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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 7, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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school student hit by a car. why police think the driver may have meant to hit him. >> before you step outside, get ready for cool temperatures. take a look. here's storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein to help you plan for your friday. tom? >> we are 40 minutes away from sunrise for your friday morning. off to a chilly start. faint light of dawn. live video from our capital camera. a chilly morning. followed by cold co mornings over the weekend. right now temperatures in montgomery county, mid to upper 40s. fairfax county, most locations in the 40s. stafford, spotsylvania, fauquier and culpepper. for the rest of the day, we will make it into the low 50s by noon. lots of sunshine. blustery winds into the afternoon. highs only in the mid-50s around
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2:00. then quickly dropping into the 40s during this evening. next weather and traffic on the 1s, amelia siegel joins us on the mall with the storm team 4 x 4 telling us about our weekend event forecast. now we have breaking news on the roads with first 4 traffic. >> just learned about a crash key west at shady grove road. going to be calling police right now as we speak. the producer is calling police trying to figure out what this is. a report that a pedestrian has been struck. we'll get more information for you on that in just a couple of minutes. 66 at fairfax county, that is moving quite nicely. taking a look at the beltway, no major problems aside from our typical slowdowns. that is normal for this time of day. maryland 95. southbound at 32. that is looking just fine. again, going to get more information on this for you. key west avenue at shady grove road. back in 10 minutes. melissa, thank you. now to a developing story.
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the man accused of kidnapping a philadelphia woman and charged in a separate an duck case in richmond is in jail in virginia. this is new video of sheriff's deputies in the richmond area taking delvin barnes to jail. he sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl. the pursuit picked up steam when police in richmond area noticed barnes was on surveillance in the philadelphia case. they made the connection that they also had a warrant out for his arrest. that's when police tracked down the car that barnes used to a used car dealership. that car dealership told them he put a gps on the car because the buyer had bad credit. police activated the gps. not too long after that, barnes and the abducted woman were found in the back seat of that car in jessup, maryland on wednesday. she was chosen randomly, he says.
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family members say she is doing okay but needs time the heal. 6:03. deputies are looking for a man who robbed a bank in loud on county. there he is. he walked into suntrust bank last friday morning, halloween. he flashed a gun and demanded cash. if you have any information, you're asked to call the sheriff. a winner was declared in a big congressional race. the associated press said john delaney had enough votes to beat out dan bongino. after election night, delaney and bongino were separated by 200 votes. >> tkpoubl double-checking the results in the race for the senate. his lead has grown to 16,500 votes. ed gillespie has not yet conceded. expect to go learn new details about a high school student hit by a car in
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montgomery county. the hit and run happened at a shopping steer on the corner of viers mill and randolph in wheaton. the student went to wheaton high school. that's where may back mcgrath is with the latest on his condition >> reporter: we are expect to go learn more from police when we get an update. he is in critical condition, said to be -- his condition said to be grave by police. he was a student here at wheaton high school. now originally it was thought this was a basic pedestrian accident, a hit and run. but the 17-year-old was struck by a chevy avalanche at a shopping center near viers mill and randolph. the driver did not stay on the scene. a few hours later there was a twist. the the drivers and passengers in the avalanche turned up at a police station and gave their version of what happened. police say there may have been an altercation between two small groups at the shopping center, which led to the 17-year-old
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being struck. they are looking into the possibility that the 17-year-old was targeted in this. investigators have not been able to speak to the teen because of his injuries. so they just have the one account from people in the car. they want indeed accounts. so police are looking for witnesses who either saw the two groups that may have been i involved in the fight or saw the actual accident itself. they want to hear from you and get your version of events. if you're in that between the burger king around 7:00 last night they would like to hear from you. give montgomery county police a call. live in wheaton, megan mcgrath, news 4. thank you, megan. today the national cathedral will honor veterans. michael mull in will have breakfast with 100 veterans and their families. after that, the cathedral will hold an inter faith prayer service. it is part of the veterans
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initiative to pay tribute to those who have served. two people died overnight in a helicopter crash. the training mission they were had he taking part in right before that accident >> why you might want to consider sending your kids to school with lunch money instead of packing their lunches. if you have weekend plans, we have your forecast. the best time to get outside in your weather and traff
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welcome back. 6:09. you may want to hear this next story before you pack your kid's lunch. school lunches offer more nutrition than those packed at home. researchers at virginia tech studied three elementary school over a five-day period. both packed and school lunches met the nutrition al standards.
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but packed lunches had significantly higher amounts of sugar, saturated fats and carbohydrates. and less protein, fiber and calcium. all of this time a lot of us are new this morning, for those of you allergic to penicillin there's a chance you may not be allergic. researchers at the mayo clinic in florida tested 384 people who said they were allegic to the antibiotic. 94% of them were in fact, not allergic. >> you have to get tested to be absolutely sure. >> well, we're happy to say we have made it to friday, folks. >> many of us are planning for the weekend. here's storm team 4 meteorologist amelia siegel out with the storm team 4 x 4
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>> reporter: happy friday. we're at the national mall. we have been here at the national mall since 4:30. temperatures remain in the low 50s. around 51. the winds right now are really not too bad. they will continue to increase in the morning hours. your weather for today, high temperature around 50 in the suburbs. 55 here in d.c. metro area. you need your jacket and sunglasses. cooler and breezy for today. but not as cold as tomorrow morning. of course we're here at the national mall. festivities kicking off after 8:00 p.m. temperatures in the mid-30s. cool tomorrow with a high around 54. partly to mostly cloudy skies. but plenty of sunshine in the forecast for today. melissa, tracking breaking news right now. breaking news. a pedestrian hit. this is key west at shady grove road. trying to get chopper over this the next couple of minutes to see exactly what is shut down.
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a wider look at things. in general, we look had pretty good. slow 295 as you approach 50. otherwise, no major problems. let's take a look at travel times. virginia, on time everywhere. 66 east, 395 north to the 14th street bridge. 270 southbound. no major problems. outer loop looking good. more on this pedestrian crash in rockville coming up >> melissa, thank you. hammers smashed into a glass case and shots fired around potomac mills mall. plus, a woman lost her wedding ring while handing out candy. the huge effort these young the huge effort these young
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i'm molette green at the live desk. new information on a national guard helicopter crash that left two pilots dead in idaho. we have learned the apache
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chopper september out a bee when it went down in a field near the boise airport. no one on the ground was injured. only the two crew members on board that chopper were killed, pronounced dead at the scene. they were on a routine night training run when all of this happened. the idaho national guard released a statement about their loss saying the men gave their lives while train to go defend our nation. back to you, aaron. molette, thank you. 16 after the hour. this morning the air force has recovered the remains of on f-16 fighter jet pilot from the gulf of mexico. it was on a routine training mission when they lost contact with the pilot. crews are now collecting evidence to determine what caused the crash. prince william county police are investigating what led to a shooting at a busy walmart parking lot. things started inside the store yesterday afternoon near the
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potomac hills mall. a man with hammers smashed through the jewelry case. customers thought it was gunshots, so they ran and hid. eventually the customers were evacuated. >> we tried to send the people to a back room or lunchroom so we can save our guests and customers. >> two off-duty officers confront the man. that ended in an altercation outside the store parking lot. that is when one of the officers shot the suspect. investigators have to interview the officer to figure out what happened >> it is sentencing day for a prince george's county man convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend because he was angry about their breakup. he crawled through a basement window and slashed her neck. he faces life without parole.
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the ebola outbreak in texas is over. as of midnight, it's been 21 days since anybody contracted ebola or was in contact with someone who has the deadly disease. 177 people have been monitored over time because they had contact with one of the three infected patients with specimens or medical waste. united nation's top doctor says he's hopeful that the epidemic could end next year. so far the world health organization has had. >> the u.s. army wants a vaccine for the treatment of ebola.
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they point to some weaknesses in the labor market. keep an eye this morning. you could get a big fine for not following the rules of the road. the department of transportation, along with police, holding a crosswalk sting on sherman at gerard in northwest. officers will be handing out tickets to drivers, cyclists who violate traffic safety laws. the fines will range between $40 and $500. steep fines there. one little girl stop the spotlight when the cincinnati bengals and the cleveland browns faced off. >> it is battling stage 4 pediatric cancer. >> there she is. during the first quarter of last
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night's game by announcing that $1.3 million donation to the cincinnati children's hospital. that donation being made in leah's name to help fight pediatric cancer. most of that donation money was raised through sales of leah's dad's jersey. devin still is the defensive tackle. last night is the first time she attended one of her dad's nfl games. >> she is so precious and so strong. she's such a fighter and showing so much optimism. >> just watching the two of them together. cute little girl. all right. we are staying on top of some breaking news on the roads for you this morning o. >> key west avenue at shady grove one westbound lane about to reopen. here's a shot from the grouped. not too much detail. a pedestrian was struck there. take a look at 66. slow through centreville.
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45 miles per hour. it opens up quite nicely. no major problems into town. looks good in the 6:00 hour for 66. taking a wider look at the beltway. we're a little slow here. 45 miles per hour. outer loop at the beltway up top there. taking a look at prince george's. a little slow headed up into town. otherwise, we're looking pretty good. a little slow at pennsylvania avenue as you hit the beltway. nothing abnormal. penn south is running 20 minutes behind. pack the patience this morning. happy with the dry roads. yesterday quite a mess. yeah. the winds have been blow drying the roads overnight. i have been analyzing the low pressure rapidly deepening to your north. that is going to be increasing our winds by later this morning. wear a jacket and wind breaker. later today, you'll need sunglasses. sunrise is at 6:42.
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between 7:00 and 8:00, quite a chill in the air. upper 40s at the bus stop. forecast between 8:00 and 9:00, bright and sunny. the winds will be increasing. gusting 20 miles per hour by then. should be around 50 degrees. highs this afternoon, mid-50s. not much of a warming today. upper 50s around the bay, southern maryland. in the mountains, in the 40s. you can see my storm team 4 weather app google play and itunes store. when you're out this weekend, check the latest wind gusts and temperatures as well. a cold start tomorrow morning. mid-30s. afternoon highs on saturday into the mid-50s. then on sunday, a bit milder. 40 in the morning. afternoon highs upper 50s. then monday a bit milder. upper 60s during the afternoon for veterans day. great weather for the big
6:23 am
concert on the mall on tuesday night. before then, should be in the mid-60s. dropping into the 50s during the evening before the concert on tuesday. wednesday, back to work and school. low session. next week highs in the 40s. >> tom, thank you. new video this morning of a nurse being attacked by a hospital patient. take a look here. surveillance video captured the attack at st. john's near minneapolis, minnesota. a man runs in and starts attacking the nurse with a metal pole. he was being treated for episodes of confusion. he died after being apprehended there. investigators are trying to figure out why this all happened. four nurses were injured in the attack. one of them suffered a collapsed lung. 6:24 now. many of you will be reaching for the plastic to pay for all the holiday gifts.
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and you may even be tempted to get a new credit card. a lot of credit card companies know that. they're offering incentives to get your business. >> you might get a zero percent offer to transfer a balance or to get a new car. but the most important thing to know is when is that rate up? coming up tonight at 5:00, erika gonzalez takes a look at ways you can avoid losing money when it comes to using your credit card this holiday season. >> if you're looking for something to do with your kids, here's an idea. the washington capitals and several other organizations are inviting your kids to try hockey for a day. 13 different rinks in the area are participating in try hockey for free day. tomorrow your kids can lace up skates and test the sport out. all participanting rinks will hold clinics all day long to teach kids the basics. your kids must be between 4 and 9 to participate.
6:25 am
we have a list of all the participating rinks on we're learning about two little girls in chicago who found a surprise in their wedding bag. >> they found a wedding ring of all things. they found a diamond engagement ring in their candy on halloween. they quickly made flyers to try to find the rightful owner. >> they printed these flyers. they were on their way to our subdivision to hang them. and that to me is what good hearted individuals. what great role models. 6 and 8. i'm just blessed. i'm truly blessed. >> raising good kids there. returning the ring wasn't the only sweet thing they d. they donated most of their candy to the uso as part of a school project to pay it forward. >> 6 and 8 with generous spirits like that. good job, mom and dad. it's pretty cool. take a live look outside.
6:26 am
tom kierein will focus on your forecast for your drive to work and your weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:31. a woman grabbed off her bike in d.c. why people are not surprised the attack happened this week. the search for a man who tried to grab a young
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we're staying on top of a developing story. a man accused of abducting a woman in a street in philadelphia was walked to a virginia jail. you're watching video of that moment. the misstep investigators say he made that led to his arrest. we'll go live in 15 minutes to break down the timeline of the woman's abduction. and we are starting to see the sun come up over the district over let's see that's virginia, the airport there. not a bad view to start off your friday morning. >> a chilly start, tom. >> yeah. the winds have been picking up, sweeping the clouds away. our sun rise about 10 minutes
6:30 am
away. and the temperatures have plunged overnight. in the 60s yesterday afternoon. now it's down just into the 40s. mid 50s in fairfax, prince george's, loudoun. right by the check peek bay. there is the capital dome this morning temperatures will stay in the 50s. winds strongest at noon time. winds gusting 30 miles per hour. it will be in the low 50s. mid-50s 2:00. by 5:00, back down to low 50s. the winds will begin to diminish by then. the winds will settle down. by 11:00, down to 40 under a clear sky this time tomorrow morning, the mid-30s with a light wind. a cold start to saturday morning. we'll be joined by amelia siegel
6:31 am
in the storm team 4 x 4 with your leaf raking forecast. we have breaking news on the roads. here's melissa. >> rockville at cedar lane, the left lane. chopper on the way. this obviously could cause delays for folks on wisconsin avenue, 355, whatever you want to call it there. staffed county, if you're hopping on there, you're quite good. no major problems. in maryland, 95 here, bw parkway looking good right now. a wider look at things. looking pretty typical. we're seeing a slowdown 395 north as you head towards the 14th street bridge. otherwise, looking pretty good. 66 slow through manassas. more coming up in 10 minutes. see you then. melissa, thank you. a man tried to abduct a girl in upper marlboro.
6:32 am
a man came up to her and tried to take her. police are still searching for the suspect. arnold temperature ra harris pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment and other charges. he walked away from the bus with four children still on board. the bus rolled down the hill into another group of children, trapping one of them under the bus. former deputy daniel pegas will spend two years in prison and three years on probation. he will not be allowed to have any contact with the victim once out of veil. president obama will sit down with leaders in congress on both sides.
6:33 am
the meeting will be closely watched for clues to see how democrats and republicans can work together now that republicans will be in control of the senate. tracie potts joins us live on capitol hill with more on what is expected to happen today >> could be grid lock on some issues, a break through on others. they will sit down over lunch today to talk about what the new republican agenda is. they want to focus on jobs and energy and opening up jobs, republicans say, by opening the keystone xl oil pipeline. but the president has to deal with with immigration. the manager from house speaker john boehner, the president may be playing with fire if he decides to go around congress. so that's the tone as they sit down for this meeting today. one area where the president may get backing, foreign policy.
6:34 am
john mccain is saying the president needs broad authority to deal with isis in syria. another area where they may not obama care, republicans are promising to repeal that. >> tracy, thank you. a woman was brutally attacked on a trail many of you used to bike to and from work. that woman reported being grabbed from her bike on metropolitan branch trail. a man hit her repeated and stole her wallet. we spoke to another bike rider who says he's also been target odd that trail. >> four kids tried to knock me off my bike a year and a half ago. i called the cops and they did absolutely nothing. >> police stepped up patrols after a man was jumped by a group of young people. robberies always increase after the clocks are turned back for daylight saving time and it gets darker earlier. a record number of people tried to take loaded guns on to
6:35 am
airplanes this year. these are some of the guns found at reagan national. tsa agents cost a record breaking, 1855 people with guns in their carry-on luggage. most were loaded. tsa says you can actually take a gun on a plane if it is declared, unloaded and locked in a hard sided case in your checked luggage. d.c.'s next mayor is making plans for her first day in office. bowser beat out david catania and carol schwartz on election day and will replace the mayor in january. her seat in the statehouse of delegates needs to be filled. republicans and democrats are already picking new candidates.
6:36 am
comstock needs to officially resign before primaries can be held. a relatively minor impact. fewer trains on the road redd and green lines. yellow will run north to mt. vernon scare. the blue line will be shut down all day long on veterans day so they can run for the concert of valor at the national mall. you know a delay can be a real pain. the metro cars most likely to make you late for work. a 69-year-old woman attacked for her watch. the scary strategy the robbers used to trap her and how a stranger jumped in to help. it is going to get pretty windy as you look at the flag whipping outside our studios. outside our studios. means you could have some raking
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one specific type of metro car could make you late get to go your destination. a new report shows the 4000 series rail cars are involved in delays more than any other car in the fleet. the cars are supposed to go about 60,000 miles between breakdowns. instead, they're only making it about 30,000 miles. metro says it has a plan to replace the 4000 series with brand-new ones. this morning we are starting to see some of the first signs of the holidays. >> yeah. >> this shot is the christmas tree that will go up at rockefeller center in new york city. it is all wrapped up. >> 85-foot tall, 10 ton spruce from california. first we have to make it through the the fall. we have amelia siegel looking at the best times to get out and rake leaves or blow some leaves this weekend i guess.
6:41 am
>> that's your favorite thing to do, right, aaron. >> absolutely. . every weekend. >> we have been out since about 4:30 tracking the temperatures and the winds at the national mall. we're at 51, 52 degrees. winds not bad. 3 miles per hour. we'll continue to notice them picking up in the latter morning hours. maybe windy at times. i have to say, guys, it is a lovely morning here despite the crisp air, mainly clear skies. washington monument just stunning. mostly sunny today. for the weekend, temperatures remain on the cool side. 54 for a high on your saturday. mostly to mostly cloudy can skies. winds are not an issue tomorrow or sunday. a high temperature of 58 with plenty of clouds around. we will send things over to melissa for breaking news >> breaking news again here in
6:42 am
rockville. northbound at cedar lane. one lane getting by. it has been shut down completely as they get the person out of this vehicle. cedar lane shut down as they get the crash out of the way. penn line all service suspended. mark penn a because of a wire problem. metro will honor your tickets. 66 east, 95 north, a little bit slow. 395 north, five minutes slow over to the 14th street bridge. 270 southbound, not so bad at 20 minutes. outer loop from 95 to 270, a little bit slow at 18 minutes. . melissa, thank you. a high school student hit by a car in montgomery county. this morning the argument police say may have happened before that crash. plus, more information stolen in that huge home depot data breach. the new list of data now exposed
6:43 am
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your time now is 6:45. news 4 staying on top of a developing story. one of the ways we are work to go get you up to the minute the minute you're up. >> we start with new information about how investigators track down the man accused of kidnapping a woman off a
6:46 am
philadelphia street. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. one of things very critical in this is eyewitnesses. a man who called 911 not once but twice to let them know he had seen something. in fact, he saw this abduction. he even called out and said to the suspect delvin barnes, hey, what are you doing? police were able to go to the person in the building where the security camera was located and got the surveillance tape. that surveillance went everywhere. it went all across the country. it made all the difference in this case. so it was a question of the high-tech materials that they had, people saying something. tips that the police got. and really it was also good old-fashioned police work that led them to be able to track barns in the parking lot. also using a gps system that a used car salesman placed in the vehicle because he was concerned
6:47 am
about barnes's credit history. a combination of items brought this case to a successful and safe end for this family here in philadelphia. >> all right. thank you. and you can see her full report coing up in a few minutes on the "today" show. sentencing is today for three men responsible for a drive-by shooting that hurt 13 people in d.c. andrew allen, keith bob and arnell smith pled guilty to the incident. the men opened fire on a group of people in the 1200 block of north capital northwest. no one died. each man could spend 20 years in prison. a high school student is in grave condition after being hit by a car in montgomery county at a shopping center at the corner of viers mill and randolph in wheaton. megan is where the teenager goes to school >> reporter: he is 17 years old, a student at wheaton high
6:48 am
school. he is said to be fighting for his life at an area hospital. his condition described as grave. at first police thought this was a hit and run. that the 17-year-old was struck at viers mill and randolph road and the driver did not stop. but then a few hours later there was a twist in the case. the driver and the passengers in the chevy avalanche turned up at a police station and gave their version of what happened. there may have been an altercation at the shopping center which led to the 17-year-old being struck. there is a possibility that the 17-year-old was targeted in this. they just have the one story coming from the people in that avalanche. so what they want is independent
6:49 am
accounts from people who were in the area. they're looking for witnesses. anyone at the shopping center between unique thrift store and burger king 7:00 last night, if you saw the teen getting hit by the car or if you saw the two groups arguing, you're asked to call police. 11 before the hour right now. four thieves rob an elderly woman right in front of her house. take a look at the video. the 69-year-old woman pulled into her spot and was immediately blocked in. three men jump out of a car. two held them down. a a third cut off her rolex watch and gold bracelets. >> i can't get to her right on time. i wasn't thinking. i was just acting. i see the lady in trouble, getting mugged by these guys. >> the suspects did get away. police at this point say that surveillance video is the best
6:50 am
shot at finding them. >> target will have a new head of security starting next month. hired as part of the overhaul from last year's data breach. they gained access to 40 million credit and cards. they will report directly to target ceo. home depot says hackers may have taken more information from the store than it said in its initial data breach. kayla is here. >> reporter: it does appear the breach had wider effects than originally thought. the world's largest home improvement chain warning 53 million additional e-mail addresses were stolen during a recent breach at self checkout registers. some 56 million debit and credit cards had been compromised during that five-month breach. they accessed the network last
6:51 am
april through a contractor. in the case a pennsylvania based retprepb refrigeration electronic account. they hid the software in the system for nearly five months. the hack is the biggest retail breach on record, topping that of target late last year in the holiday season. something to keep an eye on when you look at your bank statements this holiday season. guys, back to you. >> kayla, thank you. >> 'tis the season. the salvation army's red kettles will start accepting donations today. they raise money to feed and shelter families in need. >> familiar sound of the season. we talk christmas trees and red kettle. >> now a little cold to go with them. look at this exquisite sun rise.
6:52 am
here's a few from city camera this morning showing a clear sky over the potomac river. sunrise at 6:42. clear sky. winds picking up a bit. temperatures into the 40s across virginia, maryland, west virginia. near 50 in washington and right by the chesapeake bay. school bus stop will be chilly. bright sun. winds will pick up 8:00, 9:00. gusting to 20 miles per hour. it will be 50 by then. so you will need a wind breaker and jacket today and sunglasses. that bright sun for the rest of the day. and highs reaching the mid-50s in washington. upper 50s in southern maryland, north central virginia. low to mid-50s in shenandoah. highs only in the 40s today. our northern suburbs in the low 50s for highs. post your pictures like angie snyder did in hagerstown. she took this earlier this week.
6:53 am
if you're going to be out and about, instagram, twitter and facebook. i especially love when you post on facebook. you put the higher resolution photos. afternoon highs low to mid-50s. monday, as we get into the afternoon hours, 60 degrees. for tuesday, veterans day, mid-60s. wednesday, still not too bad. low 60s. much colder thursday. highs only in the 40s. breaking news on the roads. here's melissa. >> a couple of things happening. rockville northbound, one lane getting by because of an earlier crash. this tweeted by a follower. new york avenue inbound before bladensburg road. very slow there.
6:54 am
penn line, all trains are 30 to 40 minutes behind. they are no longer canceled. just very late. 66 in centreville, we're 45 miles per hour head into town almost the whole way. slow in dale city. outer loop at colesville, a little slower than we would like >> thanks, melissa. look at this. deputies looking for a man who robbed a bank in loudoun county. a man flashed a gun and demanded cash. if you have any information, call the sheriff. a teenager is facing charges for bringing a gun on school property. aaron anderson had been asked to stay away from richard montgomery high school from rockville earlier this week. yesterday a school security guard noticed him on grounds
6:55 am
during lurch and called police. he had a stolen gun in his possession. police say that the crash happened last weekend a after a squad car escorting the team to a game hit a guardrail and caused a chain reaction crash between the two buses. the department will not else port any more until an investigation is complete. we now have a winner in a big maryland congressional race. the associated press said john delaney had enough votes to beat out dan bongino in the 6th district. it includes all of western maryland, parts of montgomery county. delaney and bongino were separated by just 2,000 votes. election officials are double-checking the the results of the state senate contest. mark warner is the apparent winner. ed gillespie has not yet
6:56 am
conceded. 6:56. four things you need to know to get your day started. democrats and the new republican majority. topics on the agenda include jobs, energy, immigration. two national guard pilots killed in a helicopter crash at the boise airport in a training mission. a teen was hit by a car in wheaton. the people who hit the teen have come forward. montgomery county police looking for witnesses. the man accused of kidnapping a philadelphia woman and charged in a separate abduction case in richmond is in a virginia jail. look for the high-tech detective work that helped crack this case on the "today" show. >> sun is up. clear sky on this friday morning. later today, leaves will be swirling down your sidewalk. gusty winds. highs in the mid-50s. lots of sun. a little milder first part of next week. veterans day looking good. mid-60s. good weather on tuesday night. turning much colder by the end
6:57 am
of next week. melissa? rockville pike at cedar lane, one getting by. new york avenue inbound. center lane blocked. thank you to my twitter followers for notifying me. all trains 10 to 30 minutes late this morning. that is the broadcast this morning. appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. weather, traffic, any breaking
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good morning. ready for winter? the polar vortex set to invade the u.s., causing temperatures to plunge as much as 30 degrees below normal with tens of millions in its icy grip. al is tracking the arctic outbreak. breaking bread, fresh of the stunning republican route, gop leaders head to lunch with the president. the two sides already drawing battle lines. terrifying attack. a deranged patient goes on a rampage in a hospital with a metal pipe sending nurses running for their lives. at least two people injured, and the dramatic scene was caught on camera. and reach for the sky. woody, buzz and the gang returning to the big screen for "toy story 4."


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