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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 2, 2014 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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>> al: third down and nine. over the middle, roethlisberger throwing. bryant, touchdown! martavis bryant, inactive for the first six games. he's played in a little less than three nfl games. he has five touchdown receptions. >> cris: ben roethlisberger did this totally with this pump fake. you move the safety, you freeze them right there. you come back and he just can't get there. ben out of the spread formation gets a chance to work the safety in the middle of the field. i tell you, this martavis bryant, you don't want to put too much on his plate but i don't know, i think i'd be piling it on like a thanksgiving dinner. >> al: suisham for the point after.
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11 in two games. tom flores was the first to do it, the oakland quarterback back in '63 in the american football league. those records count in the nfl book and tom brady did it in '07. in each instance, the guys had six in one game and five in the other. ben isn't done tonight. jones, who ran one back 108, this time gets taken down at the 25 yard line. 9:30 to play in regulation and the pittsburgh steelers red hot. 36-17. (mac) so...what is that? (surface) it's my surface pro 3. it's a tablet and a laptop. but it couldn't have the power of my mac ? this has an intel core i5. this does too. runs office. full adobe photoshop. and it's got a touchscreen. i have a touchscreen too. hm.. well, this my favorite thing,
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♪ >> al: sunday sports report with hines, cris. the strange renegade playing an air guitar is terrell suggs. his team is down 36-17. they have the ball at the 24 yard line.
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flacco throws and sets up a screen, forsett gets a first down before being pushed out of bounds, a gain of 11. >> cris: cameron heyward a little slow to get up, and now you'll see joe flacco and company, i would assume, get into the hurry-up mode. but they don't. dick lebeau has had a fantastic night. here is heyward on the back. >> al: the clock down under nine minutes. flacco throws, that pass incomplete. intended for the tight end, owen daniels. second down and ten for the ravens. >> cris: i tell you, there are two guys in my opinion tonight that really took over this game at various points. james harrison, obviously, on
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the defensive side and ben roethlisberger. i mean he was taking some brutal shots early in this one, and you just began to wonder would he flinch, would he in some way lose his focus. instead his focus became more lasered and they end up being just sensational. over the top the last two weeks. >> al: he was sacked three times tonight on successive plays, and flacco throws and that's caught by torrey smith for a short gain. james harrison, the once retired james harrison. >> cris: i think the ravens wish he were still retired. he has just brought a new intensity. you didn't see this kind of intensity. and i think the bigger thing may be that he is training some of these younger guys. he and brett keisel, how to play the pittsburgh steeler way. and that's how you do it right there. and the emotion of some of these
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younger guys, the arthur moats and the cameron heywards, and the jason worilds have fold. >> al: third and nine. he's going to go down. >> cris: lawrence timmons. >> al: and lawrence timmons is there and the ball is down. so lawrence timmons comes in for the sack. that's four sacks. harrison has two of them. harrison is the aarp player of the week right now. >> cris: antwon blake on the back end got that one. here's william gay who's had a nice game. steve smith has been very quiet tonight. and when you get that kind of coverage, the quarterback has to pull it down and the sacks get home. you don't get sacks very often without great coverage on the back end. some of these no-name guys for the steelers tonight, antwon blake, brice mccain, they have stepped up, william gay. >> al: koch's puntill bound
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out of bounds at the 24 yard line. so a week from tonight, here we go to wisconsin to lambeau field. the bears, and boy do they need a win, against the green bay packers. we saw them last week in new orleans. "football night" starts at 7:00. the north standings. detroit is on top 6-2, then green bay. minnesota wins today, they beat washington and the bears at 5. so green bay and chicago both off this week. come off the bye next week. one of the great, great, great rivalries in the history of this league, bears/packers from lambeau on sunday night football. >> cris: it's rivalry month here on nbc, right? we have all kinds of great rivalries. >> al: dallas and the giants coming up later in the month. new england/indy. seattle/san francisco on thanksgiving night. as le'veon bell -- the ravens meanwhile, the ravens go home next week to take on tennessee. then they have a bye.
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then they go to new orleans, and that's going to be obviously tough down there. they get san diego at home, go to miami, jacksonville at home, at houston and cleveland at home. so they play alternately home and away. meanwhile, the steelers will play four of their next five games on the road. so this is a big game for pittsburgh obviously tonight. then they face four out of five away. >> cris: but they're smoking hot right now too. >> al: second and five. be bell. gain of four. there's a guy missing the first six games if you're inactive, just working his way into the system and the whole thing. a couple of little injuries. five td catches in his first three career games.
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the 6'4" rookie out of clemson. >> cris: i think that's the key, al, that he's a big guy. he's the 6'4" target. he's the guy that ben roethlisberger said i don't have to be perfect in the red zone to get him the ball. the other guys, wheaton, antonio brown, they're not that big, physical kind of guy. he's 6'4". >> al: whoa, roethlisberger drops it. so it was third and one. if they recover, it's fourth down here. still no signal, except for pittsburgh where marcus gilbert says we have it. baltimore says we've got it. we've seen this for 60 years, haven't we, at least? 70, 80? how old are you? >> cris: not that old. >> al: are you older than james harrison?
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all right, we're still trying to figure out who's got it. >> cris: this may be the longest unpile i've ever seen. it might be one of those 50-50 balls. >> al: deangelo tyson is at the bottom of the pile. >> cris: they're going to give it to the ravens. >> al: the ravens. so on a third and one, roethlisberger with a fumble coming away from center. >> cris: they're got control of it. that thing is underneath about two tons of men and it just kept sort of kicking around down underneath. a lot of times the guys who are playing don't even realize it's down there, they're just fighting and decastro was finishing his block. i'm not sure he ever -- take that back, that's kelvin beachum there. they just never saw it right next to them.
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>> al: so the ravens with anyway a last gasp here, three-possession deficit, 36-17. we'll see if they can knock it down to two. >> cris: they have one-on-one action up there with steve smith. they just have not been able to get him the football. >> al: antwon blake has done a really nice job on him. and flacco to the end zone, incomplete, intended for smith. we had harrison putting the pressure on again on flacco forcing the throw. >> cris: james harrison has been out of control here tonight. eugene monroe, just no match
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whatsoever for him. i've seen james harrison play some spectacular games, but for the circumstances of this, antwon blake tonight too, he has been the straw tonight. there's no doubt about it. he has stirred the pittsburgh steelers defense. >> al: he's the second oldest defensive player in the league right now, second only to charles woodson with oakland, daniels makes the catch, takes the ball to the 25 yard line. timmons makes the tackle there. it will be third down and two. >> cris: it does make a difference when owen daniels is in there. i'm a little surprised we haven't seen more balls thrown his way, especially when polamalu went out of the ball game. but give some credit on the back end. will allen came in and it has not really impacted this defense. >> al: third and two. and dropped.
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makes it fourth down and two. forsett was the intended receiver. so fourth down and two for the ravens. three-man rush, and they convert. that's a first down as marlon brown makes the catch at the 20 yard line. tackled there by brice mccain. >> cris: big play for marlon brown there. so many of these receivers since steve smith has come to this lineup have not had anhere close to the kind of year that they had a year ago. marlon brown is one of them.
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he had seven touchdowns last year and barely a factor this year. >> al: under 4:30 to play. flacco, and throws that one out of bounds, stopping the plclockt 4:15. second down and ten. >> cris: well, the pressure has obviously been there all night long, but let's give credit on the back end. william gay has really sort of established himself. brice mccain got beat on that ball early, but gay has really had no issues to speak of. sometimes you make a play like you did a week ago with that pick six over there against the colts and quarterbacks tend to shy away from you, but the coverage has been good. these young players for the steelers have really done a job tonight. >> al: second and ten. they blitz. and paying the price, smith. and he can't make the catch, blake is there. incomplete.
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third down. >> cris: totally just reading the receiver here. he makes some kind of double move, maybe you end up in a touchdown, but right there as soon as he saw the break, he broke on the ball and just timed that one perfectly. sometimes young players, if they can get a little something good happening to them, he had his first interception last week against the colts and you can see his confidence building. >> al: third and ten. dancing, throwing and makes the catch. he gets tackled at the 3 yard line setting up a first and goal as we go down under four minutes in the fourth. >> cris: osemele, the guard, is just going to take james harrison to the ground which is what allowed joe flacco enough time to work that pick play on
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that one. >> al: first and goal. forsett to the 2 yard line. >> cris: you want to man up and run the football here, but you've got a lot of work to do. every time you run it, the clock keeps ticking. a little more urgency here. they have got a lot of work here. >> al: and that will be dropped with a flag coming in. again, it's blake with torrey smith the intended receiver. >> referee: pass interference, defense number 41. the foul occurred in the end zone. the ball will be placed at the 1 yard line.
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automatic first down. >> al: the call on blake. it will be first and goal. >> cris: right off the release, right there kind of gets his arm wrapped around him. good call by the official. >> al: from the 1 now. play action, and wide open and making the catch for the touchdown is crockett gilmore, the rookie from colorado state, with a big spike to the consternation of the crowd. and now you've got a little skirmish again breaking out. and flags come in. of course harrison in the middle of it. keisel right there as well.
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and now -- >> cris: i think you want to go for two here, al. >> al: absolutely. you want to make it 11 points. >> referee: personal foul, unnecessary roughness, offense number 53. 15 yards on the ensuing kickoff. the touchdown is good. >> al: that's on the center, jeremy zuttah, so the penalty is assessed on the kickoff, which is a very big break for the ravens because they can now attempt a two-point conversion from the conventional spot to make this an 11-point game which could be a two-possession game. you get a field goal and a touchdown with a two-point conversion and you're right there. bottom of the screen, there's zuttah coming in taking a shot.
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he gets the flag. and now flacco leads them up to the 2 yard line for the two-point conversion. they'll try to run it in. and does he get in? no! taliaferro, and now you've got another flag and another penalty here. and once again, things starting to get out of control. as was the case earlier in the half. >> cris: who is this against? >> referee: after the try, unsportsmanlike conduct, taunting, pittsburgh. number 98. that will be enforced also on
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the kickoff. >> al: that's vince williams. the two-point conversion is no good, keeping it at 13 and meaning that baltimore would have to get two touchdowns. >> cris: brett keisel kind of did it with his back side. that's the butt tackle by brett keisel. but his blocking down on the goal line and being refused to move forward is what made the play. >> al: keisel has been around a long time, one of the stalwarts on this defense, so they were going to let him go. he was going to retire. bruce arians who was here as the offensive coordinator for a number of years, he now of course is at arizona. he called him and said come on, i've got a spot for you in arizona. so keisel is going to go to arizona, sign with the cardinals, but his heart is in pittsburgh where his family was. he changed his planes in atlanta. by the time he gets to phoenix,
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the steelers called and said, you know what, we got some space for you here, how about if you take this deal. so he never even got to the cardinal facility. he just turned around in phoenix, came back to pittsburgh and signed with the steelers again. >> cris: he said i just couldn't take it. my kids, i woke them all up at 5:00 in the morning and took them to the airport and everybody is crying and nobody is helping. the kids can't understand exactly what's going on. he said i got so much anxiety as i was going to the airplane i started sweating through my shirt. he made a phone call back to kevin colbert and said don't you have something, and by the time he got to arizona, he did. >> al: he might get an onside kick attempt that's going to go out of bounds here. after it travels about six yards. >> cris: they had a chance, will johnson, i think it was, came up and hit that ball early so it
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was a live football but then bounded out. this is will johnson, 46, who's going to come up and try to make an aggressive move to it. everything is live at this point. >> referee: the ball was last touched by the receiving team. pittsburgh's ball, first down. >> al: and baltimore, had they recovered inbounds it would have been theirs. instead it belongs to the steelers. the ravens have two time-outs. they lost one on the unsuccessful challenge. ben roethlisberger takes over at the raven 41 yard line. bell, with patience. so bell has been held in check tonight. you would think on a night when the ravens took care of the pittsburgh running game, as baltimore takes a time-out, that
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they'd be in fat city, but tonight plus one in the turnover department, that was big. but james harrison, out of the rocking chair and into the starting lineup. >> cris: and really if you watched both games, you would say that's been the difference. james harrison on that side and the development of these young receivers for the pittsburgh steelers and martavis bryant and markus wheaton. those guys now make this offense look very different. >> al: and ben throws, and speaking of first downs but coming up a little short is brown. let's go michele. >> michele: james harrison told me, al, that after he retired in september, he thought there was a 0% chance of him coming back to the nfl. then came the calls from tomlin
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and ike taylor and brett keisel and troy polamalu, so he had to clear it with his two young sons. at first they said no, dad, but when they heard it was pittsburgh rather than going back to cincinnati, they gave their dad an enthusiastic yes, dad. >> al: that came right after the carolina game, a sunday night game where they lost jarvis jones, they lost shazier, so they were strapped for linebackers. third and one, this is blount going nowhere. >> cris: that was mosley, right? >> al: a time-out is taken here, or is it. we're going to the two-minute warning before time-out can be taken, i think. >> referee: this is the two-minute warning. >> al: so you have 1:59 remaining in pittsburgh where the steelers are up 36-23.
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♪ oh, oh, waiting all day for sunday night ♪ the volkswagen postgame report. michele on the field with the stars of the game, bob, tony and mike breaking it down and a look ahead to the bears and packers matchup next sunday night from lambeau field. good time for green bay to have that bye week after the defeat last week in louisiana. ben roethlisberger on fourth and two, and it's caught on the run
11:59 pm
and going into the end zone is matt spaeth! and that is six touchdown passes for roethlisberger for the second week in a row. >> cris: i don't want to be scrooge, i'm not sure his knee wasn't down. that's really close. >> al: 33 yards on a fourth and two. of course all scoring plays reviewed, so they will look at it to see if he indeed gets in. spaeth, smith is there. where's the ball when the knee goes down? >> cris: spaeth without a catch coming into this one. >> al: here's the knee so where's the ball. >> referee: the previous play is under review. >> al: oh, give it to him. >> cris: that's the record, right? >> al: well, it would be 12 in two games. a pair of sixes. knee down, where's the ball. >> cris: can't tell. touchdown.
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>> al: yeah, i think it is. you have to get just to the front of the goal line and that's the end zone. >> cris: matt spaeth, no catches coming in. that was really a great play call on the part of todd haley. he said antonio brown across the field from left to right and snuck spaeth out the other way. daryl smith obviously thinking run, just never saw it. you get brown going this way and spaeth after a big delay going back that way. looks like run, run, run, run, run, right, and now spaeth will sneak out of there. >> al: well, i don't see -- i don't see any evidence to overturn this.
12:01 am
by the way, spaeth also had that two-point conversion earlier on the problem that suisham had on the extra point. i see nothing to overturn this. that's going to be six touchdowns if it stands. 12 in two games. on the season roethlisberger will have 22 touchdowns and three interceptions. >> referee: the ruling on the field stands. touchdown. >> cris: you're exactly right, al, there was nothing to overturn it. it wasn't confirmed, it stands, which means there wasn't enough to overturn it. >> al: how much do they love todd haley now? of course there was a lot of consternation here in pittsburgh when they let bruce arians go. he wound up going to indianapolis and did a phenomenal job there when chuck
12:02 am
pagano got sick, leading to his role in arizona, where he's now the number one seed at the moment in the afc with the cardinals. haley came in, took a while to change the offense and get things together. you go back to that game in carolina -- here's another flag. here you go again. it's the steelers and the ravens. >> cris: you have vinovich going over there and telling the kickers to get out of there. the steelers making sure the
12:03 am
crowd gets completely into it. of course they will be the victors. >> referee: after the try, personal foul, unnecessary roughness, offense number 72. 15-yard penalty on the kickoff. the try is good. >> al: that's cody wallace. there will be a few fines coming out of this one tonight. >> cris: one of those times in the game when you get a personal foul and you get over and everybody high fives you. >> al: it's a strange thing to say. i'm looking at it this way, cris, with this officiating crew. there's sometimes when the officiating crew lets the game get out of hand and i think vinovich and his crew have actually done a pretty good job tonight despite all the nonsense that's gone on. >> cris: the officials will have to spend a little time in the
12:04 am
hot tub here. >> al: this started to get out of bounds earlier in the third quarter, vinovich got them calmed down and now of course it's garbage time so you get a lot of garbage. >> cris: you just wouldn't have believed it if you watched the first game that this one was going to be this one-sided the other way. but for the pittsburgh steelers, they have come a long way, baby, since that second game of the season. >> al: remember that -- on opening day against cleveland, they had a big first half. then they went over eight quarters without scoring a touchdown. the second half against cleveland, the whole game against baltimore, the first half in carolina. over eight quarters without a touchdown. now last week they got 51, tonight they get 43. 94 points in two games. >> cris: well, you know it's a strange night when even the kingers are getting involved in the fight. >> al: oh, yeah.
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>> cris: brad wing the punter, shaun suisham. you've got to get those tough guy kickers out of here. you just back down. roethlisberger loves it. that may have been the moment of the game, though, don't you think? when roethlisberger was getting hit time after time, it looked like he hurt his jaw but he hung in there, they got those two turnovers back-to-back and this game completely changed. >> al: this down underneath, taliaferro gains five. the ravens home next week against tennessee. then a bye. they're going to leave here 5-4 and pittsburgh is going to leave here with a mark of 6-3. >> cris: more importantly for


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