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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 2, 2014 6:00am-8:01am EST

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welcome in to this blustery sunday morning. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm adam tuss. best way to describe it. i'm angie goff. november 2, 2014. whoa, wind, that's all you need to know this morning. storm te chuck bell here to tell us how long it sticks around. >> sunday is off to a windy and cold start and just to make things a little worse, a little light rain to cope with as well first thing th. here it is on storm team 4 radar. light rain showers in and around the immediate downtown washington area and points to the east and south where the most rain chances are this morning, charles county, st.
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mary's, calvert, prince george. not as much to the west of i-95. most along and to the east of the interstate. that's where it will stay. it's also racing southbound. by 8:00 or 9:00 d be out of this morning. temperatures in the low 40s. fumbling around looking for what to wear this morning, an umbrella for the next couple hours, but a warm coat and had for all day long today as highs will struggle to get back into the upper 40s to low 50s. a ton of wind today, a freeze warning tonight. exactly who is affected by that coming up. when d.c. gonzaga high school students go back to school tomorrow, they'll start with a prepare. one of their classmates was killn the beltway halloween night. the service will honor pet tand four other students heart in that crash. news 4's willet green reports. >> reporter: in the light of day
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you e the massive impact of the halloween night crash. the rear left side of this car took the brunt of it. that's where dominic petty was sitting. he was pronounced dead at the scene on the beltway near parsimin tree hill. witnesses say it was disabled on the side of the road where the gray jeep compass hit the front of the car. police say the driver, 24-year-old margaret baysly drifted off the road, struck the car, carrying dominic, three other juveniles and the driver. at this point in the investigation there's still a lot we don't know. maryland state police say the driver of the striking vehicle appeared to be impaired at the scene and also had to be taken to the hospi she suffered in the crash.
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tributes to the teen poured on to social media as news spread. just hours later, mourners gathered at gonzag some of his friends added his name to the book of names for the dead for all saints day mass. in the meantime, no one has been charged in this horrific accident that has a school community in mourning. in rockville, mollet green, news 4. >> someone you know probably could use a little extra sleep this morning thanks to the return of the arlington pub crawl. oh, yeah. turns out it doesn't have to be halloween anymore to bring out the costumes. last night arlington police made a few arrests, but the night was quiet. they say that's because the community helped them out. >> what e been doing is taking resources from other
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parts of the county. now the organizers are paying for police and fire support, we can have dedicated resources from the beginning. >> police felt the changes were necessary because in june a man stripped naked and drove into a series of parked cars and police tased him. a prince george police officer off the job after she was arrested for drunk driving. she was off duty at the time. maryland state police charged her with dui. per refz has been a patrol officer for eight years. she is the fifth prince george's county police officer suspended since august. three of those officers are charged with assault. one faces a theft charge and another was also charged with drunk driving. in decision 2014, president obama has a busy day ahead, campaigning for democrats out of tuesday's election. the president's first stop will be in bridgeport, connecticut, at a rally for governor dan malloy. after that he'll head to philadelphia to speak at temple
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university to campaign for gubernatorial candidate tom wolf. coming up in the next half hour, we'll discuss this with chuck todd. in virginia you'll see a new constitutional amendment on the ballot as news 4's julie carey shows us, it helps families who have made the ultimate sacrifice. >> r f tracy, the terrible knock on the door came in june of 2012. her husband, major paul voc key had been killed in afghanistan. suddenly she was alone with two small boys. >> your life changes forever. so you start to think where am i going to go? >> reporter: she eventually left the military base and settled in springfield in a home she and her husband bought earlier when he was stationed at the pentagon. she soon certain tax exemptions offered to some military families were not offered to her. they ask if your husband active duty military member?
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no. is your husband a disabled veteran? no. there's no category for us. >> reporter: north efrn virginia delegate same discovery, so he co-sponsored a bill for this constitutional amendment. it gives anyone whose spouse is killed in action an exemption on their property taxes. >> this is the fairness issue, the least we can do include a small token of appreciation to those that have given the ultimate sacrifice, the ultimate disability and died in action. >> reporter: there a benefits already in some jurisdictions for spouses of those killed after january 1, 2011. but he made sure the constitutional amendment covers all surviving spouses, no matr wh the service member was killed. if they remarry, the exemption ends. volkey hopes the ballot question will be approved. >> that frees up funds to live a little more comfortably and don't forget about us, because we did give everything we had for the protection of this
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country. >> r in springfield, virgin, julie carey, news 4. >> we want to remi you you can get ready for election day right . guess who is back? rg3 and the redskins play the vikings today. there's a big rally in minnesota to protest the team's name. watch news 4 tonight to find out the protesters and those who support the name have to say. we've seen similar protests on the road this ye. y you can go to a tail get to support the name. republican candidate suzanne scholte is hosting the event. it begins at 12:30. if you want to go, head over to the greene turtle on university drive in fairfax. the time right now 6:07. >> we're covering every angle of tuesday's election in our region. >> taking a look outside right now --
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>> reporter: how will it be sold, when will marijuana be taxed and when will it be available? available? >> storm team 4 m
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after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight.u hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws.
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even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
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right now they are cleaning up south carolina. take a look at this. swimming pool isn't of much use right now. they didn't expect this. the storm droppee inches of snow in some places. thousands also lost power. a lot of the heavy branches crashing down. earlier this week it was in the 80s. my husband lives there and i used to live there. this is record breaking. >> oh, yeah. >> it's eight days before the earlier snowfall that columbia, south carolina, has ever seen.
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i was talking to chuck about this earlier. the place shuts down. even if it's just a dusting. >> my folks live in atlanta. when i talk to mom for the weekly check on friday. i said, are you guys ready for the snow? she was like what snow. my forecasting brethren at the stations down south apparently were not paying close enough attention and caught a lot of people off guard with a rare november 1st snowfall down there. the high spots in western north carolina were measuring almost 12 inches in some of the high spots. down in columbia, that's a shocker no matter what time of year it is. for us, man, did it get windy and cold outside. yesterday the wind really started to crank up. as i was driving home last night about 11:30 at night, there were leaves flying everywhere. cold air spilling into the region. it's going to be a chilly day today and a cold night tonight as well. so cold, in fact, that frost and freeze advisories have been posted. the brighter shaded counties,
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that's a freeze warning for a monday morning. this is a frost advisory here from i-95 and points to the east. you should brace yourself for a very cold start tomorrow morning. skies are mostly cloudy now. will clear out during the course of the day today, a clearing sky and a fading breeze will make for a cold start tomorrow morning. any breeze that's left will keep windchills tomorrow morning in the 20s to near 30 degrees. so you really need to go ahead and start finding that winter jacket. it's 45 now in washington. that northwest wind is still howling out there at 18 miles per hour. temperatures upper 30s to low and mid 40s. that's it. temperatures today just like yesterday, not much of a rise at all. we'll go from upper 30s and low 40s now up about ten degrees to upper 40s, maybe around 50 degrees. that's about it. right now the windchills are at or below freezing just about everywhere. 23 the windchill in cumberland, 28 the windchill in
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fredricksburg. your future feels-like temperatures, windchills will stay in the upper 30s and low 40s for the remainder of the afternoon today, then drop back down to near the freezing mark by late tonight. luckily with the wind laying down, there won't be as much of a windchill, but nonetheless, a cold one for sure. how cold it will be in your neighborhood. best way to track that is your storm team 4 weather app. e a bunch of different forecast skoens that we type out ourselves, so you can get the best, most accurate information. as far as rain this morning, two swipes from me on the wipers, charles, prince george and koun into st. mary's county, this is light rain and racing southbound. that should be out of here by about 8:00 or so. flying today towards boston or northeastern maine, look out. crazy wind and rain there. for our running brethren running the new york city marathon today, that's going to be a struggle indeed. a screaming north wind as you
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try to get over the hudson river and around new york city. send a thoughtful prayer or two to your running friends in new york city today. there's our seven-day forecast, windy and chilly today, a cold start tomorrow and that's it. milder weather is back just in time for election day. no excuses not to get out and vote. next chance of rain is a thursday-friday threat. next up we have "reporter's notebo" for you. >> we're back in 15 minutes with more of the morning's top stories. >> good morning and welcome to ""reporter's noteboo are two days away from the vote. let's start in the district if we can, the mayoral race. we saw in the primary 27% turnout in a very heavily democratic city. they're talking upwards of 40% now for the general election. who does the high turnout benefit and who does it hurt? >> the high turnout potentially benefits mur yell bowser. as you pointed out, the turnout in primary was so low, 27%.
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that's even low compared to the last primary which was about 37%. i saw one statistic that said muriel bowser received fewer votes than adrian fenty when he lost to vince graves. that gives you an idea how low turnout was. i think we're expecting more for the general, but that to be seen. >> in shear numbers, bowser needs to have a turn out. vincent gray, the sitting mayor said on whor a couple weeks ago, he said this wasn't about me because i didn't -- i wasn't renominated. it's because we didn't have a turnout. we know it's heavily democratic. bowser needs turnout. catania has to be concerned. 15% says i'll vote for bowser. another 15% says i'm not sure who i'll vote for. he has to hope that 30% in some way will flip and go his way. i don't know if he has enough delineation between his views and bowser's view to really grab
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that 30%. >> you have to wonder if the emerge earns of carol schwartz hasn't really sunk any hopes -- diminished any hopes that catania had. she's polling about 7%, 8%. admittedly he is considerably behind bowser. but the fact remains, if she weren't there he could use perhaps the momentum we might be getting and say it's close, people, get out. he'd have a ground game that would help his side. that's brking a really big factor. >> also remember, too, jim, that we still don't have an indictment of the mayor. so his supporters can still say this came out right before the primary. what's this about? he could really help bowser by saying, listen, my people get her. the president has endorsed her. but the sitting mayor has not. >> on the impact of schwartz, dave mcconnell was talking about the potential impact of schwartz
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on this race. there's a poll that had schwartz at 10% and catania at 10%. you could theoretically add all of schwartz' supporters and he -- i'm not sure how much impact schwartz is having. >> it would be clearly a two-person race which in in eyes it is not. >> the bragging rights of being closer than ever and putting that down to the folks that have to get out the vote, reminding people, hey, every vote counts, look how close we are, he can't say that now. >> speaking of close, lowser than a lot of people thought it would be, the gubernatorial race between hogan and anthony brown, the lieutenant governor. very democratic state but it's close or closer than we thought it would be. >> this race the making national headlines now. chris christie is coming out. he's the perfect guy for larry hogan because he can say i'm a
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republican governor in a blue state. i won there. you can win there. he's back again. i think this might be the fourth time for hogan. for brown he's pulling out president obama, president clinton and he also has former secretary of state and u.s. senator hillary clinton coming out. so i think brown probably will still win because of the numbers for democrats versus republicans. but he has to be very careful. remember paris clen deng in '94 won by barely 6,000 votes. even that was contested for a while. so that's brown's nervous area. i still think by the 234u78 bers you still have to favor him. >> we have an issue of vote flipping in certain counties in maryland. talk a little bit about this issue that's coming up in the past week. >> these are the electronic machines, touch screen machines. there have been many reports all over maryland about electronic vote flipping. if you vote for the republican,
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the machine will actually change the vote to the democrat -- the voters, it's important to say, are given an opportunity to examine their ballot. before you hit the big red vote button, it gives you all your votes so you have an opportunity to double check that and make sure it's okay. one thing i always wonder about all these machines, i lived in florida back in the year 2000, this is personal for me. why is it people think the technology is always the answer to everything? it's possible the best method of votie actual paper. >> that's been the rap in maryland for years now, that they haven't gotten the system where it ought to be and why can't they fix it? it's almost reminiscent of the district and where they've really had problems. as i understand the technology, there's no recount, r nation right away on this. it's a dicy situation. whether it becomes something big on eletoe democratic area of
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maryland, democratic party, a lot of not happy campers. the critics of anthony brown say he hasn't run that great a campaign, depending too much on the fact that he is a democrat. he hasn't helped the of the party. >> where is governor o'malley in this race? to the to be seen. >> he's a factor because of his record. >> he's playing music. >> some can say he's running for some spot in some democratic administration if they win the election in 2016, some say he's running for president. to michael's point, in the counties where machines were a problem, anne arundel, howard, frederick county. these are counties that republicans can win. remember brown can win this group torl race if he wins montgomery county, prince george's couy and baltimore city. we're going back to paris glenn
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deng. >> general assembly person. >> she won 21 of 24 counties. if brown can hold those three counties which are highly minority, democratic, latino, he could still win the election. hogan's point is, listen, these machines, he's saying they're all flipping from republican ba t democrat in terms of the numbers. >> quickly, dave. >> bottom line, democrats, when they fall apart, there's dis unity and not working together. that's the best shot for republican. whether that's happening now to an extent remains to be seen. >> we did have a divisive be right back to pick up on what's going on trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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welcome back to repo noteboo moving to the gubernatorial race in maryland. is mark warner pulling away
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here? we've got hints a week ago that republicans weren't invest that much money in this race. did they see handwriting on the wall? >> you have to wonder about ed gillispie. when she was in charge of the republican party, this is what he did for a living. now he's on the other side of it. he's a candidate and the republicans are not quite as heavy in race, largely because warner has kind of run away in the polls. that's where people seem to think the race is going. you have to feel for ed gillispie in terms of being a candidate who is not kind of receiving the big money. on the other hand, he would be candidate who could actually appreciate that decision more than your average candidate. >> good point. >> this gives him an opportunity to get his name out there. remember, virginia governors, because of their constitution, one term, four years. gillispie can come back four years later. he laid himself out there. you know who i am right now. we don't have this
6:25 am
warner-to-warner thing coming up against me. which is very powerful. you have a former senator warner with the current senator warner in adds. that's a tough thing for gillispie to fight. >> two things. the republican hierarchy thought the popularity of president obama and the fact that people might be out to get mark warner and republicans because he contributed. he cooperates with republicans so much as a democrat, he might be vulnerable, but it was a toss of coin, and it didn't work. he's not vulnerable. he has a solid record. that's one thing. the other thing is gillespie, the story is, is willing to be the, quote, sacrif at running a governor. >> have a very heated congressional race. we've been watching it around the clock in commercials. very aggressive commercials, not personal attacks but they are some negative spots certainly, talking about the former seat from congressman wolf, faust and
6:26 am
comstock. what are we to make of this race? >> this is the hottest race in certainly the northern virginia area mainly because it's so competitive. you really have -- this is a republican seat. frank wolf held that seat for many years. you kind of have to give the edge to barbara comstock. faust is very well known. an elected official that has high profile in fairfax county. what hurt him is this comment that this off-hand remark he made about barbara comstock, quote, never having a real job. she has used that in these adds that you're talking about. that -- we might actually see that playing a significant role in the outcome of this' lurks. >> what that can also mean, too, to female how much it may sortf sho you how much power the female vote has in sort of turning that election. >> moms and working moms. >> does it affect the males t
6:27 am
e when they hear that? we don't know. working moms, that could be very offensive, could drive them to the polls. i don't know if it's enough to make a difference, but it could. >> the rap on comstk is she's not a frank wolf conservative, an extreme conservative. that's the rap. she denies that. she voted against governor mcdonnell's legislation, the transportation bill and she's also been attached to some abortion rights kind of social issue thing. but the fact remains, she denies that. the other thing is the post, we talk a lot about endorsements, what they mean or don't mean. they couldn't agree on either one. they didn't think either was worthy of an endorsement. she because they said she's extreme. he bs ic democrat. it came out that he sort of a can't go for him.atever that if you sdant spark the interest of some would-be king makers,
6:28 am
you wonder how it trickles down with the electorate. >> you have to won defer about turnout, too. just seeing the animosity and intensity of these ads, the turnout can be high. >> or will it a turnoff. >> in virginia it's important to bring your photo i.d. in this election. >> this is the first major election where virginia will have new laws governing what is required of voters when they show up to the polls. voters will required to bring a photo i.d. there is a long list of things that apply to be your photo i.d. for example, a passport you can bring, your work i.d., your school i.d. if you go to a virginia school. and even if you show up to the polls without a photo i.d., you can cast a provisional ballot as long as you come back later with the appropriate i.d. this is likely to impact the
6:29 am
minority voters. >> we saw early on in the race in virginia and to some extent in maryland, too, but in more places around the country that this would be a referendum in some minds on president obama. that's not getting a lot of traction in our region. >> notmuch. you look at maryland, state heavily democratic. virginia may be tilting that way, at obama winning the last two presidential elections in virginia. but there's no doubt that outside of the region, that president obama can be -- is being a drag on the democratic party. you don't see him invited out really anywhere else. i think he might have gone out to rhode island i think. >> i think it's connecticut, wisconsin, places like this, where he seems t i think it's v this is a referendum on a
6:30 am
pr in a second term where the economy is suffering, not unique to president obama. >> our takeaway message, get out there and vote. tuesday is the day, november 4th. we thank you for having us in for "reporter's notebook." now back to "news 4 today." enjoy the rest of you in today's top stories, students at gonzaga high school in northwest washington are mourning the loss of one of their students. dominic pettey was killed in a crash on the beltway halloween night. tomorrow there will be a mass for he and four other students heard in the crash. a prince george police officer off the job, corporal miriam perez was charged with dui yesterday. they say she was off duty at the time. she's the fifth prince george's
6:31 am
coun police koun officer suspen> president obama is busy ahead of tuesday's election. his first stop will be at a rally for governor dan malloy. after that he'll head to philadelphia to speak at temple university to campaign for gubernatorial cande tom wolf. >> good morning. i'm angie goff. >> i'm adam tuss. today is sunday, november 2nd, 2014. it's a cold start for the day. >> this is one of those days that looks good from inside. the moment you step out, it's a whole other story, chuck. >> you betcha. nice cup of tea this morning. prepare for a good hot pot of soup later on today. a perfect day to be inside looking out at the chilly weather and the wind. not going to be a pretty warmup today. outside on our sky watcher camera this morning, sun is coming up an hour early this morning. good morning everybody. welcome back to standard time. a little early, daylight first thing this morning. an earlier sunset coming our
6:32 am
way. a couple of sprinkles inside the district and parts of prince george's county, charles county. it should be out of here within the next our or two. by 8:00, 9:00, everyone should be dry. current windchills are below freezing everybody. it's a cold start outside this morning. you'll need a warm coat and hat first thing. plan on a wind-whipped sunny and chilly sunday. highs today barely making it above 50 degrees. a hard freeze possible tonight. more about the freeze warning coming up in a few minutes. >> yikes. thanks, chuck. as federal investigators look into what cause add virgin galactic rocket to explode, the company's ceo richard branson says he won't give up on his dream of putting tourists in space. dan shinneman has more. >> investigatontsb combed through the wreck damage. >> it was an inflight separation and the question is, of course,
6:33 am
why did that happen? >> reporter: their goal, uncovering just that, what caused the prototype of the world's first privately owned manned spaceship to break apart in a test flight. >> we know of six cameras on the vehicle itself, six non-volatile sources of information on the vehicle itself, three cameras on the mother ship, the white knight, tell let me tri with over 1,000 parameters. >> earlier this saturday, founder richard branson shaken but stead fast. >> we are determined to honor the bravery of the pilots and the teams here by learning fr t >> the pilot, peter siebold was able to escape. injured and hospitalized. the copilot, 39-year-old michael alsbury was killed. >> i believe humanity's greatest achievements come ou
6:34 am
greatest pain. >> reporter: they have been working on making space tourism a reality for a decade. >> once we find out what went wrong, if we can over come it, we'll make certain the dream lives on. >> reporter: a pain. set bark, with promise of pushing the boundaries. dan shinneman, nbc news. news 4 covering every angle of the upcoming election. in maryland we learn lots of you, more than 300,000 came out to vote early this year. that's up from the last midterm election and more than double of who voted in the primaries. prince geoty 8% voted there. in montgomery county, early voting was about 5.5%. d.c. voters expected to approve legalizing marijuana in just two days. this week the council began figuring out how it would be sold and taxed. leaders may be ironing out the money questions.
6:35 am
news 4's tom sherwood learned that getting stores open won't be quick. >> reporter: in spite of a hotly contested mayor's race d.c. voters are expected to approve initiative 71 to legalize marijuana in the district for those 21 and over, a big step beyond just decriminalizing it earlier this year. >> basically we would have retail stores similar to the way we do alcohol. >> reporter: two thirds of voters here support legal marijuana. the d.c. council beginning its work on how it will be sold and taxed. >> this is the beginning. it's not going to be perfect. at least we're starting. >> reporte some witnesses say they also want the freedom to grow marijuana in their own yard. >> lived in washington, d.c. for 15 years, i want to grow cannabis this year. >> reporter: even if approved
6:36 am
tuesday, legal marijuana will not exist until 2016. that's because the d.c. bill must remain under congressional review through next spring and city officials wouchld take six more months to write regulations. >> we have to be realistic about the regulatory process. i have think people would be pleased if they can go into a retail store in january 2016 and actually buy marijuana. >> repor in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. if you are voting in virginia tuesday, make sure you have your photo i.d. with you. this is a requirement for the first time this year. you can bring your driver's license, student i.d. or i.d. card from work with you. if you don't have those, you can get a free voter photo i.d. from from the same place you registered to vote. if you can ga reminder you can o to and search first read dmv to learn more about the candidates in key races in our region. we posted information on the
6:37 am
virginia u.s. senate race, the maryland's race and the race for d.c. mayor. stay with news 4 for complete coverage on election this morning hundreds of you will brave the chilly weather to walk for a good cause. the breathe deep d.c. 5k walk to stop lung cancer begins at 10:00 a.m. walkers will step off from the national mall, 15th street and independence avenue southwest. our own nbc4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer will be there. a news 4 i team investigation. your tax dollars spent at tar bucks. tens of thousands of dollars' worth. we will reveal how government leaders have been able to swipe their cards and keep it under the radar until now. bargain shoppers, now is the bargain shoppers, now is the time to take advantage of
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we're counting down to decision 2014. you will head to the polls this tuesday. >> the midterm election could change the balance of power in the senate. moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd live at the nbc election headquarters at 30 rock in new york. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, adam. >> you were on the road again this weeks to do the meet the voters thing in key battleground states. what did you learn from the trip this week? >> i think my southern swing told us a couple of things. number one, boy, has rural america in particular, they are not feeling this economic recovery and there is a real disconnect. if there already was a disconnect between washington and the rest of america when it comes to dysfunction, the lack of the two parties working together. when you travel through rural america you really understand the idea that they think washington doesn't understand the economic recovery or the lack thereof that's taking -- that's not taking place in rural america. that was probably the biggest eye-opening experience for me.
6:42 am
>> chuck, is that enough for people to change their vote and in this case vote for the other party, a mentioned, this election could change the balance of power in the senate. can the republicans take back the senate. who has the wind to their backs on this? >> look, you wake up this morning, here we are, 48 hours from election day, and it does feel as if republicans have the advantage. is it full-fledged momentum. every time there's a piece of evidence that looks like republicans are getting the advantage, we have new data we'll debut on "meet the press" that shows this thing is razor tight. many of these races, even in the south, the president extremely unpopular in arkansas, louisiana, georgia in particular. yet democrats are not -- >> i notice you wrapped up that
6:43 am
little tour in louisiana. maybe because of the good food? >> well, you know -- >> there's actual lay big race out there. >> maybe a little. >> there's a big race out there that you're following. a little over time. >> we look forward to the show this morning. >> a reminder, you can see "meet the press" every sunday right here on nbc4 right after "news 4 today." >> the money coming out of your next paycheck could be going to starbucks. one federal agency spent tens of thousands of dollars in just one year. investigative reporter scott macfarlane tells us how he found that out in the full reviews by the news 4 i-team.he the starbucks in d.c., waldorf and a dozen other cities nationwide including $10,000 worth of purchases at the starbucks in
6:44 am
alameda, california. all told, the employees at u.s. department of homeland security using taxpayer funded cards at starbucks. they will not tell us what they bought, why they bought it, nor are they required to release that information to the public. in fact, the public likely never would have known if the news 4 i team dug up the purchase records. we showed the information to the congressman who chair it is committee overseeing government spending. >> when you have $10,000 spent at one starbucks by dhs employees in one city in six months, somebody is abusing the purchasing permission. >> it took months and intervention by this congressman to find even some details. more on that in a moment. but first, we wanted to know how much taxpayer mon many the government spends on these
6:45 am
mysterious micro purchases, so we found out. our review found out about $20 billion in about the course of the year. >> we asked all of these other major federal agencies based in d.c. for their micro purchase shopping lists, and all refused. >> we're spending public money, spending other people's money, taxpayer dollars and we have to account for it. >> brian miller says those government credit cards and micro purchases are supposed to be used for emergencies, for the unforeseen. he says they've been abuse ntd the past. our review found purchases of clothes at jc penney from the labor department, gym memberships and at the general services administration. >> we've had a case where a high ranking official used the purchase card to purchase hotel rooms and spas. >> reporter: miller says they shouldn't be used for $5.00 drinks. they say if the government wants to buy coffee, it should go
6:46 am
t process. the president signed a law ordering better records be kept and credit checks be given to cardholders so those with poor credit histories don't misuse the card. >> in spite of changing the law back in 2012, if we need to tighten the screws even more, we'll have to do it. >> reporter: what about the coffee shop card swipes, after the i team learned of the $30,000 at starbucks in recent months, the congress called the homeland security administrator. >> are you aware those purchases took place on the government credit cards? >> the majority of those purchases were to furnish coffee for the dining pantries on board cutters. >> coast guard cutter vessels. even she couldn't say how and why the rest of the money was
6:47 am
spent. >> we checked with several large federal agencies, all but one, the department of the interior declined to provide us their shopping lists. >> speaking of shopping, if you walk into a store today, you'll notice it's already starting to look a little like christmas, perhaps a lot in some cases. the holiday shopping season is heating up a mere two months before december 25th. walmart launching price rollbacks on more than 20,000 items this month, four weeks before black friday. office depot, office max and amazon kicking off holiday sales this weekend. target is offering free holiday sh on all online purchases. what are the benefits of starting your shopping this early? >> waiting until the last minute does mean they'll get the deeper discount. but it doesn't guarantee that they'll get that merchandise. >> holiday sales are forecast to rise 4% this year. online purchases expected to grow from 8% to 11% with more people shopping starting early,
6:48 am
may be the best wa off your lis. that's the biggest reason why people decide to do it. >> it could be weeks, let's hope months, before we see any snow, but georgia doesn't have to wait anymore. it will not be snowing anymore today. there's a freeze warning for some areas. however all the snow you see is melting because it's in the 50s there in georgia. my goodness, the south with an unexpected snowstorm. >> my parents included. i asked mom on friday, she said no one down here is talking about snow. >> what does that say about you being her i don't forecast for. i was giving her a heads up. i said, you know i'm a meteorologist. she said they're not talking about it. i'm them. listen to your son. that's all you ever asked me to do as a kid was just shut up and listen.
6:49 am
outside we go. around here, it's cold in washington this morning. it's going to be cold everywhere all day long. if you're hoping to a great big warmup, you'll need to get on e friendly whisper jet and go somewhere else. it's going to stay chilly. mostly cloudy skies in washington, your early sunrise. son was up at 6:36. courtesy of the return of standard time. it's cold, 45 right now in washington. northwest wind averaging 18 miles per hour. temperatures are in the upper 30s and low 40s pretty much everywhere now. as the cold air is settling in, and once the breeze dies down after sundown tonight. a frost and freeze threat. a freeze warning out and to the west of i-95 and a frost advisory for arlington, prince george's, the district and points east. frost and freeze likely early tomorrow morning. skies are mostly cloudy now but will be mostly clear during the overnight hours. a clear sky and fading breeze will make for a cold start.
6:50 am
it's going to be the end of the growing season for a lot of our western suburbs. 27 the current windchill in gaithersburg. mount pleasant right d.c., 43 and windy at 8:00 with a fir amount of cloud cover. decent amounts of sunshine coming our way today, but windy and chilly. temperatures barely getting up to about the 50-degree mark. we have a little bit of light rain out there first thing this morning. southern prince george's county, down into charles and st. mary's county. nothing big here. right along 301, headed eastbound into eastern charles county, out towards port tobacco these are going southbound. they'll affect tiedwater over the next couple hours. college park and laurel, you're already done. here is your future weather forecast. skies clearing out as we go through the day, but staying
6:51 am
windy and very chilly. overnight tonight, the breeze lays down just enough to allow for a subfreezing start. if you're out on the town on your sunday night, bundle up. temperatures generally only in the low 40s early to low 30s late this evening. a freeze outside the beltway to points north and west. the recovery and warm weather starts tomorrow. election day looks amazing. temperatures mid 60s, pushing 70 on wednesday. a little rain chance thursday into friday. >> okay. no excuse not to get out there and vote. >> still ahead, we take a look at the four things you need to know about washington redskins quarterback robert griffin iii quarterback robert griffin iii for
6:52 am
she did as a legislator, doors, hoping yobarbara comstocke. pushed bills benefiting her special interest client, then failed to disclose she was paid thousands by that same client, failed to disclose 85,000 in extra compensation. the washington post called comstock's behavior "an apparent breach of congressional ethics." we just can't trust barbara comstock. patriot majority usa is responsible for the content of this advertising.
6:53 am
6:54 am
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6:55 am
everyone. the redskins kickoff against the vikings this afternoon at 1:00. here are four things you want to watch for in today's ball game. number one, robert griffin 3 regard, number two, robert griffin the third. number three. robert griffin the third. and the number four thing you want to watch for in today's game, you guessed it, robert griffin iii. rg3 playing his first game since dislocating his ankle in week two of the season i expect him to be a us and nervous as well. what he has going for him has to be the play of his teammates, desean jackson, pierre garcon, alfred morris, these guys have stepped up the last two weeks and griffin must remember he doesn't have to do it all by himself. trust and believe in your teammates. those are your four things to watch for. enjoy today's ball game. go red skins. today you can watch d.c. united start its play-off run. turn on comcastsportsnet at 4:00
6:56 am
this afternoon. they play the new york red bulls in new york today. then the teams will play at rfk stadium next weekend. in the wk ahead you can let the gaithersburg city council know what you think about parking. the city planning commission will have a public meeting about two amo designed to update street parking and loading zones. news 4 w out at the polls with you this tuesday. big races happening in d.c., maryland and virginia. watch us on air or check out the nbc washington facebook page for all our coverage from the midterm election. >> if you know an out-of-work veteran r chance to get a job. this thursday there will be a hiring heroes career fair in ft. myer, virginia. more than 50 employers will be there looking to hire veterans,
6:57 am
transitioning service members and military spouses. >> we know it's pretty cold outside. why about the cherry blossom festival. the offici logo for the festival is being released. mark your calenders, it begins friday, march 20th, 2015. it will end sunday april 12th. always such a cool event. >> make plans early because it is such a huge time for washington. much more ahead on "news 4 today." that includes an hour by hour look at wind and cold rounding out our weekend. chuck is bac
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
did you remember to set your clock back? >> oh, i did. it was refreshing. i love that extra hour. >> good morning. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff. welcome to "news 4 today." we're dealing with wicked wind out there. we want to begin with some of the video of damage, damage it's already caused. take a look for yourself. a tree falling and crashing there car overnight. the good news is nobody was hurt. this lapped in district heights along marlboro pike. >> y see pepco crews came to clean everything out. more than 250 people without power in the area. it could get worse as the day goes on because the wind is supposed to pick up.
7:01 am
>> you betcha. the wind has been gusting over 25 milur almost 24 consecutive hours. that's going to continue through the daylight hours today. sun is already up and a mostly cloudy sky here in washington right now. temperatures are chilly in the 40s ch windchills are below freezing right now. skies trying to clear out just a bit as you look northbound from northbound from washington. right along the northern neck towards fredricksburg, most of the current windchills are in the mid and upper 20s this morning. your runner impact, time to break out the next layer of warmth. temperatures slowly inching to 50. windchills in the 20s and 30s high also be near 50
7:02 am
degrees. a freet and the warmup then begins. all that coming up. this morning students at gonzaga high school in northwest washington are mourning the loss of one of their students. dominic pettey was killed in a crash on the beltway halloween night. the students will hold a mass for he and four other students killed in the cash. mollet green has more. >> reporter: in the light of day you can see the massive impact. the rear left side of this honda accord took the brunt of it. that's where dominic pettey of potomac was a pass the a high school senior pictured here on his school's ice hockey team was sitting. maryland state police say the honda was disabled and off the road on shoulder around 2:00 a.m. when this gray jeep compass hit the kafrmt you can see heavy damage to the right front side.
7:03 am
police say the driver, 24-year-old margaret baysly drifted off the road and struck the car. at this point in the investigation there is still a lot we don't know. maryland state police say the driver of the striking vehicle appeared to be impaired at the scene, and also had to be taken to the hospital for in tributes to the teen poured on to social media as news spread. just hours later, mourners gathered at gonzaga. some of dominic's friends attended st. elizabeth's catholic church in rockville where they added his name to the book of names for the dead for all saints mass. in the meantime no one has been charged in this horrific in mourning. in rockville, mollete gree.
7:04 am
on wilson boulevard there was a deadly hit-and-run. the car drove away and was found a short later parked near the crash scene. paramedics rushed diaz to the hospital but he didn't survive. there will be a protest at the redskin's game today. rg3 and the redskins play the vikings at 1:00 this afternoon. activists and lawmakers will hold a rally outside of tcf bank stadium in minnesota. we have a news 4 crew right now. there have been protests against the name at several road games. watch news 4 tonight to find out what the protesters and fans who support the name have to say. today the redskins are suing a group of native americans meanwhile. we told you when they first tried to do this. a federal judge says it's okay. the team is suing the group who brought the name in front of the
7:05 am
u.s. patent and trademark office. th lost s trademarks. the team argues the lawsuit violates its right to free speech. in decision 2014, president obama has a busy day ahead campaigning for democrats ahead of tuesday's election. the president's first stop will be in bridgeport, connecticut, at a rally for governor dan malloy. after that he'll head to philadelphia to speak at temple university to campaign for gubernatorial candidate tom wolf. coming up in our next half hour, we'll discuss the election with moderator chuck todd. he'll be live at nbc news election headquarters at 30 rock in new york city. if you live in virginia's tenth district, you're about to be represented by someone new for the first time in 33 years. congressman frank wolf is retiring. democrat john faust, republicanr candidates are vying to replace
7:06 am
him. bureau chief julie carey sat down with the leading candidates to help you make your choice. >> reporter: republican barbara come to being is a delegate to the virginia general assembly and john faust is a fairfax county supervisor. they think they can help break up the gridlock. comstock cites her successful bipartisan bills. >> terry mechanic auliffe signed this summer praising it as a job creating good bill. >> reporter: faust says his exn tackling the budget proves he can work across the aisle. >> more often than not we come up with a bipartisan resolution of the budget issues. >> reporte one sharp contrast, their view of the affordable care act. faust defended it but says it can be improved. >> got to fix it. obviously have to make sure it's not hurting us in terms of job creation and growth. but we can't let the republicans hand it back over to the
7:07 am
insurance companies. >> reporter: comstock wants obamacare gone. >> i do think we need to repeal and replace it. i emphasize very much replace. >> reporter: the candidates make a very different pitch about which one is the best fit for a district that stretches from the bustling clinton area to wind chester. come stack says he'll keep the economy humming. >> we need to bring our tax code into the 21st century. we're driving businesses out of e country. >> repor fouft says he's the only candidate that understands the continuing need for investment in transportation. >> transportation impacts everyone in the district. barbara comstock voted against bipartisan transportation bill. >> reporter: turnout could be the deciding factor in what's become ag swing district. voters here supported president obama in 2008 and mitt romney by just a point in 2012. in mcclaine, virginia, i'm julie carey, news 4. coming up, how police are
7:08 am
using new facial recognition technology to match more than mug shots. big crowds hit the bars for the first time in arlington. is this a new twist on pub
7:09 am
7:10 am
a few people have new arrest records this morning after the return of the arlington pub crawl. however, police say it was much calmer thanks to a new partnership with the community. restaurants and other businesses helped pay for more officers and police put new restrictions in place. police and partiers say it all worked. >> everybody seems to be behaving which is always our goal. >> this is a very high strung area. it's nice to see people enjoying themselves.
7:11 am
not sure what he was going for there. in june police tased a man at the bar crawl after he stripped naked and drove into several parked cars. something delicious happening today in laurel. we're talking about the seventh annual taste of laurel. ten restaurants are participating this gear. between 1:30 and 3:30 you can sink your teeth into dishes prepared by local shelves at the laurel museum on main street. the cost of admission is a can of food which will be donated to a non-profit organization. this week you can bring your kids to a college fair in prince george's county. it's happening on wednesday. if you want to go, it's at duval high school in atlanta. you can learn about different academic programs, scholarships and ways to pay for your child's school. the event starts at 6:00 wednesday night. let it snow. already? it's the second day after halloween and some regions are already getting a taste of what winter might be like. how this snowfall is making history. chuck?
7:12 am
>> that's right. we got the cold, but we didn't get the snow, for better or for worse, depending on how you look at that. there's a really cold night coming up tonight. it could be the very end of the growing season. freeze warnings are up for your monday morning. exactly how
7:13 am
7:14 am
the new york city doctor infected with ebola is showing
7:15 am
signs of improvement, upgraded from serious to stable yesterday. dr. spencer is undergoing treatment at manhattan's bellevue hospital center. he started undergoing treatment last week after treating ebola victims in guinea. a maryland man is facing charges accused of kidnapping his wife. police say amazingly they found the couple because of writing done in lipstick on a mcdonald's bathroom stall. they say the women pretended to use the bathroom, then used the message to ask for help. >> the fact she had the courage to be able to do that and had the opportunity and intelligence to make that message in the long run ended up helping her return safely. >> turner and his wife were se he also accused of rape and assault. >>s t fbi has been using fingerprints to catch criminals, but now offering a new tool, a facial recognition program that matches crime scene photos to mug shots.
7:16 am
nbc's pete williams reports. >> repor since the days of john dillinger and al capone, the fbi us pictures of known suspects to put police on lookout. now it's rolling out techno if another way to identify unknown suspects, by checking crime scene photos against rapidly growing pictures, data the fbi is loading onto these computers, a massive collection of criminal records stored deep underground at the fbi's criminal identification center in west virginia where a process that took weeks to identify a suspect now takes a fraction of a second. >> what was once done in a roomful of desks now happens here, an enormous database, more than 120 million fingerprint records checked nearly 300,000 times a day. now the fbi is adding 20 million pictures. >> they come from traditional police arrest mug shots and not, says the fbi's stephen morris, from some kind of photo drag net. >> we don't go and collect
7:17 am
photos from public cameras or social networking sites. that's just inaccurate. >> for every search, the facial recognition program generates a gallery of possible matches to a crime scene photo. the fbi's nick megna says the process still requires a human touch. >> the system doesn't respond back with a single match. it responds back with candidate liss sglt examiners narrow it down by using specific points on the face, the pupils, tip of the nose, corners of the mouth to compare size and spacing of the features. while the fbi now says its fingerprint checks are 99.6% accurate, it won't tell police it finds a match in the photo database, instead sending back several pictures as investigative leads. the updated database let's police use pe fingerprint scanners. analysts are studying where iris scans could help identify suspects, too, as the fbi looks
7:18 am
for new ways to turn pictures into keys that can unlock hidden clues. pete williams, nbc news, clarksbu well, right now they're cleaning up snow, yes, snow in south carolina. this swimming pool, not want to jump in right now. the snow dropped about three inches in some places. we're told thousands of people lost power for a while. earlier this weefk, it was in the 80s in south carolina. man, a wild weather swing there for the south, chuck. >> you betcha. our october record for snow in washington is only two inches from october 30th, 1925. so three inches would have have been an october record here -- our november record a little more. the veterans day storm, 11/11/87, 11 inches of snow here. >> that was a good one. >> right now we're getting rocked by this wind. >> whoa, man.
7:19 am
the two words to describe today are wind and chilled because it's going to be windy and cold all day long today. temperatures are not going to budge much. we might squeak up to about 50 degrees later today. that's 15 degrees colder than average. once the wind lays down tonight, it's going to be bombs away on overnight low tef our western an suburbs, your growing season for plants and veggies outside about to come to a crashing end unless you do serious covering. e view from our russian town center, cold and windy across loudoun county, northern fairfax, good view of sugarloaf way out in the distance. a clearing sky will really help to make it feel nicer than it wi of wind and plenty of snind coming our way this afternoon. temperat will only be near 50 degrees. windchills which are below freezing now will stay in the 30s around 40 all day.
7:20 am
the freeze thr all these bright shaded counties west of i-95, that's a free warning for monday morning. this is tomorrow morning. frost advisories on the east side of i-95. do plan on a very cold night tonight. once the wind lays down, temperatures are really going to go into a free fall, back down into t upper 20s in most of the western suburbs. for now, windy and cold. 45 at national airport. northwest at 21 miles per hour. temperatures 42 in martinsburg, 41 in wind chester, 44 in fredricksburg, 42 at solomon's island, 45 in wedge water, maryland, this morning. windchills, you factor in that howling northwest wind, windchills are in the mid and upper 20s first thing this morning. a couple of fading raindrops here now into parts of charles, st. mary's county, down along the northern neck, these are moving out very quickly. in the next hour or so, this will be nothing but a memory. skies will then start to clear
7:21 am
out consid wel be left with plenty of sunshine coming our way. here is the way your sunday afternoon looks. hold on to your hat, rocks in the pockets for kids under 50 pounds today. winds will be gusting over 40 miles per hour at times. so even with temperatures up near 50 degrees, it's going to be an awfully chilly day to be outside today. going out for sunday night, temperatures mid 40s at 7:00. freeze possible in the western suburbs as early as 11:00 or midnight tonight. overnight lows mid to upper 20s in northern virginia and northern maryland. right inside the urban heat island and alongside the bay, temperatures barely above the freezing mark. here is your seven-day forecast now. the recovery begins at sun-up tomorrow. beautiful weather for election day. clouds back on wednesday. rain chances are s there for thursday into early friday. next weekend looking good. on metro, expect delays even on the new silver line today. metro says silver line trains
7:22 am
are running every 20 minutes. there are 20-minute delays on almost every other line. the red line is the only exception. there you could have as long as a 15 sdsh m wait. outlet versus retail store, which has better quality and price? i'm erika gonzalez. i'll show you where trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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7:24 am
after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
7:25 am
the holiday shopping season already heating up about two months before december 25th, walmart launched price rollbacks on 27 items this week, four weeks before black friday. office depot, office max already kicking off sales. target offering free shipping on online purchases. what are your benefits of starting your shopping this early. >> waiting until the last minute does mean they'll get the deeper discount, but it doesn't guarantee they'll get that merchandise. holiday sales are forecast to rise 4% this year. online purchases expected to grow from 8% to 11% with more people shopping earlier because they think it's the best way to check everyone off their list. we're spending more than ever at outlet malls. $42 billion to be exact according to "value retail news." >> how do the outlet stores compare to the retail stores when it comes to quality and
7:26 am
value. news 4 consumer reporter erika gonzalez has the real deal on the stores. >> reporter: most shoppers who told consumer reports about 25,000 outlet store visits are happy with the deals. 64% say outlets offer great value. >> when i shop at outlet centers, i'm looking for a great deal, great product at a great price. >> who doesn't like a great deal. everyone lovps saving. >> reporte those surveyed found superior value at bon worth, haggar, oshkosh izod and l.l. bean. is it the same sghault the coach store carries this bag? the outlet has this one. >> the retail version is made of a nice heavy embossed leather, a rounded top, so it sits nicely in a rounded handle which is more comfortable. the outlet version is a nine bag, a few less fine details and a flat handle. >> a $100 difference between these outlet flats and these
7:27 am
from the retail store. >> the shoes are similar. the retail is made in italy of real either. the outlet is polyurethane. >> reporter: be aware not everything is cheaper. although this corel dinner set is identical, it costs costs more here. same with the revereware pot and pan set. some offer bargains but you have to shop carefully. >> that was erika gonzalez reporting. we reached out. an attraction at the happiest place on earth catches fire? we have new video into the newsroom and why disney world is blaming another attraction for the flames. d.c. voters next week are expected to vote to legalize marijuana, but how will it be
7:28 am
so? w will it be taxed and when will it be available? it's cold and windy. .huck is b
7:29 am
7:30 am
in today's top stories, when d.c.'s gonzaga high school students go back to school tomorrow morning, they'll start with the day with a prayer. one of their classmates, dominic pettey was killed in a crash on the beltway halloween night.
7:31 am
the service at saint al's church will honor pettey and four other students hurt in the crash. later this morning a big group will rally against the redskins name. it's happening in minnesota where the skins play the vikings at 1:00 this afternoon. pr ahead tuesday's election. his first stop will be in bridgeport, connecticut at a rally for governor dan malloy. after that he'll head to philadelphia to speak at temple university to campaign for gubernatorial candidate tom wolf. welcome to "news 4 today" everyone. i'm angie goff. >> good morning. i'm adam tuss. it is cold and windy. >> it is just whipping around out there. >> as advertised yesterday, the wind really picked up during the course of the day and has gone nowhere during the overnight hours last night while you were asleep. that wind is going to be waiting for you outside the doofrmt you
7:32 am
can probably hear it on the windows this morning as leaves are flying all over the area. the gusty wind could cause larger branches to come down. keep an eye out as you're going out and about your business today. had a couple of sprinkles about an hour ago in washington. they're gone from the city now. within the next hour they'll be gone across parts of southern maryland. for now, a couple of sprinkles here, charles county, st. mary's county, fredricksburg toward colonial beach and chesapeake beach. windchills, first time we had to focus on the windchills. in the mid and upper 20s now. highs today in the upper 40s and low 50s. feeling like the 30s all day. freeze warnings are up for tonight. more about that in your seven-day coming up. new this morning, a man was killed in landover. looking for whoever ge's county killed him. it happened less than a mild from fedex field. police say the man was shot outside an apartment there.
7:33 am
we're told police don't know anything about the suspect yet. stay with news 4 as we work to learn more about this crime. a fifth prince george's police officer is off the job this morning. officials suspended corporal miriam perez after she was arrested for drunk driving. she was off duty at the time. perez has been on patrol as an officer for eight years. she's the fifth prince george's police officer suspended since august. three of those officers are charged with assault. one face as theft charge and another was also charged with drunk driving. new this morning, prince george's cy police are investigating the death of a community college student in college park. last night police responded to a 9111 call of an unconscious man on berwyn house road. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. police say there's not a sign of r in the man's lcohol was death. new this morning. a ride at disney world catchs
7:34 am
fire. this happened in maj kingdom. during the fireworks fell, ash fell on the seven dwarfs ride. someone at the park shot this video. the fire department saying the fire was put out i in decision 2014, d.c. voters are expected to approval legalizing marijuana in just two days. this week the council started work anything yurg out how it will be sold and taxed. leaders may be figuring out the money questions, but news 4's tom sherwood found out getting stores opened won't be a quick effort. were aside from a hotly contested mayor's race and dozens of other elections for public office, d.c. voters are expected to approve initiative 71 to legalize marijuana in the district for those 21 and older. a big stoep beyond just decriminalizing it earlier this year. >> basically we would have retail stores and a three-tier
7:35 am
system similar to the way we do alcohol. >> opinion polls show two-thirds of voters support legal marijuana. the d.c. council is beginning its work on how it would be regulated, sold in stores and tax sgld this is the beginning. it's not going to be perfect. but at least we're starting. s say they want the freedom to grow marijua ts last year i grew hops, tomatoes, hot peppers. i want to grow cannabis next year. i've never had the opportunity to lw cannabis. >> reporte even if approved, legal marijuana may not exist until 2016. that's because the d.c. bill must remain under krongal review thro spring and city officials would take at least six more months to write regulations. i think we have to be realistic about the regulatory process. i think people would be really pleased if they could go into a retail store in january of 2016 and actually buy marijuana. >> rep in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. if you're voting in virginia
7:36 am
tuesday, make sure you have a photo i.d. with you. it's a requirement for the first time this year. there are lots of different kinds you can bring, including driver's license, student i.d. or i.d. card from work. if you don't have those, you get a free voter photo i.d. from the same place you registered to vote. if you forgot your i.d., you still vote but need to submitn i.d. by friday for your vote to count. today republican nominee larry hogan will be joined by new jersey governor chris christie. it's the fourth time they'll be together before the election. tomorrow michelle obama will campaign with democratic candidate anthony brown. the candidates have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars as polls say the raet race is getting tighter in the state. we've just 48 hours away from eleday. republicans appear to be in position to take back the senate. we spoke to "meet the press" moderator chuck todd earlier. >> this is razor tight.
7:37 am
even in the south, the president extremely unpopular in stoirnth states, arkansas, louisiana, georgia in particular. yet democrats are not done yet. they are more competitive there than you might expect. i think part of it is a lack of trust and cred blth with the republican brand with some of these foeters that i ran into. >> you can catch more on the upcoming election this morning on "meet the press" right after "news 4 today" at 10:30. >> this morning, hundreds of you will brave the weather to walk for a cause. walkers will step from the national mall, 15th street and independence avenue southwest. our very own nbc4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer will be there. we'll have a live report at 9:00 a.m. plenty of trends start and end in hollywood. one of the world's most famous actresses may have started a trend that will save the lives
7:38 am
of thousands of women. of thousands of women. the local gym catering to
7:39 am
- oh, the young. their energy seems like an unlimited resource we sometimes wish would run out, at least for a moment. but as we grow into adults, it's important to learn how to use our energy wisely, especially when it comes to electricity. you can save energy and money by caulking around windows. and by using a power strip, you can turn off several devices when they're not in use, or when you're simply done. it's all about using your energy wisely, and novec is here to help. for more tips, go to novec: helping you save.
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actress angel lean know jolie is kre eating an effect since she had her breasts removed. >> news 4's doreen gentzler reports. >> r michelle bartoli never thought she would have much in common with angelina jolie. after th me a surprising announcement, she both had their breasts removed. >> i've heard people say people feel less like a woman. she's still the most busful woman ever. >> reporter: both have the brca
7:41 am
1 gene associated with higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer. both chose to have preventible mastectomies. i have seen women struggle with that decision because it is a huge decision and it's a life changing decision. >> rep since jolie announced her decision last year, researchers say they're san jose seeing more women exploring genetic testing, something called the angelina effect. one study looked at 21 genetic testing centers at clinics across the country and found there were nearly 5,000 referrals for testing in june and july of last year. that's just a few months after jolie's announcement. compare that to the same period in 2012 when there were just 2,000 referrals. dr. shawna willy is director of the regional breast cancer program at med star georgetown univer hospital. >> nationwide there are so m te. we're learn that there are more and more people eligible for genetic testing.
7:42 am
>> repor right now genetic testing is recommended for women who have a strong family history of breast or ovarian cancer or male breast cancer. being of jewish decent is also a risk factor. this doctor says while most n opting for prophylactic surgeries typically have vass sect mes, doctors are also recommending removing the ovaries. >> the lifesaving things we cas ovaries and fallopian tubes. that's enormously impactful. >> repor michelle bartoli now age 31 says that's her next step. in the meantime she's thankful hollywood stars like jolie are bringing new awareness to the issue. >> the more attention that gets paid to it, the more people are going to be able to do something about it. >> reporter: doreen gentzler,
7:43 am
"news 4 today." >> doctors also say more insurance companies are paying for genetic testing, something that was very rare a few years ago. taking care of vets means finding them jobs in some case es. where you can find a local job fair just for vets. chuck, is it going to be cold today? >> you betcha. this cold is going nowhere for the next 24 hours. your seven-day forecast includes the big drop tonight and better still, the big trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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she did as a legislator, doors, hoping yobarbara comstocke. pushed bills benefiting her special interest client, then failed to disclose she was paid thousands by that same client, failed to disclose 85,000 in extra compensation. the washington post called comstock's behavior "an apparent breach of congressional ethics." we just can't trust barbara comstock. patriot majority usa is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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welcome back. the "today" s next on nbc4. >> erica hill is running the marathon today, so she's not there. kate snow filling in along with lester. good morning, guys. >> good morning, adam and angie. >> better her than me. >> i'm rooting her on but from my comfortable chair. coming up on sunday morning, wild weather coast to coast, bone chilling cold to record breaking snow in the south. >> that as a system is taking aim at new england now. dylan will be live in a snowy and cold maine. up close and personal with teams tasked with hunting down the nation's most dangerous fugitive suspects. i'll take you down on our ride-along with u.s. marshals. all eyes on nik wallenda as he attempts a tightrope walk between two skyscrapers in chicago. his father joins us for aengs
7:47 am
collusive live interview. chanel gets her dream dancing under the bright lights in broadway. like she has great to you. moves. >> i think she's a natural. >> thanks, guys. . right now firefighters are working to find out what sparked a deadly fire on halloween that killed five students. another critically burned. firefighters say the fire caused serious damage. neighbors said the heat was so intense -- take a look at some of the images coming into the newsroom. seven people did manage to escape those flames. two california families are making arrangements to bury their teenage daughters. the three girls were run over by a hit-and-run driver on halloween night. two of the girls were twin, just 13 years old. the other victim was 11. the girls were out trick-or-treating on halloween night just two blocks from home when they were killed.
7:48 am
>> they came into the world together and they left together. >> it's hard because i knew them since i was 6. and now they're gone. >> police found the suspect's car abandoned blocks fromstein last night, but still no sign of the driver. awful story there out of california. hope they find him. turning our eyes to the weather right now. it's hard not to feel it, even s nice out there for some whole lot of shivering going on. >> are we talking in excess of 30 miles per hour? >> you bet. winds easily gusting over 30. in some places over 40 miles an hour. >> no bounce houses today. >> no bounce houses outside today. it may not even be a good day for sailing on the chesapeake bay or local waterways. that's going to be quite a chop. winds will be zipping along.
7:49 am
the weather impact on your sunday today, the good news is the sun is going to be out. so we don't need to worry about anything in the way of rain or snow. but it is going to be very windy and staying very cold. so a low impact on the day, but as long have a bundled up factor out there, you'll be all right. don't stray too far f your couch. this smart kid knows what to wear. early this morning, a couple of sprinkles in southern maryland. early morning folks had to have their umbrella. from this point going forward, the umbrella only another hour or so. you'll need a warm hat and a little something to tie your hat under your chinny chin chin today. freeze warnings are up. in addition to the cold, we'll be coping with the day. tonight when the wind lays down t sky also be clear. freezing temperatures likely. montgomery county, loudon, fairfax, fauquier.
7:50 am
everyone west of i-95 under the freeze warning. arlington county, the district, prince george, charles county, anne arundel, that's a frost advisory. no advisories in southern maryland. the clear skies and wind will make for a cold night tonight. temperatures will drop once the sun goes down at 5:07. northwest wind at 21 miles an hour. temperatures only in the low 40s. with the wind going out there, windchills are right now below freezing. later today, with the sunshine and the breeze, temperatures will reach the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. our average high now is 64. this is quite a bit colder than average. with that wind outside, definitely will need to walk on the sun nye side of the street. these are the current windchills at or below freezing in many locations. here is our future windchills, by noontime today, windchills upper 30s to 40 degrees. even during the middle of the afternoon, windchills will stay in the 30s and 40s.
7:51 am
it's going to be a cold day to be outside. s up for many neighborhoods tonight. find out if your neighborhood is affected by going to our storm team 4 weather app or the itunes store, absolutely free. the last of the raindrops are leaving charles and st. mary's county along the northern neck. that's the end of the rain chances for the remainder of the day. most of us won't need to worry about the umbreas going forward. going out to dinner, breezy and cool. bundling up. temperatures u0s and low 40s today. a cold start tomorrow. then the recovery ask in place. tuesday is election day. no weather related problems. everyone should get out and vote, vote, vote. i guess technically only once. if you know an out-of-work veteran, there will be a hiring heroes career fair at joint base meyer henderson hall
7:52 am
in ft. myer, virginia. it's in 9:00 in the morning n 50 employers will be looking to hire veterans, transitioning sembd m spouses. check out how you can keep your pet in
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7:55 am
we are all busy and we play not have time to take our dogs out for a run like we'd like to. >> nbc's jenna wolfe reports. let's face it, these days when it comes to diet and exercise, if you can think it, a gym will offer it. one gym in alexandria, virginia, has made an offer few can refuse. few dogs, that is. yep, we're talking four legs with a one-track mind, get moving. >> we really treat it more like a cross fit. do some time on the dread mill and some time in the agility ring. >> kim and her husband came up with the idea for frolic dogs gym. as expected, it was met with hesitation. >> we got the eye roll, really? a dog gym? >> four months in and membership is booming. more and more people have dogs these days y owners have less and less time to properly exercise them.
7:56 am
dread mills, balance beams, high bars, even trainers sort of and just like people, dogs have their favorite equipment. reese is a fan of the balance beam. bo is just five months old and works out every day. >> we can get some mental stimulation and exercise and it will keep him from chewing up s an agility competitor and a little show off. >> i have no back yard. so it's fun for us to come and practice. say hi to jenna. >> it feels really one-sided. >> reporter: like people, some dogs just like going to the gym to socialize. >> he loves it. when you have a little dog you're very mindful of their safety. >> reporter: what's next? cat gyms, turtle gyms, goat gyms. >> i think dog haves the right desire to please. >> reporte for now this canine
7:57 am
craze is all theirs. jenna wolfe, nbc n. >> they could just bring the dogs to chuck and chuck will run to them. >> put them on the leash -- >> how long did iza run with you? >> she did all my 20-mile training runs with me. >> still under a wind advisory. >> wind advisory today and freeze warning out for tonight. so the cold is really here for a day and then things get better starting tomorrow. sounds good. that's all for "news 4 today." >>k :00.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. arctic blasts, tens of millions across the country waking up in the grips of bone chilling cold. while the deep south recovers from record breaking snow, some of the earliest ever. dylan is in the teeth up in maine. difficult tasks. investigators begin gathering debris from the ill vated virgin galactic space plane. we learn about one two died and investigators wait to speak to a second that survived. >> we'll overcome it. not your average sunday stroll. nick wallenda set to make a


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