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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 7, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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any distinct change in the weather. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here to tell us about it. >> that is correct. a big change overnight. winds picked up. bringing in colder air. the skies have gone partly cloudy. we will have for our weather headlines a chilly morning, blustery afternoon. winds gusty midday. cold mornings coming up. for the day ahead, our temperatures holding steady, just in the low to mid-40s the next few hours. by 8:00 can, upper 40s. then by noon time, only the low 50s. only reaching mid-50s by 2:00. that's about when we'll have our peak winds. some of the gusts over 30 miles per hour. we'll have lots of sunshine. temperatures right now, though, layer up. we're just in the 40s to near 50s. most of virginia, west virginia, western maryland, a cold 3 in oakland. east of there generally in the 40s.
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quite a chill in the air this morning. next weather and traffic at 5:11. amelia siegel joins us in the storm team 4 x 4 with your event forecast. talking about the beltway at river road, moving along. all these folks headed out to the outer loop. woodrow wilson bridge moving alongment beltway at colesville looking good quite good. everybody needs to take a deep breath. driving slowly, driving calmly. we'll all make it. taking a look at 95 in virginia, headed up from stafford, we are looking good as well. northbound lanes completely open. southbound as well. no more construction in the way. i feel this is a good commute. if we can keep it going, everybody will be very, very happy. i'll be back in 10 minutes with a live picture of 270. a developing story. the man accused of kidnapping a
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philadelphia woman and charge indeed a separate abduction case in richmond is in a virginia jail is. this is new video of sheriff's deputies taking barnes to jail overnight. police he kidnapped a 16-year-old girl, sexually assaulted her, and doused her with bleach and gasoline. she managed to escape while he was digging her grave. barnes is facing several charges in this case including attempted murder. delvin barnes reportedly confessed to kidnapping the nurse's aide. the pursuit picked up steam when police in richmond area noticed barnes was on surveillance in the philadelphia case. they made the connection that they also had a warrant out for his arrest. that's when police tracked down the car that barnes used to a used car dealership. that car dealership told them he put a gps on the car because the buyer had bad credit. police activated the gps.
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not too long after that, barnes and the abducted woman were found in the back seat of that car in jessup, maryland on wednesday. in a federal criminal complaint, barnes admitted he abducted her and she was chosen randomly. family members say she is doing okay but needs time the heal. >> a girl had a scary encounter with a man in prince george' county. she told investigators a man came up to her and tried to take her. the girl managed to run away. police are still searching for the suspect. right now a montgomery county high school student is in the hospital in grave condition after being hit by a car. the hit and run happened in a shopping straoer at veers meal near randolph road. megan? >> women, the teenager who was struck is a student here at wheaton high school. 17 years old.
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at an area hospital said to be number grave condition. now at first police thought this was a basic pedestrian accident, a hit and run. the 17-year-old was struck at a shopping center near viers mill and randolph road. the driver left the scene. then just a few hours later, though, the driver and the passengers in that avalanche turned up at the police station and gave their version of what happened. police now say there may have been an altercation between two small groups at the shopping center that led to the 13-year-old that was struck. this may have been an intentional act. investigators, though, have not been able to detective any information from the teenager who was hit because oefz condition. they just have the one account from the people who were in that avalanche. what they want this morning is to get some independent acts from people who were in the area. so they are hraobing for witnesses.
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anyone who was at that shopping center around 7:00 in the area between unique thrift store and the burger king. if you saw the two groups or the actual striking of this teenager, you are asked to call police. they want to know exactly what happened in the moments to this accident. live in wheaton, megan mcgrath, news 4. a former prince george's county school bus driver will be disciplined for an incident that ended in a 6-year-old being run away. harris walked away from a bus at hyde point. more people charged in major drug crimes could go free all because an fbi agent accused of tampering with evidence in their cases. prosecutors asked for the cases to be dismissed after
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allegations of misconduct by fbi agent matthew lowry. sources tell news 4 police found lowry psed out in his car a few weeks ago in d.c. he reportedly had drugs on him and they may have been the drugs seized from investigations that he was involved in. at least 18 other cases could not be thrown out. d.c.'s next mayor is not wasting any time getting started. muriel bowser will announce plans for her transition team. she beat out catania and schwartz. a vote canvassing in virginia is a day three. playing outside, a nurse become the target of one of her patients. it's going to stay this way
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all weekend. amelia siegel will join us with weekend e
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new this morning, for those of you allergic to penicillin there's a chance you may not be allergic. researchers at the mayo clinic in florida tested 384 people who
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said they were allegic to the antibiotic. 94% of them were in fact, not allergic. this news means patients can be treated with more generic penicillin-based drugs that cause fewer side effects. it didn't matter how severe a first person's reaction was, they usually outgrew it. school lurches offer more nutrition than those packed at home. researchers at virginia tech observed student lunches at three elementary schools over a five-day period. packed and school lunches almost never met the government nutrition standards. but packed lunches had significantly higher amounts of sugar, saturated fats and carbohydrates. and less protein, fiber and calcium. all of this time a lot of us are thinking if you pack from home
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it has to be better because you have more control about what what you pack. >> you have nutritionists who are saying one, two, three. versus a parent wants you to have sapped witch, fruit, and the this. >> a treat at the end. cookie. some sort of dessert. well, the rain is gone. now the cold is moving in just as we get ready for the busy weekend ahead >> storm team 4 meteorologist ramiele ya siegel live with your weekend events forecast. hey, amelia >> good morning, aaron and eun. and happy friday. we're at the national mall. coming in at 52 degrees. high today of 55. we're not going to warm up too much from where we're at. the winds right now 5 to 10 miles per hour down here at the mall. they're only going to increase from here. throughout the day, temperatures will feel like they're in the 40s. so you need the warmer jacket. sunglasses as well. we're at the national mall because of the heart walk tomorrow.
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festivities just after 8:00 a.m. expect to raise $2 million. 8,000 participants. it's going to be cold tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. temperatures in the mid-30s. high tomorrow, 54. another cool day. sunday looking almost as cool. we'll send things toefr melissa with a check of the roads. >> give me the chills already. still this crash up in frederick, 70 at 270. right lane blocked. just a warning as you head out this morning. no major problems right now. pretty smooth overall. 270 at clarksburg, moving along. 66 at virginia visitors center, all the lights headed east bound. no problems there. 95 in virginia is, into and out of town, lots of green for us. no major issues. i'm back in 10 minutes. see you at 5:21 with a live picture of 95.
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melissa, thank you. not the kind of treat you expect to find in your goody bag. the surprising discovery two girls made while sorting through their candy. in idaho, a national guard helicopter crashed during a
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16 after the hour. now to a developing story in idaho. two national guard pilots were killed in a helicopter crash at the boise airport. the cause of the crash right now under investigation. the air force said it recovered the remains of an f-16 fighter jet pilot from the tpwhruf of mexico. the pilot's name has not been released. air force says crews are collecting evidence to determine what caused the crash. 5:17.
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former alexandria deputy is going to jail for reigning an in mate. he will spend at least two years in prison and three years on probation. he was initially charged with a woman locked up at the alexandria detention center in may. that charge was dropped in june. he pled guilty to carnal knowledge. there is a reminder from the tsa that youannot bring a loaded gun on an a airplane. a lot of people are getting caught with guns on airplanes. these are some found at reagan national. take a a look at this dramatic video. surveillance captured this attack at st. john's near
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minneapolis, minnesota. you can see a man run in and start attacking the the nurses with what looks like a metal pole. police say that man was being treated for episodes of confusion. he died after being apprehended. police are investigating why he died. four nurses were injured in the attack, one suffered a collapsed lung. . a bank robbery suspect escaped and police in loudoun county need your help tracking him down. take a close can look at this video here. he walked into suntrust bank last friday morning, halloween. he flashed a gun and demanded cash. he was last seen walking away from the bank. if you have any information, call police >> a total straeupblg stranger comes to the rescue of a 69-year-old being attacked by a group of men. two men held the woman down while a third caught off her rolex watch and gold bracelets. a nearby store owner heard the screams and came running to the
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rescue. >> i see them. i'm like i can't get to her right on time. i wasn't really thinking. i was just acting. i see the lady in trouble, getting mugged by these guys. >> the elderly woman -- her wrist was cut when the watch and bracelet were cut off. other than that she should be okay. police are searching for the suspects. we now know who won maryland's sixth district congressional race. delaney was up against dan bongino. after election night, delaney and bongino were separated by 200 votes. we should get a final date vote today. officials are double-checking the votes in the senate contest. mark warner is the apparent
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warner. democratic senator mark warner is the apparent warner. his lead has grown 16,500 votes. warner claimed victory over republican ed gillespie on election night but he has not conceded. state board of elections will meet november 25th, the deadline to certify those results. >> the national cathedral will honor veterans. an emotional letter from a son to his mother. they will hold a special reading from him to his mother before his death in 2003. the american war letters project gathers personal letters from every american conflict written by soldiers who experienced pivotal moments. >> two nfl teams put competition aside to support a little girl battling cancer. >> $1.3 million from cincinnati children's hospital in honor of leah. >> yesterday leah strong got to
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watch her father bengals defensive tackle devin still play in person for the first time. during the the first quarter, they honored the 4-year-old by announcing a $1.3 million donation to cincinnati children's hospital in her name. that money was mostly raised by sales of stills's jersey. >> this has been such an inspirational story. devin still has become a wonderful spokesperson for raising awareness and being so strong for his daughter. and she is just a firecracker. i love her. what a fighter. . 21 after 5:00 on friday morning. 48 degrees now outside our studios. we want the numbers to go up, though. >> we certainly do. >> it's colder since we started this morning. >> what is happening, tom? >> we are trying to push them up, but they are not cooperating. we have had peak gusts up to 20 miles r hour. but those are going to be increasing as the day progresses. and what to wear for this friday morning. yeah. you're going to want to get out
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the wind breaker and jacket. you'll be comfortable with that. we'll have bright sunshine through the rest of the morning and into the afternoon. waiting for the school bus this morning, chilly. mid to upper 40s between now and 8:00. increasing sunshine. still chilly between 8:00 and 9:00. during the afternoon, gusts to 30 miles per hour. highs reaching the low 50s. our northern and western suburbs. out of the mountains, highs only in the 40s today. a partly cloudy sky. east of washington and near the bay, should be mid and upper 50s. a bit of a chop on the bay. three and four feet on the bay with winds gusts 30 miles per hour. storm team 4 four-day forecast, a plunge tonight all the way down to the mid-30s by dawn so saturday. cold mornings on the weekend.
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afternoon highs, low to mid-50s saturday. sunday, upper 30s in the morning. afternoon highs in the 50s. back to work and school on monday, partly cloudy. afternoon highs should be maybe briefly into the low 60s monday. seven-day outlook into veterans day. highs reaching the 60s. concert on the mall tuesday evening. 50s under a partly cloudy sky. cold arrives thursday. highs in the 40s. melissa, what's going on? >> fairfax, 66 west bound at nutley street, do have an accident off to the shoulder. going to see a little bit of police activity. but nothing in the way of any main lanes. 95 at cardinal, all the folks
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headed into town, no problems. prince georges, into town, out of town, looking good. it is green. that's what we like to see. georgia avenue at university boulevard is also looking good. we have this at frederick, 70 east at 1270, overturned truck. thanks, melissa. 5:24. many of you will be reaching for the plastic this holiday season. and you may even be tempted to get a new credit card. a lot are offering incentives to get your business. but you need to read the fine print before signing up or transferring your balance. >> you might get a zero percent offer to transfer a balance or to get a new card. but the most important thing is when is that rate up. >> coming up tonight at 5:00, consumer reporter erika gonzalez looks at ways to avoid losing
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money when it comes to your credit cards. try hockey for a day. 13 rinks across maryland and virginia are participate anything try hockey for free day. tomorrow kids can lace up and try out the sport. children must be between 4 and 9 to participate. we have a link on >> i had a little state with john carlson before the olympics. it's hard. you have to skate and be balanced and maneuver the hockey stick and aim. >> it takes a pro. >> yeah. my hat is off to you hockey players. we're learning about two little girls in chicago who found a surprise in their wedding bag. >> they found a wedding ring of all things. they found a diamond engagement ring in their candy on halloween. they quickly made flyers to try to find the rightful owner.
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>> they printed these flyers. they were on their way to our subdivision to hang them. and that to me is what good hearted individuals. what great role models. 6 and 8. i'm just blessed. i'm truly blessed. >> good job, mom and dad. returning the ring wasn't the only sweet thing they d. they donated most of their candy to the uso as part of a school project to pay it forward. what a great idea. now i know what to do with my halloween candy next year. >> there you go. get the kids involved with it. >> i love it. the milestone reached overnight showing the crisis may be coming to an end. need a jacket or at least a wind breaker as we deal with falling temperatures. the temperatures in store in the coming hours. not all metro cars are created equally. the troublesome ones likely to make you late for work.
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looking at the stories making headlines at 5:30. delvin barns, accused of kidnapping a philadelphia woman,
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is waking up in a virginia jail this morning charged in a separate abduction in richmond. two national guard pilots in idaho died after an apache helicopter crashed on a training mission at the airport. we have learned your e-mail address could have been exposed to hackers. we'll much on those stories throughout the morning. . welcome back to news 4 today on this friday, november 7th. a live look outside for you this morning at 5:30. and you're going to have to deal with some wind today, making it a little bit colder i think. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein to get a look at your forecast. >> good morning. if you drive a high profile vehicle like a mini van, you need to grab on later this morning. the winds will be increasing. your drive time forecast for the morning drive time will be in the 40s between now through mid morning. increasing sunshine.
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winds will be gusting 30 miles per hour during the afternoon. there's the capital dome as they are doing the restoration on the dome. the strongest winds will be around noon time. by then low 50s. low 50s by late afternoon. tomorrow will be all the way down to the mid-30s starting off this morning. outdoor forecast come w amelia seagull. not much happening right here. 95 and bw parkway in case you're heading that way. 1270 at old hundred cherry hill road looking good as well. 66 and 95 here in virginia, no major problems.
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66 west bound at nutley, it is off to the shoulder. if you're headed out soon you might see that on your way westbound. . 5:32. later today president obama will meet with top congressional leaders. tracie potts joins us from capitol hill with what's on the agenda. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. president obama invited all these leaders over for lunch today to see if they can hammer out an agenda. beg republican wins this week means president obama has got to take a look at the republican agenda. what do they want to get done. 14 people coming over today say the democrats, 7 republicans. these are the top
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administration they have to give more latitude to deal with isis in syria. thank you, tracie. . a new jobs report is expected today, and it looks good. it is expected to show an uptick about 200,000 jobs being added. if this is happening it would mean the unemployment rate would remain unchanged. . the ebola outbreak in texas is over. as of midnight, it's been 21 days since anyone contracted ebola or was in contact with someone who has the deadly disease. a total of 177 people have been
5:34 am
monitored overtime because they had been in contact with the patients. a doctor credits his optimism to the massive global response in the past month to stop the spread of this deadly disease. so far the world health organization reports 13,000 cases of ebola in west africa and more than 4,800 deaths >> it is sentencing day for a prince george's county man convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend. andrew krueger crawled through a basement window and slashed her neck. he was angry after they broke up. the murder was the first homicide in berwyn heights in 21 years. he faces life in prison without parole. business as usual at a mal wart in prince william county. a very different scene
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yesterday. police say a man used two hammers to smash through a jewelry case yesterday afternoon and scared customers ran and hid in the aisles thinking the loud banks were gunshots. it ended in an a lotation outside in the parking lot. that's when one of the officers shot the suspect. >> all of a sudden i hear women and children screaming and all run to go one side of the store. employees started running around. police are still investigating exactly what happened in that parking lot. as for the suspect, vetto investigators have not told us his condition. you could get a a big fine for jaywalking in the district. they will be holding a sting. they will hand out tickets to drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians who violate traffic safety laws.
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it will range from $40 to $500. a kheupl chilly morning on the national mall. your leaf raking forecast at
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the metro car you board in the morning could be making you
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late for work. a new metro report shows the 4000 series are involved in delays more than any other cars in the fleet. they are supposed to go 60,000 mile but are only making it 30,000 miles. they plan to replace those cars with brand-new ones. >> cold and windy morning as you get ready to head out the door. >> it is only going to get colder as we head into the weekend. amelia siegel is live with what you can expect. she has the storm team 4 by 4 and your leaf raking forecast. it's going to be windy today >> reporter: absolutely, eun. with the rain from yesterday and the winds today, that will continue to bring a lot of leaves down. we are with the storm team 4 x 4. a high of 55 degrees. we've been talking about it all morning. this anometer is taking down the
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wind speed. breezy, even windy at times. it adds an additional chill to the air. the leaf raking forecast, we all want to spend our saturday and sunday. dry conditions both days. and the winds will die down once the sun goes down. not an issue over the weekend. still chilly on saturday. a high of 54. only minor improvements with temperatures on sunday with a high temperature of 58. if you're wondering typically our high around 62, so it is below average this weekend. but melissa, we are talking about a major chill next week. tom will have more details in 10 minutes. we will send things over to you for a look at the roads. >> we will have to bust out the bigger coats. 66, 95, everything looking good as we zoom to the beltway. no major problems right now. in maryland, 270 southbound from jermantown to the beltway, on time.
5:41 am
66, looks nice and green on the map. it is quite good here. fairfax county can to the parkway, 10 minutes. quantico to the beltway running at 24 minutes. a scary blunder on the way to the game. the changes being made in minnesota after an accident involving the redskins team bus. thanksgiving is around the corner we're lookin
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welcome back at 5:45. sentence for three men responsible for a drive-by shooting that hurt 13 people in washington. andrew allen, keith bob and arnell smith pled guilty to the incident. the men opened fire on a group of people in the 1200 block of
5:45 am
capital northwest. no one died. the men also tried to destroy evidence by setting fire to the car involved in the shooting. each could spend 20 years in prison. a woman was brutally attacked on a trail many of you use to bike to and from work. the woman reported being grabbed from her bike while riding on the metropolitan branch trail. a map in his teens or 20s immediately hit her and stole her wallet. we spoke to another bike rider who said he's also been targeted on that trail. four kids tried to knock me off my bike a year and a half ago. i called the cops and they did absolutely nothing. >> police stepped up patrols after a man was jumped by a group of young people. long-time users say robberies always increase after clocks are
5:46 am
turned back for daylight saving. a girl managed to get away from a man who tried to abduct her on robert lewis in upper marlboro. she did manage to run away. police are still searching for the suspect >> this morning a former prince george's county school bus driver will be sentenced for an incident that ended in a 6-year-old being run over. in april, harris walked away from the bus at hyde point high school with four children still on board. the bus rolled down the hill, trapping one of them under the bus. prosecutors want 30 days in jail, three years probation. d.c. next mayor is already making plans for her first day in office. bowser beat out independents david catania and carol schwartz on election day. the process to replace her in
5:47 am
the statehouse delegates has already begun. comstock has to resign from the house, which has not happened yet. once the candidates are decided a special election will be held. that will happen next month or early next year. they beat john foust on tuesday. she will represent the 10th district >> more people charged with major drug crimes could go free because an fbi agent is accused of tampering with agents in their cases. prosecutors asked for those cases to be dismissed after allegations of misconduct by fbi agent matthew lowry. they found him passed out in his car a few weeks ago in d.c. he reportedly had drugs on them and they may have been seized from investigations in which he was involved. at least 18 other cases could be thrown out. a montgomery county teenager is facing charges for bringing a gun on school property.
5:48 am
aaron anderson is being asked to stay away from richard montgomery. yesterday a security guard noticed him on school grounds during the lunchtime hour. they found him on a street near the school with a stolen handgun in a gym bag. this woman told news 4 she found an abandoned newborn baby outside her home in beltsville. she is actually the baby's mother. jackson admits she gave birth in her home and became overwhelmed. police say the infant was never left alone outside. and they're not pressing charges. jackson is receiving medical care and child protective services has custody of that baby. . a closer look is being taken at police escorts after last week's bus crash.
5:49 am
a squad card escorting the buses hit a guard rail. that caused a chain reaction crash between the two buses. a spokesman said the department will not escort any more teams until an investigation is complete. it is one of the first big signs of the holiday season. the rockefeller center christmas tree is now in new york. take a live look at the scene right there. arrived on that huge trailer. take a look at the tree. it's all wrapped up right now. it will be on 49th in manhattan. it's always a beauty site to see. that giant spruce was cut down and hoisted onto the huge trailer in pennsylvania on wednesday. the 85-foot, 13 ton free will agrees the plaza throughout the christmas season. and crews will load that tree with more than 45,000 l.e.d. lights. a special lighting ceremony on december 3rd.
5:50 am
it is to pretty to see rockefeller plaza around the seasons, right? today the salvation army is kicking off its annual tradition. you can hear the bells. the red kettles pop up outside grocery stores this season. . your thanksgiving menu is going to cost less this year. it will cost $46.45 to feed 10 people. that's $4 less than last year according to the farm bureau. dressing, sweet potatoes, rolls, cranberries, turkey. oh, that sounds good. >> mmm. our stomachs are grumbles. we're sal sraeutsing. >> and gravy. >> mac and cheese. that's all i need.
5:51 am
the highest average cost was in middle sex county and the cheapest in wythe county. >> still talk building food this hour. three hungry anchors. what are you going to do. >> smothered pork chops are in my head. >> you didn't even mention apple pie. >> i can't go on. >> how about that forecast. >> all righty. moving forward. it's a cold morning. cold nearly full moon in the western sky. that will greet you when you step out the door along with a blustery wind and chilly temperatures. it's down into the mid-40s in montgomery, loudoun county. upper 40s to 50 in fairfax and prince george's county. right in washington, low 50s. on the upper 40s near the chesapeake. between 8:00 and 9:00, more sunshine. still rather chilly.
5:52 am
only 50 degrees. it will take a highly to warm. today you will need a jacket, wind breaker. later today, sunglasses. bright sun through much of the day. those gusty winds. and earlier this week i visited this school. the henderson school in montclair, virginia. that's in prince william county. and i had a terrific time talking to these second graders at the henderson school in prince william county. thank the teacher in the back. there's lori.
5:53 am
bit milder but still chilly sunday and lighter wind. then monday into veterans day, a bit milder. veterans afternoon, mid-60s. the big concert after that. looks like good weather. in the 50s. the cold air arrives on thursday. highs only in the 40s. break out the big coats, melissa. >> i will. my ear muffs, gloves, scarves and everything all at once. look like frosty the snowman.
5:54 am
looking at the roads, looking quite good. yesterday we had all that rain. chopper over the beltway at 95. taillights, outer loop, no problems. 270 moving along as well. wide look at things here. you can see everything is moving along quite nicely. a little slow here. d.c., 295, passing 50. that is pretty typical. prince george's county, looking good as well. indian head, branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue moving along nicely. 95 in virginia, stafford, heading into town, no issues heading out of town. same situation. looking quite good. a live picture of 66 coming up in a couple of minutes >> melissa, thank you. 5:54. plan extra time if you are taking the red or green line. viewer trains because of track
5:55 am
work. yellow were run north to mt. vernon square. reminder, no track work on veterans day, tuesday. the blue line will be shut down all day to provide enhanced service for concert for valor on the national mall >> we are working with you on this consumer report. your car may be included in the latest round of recalls. models of accord, civic and cr-v between 2001 and six sold or registered in humid areas are being recalled. the car's air bag system is the problem. humidity can cause the air bags to explode and cause metal shards flying. 5:55 now. the maker of those faulty air bags is facing allegations it knew there was a problem and didn't tell anyone. according to "usa today", auto parts supplier takata secretly conducted tests on air bags and found they could crack in a way
5:56 am
ta could hurt passengers. the home depot data breach says as many as 53 million e-mail addresses were compromised. they say passwords and other sensitive information were not stolen. it lasted april through september. the home improvement chain says it is notifying both the u.s. and canada. if you think you are spending too much on rent, you're probably right. trulia said they are rising in the spots already stretched thinnest. rents are 8% higher than they were a year ago. it will set you back $2,000 to
5:57 am
rent a one bedroom apartment in the district. that is a lot of money. san francisco the least affordable in the country, followed by new york city and boston. well, if you're planning a winter time getaway, you'll want to hear about this. wallethub has the destinations. new york is number one in the winter, followed by las vegas valley. washington, d.c. was the third best departure if you plan on going out of the country. the most popular international destination was the riviera maya in mexico. in the winter time? absolutely. >> lovely. tennis stars venus and serena williams will be in d.c. they're here to unveil the new southeast tennis&learning center. it six outdoor courts, six indoor courts and an outdoor clay court. it opened in 2000. a developing story.
5:58 am
the man accused of abducting a woman off a
5:59 am
at 6:00 a.m., a developing story. overnight the man accused of abducting a woman in philadelphia was booked in jail. a montgomery county high
6:00 am
school student hit by a car. why police think the driver may have meant to hit him. >> before you step outside, get ready for cool temperatures. take a look. here's storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein to help you plan for your friday. tom? >> we are 40 minutes away from sunrise for your friday morning. off to a chilly start. faint light of dawn. live video from our capital camera. a chilly morning. followed by cold co mornings over the weekend. right now temperatures in montgomery county, mid to upper 40s. fairfax county, most locations in the 40s. stafford, spotsylvania, fauquier and culpepper. for the rest of the day, we will make it into the low 50s by noon. lots of sunshine. blustery winds into the afternoon. highs only in the


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