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tv   Today  NBC  February 25, 2014 2:05am-2:59am EST

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and i don't know what came between ♪ ♪ i don't know about you and me ♪ ♪ and if you're aching for a change i'll drill a hole into your brain ♪ ♪ watch it spiral down in the drain 'til no memory or chemistry remains ♪ ♪ ♪
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[ man ] yo buzz! drop that beat! remix! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ ♪ you got that medley crunch ♪ go! go! buzz! ♪ go! go! go! buzz! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! go! ♪ ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪
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♪ hey! you got that medley crunch ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. fun day, monday, february 24th. >> where are we? >> we are in our brand-new studio, brand-new kitchen. look at giada still there. there is giada. thank you. >> how does the new kitchen feel? you were first one to break it in. >> i know, right, so apropos, me breaking it in. >> you know what we love?
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great lighting. we have a huge show for you today. >> look at our little studio. >> it is so clean and fresh. it is like moving into a new house. >> look at the windows. everyone is out there. >> hey. this is awesome. thanks, everybody, for the last two weeks while hoda and i have been doing nothing. >> nothing. >> pretty much, holding the fort, we like to think. there is breaking news. everybody at nbc felt better about knowing that you and i were here to cover any breaking news that would happen. >> every now and then, you guys, we have a huge show. today's show is packed. >> yes. >> with great, great people. we have usher with us. >> we have minnie driver. >> minnie driver and she has her bubbly. >> she's such a -- i love her new show. it is fantastic. >> everybody is going to love it. jordin sparks is here, linda gray is here. we have a live performance. there is a band that -- really
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just one guy, called passenger. and there is a song called "let her go." it is a great song. they use it in the commercials at the olympics. >> the one with the little puppy. >> so excited. >> and also all the buzz. there are other things happening in the world as well, hoda, the world, the hollywood world, celebrity world. here is what our old set used to look like. >> it is like an "ambush makeover." here is the before. and here is after. oh. okay. >> i don't know if you can see that much difference there, but it just feels different and so that's a big part of the thing, how you feel. >> it is. >> happy to see you. how was your weekend? >> it was great. i'm getting a little bit of a health kick, i decided. >> you gave up sweets. >> i gave up sweets. i'm going to do my favorite thing because it is so delicious and i'm doing this for you. i got something called the nutra bullet.
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here is what i put in the little thing. i put in spinach, apples, banana, orange juice and beets. you stick them in here. you put it in the bullet and you -- okay. >> just that amount of time. >> i cooked it -- a little bit before. >> okay. you got to try it. it is so crazy delicious. so excited to see your first -- >> who sent you the bullet? >> i got it as a present. >> i said, who gave it to you? >> oh, he did. >> oh, okay. that's delicious, hoda. that tastes just like the one that my friend emily made. >> i put in the bottom, that much spinach, so it is all spinach and it grinds it up into a liquid. i put orange juice and water -- >> you know what i would also put in it too, mint. i would put mint in it as well. >> why don't you like it the way it is. >> i love it. >> how was your weekend?
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>> it was nice. the weather was so lovely. haven't seen a crocus but buds about to burst. i was tweeting about it. i see -- you hear now the birds in the morning, making their nests and getting mad at you because they come too close and all that good stuff. i was invited to a rare thing for me to come back into the city on a friday night and have a dinner, but craig hatcoff is married to jane rosenthal, invited me and maybe 20 people to come it a dinner at the lamb's club in new york, beautiful, beautiful room, in honor of glenn beck, who is a controversial gentleman, but as i have befriended him in the last few years and have great affection for him and apparently so does craig, so do -- it was so fascinating to be in a room with so many people coming from completely different ideological places, all coming together to say, wait a minute, our country is in trouble, where is our common ground, because that's where our sacred ground is. everybody contributed.
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everybody was respectful, everybody was -- it was powerful because -- it was powerful. i'm grateful he invited us to come. and then cassie texted me the next night, the next day, oh, mom, i heard you had dinner with my friend from college's father last night, a small world. she was having dinner with her -- so it was lovely. i didn't eat much. i was so -- norm kamali was there, the great designer. love her. such a funny woman. we're leaving, she goes, i didn't know you were so smart. oh, thanks. anyway. >> it is the end of the olympics, you guys. they had the closing ceremony. you remember in the opening ceremony, there was this big flub where one of the rings didn't open up. >> i liked it that way. i thought was cute. >> the russians decided to have fun with it themselves. they made fun with it at the closing ceremony when all the
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rings except one burst into -- there it goes. they know how to laugh at themselves. it was clever. the united states, by the way, finished the olympics in great fashion, 28 medals, we were in second in medal count, next to russia and, you know, good there. >> going to be interesting to see what all the attention is going to be on kiev now since the coup there. different time for putin, who was partying one day and trying to clean up a major mess now. >> i bet he doesn't care that we didn't wear no makp today. >> it is body image week. they did an image with kath and i about what we felt about our bodies and it ran in the earlier hours. >> part of it. >> part of it. >> let's look at -- this is us without makeup. the wider the shot, the better. >> that's not nice. okay. >> i'm going to say it -- >> anyway, they talked to us about how we felt about our
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bodies. we have some of that. >> i was a kid with the crazy frizzy hair, the sunglasses and the weird name. like the trifecta of woof. >> we had something in our family, we called them wuggies, that little place right at the top of the thighs, just got a little too much on there, that love, you know? if you asked me this before i had my children, i would have said my thighs. but since the cesarean sections, my stomach. >> i was heavy and then i lost weight, but i don't ever feel like the girl who lost weight. beauty is inside out. it is when your eyes light up and when you give off joy. to me, you look at someone and go that's beautiful. >> amen, sister. >> amen. anyway, so all week long we'll
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have a love your selfie kind of week and we have jordin sparks discussing no makeup as well. >> and we have been talking about justin bieber and acting out a little bit on his road to manhood. it looks like he display been taking advice, he's been hanging out with his mom. >> they were in atlanta this weekend and he posted a video of the two of them singing. it is a short little tiny snippet, so take a look. ♪ >> sweet. we only have that seven seconds, so we looped it. but, i mean -- >> wow, a lovely voice. >> you wonder where he got his voice. >> she didn't say it was from her, which is -- tweeted later, amazing night recording my first song, thank you so much for writing it, love. that was the best night of my life. >> i want to hear the whole song. i would love to see that.
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that picture you saw was a picture he posted on his twitter account. >> all righty. what else is going on in the world? >> a lot is happening. >> favorite things. >> i did mine. so you enjoyed the drink. >> yes. i want to let everyone know my favorite thing is the new movie that is coming out this week called "the son of god," opens this friday. i've seen it twice. later today, that gentleman right there, jesus, is coming to my house. >> of course he is. >> and his mother, mary, is also coming. of course they are. >> they're going to do the podcast with me, so excited. tomorrow night i'm hosting a google hour with roma and her husband mark burnett at 9:00 at the google headquarters. >> you're very busy, important. >> i know. but a great movie. >> seth meyers, we wish him such great luck. he's taking over late night. his guests are amy poehler, she's perfect because he's so comfortable with her. vice president joe biden and a musical guest, a great big world. it is going to be really nice. >> wishing him all the best.
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he's going to be excellent. you know why? because you and i did his very first show, which was that -- >> why couldn't we get a real show? >> because they want big stars. we wish him all the best. coming up, he has the looks, the moves and the voice. >> usher is heading back to the judge's chair. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] rocky had no idea why dawn was gone for so long... ...but he'd wait for her forever, and would always be there with the biggest welcome home. for a love this strong, dawn only feeds him iams. with 2x the meat of other leading brands... help keep rocky's body as strong as a love that never fades. iams. keep love strong. with 2x the meat. love the iams difference or your money back.
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with 2x the meat. ♪
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see what's new at. all right, gather around the couch, set your dvrs, a big night of tv is back. one of america's favorite shows, "the voice," premieres on nbc. from the looks of it, the auditions, the competition, it is fierce. >> yes. season six already marks the return of grammy winning superstar usher as a coach and judge side by side with shakira, adam levine and blake shelton, hodi. you can bet some sparks are going to fly. just take a look. ♪
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>> you were phenomenal. >> thank you so much. >> yeah. you nailed that. >> i love you, usher. >> i plan on winning this entire thing with you. >> don't you get a feeling if you go with him, you won't ever get a word in edgewise? >> so -- wow. good to see you. >> how are you? >> all turned around for her, huh? >> we had 11 four chair turns this year, incredible, yeah. >> watching the singers compete is great, but watching you guys fight like you do for the competitors -- >> we go for blood. everything else is all love backstage. >> is there a time where you love somebody, but you really, really think, you know what, i'm not best suited to be her mentor or his mentor? or just go for the best talent you can get. >> you go for the best. if you feel it, you turn, because it is a blind audition. and then sometimes it becomes competitive. i don't get her, so you're going
2:21 am
after this girl, you know, and you are vying for her attention. >> you're wooing her. >> yeah. >> uh-huh. we know how you do. >> old-fashioned word. look it up. >> so this is definitely going to be an incredible season for me, season four was great. season six having the opportunity to try some new things. >> you have a unique coaching style above all the others. used to have some of your contestants get down and do 50 push-ups. what are you -- >> part of who i am is because of my -- i guess my regimen and how disciplined i am. that represents a little bit of that. how bad do you really want it? the one thing i want to ask you about, you have a dog named blake? >> yes, i do. >> not that i -- i have an issue with that, because he is a dog, you know what i'm saying, but i felte sibity of winning this panel here.
2:22 am
>> well, we can rescue another one and named him usher. >> musher? >> usher. i had a dog named regis, he was honored and his ashes still live in my library. that was a loved dog. >> this is bad. scary. what happened to cee lo. >> from what i hear, he's working on other aspects of his career. it is great when you have a platform like this to introduce whatever you're doing and then go on to what you love, if it is acting. for me, it is a little bit of all of that. just completed my role as sugar ray leonard in the film about roberto. >> fantastic. when is that coming out? >> later this year hopefully. >> we look forward to that. that could change everything, baby. >> yeah, yeah. >> will you like me then, for real? >> we like you. you've always been very, very -- >> i love you. >> i could be your grandmother, so --
2:23 am
>> usher, good luck. have fun tonight, okay? >> great to see you. have a great season. season six of "the voice" premieres tonight and tomorrow night at 8:00, 7:00 central here on nbc. all the scoop on the hot hollywood buzz you may have missed over the weekend. >> and minnie driver has a lot to tell us "about a boy." [ sneezes ] [ coughs ] i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. hmm? [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. thanks for the tip. [ male announcer ] no problem. oh...and hair products. aisle 9. [ inhales deeply ] oh what a relief it is. ♪ she'd just grab the bounty select-a-size. one select-a-size sheet of bounty is 50% more absorbent
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actress and singer minnie driver appeared in dozens of films but you may remember her best for her oscar nominated performance of schuyler in "good will hunting". >> now starring in a new hit nbc show "about a boy" based on the best-selling novel then turned into a movie starring hugh grant. >> she plays fiona, an over the top mom, also a strict vegan and sets some ground rules for her
2:27 am
neighbor when he hangs without her son marcus. take a look. >> if you could stay off screens that would be good. tv, computer, video games. oh, also, if you could make sure that he doesn't eat meat, fish, fowl, gluten, sugar or dairy. >> what can he eat? >> everything else. if he eats a nut, he's dead. >> that's a great clip because that's how we fell in love with the show, the writing is terrific. you're so well cast. kept 76%. >> yeah, we hit 76% of our audience. >> at olympics. >> which is really difficult to do. >> i didn't know that meant if that meant -- >> it's good. >> that's fantastic. >> you kept your british accent in this. tell us why. >> well, i think there is an enormous amount of comedy to be mined from a british accent
2:28 am
anyway, and a different culture and more of a fish out of water thing for fiona, who is already -- she makes things harder than they need to be. >> why doesn't marcus speak with an english accent? >> well, my son has an american accent. i think because -- >> we don't know how long -- >> exactly. she's just moved to san francisco in the pilot, but i think she -- there is -- >> henry. >> he grew that carrot he was just eating as well. >> there is a little fiona in you? >> he's like, i'm with stupid. >> but the chemistry on the set, among the group of you, is incredible. we had benjamin on who plays your son. he is a -- >> he's a character, isn't he? >> hysterical. he's like an adult in a small boy's body. >> he's like a 75-year-old. >> and this guy, tell us about him. >> david wilson is -- he's such a dream boat. he's one of the nicest men i've ever met. he's incredibly bright, which
2:29 am
with all due respect, to all the other actors working in america, is a fairly rare -- >> i love how she says rare. only one r in rare. >> very clever and very kind and he's just a really, really lovely person to work with and he's incredibly quick and very funny. >> like tom hanks. >> he is. he has that colin firth, tom hanks thing going. >> but he's not available, hoda. he's married with two kids. >> a beautiful wife and beautiful baby. >> you came on the set. we said you're so great in this. you said, you know who's really great and started talking about him. >> i love it when i don't understand why someone -- like, to me, david should be the biggest star in the world. so funny to me you have to wait for the timing and the -- here is -- i feel like this is his moment as much as all of ours. i'm very happy. >> i also love it takes place in san francisco, which we don't see enough of. you see the city of san
2:30 am
francisco, but not this suburban little off the -- >> you don't shoot all the time there, but it just is nice to have -- it is not l.a., which i love l.a., but we see it too much. >> i agree. i think jason katims does a great job of showcasing san francisco in parenthood and comes into one of our episodes. >> so a little cross pollination. >> which is rare. >> really excited. you know who is excited? nbc. >> thank you so much. >> you can catch "about a boy" tomorrow night here at 9:00, 8:00 central on nbc. "let her go," a hit song from passenger. and from "dallas," linda gray. and jordin sparks goes makeup free after this.
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welcome back to welcome back to more of "today" on this fun day monday. time for "today's buzz" when we get you caught up on all the celebrity gossip everybody will be talking about today. >> justin timberlake apologized to thousands of fans. jennifer lopez makes the return to tv. here with all the juicy scoop is josh zest, host of post live. >> hello. >> wonderful to see you all again. >> let's talk alec baldwin. >> alec baldwin, isn't it adorable and delightful when they get to that age and they get a little cantankerous. he's got this new article, not an article, he basically dictated it to a journalist who then published it in "new york" magazine. >> and it said --
2:34 am
>> it said he's sick of life and new york is bad and people are bad and celebrity culture is bad and tabloid is bad and twitter is bad and paparazzi is bad and everything is bad and he wants to go to l.a. and live behind a gate. >> okay. >> go to l.a., live behind a gate. new york suffered worse calamities than losing alec baldwin. >> you don't think this is endearing him to anyone? >> i understand it must be frustrating to live in a pressure cooker bubble like that when you're a celebrity, but a lot of people do, you roll with the punches. not 1950s anymore, we have twitter and people can be nasty. >> it will be less -- >> he said one thing he hated about l.a., people live in palaces behind gates and don't interact with one another and now it appeals to him. >> we wish him the best. >> we do. justin timberlake, he had to cancel one of his shows. >> yes, on wednesday. he said he was sick and they rescheduled it, but now that bumps a buffalo show he was going to do on saturday and now they have to bump that back until the summer.
2:35 am
he apologized and he said that anyone in buffalo who is upset, jimmy fallon will give them a one-hour -- >> he's such a great -- he never does stuff like that. something clearly happened. >> total pro. >> i love when those two do the history of rap, fallon and timberlake. they did it again. let's take a look. ♪ i love it when you call me big papa ♪ ♪ throw your hands in the air ♪ bow wow, wow, wow yippie yo yippie yea ♪ ♪ bow wow, wow, wow yippie yo yippie yea ♪ to the east side the lbt ♪ >> you were singing -- >> hoda knows every word. >> getting all the lyrics right. >> it gets better every time. it gets better every time. >> they came back and came back
2:36 am
and the fourth time jt said this is the last time we're going to do this, we're not going to do it anymore and jimmy fallon -- >> he had a great first week, didn't he? jimmy? >> exactly the sort of thing that sets jimmy apart from all the other hosts, right? >> making it his own. and he's making -- he's understanding that now it is not really about who is watching at the time that you -- it is about creating viral clips that go online and share and he gets it in a way that alec baldwin maybe doesn't. >> well, there you have it. >> thank you very much. >> he's got a thing about alec. >> any who. can't turn on the radio without hearing his hit. >> he's a one man band named passenger and he's going to sing for us. >> and jordin sparks has a message for teens about what real beauty is all about. >> and "dallas" star linda gray. [ sneezes ] [ coughs ] i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus.
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it is an hour of television packed with drama, back stabbing and strong women in designer clothes. we're not talking about this show, people, no, no. >> we're talking about "dallas," the hugely popular primetime series that ran between 1978 and 1991 and made linda gray a household name. >> now 20 years later -- 20 years later, linda is reprising her famous character of sue ellen ewing in the modern day remake of "dallas" on tnt. we love it when you come to see us. >> fresh air, missy. >> thank you, sweetheart. >> you're having the time of your life, aren't you? >> the best time. who has played the same character 20 years later? >> susan lucci, that's it. >> she's the only one. >> how does it compare, this go around, compared to last go around? >> the first -- with mr. hagman, you know, it was a party.
2:41 am
it was a party for 13 years. and then we had a little hiatus, for 20 years. and then the phone rings and they said, would you like to come back and do the same role again? >> did you hesitate at all or were you right in? >> right in. larry and patrick and i were dear friends after 35, 37 years. we called each other, of course, and said, are you in? what do you think? it was great. the script was good. we were in. so we're back in dallas, texas. >> it is still about the writing, isn't it? >> yes. >> always. >> and these writers, that's a challenge to write for the crazy older ones, and they bring in new ones -- >> new gorgeous people. >> gorgeous, hello. sends you right back to the gym and it is just amazing. >> speaking of the gym, you're in great shape. we're doing a whole week this week on body image. what do you think? we have been trying to talk about our insecurities and things that bother us. >> well, first of all, i googled myself. and i looked at my age, and i thought, are they kidding? i'm that old?
2:42 am
>> you don't live that way. >> it is hysterical. i thought, i'm never going to do that again. i don't even look my age. i think that's just some number out there. so i think it is, like, energy. and i was born with a lot of energy. and i think once you have that, i feel blessed. and once you have that, i think, like, we were speaking earlier, you kind of at a certain age, you say, you know what, i don't really care about all this stuff. yes, we have some flaws. are we going to point them out to anybody? no. >> and the people that really love you already know about them. you know? >> and they love you anyway. and you don't go, well, i don't like this and i don't like this. it is like i want them to stop and i want women to stop comparing themselves to other wonderful women who may be 30, 40, 50 years younger than they are. don't do that. honor who you are. >> right. >> my mom always says, i had my turn, a nice way to look at it. she was the one in the perfect little -- and now somebody else.
2:43 am
>> now you turn it over. and you think you've lived life long enough where you just don't -- >> we're going to see sue ellen in a thong this season. >> right. i'll be in a thong. hot and sexy. hotter than ever and more dysfunctional. >> that's the way we love it. he went from being a street performer to having a sold out world tour. we're going to give you a live performance by a great guy. he's called passenger. >> and grammy nominated singer jordin sparks proves you don't need the makeup to be beautiful. >> she talks to young women about body image after this. as a kid, i made a list of all the places i wanted to visit.
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now to our special series "love your selfie" and the power celebrities have when it comes to how we feel about ourselves. >> our survey found that 80% of teen girls compare themselves to celebrity images and 50% say it
2:48 am
makes them dissatisfied with their own appearance. >> earlier you saw us go makeup free. we also got jordin sparks -- that was a year ago. >> whatever. we still look the same. >> we have jordin to join in. if you have a teen at home, you'll want to listen to her message. ♪ >> this is what happens before a red carpet event. here we go. ♪ >> red carpet, lovely outfit. >> first thing that comes off, eyelashes. so many layers, so many steps. all done. >> i'm doing the honors of going
2:49 am
makeup free and showing you guys what it is like, how it feels, just a little bit of insight into my life. when people see me, in the magazines, in the pictures, music videos, i'm done up. my hair is done, makeup on. there is nothing wrong with, like, wanting to wear makeup and wanting to go out and look your best. i feel comfortable this way. i feel like me when i have all of that makeup on and hair done and in all the crazy clothes. that's jordin sparks. but this, i'm just jordin. i'm here with my really good friends lilo and jo jo. and we actually are going to have breakfast at the ivy. the ivy is a popular spot. we are all here makeup free, which is definitely crazy because there is usually paparazzi here but we're going to enjoy ourselves and enjoy being makeup free. it will be awesome. cheers, ladies. >> yes. >> hey! >> hi, jordin.
2:50 am
>> have a good day! >> okay, so today, again, makeup free, all i did was wash my face and put on my moisturizer and a little bit of chapstick. i'm in my car, still makeup free. i've pretty much been makeup free the entire week. it is nice to go makeup free. nice to be confident in my own skin. i want to show them that it is good to be you. it is good to be yourself. it is good to be okay with who you are and make no apologies for it. >> and jordin just woke up, she just -- she's out of bed, barely. skyping and makeup free again. you're really in bed, jordin. >> literally. see? >> so you had some time off from all your career and so you just took that time to be with your friends, be real, keep it -- your face nice and clean and rested a little bit. >> yeah. it has been nice. i actually -- i usually am
2:51 am
makeup free probably 90% of the time. the other 10% is, you know, coming on the "today" show and doing appearances, concerts and different things like that. for most part, i'm usually always makeup free. when you approached me about doing this, i was, like, yeah, i would love to do that. it's been fun. >> what is great about you, you're very young, so you look gorgeous either way. there are young girls that have insecurities when it comes to makeup, right? >> yeah. i mean, i feel like i was a teen once, i'm still -- i'm still in that realm of, you know, i see the magazines and i want to, you know, you want to always look a certain way. one of my fans sent me a video on skype -- not on skype, on twitter yesterday, you can find it on my feed, but about these four girls who always looked at magazines and said i want to look a certain way and they got the opportunity to be a model, a cover model and they took pictures and then the people photo shopped them and edited it. when they saw themselves in those pictures, they were, like, why would i want to look like that? why would i want my
2:52 am
imperfections taken away? it was a touching video. >> jordin will continue the discussion and be back with us friday live on the plaza. jordin, thank you. >> see you friday. his name is michael rosenberg, but you know him as passenger. >> we couldn't let him go without him singing for us. but first this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] for a brilliant smile there's a breakthrough in whitening. from crest 3d white, new brilliance toothpaste and boost. after brushing, our exclusive boost polishes your smile and whitens with 3x the stain lifting ingredient for a smile that dazzles. new crest 3d white brilliance. [ shakira ] i think a smile opens doors, it changes people's mood, it makes everything easier. [ female announcer ] be the first to try the new crest 3d white brilliance collection at wal-mart. use paste & boost together to make your signature smile even whiter. find them both at wal-mart, your destination for the latest from crest 3d white.
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the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> we want to remind you, you can catch linda gray on season three premiere of "dallas" on tnt. >> tomorrow relationship advice with matthew hussey and e. jean carol. >> but first, michael rosenberg. you may not know his name, but you know his hit called "let her go." >> and we already have fallen in love with you. we spent the commercial break with you. what a delightful guy. uk sensation known as passenger went from playing for loose change on streets to sold out concerts in under a year and his most recent album is called "all the little lights".
2:56 am
>> you went from the street to this? >> yes. the last five years i've been on the street and funding my own record and touring and playing in front of 14 people a night. >> and who found that song and made it into the amazing hit? >> i think -- i think it was a combination of things, you know? i think i was really lucky to -- went on tour with ed sheeren. >> that will do it. i bet he became a great mate. >> all right, let's go. >> come on, passenger. ♪ ♪ you only need the light when it's burning low touch slowly d♪
2:57 am
♪ but you only need the light when it's burning low ♪ ♪ only miss the sun when it starts to snow ♪ ♪ only know you love her when you let her go ♪ ♪ you know you've been high when you're feeling low ♪ ♪ only hate the road when you're missing home ♪ ♪ only know you love her when you let her go ♪ ♪ staring at the ceiling in the dark ♪ ♪ same old empty feeling in your heart ♪ ♪ love comes slow and it goes so fast ♪ ♪ you see her when you fall asleep ♪ ♪ you never touch and never to keep ♪ ♪ because you loved her too much and you dive too deep ♪


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