashed last night onto the roof of a crowded pub in glasgow, killing eight people, three in the helicopter and five inside the bar. police say 32 other people were hurt. they don't know for sure if there are more victims in the building until the helicopter wreckage is removed. and that process could take days. right now, the white house is calling for the release of an 85-year-old american who is a korean war veteran and he's been held captive in north korea for more than a month. this comes just hours after north korea released a video of 85-year-old merrill newman apologizing for his alleged
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crimes. he was detained in late october. he was taken off a plane just as he was about to leave pyongyang. north korea says new man apologized for crimes during the korean war and for "hostile acts," against the state during the recent trip. well, north korea has a history of releasing videos of detainees who are forced to apologize. white house says it is concerned about his health and his advanced age. a chilly weekend could give way to a december warmup. ahead, amelia's back to tell us
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a big day at the national zoo. tomorrow officials will announce the name of the new baby panda seen her earlier today on the panda cam. the zoo says it received more than 123,000 online votes to choose the panda's name. now, in keeping with chinese tradition, the winning name won't be announced until she is 100 days old and that is tomorrow. the name will be revealed on scrolls hanging from a 12-foot arch at the zoo and the public is invited to attend. the 2013 hurricane season officially came to an end today, and it was historically weak. 1378 named storms formed in the atlantic this year. only two became hurricanes. and they never made landfall in the u.s. the only named storm that did make landfall was tropical storm andrea back in june. that goes down as one of the
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quietest hurricane seasons in more than 60 years. i don't think we're disappointed in that. >> not at all. >> amelia is going to warm things up for us. >> hard to believe december 1st is here tomorrow. we've been cold lately. this last week has been chilly. can't forget the two days of rain we had heading on into the thanksgiving holiday. all the rain on tuesday and wednesday. well, today just cloudy and on the coolside. tomorrow oo will be the better day. just nice weather for tomorrow. and it is going to be a dry start to december. and our temperatures are slowly going to warm. we're going to shake this chill in a big way. wait till you the numbers on the seven-day. i've increased them a little bit from where they were this morning. temperatures right now are in the 30s across the area. 38 degrees in washington. and we're at 37 in college park, 34 for those of you in rockville. cloudy skies right now. clouds will break up overnight tonight. here with future weather, i'm starting off tomorrow morning at 6:30. notice how we're completely dry throughout the day tomorrow. baby you're traveling home from
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your thanksgiving holiday. i hope you enjoyed your stay. travel weather looking really good across the area. temperatures tomorrow will be in the 40s for the most part. 47 for a high in washington. 49 in manassas -- 45 for a high in gaithersburg. areas like culpeper, charlottesville and lore ray warming into it the low 50s. we are going to see more sunshine tomorrow. the cloud/sun mix throughout the day. taking a look at radar across the country, you can see for the most part, it is very quiet. so the you're catching a flight tomorrow. shouldn't be a problem. i'm not expecting too many weather-related delays unless you're heading to the rockies or the pacific northwest because a storm system will continue to intensify here, bringing heavy rain, mountain snows and strong winds. but elsewhere, pretty quiet right now. as we take a look at the next seven days, notice how temperatures slowly warm from here. so 47 for a high temperature
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tomorrow. by friday, we're in the low 60s. but then we return to cooler weather next saturday. of course, the redskins playing tomorrow evening at fedex field. taking on the giants, kickoff at 8:30. if you're heading to the game, it's going to be cool, not frigid. i would suggest a couple layers with temperatures for the game around 40 degrees. light winds. we're not looking at any strong winds and partly cloudy skies for that game. monday, plenty of clouds around. a high of 48 degrees. tuesday, mostly cloudy. a high of 50. there's a slight chance that those of new southern maryland  and the eastern shore are dealing with a little bit of rain for the morning and midday hours on tuesday, but most of the area will be dry. for wednesday, this is when is you start to see our pattern change. mostly sunny. high temperatures in the low 50s. but the big pattern shift arrives on thursday. as cold air goes up to the north, mild air makes its way into the area again, 2 on friday, back down to 48 with a chance of rain next saturday. thank you very much, amelia.
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coming up in sports, a big loss for georgetown. this one wasn't on the court. plus an impressive final act in the acc
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certainly been an up and down season. luckily it ends up. >> when you think about all the injuries that maryland had this season, i know we talked about that last year, it has been a remarkable season for the program. think of today's game as one last audition for the terps. maryland, played nc state in their season final ef- it's the last chance they had to beef up their resume in hopes of making it to a bowl game and the last program's regular season game in the acc. randy and the terps looking to finish out the acc in style. first quarter, maryland down 7-3. right around midfield. c.j. brown. finds nij king. this a 53-yard touch down hookup. the terps go on top to, 10-. ben brown the senior showing off the legs.
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later on in the quarter, he's going to call his own number. right up the middle and down the sidelines. 49-yard touch down run here. three touchdowns on the day. and a career high 138 yards on the ground for brown. maryland go up 17-7. later on, brown looking to put the icing on the cake. he's going to connect here with albert reed, 27 yards, score, five touchdowns in game for brown total. maryland wins their final acc game, 41-21 and finish the regular season with a record of 7-5. battle of virginia hokies taking on the cavaliers. first quarter, virginia tech on top. the cavs are moving the ball. david an watford finds jake mcgee. he'll take this down the sidelines all the way down to the 22 yard line. it's a 38 yard game to set up the tying field goal. second quarter, hokies up 9-6. logan thomas says he's going to find trey edmonds over the
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middle here. edmonds stays on his feet somewhere. and gets into the end zone. first touch down of the day gives virginia tech a ten-point lead. right now, they're up 16-6 in the fourth quarter. this has to be one of the best rivalries in all of college football. ohio state and michigan. great game today. fourth quarter after michigan erased a 14-point deficit, carlos hyde goes up the middle. buckeyes up 42-35. back comes michigan. a little over 30 seconds left. devin gardener finds devin functionious. two yard score and the big house is going nuts. michigan an extra point would tie the game but brady hoke says i want to win this. they go for two, but it's picked off in the end zone. ohio state crazy finish. they remain perfect on the season. 12-0. they hold on to win it, 42-41. high school football playoffs.
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stonewall jackson at centreville, first quarter, stonewall jackson's greg stroman connects with rock smith. 83 yards, wide open over the middle. the raiders take a 14-7 lead. the wildcats get right back in this game in a huge way. opening kickoff the second half, a.j. turner. takes it on his own 6 yard line. he's going the other way. 94 yards to the house. centreville stays undefeated. they're 13-0 with a 52-27 win over stonewall jackson. let's talk some college basketball now. today, johns thompson iii announced ford whittington has been dismissed from the basketball team. last year he was ruled academically ineligible after playing 13 games. j.t.iii and georgetown hosting lipscomb. first half, hoyas up seven. devon tas smith-rivera gets the steal there, be going the other
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way for the easy he led the team with 17 points. the sophomore. under a minute left. here come the bison. martin smith knocks down the three. he had 16 points. georgetown got it together in the second half. mccale starks the senior, he makes it look easy there. hoyas start a 13-0 run. later on, are doing more work this time, mccale hopkins with the tom ma hawk jam in. hoyas win it 70-49. the patriots, go ahead and fire up the green machine. george mason hosting it rhode island. second half, patriots up by one. rhode island's xavier monthford's shot is blocked by sherrod wright. 16 points for wright. later on in the half, here come the rams. dorell rochelle drives, we're tied at 52. under a minute to go, bryant allen working the pick and roll
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here to perfection. gets to the bucket. mason, they go up and win it, 61-54. can't believe college football coming to an end. the bowl games will be here before you know it. that will be it. >> and we have a game tomorrow at fedex field. a lot of people want to get outside. >> it's going to be cool. the temperatures around 40 as some sports come to an end. december begins tomorrow. it will be a better day. partly sunny day and a high of 47. >> that's the news for now. nightly news is up next. we'll be back at 11:00, we hope you
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on this saturday night, deadly crash. after a police helicopter slams into a crowded pub, we are on the scene as investigators look for answers. buying frenzy. the numbers just in for the biggest shopping day of the year. plus the big move to shopping on the go with all those mobile devices. ready or not. with a deadline looming, we are with some trying to log on to the supposedly improved health care website. house calls. how one big health system tries to ease the burden of care with with a new kind of home medicine. and the comeback. once threatened, now thriving again with a little help from their friends.


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