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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 5, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now, maryland's governor elect is set to address a crowd of reporters and supporters of pulling off would be of the biggest political of the country. people are talking about it. waiting and watching as officials tally votes in a race too close to call. the precise trips taken just this morning to get the final result. good morning. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. the new maryland governor-elect larry hogan is holding a news conference at this hour on his unexpected victory. hogan, republican, beat anthony
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brown, even though registered democrats in maryland outnumber republicans 2-1. early on, polls show brown leading by double digits. let's listen to what he is saying about the stunning upset. >> that was nothing compared to the challenges that lie ahead. we've got a lot of work to do. our state economy is in real trouble. we focused on that for years. now we've got to roll up our sleeves and get to work on trying to turn our state around. and we're going to do that, as we've said, forever in a bipartisan fashion. doesn't matter to me if somebody's a republican or a democrat. i'm going to be the governor for all marylanders. we're going to put together a bipartisan administration. we're going to work as closely as we can with the people on both sides of the aisle. as we've committed to do throughout this entire campaign. i was pleased to receive a very gracious phone call this morning from governor o'malley who
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pledged his full cooperation in the transfer of power and in the transition. he invited my wife and my daughters over to the house to meet with his family and take a tour of the mansion to help us get comfortable with our new surroundings. and we talked a little bit about some transition issues. i also had great conversations. i reached out and called the president of the senate, mike miller, and the speaker of the house, mike bush, both of whom congratulated me and i think sincerely offered to work as closely as they could with us in a bipartisan fashion to turn the state of maryland around. this morning, we really are turning a chapter. the campaign is now over. and the governing begins. our first step is to start a transition team. which is going to be an enormous
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task. i needed to find the most capable people i could in the state of maryland to head up that effort and they're both here with me this morning. i want to introduce you to the co-chairs of the hogan rutherford transition team. i'm going to appoint secretary jim brady who is the only man who has actually chaired the transition team for two previous maryland governors. both a democrat and a republican. he chaired the team for these administrations. and as co-chair with him, because this is such an important effort, i'm going to appoint lieutenant governor boyd rutherford and the two of them will be managing the entire transfer of power. we're going to be reaching out to try to find the most capable and most qualified people we can in state government, to put into
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state government, and we're going to do that in a bipartisan fashion. this is really about the people of maryland. as i said last night, it doesn't matter to me whether you're a republican or a democrat. whether you voted for us or not. we're all going to work together, roll up our sleeves and work in a bipartisan fashion, reaching across the aisle, and trying to come up with bipartisan comments and solutions. this victory was not a partisan one. nearly half of our votes came from democrats and independents. and i'm honored to have received the strong support that we got last night. and it is an honor and a privilege to be able to serve as the 62nd governor of maryland. thank you, all, very much. this morning, i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> -- replaced them with new
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workers. will you do something similar when you come into office? >> actually, that's not really true. there were 7,300 people that served at the pleasure of the governor and a tiny percentage of them were changed. many more were changed by the o'malley administration, there were a lot of false stories, but there was a witch-hunt committee that found not a single wrongful termination. i was credited with appointing the most bipartisan, most inclusive and most diverse administration in maryland history and we probably will do the same thing again. >> -- plans will you have for the -- in the campaign, the period will be in place -- >> we're really not going to talk about detailed policy stuff on the morning after such a big victory after an hour's sleep. but it's obviously a very important issue that the transition team will be focused on very carefully. >> let's talk about what's freshest in your mind which is
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last night. in baltimore, you told us on monday that you were confident that you were going to win this. you seemed to be one of the few people who said that. the pundits didn't say that. you said that. what did you know about this race that everybody else and the pollsters didn't seem to know? >> it seems like typically the pollsters and the pundits and the talking heads and the media all seem to talk to each other. it's sort of an echo chamber. i was talking to marylanders. we spent a year traveling over and over again to baltimore city n all 23 counties at least six or seven times each. boyd and i got the chance to look voters in the eye, listen to their concerns. we met tens of thousands of people. so we were feeling it. and hearing it every single day. what we were hearing was everywhere was an overwhelming sense of frustration. people felt a huge disconnect between annapolis and the rest
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of maryland and every single day, everywhere we went, people were coming up to me and boyd repeatedly and saying we're lifelong democrats but we're voting for you. we've never voted republican in our life -- >> -- listening to maryland's new governor-elect at a news conference this morning. we will continue that news conference on, we're live streaming it there. it was a big night for the republicans across the country. picking up seats in west virginia and north carolina, colorado and iowa. the victories have given the gop control of the senate. mitch mcconnell won re-election in kentucky which puts him in position to become the new senate majority leader. the virginia senate race is still undecided this morning. mark warner and ed gillespie are still neck and neck with warner holding a 1% lead. this morning, a canvass starts to make sure the vote was accurate. news 4's megan mcgrath with
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more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. this, of course, a very, very tight race. mark warner is ahead of republican ed gillespie, but just by a very slim margin. so it is not inconceivable that we could see a recount in this race. however, before that decision can be made, the results of this election need to be certified and the canvass to do that is now under way. >> long night. >> oh, yeah. i've been here since 4:00 yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: a guard stood outside the room all night keeping watch. the door itself sealed with stickers bearing the signatures of the electoral board. inside the room, the unofficial voting results and the very tight virginia senate race. and then just after 9:00 a.m. -- the seal was broken and the canvass to certify the results got under way. >> teams of two, one republican and one democrat, with observers, are going to be going through each of the precincts,
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verifying all the math is done properly, all the forms are filled out properly. >> reporter: the outcome of the race is not official yet. but last night, incumbent mark warner struck a victorious tone with supporters saying he is being sent back to the capital because voters are sick of the partisan bickering. >> they recognize and why i think we were successful tonight. at the end of the day, they want to hire folks to go to washington that can work across party lines, that can actually put the people's business first, and you have given me that chance to go back and continue that fight. >> but with only 12,000 votes separating them, republican ed gillespie was not willing to concede. >> obviously, we are going to accept whatever is the final outcome. but i owe it to the voters of virginia to make sure the outcome is final before we make any final decisions on this end. >> reporter: and the canvass is expected to take all day and
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could even go into tomorrow. there are also several hundred provisional ballots that need to be considered as well. reporting live in the fairfax county government center, megan mcgrath, news 4. >> we want to take you through the recount rules in virginia. first of all, only the apparent losing candidate can ask for a recount. there are no automatic recounts if the difference in the vote is less than a half percent, taxpayers will foot the bill. if it's between half a percent and 1%, gillespie's campaign must pay. remember, you can download the nbc washington app to get a push alert with any new developments in this race. and turning to our weather now. it's gray out there but mild. chuck bell joins us with his first midday forecast for this wednesday. good morning. >> good mornin gmorning, barbar. skies are mostly cloudy. weather front dropping across
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the area today brings the clouds with it and increasing rain chances as time wears along during the course of the afternoon and into this evening. most of this still not reaching the ground but i could rule out sprinkles. currently with the cloudy skies temperatures have made their way into the low to mid-60s around town. 72 in frederick, maryland. 68 in charlottesville. mild air out there. nice enough, plenty of clouds around. temperatures mid-60s by midafternoon. mid to upper 60s by later on in the day today. cloudy skies will be the rule for sure. rain chances are going to continue to increase. so showers arriving late tonight here in the metro. and indoor weather day tomorrow. another cold wind ready to blow our way for the weekend. all that's coming up with your seven day at 11:30. we're watching two developing stories right now. the new surveillance video taken at a maryland store that could help lead police to a man we first showed you yesterday, abducting a woman on a
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we're following a developing story right now. an abduction in philadelphia has ties to our region. the search is on for a person of interest in connection with a woman abducted often the street. police released this video
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showing the man at a convenience store in aberdeen. nbc's katie zachary reports. >> reporter: she was last seen on a philadelphia street corner walking home sunday night. here's video of the moment before she was abducted. it shows the suspect approach her. look close and you see him reach out for her hand. but when the victim tries to get around him, he lunges and grabs her. another camera picks up the pair struggling down the block. then she's forced into his car and driven off. hours after the abduction, the victim's bank card was used in aberdeen, maryland, a source close to the investigation says the man who used it took out cash. some time later in that same shopping center, a man matching the description appears inside a gas station convenience store. he purposefully walk, to the back of the store, grabs a bottle of water, pays and leaves, all under a minute. tuesday night, federal investigators dusted for fingerprints inside that convenience store. >> that was katie zachary
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reporting. the family says she was raised in california, maryland, that's in st. mary's county. they fear her abductor could be a former boyfriend. police are not commenting on that. right now, ray rice is in court for his nfl appeal hearing. rice was suspended indefinitely from the league and released from the baltimore ravens after video surfaced showing him punching his fiance in an elevator. the commissioner and rice's wife are expected to testify. rice is seeking reenstatement. the search is on for a man who escaped from a d.c. psychiatric ward. he walked out of the back door of a facility off wisconsin avenue in northwest on monday. he hasn't been seen since. clayton is accused of attacking a police officer. if you've seen him, please call d.c. police. we're going to check in with news 4, following breaking news
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at the live desk. >> a former baltimore ravens cheerleader has been arrested and charged for having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy. this is a picture here of molly shadyac who is 47 years old. he found it on the ravens website from a few years ago. our sister station in baltimore reports she met the boy on intragram in may. police say shadyac began an inappropriate relationship with the boy near baltimore over the summer and over the labor day weekend, she took him to delaware where she gave him alcohol which led to sexual activity. police in delaware charged her with two counts of third degree rape, along with seven charges. we have more on at the live desk. barbara. >> the election is a stunning defeat for democrats. how the president plans today to there's the republican takeover of the senate. plus, the senate that will soon be taxing soda. it's a first in the u.s.
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>> i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. it's a mild day for november here on the front lawn of channel 4. but that's not going to last. rain showers first. colder air second. i'll give you the details on the timing of all that.
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maryland bauser will be leading d.c. for the next four years. she beat david catania and carol schwartz. she was seen as the front-runner and ended the election night with 55% of the vote. >> outcome affirms that you want to be proud of your leaders. we are washington, d.c. i pledge tonight that i will make you proud. d.c. says 71 passed last night making it legal to possess two ounces of pot and allowing people to grow up to six marijuana plants in their own home. congress and the president could still come together to block this law. d.c.'s mayor and city council will have to pass laws to regulate how pot will be sold. here's how it stands now.
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there are 52 republicans, 44 democrats and two independents. two races are still undecided, alaska and louisiana. that won't affect the balance of power. here's a closer look at one of the races that pushed republicans over the edge. shelley moore capito became the first woman elected from west virginia. here's nbc's peter alexander with more on the republican victories. >> reporter: call it a republican rout. for the first time in eight years, the gop controls a majority of the senate with iowa's joni ernst putting her party over the top before midnight. propelled to power by promising to cut pork. >> i grew up castrating hogs. >> we are going to make them squeal. >> reporter: in conservative kansas -- >> well, we did it, kansas. >> reporter: senator pat roberts
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overcame accusations that he lost touch with his home state. holding off independent challenger greg orman, riding a wave of voter frustration. in all, the gop snagged seven new senate seats from colorado to west virginia, basking in the glow, the presumed new senate majority leader, kentucky's mitch mcconnell, winning a sixth term. >> it's time to turn this country around. >> one silver lining for the president's party, new hampshire's jeanne shaheen fending off scott brown. >> thank you, new hampshire. >> reporter: the gop also expanded its strength in the house, now holding more seats than at any time in more than 80 years. among the new faces, new york's elice stefanik, becoming the youngest woman ever elected to congress. among the losers, clay aiken knocked off for a south carolina house seat.
11:24 am
even reached glov eed governors them hold on. wisconsin's scott walker is already fueling 2016 buzz. peter alexander, nbc news, washington. >> we'll hear what president obama thinks about the midterm election results this afternoon. on friday, congressional leaders will sit down with the president at the white house to lay out their agenda for the next two years. republicans will reportedly focus on jobs, energy and tax reform. california voters made history by approving the nation's first tax on soda drinks. the city of berkeley passed a penny per ounce tax on sugary soft drinks. the measure covers sports drinks, sweet teas and beverage syrups. the tax will cut down on consummaco consumption of drinks contributing to the obesity epidemic. the tax does not apply to diet
11:25 am
sodas. right now, odds are someone you pass or drive beside will be texting. the disturbing new survey results. and the drastic step one local school system is taking today to keep students safe.
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a disturbing new survey says even though we know the dangers
11:28 am
of texting while driving, we're still reaching for those cell phones. first 4 traffic reporter melissa melee is here with that. >> we know it's dangerous and illegal in many states but apparently many of us do it anyway. we're talking about texting while driving. at&t surveyed 1,000 drivers who own cell phones and admit to texting regularly. 98 prgs of those drivers say they're aware of the dangers of texting and driving. yet three quarters of them admit to using their phone to text on the road. two-thirds of the drivers say they've read a text message while stopped at a red light or stop sign. part of the problem, the survey shows many of us think we're okay doing more than one thing at a time. even something that can be as dangerous as texting and driving. back to you. >> thanks, melissa. a new range of emojy phone symbols could be available soon. they are different because they'll have five different skin colors to represent diversity.
11:29 am
take a look at the new ones. the default emojy face was designed to be generic but uni code says users have been clamoring for changes. the proposal is still under review. the results of election day -- the results of election day are finalized. many are asking why it went the way it did. what voters are thinking and saying now that nearly all ballots are counted. and people more optimistic about the work that will be done in washington. weather changes are headed our way too. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell will take a look at rain, wind, cold temperatures in the seven-day forecast coming up. his picture has gone viral. how the teenager who works at target got a chance to sit down with ellen and much more.
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right now, clouds are sticking around around here. bu there's not much to see at this hour on storm team 4 radar. however, that's expected to change soon. the storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell joins us to tell us what we can expect to see on radar. >> rain drops of all things. rain drops will move in a little bit later. >> how soon? >> later today. the farther out to the west of the metro area you are, the sooner you're going to be seeing the chances for rain. i think most of our rain chances come in after the sun goes down this afternoon.
11:33 am
you look at a couple of nice dry hours to enjoy your wednesday afternoon. it's a mild day out there. temperatures once again today will be above average. there's a view from our city camera this morning. skies are indeed mostly cloudy. every now and then, they brighten up just to let sunshine through but not much sunshine going to make it through for the remainder of the day. temperatures have made low 60s in washington. south wind averaging five miles per hour. southerly breezes will aid the warm-up. places like frederick, maryland, already 72. almost 70 in charlottesville already. 61 in front royal. 59 in quantico thanks to a little wind off the water. your hour by hour planner for the remainder of the afternoon into this evening, one to two breaks for sunshine but full cloud cover by 2:00 or 3:00. temperatures moving up another couple of degrees. that's about it. most neighborhoods will stay below 70 today. rain chances really start to arrive after about 5:00 or 6:00
11:34 am
this afternoon into the metro. light rain after about 9:00 this evening. weather front stretches fromm maine to texas now. most of the moisture is across the deep south but there are rain drops across parts of the ohio valley. this little past here, nothing all that heavy yet. a couple of showers are trying to make it to the ground. most of this is still evaporating before it reaches the ground. a little sprinkle or two cannot be ruled out. i don't think those will last long enough to make it into the metro. our rain chances will continue to increase. here's where i see the rain arrival times. into the panhandle of west virginia. i think first chances for drops here in the metro between about 5:00 and 8:00 this evening. southern maryland, eastern shore, probably not until about after 8:00 to 11:00 this evening. a gradual moving in of the light rain chances. starting at noon today, there's that little bit of line rain that's already out there in the
11:35 am
shenandoah valley. most of that tries to break up between now and 4:00, 5:00. by 8:00, tries to redevelop again. off and on rain chances for some light showers coming our way. overnight tonight, light rain continuing. lows won't be all that much down into the 40s. upper 40s and low 50s. kind of a cloudy showery night tonight. nothing all that heavy. just in time for going back to work and school tomorrow morning. the very beginning of the morning rush about 5:00 a.m. that's probably going to be our stead university chafnce for rain. tomorrow, may get a little bit of drying. a second chance for rain comes in late tomorrow afternoon and on into tomorrow evening. tomorrow's high's courtesy of the clouds and showers will stay in the low 60s. 40% chance of rain drops late today after the sun goes down. 80% chance for rain tomorrow. that's really two shots. an a.m. shot and an afternoon shot of rain. and then breezy weather but dryer on friday. and heading on into the weekend,
11:36 am
it's going to be blustery and cold around here. but at least the sun will be out both saturday and sunday. >> all right, thanks, chuck. decision 2014 coverage now. a major milestone this midterm election. for the first time, the number of women sitting in congress will be triple digits. north carolina's 12th district democrat alma adams became the 100th woman in the 113th congress. republicans have the majority in the house. nbc news projects republicans will win the majority seats. a few more races, in seven district, brat won twice. you probably remember brat beat cantor in the primaries. voters had to check his name twice, once for the remainder of cantor's old term, and then a second time for the new term, which begins in january. and virginia's eighth district, democrat don beyey defeated micah edmond.
11:37 am
and in the 11th district, democrat congressman jerry connolly cruised to victory, beating republican scholte. the 11th district includes most of fairfax county and parts of prince william county as well. when you left voting poll, most of you were not pleased. nbc news exit poll shows voters are dissatisfied with capitol hill. the overall mood americans is bleak. less than half of the voters approve of president obama. only 44%. and overwhelming 79% say they disapprove of the job congress is doing. and when asked if you think the country is in the -- on the right track, 65% of you said no. some of you may be looking for a health clinic to take your kids to be vaccinated. today, prince georges county schools will not allow them in
11:38 am
class. now, a new enforcement. >> reporter: students here at green belt middle school are missing a few of their peers. that's because 400 students were not allowed to come to school today. because they were missing this, a shot record. a piece of paper that shows they got their vaccinates for things like the mump, measles. if your child is among this group, it's important to know that from today on, they'll get five excused absences. after that, truancy proceedings could end with court action ultimately in the end against you. now, in a statement, school districts said staff made extraordinary effort to reach every student but now parents need to do their part. as of friday, the count was at 155 kindergartners. 259 seventh graders who were still not in compliance. now, also want to note that the school district has held a number of free clinics so
11:39 am
students and parents can come in and get those vaccinatiovaccina. the number allowed to walk through those doors today could be more than originally expected. in green belt, news 4. alcohol sales, both legal and illegal, can be profitable in our area. how local leaders are changing their procedures to stop thieves. and prescription painkillers being abused and the deadly consequences. why the problem is now being called an epidemic and how to tell if you or someone you love has a problem.
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the way you get your beer in one local county could be changing after a news 4 i-team investigation exposed concerns about theft. montgomery county is one of the few jurisdictions in our area that controls the buying and selling of alcohol. it makes big money generating $34 million in profit. sources inside the dent of liquor control tell the i-team that some county delivery men have been selling the beer under the table and pocketing the cash. the i-team spend weeks, digging through delivery forms and found no one with the county is keeping track of employees who might break the law. >> it's acceptable or cause for concern and you're -- >> no, absolutely cause for concern. i'm glad you brought it out. >> coming up tonight on news 4
11:43 am
at 6:00, the i-team shows you how the theft might be going down. they tked to insiders who say it's been going on for years and what the county is doing to stop it now. when you hear about someone overdosing on drugs, illegal drugs like heroin or cocaine might come to mind. according to a newly released study, the majority are due to prescription drugs. dr. joshua weiner joining us with more on this epidemic drug problem. can you give us some examples of the medications? >> painkillers, things like perce percoset, oxy codoen. prescribed for after surgery, et cetera. >> the people who become addicted to them, were they prescribed these to begin with? >> in my practice, what i see is the majority of people who become addicted were prescribed for legitimate purposes. what happens to some people is
11:44 am
they take these medications and say, wow, i feel so much less anxious. my food is better. my sleep is better. i'm more productive. i'm getting along better in society. >> isn't that what they're meant to do for the person woz takie i person who's taking them? >> they're meant to relieve pain and not emotionally. a lot of people realize these medications have a beneficial effect, at least they feel, at first. problem is they keep taking these, those beneficial effects will quickly go away. and then you're in a nasty cycle where you are constantly chasing that feeling and the problem with the opiate addiction is that your tolerance keeps going up and if you try to stop, you have wicked withdrawal symptoms. >> how do they end up leading to death? >> these medications when taken in overdose or higher amounts cause somebody to stop breathing and that's how they kill you. >> are most of the deaths intentional or accidentally? >> it's hard to know. a lot of them i think are
11:45 am
accidentally. what happens is particularly people who have been on these medications for some time, then maybe they take a break for a while, they can then go back to emth them, and consider themselves able to take the same amount they used to take in the past. now, instead of being able to tall rate that, it causes them to die. so it's very dangerous. >> what advice do you have for people taking these opiates for pain? >> you need to be followed closely by a doctor. if you have a loved one who's taking these medications, you're concerned about the amount, there's a medication called naloxone. an ineligibleabilijectable medi. if they're dying and you give them an injection of this medication within a matter of seconds, they will wake up, they will be fine, they will live. i think it's possible for people to talk to their doctors and say, you know what, i'm worried about my loved one. can i get a prescription of this medication to keep in the house just in case. and now they're having first responders carry these as well.
11:46 am
police, fire, et cetera. >> well, a topic that a lot of us are hearing about and talking about. thanks so much, dr. weiner. start planning now. a huge concert in our area will attract big stars and big crowds. a lack ook at how you can atten. plus, toys that help teach. from science to technology, engineering and math. we'll look at some of best toys to
11:47 am
11:48 am
11:49 am
next week the national mall will be parked with thousands of concert goers. even if you don't attend, you're going to want to prep for it. tuesday's concert of valor to honor our nation's veteran. the base for the stage and all of the equipment is on the lawn of the mall already. rihanna, metallica, carrie underwood and bruce springsteen are some of the headlines acts. the crowd is supposed to be two times the size of the july 4th crowd. metro is shutting down the blue line to handle all the traffic. stem stands for science, technology, engineering and math. the toys you choose could make a difference. don bryce is here to talk about that. she is a mother of three and a
11:50 am
tae kwon do black belt. your real interest in toys and finding things to keep them interested. >> kids as young as 1 year old, to keep them engaged, foster creativity and imagination. >> as early as 1? >> as early as 1. we want to focus on fine and gross motor skills. we have ebu nesting blocks. they're beautifully illustrated. it's a great toy that you can engage with the parents. teach numbers and learning. but also fine tune that gross motor skills. how the blocks relate to one another. >> and the wooden blocks?
11:51 am
>> these are junior rainbow blocks. this is a durable -- perfect. we could rebuild that, no problem at all. teaches designing, teaches building. this is for a 3-year-old girl or boy. it's a take on the modern doll house. it's a geometrics house. the children can redesign the doll house as they fit. so their imagination continues to grow. there's fabulous design. it's warm. it's fun. we love how it looks. and the kids will keep their imagination going. >> you tell me you can put this back together really fast. >> this is a 32-piece set. there's magnets on either side. again, what we're looking at
11:52 am
here is engineering. the kids can easily take it apart, put it together. this is what we're seeing right now. a whole generation of toys just focused on girls. this is a toy where the girl and her dog nacho. so here, girls get to design their own doll house. they can have a working light and fan with electricity. >> so much to look at. thank you so much for coming. beautiful, beautiful toys. time now is 11:52. coming up, was a teenage boy's rise to social media fame just a
11:53 am
marketing stunt? we're going to find out. plus, storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is back with a look at when we can expect rain to arrive. stay with us
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if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique
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micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture everyday. here's a look at developing stories we're going to be watching today. we're at the fairfax county government center. where election officials are conducting a canvass of the virginia senate race. right now, mark warner is
11:56 am
leading ed gillespie by less than 1%. we'll hear what president obama thinks about the midterm election results this afternoon. he's holding a news conference just before 3:00. you can watch it online, nbc mayor-elect muriel bowser will discuss her next steps. we'll hear her vision of the future of d.c. on news 4 at 4:00 this afternoon. a texas teen who works for target is a social media star after an image of him at work was posted on twitter. now a marketing firm says it is a stunt. the image was posted sunday afternoon. #alex from target has been tweeted more than 1.5 million times. he even landed an appearance on "ellen." >> how many twitter followers did you have? >> 144. >> 144. now you have 500,000 or probably more now?
11:57 am
>> yeah, just above 550,000. >> you had like marriage proposals and -- >> i mean, yeah. >> a british marketing firm says it was all a marketing ploy. the firm says it wanted to see how powerful the fan girl demographic was, adding they never thought it would go this far. wow. >> but they're happy it did. >> we have to post your picture on there, see how it goes. >> no one would believe i work for a living. >> final check. >> already starting to think about the weekend. the hump in the hump day is almost behind you. it's going to be chilly. a little bit on the breezy side on saturday. temperatures only in the upper 40s and low 50s. the wind settles down on sunday. temperatures will recover just a bit. there's your seven-day forecast. showers after dark today. off and on chances for rain through the day tomorrow. windy and very blustery on friday. you can see your weekend on the cool side. but as long as we keep the rain drops away, i don't think anyone
11:58 am
minds a cool november weekend. >> that sounds good. you can get to dance with ellen in the afternoon. >> think what it could do for my twitter follower account. >> that's news 4 midday for today. we thank you for being with us and invite you to tune in for news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. we'll be right back here tomorrow morning with news 4 midday. plan to join us then. have a great day. stay dry in the rain does come, and he says it's coming. until then have a great day and we'll see you in the morning.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> rory: you look like hell. >> paige: it's always great to see you, rory. >> rory: wait. i thought jj was meeting up with you. >> paige: yeah, um... we did. that's what's wrong. >> jj: where's paige? >> eve: she's not here. what--what are you doing, jj? >> jj: damn it. all right, well, where is she, 'cause i need to see her. >> ben: you son of a bitch. >> chad: [laughing] whoo. >> ben: i'm not buying your act anymore, dimera. i know you spoke to that landlord, and you told him to turn me down for that apartment.


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