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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 10, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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a big chill this morning for sure. >> tom keeper is in the storm team 4 weather center with the latest on the forecast. >> good morning. after we hit 60 yesterday morning, afternoon, this morning we are much colder. scanning our sky, no rain, no snow anywhere in the vicinity. it is cold, though. we are down to 30 degrees in many locations in northern virginia, dulles, manassas, warrenton, culpepper. right on the potomac, 44. lorton, 22. quantico, 36. also a cold morning in southern maryland. most locations in charles, calvert, st. mary's in the mid-30s. mid to upper 30s. my 30s in montgomery county. much of fairfax in the low to mid-30s. as is the rest of northern virginia. and into the mountains this morning it's at or a little below freezing there. there's a view of the mall this morning. a live view. mostly clear skies.
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your weather headlines for this monday. a mild afternoon. turning even warmer for veterans day tomorrow. looking good in the hour-by-hour forecast. our temperatures quickly climbing today. by noon time, ought to be up in the upper 50s. quite a change from where we are, 30s to upper 50s by noon. a lot of sunshine flew the day. by 2:00, 3:00, mid-60s. after that, when we have our sunset at 4:59. the earlier and earlier sunsets means it gets colder as well. temperatures into the 50s. next weather and traffic at 5:11. form team 4 x 4 is on the road. here's melissa. >> here's one actual nice spot. beltway at colesville road. i'll show you the good stuff first. wider look at the beltway, looking quite good, into town, all around town. no major problems except for this.
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aspen hill, georgia avenue at southbound connecticut, water main break. the ramp shut down for part of the morning. your alternate is norbeck or layhill road. megan mcgrath will be live for us in just a little bit talking more about that. 395 southbound at 14th street bridge, one lane getting by. prince george's county, no problems there. a look at 66, 95 in virginia coming up. melissa, thank you. 5:02. a developing story in mcclain. two people in the hospital after being injured in a quiet part of town. fairfax county police believe they were injured during a robbery late last night on spencer road. the incident was reported as a stabbing. they are still investigating how the people were injured. a spokesman said two suspects have already been taken into custody. developing overtight. two men tried to rob an aspen hill family inside their apartment. around 9:00 last night, three
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masked men burst into the apartment on pear tree court. several people were inside at the time, including two children. police tell us during the robbery there was a fight between one of the suspects and his victim. the man was shot. one of the suspects was hurt. both were taken to the hospital. the other two masked men took off running. police are still investigating but did not say whether anything was taken from the home. police looking for two men who may be connected to three robberies at gunpoint. the robberies started along mccomb street on halloween when two people were held up. a couple was robbed while walking home on idaho avenue early sunday morning. a man and his house mate were robbed in georgetown about an hour before that. one of the victims talked with news 4 but did not want to show his face. >> just turns around with a gun and puts it in my house mate's face and makes us both get on
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the ground. >> in all the cases, the robbers took off with smartphones, credit cards and cash. no one was hurt. new this morning, we now know the cause of the fire that destroyed part of this montgomery county home. the fire likely started in the engine of one of the family's cars. it quickly spread through the home on tracy drive in white oak. three people have to find somewhere else to stay the. it did $130,000 in damage. the georgetown between who was found guilty of making ricin will now serve time in jail. he planned to use it on another student or to commit suicide. he is facing between one and two years in prison. . today the d.c. council needs to figure out where homeless families can stay when it gets colder this winter. council member jim graham has championed this effort. right now d.c. shelters can house a little more than 400 people. that is far short of the 840
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families who may need a warm place to stay this winter. he said the system is in adequate. . five minutes after the hour. some of you may be getting ready to take a new route to work. the final stretch of the connector from i-95 route 1 is open in maryland. crews opened it over the weekend. we drove and found many people taking their first trip too. it does come with a price. during rush hour, the entire 19-mile stretch is of the icc will cost $4.40. crews are hard at work trying to replace a water main. we're tracking how much longer they will take and how you can get around this mess. a chilly start on this monday. take a look at these temperatures from around our region. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is live on the national mall with what you can expect in your day ahead >> but first, getting your kids
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to eat their dinner. why teaching them cooking may make them more willing to eat their fruits and
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in news for your health this morning, skin cancer is now the most expensive cancer to treat for men and women. the centers for disease control just released a study. it found in nine years the cost
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of treating that disease rose 126%. skin cancer expenses now top $8 billion a year. experts say now it is more important than ever to teach the dangers of indoor tanning and not wearing sunscreen outside. it's estimated 5 million americans have skin cancer. if you have a hard time cooking dinner that your kids will actually eat, you may try sending them to cooking class. researchers at the minneapolis heart institute foundation found kids enrolled in a cooking program were much more willing to try fruits and vegetables. use the time to share family recipes and your kids how the
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back down into the 50s by 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 this evening. tomorrow's forecast for the actual concert itself coming up at 5:41. tom of course has your seven-day in 10 minutes. it's time for melissa with traffic. good morning. good morning. happy out there. taking a look at construction. route 1 northbound just after fairfax county parkway, we have all lanes blocked northbound. and traffic being diverted on to parkway to get around this last minute construction that's happening there. no problems issue loop, outer loop looking good. southbound georgia, southbound connecticut going to be live for us in a couple of minutes. your alternate is norbeck or
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hill. thank you, melissa. price of progress. it could mean a slower drive to work on the dulles toll road. having trouble remembering things. the potential discovery that could explain why some people
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welcome back at 5:15. you may want to think of another route if you take georgia avenue. it is shut down at aspen hill because of a big water main break in that area. megan mcgrath is live with a look at what crews are doing right now. megan, what's happening? >> reporter: this is a 10-inch water main that blew. crews are on the scene, pumping water out of the hole. i'm told this is going to be with us several hours. so throughout the morning rush hour this morning. this is actually in the
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dedicated lane there, the turn lane from southbound georgia avenue to take the right-hand turn on to inbound connecticut avenue. so southbound connecticut avenue. that dedicated turn lane is now completely closed. instead of being able to come down georgia avenue and take the right-hand turn on connecticut prior to the light, you're going to have to go down to the light and take a hard right at the light. this is going to mean that we're going to start to see things backing up. you can't take that turn without sitting at the light. that's going to cause problems here this morning. we're talk thing about several hours before this reopens. this is aspen hill. if you travel through here, keep in mind it may take you a little longer. connecticut avenue is open. but you're just going to have to get to it a little further down the line at the light. that may cause problems for folks. megan mcgrath, news 4.
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back to you in the studio. coming up on 17 past the hour. a man is suspected of shooting and killing another man in anne arundel county. he shot and killed a man at the ashley apartments in laurel. investigators think the two were arguing before that shooting. a neighbor and his wife heard the gunshots. >> i just heard five shots. and my wife thought it was somebody hanging up pictures with a hammer. i said, no, that's not a gunshot. >> police are looking for a 2006 cadillac escalade with maryland tags 01936cf. if you see the suspect or car, call anne arundel police. a grisly scene where a suicide bomber in a school uniform blew himself up at a high school. we have confirmed at least 48 students are dead, many more hurt. no group at this point has taken responsibility.
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islamists militants boko haram are suspected. angie goff from the live desk. south korean troops fired warning shots after soldiers were spotted too close to the border. tensions have been high following two incidents last month involving exchanges of gunfire. no casualties were reported in either case. the two americans held prisoner are waking up in the u.s. kenneth bae and matthew miller got off the plane in washington state late last night. they have been in north korea two years, servi a 15-year sentence for alleged anti-government activity. it is still not clear how miller and bae's released was negotiated. this morning iraqi officials say an air strike has wounded the leader of the islamic state.
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they say he was hurt while meeting with other military in the anbar province. the pentagon is still trying to confirm what condition he is in now. a developing story out of the bahamas. officials will begin examining the site of a small plane crash. among the victims was internationally known minister miles monroe. it crashed while trying to land in free port on the grand bahamas island. a philadelphia teenager being celebrated this morning as a hero after he pulled a cop from his burning car. you can see the police cruiser engulfed in flames much the squad car caught fire last night after a t-bone accident with a pickup truck. a 17-year-old volunteer firefighter and his neighbor heard the crash and then ran in to help.
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>> the door was dented and wouldn't open. and the car caught fire. and me and another guy ran. he said he couldn't feel his legs. so we said we're going to have to drag you through the window. and he was ready for it. >> all three were taken to the hospital. you can see in the photo here the officer suffered a head injury and burns on his legs. he is expected to be okay. the two good sphaeur tans's quick thinking liking saved his life. reed wiseman and a russian cosmonaut and german astronaut landed in kazakhstan last night. he posted this incredible video here of his last subpoena set from space. who gets to say that? >> right. >> this is my video of the sunset from space. he wrote, i have looked on in awe at our planet for 166 days. #sunsetfinal. the crew spent six months at the
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international space station. incredible. montgomery county will dedicate a new eternal flame in rockville. several veterans will be there. it will honor the soldiers and police officers who risk their lives for our country every single day. we think about all the men and woman who protect our freedom. wonderful. >> we are appreciative for sure. it is 5:21. this morning you will need to grab the coat. it's one of those days. >> storm team 4 tom kierein with your weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:21. >> reed wiseman did post some awesome photos. i tweeted those out and put them on facebook too. especially some of the ones he took of the hurricanes and the typhoon as well. well, this morning we are off to a cold start. for the morning drive, you only have to have that heater in the car. it will be in the mid to upper
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30s through now and much of the morningommute. and then quickly jumping with bright sunshine by late afrnoon, sunset is 4:59. if you're driving on 66, you'll need the sunglasses. temperatures back down into the low 60s by then. so a delightful day is coming up with lots of sunshine. temperatures right now, though, are cold. dulles down to 31. manassas and warrenton, culpepper, 30 degrees. prince george's county, mid-30s most locations. so is montgomery county. right in the district of columbia, right around 40. eastern shore is in the mid-30s. out of the mountains, most locations in the mid-30s. highs today, though, what a contrast. 30-degree jump in temperatures. a all the way to the low to mid-60s. metro area near 60 for a high near the pennsylvania border. maybe even upper 60s fredericksburg, culpepper,
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warren ton. only 30 degrees now. quite a jump in temperatures as we get into the afternoon. then tomorrow even milder weather for vet raerans day. the concert orval or on tuesday night. still mild on wednesday. afternoon highs low 60s. then the the big chill arrives here on thursday with highs in the upper 40s. thursday evening, light rain or even a few wet snowflakes. no accumulation. there's a small chance of that, by the way. drying out on friday. still chilly. 40s on friday and saturday. bit milder sunday. might get a rain shower on sunday afternoon. next weather and traffic at 5:31. now melissa is dealing with a water main break. what's going on with that? aspen hill, southbound georgia avenue at southbound connecticut. this is a live picture. megan mcgrath and her
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photographer there this morning. this is going to be a mess. megan says you have to go up a little bit further in order to do that. your alternate is norbeck or a layhill. maryland 95 at cherry hill road, no issues there. we do have this problem. route 1 northbound after fairfax county parkway. all lanes blocked for emergency road work. that is being diverted onto parkway. route 1 northbound past the parkway this morning. wider look at things overall. no other major issues i should say. a live picture of 270 coming up. thank you, melissa. your thanksgiving road trip could be the cheapest in five years with the falling gas prices according to aaa. the national average is $2.93. the motor club says oil production is up and demand for crude oil is down. prices could drop another 5 to 15 cents in the coming weeks. the average in the district is
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$3.16 a gallon for regular. virginia is the cheapest at $2.73. west virginia, $3.02. there will be construction on the dulles toll road at the main toll plaza. crews are changing an exact change lane to e-zpass only instead. you won't be able to use one of the eastbound lanes there. this is the fifth of 19 similar projects that won't all wrap up until sometime next year. >> 5:25. every day this week on news 4 at 5:00, erika gonzalez will report on stories to keep you safe and secure. at first erika breaks down the breaches. she meets where the u.s. secret service to explain where our information goes when it's hacked and how much it goes for on the black market. she will be taking your questions on facebook every day after the 5:00 news and highlights the most asked about holiday shopping questions at
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the end of the week. 5:25. we're hearing from a young man who survived a shark bite while surfing along the atlantic ocean. the 18-year-old was paddling in the waves off the florida coast 60 miles north at west palm beach. he felt something pulling at him but didn't get a good look at the shark. he said the shark bit hit arm and hand and then let him go. >> i was praying i wasn't going to pass out. losing blood and passing out. thankfully i didn't. >> thankfully the shark decided to let go. he wrapped a shirt around his arm to stop the bleeding until paramedics arrived. he will be okay. a virus linked to poor brain function. doctors say those carrying the virus performed worse on intelligence tests even when education and age were taken
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into account. researchers from johns hopkins university and university of nebraska trying to figure out how this is spreading exactly to human beings. >> the one thing they do know is you don't have to have direct contact with the algae to be infected. who knows how many of us have this in our bodies and are dumb things. >> it can be my new excuse. new developments in the ebola crisis. what a nurse at the center of a quarantine fight plans to do as the end of her monitoring ends. dramatic new video. giving us a different perspective of a massive wildfire. take a look at the temperatures. the changes you'll see the next 24 hours
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imported chicken has been in the news a lot lately. for chicken that hasn't crossed an ocean, ok for perdue. we're the first company to have the usda verify that our chickens are raised in the usa. to bring your family a fresh-tasting chicken.
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perdue. we believe in a better chicken. looking at the stories making headlines right now. you may need to change your route to work as the ramp from southbound georgia avenue to southbound connecticut avenue is shut down at aspen hill because of a water main break. two people are waking up in the hospital. fairfax county police believe they were injured during a
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robbery late last night. . up to a foot of snow is expected to fall in the upper plains. and we say minnesotans are used to the snow but even they are surprised at how soon it is coming. welcome back to news 4 today on this monday morning. it is 5:31. weather and traffic on the 1s. a live look outside. 46 degrees. and that's kind of warm. >> we'll check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. milder right in washington on the potomac. but away from the waters, the the temperatures have plummeted overnight. in fact, we are down in the low to mid-30s most of prince george's. montgomery and fairfax. dulles, down to manassas, culpepper, warrenton. huntingtown is only 33. and it's a milder on the bay where it's near 40 degrees. mostly clear skies. live view from city camera.
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temperatures by 8:00 in the upper 30s. cold morning. but then getting milder by noon time. near 60. midafternoon temperatures in the low to mid-60s. by 5:00 p.m., after sunset, back to 60. then the changes the next 24 hours overnight not as cold. back down to near 50 by 11:00 p.m. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:41. a look at your veterans day forecast. a look at the water main break and the problems it's causing with melissa. >> aspen hill, montgomery county, a live picture from the scene, southbound georgia avenue where it hits inconnecticut avenue. this massive hole in the roadway. it will be slow getting around it. the roads are still technically open. you will have to make your way around it. your alternate norbeck or layhill. prince george's county, a little
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bit of volume. nothing abnormal this time of the morning. 270 at shady grove, no problems. we have all lanes blocked being diverted onto the parkway because of last minute road work. i'm back with travel times at 5:41. president obama is in beijing. about an hour ago he finished addressing the asia-pacific economic summit. tracie potts live on capitol hill with more on that. tracie, good morning to you. >> reporter: three countries. it all starts in beijing. the president spoke at the asia-pacific economic conference where he talked about the importance of that region to our economy and jobs back here at home. he announced something new, saying they will be expanding visas for students and for businesses from one year to five years for students and 10 years for businesses. a lot of pomp and circumstance going on there. buff also behind the scene, a
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big push to complete this t approximate p, the trans pacific partnership, the big trade deal that president obama has been trying to get done in 11 asian countries. those leaders said they are getting close. they're working on it. they had a productive meeting. they are not quite ready to sign it yet. there are concerns specifically over the u.s. and japan. we'll stay on top of that for you. the president heads to myanmar and australia before heading pack home. thank you, tracie. if you get your insurance through website you can start doing window shopping for next year. now posting a list for plans and pricing for 2015. you won't be able to choose a plan until next saturday when open enrollment begins. today you can help a montgomery county family looking for two missing children.
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hey way salon is having a fund-raiser. sarah and jacob have been missing two months. to help with the cost of searches, the salon is donating 20% of proceeds from services to the fund. a second man suspected in a stabbing in the district. at man was walking yesterday near 14th and longfellow in northwest in the brightwood mark neighborhood. two men with knives attacked him and ran off. police arrested one man already. there is a forum about how lawmakers draw your district lines. it's happening at the university of maryland. congressman john delaney and a panel will talk about redrawing districts in a way a that will net them more votes.
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it starts at 6:00 tonight. today is the last day of monitoring for the nurse who challenged her ebola kwaeurpb teen. a judge ruled she did not need a quarantine because she had no ebola symptoms. she said she plans to advocate for other health care workers going forward. we are getting a better look at a fire that killed a dozen specially trained firefighters in arizona. take a look. arizona state forestry division released two dozen new clips on its website. these were shot by firefighters. you can hear and see the firefighters worrying about the crew as a wall of fire intensifies. tens of thousands people expected for the concert for valor. the final preparations are under way and what you need to know to get around the festivities.
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storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell joins us live in the storm team 4 x 4 at 5:41. but first, new proof for parents that you have to keep your laundry detergent stored high on the shelves. new information released overnight on how often kids are getting into the po
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new this morning, we're
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learning how dangerous the laundry detergent pods can be to kids. >> researchers at nationwide children's hospital in columbus, ohio found every single hour in this country a child swallows, inhales or is otherwise exposed to the toxic chemicals inside those pods. it's more than 17,000 children since the pods hit store shelves in 2012. more than 750 children have been hospitalized after coming in contact with these pods. at least one child died. laundry detergent pods are very concentrated with strong chemicals in them. sometimes they get into the eyes, sometimes they are swallowed. they can cause severe burns to the esophagus and to the stomach. >> manufacturers say they're concerned about the problem and are making changes, like improving warning labels, making the pods look less attractive and switching from clear to more opaque packaging.
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if you were thinking you didn't have to bundle up, you would probably be wrong. >> chuck bell is live on the national mall with the storm team 4 x 4. you're brave enough to go without a coat. >> all right. we're having a little problem with chuck's mike there. here is the concert for valor forecast for tomorrow. a lot of people will be on the national mall and assembling during the afternoon. by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, it will be in the mid-60s there. then by early evening near 60 degrees near the concert. should be dropping back into the 50s under a partly cloudy sky. so great weather for all the activities tomorrow and for the concert on the mall. we will have this morning a cold start. it's in the 30s. dress accordingly. have a warm jacket. bright sun during the afternoon. next weather and traffic at
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5:51. a look at a big temperature swing later this week. still have the water main break. southbound georgia at southbound connecticut. your alternate is norbeck or layhill. megan mcgrath out there for us. a wider look at things, no major problems on the beltway right now. take a look at travel times. we're on time everywhere. 270 southbound, outer loop to 270 on time. quantico, 23 minutes. a live picture coming up >> getting to work with a little less stress. the new section of road that could help speed up your morning commute at a price. sparing you the punishment.
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14 before the hour. we have a page on with everything you need to know about the concert for valor. it is happening tomorrow. the dress rehearsal is today. you can see crews working on the main stage. carrie underwood, m&m, bryan cranston will all be there. you don't want to drive to this event. pretty much everything will be closed around the national mall. take metro instead. the blue line will not be running. they are switching to the yellow line because they arrive into the city three times as fast. today the first lady will speak at an event to help female veterans. specifically for women who serve in the military.
5:47 am
michelle obama will speak at a forum specifically about women who serve in the military. it gives female veterans a chance to learn about career opportunities after their military service. mrs. obama will give the key note address. more than 100 veterans will be making a special trip on a charter flight. they will take the trip on this brand-new jetblue plane specially painted to honor the veterans. they will arrive at reagan national at 10:30 this morning. this inaugural flight will have crew members and pilots who are all veterans. after, there will be a luncheon in the historic terminal a. a developing story in mcclain, virginia. two people had to be taken to the hospital after a robbery on spencer road not too far from drainsville district park. the incident was reported as a stabbing. but they are still investigating how the people were injured. one of the victims has life threatening injuries. he believes the two suspects have been taken into custody. overnight, police are
5:48 am
looking for two men who tried to rob an aspen hill family in their apartment. around 9:00 last night, three masked men burst into the apartment on pear tree court. several people were inside at the time, including two children. police tell us during the robbery there was a fight between one of the suspects and his victim. the man was shot. one of the suspects was hurt. both were taken to the hospital. the other two masked men took off running. police are still investigating but did not say whether anything was taken from the home. a maryland teenager turned himself in to police. 17-year-old walker is not a student at meade. he was visiting his girlfriend at the school when officials asked him to leave. police say he was leaving when he used a gun to force a teenager to drive him to a convenience store. when they arrived, walker got out and just walked away. nfl players union threatening to file a grievance
5:49 am
if they don't rule on the adrian peterson case by tomorrow. peterson is currently on the nfl commissioner's exempt list. they want him removed from the list and allowed to play. but the nfl says it is waiting on documents from peterson's legal team. last week the vikings running back pled no contest to misdemeanor assault charges. peterson admitted to hitting his 4-year-old son with a switch. today d.c. council will talk about where to house homeless families this winter. jim graham has championed the effort. d.c. shelters can house a little more than 400 people. that is far short of the 840 families who may need a warm place to stay. graham first called for a hearing last month. he said last year's system of housing the homeless in recreation centers was not acceptable. a report shows hispanic students in the district and maryland have improved math test scores. the nonprofit group child trend hayespanic institute released
5:50 am
its study to the "washington post". fourth graders in the district jumped 21 points between 2003 and 2013, the equivalent of two grades. eighth graders jumped 16 points. maryland is among the state where they made the biggest gains. punishment for being late on a credit card payment is getting slightly less painful according to a report from it is down from 90% in 2010. the average penalty is 28.45% kicks in when you are 60 days late. two major coffee chains may soon start serving dinner. starbucks and did i think in doughnuts will offer dinner-friendly food items. dunkin' donuts introduced steak in two items, a breakfast sandwich and wrap with egg. >> or just eat doughnuts for dinner. right now the snow is come
5:51 am
canning down in the upper midwest e. the cold front is expected to bring the first heavy snow of the season. this is live outside minneapolis, minnesota. you can see the snow covered highway there. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein said the upper plains could get up to a foot of snow. crews in st. paul have been preparing as well. a massive storm moving from alaska is going into that region, causing the snow and the temperatures to drop. and we all say the folks there really know how to handle it. this is a little too early for them as well. november. >> the polar vortex again. we are going to be fairly -- relatively warm. >> some of that cold air is coming our way by the end of the week. between now and then, well, it's cold this morning. it's down into the 30s. we've got to expect that in the morning in november. and it's going to be warming nicely by later this afternoon. bus stop between 7:00 and 8,
5:52 am
upper 30s. and jump between 8:00 and 9:00 can. mid to upper 40s by then. lots of sunshine for the rest of the day. but right now it is cold. down to mid-30s in prince george's and montgomery. virginia, a few spots below freezing. warrenton, 29 degrees. hunting town is at 33. but with lots of sunshine. beautiful day. afternoon highs reaching the mid 60s. delightful afternoon. it's going to jump 30 to 35 depress from where it is right now. post your pictures. i took this photo over the weekend of a japanese maple. this is on saturday morning. you know, your photos look better on facebook. post the higher resolution ones there. even the lower resolution are looking great. 59 today. and again for veterans day and wednesday. then turning much colder. subaverage temperatures thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday with highs generally only
5:53 am
in the 40s. so enjoy this while you can. tomorrow, great weather for veterans day. afternoon highs into the mid to upper 60s for all the events tomorrow. then for the big concert on the mall, into the 50s and partly cloudy. near 50 by dawn. but then highs only in the upper 40s on thursday. and a little moisture coming our way. thursday night might give us a little wet snow and rain maxing in. no snow sticking or anything. maybe a few wet snowflakes thursday night, ending friday morning. sun back friday afternoon. low to mid 40s on friday. sunday, a bit milder. maybe a rain showers late in the day. melissa looking at the water main break and problems on this monday. >> chopper 4 over the scene in aspen hill. southbound georgia at southbound connecticut. our alternate is norbeck or layhill road. the roads are not closed but you may want to take the alterte
5:54 am
to save yourself a headache. megan will be live from the scene in the next 10 days or so. inner and outer loop rolling along. the big picture is good. 66 at prince william parkway, no major problems at this point this morning. taking a look at 95, a little bit slow as you pass quantico. no major incident at this point this morning. branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue, 301, everything rolling along. back at 6:01. 5:54. a new option to get from gaithersburg to laurel. a final stretch of the inter county connector is open. crews opened the road over the weekend. we drove through and found a lot of drivers taking their first trip to. tens of thousands of commuters have been looking forward to this. you should use your e-zpass. the entire 19-mile stretch of the icc cost $4.40.
5:55 am
today virginia state police will release new information on a plane crash in virginia where one person died. this happened in rockingham county. somehow the plane went way off course while traveling from frederick, maryland t martinsburg, west virginia. the the ntsb is work to go find out what went wrong. a student pilot survived the crash. a young veteran from california survived a war zone only to be killed when he returned home. 21-year-old army vet francisco garcia was killed over the weekend in a shooting. garcia and friends were leaving a party in a los angeles neighborhood when a man in season suv confronted him. witnesses said they heard yelling. then six to eight gunshots. garcia died at the scene. he served in afghanistan and returned home this summer. >> he had just came back from serving his country. it was close to be a celebration for him as well. >> police have not made any arrests in this murder.
5:56 am
garcia's family said he had recently been engaged and had been accepted to the california highway patrol academy. president george w. bush will be on the "today" show this morning to discuss his new book. the 43rd president is releasing his latest project on one of his greatest influences, his father. >> was any part of writing this for him because you want to make sure that his presidency gets the respect it deserves? >> sure. absolutely. he was overshadowed by a transforming president ronald reagan. because he was a one-term president there hadn't been much focus on him. eventually historians have come around to analyze george bush's presidency and they will come to realize what i realize, he was a great one-term president. >> it hits stores tomorrow. you can see savannah's full interview on the "today" show after news 4 today. lawmakers return to richmond to finish up business before the holidays. legislators will work on final
5:57 am
changes to the state budget and vote on three new judges. republicans will introduce a bill that will allow people to review health insurance plans that did not meet the affordable care act. d.c. mayor elect muriel bowser introduces more members of her transition team today. bowser announced some members of her transition team on friday, including three former mayors, including marion berry. the team is expected to have eight different committees focusing on different issues affecting the district. a string of armed robberies in northwest d.c.ment items police say the robbers are targeting and what they are asking you to do as you walk home. as we take a live look outside right now, 46 degrees outside of our studios. a really chilly start to your day. tom kierein will be back to tell whu things will warm up with your weather and traffic on the
5:58 am
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♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. we are following a developing story right now. the ramp between two busy roads in silver spring is shut down. take a live look at the scene. water gushing from the ground. live to show you the cleanup and
6:00 am
the areas to avoid on your way to work. plus, it is one of the coldest mornings of the season so far. these temperatures will not stay this low for long. your storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein helps you gets out the door. >> thanks, too. bright sunshine today. and a light southwesterly flow will have it milder. your morning headlines for this monday. after that, a mild afternoon. and then turning warmer for veterans day and all the events around washington tomorrow. temperatures right now in montgomery county are in the mid to upper 30s. much of fairfax, though, is near freezing toward restin, dulles. manassas, 30. warren ton, 39. low to mid 30s as well. much of southern maryland away from the water is just a little bit above freezing. there's the sky over washington. first light of day beginning to show up. quite a jump in temperatures. a steep climb. upper 50s by noon time. low to


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