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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 22, 2013 10:00am-10:31am EST

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right now we're watching a day of wild weather. warm temperatures are being met with rain and wind moving into the area. >> we want to get right over to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. raindrops on our camera earlier. chuck? >> good morning to both of you. good morning, everybody. what a crazy start to the day. temperatures were above 70 degrees for most of the overnight hours only thanks to the rain have we cooled all the way back into the 60s. this is the view from our tower camera now looking southbound towards the national mall. there's the national cathedral, the washington monument and shrouded in raindrops 30 minutes ago and now get a sense the last of the drops the first band of rain moving away from the camera and down river towards parts of southern maryland. temperatures have cooled considerably at 5 to 15 degrees now. back into the low and mid-60s
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but any let up in the rain and even a peek or two of sunshine will put temperatures back or near 70 later on this afternoon. so, be ready for still what should be a very mild day today. the leading edge of moderate to heavy rain at times moving into parts of southern prince george's county and eventually over here it is about 22 minutes from going off into the western shore and more moderate to heavy rain just about ready to make it on to i-95 towards fredericksburg. plan on a mild day today. keep the umbrella handy as temperatures in up thor 60s and low 70s and raindrops off and on likely at any point. more on this with the seven-day forecast, coming up. >> chuck, thanks so much. this odd warm winter weather caused a winter tornado to touch down in the south. take a look at this. this is the damage that was done by the twister. residents in hughes, arkansas, the hardest hit area are reporting severe strucktual damage to homes as well as businesses. three people were hospitalized by the storm, but all expected to make full recoveries. just north of there in
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oklahoma the warm weather was accompanied by heavy rain and then quickly followed by freezing temperatures. take a look at this video we just got this morning. you can see the cracks on ice hanging from trees. some places that the ice was so heavy it broke limbs off causing power outages. what a mess. most of the power has been restored to the area. >> such a crippling situation for so many people. with tornadoes, ice and rain and snow in the forecast, the holiday weather is nothing but normal. >> dan has been looking into all the wild winter weather sweeping the country and has more. >> reporter: with more people expected to travel for the holidays this weekend, the weather made getting there even more difficult. over 400 flights are canceled, 6,200 delayed and half flying through dallas and chicago. >> we were going to see family, but we'll have to reschedule. >> reporter: because the shortest day of the year was not short of a wide variety of weather across much of the country. a massive storm system barrelled through the plains and midwest
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leaving ice and heavy snow. in kansas, hazardous driving conditions as sleet turned quickly to ice on the roads. some areas are expected to get as much as ten inches of snow. in oklahoma and in missouri, more of the same. but on the east coast, record highs in atlantic city, 67 degrees. savannah, georgia, 81. and in albany, new york, the empire state plaza ice rink was forced to shut down because of the warmth and the rain. the area between the warm and cold air masses that could get the worst. >> some tornadoes may come at night and strong tornadoes. a situation ripe with danger. >> reporter: already a suspected tornado has damaged homes and injured three people in hughes, arkansas. forecasters warn more severe weather is possible. nbc news. well, to keep up with this wild winter weather, be sure to download the news 4 weather app. download it for free on your iphone or your android. new this morning, we now have more information about a
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shooting that killed one man and hurt another in prince george's county. overnight we learned officers arrested this man, muhyee from oxen hill. the double shooting happened yesterday morning in marlboro pike. muhyee argued with several workers before the shooting. the victim was identified as douglas arguenta from gaithersburg. a neighbor told channel 4 what they saw. >> like he shouldn't have been there. he was walking in the middle of the street. so then i saw him jump on the side of somebody's suv. but since there was people outside already, so, you know, i wasn't quite sure what happened. i didn't think anything like this happened. >> and the second victim remains in the hospital right now and is in critical condition. this morning, police trying to determine who shot and killed a 19-year-old in upper marlboro. since we brought you the story yesterday morning we learned the shooting happened at a house party after midnight on north
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marlton avenue. rashard pinkney died in the hospital and an officer who tried to control the scene was allegedly attacked by a 17-year-old. police say she pushed the officer twisting his ankle and breaking his leg. she's now facing assault charges. right now nasa managers are preparing for a second spacewalk this week to install a new cooling unit aboard the international space station. nbc's brian moore reports. >> reporter: two american astronauts ventured outside the international space station on an emergency mission to replace a cooling pump that failed ten days ago. that equipment break down virtually shut down the orbiting lab. >> so, we have three good -- >> great news. >> looking good so far. >> reporter: outside for nearly five and a half hours, the astronauts carefully removed the 780-pound ammonia pump. >> about the size of a refrigerator. >> reporter: the view 230 miles
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above earth was breathtaking. but this mission has more than its fair share of perils. >> i feel a lot of water on the back of my head. but i don't think it is from my back. >> reporter: recent concerns about a potential deadly water build up inside their space suits forced the spacewalkers to use snorkels like this one as a breathing backup. after rest, the astronauts get back to work to put that replacement pump in place and hopefully get the space station back to full power. brian moore, nbc news. and another spacewalk is set for tuesday. nasa managers pushed it back a day to give the crew some more time to resize the spare space suit for one of the astronauts. well this morning protecting your money. after that massive data breach at target, new developments as some of us get a little extra protection from having credit cards compromised. want to give you a live look right now. this is the storm team 4 radar.
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some wild weather moving into the area right now. if you are stepping out, you will want to see or you're going to actually see some showers, wind, some very warm temps. chuck is back with all of it. >> indeed, a crazy day. also join us online on twitter and facebook, angie's favorite.
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a colorado family is facing a grim reality this christmas. their 17-year-old daughter claire davis died last night after she succumbed to the injuries she suffered during the school shooting. her family released a statement thanking the community for its support and all those who tried to save their daughter. about a week ago karl pierson opened fire at their school allegedly seeking revenge on a
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librarian who had disciplined him. pierson killed himself shortly after shooting claire. at least one bank is taking action following the target security breach. right now, chase bank is notifying its customers affected by the breach. the company says it will impose withdrawal limits on debit cards for nearly 2 million customers. kish withdrawals will be restricted to $100 per day. purchases will be limited to $300 a day. chase says the limits will be in effect until they can replace the affected cards. those restrictions will not apply to credit cards. laurel police asking for your help identifying a man suspected in a bank robbery. take a look, surveillance cameras show a man wearing what appears to be a santa claus beard. he walk under to the pnc bank on main street yesterday morning and fired a gunshot into the ceiling. he walked to the teller and demanded money. no one was hurt. if you recognize the man, call laurel police. 10:10 right now. this morning we learned one of the people wounded earlier this morning in a double shooting has
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died. this happened around 4:00 this morning on saratoga avenue northeast near brentwood road. d.c. police telling us that two men were shot. one died at the hospital and one has nonlife threatening injuries. no word this morning on the gunman. and right now that clock, it's ticking to apply for new health care coverage. what you feed to know, that's next. first, some wild weather, here's chuck. >> absolutely right. i'm taking a look at storm team 4 radar and lining up the storm tracks to let you know when it is going to be raining in your hometown. don't go away, your forecast,
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given president raul castro says the u.s. should drop demands for regime change in his country and a speech before the cuban national assembly u.s. and cuban relations can improve if they accept each other's differences and move on. the u.s. broke diplomatic relations with the country back in 1961 and maintained an economic embargo. well, it will be a quiet week on capitol hill as lawmakers head home for the holidays. >> but plenty of lawmakers still have plenty to say as big changes come to the new health care law hours before a key deadline. "meet the press" moderator david gregory joins us this morning.
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david, a big policy shift here and a big week coming up. >> a hot of exceptions to the health care law which have supporters and detractors alike wondering what kind of impact it will have. ultimately hurt the law and the exception that happened at the end of the week chipping away the the mandate and a lot of demands and people signing up and seeing how well the website works. but you'll hear on the program this morning the debate about whether the more exceptions you make, the more delays you put into place whether you're really hurting the overall law. and i think that's something the president has to be concerned about the. >> one thing you mentioned with every deadline even more scrutiny. >> more scrutiny all along the way and still a question of sticker shock and, you know, whether employers, for instance, might end up pushing their employees into the exchanges. a question of how well they work. this all comes down to, it may sound, you know, entopullacy, the individual mandate and the requirement that you get insurance and if people don't sign up and find the process worthwhile, then it doesn't work
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out financially. and thatsd that's the key to keeping prices down. >> certainly a rocky start, but it needs more time. >> that's what it is going to take is time and the political calculation is as long as people think it is a step forward and don't move backward into wanting it repeal it, that is a good thing. >> how are the numbers doing? >> most people think it is a bad idea or confused and the president is going to have to get out there and update and people will have to have a better experience because the political charge against it will be sustained by republicans. they want to make it a big issue for mid-term elections. >> tell us about your exclusive interview this morning. >> christine lagarde talking about the global economy and u.s. economy and what we can expect in 2014 and senator leahy and peter king debating the nsa laws and whether the president is going to reign in the intelligence community. the president said he is going
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to decide next month. >> this nsa story is just unbelievable and you hear a big story. >> and the president, like i said, he'll have a lot to say about it next month in terms of what he wants to do. >> see "meet the press" with david gregory right here on nbc 4 right after "news 4 today." >> thank you, david. this morning expect delays on green line. free shuttle buses will replace trains between green belt and college park. crews working on a new test track for metro's new fleet of 7,000 series rail cars. not a gy for testing the track. it's going to be a wild day. i mean, you prepare, this is the way some of this stuff works for metro. an insight into how that works. you prepare with a certain amount of weather that you think is going to happen and, you know, deals with cold tracks, cold rails that kind of thing and now you get a 70 degree day thrown into it. >> put the system to the test
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for sure. that expansion and contraction stuff, that's tough going for not only the rails but roadways, as well. reason we have so many potholes and water main breaks. that constant freeze thaw of the ground that gets things unstable. and, man, have things thawed out overnight. the all-time record warmest night in december on record here in washington. we've been keeping weather records since the late 1800s and we've never had a december night where we failed to get below 60 degrees until last night. our low temperature in washington this morning was 66 degrees. we're cooler than that now, thanks to the rain showers that have come on through. here's another plane load of folks out of here. that's it, everybody. they have to be going somewhere where there is quieter weather than this. storm team 4 radar lit up this morning. moderate to heavy rains just south of annapolis and northern calvert county. this is probably the stoutest part of the line now moving right through shady side,
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edgewater, deal down through north beach here. so, expect a little puff of wind and some rain here over the next little bit. southern parts of prince george's county and waldorf and northern charles county down towar. another batch of steady rain getting ready to move through white water section here over the northern neck and into the sou southwestern parts of charles county. that rain is coming into your neighborhood over the next couple of minutes here. there is a little break in the action here forming in the shenandoah valley and that makes the steady rain go back to an intermittent hit and miss kind of chance here from late morning through much of the afternoon. the next line of steadier rain showers is due to arrive in here during the evening and then through the overnight hours into your monday morning. could snarl a bit of your monday morning commute. keep that in mind. really mild. temperatures still in the 60s in
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town and wind gusting now to 37 miles an hour at andrews air force base. a lot of wind out ahead of it. your hometown forecast leesburg rain cooled back into the mid-60s here by 1:00. by 4:30 any let up in the rain at all will put temperatures into the upper 60s and low 70s, once again. we're likely to stay in the 60s, again, through the overnight hours tonight not dropping below 60 until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. rain chances tapering off after that. your monday, a stormy start tomorrow with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. rain ending by about lunchtime and then turning breezy and cooler. here's the all-important seven-day forecast, again. this is it for the real mild stuff. cooler air arrives tomorrow beginning at lunchtime and by christmas eve, it will, once again, feel like december. santa, i don't want him delivering the wrong gifts because he thinks he is in the wrong zip code because it's too warm outside. if you get my ferrari, let me know. >> thanks, chuck. the washington wizards, remember them?
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they're coming off their third straight win and excitement for the city's basketball team starting to build. >> they're doing really well. >> part of their success attributed to two best friends despite two different backgrounds are making for magic on the court. >> we like good food, of course. to be international. exactly. what's the name of the restaurant? >> they're the big guys on the wizards team. they may be the perfect match. both close to seven feet tall, both averaging nearly 15 points and 10 rebounds a game. gentle giants that describe their bond like this. >> he's my, my soul -- >> soul mate. >> soul mate on the court. okay. that's it. >> you're married, right? you mentioned your wife. >> you have two marriages it sounds like. >> wait, that's not what i said.
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i don't want to use the word, it's not like that. >> this is the brotherhood. we're on the court and sometimes we don't speak to each other but we're making everything correct. >> you know the look. >> we just know what we talk. every time he's walking into the locker room, i already know what he's thinking. >> reporter: brotherhood comes from different backgrounds. both still adjusting to life in america. >> i don't know english. this right here is just -- >> i'm improvising, too. >> their improvising on the hardwood is one of the best starts in years and maybe their key to success is just being on the same page. >> i like to enjoy the life a nice way. yeah. simple. >> just enjoy the life. >> very simple. >> we don't like fake effort. we don't like the fake effort. i'm definitely, 100% he will agree with me.
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fake effort. i don't like that. fake effort. fake people. no short cuts in the stuff we do. >> oh, wow, that was good stuff. >> those two should have their own show. they are funny. get ready to see plenty of crowds along the potomac. the holiday tradition that washington can't wait to see. right after "meet the press" "press pass" an in-depth conversation with yuval levin at
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charles county had a very special visitor this morning thanks to a local school. santa visited a mother and her three kids at the hotel where they lived in waldorf. the mother works two jobs to make ends meet but this year she wouldn't have had enough to give her kids for christmas. when the school heard that they donated toys, clothes and much more and santa stopped by to deliver the gifts personally this morning. you can see their reaction tonight at news 4 at 6:00. well, in the week ahead, tomorrow is the deadline for you to sign up for coverage to begin at the start of the year under the new health care law. marylanders you can go to
10:28 am and d.c. residents and residents in west virginia and virginia can sign up on attention all last-minute holiday shoppers, you'll be happy to hear a lot of popular stores will be staying open late. some won't even be closing between now and christmas eve. places like macy's and kohl's will be working overtime to make sure you holiday gift giving list is checked off. macy's will keep their hour kee santa is going to be making his sleigh, why would he take his sleigh when he could take a speed boat. the skiing santa will hit the water near international harbor tuesday afternoon. heeler with be planked by those knee boarding reindeer and the cheering elves all of that led by a jet skiing grinch. >> chuck will not be on the jet ski. >> no, no, no. >> he takes the snow plow. >> indeed. >> that will do it for this edition of "news
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