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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 6, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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way. there's already a winter storm watch in effect for our region. we start with chief meteorologist doug kammerer monitoring it. hi, doug. >> it's going to be a busy weekend. we are dealing with a one-two punch. punch one is coming in the form of rain. >> this is a storm system that is going to impact sus a large air yachlt. >> right now, we are dealing with the rain. storm team 4 showing the rain in northern virginia montgomery county and prince george's county. most of it is on the lighter side. we will continue to see this rain right through the night tonight. the heaviest is still to come. if you are going out tonight, make sure you take your umbrellas. you can see frederick and gaithersburg, leesburg this is all rain and will stay all rain. with the first round, all rain is what we see. back to the west we are seeing snow. this is the colder air moving in. we will not see any of this snow come through the area.
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it will bring through enough cold air the next system will give us a hit. >> take a look for sunday. the number of counties under a winter storm watch for the possibility of seeing snow, sleet as well as some freezing rain all the way through charles county as well as stafford county. far and wide. some areas will be impacted greater than others. you can see it there, coming into the area starting early sunday morning. it's snow sleet and freezing rain. in a couple minutes, meteorologist doug kammerer will be back to show you where the worst areas are going to be as we go into sunday night in the monday morning rush. doreen? >> all right, we'll see you in a few minutes. thank you. road crews are gearing up for the mess. transportation reporter adam tuss is finding out how crews are working to make the roads
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clear. adam? >> reporter: there are already preparations under way. tonight, a sloppy ride home as it has weather people have been telling you. a live look here river road in bethesda. a very cold wet, steady rain out here right now. the crews have to wait until the rain clears before they can start pretreating. they want to pretreat ahead of freezing rain. bundling up as the cold weather sets in. edith winter weather coming. she says her best defense is her coat. >> staying dry and warm right? >> sure. >> reporter: road crews preparing for sunday. >> we are definitely feel there's something to the storm. >> reporter: steve with v-dot says the wheels are in motion. >> snow you can treat easier. ice is hard to do and it's most treacherous. sometimes black ice, you can't see it. but we have a -- we are actually mobilizing. we'll be a high level two,
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between 600 and 700 vehicles or trucks out on the road. >> reporter: the maryland state highway also getting game plans to if you have a holiday shopping list, tomorrow seems to be the day to check it off. it could get busy at the malls. sunday the redskins and ravens have home games. take public transportation if possible. marc trains start running between d.c. and baltimore this weekend. even with the forecast, some say bring on the cold. >> i want a nice long two week vacation of snow snowmageddon. >> reporter: not sure if that's on tap anytime soon but looks like the first real taste of winter precipitation is coming. back here now live along river road in bethesda. once the crews can get a handle on this rain once the rain stops, the road drys up. they will start pretreating. expect to see them out there tomorrow. reporting live in bethesda adam tuss news 4.
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>> thanks adam. stay with news 4 and the weather team all weekend for the coverage of the winter storm watch. jim? we have learned how the world will pay tribute to nelson mandela. a schedule of formal events to honor the president. he died last night at the age of 95. this sunday will be a day of prayer and reflection. on tuesday, there's a memorial in johannesburg stadium. the antiapartheid leader's body will stay for several days before the burial sunday. shomari stone joins us live from the south african embassy in northwest washington with more on the services planned here. shomari? >> reporter: yes, we have services that start, but i must first point out tonight at 7:00 there's a prayer service here in front of the nelson mandela statue. it's worth mentioning that i don't know how many people are going to show up. this weather is really bad out
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here. i have seen a couple people come here recently. as far as a lot of folks coming out, due to this weather, i don't know how many people are going to show up. many folks are coming to pay tribute to nelson mandela. >> it's a very sad day. >> reporter: carolyn farmer signs a book at the south african embassy sending condolences to mandela's family. >> i'm sad, but i'm also very honored to have lived at a time when such a great leader was able to with stand a lot of injustice, a lot of cruelty and never turn to hatred. >> reporter: hundreds of people from d.c. maryland and virginia have stopped by to drop off flowers, candles, notes and photos to honor him. he touched their lives with his heroism and some silently reflect how he helped the oppressed and spent 27 years in jail in his fight against apartheid. >> i'm very sad to hear of his passing, however, i'm happy i'm
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here in d.c. and i can pay tribute. >> reporter: outside the embassy, you can look here and see this large display. it says celebrating the life legacy and values of nelson mandela. vincent gray will push for d.c. public schools to teach of his struggle for justice and peace. >> i want to be able to work to get into the curriculum of our schools, a unit that will focus on nelson mandela. >> reporter: you are looking at a live picture of the makeshift memorial outside the embassy. the secret service did a sweep here around ten minutes ago with a canine to make sure there aren't anything to hurt people who come here to celebrate his life at 7:00. a memorial is being planned at the washington national cathedral for wednesday at 11:00. that will be the official memorial here in the united states so a lot of folks are
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expected to come into town for that. a lot of people tell me they are going to come here if they can tonight to try and pay tribute to nelson mandela. live on massachusetts avenue i'm shomari stone, news 4. from the south african embassy here to a live picture outside nelson mandela's home in johannesburg there are handles burning and many bouquets of flowers placed outside in his honor. visitors are arriving constantly to pay respects even though it's after 1:00 in the morning in south africa. we just learned president obama, mrs. obama president bush and his wife will travel together. local leaders feel a special connection to the legacy. tom sherwood has more on how mandela's work helped shape the people shaping our community today. >> reporter: josh williams for 30 years led the metropolitan
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labor council. he still gets gidy when he talks about meeting mandela here in 1990. >> i would say it's such an honor to meet you madiba. i didn't say mandela, i said madiba. don't ask me why, it just came out of my mouth. >> reporter: the colorful posters from 1994 when he was an election watcher in south africa. he likes the picture taken with mandela at the cia headquarters because of his fierce support for labor. >> that to me is the picture i will always cherish. he was in the house of labor. >> reporter: d.c. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton has her own memories. she was among four that helped spark demonstrations to bring
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about reform in south africa and freedom for trade leaders there. she said it was time to celebrate his long and worthy life of making life better for many people. >> there's not a lot to mourn if you consider the life he lived and his gift to the world. we always mourn for the passing of one of the great men of our time. in south africa they are dancing. they are jubilant because they understand their freedom is a straight line from his sacrifice. >> reporter: tom sherwood news 4. >> we hope you'll stay with news 4 and for continuing coverage of remembering the life of nelson mandela. you can see photos of mandela from throughout his life. rainfalling all day. didn't stop festivities at the christmas tree lighting ceremony. it's an annual tradition going back 91 years. president obama, the first lady
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and daughters, malia and sasha flipped the switch lighting up this mighty spruce. somewhere in the crowd, through the fog is mark segraves. a little rain didn't stop the crowds from coming out, mark? >> reporter: absolutely not. the wind is making it much worse. when the wind blows, it makes it cold. you can feel the rain. a lot of people have been trickling out. thousands remain. the queen of sole just wrapped up. we are getting ready to hear from train momentarily. a half hour to 40 minutes ago, the first family showed up and flipped the switch. >> we are going start at five. >> yeah let's do five. >> because it's a little wet. we shouldn't start at ten. all right? everybody ready? >> yeah! >> five four three, two, one -- >> whew! ♪
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>> reporter: there you have it the 91st lighting of the national christmas tree. this is different than any other previous national christmas tree because it has its own twitter handle the national tree. if you want to tweet it it has a twitter handle. we are about to hear from the rock band train. again, the rain continues to come down. in about ten minutes or so president obama will address the crowd. you'll want to stay with us. news 4 is going to carry it live. that's a scene from the ellipse, mark segraves, news 4. >> we'll keep it there, thank you. positive signs for our economy tonight. the country's job market is getting stronger. the nation's unemployment fell to 7% in november. the lowest level we have seen in five years. analysts say it's because of a surprising boost in payrolls. employers added 203,000 jobs last month. it's about 20,000 more jobs than analysts were expecting.
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the economy added jobs for four straight months. >> that news sent the stock market soaring today. the dow closing 198 points higher, over the 16,000 mark. there were concerns it fed would take action on bond purchases which kept interest rates low and supported the stock market. the d.c. police chief faced the media with several officers under investigation. what we learned about an officer accused of taking nude pictures of a 15-year-old girl. two men wanted for a home invasion. >> reporter: consultants told the gaming commission they need to go with mgm. part of the reason location location location. i'll explain and hear what the competitors have to say, coming up on news 4 at 6:00. ♪ and all the fun we had last year ♪ ♪ preetty lights on the trees ♪
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♪ i'm
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there's a lead in the search for a gunman holding up a woman inside their home. they just released the security camera video of the two men they call suspects. they forced their way in in
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bethesda. they stole stuff inside and then took the families cadillac escalade. the family was not physically hurt. back live to the ellipse, the president has just been introduced by the interior secretary. let's hear from him now. >> not only for us but the generations to follow. please join me in welcoming, the 44th president of the united states barack obama. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> merry christmas, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] this show is always a great way to get in the holiday spirit. every year i rehearse my own little act just in case but it seems like yet again, they couldn't find space to squeeze me into the program. you are lucky i'm not singing.
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first of all -- first of all, let me thank secretary jewel and welcome her to her first christmas tree lighting. she is doing a great job for our national parks. she used to run one of america's biggest outdoor recreation companies, now she's in charge of protecting the great outdoors for all of us. we want to thank the park foundation and park service team for helping to put this beautiful production together. let's also give it up for jane lynch and all the great performers who are doing an incredible job putting us in a festive mood tonight. and to all americans who are here today and watching at home we are so glad to be part of this wonderful holiday tradition. for 91 years, the national
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christmas tree has stood as a beacon of light and a promise during the holiday season. during times of peace and prosperity challenge and change americans have gathered around the national tree to kick off the holiday season and give thanks for everything that makes this time of year magical. spending time with friends and family and spreading tidings of peace and good will here and around the world. this year we give a special measure of gratitude for nelson mandela, a man who championed that generosity of spirit. in his life he blessed us with tremendous grace and unbelievable courage. we are all privileged to live in a world touched by his goodness. each christmas, we celebrate the birth of a child who came into the world with only a stable's roof to shelter him.
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but through a life of humility and the ultimate sacrifice, the life guided by faith and kindness toward others christ assumed a mighty voice teaching us lessons of compassion and charity that lasted nor than two millenniums. he ministered to the poor. he embraced the outcast. he healed the sick. and in him, we see a living example of scripture that we ought to love others not only through words, but through our deeds. it's a message both timeless and universal. no matter what god you pray to or if you pray to none at all, we all have a responsibility to ourselves and to each other to make a difference that is real and lasting. we are our brother's keeper we are our sister's keeper. on this season of generosity let's reach out to those who need help the most in this season of reflection.
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let's make sure that our incredibly brave service members and their families know how much we appreciate their sacrifice and their several military families and servicemen and women here tonight, we are grateful to you for all that you do. in this season of hope let us come together as one people one family to ensure that we are doing everything we can to keep america, the land of endless opportunity and boundless optimism for which we are thankful. on behalf of malia, sasha, marian, the first lady michelle, plus bo and sunny, i want to wish everybody a merry christmas and a joyful holiday season. god bless you, god bless the troops. god bless the united states of america. >> takes a lot of character to be out there tonight.
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it is rainy, it's cold. doug that could be you. we needed you here in the news room because of the approaching really bad weather. >> i have been down there the last three years.watching the storm make its way in here we knew we had a lot of rain. temperatures have stayed up. it's been the good news from this. we are looking at the live shot. it looks nice. we continue to see the rain. most has been on the lighter side. just seeing the moderate rain move in across the district toward the festivities inside the beltway. loudoun county gaithersburg frederick county charlestown, we are seeing some of that heavier rain come down. we'll continue to see the rain come down all night long. along through early tomorrow morning, i think it will end around 6:00 7:00 tomorrow morning for most of us. we have all this moisture to go. notice the snow to the west. we will not be dealing with that. temperatures will cool but no problems with rain or rather snow or ice tonight. look at the temperatures well
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above freezing. that's why. 43 in manassas and washington. winchester, 39. that's the cold spot. overnight, temperatures go down close to freezing. by that time the rain moves out of here. there's the rain coming through. early tomorrow morning, it's gone. by 9:00 a.m. everybody is dealing with chilly and breezy conditions. still rain along portions of the eastern shore and maybe southern maryland. that's it. 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, we are fine. tomorrow is going to be a good day. it's going to be chilly and breezy bundle up. we will not see rain snow or ice tomorrow. it's all coming sunday starting around 10:00 or 11:00 as snow coming across the area. some locations could pick up accumulating snow out of this. itis not the snow we are worried about, it is the ice. ice is a bigger deal than snow. i want to show you southern maryland. calvert county st. marys and charles, it's mostly a rain event for you. i'm not worried about the roads. west of i-95 montgomery prince
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william, fauquier culpeper anyone by i-81 or the blue ridge, ice is a threat here. what i mean is i think we'll see upwards of a quarter inch of ice and could see downed trees, branches and power lines. be prepared for power to go ouchltout. winter storm warning in effect two to four inches of snow and ice. this is not just snow it's ice, too. a little less around that area. still, a big problem. four day forecast 43 degrees on saturday down to 33 on sunday. sunday is the day it all happens. still rain on monday with a high of 45. early monday could be a bit of a problem. if you are traveling early on monday we'll talk about that coming up but we could have some delays. maybe school closures during the morning on monday morning well to the west. tune into nbc 4 at 4:00 a.m. a
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little bit in the way of snow on tuesday. nothing to worry about here. this is much less. look at all the cold numbers. high temperatures only in the 30s. next wednesday, thursday and on friday. we will see some very cold conditions as we head toward next week. as you know you can stay ahead of the storm all weekend long. we will continue to give you the latest on our weather app. you can download that on google play and itunes as well. make sure you stay with us this weekend. sunday could be a problematic day for sure. >> we will stay tuned. >> we'll be here. >> back live to the ellipse. a live performance from mariah carey. ♪ what more can i do ♪ ♪ baby all
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we are hearing new reaction tonight from a hearing that will help determine where a casino will go up in prince george's county. mgm did well with the analysts reviewing the location. competitors say the consultants are looking at it wrong. tracee wilkins explains. >> reporter: mgms proposed location set it apart from competitors. >> mgm has a better location. it is three to four minutes closer to almost everybody in
6:28 pm
the marketplace. >> reporter: today, they told the video lottery commission most gamblers will come from virginia and d.c. the location at the corner of the beltway and 295 outways the advantage of parx offering a larger casino. >> they are starting with the premise three to four minutes matters. it doesn't. >> reporter: he wants his casino off indian head highway. penn gaming spokesmen agree driving a few minutes from the beltway shouldn't mean less money from the state. >> the commissioner's question was interesting, if there's only one choice what difference does three minutes matter? >> reporter: they project mgm to have higher revenue at $713 million a year. penn national expected to make $560 million a year and parx
6:29 pm
$682 million. >> we think it reflects the same thing we have been saying all along. we are the best company with the best proposal. >> one of the consultants rated us as a better facility. the other said we are as good as mgm. i don't understand how you conclude we won't do as much revenue. >> reporter: if they get it this is the sight it's going to go. you can see all the highway access the analysts liked about the site. this is not the end. the final vote from the gaming commission is going to come at the end of the month. at national harbor, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. nasty weather out there right now. it's going to get worse. we have a winter storm watch in effect. >> that's right. if we thought today was nasty, just wait huh, doug? >> that's right. it is going to get nastier for the next couple days. you saw storm team 4 radar. we'll show it again.
6:30 pm
this is the rain and the snow to the west. that area of snow will not make its way our way. we are going to be fine. it's the rain. if you are going out and about, take your umbrella. you will need it as you make your way out, no matter what you are doing tonight. early, early tomorrow morning, heads up. we are going to see the storm system makes its way through here. we are going to see potential for ice. this is monday morning. this is why i think we could have delays monday morning around frederick county maryland and virginia. through the panhandle of west virginia and d.c. will be okay monday morning. sunday a different issue. monday heading back to work and kids going to school we could see delays. you want to make sure you tune in for that. i'll update you on who i think sees the most snow and ice. that coming up in 15 minutes. doug thank you. they are wrapping up the snow down there on the ellipse. the president has been dancing on the stage.
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the first lady and first family malia and sasha. we saw mariah carey a short time ago singing. now shaking hands with the elves. you know it's over then. >> there's quite a dancing elf there on the right. >> wow. he's got some moves. >> they have a lot of energy for people standing out in the rain for a couple hours now. >> what a show it has been. >> so the holidays are here. tonight, d.c. police chief cathy lanier calls the scandals rocking the department devastating. one officer charged with child investigation in a prostitution case. pat collins has new details on both cases and new reaction from the chief. >> reporter: two seventh district police officers one charged with taking naked pictures of a 15-year-old girl while he was on duty. another cop has his apartment searched after a 16-year-old girl says he tried to get her
6:32 pm
involved in prostitution. two cops two cases, hurtful to the image and confidence of the d.c. police department. >> so many police officers come to work every day and put their life on the line for absolute strangers and never give it a second thought. one action like this tarnishes all of us. it's devastating for all of us. >> reporter: the stanton road apartment case. according to documents a 16-year-old girl said a cop here took naked photos of her, gave her the prostitution anymore nak juicy and arranged for her to engage in sexual acts. the cop who lives in this apartment has not been charged. investigators are trying to verify the teenagers story. this is what neighbors are saying. have you ever seen the young girls coming and going from that apartment there? >> sometimes. >> reporter: were you suspicious? >> he said it was nieces.
6:33 pm
>> hey, listen go to the police. i was like whoa the police are the one that is hurt the kids. >> reporter: now to district court and police officer mark washington. he's charged with taking pictures of that 15-year-old girl and on his camera the prosecutors say they found naked pictures of at least two other individuals who appear to be minors. in court today, the judge said officer washington could if he puts his house up for collateral if he stays in the house, 24/7. pat collins, news 4. tonight, we learned of two more young women saying they were raped inside the wilson aquatic center in d.c. the alleged victims are teenagers who say two men took them to the pool and assaulted them back on november 9th. one of the men being investigated works at the aquatic center and is accused in
6:34 pm
another sex assault in a pool locker room. we are still waiting to hear back from d.c.s parks and rec department on whether the suspect still works at the swimming pool. st stabbing of creigh deeds prompted major changes in the department of behavioral health and services. he was stabbed by his son austin last month. his son killed himself a day after being released from custody. mental health officers say they will introduce procedures to make sure hospital beds are available for those who pose a danger to themselves and others. it will go into effect january 13th. president obama will join world leaders in south africa next week to pay tribute to nelson mandela. there's been a tremendous outpouring of apexfollowing the
6:35 pm
accident accident affection for a man. >> reporter: the memory of nelson mandela is burning brightly. south africans are starting ten days of good-byes. americans are feeling the loss. >> from ohio and here at this time is overwhelming. >> reporter: at the embassy in washington hundreds are coming to pay their respects. >> i'm not sure obama would be president without mandela. >> everybody has united today. >> reporter: uniting his nation after apartheid was his mission. when he brought his white jailers to his presidential inauguration in 1994 colin powell was there. >> he said let's reach out and show love and reconciliation. he kind of reminds me in the experience of the united states he's our washington and our lincoln and martin luther king all rolled in one. >> hillary clinton was at the
6:36 pm
inauguration struck by how mandela managed two lives at once. >> a lawyer and a freedom fighter. a prisoner and a leader. a man of anger and of forgiv >> there was no contradiction in what he stood for. >> the idea that every single human ought to be free and oppression can end and justice prevail. >> reporter: the white house announced president obama will go to south africa joining world leaders and south africans for the funeral of nelson mandela. >> there's a major memorial at the national cathedral for this foreign leader held in high esteem for many americans. i'm steve handelsman news 4. we are getting word reverend
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brand-new reaction coming in from one of the most well known figures in capetown on the day of mandela's release from prison. pat lawson muse has it. >> jesse jackson just wrapped up a press conference. back in 1990 he was speaking at a church service outside
6:40 pm
capetown shortly before mandela was released. tonight, jackson is praising mandela's non-violence stance in fighting racism. >> and he is delighted in some sense. he said to me trs ago that he was captured. he would have rather been captured 27 years than have on his hands people from a hospital and school. he could not reconcile with his son shens. that was the soul of the man. >> a delegation from his rain bow push coalition. we just learned that in new york city tonight, the lights on the empire state building will shine in the colors of the south african flag in honor of nelson mandela. jim? doreen? >> thank you. virginia tech has a
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
virginia state police
6:43 pm
launched a new app today aimed at smartphone users in the commonwealth. see something, say something. you can send police pictures or video of suspicious situations. police chose potomac mills mall to debut the new tool. some worry about privacy issues. >> luxury of being anonymous is slightly taken away from you because they now have your cell phone number and your information. >> no archiving of tips or maintaining a collection data base. >> the app can be downloaded for free. the quickest way to reach them is by dialling 911 or pound 77 especially if it's an emergency. virginia tech has a new president. he's been president of the university for almost 14 years. in june he announced his
6:44 pm
resignation and agreed to stay until the board found a replacement. sands was the executive vice president and provost at purdue university before accepting the position in virginia. straight ahead, a jogger gets hit by a deer. doug tell us about the snow and ice coming our way. >> it's coming up on sunday. right now, it's just the rain. miserable night.
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
two loudoun county women are out of the hospital after an accident involving a deer. what's unusual is one of the women was jogging when the deer hit her. julie carey went to ashburn to find out how it happened. >> it's insane. >> it's odd. was she okay. >> horrible. >> reporter: reactions of surprise as we told ashburn
6:47 pm
residents of the accident near the ramp to the greenway. investigators say it happened this way, a woman was driving on claiborne parkway when she hit a deer, it slammed into the side of a jogger coming down the path. the deer took off. both the women, the driver and the runner had to be taken to the hospital. this man who lives near the scene spotted the accident on his way home. >> it looked like a one-car crash. >> reporter: today, something caught his eye outside the fence. >> this morning, i noticed big vultures flig around and there's a dead deer that i guess was hit. >> reporter: he thought the accident and dead deer might be connected, but never imagined a jogger was injured by the airborne deer. >> it's an anomaly. you don't hear about a deer striking somebody. it got knocked off the path and
6:48 pm
hit the jogger. it was a surprise. >> reporter: the 71-year-old driver and 27-year-old jogger were treated for injuries and released from the hospital. most drivers say they are already on high alert for deer because there are so many collisions. now, they may keep an eye out when they are on foot. >> i might look out for deer next time i'm jogging. >> in ashburn, virginia julie carey, news 4. >> i bet the deer are looking for warm dry spots to hide out for a few days. >> it's going to be tough. it is. tonight, we are dealing with the rain and the cooler numbers coming in. over the next couple days, the snow and the ice. the ice is what i want everybody to focus on. the snow will be pretty when it starts but it's not going to last long. it will quickly change to sleet and freezing rain. it would pose huge problems sunday. 46 degrees with the rain coming
6:49 pm
down. wind out of the north at 17 miles an hour. 62 earlier this morning. we talked about a mild morning and a cooler afternoon. that's exactly what we are dealing with now. windchills down into the 30s. they continue to fall. look at the rain. most of it to the north of 66 and 50. if you live toward southern maryland, drizzle. the heavier rain to the west it continues to move in. you can see it along the beltway and 270 making for a slow go. it will be slow. if you are going out, make sure you have the umbrellas. you will need them tonight. this system will slide down across the region. as it does the colder air moves in. it will not change the snow in our area. the snow to the west stays to the west. sunday we have a chance to see snow. we are not talking much. a dusting to an inch along i-95. to the west winchester and leesburg frederick and northern montgomery county one to two inches. some locations possibly more.
6:50 pm
the snow is not the big deal. it will be the ice. this is the area we expect the ice. not southern maryland or the district, western montgomery prince william, all to the west. snow to ice, ice accumulating a tenth of an inch. some spots a half inch. icy roadways and branches that come down and power outages. we could be without power. that. the next couple days we are staying cold. more chances of rain on monday. another chance of snow tuesday. not much here. don't errorworry about that. next week it's just cold. >> thank you, doug. jason pugh what's coming up in sports. >> the wizards top draft post. the relationship between coordinator and quarterback brought into question. the answer
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
well it's already started, jason, the first coach out the door. >> it's an unfortunate situation, but we see it all the time. our coach is still here shanahan is still here. the nfl, we know is a brutal business. what have you done for me lately? the houston texans felt their
6:54 pm
head coach hadn't done enough. after eight seasons, kubiak was fired. a loss to the jaguars sealed his fate. they dropped their 11th straight ball game. they had super bowl aspirations going into the season. they now have the worst record in the nfl, they are 2-1 in eight seasons. kubiak made playoffs twice in his career. as for the redskins a lot is made of the relationship between rg iii and his head coach and his offensive. the offense ranks 19th in points per game. last year the fourth best offense in the lead. some believe it's because kyle and rg iii are on the same page. >> when you don't win games, people say this is why or that's why. that comes with the territory. the only thing i can worry about or do about it is because it's
6:55 pm
someone else's perception not make it my reality. i know what happens. i know my relationship with robert. we go to work every day, we are competitive. when he does good i feel i do good. when he does bad, i have responsibility. >> it's being blown out of proportion. the media wants to talk about something. you know we just don't pay attention to it. we keep going and know what we have to do. if we were winning games, it would be a different story. we know what we are here for. >> the redskins host kansas city on sunday. the team is trying to snap the four-game losing streak. believe it or not, the media, we want to see the team do well. it's better to cover a good team opposed to a bad team. i'm not responsible. don't blame it on us. in basketball the wizards are .500. they are a .500 team. they are 9-9. tonight, they take on milwaukee. if they win, they are over .500
6:56 pm
for the first time since 2007. something else we will see for the first time the wizards top draft pick has not played at all this season. tonight, he's listed as active for the wizards. verizon center is a familiar place for him. wizards take on the bucs. tip off for that is in a few minutes. baseball news nate m mcclouth. elsewhere, the 2014 world cup groupings were announced. it's a difficult draw for the americans were drawn in group "g" that features ghana, portugal and germany. the last time they were bounced in the world cup, it was at the hands of ghana and germany. ghana eliminated them in 2006 and 2010.
6:57 pm
class participation on this. best way to propose to your girlfriend a, dress up like a mascot b, over the jumbo tron or c, none of the above. >> c. >> you are all wrong. game last night against the heat dressed up like the bulls mascot popped out and proposed to his girlfriend. she's a cheerleader, by the way. the better question how do you get a girl like that. >> seriously. how does that happen? how does that happen? >> isn't it totally -- >> she said yes. >> that is totally against the rules. a person to come out of the mascot costume. my goodness. >> jason, we'll talk after the show. >> "nightly news" is heading your way next. >> see you at 11:00 with the sights and sounds of the national christmas tree lighting. >> merry christmas to all and to all a good night.
6:58 pm
♪ may all your christmases
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on our broadcast tonight, man of the world. tonight they are celebrating nelson mandela in the streets of south africa and across the globe. special coverage tonight including our conversation with former president clinton. also this evening, the dangerous storm heading across a huge portion of the country. tens of millions of americans in its path and another right behind it. great expectations. after a surge in jobs unemployment drops to its lowest level in five years. a work in progress, but can it be sustained? once in a lifetime. mandela's visit to our country. those who were there reflect on


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