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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 9, 2013 4:30am-5:01am EST

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including the federal government, open with a two-hour delay arrival. employees have the option for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. thousands of children in our area can sleep in a little bit this morning. d.c. public schools are opening two hours late. fairfax, loudoun, prince william, and stafford county schools are closed. also in virginia, manassas city, manassas park, spotsylvania county, culpeper county schools are closed. alexandria schools opening two hours late, so are those in frederick county, maryland. a complete list scrolling at the the bottom of your screen now. you can feigned that list at as well. it could be a long morning if you have to head out today. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein begins our coverage, our time coverage, this half hour, tom. good morning. i'm happy to report that much of the wade spread freezing rain we've had since last evening has broken up a lot. we just have scattered, light freezing rain. now these areas in pink
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advancing southwest to northeast. areas in green, that's some light rain now falling in much of prince george's county, charles, calvert, the eastern shore. further north and west, prince william, fauquier, much of fairfax county getting some light freezing rain. many of those locations have had about a tenth of an inch of ice and much of loudoun county as much as 0.3 of an inch of ice, a little over a quarter of an inch as well as around montgomery county, southern frederick and up into carroll county, those are the zones that got the heaviest icing. the pan hahandle of west virgin northern shenandoah valley. steven city up to winchester, they, too, got about a quarter of an inch of ice on the tree limbs and power lines. as a result we have power outages and we still have a winter storm watch in effect all these counties in color northern virginia, the district, prince geor george's, montgomery, fairfax, arlington, falls church in effect until 10:00 this morning. temperatures right now are below
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freezing. south and east it is generally just a couple of degrees above freezi freezing. there's national airport now where it's at 34 with icing in the suburbs. we'll have that with us through 8:00. by noontime the mid-30s and just some light rain in the upper 30s and cloudy. the rain ending by early afternoon should be in the upper 30s by mid to late afternoon. and now, maynard edwards, how are the roadways? an outer loop crash, 495 at chain bridge road k. only the left lane getting by. another outer loop crash at vandorn. it's closing the right shoulder lane at this point. a live look at the crash scene. crews work iing on that one. westbound i-270 we have a crash that has been reported in the last few minutes and some slick conditions in that area. and then we have another downed tree, this one outside manassas. those are likely going to increase as the morning goes. aaron and eun, back to you. >> thanks, maynard. breaking news from the beltway.
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news 4's megan mcgrath is live at tysons now. megan, good morning to you. what's happening out there? >> reporter: take a look behind me here. you can see we only have one lane of traffic getting by to the left. we are on the outer loop of the beltway in tysons just prior to the chain bridge road exit. the problem, take a look. we have a tractor-trailer that is on its side. it appears it was carrying a load of tires. you can see that the cab itself or the truck it self has cracked open. some of those tears are now here on the roadway. they have a mess they have to clean up hear and then, of course, they have to start the business of trying to right this truck. we do have the wreckers here on the scene. it's going to be a while yet before they're able to clear this you up. and what i was told is when they actually start to use the wreckers and start to tray to put it back up on its wheels, they're going to have to close this far left lane down so that they can do that safely, which
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means we're not going to have any traffic getting by on the outer loop through this area. that, of course, not good news for rush hour had this morning. right now volume is pretty light, so we're not seeing any major tie-ups. of course depending on how long this drags on, this could all change and cause real headaches for folks this morning. back to you in the studio. we want to let you know we just got word montgomery county public schools are closed today. the superintendent tweet that had just a moment ago. montgomery county schools closed today. sev central office open at 11:00. 4:34. we will talk to pepco about widespread power outages crews are dealing with. we just checked the utility company's website. more than 7,000 customers are without electricity right now. the situation is worse in virginia. dough minimum ion says more than 23,000 people in northern virginia are in the dark right now. molette green following breaking news at the live desk. >> we heard a liberal leave policy in effect for city
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employees. all essential employees must report to work on time unless otherwise instructed. a liberal leave policy in effect for the city of frederick, maryla maryland. back to you. thank you, molette. it is now 4:35. new this morning we are getting a first look at the aftermath of a house fire in temple hills, maryland. a tree fell on a power line. presumably because of the weather and sparked the fire. everyone escaped the single l family home on joyce drive without injury. officials are still investigating to confirm what caused that fair. the winter storm has already tied up traffic this morning. take a look here. two vehicles crashed into one another on the outer loop this morning. despite the off hours, a buildup of traffic did happen on 495 right there near the rockville pike exit. officials still trying to identify what caused a fire in a moving van that closed off part of i-270 near father hurley boulevard. caught the smoke pouring out of the van.
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some of the southbound lanes were closed for hours while crews put the fire out and treated the roadway there. now you can get the latest forecast even when you are out the door by downloading the free storm team 4 weather app. it will give you the weather conditions exactly where you are. use the app to send us pictures and video that you might shoot of the nasty weather safely, of course. >> today the supreme court will hear arguments in a case that could determine if airlines can be sued for reporting suspicious behavior. the case stems from an ins tent at dulles airport. air wisconsin airlines reported concerns about the mental state of one of their own pilots as he boarded a plane back there in 2004. he sued the airline for defamation and won, but the a airline claims they should be granted immunity just as the tsa is because reporting potential security threats is critical to maintaining air safety. also today you may notice some high-tech equipment scanning every corner of the lincoln memorial. high definition scanners will
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sweep over it to make a three dimensional model that can be digitally preserved. it's a project funded by a nonprofit that is scanning sites around the world. scanning the memorial is important for making repairs if something like an east coast earthquake were to damage it. we are tracking that winter storm this morning. its wrath has been felt in cities far away from washington. we'll show you how people all around the country are digging out from this massive storm. and a live look from outside our studios in northwest washington. whether you are closer to the district or watching from areas further out, we have you covered. stay with us. did you get chips for the party? nope.
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welcome back at 4:39. our region isn't the only place fighting the blast of winter. police near milwaukee, wisconsin, said seven semis and dozens more cars slid off the roads sunday due to icing conditions. dozens of people needed to be treated. most of the cars ended up in ditches. some of the cars are still there because there weren't enough tow trucks available. quite a scene there and around the country because it's so dangerous when the conditions get so slippery so suddenly, right? some of this is starting to move out. weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 1s. let's start the with tom kierein. right now some light freezing rain in the district.
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our northern and western suburbs a little bit of scattered light freezing rain. a live view from the nbc 4 city camera. the light rain we have had overnight is breaking up now. some scattered areas in pink of scattered freezing rain, northern virginia, parts of our southern and eastern suburbs. south and east of there it is all rain because temperatures are a little bit above freezing but north and west of the metro area, north and west of i-95, these are all the zones that continue to get some light icing. right now temperatures are right at the freezing mark right in the district, south and east near the bay waters, a little bit above freezing. inland it is all below freezinging hovering right near 32 to near 30 degrees. as the day progresses near freezing through the morning. as a result we are going to have a possibility of just a little more light icing between now and 8:00 and then rain. a little bit above freezing by then. during the afternoon our temperatures reaching near the upper 30s with just a cloudy
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sky. maynard edwards, good morning. how is our traffic? we do have a couple of crashes to report, tom. this one just outside bethesda, river road at springfield drive. report of a car innin a tree. a lot of crews on the scene there. some slick conditions in that spot to be mindful of. we had a report of an accident on the inner loop near college park. we can't see it just yet and the good news is the light er volum so far this morning is really helping us in terms of keeping traffic from getting too bad. back to you in the studio. whether you're walking or driving this morning, you're sure to find ice just about everywhere you turn. getting you ready for what could be a tough morning ahead. storm team 4 radar telling us the story this morning. a second day of a huge winter storm making things very difficult for some this mo
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4:44 now. whether you are waking up in the district, maryland or virginia, you need to be careful. the second day of this winter storm meaning conditions are trick tricky for some. tom kierein, chuck bell are working on the latest conditions in the forecast. between power outages and wet or slick roads, your commute this morning could be a mess. news 4's melissa mollet with an idea of conditions before you head out the door. melissa? >> reporter: good morning. we're on river road heading back to the beltway and then we're going to head up 270 for you. as you can see in front of us us it is just wet. we're not having any major issues. i can say river road heading into the district we just actually at springfield drive saw a car into a tree, a police officer is with that person. it looks like no one is injured but obviously perhaps a slick spot on parts of the road just depending on where you are.
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if it got a little bit colder, we would be seeing icing. real hadly right now what we're really seeing is some icing and nastiness in the neighborhoods, the drive walks. no major issues river road heading out to 495. we're going to check back in with you throughout the morning. as we head north and we know things are a little bit nastier up there, aaron and eun? you thank you, melissa. maryland also dealing with dangerous roadways because of the winter weather. just last naight roadways were filled with slush. most was pushed to the side of the road but still making for difficult drafg conditions. iverson mall where some people were trying 0 to get their hands on last-minute supplies. >> even parts of the south are dealing with the effects of this winter storm. sleet and freezing rain fell near lexington, kentucky. drivers had slick conditions though craws had treated the roads. the. >> one, two, three, go, guys.
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>> see, now that's what i'm talking about. while the winter weather shut down some areas, some people enjoy the change of weather. the kids were excited to see the snow. there they are enjoying it in germantown taking full advantage of the winter wonder land. >> they brought me out here and i'm out of breath but we're having a blast. >> there you go. good tdad. schools have been canceled. stay right here for the latest on the closings. and keep it with "news 4 today" for the rest of the morning to get the latest on your forecast, the road conditions, all the closings and delays. you can stay up to speed when you can't watch by going to 13 before the hour. jury selection is expected to begin for a 20-year-old man charged with the mud after central high school student in prince george's county. prosecutors say trayvon bennett shot and killed ross as he
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killed to school last september. they say they were able to solve the case by connecting a gun used in the robbery to the one used in ross' murder. >> jury selection is expected to begin for an arlington sheriff's deputy accused of shooting and killing an alexandria man. craig patterson is charged with the murder of julian dawkins. tau ki dawkins worked as a driver for pbs. it happened during a late-night argument between the two in alexandria. patterson was off-duty at the time. two senators are calling for cameras to be put on trains after this month's deadly derailment in new york city. charles assumer and richard bloomen that wi ee bloomenthal want them aimed at the driver and the tracks. four people were killed and 60 others injured. the train's operators told investigators he fell into a daze at the controls. several civil lawsuits have already been filed, so far no
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charges, no criminal charges have been filed. 4:48 now. black friday and cyber monday are part of the holiday shopping tradition. did you know today there is another major deal day called green monday. some retailers call it cyber monday two and it brings in a lot of cash. a record spending $1 billion on this day alone. predicts that record could be broken this year with sites running discounts between 30% and 50%. >> all this to be followed by broke january. >> that's right. every year. >> if you've been doing most of your shopping on line, take som steps to make sure your kids are not poking around to spoil the surprise. the same cookies and search tracking web browsers used to personalize your shopping can also leave a trail of crumbs for your family to find out what you've been searching for. the best way to keep that from happening is to open a private browsing window when you shop. >> each of the major browsers
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has this private browsing mode and it's pretty obvious. you just go into the main selection for the file settings. >> the private windows don't record any search history but can be tracked by web browsers and your employer. well, if you don't like the cold, you are not alone. neither do bed bugs. researchers found the most effective way to kill the bugs is to freeze them for at least 80 straight hours. >> gross. >> this is my least favorite video of anytime. an easy way to do this put infected items in a plastic bag and toss it in the freezer for a couple of days. >> can i look now? okay. >> any second. it's coming. >> i guess that's one benefit of cold weather, it gets rid of the bed bugs. all right, tom. >> tom is here now. so most of the heavy stuff is starting to wind down. >> it really is. we've had enough icing overnight to cause the power outages and the tree limbs and power lines have icicles on them and a coating of ice continues. those areas you see in the pink
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on storm team 4 radar has really broken up some scattered hours with lingering icing continues across northern virginia into the district and our western northern suburbs, southern and eastern suburbs it's a mix of some icing and rain. that's the pink and the rain in the green there passing off to the east. right now, though, still lingering, light freezing rain in montgomery, howard, frederick cou counties in maryland, washington, the panhandle of west virginia and all across much of loudoun county into prince which wiilliam and fauqu much of fairfax county still getting a little bit of icing now. temperatures a key factor. it is getting above freezing near the bay waters on the tidal potomac. elsewhere it's below freezing so where we've had some icing it is not going to be melting for a while. further west and north our temperatures are only in the upper 20s to around 30 degrees with the icing still in place across the shenandoah valley, the panhandle into western maryland on top of a crust of
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ice on that snow. how much ice have we gotten? chuck bell is out on the weather deck checking on that. chuck? good morning, tom. we've had about a tenth of an inch of ice accumulating here in our studios. all the equipment outside has just that thin little coating on it. if you're one with of my twitter followers, i just tweeted out a picture right here on our tree branches. generally speaking northern maryland up into the shenandoah valley, that's where the ice has been at its greatest. generally a quarter to in some places as much as half an inch of ice will cause some travel problems first thing this morning. in and around the metro, most areas a tenth to a quarter of an inch out to northern montgomery county and east of i-95 a tenth of an inch or less of ice accumulation. don't be fooled, tom. still light, freezing drizzle out here this morning. if you're driving, you see it hit the windshield and it looks like rain. your windshield has been heated by the warm air in your car a. anything that hasn't been heated up, railings and roadways, that is freezing drizzle first thing
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this morning. yeah, all the untreated pavement, the sidewalks, your front step. make sure you get some rock salt on that because it is a sheet of ice. all these counties lit up in color are the winter storm counties including the district of columbia. just about all of northern virginia, nearby you bubs in prince george's and montgomery counties in effect until 10:00 this morning for the lingering icing i think we'll continue to have that here through 9:00. and then by noontime i think we'll be well above freezing most of the region mid-30s. so a little bit of light rain lingering. then by midafternoon cloudy. temperatures will be in the upper 30s by then. tomorrow we could get some snow. an additional 2-4 possible. lighter amounts south and east. this is ending around 4:00 in the afternoon. additional 3-6 inches of snow tomorrow. across much of loudoun county and, again, in a narrow band along the blue ridge into
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frederick county, that area could get 3-6 inches of additional snow. again, that's tomorrow morning and ending around 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. and then into wednesday we'll get some sun back. the cold pattern continues. 20s in the morning. afternoon highs in the mid-30s. over the weekend could get some rain on saturday. highs in the mid-40s. sunday highs, low 40s with sunshine. maynard edwards is in for danella. and you talked about ice forming on those tree branches. a downed tree and we have another one just outside of woodbridge at valley wood drive. this involves an overturned vehicle. there are some spots the to be mindful of. y untreated roadways will be
4:55 am
running with ice and icy spots at this point. we cleared a crash outer loop at vandorn street. we'll check on your rails in about ten minutes. >> maynard, thank you. we are keeping a close eye on the roads and the forecast this morning lacking for hot spots this morning. prince george's county public schools will open two hours late. the winter storm made for some funny moments on national television. a closer look at how one pro football player had a real taste of winter. and we are watching the roads this morning as well. take a look at some of this ice video just in to our newsroom from the district. almost everything has a coat of snow or ice this morning. it could be dangerous out there. be careful. more winter weather coverage right after this.
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welcome back at 4:58. ice is coating the lens of the camera. that is the story throughout much of our area. tom kierein joins us with the forecast in just a moment. gas prices expected to drop after the recent rise in prices. aaa expects gas prices to drop another 10 to 15 cents per gallon as supplies are expected to increase. maintenance at several gulf coast refineries caused the prices to spike in november. right now the regular price for -- the price for regular is
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$3.53 a fwgallon in the distric. $3.20. and in west virginia the price is $3.35 down a penny. d.c. looked a bit like hollywood for a special night because t 36th annual kennedy center honors were held last night. this year's honorees included shirley mclean and carlos santana. earlier in the day president obama hosted them at the white house. you can watch the kennedy center honors later this month. an iconic picture is emerging this morning from the winter storm and it comes from a football game. take a look at this. detroit lion calvin johnson catches a pass during the game in philadelphia and comes up, there, face full of snow. how about that. >> what could he have done, though? nothing. >> johnson's helmet gets dragged through a couple inches of snow there, gets most of it lodged in his facemask. how can you play in that? look at that.
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>> he held on to the ball. protected the ball. the ball is still there. >> do what you have to do. >> they played the entire game like this, whiteout conditions, could barely see what was going on. made for some good signs. >> that's what the million dollar salary will do for you. give yourself plenty of extra time this morning. ice is in a lot of places from the windshield of your car to some streets and sidewalks. and a live look now from the first 4 traffic live drive cam. we are on the roads with you helping you prepare for the day ahead. we want to get right to a number of school and government closings caused by the winter storm. first, the federal government is open with a two-hour delay today. employees do have the option for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. now to some local school districts. d.c. public schools opening two hours late today. prince


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