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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 13, 2014 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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tackle tackled by colin. the freshman from texas getting into the game here. deflected and incomplete. stops the clock at 1:59. sheldon day got his hand up time. rochell got his hand up for the deflection before. sheldon day has a nice homecoming, too, indy native. kept his eyes on the quarterback, had his hands up.
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going back. jaylon smith, second sack of the game for the irish. >> mike: a lot of stuff going there. turned jaylon smith loose. number 9 off the edge. jones came loose. they had to twist inside. net result was a free runner. vangorder's got to be pumped up. >> tom: jaylon smith with his second sack. they're utilizing him in more ways. >> mike: last year as a true freshman, jaylon was just an outside linebacker. now to bring him in to blitz, an inside player, man-to-man. they're asking an awful lot of jaylon smith. and he's one of the top linebackers in the country. >> tom: 1:52 on the clock. purdue with two time-outs left.
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>> mike: you've got to start taking some shots at the end zone. down and distance doesn't matter. the clock winding down. you've got to take some shots. >> tom: here's etling setting up. rolling to his right. and tloelg. another interception. >> mike: that was joe schmidt with the interception. there's the young man living the dream. passed up some scholarship offers from some big-time schools to walk on at notre dame. >> tom: they felt a little guilty asking his dad to pay all that tuition, but his dream was to play at notre dame. he walked on. his mom, deborah and joe, are here to see him.
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joe lived his dream by playing at notre dame. was a walk-on. had the dirty jobs. was on special teams. he made a big hit in the shamrock series game at soldier field against miami. caught the attention of coach kelly. he got a regular special teams spot. now here he is. a starter. former walk-on, now on scholarship, and a starter at middle linebacker. wow. mcdaniel gets the call. >> mike: pretty cool, tom. notre dame has such a great history of walk-ons. he may be the most accomplished of them all starting at linebacker. >> tom: kathryn? >> guys, joe's sister, katherine, 2006 notre dame grad, and member of the track and field team. she married lopez. this is about ten years ago when the family was visiting south bend. lots of snow. and joe dreamed of playing for
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notre dame. as you mentioned, he wasn't recruited by them. he walked on, earned himself a scholarship, and right there a big play in this game. guys? >> tom: exclamation point on a shamrock series game, as the irish go 6-0 in the shamrock series game. next year they'll go to fenway field to play bc. >> mike: yep. they're going to go to boston. historic fenway park. >> tom: what did i say, fenway field? i knew better. >> mike: there will be about 2,000 boston college fans. and 40 some thousand notre dame fans in the bc backyard. you know, doug, kind of interesting talking to brian kelly the other day about this whole series. he said at first he didn't like it because it took away a home game. but ever since then, kind of become a fan. >> as a recruiting fool, it's awesome. i can't believe boston college is going to be at fenway park
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with notre dame coming to town. >> tom: can they fit a football field in there? >> barely. by about six feet. it's going to be iffy. but they're going to fit it in there, make it work. >> tom: jack set the whole thing up. it will be an awesome environment. you remember a couple years ago at wrigley field, they could go only go one direction because it was too tight in the opposite end zone. >> tom: the post-game show coming up next. fenway park, that will be quite the scene, won't it, with the historic fenway. and notre dame football. i like the historical aspects. did they used to play football at fenway park years back? >> mike: i believe they did. they played at yankee stadium years ago. >> tom: yeah.
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all right. well, notre dame winding down with another victory in the shamrock series. another close game from purdue, at least for a while. but it's interesting that notre dame faced some adversity for the first time this season when they trailed purdue. they responded pretty well. >> that's what brian kelly said to kathryn at halftime. hey, we're going to see some adversity. i'm interested to see how we respond. i think everett golson continued to play well in the second half. i was most impressed with the defense. gave up 14 points at halftime, i think they made some adjustments to take away some of the short pass game. and pitch a shutout here in the second half. >> tom: notre dame after trailing, scored 20 unanswered points to put this one away. having faced that adversity, will probably pay dividends down the line, don't you think? >> mike: no doubt. with a young team especially. >> tom: the young defense has been banged up a bit, but they always have the next man in. and they played well. >> mike: next week they have the open week. which is also very important.
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two open weeks with the 12-game schedule now in college football. i think they're very happy to have it coming up now with all the injuries. >> tom: joe schmitt out there directing traffic. again, what a story. walk-on, now one of the leaders of the defense. interesting to watch film and watch him directing people, where to go. austin collins injured, not there to take over some of those duties. so it's up to joe schmitt. pass complete to hunt. >> mike: tom, i'd like to know how that conversation went with mom and dad. so i've got scholarship offers to miami, arizona, cincinnati, air force wants me. but i'd really like you to pay 50 or 60 a year for a couple
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years. >> tom: i think it's more than that. when he finally got the scholarship, his dad didn't know it. he said, how would you like to make $100,000? his dad was like, how? i got a scholarship. how cool is that. >> mike: that's awesome. >> tom: before taxes, it's a hundred grand, that's for sure. the final seconds tick away with:03 on the clock. purdue will fall to 1-2. they gave it their best shot. everett golson and the irish, golson accounting for over 300 yards again. he had 259 passing and 56 rushing. 315 total yards in our sparkling game for everett golson. he'll be stopped in the final play of the game.
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there's sheldon day with his indianapolis homecoming, getting a piece of it. brian vangorder's defense comes through again. notre dame trailed at one point in the second quarter. 14-10. before they scored 20 unanswered points. coach kelly looks like he's encouraging coach hazell there. they played hard, purdue did, that's for sure. >> mike: good football game. >> tom: let's go down to kathryn. >> guys, thank you very much. the handshake there with darrell hazell. what did you tell him? >> they play us so hard every year. it's this kind of ball game. physical. in-state rivalry game. and, you know, again, we knew coming into the game it would be a battle. we had to battle them. i'm proud of my kids. we lost some guys today. and we battled through it and found a way to get a victory. >> you lost a lot of key players in the game tonight. what can you tell about the guys
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who were asked to step up and play big? >> we've got two freshmen out there. we're writing it on the blackboard in the locker room trying to figure out what to run with these guys. i'm proud of the way they stick together. it was the first time that we've had adversity this year and they really showed their character today. >> a bye week coming up for you guys. what do you feel is the biggest area of improvement for this team? >> we've got a lot of things that we've got to get better at. we've got to get better on the offensive line. a lot of things to clean up in the passing game. i could go on and on. we're happy we're 3-0. but we've got a long way to be the football team we want to be. >> congratulations on the win. thanks for your time, coach. >> okay, thanks, kathryn. >> tom: for brian kelly's full press conference go to and the fighting irish return to nbc october 4th. they play stanford. stanford-notre dame presented by coke zero. coming up next, your local news. right now, stay with us on
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nbc-sn for the notre dame post-game show. notre dame beats purdue tonight in indianapolis. for our entire nbc crew, this is tom hammond saying so long from lucas oil stadium in lucas oil stadium in indianapolis. -- captions by vitac --
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. right now at 11 we are following two major stories. woe contell nation after terroris carry out an i can't guarantee i am going to get my kids back. >> still no sign of two local children, even though their mother is in custody. >> we are optimistic they will be found soon. off the top at 11, where are they? a community is demanding answers. a mother that might be able to tell police where her kids are, is not talking. there was a candlelight vigil
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held tonight in the parking lot of the chick-fil-a. this is where she was seen earlier this week. she was arrested last night close to here. they say it appears she had be living on the streets. she had cut her hair. duri questioning today she would not tell police where her children are. prayers and a candlelight vigil for the safe return of two missing choirn, sarah and jacob. >> we pray that someone will spot the kids and bring them home. so har, hogle, who has been diagnosed with paranoid schizopha has not told police where the children are. >> it was very brief. she wasn't ready to say much to me. no one is going to try to force
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her. those kids were the most precious to us. >> she is the children's paternal grandmother. she had katherine hogle committed in december. >> i said she really needsing to to her mother and father for a while and fit in with the family and all. but they sent her home. >> she says there having sightings of the children. >> i know that they will be returned. carly hogle is kathe hogle's little sister. >> she would never do anything to hurt the kids. she is an incredible mother. this is not like her. i miss her so much and i miss the kids so much. montgomery county police say they searched more than 16 areas
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looking for the children. used cadaver dogs. reporting live from german down, darcy spencer, news4. >> it was pure coincidence that someone spotted katherine hogle acting strangely last night. she paced back and forelooking confused. >> i hightailed it to my house to look at the flyer again. i told my girlfriend, my phone is dead, call the police now. this lady is standing right here. i ran outside and she was still there. i ran to the police department, knocked on their door and told them thafrg was going on. by the time they got back, they had her apprehended.
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police are asking people to 911 if they have a tip. tonight the isis group has beheaded anoth hostage. david hain went missing in syria last year. it looks like the video was shot in the same location where isis executed two americans. they threaten to kill another british hostage. the white house condemns this and says they will be brought to s no word on what caused a small a plane to crash at the montgome county airport. three people on board walked away with no injuries. one of the airport workers told us what he heard. >> with the impact, i thought it
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was going fob worse. >> what did it sound like? >> a loud thump crash. >> did you think a plane had crashed? >> no, i didn't. >> a neighbor told our crew this is the fourth to crash in that area in 12 years. nfl star adrian peterson is free on $5,000 bond after turning himself in. police say he used a tree branch and spanked the boy so hard he left marks. the team has not suspended him, and neither has the league. some of us are about to get a serious taste of autumn we when you step out tomorrow
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morning, temperatures will be chilly, lows in the 40s and 50s in the area. right now they are in the 50s and 60s. mainly clear skies on the satellite and radar. that means tlchs continue to plummet overnight. low temperatures, we haven't seen temperatures this chilly in chris, there is a beautiful afternoon tomorrow. i will let you know how warm it will get sunday afternoon in ten > new at 11, fair works lit up the sky. the city is celebrating the 2 hundredt. vice presi joe biden attended the star-studded
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reflected on the relevance of those words 200 years later. >> they asked the question is the flag still there. our anthem is important pause it asks us how much we love our country. >> you still have time to get to the harbor before it ends. the blue angels perform tomorrow. tonight a deadly chain reaction along a busy intersta. a brazen ambush becomes an all-out
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addressing right now in florida. we are getting our first look at a fiery crash that shut down a busy highway. this is i 95 near cape canaveral. you can see smoke and flames in the pround. one person is dead after multiple vehicles collided. a massive manhunt is underway after a man ambushed pennsy state troopers at their own barracks. one was killed, another injured. the troopers were changing shifts when someone started shooting at them. police from three states are looking for the man who fired the gun. >> troopers coming up to work. we have had state police from
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new jers and new yk coming to assist us, as well as their helicopt assets. >> the trooper who survived is no critical condition but doctors expect that he will survive. > at home in virginia, armed robber is on the run. police say he tried to hold up a gas station but the clerk fough him off with a mop. detectives say the man walked into a store wearing a mask, flashed his gun and demanded the clerk give him cash. instead of giving in, the clerk confronted him, swinging a mop at the robber and pulled his mavg off. the robber ran off and did not get the money. the local tolls you won't have to pay during your lunch break. how cold
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the company that runs the 495 express lanes on the beltway in virginia has a deal for you. they are going to offer free tolls to people heading for you don't own an easy pass, you will have to get one. >> fair warning. if you are planning to run or watch the navy/air force half marathon, it's good to take the metro. organi say there will be no
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designated parking for runners or spec taters so taking the metro is the best bet. hundred of cyclists are resting as they prepare for another day of cycling. the ride to conquer cancer today in kensington. they camped out in walkersville but will start pedaling at 7:in the umbrellas and raincoats came out early but they didn't keep people from the taste of falls church. this little guy got a taste of life as a motorcycle cop. he had a blast on the bike. he didn't


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