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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 9, 2014 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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♪ for marc trestman, he watched the team over the last 11 games give up 50 or more points three times. philadelphia last year and then new england two weeks ago tonight. prior 759 games. the bears gave up 50 or more 3 times. harris. number three on the depth chart at runningback to the 22 yard line. so for the packers, 55 points
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tonight. tied for the most in a game ever here at lambeau field. not a franchise record for home games because they used to play some games at milwaukee county stadium an they scored more in that game down there. team record is 57. so it's an impressive night for the guys in green and a short night of work for the hugely productive one for one aaron rodgers. quarterback, harris. now harris with the 30 yard line with 9:30 to go. mike mccarthy, ninth year with the packers. 27 points per game, second only to sean payton. winning record in division games all eight seasons and there's
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the coach himself, john madden. john with a 745 in his tenure with the oakland raiders. the coaches looking in his office park tonight. >> cris: i would imagine so. he loves football. >> al: probably saying, all the way, you know, he'll watch the game to the end. >> cris: i think that john madden would have an unbelievable amount of respect for mike mccarthy. sean payton, name the top play caller in the nfl, he gets credit. this guy doesn't get a fraction of the credit for what is, not only as a head coach, but as an offensive mind and creative guy. he and aaron rodgers now have come up with a communication ability on the field and a space that is really becoming very hard to stop.
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>> al: flynn throws and incomplete. adams cannot hang on. >> cris: they really spent this entire off week trying to figure out which curveball the chicago bears were going to throw at them. so not only did they throw a major curveball with clay matthews in at the middle linebacker position and almost every time the bears come off a bye week they hit you with something new and this is a huge something new that worked over the top and they were trying to figure out what the bears would throw on the other side and i think the bears trying to get back to basics and get the guys playing fast and that didn't work and for lance briggs, i can't imagine it. >> al: there's a wild pitch. timeout, green bay. doesn't take a holiday. but add brand new belongings from nationwide and we'll replace stolen or destroyed items with brand-new versions.
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>> al: third and six. flynn. chase.
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lifts that one away. fourth down. talk about mccarthy, mike will be 51 tomorrow. he's been a coach for a long time. you go back to fort hays state in kansas. back in '87. quarterbacks coach at the pittsburgh university. working in kansas city. he was here for one year in '99. quarterbacks coach. he had favre. >> cris: tripped over a cord. >> al: and the saints. 49ers. one year as an offensive coordinator and led to a pretty good nine-year run. short one. chris williams. and let's check in with michelle. >> michelle: well, wide receiver brandon marshall out as if things couldn't get worse for the bears. left ankle is the reason he is out. he came to the bench.
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spoke with the head trainer. brandon marshall out for the night. >> al: we'll wonder about him next week home against minnesota. cutler is out for the night because jimmy clausen will finish up. carolina, a couple of -- the parka on and clausen will take us to the finish line. this is ka'deem carey, a rookie out of arizona. backs up forte. taking a look down the road here, the lions go to arizona. arizona now 8-1 with, you know, carson palmer situation there and then new england. two really tough games back to back. tampa bay, minnesota, and then at chicago and week 17, where do
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they find up? here. packers, philadelphia. new gland comes in. final game against detroit right here which could be for a lot of marbles. first down for carey. >> cris: wouldn't mind being here for that one. that detroit team is tough. boy, they have a good front line. i know, you have to get your parka out. it's a -- you know, that is an exciting team. and you just wonder now if offensively they start to get it going with calvin johnson and golden tate and the way they can, you know, run the football. reggie's back and healthy a little bit again. that team, you said it before. quietly has taken the lead and really has sort of been quietly. >> al: remember the last time detroit beat green bay here? 1991. throws and a jump ball and just
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a moment it looked like house had come down with it and the ball throwed free incomplete. >> cris: tough to make this play over jeffery. went up, got the hands on it. almost came down with that one. we were talking to williams about alshon jeffery and he said he had a good one to learn from but he's a guy with the ball in the air has a way to going up and making plays but house outbattled him. >> al: play clock has expired. delay of game. >> delay of game, offense, five-yard penalty, second down. >> al: 11 penalties against the bears. miscues. take your pick. a ton of them. >> cris: some of them are hard to believe. >> al: this one in particular.
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>> cris: there's one i've never seen, never seen that one. gets the scramble an then boink off the helmet. for a pick six. >> al: that punt which by the way does not go into the books as a block since o'donnell's foot never touch it. a drop here by bennett. goes into the books so boykin doesn't get a credit for a blocked punt. shoot. that will probably cost him $8, $9 on the contract. >> cris: there's nothing good out here for the chicago bears. jay cutler, i really would like to hear your opinion of why this is not worked out with jay cutler. this is not worked out in chicago. the way they thought it would. >> al: well, this is carey.
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i think enigmatic was the word before and the description of cutler. we have seen him in denver and comes with mike shanahan and a falling out, josh mcdaniels. traded to chicago. going to be the next jim mcmahon. we see him and he can look so good and he can look so terrible. you know? what will you get? which jay do you get? the good jay? the bad jay? well, we know what we have tonight. not all his fault. that defense is horrendous. and now you have got clausen and sam barrington came barrelling in for the sack. >> cris: you see clay matthews do this all night. just going to shoot right through the gap. nobody there to get him.
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and takes down jimmy clausen. those are the kind of plays i think to guys like peyton manning and kurt warner and if you blitz them, you paid a great price for that. the great quarterbacks in the game. not jimmy claus en. he doesn't have that experience but the really great ones have a way of when you attack, you pay a heavy price and so far at least in this one the chicago bears haven't come close to making them pay for anything. >> al: so green bay takes over on downs. and here's harris. what's going on around the league? the cardinals beat the rams, 31-14. 8-1 are the arizona cardinals trying to become the first team to play a super bowl in its own stadium. sean payton, first home loss.
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when a crazy game that was. big fourth back completion. kaepernick. they go to overtime. there's a fumble. turnover. harbaugh goes for the win on the dawson field goal, one of the worst looking kicks i saw but good to win the game. a screwball knuckleball but it went through. and of course, then there's peyton manning. what else is new. ninth game with five or more touchdown passes. there's the rollover of the winless oakland raiders. >> cris: if somebody from the afc -- never been colder. you haven't been in this stadium often enough. if somebody invades the party, the afc championship game party, who do you think it is this year? >> al: put my thinking cap on. at this point in the game, tough
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to do. third and one. now you have harris. pretty good on the stat sheet by the time this one is done. not discounting san diego. that was a terrible game they played. you watch. >> cris: picking with your heart again. pretty good. you know? we thought the steelers after last week. nobody can hold on to this thing. nobody seems to be able to really step up and say, all right, we're going to be the team. kansas city. maybe. you know, i just don't know. i mean, hard to imagine at this point it's not those two guys going at it again. >> al: left back is kuhn. if you just keep your bengals from going out after sundown you might be okay in cincinnati, too. >> cris: prime time warriors they're not.
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>> al: oh boy. rochester jeffersons -- oh yeah. come on down. 1923 -- >> cris: wow. >> al: history of the league. >> cris: there's a guy right there, lance briggs, probably his last game for the bears in this stadium. what a shame it has to go out like this. he was telling us this they sort of have a group text between urlacher and briggs and some of his old teammates. because it's therapy. they're going to need a lot of it and invite dr. phil to the group therapy session after this one. great, great player. just has not really worked out for him the last couple of years. some of the injuries. we asked him, i said, how close is this team to the team that -- the defense lovie ran? he just said, it's not. it's just not. it is not the same style.
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it is not the same technique. it's not same passion for turnovers that this team -- lovie's teams set records for turnovers and that's really what they did. they made you go a long way and then tillman or jennings or urlacher or briggs or somebody would knock that football out going 10, 12 plays on a drive. and that has not been the case this year. >> al: lovie has his own problems in tampa bay. a team that's won one game this season. this is going to take us to the two-minute warning. and we are finally there. two minutes to go.
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>> al: volkswagen postgame report. michelle with aaron rodgers and clay matthews on the field. bob, tony, mike breaking it down. find out what else is going on around the nfl and then next week when the patriots meet the colts. each of those teams coming off a bye week. >> cris: you would think that would be a great game. right? we're going to get a great game next week. >> al: we are due for a great game. >> cris: i promise you. that is going to be a great game. >> al: we are due for a beauty. >> cris: for all our military friends around the world, thank you, thank you, thank you. >> al: amen to that. second and three. kuhn.
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to the 6. so the bears go home. 5 of their last 7 are home and including 5 of the next 6 and finish on the road. packers stay here. good game here next week. philadelphia at green bay. >> cris: the defensive coordinator, i asked him about having to be a coach during the course of the a losing streak and he said, they pay cash. i said, what? he said you put down a credit card they know who you are and you have to listen to it so you just pay cash. >> al: some merchants might not take the cash tomorrow. here's kuhn. and this will take us down under a minute. been a great night for the green bay packers. top to bottom.
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aaron rodgers. six touchdowns. mike mccarthy. a great plan as he almost always does. and packers 6-3. and the bears go to the reverse. and here's harris. he's going to get the first down. 2 yard line. harris getting a lot of action. eight carries for him for 52 yards. and that's going to take us to the end of the game. >> cris: almost feel sorry for marc trestman. a good man, a good coach. this is going south. >> al: this will be a rough week in the windy city. a great night in green bay. 55-14. postgame report next. ♪
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for a team of financial professionals who provide customized solutions... for all of your wealth management and retirement goals, discover how pnc wealth management can help you achieve. visit to find out more. green bay was dynamic. chicago was simply devastated. 55-14, as usual, we'll dispense the game balls. one of them goes to aaron
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rodgers throwing for six touchdowns and didn't have one picked off. clay matthew, 11 tackles plus a sack. jordy nelson caught six for 152 yards. 2 of the 6 receptions of tough downs, all 3 get game balls. tw of them talked to michelle. aaron rodgers and clay matthews. >> aaron rodgers tied daryl la monica's nfl record with six touchdown passes in the first half. what were you exploiting there in the bears defense when. >> well, we just kind of got things going early. we hit a fourth down, hit a rollout, a couple of busted coverages, as well. the line gave me time to extend plays and then look down the field, you know, jordy made a couple nice catches and then eddie, you know, throw a pass for three yards and 60-yard touchdown. not doing a lot there and the line deserves credit. defense gave us the ball back and the win.
11:57 pm
>> five targets caught the touchdown passes. how would you describe the array of weapons at your disposal. >> we have a lot of great players. they make the plays and study hard. we have a lot of expectations for them. adjustments in the week. they did a good job of putting the extra time in, refocusing on the bye week and we had a good performance. >> congratulations, aaron. >> thank you. >> let's turn to clay matthews, before the game, i asked you about the move inside and you said, talk to me after the game. so here we are. how did the change compare with your expectations? >> i mean, to be completely honest, i didn't know how it was going to go down. but, you know, i think at the end of the day you have to be a ball hog and just get after it. that's what i did. i had freedom playing the defense today and paid off. >> the overall defensive performance was dominating. how did it all come together tonight?
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>> so much emphasis put on it this week and last week with the loss against the saints. we knew we would have to end the run. it was over at that point. we got the turn ourselves loose. get the interceptions. normal story. >> quite a performance. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> bob? >> all right, michelle. almost blaise about it. let's bring in tony dungy. tony, obviously, green bay looks like a contender but what other afc teams stand out for you right now? >> i have to look, bob, at the team they're chasing in the north division, the detroit lions. detroit is winning games this year that in the past they hadn't won. they're getting some of their offensive weaponry back but more than anything they got the great defense going and they have got a belief of what they're doing and suh has been possibly the best defensive player in football in the last few weeks,
11:59 pm
unstoppable inside. matthew stafford has been believing that if they've got the ball in the last three minutes with a chance to win he could deliver for them. they have the work cut out. big test in two weeks going to arizona and then to new england but i like what jim caldwell is doing with the lions right now. >> packers are a game behind at 6-3. looking way down the road, regular season concludes on december 28th here in green bay with the lions playing the packers and could be a crucial game. we'll turn to mike florio and ask him the big stories to work on for tomorrow's show. mike? >> well, bob, this peterson situation in minnesota could be coming to a head quickly. he is on the exempt list of the commissioner and the deal is until the legal case in texas resolved. the legal case in texas resolved last tuesday and the nfl kept
12:00 am
him on the list pending the review. the nfl player's association intends to seek immediate reinstatement if he is not taken off the list by 5:00 p.m. eastern time monday and that's coming a head as the week unfolds. another situation keeping a close eye on is carson palmer, believed to have suffered a torn acl in the left neon sunday at home in that victory that drew stanton came in to lead after palmer was injured and appears stanton will be the quarterback for the cardinals for the balance of the season. >> interesting because the cardinals as we all know have the best record in the nfl at this point. we'll see if stanton can continue that pace more them with palmer apparently out for the rest of the year. thank you, mike. final score here once again the packers 55, bears 14. al is back to wrap things up from lambeau field right after this. alright guys. the usual. double wings, extra ranch.
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out of the gun, romo. second down. great protection. bryant across the middle. checked out. breaks a tackle. sideline. streaking. touchdown, bryant! >> stafford in the pocket. looking up. rolling to his left. throws. end zone. got a man! caught. touchdown the lions have done it again! >> and a reminder coming up after the game on nbc sn sunday sports report. all of today's action in the nfl on nbc sn. and back we are in green bay where it's all green bay all the time tonight right from the get-go. six touchdown passes in the first half by number 12 aaron rodgers and speaking of number
12:04 am
12, mr. tom brady will be in action next week against andrew luck. new england with indianapolis on sunday night. we were in ynew england after te debacle. town was going crazy. new england up in arms. what have they done since then? reeled off five consecutive victory. solidly in first place nfc east and indy with the win on monday night in new york and third time they face each other. once in the regular season in 2012. playoffs last year and brady's had the measure of luck on both instances. what will happen next week? lucas oil stadium. sunday night football. new england at indianapolis, should be a really good one. we'll see you then on sunday night football. until then, al michaels for cris collinsworth.
12:05 am
our gang saying good night from green bay, wisconsin.


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