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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 4, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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breaking news from the live desk. angie? >> reporter: yes, just into the live desk, we know the news4 crew is on the scene right now of this deadly fire in arlington. what we do know at this point is a child among two people killed in this fire. two other people were taken to the hospital. one of those people being a child. this is happening in the 1100 block of south emerson street near 11th street. so 11th street shut down as fire crews continue to investigate what started this fire near south emerson and south edison. it will be blocked off for an unknown amount of time we are being told. we're working right now to find out what started this fire and what condition the people that are in the hospital are in. we're hoping to bring you live pictures coming up shortly throughout the hour. eun? angie goff, thank you. we are also following breaking news in your first 4 traffic. melissa mollet is here with that. >> breaking news, chopper 4 now over the crash in silver spring with a pedestrian struck. looks like this might be the vehicle that hit the pedestrian.
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there's debris here in the roadway. police cars are on randolph road. new hampshire avenue at randolph road. there's a shot from one of the traffic cameras. new hampshire is closed near midland and wolf. eastbound randolph is closed at vital way. alternates are layhill road or columbia pike to get around that. otherwise no major problems right now headed in or out of town. we have a little bit of a slowdown on d.c. 295. 65 in virginia, no problems there. heading to prince george's county, looking good this morning. we do have a problem with a house fire on 11th street near south edison and south emerson shut down in arlington. tom, how is it looking outside? a live view of the storm team 4 city camera overlooking capitol hill th morning. there's the capitol and the first prix-dawn glow showing up. your weather headlines this election day, a chilly morning followed by a mild afternoon
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with the warm pattern continuing into tomorrow. right now storm team 4 radar is scanning the skies. we don't have any rain in delaware, maryland, virginia or west virginia for voting today. should be dry weather. we have dry roads all around the region now. chilly start where we are just in the 40s. in the nearby suburbs in montgomery and prince george's, fairfax, arlington, the district of columbia in the upper 40s. farther south and west, a few spots hitting the 30s from loudoun and falkier. your election-day weather hour-by-hour is coming up with chuck bell. now back to you. thank you. 6:02. if you are in virginia, you can vote right now. polls open just a few minutes ago at 6:00 a.m. and stay open until 7:00 tonight. polls in d.c. and maryland open at 7:00 a.m. if you're heading to the polls in maryland, the race for governor is one of the closest in our area considered to be a toss-up. too close to call, but it didn't start that way.
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richard jordan is live in upper marlboro with more. >> reporter: elec workers here are getting ready, setting up their signs to let us know in an hour the polling location will open and we'll see the voters come in. one of the top races they are weighing in on is the maryland governor's race and lieutenant governor anthony brown going up against the republican challenger larry hogan here now. brown does have a slight edge in the polls. but it's not a shoe-in by any means. he was out campaigning with heavy hitters including michelle obama and campaigned with the clintons. he says voter was trying to decide to vote for brown or larry hogan, a businessman who hopes to follow in the footsteps of his close friend robert urlich who became the governor of maryland. hogan looking to do the same.
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today he's campaigning hard here in the final stretch with a lot of phone calls and knocking on doors. he's hoping thataps voters will give him a chance and want something differenand a change. so perhaps that's the way things go. in fact, the governor said this could be the biggest upset for democrats in the midterm elections. so a lot of people will be watching to see how this plays out with polls opening at 7:00 this morning all throughout maryland. reporting live in upper marlboro, richard jordan, news4. in the district you will not only decide the next mayor but decide to legalize marijuana. you have a choice to vote yes or no to ballot initiative 71 which legalizes the cultivation and possession of limited amounts of marijuana. supporters of the initiative will hold an election night party as well as a fund-raiser for d.c. central kitchen. while this initiative legalizes the possession of pot it does not legalize the sale of pot. the d. d.c. council is currently
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working to come up with regulation laws. and you can vote for the d.c. attorney general today. before now the position was appointed by the mayor. five candidates are running for the job and all democrats. in virginia the state's seventh congressional district will be watched closely. david brat upset eric cantor in the republican primary. he's a professor in ashland going against another democrat jack tramme lerks. we'll have live team coverage of all the latest election results. "the tonight show" starts at midnight. download the nbc washington app for breaking news as soon as they come in. police are looking for a man who was shot near the shaw metro station last night near eighth and r streets northwest. right now traffic in the area is
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moving and police blocked off the area. a montgomery county school is explaining to parents why now they are finding out about an alleged sexual assault on campus a month ago. a letter was sent home yesterday explaining that october 6's incident arrested a contractor who was working on the school building after he w accused of inappropriately touching a student. a terrifying abduction captured on video. the plea we are hearing from the victim's family this morning to bring her home. and fewer campaign signs this year than before. and it's cool so far this election day bu we are tracking a warm-up in your weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11.
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ten minutes after the hour, today you can call or tweet the i-team with your election concerns. we are digging to find out what's happening behind the scenes. they found fewer campaign signs in maryland and made a few calls to find out thousands of signs were taken down by state workers alone. >> that's bec maryland prohibits signs in the median that can distract you to make your commute unsafe. apparently in our area crews took down 3,000 signs. that's a bunch. coming up on 11 minutes after the hour, we'll take you outside with th sun starting to come up. we'll see that earlier now and it will do some work today. >> tom kierein is here now with your election day forecast with weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. for this election day
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decision 2014, an afternoon high of 70 degrees. chilly for early voting. we'll be in the 40s between now through midmorning and jump into the 60s by noontime. by early afternoon, 70. then by the time the polls close, we are back down to the low 60s. the next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:21. a look at the next chance of rain. now melissa, she has breaking news out on the roads this morning. breaking news still in silver spring at new hampshire avenue at randolph road. your alternate is layhill road or columbia pike. chopper is over the scene where a pedestrian was hit an hour ago. that's completely shut down. a wider look at things on d.c. 295, travel times are looking good. 66 eastbound no problems, 395 northbound to 495 on the 14th street bridge is looking good. outer loop 95 to 270, 12 minutes right now. a live look at 66 coming up.
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melissa, thank you. a student shot at delaware state. the new steps police took overnight to try to get things back to normal on campus. plus, the new idea that could let you skip the small bottles and ziploc bags when you fly.
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right now we are following two breaking news stories. chopper 4 is live over the scene on new hampshire avenue in silver spring. a pedestrian was hit by a car. the road is closed near randolph road. news4's melissa mollet is following the story and will let you know how to get around it in your weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:21. the other breaking news we are watching, a deadly house fire in arlington. two people died. a child and an adult in the fire on south emerson street in arlington. a child and an adult were also taken on to t hospital. we are working to find out their conditions at this time. stay with us as our team gathers new information on both stories. we'll bring it to you live on air and on your phone. coming up on 16 after the
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hour, backo decis 2014 now. in maryland you'll vote for a new attorney general today. brian fraush is the leader right now. right now police are looking for the gunman who shot a student at delaware state university in dover forcing a lockdown on campus. it has since been lifted with the shooting happening yesterday afternoon outside the residence hall near the main campus. the victim is expected to be okay. even though the gunman is still out there, there is no threat to any other student at this time. security video captures the moment when a woman was abducted from a philadelphia street. detectives are hoping that this will lead them to her kidnapper. th video shows the struggle between 22-year-old carlicia gator and her attacker saturday night. a man watched the attact
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they were gone before he got the license plate. she was screami. i figured if it was somebody she knew, she would have said the name. >> please, whoever, bring her back home. that's all we want, just release her. >> now the family is hoping for the best and praying for a safe return. poli also offering a $10,000 reward for information. and it is now time to take a look at the election day forecast. we know that weather sometimes affects turnout. >> behind us in the picture it looks pretty good. tom, what are you thinking for the day ahead? if you check your smartphone and download the storm team 4x4, you can keep up with weather heading out to vote today. here's how to connect with the storm team 4x4 on google play and the itunes store. a great way to keep up with the weather and look at the latest radar. he what to wear today, a light jacket this morning. then you'll be happy to feel the jacket off during the afternoon. use your sunglasses as we'll have milder weather moving in. right now quite a chill in the
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air in the low to mid-40s in much of prince george's county, montgomery and fairfax counties. many locations farther west and southwest are chilly but above freezing in the mid to upper 30s. loudoun, prince william, down to falkier and culpeper counties. afternoon highs, near 70 in the bay and in the district and much of maryland. much of virginia in the 70s. in fact, near 80 degrees from fredericksbu over toward the central blue ridge. shenandoah valley well into the 70s. voting in west virginia should be near 70 degrees. and we'll have a partly cloudy sky with a light breeze coming in out of the south and west to bring the warmth in throughout the entire region for the afternoon. and this mild pattern does continue tomorrow. our average high this time of the year is 62. way above that today and again tomorr up near 70 on wednesday and partly sunny. the front comes tough on thursday. getting temperatures back down into the 60s. showers looking likely on thursday. an umbrella day with mid to late
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afternoon thunder. the wind settles down with highs in the 50s. a look at the county-by-county neighborho highs throut the day. melissa has breaking news on the roads. breaking news in silver spring at new hampshire avenue at randolph road. you can see chopper over the scene here with a lot of debris in the roadway. it looks like this could be the striking vehicle from the earlier pedestrian crash. this entire area there is shut down right now. taking a look here, new hampshire avenue closed between midland and wolf drive. eastbound randolph closed at vital way. your alternates are layhill road or columbia pike to get around that. a wider look at things, we look pretty typical right now slow at the top of the beltway. outer loop headed around town, 66 headed into town, pretty good at 45 miles per hour. no major issues. 95 hopping on in stafford county all the way up, you're looking quite good. no major issues on 95 in
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virginia. taking a look at prince george's county, also looking good. branch avenue a little slow headed inbound. other than that looking good. bw parkway, 95 in maryland, no problems there. a live look at 270 coming up. thank you. it is 6:20 right now. we are covering angles for you this election day. >> chuck todd is live in new york right now. good morning. what is at stake today? >> well, obviously what is at stake is the senate. control of the senate. here what we know, it will be a good republican night. the question is, is it going to be a great republican night? and as far as the republican party is concerned, they won't consider it a great night unless they win control of the senate. they need six seats. we've got ten states right now with the senate races within single digits, probably eight of the ten. the margin of error races. we'll see. it will be close. the question is, will we know tonight or runoffs in louisiana or georgia before we find out if republicans get control? >> and chuck, i know there are
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some other non-national races going on that could have some -- people have been talking about the idea of the referendum on president obama. we look at places where the governor's races are highly contentious right now. is that what you're seeing right now as well? >> there's a cross-current of data. at one hand you see anti-obama and anti-washington election. perhaps that is what we'll see in the senate races and the house races, but then you look at all the struggling republican incumbent governors, and you also get a sense of really is this more of the
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as republican bar comstock and john foust try to fill the seat vacated by frank wolf's retirement, wolf has held that seat since 1981. barbara comstock is an aide to
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congressman wolf and is a former rnc opposition researcher. john foust is a fairfax county supervisor elected to the position in 2007. now, this campaign has been marked by a lot of negative ads on both sides. millions of dollars have been spent without hearing the ads. the big question is, will all those advertisements have an impact on voters? and this is the time when that is being decided. the polls open at 6:00 this morning in virginia. people are already starting to trickle in. not a big crowd, it is pretty quiet still, but the polls just opened. this is expected to be lighter turnout than a presidential year or something like that, but the voting is now underway in virginia. reporting live in mcclain, megan mcgrath, news4. a new report says you may have to wait a little bit longer if you want that new apple
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watch. cnbc reached out apple after the website 9 to 5 said the watch is coming out next spring. originally apple said they would release it in january or february. apple did not respond to cnbc's request. >> they never do. getting through airport security with liquids like your hairspray, body lotion and sham pooh make it a little easier. >> airports overseas are testing a new device to help with the screening process. we'll show it to you, this is the insight 100 that uses a laser to determine what is in the liquid container. 65 airports in europe and australia are testing the technology. the company is also in talks with folks here in the u.s. >> your only allowed to bring 3 ounces of liquid on your carry-on bag. sometimes you have to take out your ziploc to show the tsa agents. but this device could change that. right now the polls are open in virginia and the nation will
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be watching the senate race. we'll show you the last-minute push from the candidates to win votes. plus, a new step in the fight against the name redskins. how a small group can force them to stop saying the name. and we'll show you how cool we'll get at 6:31 we'll get at 6:31 stay wi .
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she did as a legislator, doors, hoping yobarbara comstocke. pushed bills benefiting her special interest client, then failed to disclose she was paid thousands by that same client, failed to disclose 85,000 in extra compensation. the washington post called comstock's behavior
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"an apparent breach of congressional ethics." we just can't trust barbara comstock. patriot majority usa is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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we are staying on top of breaking news right now. part of new hampshire avenue is shut down in silver spring. >> this is a live look now from the camera there where a pedestrian was hit by a car. news4's melissa mollet is following this in your first 4 traffic. >> take a look at the chopper over the scene at new hampshire avenue at randolph road completely shut down in the intersection because of a pedestrian that was hit. you can see some of the debris there. it will be shut down we understand for some time. let's look at what exactly is closed. new hampshire avenue closed between midland road and wolf drive. eastbound randolph also closed at vital way.
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that sort of triangle is shut down. take layhill or columbia pike to get around that. 270 at falls road is moving along just fine. 66 and 95 in virginia, no real problems there. 95 in virginia, a little slow heading through dale city at 20 miles per hour. this just happened because remember a few minutes ago it was moving along quite nicely. wider look at things, looking pretty typical. a little slow here top of the beltway as you pass morgantown. 295 passing 50 is slow as well. woodrow wilson bridge is moving along nicely. no major issues there. but it is cool this morning, right, tom? a chill in the air this morning with many locations in the 40s. here's your county by county neighborho highs today. we'll reach the 70s in prince george's. the district near 70 degrees for a high this afternoon. and across northern virginia from loudoun through prince william and stafford, spotles
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vip ya a vania and falkier, we are in the upper 60s near the bay. to our north in howard county, frederick, washington county and west of there, the panhandle of west virginia, low to mid-70s there as well. shenandoah valley, the mid to upper 70s for winchester down to la ray. west of there in the mountains with highs reaching the 70s. the next weather and traffic on 6:41 as i dig into your hour-by-hour election day forecast. back to you. we are following breaking news out of arlington, virginia. fire crews still on the scene of a deadly fire looking for any clues as to what started this blaze that killed two people including a child. now, the fire broke out in the 1100 block of south emerson street around 4:00 this morning.
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11th street is closed near south emerson and south edison. two other people were taken to the hospital. one of those people is a child. that is the latest, back to you. thank you, angie. there could be an upset in the race for mayor in d.c. today. >> independent david catania is gaining on muriel bowser. another candidate to keep an eye on, carol schwartz who is on the right of the scream here. schwartz is running as an independent and could keep both of catania and bowser from majority. the big contest people are voting for is the virginia race. incumbent mark warner is battling republican challenger ed gillespie. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more on this race. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. while this isn't one of the tightest races we're watching, it could play into this big concern about control of the senate because democrats have got to hold on to their seats and mark warner is one of those.
6:32 am
right now he's got a seven-point advantage in the polls. we also know northern virginia is a lot bluer than the rest of state. but ed gillespie has gotten key endorsements in the last couple of days from the first president busch. ann romney campaigned with him last night. and this is one to certainly watch. also this morning i've been digging into the cool vote and where they vote in northern virginia. i looks like prince william county typically has the lowest turnout. fairfax city has some of the highest turnout in northern virginia. we'll be watching to see if the trends continue. that's from the last two midterms. eun? >> tracie potts live on cap toil hill for us. thank you. in just a few minutes the polls in west virginia will open. we are watching the u.s. senate race there. whoever wins will make history. republican congresswoman shelley moore capito is running against natalie tenant. either candidate will become the
6:33 am
first woman elected to represent west virginia in the u.s. senate. moore-capito is leading in the polls to become the first republican senator from west virginia in 56 years. both are trying to pick up the seat from senator jay rockefeller retiring. the polls close at 7:30 tonight. you also have a chance to get financial relief to military families in virginia. a constitutional amendment is on the ballot exempting thousands of military members who died in action from paying property taxes. the exemption is only for a spouse's primary residence. it is not valid if a spouse remarries. no matter where you are going today, let us know if you see any problems at the polls. give us a call at 202-885-4444 or e-mail us at 6:33. today virginia governor terry mcauliffe gets a briefing at the ebola screenings being done at
6:34 am
dulles airport. stricter screenings for ebola started two weeks ago when travelers were given a kit to include a thermometer, tracking log, pictures outlining symptoms and who to call if you're sick. an ebola vaccine protected monkeys from catching the deadly virus from the university of texas and austin. no spray saved all nine monkeys testing positive for infection. they need more funding to continue their research but researchers have been working on this particular vaccine for seven years and are waiting to hear back from the nih and others to continue their work. in prince george east county if you don't stop before making a right on red you'll get a ticket in the mail. there are a half dozen new traffic cameras. the cameras record a seven-second each time limit. the new cameras were placed at
6:35 am
intersections with high accident rates. 6:35. the redskins' name controversy is making waves on the west coast. several native americans in california are asking the fcc to deny license renewals to local tv stations who use the name. george washington university professor john banzoff iii gained notoriety for baning cigarette ads in the 1970s. the fcc chairman called the name offensive by legal experts have raised doubts that any licenses can be revoked. wanted for stealing more than $100,000. how this man stole so much money without laying eyes on his victims. plus, police say they stopped a school shooting in maryland. how they found out about the suspect's plan. and the storm team 4p4 is live in mcclain before you head out to vote. we'll let you know how warm it will get today at 6:41. chopper 4 is live over the
6:36 am
breaking news with a serious pedestrian accident in montgomery county. you can see it right here. new hampshire avenue is closed at randolph road. melissa mollet is watching this from the first 4 traffic center to help you get around the breaking news at 6:41.
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after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
6:39 am
this morning maryland state police need your help finding this man. take a look, surveillance cameras show a man who stole bank information from atms by installing a skimmer and small camera. >> investigators say he stole more than $100,000 in ann arundel county and may also be the same person who hit several atms belonging to sandy spring bank over the summer. this election day has you covered. >> we are following the races, the polls and the forecast. chuck bell is live in mcclain now with the ballots already being cast. chuck, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun and aaron. good morning, everybody. a chilly 45 degrees here in
6:40 am
mcclain. there are 30s still on the map out toward dulles airport and parts into howard county, maryland, this morning. so a bit of a morning chill this way. but you'll notice the sun up and the skies are brightening. notice a few leaves left on the streets after that ferocious amount of wind we had here saturday, saturday night and through the day sunday. most of the fall color has been torn down. all right, voting day forecast. 40s for most out the door early this morning. a fair amount of sunshine coming our way today. honestly, a nice day to be outside with temperatures up near 70 degrees for highs today during the early to mid-afternoon hours. then back down into the 60s by early this evening for late-day voters today. good weather for voting. #don'tvotedon'tcomplain. silver spring on new hampshire avenue at randolph road, we are completely shut down because of the earlier crash. alternates are layhill road or columbia pike. wider look at things, 66 and 95
6:41 am
are slow in dale city. otherwise looking good. a wide look at the beltway here slow at the top of the beltway near colesville road. travel times, 66 east from fairfax county to the beltway looking good at 16 minutes. 395 northbound from the beltway to 14th street brim, a little slow at 19 minutes. you're twice as long as you should be. and 270 south twice as long, and the outer loop from 95 to 270 should take ten but is taking 20 right now. more on the crash coming up in ten minutes. and in 20 minutes polls will open in maryland. and this morning we are learning why montgomery county could be the key to victory in the race for governor. plus -- paying big. why the increase we're seaing this year and how much airlines are making by charging you fees. your time is 6:42.
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welcome back at 6:44. news4 is live as election day is underway. >> we're working hard to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. we'll start with richard jordan in upper marlboro. >> reporter: aaron and eun, the polls here in maryland will open in 15 minutes. and one of the hottest races on the ballot is the maryland governor's race. lieutenant governor anthony brown going up against republican challenger businessman larry hogan.
6:45 am
brown campaigning here in the final stretch. he was out with first lady michelle obama last night and has been out with the clintons as well. maryland typically a blue state, a strong democratic stronghold. but the polls show that right now this race is too close to call. in fact, just as of yesterday, there were some registered democratic voters who said they still didn't know who they were going to vote for. perhaps larry hogan could take the edge here to do what his friend former governor robert ehrlich did. he's been working the phones hard knocking on doors and you can expect to see the hard final push here in the final stretch. now, this could come down to the individual counties. brown has a very popular presence in baltimore city as well as prince george's county. a community that he's used to representing. hogan is strong in western maryland and the eastern shore. so it looks like this will really come down to montgomery
6:46 am
county. the polls show that brown has the edge in montgomery county, one of the largest counties in the state, but it's still too close to call there. you can possibly see a lot of heavy campaigning here with the final day here in montgomery county with both candidates vying for that. that's the latest from upper marlboro, richard jordan, news4. >> tonight we'll find out which party could control congress. the balance of power could change in the senate there. peter alexander is there this morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the republicans are posed to have a good night tonight but the question is, is it good enough to take complete control over congress? considering where we stand right now, of the eight most competitive races across the country, they are all within four points of one another. and half of the whopping 36 gubernatorial races up for grabs right now are still too close to call. but nationally the real question right now is whether the republican party will have a way, a big night.
6:47 am
voters want to repudiate president obama with his approval rating down to 42%, that's near a record low for this president. or if americans angry and frustrated with incumbents in general take it out evenly on both sides. we'll watch how things go with key states to focus on. iowa, kansas and colorado, those three states could be critical. republicans need to pick up six new seats tonight, aaron, to take control of the senate. >> we'll see how it goes. peter alexander live at the capitol it. thank you. coming up on the "today" show, peter has more on the key senate races to change the ball los of power on capitol hill coming up after "news4 today." if you live in d.c., you will decide whether to legalize marijuana today. you'll have a choice to vote yes or no to ballot initiative 71 which legalizes the cultivation and possession of limited amounts of miles per hour. this initiative does not legalize the sale of pot. the d.c. council members are working on regulations. and voting for the attorney
6:48 am
general in d.c. the position was appointed by the -- house majority leader eric cantor was defeated. he goes up against another professor named jack. 6:48 is the time right now as police stop a school shooting and bombing in baltimore county. a 16-year-old wanted to kill people at george washington carver center in townsend. police found homemade explosives and a gun at his home. investigators were we aring him about a car break-in when learning of his plan. the vikings runningback is
6:49 am
back in texas. there are reports he could accept a plea deal in this child abuse case. he's accused of punishing him with a switch and is facing felony child abuse charges. peterson says he never meant to harm his son. if you are nickel and dimed by the airlines, you may be on to something. according to a car-troller website, the fees have increased 50% from last year. high fees are becoming the norm. the average person taking a flight anywhere in the world this year will pay average of $15 in fees. and now for everything, for checking, even for carrying on you have to pay at the airline. despite the forecast, we like the roller coaster going up. and no fee today. temperatures are chilly walking the dog this morning. you may have a couple layers on
6:50 am
as it stays in the 40s between now and 8:00. then between 8:00 to 10:00, partly cloudy sky with a reading today. dress accordingly. you will be comfortable with the sunshine getting pretty bright over the next couple of hours. in fairfax county the low to mid-40s. montgomery county in the lower 40s to upper 30s. in the 30s from leesburg to manass manassas. no rain in maryland or virginia. the district or delaware, a dry start to the day there and all around the region staying dry for the morning commute. they will need the heater on in the 40s for the morning commute. then upper near 70 degrees
6:51 am
during the afternoon. then morning lows tomorrow are near 50 with afternoon highs again right near 70 degrees on wednesday afternoon. then on thursday, some showers likely as a front sweeps on through. we might get some thundershowers even on thursday afternoon, likely not severe and cooler in the mid-60s. windy and chilly on friday. partly cloudy with highs in the mid-50s. the seven-day outlook will continue into the weekend. maybe your sunday afternoon and drying out on monday morning. here's melissa with breaking news. new hampshire avenue at rap dofl road, we have a pedestrian crash with the intersection completely shut down. your alternate is columbia pike. we are seeing backups starting to build, so take that and save yourself a headache. no word on how long that's in the way.
6:52 am
270 at old hundred road, you are running about 70 miles per hour. 39 at the one section there. taking a look now in virginia headed out of stafford county, you are fairly slow. 40 miles per hour. it opens up a little and triangle gets slow headed through dale city. the jins george's, in and out of town, no major problems. we have a backup and slowdown approaching the outer loop as you pass the mormon temple. zooming in here, we have a closure on arlington and 11th street near south emerson. overall, looking pretty decent. thank you, melissa. right now police are looking for the person who shot a man near the shaw metro station in the district. the shooting happened last night near eighth and r streets in northwest. this morning traffic in that area is moving again.
6:53 am
police blocked off the area during the investigation. the victim is expected to be okay. today the debate over privacy rights will play out in front of three federal appeals judges to weigh rather the phone data collection program is constitutional. the former nsa employee edward snowden exposed the program. the justice department argues collecting the phone data is of compelling national importance for them to continue that program. now this morning a man from annapolis is charged with threatening the president. investigators say christopher o'brien sent an e-mail to the white house threatening to kill the president and the first lady. o'brien eventually admitted to sending the e-mail but never regretted sending the message. this just in, our first look at a deadly scene in arlington, virginia. we are about to take a look at pictures from the 1100 block of
6:54 am
south emerson street shot by the news4 crew. you can see that they had someone on the stretcher there. two other people there, perhaps someone on the stretcher right there being taken to the hospital. one of those people being another child. this is on south emerson street with 11th street closed between south emerson and south edison. so we have no timetable when things will rep open. angie goff from the live desk. thank you. right now we have four things you need to know for your election day. news4 will follow major races and issues in d.c., maryland, virginia and west virginia. >> we want to make sure you're ready before you leave the house. we'll start with megan mcgrath. mesa? >> reporter: the voter i.d. law is now effect. before you cast your ballot, show a photo i.d.
6:55 am
use a driver's license, passport, school or work i.d. to show if it has a photo. if you don't have a voter solid i.d., you can vote and your ballot could be counted until friday. and we are looking at transportation funding. in prince george's county, voters will decide on the two-term limit for the county executive and county council members to three-term limits, that would be 12 years. also the frederick county executive will be voted on for the first time with the republica republicans. i'm tracie potts on capitol hill where we are laser focused on who will be in charge of the
6:56 am
senate. can the republicans hold on to this race? we'll watch the ed gillespie and mark warner race. can democrat mark warner hold on to his seat? he's up by seven points, but gillespie got a big endorcement from older president bush. we'll keep an eye on that today. >> she will see polls close at 8:00 tonight. the decision 2014 election day forecast. mid morning, 44 degrees. by the time the polls close, back down to the low 60s with a few clouds coming and going. great weather coming up. still have this major
6:57 am
closure of chopper 4 over the new hampshire avenue completely shut down at randolph road. your alternate will be columbia pike from the earlier pedestrian crash. that's the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. stay with nbcwashington all day for complete coverage of decision 2014. we'll send you alerts to your phone as the results come in. a full hour at 11:00 tonight. see you in 25 minutes. we hope you have a great day. >> make it a great tuesday, everybody.
6:58 am
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good morning. down to the wire. voters head to the polls, republicans poised for a major gain in power. with the races as tight as they can get, will we even know the results later tonight? new information about the crash of that virgin galactic spacecraft and what happened moments before it broke apart and new debris is discovered 35 miles from the disaster site. caught on tape, disturbing new video showing stranger abduction of a young woman in philadelphia, the victim struggling to get away, even kicking out a window. police intensifying the hunt for that woman and her kidnapper. and taylor's big


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