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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 7, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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we have breaking news involving an assault at a louden county high school. two students now charged. >> and i just want to kill them. >> and that is a mother of a 16-year-old who was allegedly assaulted by the same man who was arrested for abducting a woman in philadelphia. and good morning, welcome to news4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. we begin with breaking news. melissa. >> this is just in right now. charges have been filed against two 17-year-old football players at brierwood high school. the teens have been charged with assault and battery in connection with an incident that
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occurred in the school's locker room back on october 9th. on that day, the varsity players assaulted a junior varsity player after school. the charged students were not arrested, but now have to appear before a domestic relations judge. >> a montgomery county high school student is in grave condition this morning after being hit by a car. the hit and run happened at a shopping center on the corner of weirs mill and wheaton. we're learning more about what happened now just moments before the teen was hit, right? >> yeah. we certainly are. we're learning more about the investigation, as well. you can see on the pavement here all of the spray painted marks on the pavement. police were gathering their evidence last night. they made those marks. we believe that the teen was struck in the area right behind me here where you see the white marks on the pavement. we're hearing more from police about what they believe happened in the moments before the teen
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was struck. they believe there was some sort of an argument that happened. now, this was -- i'm sorry, 7:00 last night. police are saying that they believe that there was some sort of an argument in the area between and -- in the parking lot here between the bugger king and the unique thrift store. there was a hit and run. they initially thought this was a run-of-the-mill pedestrian struck the driver left the scene. but then there was a turn of events that made them look at things differently. >> many wheaton high school students came to class this morning wondering which of their classmates had been hurt. >> we didn't know who it is. so then they really want to know who it is because nobody really thinks that would happen. >> police have not released the name of the 17-year-old student now fighting for his life. but they are talking about an argument that may have happened just moments before he was struck. it happened around 7:00 last night. in the beginning, it sounded
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like a basic hit and run pedestrian accident. the teen hit by a chevy avalanche, the driver left the scene. a few hours later, the driver and two passengers in the avalanche turned up at the police station and gave their version of what happened. police are trying to sort it all out. investigators say there may have been an argument between two small groups near the burger king. some of the people involved got into the avalanche while others were on foot in the penalty. the truck drove away, hitting the 17-year-old. the question now is was the teen hit intentionally or was it an accident? and no charges have been filed. something else the police are trying to figure out is whether these rocks or a lot of these rocks in the parking lot, you trying to figure out whether this is in any way involved with what happened here in the parking lot last night. police are looking for witnesses.
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they have the accounts from the people in the avalanche, but they've not been able to get much information from the person who was struck as they want independent account from people who may have been in the area. if you were in the parking lot between burger king and the unique thrift store around 7:00, you are asked to call investigators. reporting live in wheaton, megan mcgrath, news 4. shady grove road is back open after a person was hit by a car there. chopper 4 was over the scene shortly after the accident. the driver was hit at the intersection of key west avenue and shady grove road in rockville. the person was taken to the hospital, but is expected to be okay. turn to go our weather now, sunny skies for this friday morning with the wind picking up. swim team 4 meteorologist amelia siegel joins us with her first forecast for this friday morning. >> good morning, barbara. i was here during the morning hours, out with the storm team tracking the winds and
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temperatures. the winds have picked up and the temperature, well, they remain on the chilly side. 57 degrees is where we're at. now this is a sustained wind at 18 miles per hour coming out of the northwest. gusts a little bit higher. the winds will continue to be with us throughout the day today. in addition to that, tracking some light sprinkles across the radar. this is the satellite and radar image and this light activity coming off the great lakes. you can see our winds out of the northwest. as this cooler, blustery air continues to overspread the region, it is bringing with it some sprinkles. you could be dealing with sprinkles mainly through the midafternoon. what you're really noticing today, the cooler temperatures and those breezy conditions. here is how temperatures will fall into the evening hours. we're into the 50s for the rest of the afternoon hours. by 6:00, 7:00 p.m., we drop into the 40s. 8:00, we're at a temperature of 45 degrees. barbara, the chill lasts through the weekend. i'll have my latest weekend forecast coming up in a little
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bit. >> thank you. we'll see you in here shortly. a developing story now and new on news4 midday, strong words from the mother of the richmond teenager abducted by the man that was caught having abducted another girl. this is video of delvin bonds being taken to a virginia jail overnight. he's accused in at least two kidnappings. police say he kidnapped a 16-year-old girl last month, sexually assaulted her and doused her with bleach and gasoline. investigators say she managed to escape while he was digging her grave. the girl's mother says she only has one thing to say to barnes. >> the only thing i have to say to him, god bless him, and then -- and i hope that your [ expletive ] fry in hell. >> barnes is due back in court on wednesday for his arraignment. and we're learning new information about how police were able to find barnes. police in the richmond area recognized him in this surveillance video of an abduction sunday night in
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philadelphia. because of that, police were able to track barnes' car to a used car lot. the dealer told him he had put a gps on the car because the buyer had bad credit. police activated that gps and found barnes and colecca freelan gator on wednesday. barnes has since confessed to kidnapping her. she said she was chosen randomly for that kidnapping. family members say she's doing okay, but needs time to heal. police are looking for a man who tried to abduct a girl on prince georgess county. she was on roberts avenue last night when the man came up to her and tried to take her. the girl managed to run away. police are still searching for that suspect. d.c.'s next mayor is already starting to make plans for her first days in office. she unveiled keep members of her transition team this morning. the team will have eight
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committees, including one dedicated to economic development and jobs. one of the members of the team will be former marijuanaon barry. bowser held the meeting at an unfinished building and says she wants to finish closing the gaps across the city. right now, a mother who gained national attention for leaving her children in a hot car while she went on a job interview is in trouble again. plus, three issues the president is hoping to find common ground with congressional leaders today at a white house meeting. and another step in the right direction, a new jobs report is out there morning.
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new job numbers are out and the unemployment rate is down 0.1% to 5.6%. employment increased in food services and drinking places, retail trade and health care. new today, the ebola outbreak in texas is now over. as of midnight, it's been 21 days since anybody contracted ebola or was in contact with someone who has the deadly disease. a total of 177 people have been monitored over the time because they had contact with at least one of those patients. the u.n.'s top doctor says
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he's hopeful that the epidemic could end next year. he credits his optimism with the massive global response over the past month to top the spread of this deadly disease. so far, the world health organization reports more than 13,000 case of ebola in west africa and more than 4,800 deaths. well, you may remember this tearful mugshot. this is shanisha taylor, arrested for leaving her children in a hot car. people donated more than $100,000 to taylor after she told her story. she said she left the children in the car bus she was out trying to get a job and she had no choice. a judge told her she had to put a portion of that donated money in her trust fund, and she failed to meet yesterday's deadline to do that. taylor is now face ago trial next month. caught on camera, nurses being attacked by a hospital patient. that patient is now dead. what police say happened. plus, did you pack your child's lunch today? a new study shows lunch may be
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falling short. high temperatures through the weekend will be in the 50s. but some highs next week, only in the 40s. i'll let you know when another big chill arrives in our area. big chill arrives in our area. you can't breathe through your nose, suddenly, you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather! well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. cold medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow, it opens your nose up to 38% more. so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do, sleep. add breathe right to your cold medicine shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. and look for the calming scent of new breathe right lavender, in the sleep aisle.
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new video this morning of nurses being attacked by a hospitalized patient. surveillance video captured the attack near minneapolis, minnesota.
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you can see a man run in and start attacking the nurses with a metal pole. police say that man was being treated for episodes of confusion. he died after being apprehended. investigators are trying to figure out why he died. four nurses were injured in the attack. one suffered a collapsed lung. we have a winner in maryland's sixth distinct congressional race. john delaney beat out the republican. his district includes all of maryland and after election night, they were separated by just 2,000 votes. barbara compstock is headed to capitol hill. her seat in the statehouse of delegates needs to be held. republicans and democrats are picking primaries to pick new candidates. comstock still needs to officially resign from her seat before primaries can be held. election officials in
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virginia are double-checking the results in the state senate contest there. democratic senator mark warner is the apparent winner. he lead has groan to about 16,500 votes. republican ed gillespie has not yet conceded. if about an hour, president obama will sit down face-to-face with leaders in congress on both sides. nbc's tracie potts joins us. >> president obama sits down with democrats and the new republican majority. they want to focus on jobs and energy. president obama is under pressure to fix immigration. >> we won't take any more excuses. >> he's promising more executive orders by tend of this year. republican leaders are warning him not to. >> when you play with matches, you take the risk of burning yourself. and he's going to burn himself if he continues to go down this path. >> if they were in the house to take up and pass a bipartisan
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senate bill later this month or next, then the president wouldn't have to act at all. >> on foreign policy, key republicans say they'll give the president broad authority to go after isis in syria. >> might fight that a little unusual, giving this president, but in my feelings about his leadership, but the fact is that we need to understand that the president is the commander in chief and that will, i do not believe, should be impinged upon by the congress. >> despite a showdown over immigration, the white house is somewhat upbeat about today's meeting. >> doesn't mean that they are going to be daily renditions of kumbaya sung on pennsylvania avenue, but i do think that we can be at least a little more optimistic that where common ground exists, the democrats and republicans can move together to it. >> not much common ground on obamacare. republicans are intent on repealing it. from washington, i'm tracie
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potts. >> thank you. for more on today's meeting, we have joined by karen dan. good morning. >> good morning. >> boehner seemed very clear yesterday, no executive action or else. what's the or else? and does the president have any leg o there? >> john boehner was saying, if the president does act unilaterally, it would poison the well for any other legislative action on a host of other things both sides want to compromise on. i think one important thing to remember is house republicans are coming off a big win on tuesday night. a lot of their winners think they motivated their voters to get to the polls by talking about this issuef immigration and saying they were going to -- republicans were going to prevent any executive action on immigration. however, looking forward to 2016, republicans really didn't perform very well with latinos, that's a growing part of the electorate. i think a lot of republicans want to address this in some ways to have a viable candidate for 2016 been.
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>> some observer res saying the less we hear about what happens in today's meeting at the white house, the better it may have gone. is that right? >> that's right. i think both sides, at least for this lame duck session before next year want to kind of clear the deck, get the spending bills they want to address, they want to address funding for ebola. they want to get that stuff done so when they come back in january, they can start fresh. if you hear republicans coming to those microphones outside the white house and talking about the meeting, it probably means things didn't go that smoothly and they're willing to get in the way of that message. but if things go well, nba wants to do any harm, they may stay quiet for the day. >> let's talk about 2016 quickly. the "new york times" is saying hillary clinton is getting pressure to announce now. where is that pressure coming from? >> i think clinton advisers, according to the "new york times," some advisers had been divided about how soon clinton should announce a presidential run. after these november midterms, the democrats are very down,
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very depressed. they don't have a great leader to point to with the president's approval rating so low. and republicans are treating clinton as the nominee, anyway. according to the "new york times" saying why don't we just go ahead and get out there, we'll get a jump on it and democrats can be re-energized by having a presumptive nominee. >> rand paul thinks she's already announced. >> many republicans are acting as if she's already announced. >> thanks. have a great weekend. >> and for more from the rest of the nbc political news, check out how safe is the fruit you eat? people in charge of foot food safety in this country may not know. plus, credit card offers. what you should be looking for in the fine print. and how a local security guard in s
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a new report says the government isn't prmping enough pesticide residue tests on fruits and vegetables, that according to a new government accountability report. it says the fda is testing 1% of all imported domestic fruits and veggies. similar results were found in the department of agricultural's review of meat and poultry products for pesticides. before you pack your kid's
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lunch next year, a new study says school lunches offer more nutrition than those packed at home. student lunches were observed at three elementary schools over a five-day period. both packed and school lunches almost met the government nutrition standards, but packed lunches had significantly higher amounts of sugar, saturated fats and carbohydrates. packed lunches had less protein, fiber and callsup. cafeteria food offer more protein and vegetables, but were higher in sodium. many of you will be reaching for the plastic to pay for all those holiday gifts and you may be attempted to get a new credit card. lots of credit card companies know sxa and are offering incentives to get your business. but experts say you need to read the information quickly before transferring your pal. >> you may not a zero percent offer in the mail to transfer a balance. but the most important thing to know is when is that rate up? >> coming up tonight at 5:00, we
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take a look at the way you can avoid losing money when it comes to using your credit card in this holiday season. and if you're looking for something to do with your kids this weekend, here is an idea. several other organizations are inviting your kids to -- tomorrow, kids age 4 to 9 can take part in free clinics to learn the basics of the sport. we have a list of all participating rates on our website, caught on camera, a man climbs into a news truck pointing a gun at the cameraman. a look at the car jacking. and big changes coming for the weekend. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia siegel is back with your first look at the seven-day forecast. stay with us
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let's take a live look at union station. you can see the wind keeping that flag flying out there. today's wind is ushering in schooler temperatures, too. we have a look at just how chilly it's going to be this weekend. >> we're looking at a high temperature today of about 58 degrees. tomorrow, highs will be in the mid 50s and upper 50s for your sunday. but with the winds out there today, it's definitely adding
11:30 am
that additional chill to the air. here are your weather headlines. the winds, they're going to diminish don't around 8:00, 9:00 p.m. that's going to set us up for a crisp weekend. typically our high this time of year, it's about 61 degrees. so we are going to be below that, both saturday as well as sunday. but the winds, good news, really not an issue this weekend and we are keeping both weekend days dry. as you look to veterans day on tuesday, nice weather. in fact, in my opinion, it's going to be one of the best days on the seven day. current wind gusts right now, pretty impressive. almost all locations reporting wind gusts around 30 miles per hour. and it will be breezy to windy at times for your afternoon and early evening hours. that's going to keep the temperatures pretty much where they're at right now. rockville, 52. clemg park at 54. washington at 57 been so the high temperature in your neighborhood, very similar to the current temperature. martinsberg, ohio, 53.
11:31 am
annapol annapolis, a high of 57. washington, a high of 58. more cloud cover for areas back to the west. cumberland and petersburg, not even making it out of the 40s today. with the cold and the winds, we're tracking some very light showers across the area. these are sprinkles. you can see here with our future weather, it will continue to be an issue until about 2:00 p.m. some of that light activity widely spread around. most of the activity does remain back over the mountains areas around petersburg and back towards elkins. 3:00 mainly dry conditions. even noticing more sunshine than we're at right now. partly to mostly sunny skies for the remainder of the day. the weather not having any negative impact on that evening commute unless you drive one of the higher profile vehicles like an suv. do want to be cautious of that. we're not going to be tracking any rain showers for tonight. so friday night football, it's not going to be raining, but it is going to be cold. 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., temperatures
11:32 am
in the mid 40s. low 40s as we work our way toward that 10:00 hour. definitely want to bundle up tonight. the warmer jacket is a must. keep it handy for tomorrow morning. this is where we start up our saturday. temperatures in the 30s. 32 in frederick. 32 in martinsburg. 37 for those of on you in washington. if you have some sensitive plants and you live in the suburbs, either cover those or bring them indoors overnight tonight to keep them safe. here is your planner for tomorrow. after a cold start, it's not a bad day. a high temperature of 54 degrees. we have the heart walk tomorrow. you want to bundle up for that. barbara, as we look to veterans day, a high temperature around 68 degrees. a big drop on thursday. this is where it starts to get cold. high temperature next temperatures, around 49 degrees. dpits are looking for a man who robbed a bank in louden county. he walked into a sun trust bank
11:33 am
on pigeon hill drive in sterling last friday morning. he flashed a gun and demanded cash. if you have any information about this man, please call the sheriff. a montgomery county teenager is facing charges for bringing a gun into a school on the school property. rockville police say 18-year-old aaron anderson had been asked to stay away from richard montgomery high school in rockville earlier this week. yesterday, a school security guard noticed him back on school grounds during lunch and called police. officers say he had a stolen gun in his possession. that bad bus crash involving the redskins we told you about earlier is forcing the minneapolis police department to rethink its escort procedures. police say the crash happened last weekend after a squad car escorting the team to the game hit a guardrail that caused a chain reaction crash between the team buses. a police department officer will
11:34 am
not escort the teams any more until that investigation is complete. prince cou are investigating what led to a shooting in a walmart parking lot. things started inside the store yesterday afternoon. a man used two hammers to smash through a jewelry case. customers thought the noise was gunshots, so they ran and hit. >> we tried to -- people like go to a back room or in lunchroom or someone so we can save our customers. >> two off duty officers confronted the man which ended up in an altercation outside in the store's parking lot. that's when one officer shot the suspect. investigator res planning to interview the officer to determine what happened. a new metro report shows a certain type of car is breaking down on average twice as often as it should. 4,000 series rail car res involved in delays more than any other car in the fleet.
11:35 am
the cars are supposed to go about 60,000 miles between breakdowns. instead, they're only making it about 30,000 miles. metro says it has a plan to replace them with brand new car sgleeps one little girl stole the spotlight from the cincinnati bengals and cleveland browns game thursday night. to show their support, the bengals pulled out their checkbook. >> over $1.3 million, to cincinnati children's hospital in honor of leah. >> that $1.3 million donation will be made in leah's name to help fight pediatric cancer. most of that donation money was raised in sales of leah's dad's jersey. devin steele is a defensive tackle. last night was the first time leah attended one of her father's nfl games. new questions about a common allergy after a new study shows
11:36 am
many people aren't allergic like they thought. plus, target takes the next step in ensuring shoppers' information is safe and security. do your hands show your age? the steps you can take to change that. stay with us.
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right now, you're looking live or you will in just a minute there. there it is. rockefeller center, the christmas tree is here. the gias spruce just arrived
11:39 am
in manhattan just a few hours ago. the 85 foot 13-ton tree will grace the plaza throughout the christmas season. crews will load the tree with more than 45,000 l.e.d. lights. a special lighting ceremony will be held on december 3rd. a sign the season is changing. the salvation army's red kettle started collecting donations today. catch the kettles in front of stores around our area throughout the holidays. all the money collected raises money to feed and shelter families in need. new research this morning may surprise you. there's a chance that you are not allergic to penicillin. researchers at the mayo clinic in florida tested 380 people who said they were allergic to the antibiotic. 9 had% of them were, in fact, not allergic to it. the research shoesz showed it didn't matter how severe a person's first reaction to penicillin was. they usually outgrew it.
11:40 am
face lifts are more outda outdated. now people are looking at hand lifts. these are popular for those who just gotten gauged and want to take those engagement photos. >> good morning. >> i was just at the european meeting in paris. and hand rejuvenation is hot. >> well, i mean, we've been hearing about that for a while, but it's changed. it's gotten better, huh? >> it's gott better. for women in their 60s looking 50s, the last segment of that is the hands. >> why do they age? what happened? >> well, with time, unfortunately, the passage of time, we lose volume, we lose fat and our skin loses elasticity. and if you stay out of the sun, you can reduce that somewhat. sun exemplifies this, yes. >> what about veins? the veins start to show. >> yes. as we lose the fat, we see the sun and cartilage and veins.
11:41 am
sun causes pigmentation. >> what is a hand lift? >> a nonsurgical procedure that combines fillers and/or your own fat to fill, restore the volume of the hands and then use his a laser or peel or thermage technology to tighten the skin. >> so how long will that last if you're using fillers? >> if the procedures is done under local anesthesia, it takes about an hour. lasts about one or two. here we go. >> wow, a difference. >> exactly. exactly. hands are a dead give away for age. so this can keep people guessing about your age. >> yeah, i guess so. >> so it lasts about one or two years. >> your face and all other parts of your body, you don't want your hands to be the give away. so are there any risk toes this? >> yes, there's risk to everything. lumpiness, which is temporary. bruising, which is temporary. downtime is usually one or two days. so it's not a healthy recovery.
11:42 am
>> so with these injections that you do, what do you use? what kind of fillers? >> well, you can use rate ease, juvaderm, restalin. >> and when you said it can be lumpy, can it be removed? >> well, the hyleronic acids, we have an antidote. but some of the others can get lumpy. but they can be reduced with other injections to reduce this. >> now, a lot of women do suffer from age spots on their hands and they can start getting those pretty early in their late 30s and maybe even earlier. what can you do about that? >> the liver spots, the dreaded liver spots. >> are they really liver spots? >> no. that's just a terrible name. the best thing to do is avoid it by liberal use of sun block and staying out of the sun. but if you get them, there are tca peels, peels, receiptin as, there are creams you can do.
11:43 am
but once they're gone, you have to stay out of the sun or they'll come back. >> we have to keep an eye on the hands. thank you so much. >> the hand lift. making plans for your weekend where your travels could be delayed. plus, making magic, the show coming to the kennedy center that will have you saying how did they do that?
11:44 am
11:45 am
target is going to have a new head of security starting
11:46 am
last month. the new officer was hired as part of the retailer's overhaul from last year's credit card breach. the new officer will report directly to target's ceo beginning december 1st. metro track works should have a relatively minor impact on your travel plans this weekend. there will be fewer trains on the red and green lines. the yellow line will have normal service, but it will only run north of mt. vernon square. and a reminder, there is no track work on veterans day, but the blue and -- yeah, the blue line will be suspended all day so metro can run more service for the concert for val lore on the international mall. blue line stations will remain open and there will be special shuttle services running between reagan national airport and arlington cemetery. well, this is one of the world's best selling magic shows ever coming directly from broadway. it's called the illusionist. i tell will be at the kennedy
11:47 am
center this coming january. andrew basso, a top escape artist called an escapologist is in the show and joins us right now. good morning. >> bon journ. >> houdini is your hero? >> absolutely. >> he's italian. >> he was hungarian and then he became american and he say for all his life, i'm american. >> and when did you start getting into this magic illusion whatever you call it? >> well, i was 8 years old. i started practicing magic. and then i went into the wall of escapes, more danger, more adrenaline. >> wow, andrew, you have won a lot of awards and recently were named one of the best escapists or escapologists in the world, right? >> yes. and now going to broadway. >> and look, there you are. this is one of the things, i guess, that you do in your show. >> yes. this is my main act, done for the first time in history full
11:48 am
view where i'm upside down chained in the water. >> is it real? >> yes. >> or are you just fooling everyone? >> well, this is one part of the show that there is no illusion. i have really to pick the locks, really holding my breath and you will see that. no covers. >> how long are you down there? >> well, if i'm lucky, around -- >> it's different every time? >> yes. 2:30, sometimes i have to stay more because, you know, locks doesn't open just like that. >> so are you going to show us something today? >> sure. i couldn't bring the water tank. i want to show you one of my favorite thing using just a -- actually, a couple of cards. can i have your help? >> all right, sure. >> yes. we're going to use two cards. the first one is going to be queen of clubs. >> okay. >> okay. can you hold your hand like this? perfect. you are going to hold with the other hand on top of it, leases. fantastic. >> and there is only one.
11:49 am
>> the card here is the 2 of hearts. follow the 2, actually, follow the shadow of the 2 because it's going to be right now. did you hear something? >> i didn't feel anything. >> because your queen now it's my hahn and you have -- >> oh, that is pretty amazing. >> how did you do it? >> well, can it you later? >> okay. all right. that's good. so it is magic. it's a magic trick, right? >> well, this is just a small illusi illusion. in the show, we do giant stuff, obviously, that needs a big stage. >> they say when we go to the show, we will be asking how did they really do that? and i guess there are some secrets to how it's done. you don't make things really float around the stage or me. do i escapes and then inventor doing amazing stuff. the futurists doing modern magic. there is the anti-conjurer doing very scary stuff.
11:50 am
>> how many of you are -- >> we are seven. seven of the best. >> on this show that comes in january to the kennedy center. >> yes. >> called the illusionist. >> for one week. >> okay. so happy to have you. an escapologist. >> that's me. and k0789 ever columbusming directly from broadway. time right now, 11:50. car jacked as cameras were rolling. how a news crew became part of this story. and we're back with the cold
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if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture everyday.
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car jacked at gun point, that's what happened to an australia news cameraman and it was all caught on camera. can i er simmons has more on the dramatic incident and the video. >> get down. >> down o ground. >> yelling get on the ground, armed police confront a man at a gas station in australia. the suspect, jordy brook, is charged with attempted murder and armed robbery. moments before this dramatic takedown, he confessed to a tv cameraman who was on his way to cover brooks' alleged crimes. done extremely bad things. >> the cameraman with the scoop of the year calls police. >> there's been a shooting. i have the shooter with me.
11:54 am
>> and so -- >> was giving himself up to me. >> except brooks changes his mind, points a gun, and escapes in the tv station car while cameraman peter seere, whose vehicle is being stolen while, of course, he keeps filming. >> i wanted to get that shot of him with the gun, but i didn't want to get shot. >> fast forward and peter is picked up by police, helping them chase the shooter. >> he does have a firearm? >> he does. >> a dash cam on his camera car is recording, too, when jordy brooks makes a wrong turn. and after the gas station standoff, brooks is finally arrested. a moment, of course, captured on film by a cameraman determined to get his story. >> for a cameraman, i guess it's -- it was sort of -- trained well, i guess. you know, so yeah, i'm fine. i'm fine. i just need a big drink. >> this guy is cool.
11:55 am
one big drink? i think i'd need more than one drink after all of that. my favorite part is where he keeps filming even while his own vehicle is being stolen. back to you. >> what a story. here are some stories we're watching today. montgomery county police say an argument may have led to a hit and run that left a high school student in grave condition. police want to talk to witnesses who saw what happened right before the accident. keep it with news 4. we'll be following the latest developments throughout the day on this sorry. also, in less than an hour, president obama will welcome republican and democratic leaders in the white house. the meeting will be closely watched for clues to see how both sides can work together now that republicans will be taking control of the senate. starting at news 4 at 4:00, we're going to learn what topics were at the top of their agenda at the white house. and in about an hour, we're going to get an update on the virginia senate race. ed gillespie just scheduled a
11:56 am
news conference. at last check, warner's lead had groan to about 16,500 votes. we will let you know what gillespie says at his news on our website, . this morning, we're learning about two little girls in chicago who found a surprise in their halloween candy. eli and kenna car lynn discovered a diamond engagement ring. the girls told their parents and quickly made flyers to try to find the rightful owner. >> they had printed these flyers and they were on their way to our subdivision to hang them. that to me is just -- what good hearted, good hearted individuals. what great role models. and 8. i'm just blessed. i'm truly blessed. >> was it a diamond? >> yeah? >> more than that. >> returning the ring wasn't the only sweet thing the girls did this halloween. they donated most of their candy to the uso as part of a school project to pay it forward.
11:57 am
time now for a final check on our forecast. sounds like we better get our jackets out, huh? >> a chilly weekend, temperature today, a high of 58. temperatures will be in the 50s through the weekend. so for veterans day on tuesday, it's going be one of the warmest days in the next seven. comfortable for november. we have the concert of valor happening during the evening hours. chilly for that, temperatures mainly in the fist. here you can see your weekend forecast. saturday and sunday, more sunshine on saturday. a high of 54. 58 degrees on sunday with mainly cloudy skies. the winds will die down tonight around about 8:00 p.m. >> okay. thank you. long time tonight show host jay leno is taking a trip down memory lane. he's paying jimmy fallon a visit on "the tonight show." this will be leano's first instudio visit since stepping down in january after nearly 22 years as the host of that show. leno's visit comes as he is
11:58 am
preparing to return to television as a host on the krnz series, jay leno's garage next year. you can watch leno and fallon tonight right after news 4 at 11:00. that's news for mid day today. we thank you for being with us and invite you to tune in for news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. we have news throughout the weekend and get up early for news 4 today on monday and stay around for us, the news4 midday at 11:00 a.m. we'll be looking for you. have a great weekenddettedco &0
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> nicole: wait a minute. was this about jennifer? >> daniel: it's over. we had it out once and for all and it's just--it's over, and i'm never gonna get her back. >> anne: did you hr what i said? your patient is waiting. >> daniel: right, right. i got it, got it. >> anne: yeah, no wait. hey, hang on, hold it. you gotta sign this before you can go in to see him. >> daniel: a confidentiality agreement? anne, i am a doctor. all of my patients' cases are confidential. >> anne: yes, well, this one is double-secret-probation confidential, signature required by one and all. >> daniel: what in the-- >> anne: you in or you out?


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