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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 14, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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♪ follow ev'ry rainbow ♪ till you find ♪ your ♪ dream [ bells tolling ]
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>> now at 11:00 stuck on the tracks, amtrak passengers for hours they couldn't move even though they were just a few miles away. the metroñiñr area has seen zi] isçó plenty of winter left in your 7-day forecast. and we are learning more about the high school senior who opened fire in a colorado school. his class mates react as they return to campus one day ih r(tc the shootimr news at 11:00 starts now. good evening everyone. we begin tonight with a group of hours latet( toñr union station. their trainxd fromw3 charlottese got stuck because ofw3 a tree o
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the t(tracks. w]á talkedxd tot( some of the with the way it was all handled. we are live outside union station. this train was stuck just a couple miles south of washingtod in northernfá virginia it took p hours to get tot( unionw3 stati. many passengersxd want to know shiela is having dinner with friends but ite1 is a dinneri] hours late. that is how manytvbuáj they was on a broken down amtrak train. i don't want to take anotherfá eár r(t&háhp &hctake anotherfá still doesn't know why it took so long to pull the train carrying 278 passengers in union station. the train hit a three fell on the tracks near alexandria. >> we just be there.
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they didn't tell us anything. >> frustrated riders took to  it to ask amtrak what was taking so e1long. amtrak responded on3w twitter apologizing for thei] delay. ñ news 4 theyb. got the locateo motoive there as quick3 as they could.lp kim was also on trainijh156, s was coming from lynchburgxd to d.c. to visite1 f)aq'ds. >> it was a long day but it wasr okay. if was a little cold. they gave out6n-ee ñijfrefreshm. they made it comfortable. >> she was definitely taking it in stride. ie1 spoke to as7 spokeswomen w apologized for thew3ñr inconvenience. she could not sayñiçó specifica why it took six hours to rescue those passengers and get them here toxdokxd union station and
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if passengers want a refund they can question one. xd añi massive winter storm sysx that stretched from the mid-west to maine turnedw3 dead when three people were killed in an icy wreck in missouri. dozen ofxd other weather relate crashes were reported across 23 states. nearly 1,000 flightsñ2h$adxdlp chanceled nationwide. we were right on the edge of the tonight. are we finally done with it, chuck. >> yes indeed, okchris, we are the final throwñ of the rain. good riddance to it. day acr region. winter warni5ñ still technically remainxd up a+$váj e contact of pennsylvania. torm warnings that
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i suspect willt( expire at 1:00n haguersville as the last of the ákfairly quickly.orth east bound there isxd one little patch in e mountains of westa+l virginiafá will break up. we will start to see sunshine before the sun comes upñi tomorw morning.ñi we will talk about how long it will stay this cold in a fewjf minutes. a developing story in colorado,t( investigators tryin to figuc out what ledxd a studá firejf in a school yesterday. shotgun,xd and threer8&al to ha1 cocktails. he fired five shots and then apparently killed himself. some classlp mates say he was a
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>> he had afá lot of good frien on theçó team. he was very intelligen.f! >> a 17-year-old student whofá s shot at point blank range tonight. we also learned hee1 bought the gun legally about a week before the shooting. this is the one year shooting massacre in newtown,ñi connecticut. president andi]ñi mrs. obama li candles to honor the victims that wereñiok killed. no public events wereg newtown afterçó residents there asked forñi privacy. here localtjy activists held a rally stepsçóçó away from afá n
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yard, the scene ofñi another ma án regu. >> the country isfá silence abo gun violence for too long, the time for silence isxd over. >> in arlington parents andr students met to call for action on gun control. the nation is getting ready to pay its finale1 respects to nelson mandela. early his body arrived in his hometown. a huge convoy passed by thousands lining the streets. mandela will be buried tomorrow. thelp retired arch bishop desmo #ricans looking toward the future of their country, whilexd mandela
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laid the groundjf work for his still in poverty. peoplet( are still hopeful for e future. >> theree1t( are more than 1 min people living here. times are hard here. povertyq and !me are high. education and employment nelson mandela once lived here. his old house is now a tourist attraction.i]fát( just a short distance up the road there are no crowds, only locals trying to make a living. >> you can't expect the government to come and look in your door and say,?; yout(ok w bread. you need to wake up and do something about it. >> that is where we found elvis in his hair salon. ,- feelsi] good about his path
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thet( future. because that depends on where we are coming from.r so, but i'm looking forward to it. we complain and we end up having nothing. d: p'd breakfast.a bit, a bed this woman is eternally grateful ftvt the changes brought about  nelson mandela.lp >> i neverjáuulpko of having a bed and breakfast. because i was working class. but i became a business woman.l1 ok number of young people who arei time. aret( you optimistic as well abd (t&háhp &h% own. >> indeed. all is hope.
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we nevmsx thought that we would actual will you be free and be working the streets without being asked for our id. yes there is hope, there is always hope. there is always a way. in this case t isko true. >> reporting from south frak.qñ( ìáhp &h funeralñiñi begins at 6:4:00 a.m. youñzcan watch it live. we will be live onp, news 4 atr the salvation army is speakinglp out tonight after an arrest of a teenager in añixd x% $10,000xú÷heist. plus, one of the biggest lottery jackpots in history just
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. >>ñi the mega millions jackpotxs grown toñi one of the large:aqñ lottery history. the jackpot has increased to at least m? +s$550 million. lottery officials expectñiñr th number to grow and say it could set a new recordçó by the next drawing on tuesday. the largest ever claimedñrxdñi $656 million. attorneys for a senate aid
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facing child pornñr charges wan him released whil"1ok facing lp. he was arrested wednesday during a raid in his home in southeastd  is due in court monday morning. attorneys are arguing he is not a flight risk.çó he was fired wednesday as chief of ñistaff. well the snow and rain is moving out but we are not done with winter. chuck is back to tell us what we can expect in the 7-day for all those who sleep too hot or too cool, now there's a solution. sleep number dual temp, the revolutionary temperature-balancing layer with active air technology that works on any mattress brand, including yours. it's only at a sleep number store, where this holiday season, the hottest sleep innovations make the coolest gifts, including sleep number dual temp. discover dual temp at one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide.
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. >> an incredibly successful s co effort today to remember oure1 
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nation's war heroes during the r holiday. head stones at arlington national cemetery. it was started by añi maine wreh wreaths were placed on head stones?; across the çów3countr speaking out aboutw3 the arrestf a 15-year-oldlp who police sa]k stole w3$10,000 ini]lp donation. they said d several generous donations to replace what was taken they are far@cehind their collection totals from last year. the redmñi kettles will be out through january. kind of feels like the season. we have had three storms this
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winter.ñr are we don[d with it. >> that is for sure. this particular sure is all but us. but if you are planning on traveling up the north easternx corridor towards boston you may not be done with it because heavy stone will be across much of njujui so if you are driving tomorrow be ready for it. outside herejft( it may be doneh the rain and snow but iti] doest outside. the rain came out hard but hast point in time. puddle areó[ remain. mostly cloudy, 39e1 degrees. northw3 wind at 9 miles per hou. the air will movelp north and temperatures won't dropxd much
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between now and day break tomorrow l5mrning. still holding on to the winter storm warning in northt( wester maryland but most of the rain fá snee and snow are over with. 32 ine1 winchester. careful in the morning. "s arezv a e1 possibility"ri] northern frederick county up through winchester with xd for thatok late night a."( early morninglp travels. another shot ofi] coldp, air w arrive tomorrow afternoon. there's the last of the rain. check out the wide view. heavyxd snow across all of new york state and all of newé@ england, most of new england
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boston 6 tomy 8 inches. for your ok7-daye1ñr forecast. sunshines. temperatures in the lowe1 to mi colder air settles in. teens in the suburbs for monda1 and tuesday morning. monday afternoon barely above the freezing mark. tuesday a littleok better up in the low 40s then we openñi up t flood gates and turn on theñi southwest wind andñit( a warmñi late me!k bringing clouds and next weekend will bea5t( mild wet. ut know you andçó the entire storm team force isi] working or time. history fá
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. pickingñrw3 the heisman tro a surprise jameis winston t bu jameis winston has been great finish. the heisman trophy goes to the most outstanding athlete inu th sport. this year there were plenty to choose from. this was the secondñr time six finalists were up for this fina)yu$e winner is jameis winston. >> at 19 years old he becomes the youngest player toñr ever w the heisman, also the third
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award. once he played against auburn he the second ñifresh win the heisman trophy. >> it is a xdblessing. i don't even know what is going on right now.lp honestly. i'm just so fáhappy. i'm so overwhelmed by this whole thisçó is the first time i'm >>fáe1 that national championsh gamwçm will be played ont(ok th. only one game was being versus navy. two service academies. it has been 3496 days since the looking to makeçó it 12 straigh wins against ñq$5e9ñ second quarter navy is up xd3-0. copeland refuses to go down.ñr
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39 yards for the score. navy is out to a t(p,10-0 lead. later in the kwaquarter, 47 yar td there[çm navy go up xde117-0. they lead it 27-0 in the fourth quarter. not letting up.ok this ise1 28thq rushing td of t sp+y beats arm y 34-7. for the secondw3 straight yeare x the commander in chiefs trophy. fáe1 centerville wildcats ta on thet( tigers. a.j. turner, you are not going to ;kxp$ this kid,t( 52 yards, turner gives the wildcats an
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early 7-0 lead. later in the quarter, defense came to play today. thexd tigers sean mitchellqcts interceptetzñ takes it 55 yards to the house. centervillelp takese1 it 14-0 l t/mk go on to win it 35-6 and !c pick up second ever statexd tit. clippers. the xdjfwhiz kiddilç dropped th fourth straight game that was never all that close. first quarter it wasw3 the othe point guard chris paul for the clippers, little spin !umove. :hp six point lead. not to be i]outdone on his home floor, comingó[ right back, ge to the rim there, he hadxd 24 points and 12?; assists, paul the clippers were just too much.
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beautiful passing toe1 jordan. he throws it down.3w 12ñiñiñi assistsw3 for paul. 4 fourth quarter long ñirange. he had 38 points tonight. 113-9 ñr7. maryland final score 66-62.çó we'll see if the3w wizards cant out of thisñi funk in the next w days. that's four straight losses for >> 9-123lp -- it isx8 ñr9-13 re. they are notñi out of it yet. sunshine coming in ñrtomorr. be careful first thing in the morning for icy spots. >> that's our news for t(tonigh.
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