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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 1, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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mea everye will have a chance, anyway, of getting in on the rain showers today. have your umbrella ready to go. temperatures out the door this morning, upper 50s and low 40s. that's it. we're not going to budge much. temperatures will stay where they are all day long. showers likely through the course of the afternoon. as the rain begins to taper off a bit, it's going to get windy and cold indeed. fedex field. notre dame and navy kicking it off, temperatures in the mid 40s with quite a bit of wind as well. >> thank you, chuck. traffic is once again moving at speed on the beltway, following a deadly crash in montgomery county. live look at the inner loop right now. just past clara barton parkway. six people in two cars were involved. one person was killed in the crash. we're working to find out what led to the crash there. the washington wizards will pl their home opener at
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verizon center, a day after a triple shooting in the chinatown neighborhood. m molee green joins us. >> reporter: we are at the spot where it all happened last night for about an hour and we've seen police coming and going. in fact, there is a police vehicle parked right behind me, behind that white van that you see parked on the corner there. there's a police vehicle there. motorcycles have been coming and going throughout the time we've been here. i just spoke with d.c. police and they tell me that the stepped-up police presence remains all over the city. police tell me they are not aware of anything in particular special in terms of their enforcement because of tonight's game. last night the police chief said it all.
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there was a triple shooting in the area even though she had a ton of offices out here, as many as 30. she tripled the presence because of halloween and because of the concert in the area that is just so much going on last night because of halloween celebrations. 30 officers in the area. the chief was shocked that someone was still brazen enough to open fire despite all of the cops in the area. and i just spoke to a concert goer from last night. he was out here this morning. he said it could have gone from very bad to even worse. >> so, you know, the fact that the fleetwood mac concert went as late as it did, only missed the shooting by 20 minutes, there would have been a lot more people on the street. >> concert goer and others out here this morning say, look, they're not afraid to be in the chinatown area. they feel secure here in the city. sometimes things happen in a big city.
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to bring you up to speed, three people were shot at this corner last night. they are all expected to be okay. find a weapon but this morning they are still looking for the people involved. we are live this morning in the chinatown area. i'm molette green. >> not far from all this, we're look at another shooting that hurt a teen at third and eighth streets in northwest. he is expected to be okay. officers now trying to figure out if the two are connected. >> news 4 has learned several people convicted of drug crimes have been released from prison. it happened because the fbi agent was suspended indefinitely for misconduct. working on several high-profile cases in the area. four people who pled guilty and were serving time have now been released. people arrested and awaiting trial in a drug sting that took cocaine and heroin off the
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streets. none of those charges have been dropped. the department of justice inspector general has been investigating. >> a well-known political e who has raised money in national campaigns now facing charges of possessing child porn. news 4's jackie bensen has details on those charges from people that michael centanni worked with. >> reporter: arrested, charged under federal law with knowingly receiving and possessing child pornography. pi pe files showing children being forced to have sex with adults. hidden camera in his d.c. home with a clear view of his shower.
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he is well known in the world of direct mail fund-raising, a partner at base connect, prestigious office building a few blocks from the white house. during a promotional video, base connect experience and accomplishments. the company has raised millions in campaign funds for conservative political organizations and candidates in u.s., senate and house races around the country. records indicate the company has also co-sponsored the prestigious conservative political action conference known as c-pac. photos posted online show that he manned a promotional table. base connect ceo kimberly bellisimo has said we are shocked and dismayed at the recent allegations concerning michael centanni. he is a minor partner at base connect. effective immediately he is suspended from day-to-day
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operations. th to say we intend to cooperate fully with the proper authorities in investigation in this matter. >> centanni was ordered held without bond until his next appearance, scheduled for november 4th. a third student died from that shooting in washington state. the 14-year-old died a week after being shot. the suspected shooter, a popular freshman at marysville-pilchuk high turned the gun on himself and died at the scene. the shooting and -- the school will reopen monday. today's pub crawl is the first under the new policy that requires organizations to have a permit. remember this? quite the wild scene over the summer, pub crawler stripping down to pretty much nothing,
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running from police. arlington adopted new rules that require organizations to obtain a permit, which requires them to reimburse the county for things like extra police. you can cast your ballot at four different locations today. hay market town hall office of elections in manassas, james mccourt building and the woodbridge dmv. they'll be open between 8:30 this morning and 5:00 tonight. as we head toward election day, keep up with all tr political b. check out the first read section on our home page. >> a real-life halloween nightmare. the tragic turn of events for trick-or-treaters in california. pot-laced candy in our area. some of it may have slipped into your kids' bags. your kids' bags. what you should be looking for
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this morning, federal investigators are on their way to california where virgin fwch crashed, killing the pilot and hurting another person. sir richard branson will head to the mojave air and space port today. they were testing a new rocket fuel mixture when the spaceship crashed. it was a ship that was designed to one day fly passengers on trips to outerspace. three teens are dead after they were hit trick-or-treating in california. a bit dark in this video here. police in santa ana say the girls were dressed in costumes when they were hit. they are between the ages of 13 and 15. the driver took off. they look like candy but are anything but, prince george's
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county police seizing boxes of candy infused with marijuana this week. here are some of the things to look for when sorting through your kids' halloween candy. thc content. that is the ingredient in marijuana. if you see anything with that type of labeling, just get rid of it. coming up, a reunion in the making. ebola-free nurse from texas and her dog, bentley, will be back together. you won't believe the price tag on what it cost to keep them apart. portable heaters can be a quick way to turn up the heat. before you turn one on this weekend i'll tell you which are the safest and most cost effective. good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. cloudy and chilly and increasingly wet outside for now. it's going to get uglier before it gets better, everybody. and then the wind machine will really crank up tonight. details on how far the wind is going to blow those leaves,
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a judge in maine says a nurse who was trea or who treated ebola patients doesn't have to stay inside her home, quarantined. kaci hickox cared for patients in sierra leone and does not have ebola. the state of maine wanted her to stay in her house for a 1-day
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incubation period that would have ended november 10th. a judge ruled she isn't a threat to the public and will be monitored daily but can move freely. nina pham's dog, bentley, has been declared ebola free. the dog has been in isolation the past 21 days and shows no signs of ebola. nina pham was infected as she cared for thomas eric duncan, e disease at a dallas hospital in october. taxpayers have spent tens of thousands of dollars to care for the dog. the good news is that the dog is okay. temperatures in our area is expected to take a little bit of a dip. and space hen warm up a room, right sh. >> people arg fans of these things around this time. those portable heaters count for 80% of home heating deaths, fire deaths at that. erika gonzalez reports on the warning. >> rep kevin riley lost his restaurant when a fire
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started in the apartment above. firefighters determined the blaze was sparked by a space heater. >> it was all of maybe 45 seconds up there. that's all it took. you know, th wi smoke very quickly. >> consumer reports checked a variety of space heaters to determine how well they work and if they have the latest safety features. they all have a safety switch that turns them off if they overheat or tip over and they all pass this had safety check. how hot this terrycloth gets and see whether it burns or catches fire. none did. >> even so, we recommend placing space heaters at least three feet way from any flammable items like curtains, bedding or furniture. >> r how fast they can warm you up or spot heat, say, just your desk area. >> some heaters in our 15-minute
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test could only raise the dummy's temperature four degrees while the best could raise them much higher. >> this honeywell is excellent at spot heating and passed all consumer reports safety test and costs $180. the compact homes heater also passed consumer safety reports test and is a best buy for $40, it can heat a room quickly. no, it's not quite as fast as spot heating. erika gonzalez, news 4. >> the space heaters tested by consumer reports range in price from $40 to $400. bottom line, keep your space heater away from anything flammable, as mentioned in the story, and make sure it's on a flat surface. >> you should turn yours off on the desk. >> right there. >> those are not allowed here at the station. they're consider aid risk factor. >> they are. >> okay but you can't blame people for wanting to use them. >> no. >> especially waking up today. bitter out there. >> little space heater, electric
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blankie perhaps or someone to snuggle up you. be extra careful. if you have a lot of leaves and outdoor stuff you were hoping t it. the wind will really kick up later today and it will be a huge fire risk. firefighters, i'm sure, are already nervous about the winds. any house fires that get going tonight with people turning on their heaters and everything could bel p for firefighters tonight. let's all give them a break. outside cloud cover everywhere over washington this morning. no rain in town just yet. rain chances are on the up and up, though. 52 degrees right now. north wind at 15 miles an hour. this north wind is nothing compared to what's coming our way later today, tonight and tomorrow. winds could gust over 40 miles an hour tonight and tomorrow. right now it's 52 in frederick, 47 in martinsburg, 49 in fredericksburg. the impact the weather will have on your weekend is going to be
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moderate, to say the very least, becoming windy, definitely on the cold to dhchilly side. as your making your plan on what you should be wearing for your weekend, some sort of warm, waterproof coat today, a hat that you could tie on to your chinny chin chin to tie it on and umbrella, stress-tested umbrella at that. the wind out there will be a problem. chilly showers today. temperatures going nowhere. upper 40s, that's it. sunshine will be back tomorrow. it will be dangerously windy. tie down your trash cans or anything else you have today. winds tomorrow could be a real problem. rain for us, snow way to our south. e up across western north ings carolina. snowy mountains could get a foot of snow. one of my twitter followers had a report of a few snow flakes out towards charlottesville. if you're making the drive down
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to blacksburg, virginia tech is hosting boston college today. temperatures in the 40s and breezy as well. not much of a rain threat by the end of the game. future weather, ow rain drops pushing eastward to the west of i-95 today. rain drops tending to end by 6:00 or 7:00. if you're going out on the town this evening, plan for winds and 20 to 30-mile-per-hour range. temperatures in the 40s. it will be windy and nasty. hour by hour, plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the 40s. seven-day forecast time, it's going to be a chilly one for tonight and tomorrow. good news is we've got the sunshine back on monday afternoon and milder weather. auburn, ole miss. how about number two versus number three? temperatures falling into the 30s down to mississippi tonight. cold game down yonder and georgea, florida, largest
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cocktail party. they say that. winds, 34 to 30 miles an hour. windy there. our game forecast coming up. >> sounds good. >> thanks, chuck. new jersey couple waking up newlyweds. >> that's right. their wedding, though, almost did not happen. take a look for yourself. six hours before the wedding, contractor broke a water main right outside the venue, cutting repairs. completely with the help from the fire department, they were able to find a way to keep water flowing at the venue. the bride and groom right there, you can see for yourself, getting married as planned. get this, the groom had no clue this had happened. his new wife didn't tell them until a few minutes before they said "i do." >> i'm shocked he had no idea. >> yeah. beautiful ceremony. >> now they have a fun story to tell. >> that's right. why women fighting breast cancer are turning to one bra to help empower
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a local woman is turning her painful battle with breast cancer into something positive. >> that's right. something she hopes empowers women, just like her. news 4's melissa mollet explains how. >> the idea was born out of sorrow, but also out of hope. hope that a local woman and her sister could help others, others just like them.
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others wanting to look and feel like themselves after battling breast cancer and re with implants. kara gorski and her sister, kristen, never thought of themselves as inventors. mothers, yes. wives, sure. but inventor wasn't on the radar until cancer invaded their lives for a second time. >> it was history repeating itself. >> the sisters were just little girls when their 39-year-old mother died from breast cancer. >> i think it was probably the defining moment of my life. >> 30 years had gone by, kara lives in alexandria, her sister in kansas but that still felt fresh, raw, when kara felt a lump in her breast. it was cancer, the same ag type that had killed their mother. kara went on the attack, double mastectomy, hysterectomy and chemotherapy. kristen got tested and discovered she, too, had the brca-1 mutation. she chose a preventive
9:26 am
mastectomy and, like kara, reconstruction with implants. after a year of sickness and surgeries -- >> we thought we would be able to wear a regular bra. >> but they couldn't. that type of surgery can make breasts wider, flatter. >> then to have to wear explants on top. >> research, surveys. >> not being able to put on a regular bra. it's just something so simple. >> and the brags bra was born. >> the insert is built in to fill out the apex and provide coverage for receipt constructed nipples. >> side support, no uncomfortable underwire. like kristen, this woman had a preventive mastectomy and a new baby. >> these are my new breasts and they require a different kind of bra than my old breasts. >> as for the sisters, this is for their mom. and all those out there who,
9:27 am
like them, want to lk good and feel good after a long and draining battle. >> our mission really, in the scope of things, is to empower women to dream again and to live again. we want them to be able to brag again. >> the sisters have sold about 300 brags so far and spend lots of time fund-raising for breast cancer research. they've raised more than $45,000. back to you. >> how about that? for more on this local company follow melissa on pacebook and twitter. we've posted a link to braggs on line. d.c. police are racing to find a man who attacked an officer with an ax. what they're offering to get to
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here is a look at today's top stories. traffic slowly getting by after a deadly crash on the beltway at clara parkway in rockville. six peop and two cars were involved. one person was killed in this accident. >> police are looking for the person who shot three people in e chinatown neighborhood of d.c., at 7th and s streets right in front of the verizon center. three people were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. time right now we're looking at 9:30 on this saturday
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morning, the first day of november. and, gosh, it's greeting us with a chill. >> little bit. we could have rain later on, too. let's check in with meteorologist chuck bell. >> that mild october is officially in the record books. chilly start to november. cloudy skies already in place and rain drops going to impact a lot of folks today east of i-95. storm team 4 radar, showers are moving in. here is storm team 4 radar, southern prince george's and anarundel county getting in on the rain drops. most of this will go across parts of southern maryland. we will have rain chances in and around the metro area. keep the umbrella handy. temperatures won't move much, mid to upper 40s near 50 now. rain tapering off. wind increasing later on this afternoon. be ready for it. maryland on the road at penn state today. noon kickoff.
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45 degrees with showers at kickoff and strong wind. temperatures in the 40s up in state college. a chilly one up there. first peek in the next couple of days, windy. how windy coming up. >> raising the award for information leading to an arrest and conviction in an ax attack on a police officer in the district. this happened early yesterday morning near 12th and quincy streets in northeast not far from catholic university. derrick ward reports. >> reporte d.c. neighborhood, few costume halloween revelers, real police officers were passing out descriptions of the man police say did this. >> i find it very pauling. >> reporter: a man attacked an officer on patrol with an ax about 3:00 in the morning when the officer noticed a man with an ax in the alley of quincy street. he swung the ax at the driver's
9:33 am
side window of the cruiser. he wasn't hit by the ax but was hurt trying to arrest the man who got away. >> the officer in this case did sustain injury but it wasn't from the ax. so, i would rather see the ax embedded in the car than embedded in my officer. >> reporte there a bit of a buzz along the main drag. >> people get randomly attacked all the time. i've seen people get randomly attacked or robbed on the street and nothing is done about it zbrr derrick ward, news 4. now charged in connection with a violent rape in fairfax. jesse matthew appeared via video link from jail in the charlottesville area, facing three charges in fairfax, attempted murder for rape of a 26-year-old woman near rock garden drive. matthew's lawyer asked for a mental evaluation of his client. the judge will rule on that reques a future hearing. a man in prince george's
9:34 am
county will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing a high school student as the teen walked to school. the mother of slain teen says she's been waiting for two years for justice. ross was an honor student at district heights. suspected cop killer in pennsylvania has been denied bail and will stay in veil until his trial. eric frein was formally charged with attempted murder and first-degree murder yesterday, accused of an ambush that killed corporal brian dixon and wounded another state trooper. he spent 48 days on the run in the woods. u.s. marshals caught a resort 2 the barracks. >> he turned to me. i identified myself. he put his hands up. i told him to get on the ground and he got on the ground. >> pennsylvania police put the costt at about $10 million. in decision 2014, we are keeping an eye on several key
9:35 am
races in our region. in the district, you will decide on a new mayor for the first time, you will also vote for the district's attorney general. in maryland, you will elect a new governor. in virginia, we are keeping a close eye on the u.s. senate race. it could change the balance of power on capitol h e also looking at virginia's tenth congressional district. a new representative for the first time in more than 30 years. stay with news 4 for complete coverage on election day. crews across the district, maryland and virginia. you can also go to nbc there, you can find your voting place. >> happening today, maryland state police have a warning for drivers. you have to move over when you see emergency vehicles on the side of the road. all this comes after a string of accidents involving troopers and they say it's been happening in one place in particular. the beltway. is it one of the places where you see kind of the most incidents? >> that's been the most
9:36 am
problems, yes. >> repor this trooper was on the top side of the beltway early morning june 2nd after pulling someone over for speeding. as he was writing his report, that's when it happened, his car crushed by a tractor trailer. >> he hit directly behind where my head rest would be, passenger side door all the way up the side of my car. it hit the vehicle i had pulled over and then he jack knifed and crashed ahead of me. >> reporter: when a trooper is pulled over on the side of the road you're not supposed to go flying by. you're supposed to either pull over safely into the next lane or, at the very least, slow down. when police make a stop by the side of the road, they angle their car out into traffic. they do that on purpose, to give them a little bit more cover. that's even more reason why you should pull into the next lane, if you can. a new enforcement campaign is coming up. trooper alessandro bruzzizi sums it up. >> ems worker, tow truck driver,
9:37 am
an everyday person on the side of the road, you want that safety. this is why this law goes into effect, to prevent accidental deaths. >> sta pol tel us a stepped-up move will kick off during the holidays. while sorting your halloween candy this morning, think about sharing some to the troops. shipping goods to soldiers and how you can help for ss bucks. also new meaning to the phrase supermom. why the number of. .
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thank you so much for your support and your donations. it's now time to cut these dreds. >> local musician from virginia shredding his signature locks.
9:40 am
toxic childhood cancer treatment. franca and the charity raised more than $20 million through an indy go-go site. franca kept his word and let loved ones, one by one, cut off his locks. he started growing his hair in 2008 when he returned to the area to care for his younger brother who eventually died of childhood cancer. troops overseas still got to enjoy halloween with treats for troops care packages. care packages carrying candy, magazines and other goodies were carried to soldiers in afghanistan just in time for halloween. they also delivered treats to walter reed medical center in bethesda so kids of wounded warriors could trick or treat inside the hospital yesterday. leftover candy through veterans day. if you would like to donate, check out treats for
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if you thought gas price were cheap, wait till you find out how low they could go. even if you don't drive there's a benefit in it for you. >> what you ma may spend on you heating bill as cold air is coming our way on the heels of coming our way on the heels of crazy
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post videos and send big files faster than ever before. all on america's fastest, most reliable internet. get a fios triple play bundle at an amazing price guaranteed for two years when you sign up online. sign up now and get $300 back. and as an extra bonus from verizon wireless a free lg tablet or up to $200 off any tablet. go to today. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him. a flight advisory for the
9:44 am
windy city just expired because of all of this. winds up to 50 miles an hour in chicago carrying huge waves into the roadways causing massive flooding. some waves were measured at 23 feet. can you believe that? i know, right? the wind tearing down that street light there. drivers also in the roadway when that thing came down. lanes on the highway had to be shut down as crews worked to take away all the water. wow! >> living up to its reputation. next time you fill your tank you may notice a gas price war. the price of gas is going down. aaa reports average in d.c. $3.23. in maryland it's $2.94. in virginia, $2.77. in west virginia, $3.08. anne thompson reports. >> reporter:'s getting easier to fill her up. the national average price of gas is on the verge of falling
9:45 am
below $3 a gallon. >> haven't seen it this cheap anyway long time. >> not since december 2010. gas under $3 a gallon in 23 of the lower 48. in tennessee the statewide average is $2.75. go to chattanooga, it's even cheaper, $2.61. rock bottom price is on lee highway, $2.53. drivers across the country triumphantly tweeting pictures of their local low prices. what's driving down gas prices? multiple factors starting with the price war among opec members, falling 20% since june. >> the bigger story is u.s. production, five, ten years ago, the u.s. was only producing 6 million barrels of crude oil a day. now we're about 9.5 million barrels. >> spending less at the pump means americans have more money to spend elsewhere. gas buddy says motorists are
9:46 am
saving over $100 million a day compared to a year ago. on an individual basis the amount is much smaller. >> a gallon of gasoline right now costs less than a gallon of milk on average. you're definitely seeing a savings and that may translate into consumers spending more on other everyday items. >> just in time for the holiday shopping season. the more kids you have, the more productive you are according to a study by the federal reserve bank of st. louis. it found that moms who had two or more children were more productive than only one child or no children at all. the study wasn't just good news for moms. it also concluded that dads with at least two kids are more productive than men who don't have any kids. today, arlington is -- no comment -- working to keep its residents safe and warm this winter. emergency winter shelter opens
9:47 am
today and will be open every day from 4:00 pm till 9:00 am through march 31st, 2015. 75 people at a time. it is starting to get chillier around here. 4:00 pm to 9:00 am. it's overnight. it's cold overnight. >> absolutely. chilly day to be outside today. tonight, it's going to be windy and cold. windchills back into the 20s and 30s by tomorrow morning. so, whoo, the change in months will lead to an almost instantaneous change of seasonal feel around here. a distant memory now, the summer months. breezy as well. this wind is nothing compared to the blow machine that's coming your way laterd tonight. north wind right now, averaging 15 miles an hour. it's not inconsequential this morning. 52 herd in boston. thanks to all the clouds and
9:48 am
increasing rain ch mostly 40s to near 50 outside right now. mostly everyone in the mid to upper 40s at this point in time. you need a warm coat, your hat, your umbrella as well forhe remainder of your saturday. gog out to any of the local college football games tcu on the road at west virginia up in morgantown. mountaineers. a cold, windy day in the mountains. temperatures in the 40s with a chance of showers around and staying cold all the way through the day. that's a tough one for tcu in f. another great game locally as well. virgin in atlanta, 44 degrees with northwest winds near 30 miles an hour. for us, fall foliage season has come to an end now. but at or near peak fall color in and around the metro washington area. not the best weekend to get sbouts enjoy it because of the rain showers today.
9:49 am
south carolina, down here, 37 degrees and light snow in south carolina on november 1st. inches of snow across the western north carolina mountains. for us, no snow. thunderstorms off the new jersey coastline now. this batch of moderate to briefly heavier rain will graze the western side of the chesapeake bay. nonetheless scattered showers, southern maryland now. rain drops across parts of the blue ridge and shenandoah valley. heaviest rains east and south of i-95. what to expect, plenty of clouds, passing showers, wind increasing today. temperatures hovering near 50 all day long. future weather forecast through this afternoon, gradually tapering off. turning windy and chilly overnight tonight. out to dinner, 45 to 50. windchills in the teens -- in the 20s and 30s.
9:50 am
seven-day forecast time, 52 today with the clouds and showers. 49 tomorrow with a howling northwest wind during the day tomorrow. better weather by election day. that's definitely very good news there. college football, florida hosting colgate in the bronx. windy and cold. chance for showers. temperatures in the 40s. south carolina, playing host to tennessee tonight, temperatures falling down to near 44 degrees and sooner on the road trying to recover from that kansa loss two weeks ago, game time temperatures in the 30s out there in iowa. let's hope the road team can handle that. >> they'll need a good warm-up. >> you bet they will. almost every parent goes through it eventually. you might not see it coming. doreen
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i'm chuck todd back in washington. here is what to look for ahead of the big election broadcast. after two weeks on the road i have learned one thing, voters are exhausted from polarization and gridlock. what will that mean for their senate vote? you may not know control of the senate until well after tuesday thanks to multiple runoffs. number two, democratic party on wednesday may no longer be the party of obama but back to being the party of the clintons. and, number three, speaking of
9:54 am
the clintons, 2016 and the presidential race will get under way wednesday. one candidate who may already be running will be on the show sunday. that's rand paul. all that and more coming up on "meet the press." >> and chuck will join us live from new york city tomorrow at 6:00 am and 9:00 am. >> i wouldn't have labeled it depression. looking back, yeah, i think i was depressed.
9:55 am
>> experiencing what some therapists are calling the empty nest syndrome, period of time that a parent experiences after their children leave home. >> in the beginning, there might be the experience of like, yea, thank goodness, the kids left. we have the house for ourselves. after a period of time, people find themselves sad, perhaps lonely. their lives are not as busy. it's a period of transition. >> licensed therapist olga block says it's typical for parents to feel a loss of identity, happens to mothers or fathers but most often affects stay-at-home moms whose soul jobs have been caregiver. >> their main focus has been their kids and the difficulty is that it's difficult to even acknowledge that it's a problem they've left because they've left and now what do i do and who do i talk to about this? >> reporter: block advises parents who are struggling to try to embrace the feeling of freedom instead of running away from it, think of it as an opportunity to explore things
9:56 am
they've been missing, whether it's a new job or travel or a hobby. rebecca husted struggled with an empty nest, was exaspecerbat by e loss of her husband. >> my life is way more adventurous and interesting. >> you can learn more about depression a or on our special changing minds web page. can you find that at nbc that was doreen gentzler reporting. >> let's get a check of our forecast as we head into our zblatd showers off and on. not a whole lot of rain in the metro but enough wind to make the lightedeluge at times. be ready for that and a real howling gale for tonight and tomorrow. winds could be over 50 at times. >> great weather for
9:57 am
trick-or-treating last night. >> oh, yeah. >> and it was really fun. we did the family costume this year. >> beautiful. >> my poor husband. >> evil princess. >> loves you for that. >> flying monkeys. evil princess. that's the good witch, chuck. >> june, dorothy, and the cowardly lion. >> me and the two kiddos, lucas and isabella, out as a princess. we almost couldn't get the costume off of her because she was like i'm a princess every day. >> she loved it. >> hope you had a great >> hope you had a great halloween and great morning
9:58 am
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