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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 5, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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am i going to be able to look back and say are more people working, are their bank accounts bigger, are more kids improved? is the financial system more stable? are younger kids getting a better education? do we have greater energy independence? is the environment cleaner? have we done something about climate change? have we, you know, dealt with an ongoing terrorist threat and helped to bring about stability around the world? and those things, every single day, i've got an opportunity to make a difference on those fronts. which is -- absolutely not. i wouldn't be satisfied as long as i'm meeting somebody who has a -- doesn't have a job. and wants one. i'm not going to be satisfied as long as there's a kid who writes
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me a letter and says i've got $60,000 worth of debt and i don't know how to pay it back. and the american people aren't satisfied. so, you know, i want to do everything i can to deliver for them. >> and how about democrats? battleground states. bug you a little bit? >> listen, as some of you saw on the campaign trail. i love campaigning. i love talking to ordinary people. i love listening to their stories. i love shaking hands and getting hugs and, and just seeing the process of democracy and citizenship. manifest itself during an election. but i'm also a practical guy. and ultimately, every candidate out there had to make their own decisions about what they thought would be most helpful for them.
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i want to make sure i'm respectful of their particular region, particular state, and if it was more helpful for them to be behind the scenes, i'm happy to do it. i don't have -- i'll let other people analyze that. what i will emphasize is that one of the nice things about being in the sixth year of your presidency is you've seen a lot of and i've had the limelight and i've -- there have been times where the requests for my appearances were endless. there have been times where politically we were down and it all kind of evens out.
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first at 4, it's his job to teach little kids but a school
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principal was just indicted for roughing up one of the students. details on this story. >> decisions for 2014. the polls have long since closed but the ripple effect is just beginning. we'll have team coverage on every angle in our area. a new search for a woman taken in the darkness. the new clue that has given investigator investigators new insight into the kidnapping. news4 starts now. >> thank you. we begin with the developing search for a woman snatched off a the in philadelphia. >> she was last seen in philadelphia but her maryland ties have investigators continuing this search. >> and chris has live developments. >> carlesha freeland gaithers grew up in maryland. police think her townshkidnappe back there after he attacked her.
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they think this new video will help them find the attacker and shows the abduction but from a new angle. when she tries to walk away, he grabs her. and a video of another man from aberdeen, maryland but the problem is her family says they don't know who he is. >> i don't know him. i can't identify him. i don't know if there was any connection with my granddaughter. all i can say is whoever he is, i hope he's caught. he has answers we're looking for. >> aberdeen is 100 miles north of where she grew up and investigators are trying to find out if she knew the man who abducted her. she left maryland after high school, a nursing assistant working with cancer patients and had just moved in with her boyfriend a few months ago. he is not considered a suspect.
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jim, pat. >> hear the shocking sexual allegations against a former ravens cheerleader. molly that tushattuck is accuse having sexual relations with a 14-year-old boy and recently divorced from a prominent businessman. now, to a developing story first at 4, a middle school principal in big trouble with the law. this is dwight jefferson accused of streaking a student multiple times. on september 23rd, jefferson stopped a student on the way to class inside dwight d. eisenhower school in laurel. when the student tried to run, he ordered him into a conference room and punched him twice in the stomach and once in the face. jefferson is being held on $75,000 bond.
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>> decision 2014 now. we are just getting an idea of some races at the poll. some races are up in the air. julie begins our coverage. >> reporter: remember what your math teacher told you, always check your work. that's what's happening in the commonwealth as election volunteers canvas the election result and all eyes on the extremely tight virginia senate race. election officials put armed security guards in overnight when they realized the race between ed gillespie and mark warner was close enough for a recount and comparing the vote ta total between what was written down yesterday. they discovered some errors as they always do but not enough to make a big impact on mark warner's status.
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>> based on what i have seen there hasn't been a dramatic change. one precinct with a 900 vote shift or 300 vote shift but nothing to have an impact on senator warner's current lead. >> reporter: you will hear from voters who felt so strongly about making their ballot count they came in to argue their cas case. >> good afternoon from indianapolis where the transfer of power begins. governor-elect larry hogan is preparing to take over calling his election a mandate for change. today, he outlined his action plan. >> we will cut spending and try to roll back as many of the 40 consecutive tax cuts we possibly can. >> reporter: a lot of people were surprised by hogan's election and hogan himself said he surpassed expectations. we get reaction from voters who
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hope hogan will help their businesses and job prospects. >> it is getting a little gray out there. the rain is starting to move into the area signaling big changes. >> let's go straight to team 4 meteorologist. >> yes. we're talking about wet conditions coming through and you will need your umbrella, not for this evening's rush hour where you're seeing an edge of rain and even light rain in and around d.c. you can see they're falling, a lot of sprinkles right now but it is going to pick up later on. and the big improvements in our forecast for this weekend. i'll show it to you in just a few. we are working for you, first at 4, this afternoon, new concerns about building a new stadium in our area, even as plans move forward. why you, the taxpayer, may be footing some of the bill.
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>> it's a story that ignited the national conversation about domestic abuse, now a former football player faces a
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for a the second time in two days, montgomery county police are investigating an accident on silver spring, this time where a man's foot was run over. a 77-year-old man was killed while crossing randolph road. that accident still under investigation today. still no sign of that accused criminal who escaped two days ago from a mental facility in washington. kenneth clayton was under psychiatric evaluation after alleged attacking a police
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officer and placed in a room where privacy rules keep others out and he escaped out the door and out of the building. if you could soon be getting some free mon
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the nfl player who was suspended from the league in a domestic abuse video arrived to
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appeal that action today. ray rice was suspended indefinitely over a video showing him hitting and knocking out his fiance inside a casino. it's eight months after the abuse, two months after it became public. the former star running back wants to get back on the field now. >> an independent arbiter is hearing the case that began in new york. from midtown manhattan, where this is all taking place. jay. >> reporter: hi, pat, jim. ray rice and nfl commissioner spent most of their day inside this office tower in midtown manhattan. looking to his future for wright and the league looking to their reputation. it's part of that confrontation now at the center of an arbitration hearing here. as ray rice and his wife rushed in through the loading dock of a manhattan office tower, the image this morning is much different than the one that
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brought them here. this is a snapshot from video of rice punching janay, his fiance, at the time, in an atlantic city casino elevate or in february. initially, rice was suspended two games but after outrage, he was banned indefinitely by the nfl and cut by his team. >> ray rice is trying to prove, through the nfl players' association that the league and its teams can't punish players multiple times for the same conduct. >> reporter: a judge has forced nfl commissioner roger good deltona take part -- roger goodell to take part in this hearing. >> rice has said he told the truth from the league and team from the beginning. while goodell argued the punishment changed because the video revealed new information. >> is she going to believe ray rice or believe the nfl commissioner? at this point, the two have different stories. >> reporter: if rice is
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reinstated, analysts question whether he'll ever be back on the field again. >> reporter: the hearing is expected in the next two to three weeks. that's the latest, jay gray, news4. >> if you drive an audi, you need to know the company has expanded its recall to include another 102,000 cars in the u.s. because airbags may not inflate in a crash and covers a4 and s4 sedanes from certain model years and the station wagons from the same years part of a wired global recall last week. despite controversy over faulty ignition switches that led gm to recall 2.5 million cars, only one-half of the affected evacuation have be evacuation -- affected vehicles have been fixed.
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owners are hard to track down. now, good morning is dangling bait. owners who get there by a specific time will get rebates from starbucks and other businesses. tomorrow morning, different story. what could be a slow go in other areas tomorrow morning. i had a great time today not only talking about rain but thunderstorms. i had a chance to visit east silver springs elementary school. thanks to the staff for having me out. as always, kids had great questions. and showers reaching the grown and bowie light showers and culpeper, a lot more where that came from. all the way over areas of kentucky and tennessee, the stream will continue. talking hours more of rain.
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it's not going to be all that heavy except the first part of the day. around bowie inside the beltway, route 1, showers and alexandra, showers falling now. dry for most for the evening rush. temperatures in the low 60s and mid to upper 50s tomorrow morning, 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. a little soggy but get an early start tomorrow morning. temperatures fairly comfortable, i'd say, 61 in hagerstown, maryland and 67 in fredericksburg, virginia. that is the range. a little bit of a cool spot. 59 in leesburg, close to 60. i think we will find a bigger range in temperatures. light jacket for you. rain early and scattered showers. so in terms of how the weather is going to impact you, low to moderate, not all that high, but weather ready, the kids will need their rain jackets and little umbrellas for tomorrow
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morning. that's when most of the rain starts to step into the area and continues tomorrow night. snapshot, 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. hagerstown, winchester, warrington. same thing at 7:00 a.m., fairly wide coverage. as we get into the afternoon, scattered showers with a few pockets of moderate rain. it all moves out to 7:00 to 8:00, the bulk of it. a look at where your friday will look later. not a washout. 58-68. dress accordingly for tomorrow. a look at your 4 day forecast. 55 is your temperature after the rain on friday. and it will be breezy and a little bit of cold. temperatures mid to upper 30s across the area. into the 50s this weekend and rain chance area-wide and temperatures for saturday morning coming up later in the newscast.
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oh, god. >> a local company announcing changes to help prevent this kind of scene from happening again. orbital sciences says it will stop using the type of engines attached to this man-made rocket exploding last week. the rocket had been bound for the international space station. orbital sciences near dulles says they're still looking into the cause of the explosion. preliminary results say it's one of two engines. ameri"america's most wanted, what we're learning about his capture changing everything investigators thought they knew about his capture. >> the red light camera, why
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. drowsy drivers cause more accidents than we knew according to an in-depth study. a new study says more than twice as many thought may involve sleepby drivers. the study looked at more than 14,000 accidents over the past four years and information contained in police reports. >> it's tough to travel anywhere in our area and not encounter-red light cameras. some argue they save lives and
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others say they are just a way to raise cash. could a lawsuit in florida make changes across the country. looking at the changes of cameras and the constitution. >> reporter: it happens everyday, motorists running red lights and an unman camera is triggered by the motion followed weeks later by a hefty fine in the mail. in some cases those cameras pick up motorists blatantly ignoring traffic signals and sometimes horrible red light runner accidents. michael shane got a ticket for $158 which he paid even though he believes he didn't go through a red light. >> i didn't want to risk having my license taken away, i didn't want to risk paying double the fine. >> reporter: in florida from 2011 to 2013 revenues from red light cameras more than tripled to almost $119.
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-- 1$119 trillion. >> this is a money grab. >> this attorney says thousands of florida drivers are due a weekend because he argues local cities have outsourced a police function to a private arizona company, american traffic solutions. >> instead of having a law enforcement officer who's reviewing these films and making a determination if somebody went through a red light illegally, you have a private company for profit in arizona making that determination. >> reporter: but ats says while its company experts do weed out pictures that are clearly not violations, it does not have the authority to issue a citation. the pictures that are forwarded to police are "reviewed and either approved or rejected by the issuing authority." 24 states and the district of columbia now use red light cameras. critics complain their primary benefit is to make money for municipality
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municipalities. but cities like ocoee, florida say the numbers that matter most are the accident statistics. >> in this last year, crashes at enforc enforced, intersections, crashes went down and that's big. >> and 10% of all images does not result in a ticket and the violation was not as clear as first thought. a mother of three makes a national name for herself by hitting the sidelines for the baltimore ravens. now, she's accused of the unthinkable, a fling with a teenage boy. what police just revealed about their secret relationship. get ready for this. your umbrella and windshield wipers will get a little use. we're tracking when you will need them. storm team 4 has the latest first at 4.
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right now at 4:30. bombshell allegations again, a former cheer leader for the baltimore ravens. this mother of three is in big trouble. molly thshattuck is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy. what we're learning about the investigation. >> as you said, molly shattuck does have three children, the oldest is 15, the same age as the boy she's accused of
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victimizing. her children may have gone to the same owingings private school as the victim. shattuck got in touch with him through instagram back in may and said they met periodically over the summer and their relationship turned sexual over this past labor day weekend. it happened when he joined her and her children at a vacation home in delaware beach, and she bought him beer at the time and he reported the case to the police. she is charged with three counts of third degree rape and unlawful sexual contact and distribu distributing alcohol to a minor. she is somewhat of a celebrity in the area at 47 now, and became the oldest cheerleader making history making the squad at the age of 38. she is separated from her husband, mayo shattuck ceo of a
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nuclear group. she was released on $84,000 bond. we will continue to follow the story and more coming up for you on news4 at 5:00. >> thanks so much. it's one of the motist popular stories on our facebook, anthony brown's surprising loss in the maryland governor's race. co more with reaction. troy, how did a democrat from prince george's county fail to make contact in an area democrats outnumber republicans 2-1. >> he didn't do a good job and didn't distance himself from the o'malley campaign and listeners i spoke to don't feel he delivered a message what would happen in a potential
4:34 pm
administration and this could have been the first african-american governor in maryland history. doesn't seem like the campaign really hit the right tones. >> in the end, troy, the campaign tried to play that up, that he would be the first african-american governor but he wasn't able to motivate that base, to come out, the african-american voting base. >> there were several areas in maryland which is a tried and true blue state generally in most elections. he didn't seem to get the support in areas that you think a democratic candidate would get, like baltimore county had over 200,000 registered democrats who did not even vote. you know, larry hogan made gains in baltimore city. those things don't happen in democratic elections in a state as blue as maryland. some listeners that live in the baltimore area felt he didn't spend a lot of time in the area and didn't really connect with listeners there, a key area for
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voters in maryland. >> and on commercials brown had a lot of high profile people supporting his campaign including the two presidents, president barack obama and in prince george's county, the first lady the monday before election day and president clinton. that may have backfired or been too late. people may have already made their decisions. he appeared to be one of the few candidates that didn't distance himself from the president but the dye may have already been set. a lot of folks had a sense they had to hold their nose on this one. the folks i talked to, not really sold on larry hogan, it may have been a situation where he, simply, as in brown, lost the election more than hogan won the election. >> we did see some distance with the incumbent, martin o'malley here. >> thanks for sharing this insight on this big day after. we appreciate it. we have about 12,000 votes separating the two candidates for virginia's u.s. senate seat,
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incumbent mark warner and republican challenger ed gillespie. we may be looking at a re-count. here are the rules. it will not be automatic. the losing candidate has to ask for it. and the margin of error determines who pays, less than half a percent, taxpayers pay. for more, you can download the washington d.c. app to get more developments in that race. voterers in the district gave the okay to give small amounts of marijuana. issue 71 makes it legal to have up to 2 ounces of pot and you can share up to an ounce with any 21 or older, or at least you could, the vote legalizing marijuana allows you to grow up to six plants in your home. congress and the president could still block this law. the mayor and city council will have to regulate the way pot is sold. an arrest caught on camera with new technology. it's how this thing ends that has people talking today.
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you know it's dangerous and yet so many of us do it anyway. what we've uncovered now about the dangers of texting behind the wheel. storm team 4 is tracking showers. and that's not all. >> that's right. some cold air set to move in, just not quite as potent as what it originally looked like. showers out there right now. sunset at 5:03, if you're still out biking around, roads a little wet but not in a big way. we will look how much rain we wi trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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a majestic symbol of our country found wounded in a virginia park is now on its way to recovery. these pictures show the rescue of the bald eagle by fairfax animal control. it was discovered by visitors south of alexandra. the eagle had been poisoned with pesticide and hurt its wing and working to take flight again at an animal rehab center in southern virginia. a growing number of police officers are wearing body cameras these day, this arrest in san diego also captured a rather unexpected remark from an arresting officer. a man aalleg allegedly assaulte officers and they shoved him to the ground and they got the handcuffs on and then they
4:41 pm
discovered the man was a marine. >> i know he hit me. >> he held me down trying to choke me see. are you in the military? >> yes. >> good job, good job. >> there, you heard it, despite those words of praise, the suspect and a second marine were charged with assault and battery on police officers and are currently on restriction from the marine corps. it's an all about me society. what do you expect? one of the comments on our facebook page brought a new study on texting and driving. we know the dangers but text anyway. >> we all know it's dangerous and illegal in many states but apparently many of us do it anyway. we're talking about texting and driving. surveying 1,000 drivers who own cell phones admit to texting regularly and 95% say they're aware of the dangers of texting and driving and three-quarters admit to using their phone on
4:42 pm
the road and two-thirds said they used it at a stop sign or red light and some on the move. many of us think we're okay doing more than one thing at a time, even something that can be as dangerous as texting and driving. back to you. >> we want to hear from you. be honest. do you find yourself sending texts when you're behind the wheel? jump on social nemedia and join our conversation about this. >> a crash that could have been a disaster. who was on board this bus that made this crash more tricky than normal. storm team 4 tracking changes on the way right now.
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give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. where you'll find our lowest price ever on the c4 queen mattress-just $1499.98. know better sleep with sleep number. there is big fallout nationally from the midterm election one day after the republicans seized control of the senate. president obama said he's willing to work with the republicans but also vowing to keep pushing his agenda. details about what the president said just a little while ago, steve. >> reporter: and what he didn't say. top aide, harry reid, demoted to
4:46 pm
senate minority leader blames president obama for these defeats. president obama himself did not take responsibility. president obama does not believe yesterday's democratic defeat was his fault. >> still, as president, i have a unique responsibility to try and make this town work. so to everyone who voted, i want you to know i hear you. >> reporter: he said he will work with republicans but push his agenda. >> what we will make sure we do is to reach out to mitch mcconnell and john boehner, who are now running both chambers in congress and find out what their agenda is. >> reporter: republican leaders are celebrating. >> this is all about a direct rejection of the obama agenda. >> reporter: incumbent senate democrats mark warner and jeanne shaheen held on but mark udall and pryor and kay hagan lost their seats. republicans joni ernst showing more capital and taking what had
4:47 pm
been drink senate seats. mitch mcconnell will lead the u.s. senate. >> we'll see whether we can work with the president. i hope so. that's what he says and we'll find out, with the view that maybe there are some things we can agree on to make progress in the country. >> reporter: republicans will push the keystone xl pipeline and changes to obamacare. on immigration, president obama might still issue an order that undocumented young people can stay in the u.s. >> the election doesn't really change anything. latino voters expect that the president will now use that pow power. >> reporter: that move could mean war with a much stronger republican party. president obama said here today he's like to sit down and have kentucky bourbon with mitch mcconnell but also said he's not just thinking about an order on immigration, he's committed to it, to which mcconnell replied that would be like waving a red flag in front of a bull. live at the white house, steve
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handelsman, news4. new concerns about a deal to build a new soccer stadium for d.c. united. the chief final officer told council members there is not enough money in the budget this year to handle the up front costs and questions the tax breaks d.c. united is asking as part of the deal. at the same time, a consultant hired by the council issues a report on the stadium and that report cites several financial risks to taxpayers including environmental costs. despite all those concerns, council members seem ready to move ahead with the deal. >> this before us is a good deal. it's the deal that was negotiated. if we pass this deal we will have a brand new soccer stadium and soccer team and able to go forward. >> reporter: mayor elect muriel bowser says she hopes the deal is completed before the end of the year. a scare for an oakton
4:49 pm
family. a bullet hit a photo in their home shattering the glass and waking the sleeping woman in that home. they believe the shot was fired from the nearby oakton football field where someone was firing at the scoreboard and missed. no one was injured. a federal prison bus collided with a tractor-trailer causing ea early delays as one lane was shut down and prisoner removed and the scene was cleared and no injuries. rain tomorrow? is it going to be a soaker? >> it will be pretty sloppy during the morning rush. the early part of the morning rush could see traffic slowed down. and the commute you're driving you hit with moderate and even heavy rain at times. for the early part of the morning rush, showers and you can see them from eastern prince
4:50 pm
george's county and run del county and sliding to the northeast. right up areas of 97. a little bit of wet weather. more of it to the south around warrington and culpeper, washington just about ready to slide 66 and headed eastbound. we have more south and west so if you're riding into our area, not expecting a washout for tomorrow, but are expecting periods of rain for the afternoon. what to wear for kids at the bus stop tomorrow morning, will they need a scarf or sunglasses? uh-huh. just a light rain jacket. and a hood to pop up over them. it is until 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, there could be soggy pockets and big range in temperatures. southern maryland gets the mild temperature. 64, 65 and 66 in huntingtown. mountains tomorrow as much as 10 degrees cooler.
4:51 pm
petersburg, west virginia, 59, winchester, 62 degrees in lore ray. we have a big spread of temperatures tomorrow and big spread in how much rain we could see fall across our area. doug, our meteorologist has more about that. >> it's about where you live north and west of the city and more rain south and east. not quite as much but a pretty good soaking. we haven't seen much in the way of rain. on the past two weeks, it has been on the drier side of things and it will help the leaves to make the roads a little more slick. watch out during the rush hour. how much rain? north and west we're taking close to a half-inch, nearly an inch around martinsburg and frederick and .2 and maybe a quarter of an inch around the d.c. metro area and fredericksburg area, most during the early morning hours. this is something that will
4:52 pm
affect the morning rush tomorrow and possibly that afternoon rush and the morning rush to be most concerned about. >> at least as we get to friday. we will be looking at dry conditions. partly sunny day friday and this is at lunchtime. during the early part of the day, a few additional clouds and by the afternoon we will see things clear out nicely with the northwesterly wind. 60s tomorrow, mid-50s on friday, cooler sunshine especially during the afternoon. saturday high, 54 degrees. it's during the early morning we get that punch, the chill for low temperatures. 34 hagerstown. 33 in winchester, 37 degrees in fredericksburg. a cold one to start our weekend. we will see temperatures rise in the mid 50s saturday afternoon, a few showers expected sunday morning, 57 degrees, rain
4:53 pm
rushing by, not expecting anything heavy. looking like a pretty nice weekend coming up. low to mid 60s tuesday and drop to the mid 40s for a high temperature. next week this time, we have a lot more headed up in news4 at 5:00. they said he was a survivalist hiding in the woods. we're learning that wasn't the case after all. what we just learned making for a lot of second-gu
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teresa romero is the first person to contract ebola outside africa during the current outbreak. it took a month of treatment but she finally left the hospital in spain today after getting a kiss from her husband. romero was infected while caring for two missionaries. she says her battle for ebola was awful but the worst part of the ordeal was losing her dog. health officials euthanized her dog out of concerns it might spread the ebola virus. five years ago today, former major nadal killed 13 people and wounded 32 others. lawyers for the victims' families released a blistering statement that accuses the army and fbi of ignoring has se inin jihadist background and are victims of the terrorist attacks and wants ft. hood to provide
4:57 pm
the same benefits to other victims of terrorist attacks. ha sam was convicted and sentenced to death last year. surprisiing revelations abot accused cop killer, eric frein. he has food, clothes and religious items a solar power converter and had dvds and ear buds with him and wifi. there's more reports shedding light on this case. >> really? >> i'm in shock. really, really really in shock. >> reporter: most people reacted the same way, with disbelief a man on the run in wooded areas for nearly seven weeks reportedly used a laptop computer. >> obviously well planned out. this guy is no dummy.
4:58 pm
he really thought this through. >> police say they fouled three electronic items inside the hangar. a think pad laptop. usb sandisk 4 gig hard drive and lexar thumb drive. >> how's he charging it and getting wifi? i don't have a wifi signal out here. do you? >> reporter: police say he admitted they were his found in the area where he was caught in tannersville. we found one area that does still have power and a single light bulb burns inside. there's no wifi here. he stole wifi from open accounts in the poconos. they say that's a good reason to watch your pass words. >> better be careful. >> reporter: state police can get a lot of evidence from internet and hard drives and can do internet searches and look at documents and can see exactly where frein got online through
4:59 pm
gps software. >> that's pretty creepy he had a l laptop and could charge it after 48 days. >> police aren't sure what he was looking at on the internet. a preliminary hearing is set for next wednesday. news4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. >> right now at 5:00 tonight, a search for a mother after a newborn baby is found outside a maryland home. a former ravens cheer leader who once made headlines is in the news again. what police are saying about her secret relationship with a teenager. and on philadelphia street, a woman abducted and tonight her mother talks about her search. >> he took her here. why would he be in my end? he took her here. >> we have a developing story in maryland where a middle school principal is locked up tonight accused of punching a student. dwight jefferson is the
5:00 pm
principal of dwight d. eisenhower school in laurel. and darcy has the reaction. >> reporter: this is the middle school behind me. they let out about 3:10 this afternoon and they had the opportunity to speak to many parents and they had no idea this former principal was charged with assaulting a student. when the school found out about the allegations in september he was placed on administrative leave immediately. he's accused of punching a 13-year-old boy on september 29th. the teen claims the principal had taken him to a back room. at that point, he punched him twice in the stomach. it didn't stop there. he apparently punched him in the face. it was a teacher who noticed he had a swollen eye reported to it administrators and sparked this investigation and that teacher being placed on administrative


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