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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 12, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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door. pretty foggy, tom. >> it is. we have the humidity increasing as a result. dense fog developing. and we have visibility down to a half a mile in washington. three-quarters of a mile in manassas. the densest fog long and west of i-95, frederick and leesburg, manassas, culpepper. fredericksburg a half a mile. that's where the densest fog is. we don't have any fog in the shenandoah, points west. visibilities are 10 miles or greater. all counties in gray are under the dense fog advise isry. it includes montgomery, loudoun, points south including charles county. this is going to be causing our visibility to stay low for another couple of hour so slow down. use your low beams. that will help. when you have the high beams you're illuminating the fog, which is causing problems on our roads. melissa is seeing quite a bit of that.
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>> yeah. a lot of fog. the worst spot 95 in virginia. you can hardly tell what you're looking at. i promise you it is very, very foggy. be careful as you head out this morning. 66 into town, out of town, you are clear as far as incidents go. fog, not so much. use the low beams. beltway at central avenue, a little bit of a haze. most of it might be being projected from the light. 95 at bw parkway, looking quite nice. georgia avenue southbound at layhill, construction has not cleared out of the way at this point this morning. 270 at clarksburg, a little bit of a haze. nothing major right there. live picture 66 coming up. 5:01. today a d.c. rabbi accused of spying on women heads to court. he served at kesher israel for
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25 years. he is accused of taping women in a ceremonial changing room. he has been suspended from both jobs. a warning if you use the lines in prince william county. a woman waiting for a ride said she was sexually assaulted. i want you to take a good look at the sketch. police are hoping you can lead them to a suspect in yesterday morning's attack. it happened on prince william parkway in woodbridge. she was waiting for a bus when a man asked if she needed a ride. she got in the car and she said the man exposed himself and sexually assaulted her. he dropped her off farther north on i-95. two u.s. senators say they are optimistic a maryland man jailed in cuba will be released. they met with alan gross and cuban leaders yesterday. his family said he threatened to take his own life if he is not released by his birthday next may.
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cuba gave no indication any development was imminent. he is serving 15-year sentence, .ccused of spying for the u.s. he says he was there to set up internet service in jewish communities. cuba will release gross in exchange for agents jailed in the u.s. >> a reaction to a controversial change in the montgomery county school calendar. they voted to remove names of all the religious holidays, including christmas and yom kippur. it did not change any of the school's off days, just the name. ♪ >> this morning there is a big effort to clean up from the concert for valor on the national mall. news 4's cysten wright is live on the mall where there is a lot left to do.
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kristen, good morning. how is it looking out there? >> reporter: hey. good morning, guys. it doesn't look bad considering how many people were out here last night. this morning a lot of activity right over here. crews taking down this video monitor. you can see there's three monitors out here where people were watching the show over here. they were rolling up some of the mats that were on the ground. so lots to do. as i said, doesn't really look that bad considering everyth a special night out here tonight with so many people from all over the country coming together to honor our veterans. star-studded show last night. bruce springsteen, rihanna, metallica, carrie underwood, zach brown, the list goes on and on. personal stories from veterans. that's the p overall, crowd behaved. a hick up or two but not bad for such a large crowd. no official count yet.
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as many as $800,000 people were expected here la night. we do know it wasn't quite that many. but still waiting for the actual count. another thing that has to happen today is this surface that was put down to protect the grass has to come up. it's like a hard, i don't know, plastic surface that's all over the mall. so that, i assume, has to happen today as well. a lot of cleanup to do. but it doesn't look that bad considering the amount of people that were out here just a little while ago. live at the national mall, kristen wright, news 4. thank you, kristen. even with all the people at that concert, police and metro said they had almost no issues. metro planned to stay open late but closed on time because of a smaller than expected crowd. the crowd's behavior also helped. there was no massive rush to the exit at the end of the night. instead, the crowds left in waves and caused few delays. that is good news. students heading back to
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class for the first time since the death of a classmate. how they are handling the death of brendan wilson as police make an arrest in his murder. a look at the national harbor. look at all the fog. the wheel hidden as well. chuck bell is live in the storm team 4 x 4 with more on the foggy conditions and what to wear with your hour-by-hour forecast at 5:11.
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best buy and target are getting a jump on black friday. both will release their full catalog on their website. both are planning deep discounts on fed phones, fitness trackers and ipads. wait until 5:00 on thanksgiving to get the deals at best buy. target will open at 6:00. i could use some headphones. >> really? >> yeah. >> you like the beats?
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>> i like those. but it's expensive. it's a big investment. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell down at the national mall. mild temperatures, but a lot of fog out there. good morning, chuck >> reporter: good morning, eun and aaron. yes, indeed. really thick fog this morning. temperatures are literally all over the mass. some of our cooler suburbs in the 40s. the weather station on the roof of the storm team 4 x 4 reporting 62 depress here in downtown. when you hit the beads of sweat, all the roads are wet we because they are literally sweating out the moisture problem late last night. the roads are wet. so what you should be wearing today, no more than a light jacket at most. temperatures, 40s, 50s, even 60s out the door first thing this morning. we will not see a big rise in
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temperatures. only low 60s at most. back into the 40s. have that jacket ready to go for later on tonight as well. turning breezy later today in addition to the falling temperatures. that's a check on weather. i'll let you know some of the roads are wet. even today it has not rained. >> i noticed that this morning when i was leaving my house. of course very foggy as well. woodrow wilson bridge. really thick fog. 66 east of sully road you cannot tell. i promise that is what it is. just a tiny bit of a haze. nothing major right now. a wider look at things. overall looking good. we are moving along. prince george's county moving along as well. a live picture of 95 in maryland coming up in a couple of minutes. melissa, thank you. want to get away for thanksgiving? it's not too late to get a deal. . plus, making sure mother nature doesn't keep your child out of school. one principal's plan to make a
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15 after the hour now. brendan wilson's mother says she doesn't know why anyone wanted to murder her son. police arrested a man they thought shot and killed brendan. megan mcgrath is live. megan? >> reporter: well, yes, urine. students are returning to school today without one of their classmates. but they can make comfort in knowing police say they have arrested the man who pulled the trigger. police arrested 20-year-old kewayne smalls at his home in woodbridge last night. it's a common cut through used by students to go from the school to a nearby neighborhood. investigators say smalls knew
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the victim, that they lived in the same neighborhood, and that the shooting is drug related. at the time of the murders, there was a lookout for three suspects. asked if there would be other arrests in this case, police would not comment. they would only say it is still under investigation. students were off yesterday. they are returning to school, to class for the first time since the murder. brief counselors will be on hand to talk to students. megan mcgrath, news 4. megan, thank you. an 18-year-old is in custody accused of stabbing a man to death in the district. edgar blanco stabbed salvador in the columbia heights neighborhood. the attack happened two weeks ago. blanco was charged with first degree murder. a group of people will sue csx over a item they will say ruined their neighborhoo a new expansion would fix that
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but it would take years to build. you can see the anti tunnel group protesting here. they say the construction will cause too much dust and pollution in the area. they will announce their lawsuit later this morning. today d.c. fire and ems will show off its latest efforts to keep you safe. mayor vincent gray and fire chief eugene jones will unveil several new emergency response vehicles. they will introduce the latest paramedics recruits. the department has been plagued by a number of reports of equipment failures and staff shortages. mayor gray has made a commitment in recent months to reinforcing the department resources. a proposal has a train running for 115 miles from d.c. to charlotte, north carolina. at the meeting tonight you can learn about the train route and station location. it begins at 5:00 p.m. at the national museum of the marine corps. near quantico. explosions blew up one by
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one inside a baking company building in suburban chicago. foyer people were hurt. nearby neighborhoods had to be evacuated. a series of explosions ripped through the toronto bakery garage. the brick wall around it crumbled and blocked the alley. i felt like a truck ran through our house. i started to hear more explosions, probably 12 to 15 more. about 900 people were without power in the oak park area in chicago. fire investigators believe the cause of the fire involved a propane tank in that garage. morsink holes popping up in florida. these can be very dangerous. geologists say this one is in a weak spot to the state's west coast and lead to another very soon. that is very close to this one that swallowed a car. look at that. you can see on the same street actually. six homes had to be evacuated. one was condemned. deputies in florida say sink
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holes are growing. they are guarding them to keep people safe right now. 5:19. right now the arctic blast that hit the upper midwest isn't that far away from here. this is lingering lake-effect snow in michigan. for the most part it stopped in the midwest. 25 inches fell in michigan. 18 in northern wisconsin and minnesota. 16 inches of snow in some places. winter hit six weeks early. >> i'm as prepared as i'll ever be. got the coat, gloves, scarves. >> it spread from as far south as texas to the east coast. >> school days and playing could be a thing of the past. students had to work from home with their ipads so they wouldn't have to miss school.
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students did their class work on their school laptops at home. one teacher posted videos to help a student through problem-solving. it's efficient. it's a way to get kids to keep learning. here's the up side. you don't have to make up the snow day. wouldn't you rather do that? >> i good else that makes sense. every teacher has to be on board for it really to work. >> although you cooperate go sledding. >> you're breaking the the kids's spirit. it's a fog day around here. reagan national airport. you can see a lot of folks and what they are dealing with this morning. >> is this going to lift soon, tom? >> yes, it has improved. just about half an hour ago. now it's about a mile. visibility has gradually improved. it could go up and down here over the next hour.
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so watch out for that patchy deposits fog. it has just been expanded. all the counties in gray now including prince george's county. anne arundel, calvert, st. mary's county. northern neck, west of 95, the blue ridge, under a dense fog advisory until 8:00. many locations visibilities under a quarter mile. right now it is only a tenth at dulles. manassas, zero visibility there. leesburg, quarter of a mile. baltimore, down to a quarter mile. visibilities are 10 miles and greater in the shenandoah valley. when you encounter fog and you're driving, slow down. use your low beams. watch out for deer. watch out for students waiting for buses. students are in the upper 40s, 50s to the west of i-95.
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closer to washington and east, near 60 degrees. holding in some of that warmth from yesterday. the driving commute this morning. use low beams in the fog. we'll be in the 50s. sunshine breaking out by mid morning. in the afternoon, bright and sunny. you'll need the sunglasses. early 60s early afternoon. late afternoon, dropping back down into the 50s. look at our drop in temperatures. average high is 59. we'll be a little above that today. much colder than average tomorrow, tuesday. might get a light rain shower thursday evening. sunshine back. cold weather for friday, saturday. cloudy sunday. showers may move in sunday evening. then on monday, we may get a light rain to moderate shower. highs in the 40s. cold on tuesday. melissa is here now looking at the dense fog and how it is affecting traffic >> mine road at 95 probably the worst spot as far as fog on the
5:23 am
roads. maryland, 95 at cherry hill, moving along nicely. beltway at colesville, looking good there as well. tweet us your foggy pictures @first4traffic. moving along nicely. no major problems. a little bit of fog on indian head highway. taking a wider look at things, overall looking pretty good. i'll be tweeting pictures of traffic cameras and fog. they're not going to be labeled. you tell me where it is. you want some nbc swag? >> yes. please send swag my way. >> putting a human on mars. this is nasa's new orion rocket. it involved a trip to the launch pad. it will take off november 4th. no astronauts will be on the flight. the goal is to test all the rocket systems before any humans are on board. the orion rocket was designed to
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take astronauts deeper into space than ever before and a possible landing on mars. very cool. >> daring rescue operation to free a man who got trapped inside a wall. the question now of course is why was he in there? this happened in long mont, colorado, north of denver. look at the rescue video. crews had to use a circular small to cut over the department store. the man was stuck between the store's inside and outside walls. he might have been there three days. he got in using a vent on the roof of the store. not quite sure why he went in that way. i believe he was a homeless man. he is being treated at the hospital. >> apple pay, google wallet, credit, cash, you have more options when it comes to paying at the register. we look to see if one is safer than the the other. all week consumer reporter erika
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gonzalez is working to keep you safe and secure. send her a question facebook. she'll answer them on friday. . well, there are still thanksgiving travel offers out there for the taking. when it comes to booking hotels, you have more options. some offer a cheaper rate if you stay from thanksgiving through sunday. some give you a free room upgrade and free breakfast. at normandy hotel, it can drop from $309. >> we start thinking about christmas earlier and earlier. august 19th. are you thinking about christmas august 19th, aaron? >> not me. >> according to the royal statisticthe al society, internet severals for santa claus, elf and presents increase during the summer holidays. this means we're now thinking about christmas nearly lee
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months earlier than we did in 2007. i'm thinking people want to take a look at the bargains and scoop up presents early. man, those people are prepared. >> i do think about elves in august. the little guys. give them a thought. more than a dozen baby chicks are in a new home after a man mailed him to his ex-girlfriend as a prank. she got them early in the month in the mail along with a note that said there are a lot of other chicks out there. >> haha. >> she told the postal worker who delivered them she was going to throw them in the trash so the postal worker took them to the humane society. they are now safe living in an animal sanctuary in poolsville, maryland and winchester, virginia. it is legal to ship baby chicks through the mail. they can sometimes be injured in the proces
5:27 am
must have been a tough journey for them. unexpected visitors not going unnoticed. a woman was alerted about a break-in in her home from 1,000 miles away. two survivors sharing what happened that terrible night. a thick fog descended on the area leaving national harbor hidden from our cameras. a little relief now. the conditions you'll be dealing with on the with
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looking at the stories making headlines right now at 5:30. woodbridge high school students will return to school for the first time since the murder of a classmate. police announced they have made an arrest in his murder >> people in a d.c. neighborhood plan to file a lawsuit this morning to try to stop a train tunnel expansion that they say would ruin their community. >> a big crowd turned out for the concert of valor. successful night. >> we begin, though, with storm team 4 tracking foggy conditions out there. looking live from woodbridge as drivers make their way through thick fog on their way to work. you can cee lo visibility out there. storm team 4 meteorologist tom
5:31 am
kierein is tracking the conditions as you step out the door. good morning. that low, moaning sound is not eun complaining about the weather. that's a fog horn. we have dense fog in brandywine. 56 degrees. hometown high around 60. that will be occurring 12:30, 1:00 with bright sunshine. falls church now at 51 with dense fog. their high temperature will be in the upper 50s with bright sun at 1:00 this afternoon. silver spring, montgomery county, dense fog. temperature 52. should be reaching near 60 with bright sun. all these counties east of i-95 have just been added. and we have dense fog reducing visibility down to a quarter mile. next weather and traffic on the 1s. a look at the hour by hour break down. melissa dealing with the fog. how is your traffic cameras?
5:32 am
66 west of 29 gainesville, very hard to see through that. you can hardly tell where that picture was taken. south of the beltway, it is lifting a little bit when we first looked at this. i'm asking people to tweet me pictures. foggy morning in fulton. please keep those pictures coming as well. taking a look at 270 into and out of town looking quite good. no major problems. prince george's county clear as far as the roads go. fog through that area. wider look at things, no major problems into or out of town. live picture of 270 can coming up. thanks, melissa. it's now 5:32. president obama announced a big agreement between the u.s. and china to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade. the new goal is to emissions by 2015. china is not commit to go cut emissions by a specific amount
5:33 am
but for the first time it agreed to do what it could to reverse carbon emissions by 2013. lawmakers are ready to get back to work. they have a lot to get done before the new congres takes over in january. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with a rundown of their agenda. tracy, good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. first off, the the budget. the money to run this government runs out december 11th, unless they approve this trillion dollar budget. incoming senate majority leader say they will not have a shutdown. they have other money to look at too. 3.7 billion to deal with immigrant children. 5 billion to fight isis, including money for 1,500 more troops to head over. that's what the president wants. and re trathey are hoping to get
5:34 am
before republicans take over, including loretta lynch who was nominated attorney general. the democrats may end up voting first because they think it may help mary landreau down in louisiana. she has been pushing that. tax breaks. the pentagon. programs need to be renewed. it's a full agenda. when you take out a few holidays, there are only a couple of weeks to get it done. >> tracie, thank you. virginia's newest representative begins his term in august. brat will be sworn in tonight. he upset eric cantor in the primary. he went on to win the election in the 7th district as well by beating a fellow professor from randolph macon college. >> another big upset winner in our area, larry hogan will talk about his transition into office.
5:35 am
they will announce a new senior member this afternoon. we were not told who that person will be. the announcement will company this afternoon in annapolis. ferguson, missouri bracing for more trouble as residents wait to hear whether a white police officer will face charges in the death of an unarmed black man. police have been boarding up businesses and pleading with the the media to appeal for calm. they are worried about a repeat of the clashes. a father and daughter who survived a deadly house fire in arlington are talking about what happened that morning. a fire killed a mother and daughter last week. 11-year-old sarah survived and is now in the hospital with burns to both arms. sarah's father managed to grab a ladder and rescue here. he tried to go back in and save his wife and other daughter but the fire was too intense. >> i almost didn't make the out
5:36 am
of the house. if he didn't get me out, saying jump, i would have been dead. >> neighbors raised $60,000 to help the barks family. if you would like to help, we have posted a link on our website. just search "fire survivors". nurses hitting the picket lines here in d.c. in the coming hours. the attention they want to draw attention to. dense fog on this mild morning. live on the national mall with the changes you will see after the next 24 hours with your hour-by-hour forecast at 4:41. watching from a far. how a woman was able to track a burglary from 1,000 miles away.
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all right. what would you do if you saw someone breaking into your home and you were 1,000 miles away? that is exactly what happened to one woman. >> she was in philadelphia when she got an alert from her phone over the weekend. that's when she looked at a security camera app and saw a woman break into her condo in florida. >> i'm here with my husband screaming that a woman and man walked into our apartment. this is not a minor issue. i'm not letting this go. >> the burglars got away with a camera and empty safe. interesting that you can even have an app that you can monitor from so far away.
5:40 am
>> like a baby camera. apparently this particular building had other issues along the same lines, people breaking in. it is 5:40 on this wednesday morning. if you're about to head up, we want to give you an idea what to expect. >> we sent chuck bell out to the national mall with the storm 4 x 4 to get an update on the conditions. >> it is already 62 degrees here on the national mall this morning. all the roads are wet. it didn't rain overnight. the roads are sweating the moisture back out like a glass of ice water on a warm summer day. over my shoulder, though, you can see the blinking red lights on the washington monument. you couldn't see any of the obelisk moments ago. temperatures 40s, 50s and 60s. huge range of temperatures this
5:41 am
morning. everyone arrives into the low to mid-60s briefly. maybe a light jacket. don't forget your sun glasses as well. turning breezy and noticeably cooler and dryer towards this evening. you will need it twice. once this morning, and once later today. melissa mollet, let's hear good news about first 4 traffic. >> looks a tiny bit better. you can see some volume. i think we are seeing more because there are more lights on the road to illuminate what's going on. no problems as far as travel times go. you're on time everywhere. 270 southbound, out loop running at 10 minutes. no problems there. 66 eastbound, quantico to the beltway, on time. tweet me these foggy pictures. a woman said she was attacked after getting a ride from the shrug line. ♪
5:42 am
. the national mall is sigh leapt. the crowds are gone following the cop certified for valor. but there are still road closures and lots of cleanup to do. we're there live to show you what's happening now. we're working to show you the conditions outside during this break. . the side of your screen with current visibilities and how the fog looks on the 14th street brid
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♪ officials are saying it was a big success. that guy one of the main reasons. tens of thousands of you came out to see performers like bruce springstn. meryl streep and jack black. with all the crowds there is a
5:46 am
massive cleanup happening today. kristen wright with a look at how things are looking at this point. hey, kristen >> reporter: hey, good morning, aaron. you know what, it doesn't really look that bad considering how many people were on the national mall last night. what you will see this morning, a lot of these gates are still up everywhere for crowd control last night. they need to be packed away and put away. lots of activity on the mall. just trying to clean up. but no trash. i don't see any garbage. but a special night on the national mall with so many people coming together from all over the country to honor our veterans. certainly a star-studded show last night for those who have served. the concert for valor was the first of its kind. yes, it was about music. more so it was about raising awareness of the issues affecting veterans. overall, crowds behaved.
5:47 am
an arrest or two but not bad for such a large count. we were hearing as many as 800,000 people were expected. we do know it wasn't quite that many. but certainly an impressive crowd in terms of numbers. you can see way back there. that's where the stage is. and they are still striking the stage this morning. it takes a lot of people to take something like that down. so that's happening out here on the mall this morning. we will keep you posted how things are going. live on the national mall, kristen wright, news 4. park police is applauding you because they say the crowds were so well behaved. they did have a few incidents like these. take a look. multiple people jumped a fence there. they are facing assault charges. we were told there were medical issues at the concert too. a medical spokesman told us there were fewer people than expected. and they caused almost no delays
5:48 am
heading home. it is now 5:48. today the man convicted for killing chandra levy is back in d.c. court. he is trying to get a new trial in the case. he was sentenced to 30 years in prison after his conviction in 2010. but defense lawyers are questioning the testimony of a key prosecution witness in this case. armando morales says want dee kay confessed. defense lawyers are trying to prove he lied for leniency in his own case. a woman said she was sexually assaulted after picking up a ride at a lot in prince william county. police are hoping you can lead them to the suspect. the attack happened around this time yesterday morning at the commuter lot on prince william parkway in woodbridge. a man asked if she needed a ride. she got in the car and said the man exposed himself and sexually
5:49 am
assaulted her. the man eventually dropped her off farther north on i-95. parents sounding off about a decision not to notify them about an assault at their children's middle school. they shared their frustration at a community meeting at baker middle school in damascus. police arrested 44-year-old john epps, a contract employee charged with sex assault, accused of inappropriately touching a student back in october. parents found out several weeks later.
5:50 am
5:51 am
congress is back at work for the first time since the midterm elections. topping the ambitious agenda, lawmakers will hold a hearing on the government's handling of the ebola crisis. cdc director is set to testify before the senate appropriations committee. this is the first case in the senate since the first ebola case was diagnosed in dallas. nurses at providence hospital will hit the picket lines. the hospital will remain open despite the strike. it is a national day of action to bring attention to what the nurses union call lack of ebola preparedness. providence said it is disappointed with the strike. they will hire temporary nurse toss fill in. heads-up if you work for the city of alexandria and you want chips or soda for lunch. all vending machines are being filled with healthy options, including fresh truth and vegetables. tracie potts tweeted and said, not the honey buns. >> people said we avoid the vending machine because there are so many unhealthy choices.
5:52 am
now they have better options. good. >> good. we were talking about a lot of heavy fog. >> are corn chips vegetables? >> in my book they are. >> yeah, we do have dense fog. watch out for deer in the fog. almost hit another deer. >> oh, no. >> and also watch out for pedestrians. more pedestrians coming out at this hour. slow down. use your low beams. high beams just illuminate the fog even more. it will be with us another hour or two. all these counties in gray under a dense fog advisory. this has been expanded east of 95. it includes prince georges, calvert, st. mary's. as well as washington, nearby suburbs in virginia, fairfax, loudoun, prince william county as well. we will have dense fog around reducing visibility to under a quarter mile. right now we have it at zero visibility in manassas. that's where we have the densest fog in parts of north central
5:53 am
virginia. visibilities are gradually improving a little bit. in washington, visibility a half a mile. at the bus stop, watch out for students in the fog between 7:00 and 8:00. between 8:00 and 9:00, the fog should be breaking up. temperatures near 60. for the afternoon, should be a beautiful autumn day. sunny. kind of breezy. winds gusting to 15, 20 miles per hour. upper 50s and low 60s between now and early afternoon. then it gets cold. afternoon high this time of year, 59. we'll be a little bit above that today. then a lot below that on thursday, friday, and each day all the way into the first part of next week. highs only in the 40s. morning lows will be upper 30s tomorrow. upper 40s tomorrow afternoon. might get a light rain shower on thursday afternoon and evening. sun back friday and saturday. cold mornings. afternoon highs in the 40s. rain may move in sunday night,
5:54 am
into monday. then tuesday, cold again. highs only 40 with sunshine back. melissa here now with a look at our foggy traffic. >> very foggy. 66 at fairfax county parkway looking a little bit better than it did earlier. but still quite a dense layer. tweet us your foggy pictures from your commute on twitter. 95 here in virginia, one of our producers coming out of fredericksburg saying it was very foggy. right now 44 miles per hour because folks are driving carefully because of all of that dense fog. beltway at kenilworth, just a little bit of a haze over there. in maryland, bw parkway, just fine. and there are travel times for you. everything on time this morning. i'll see you again at 6:01. 5:54. veterans day now behind us. a special event is happening today.
5:55 am
hiring our heroes job fair starts this morning at joint base anacostia-bolling. it officially begins at 10:00 a.m. however, there will be workshops before that. the event ends at 1:00 this afternoon. if you drive a mercedes your car may have a problem with its steering. it is recalling 2015 c-class cars, which you can see in this mercedes ad here. the steering wheels fail at low speeds. you can get the issue fixed for free. no one has been hurt by this. the problem only has been reported outside the u.s. we told you about the wave of recalls over takata air bags that explode instead of deflating. in chryslers 2003 to 2007 are on that list. chrysler say they will start replacing air bags in the cars next month, sometime before
5:56 am
december 19th. in the day ahead, a d.c. man convicted of murdering his mother's boyfriend will be in court for a sentencing hearing. 33-year-old dejuan hunter faces 50 years in prison. the victim's family are expected to make impact statements. prosecutors say hunter shot and killed the man while he was sleeping at their home in clinton, maryland january 1st. bowie state university police investigating a former football coach caught on camera body slamming a student. former nfl player charles was fired from his volunteer position after tmz sports posted this video. in it he shouts and curses at the student, throws him to the ground and then into the bleachers. grant is a former defensive lineman for the saints. they said the department of athletics has zero tolerance of behavior that violates the university's core values >> a supreme court hears a case
5:57 am
today that could lead to tax refunds for some of new maryland. the supreme court will decide whether the piggy back tax on out of state income is legal. maryland gives credit if you pay taxes to another state but you are still required to pay your county taxes on that income. they could be on the hook for $150 million in back taxes owed to residents. of you in the city of alexandria could be headed for a tax increase. they are considering an increase to help close a $16 million budget gap. they had a contentious meeting last night. a final vote not expect until sometime in may. this morning students at woodbridge high school are getting ready to go to class without one of their peers for a first time. how they will help their classmates deal with the loss >> a live look outside right
5:58 am
now. we'll tell you about the the
5:59 am
6:00 am
we have seen the fog kind of come and go over the last hour where it's been clear. the fog kind of moved in. dense fog. it cleared out a little bit. it will be swirling the next hour. all these counties in gray under this dense fog advisory. that is until 8:00 this morning. it includes washington, nearby suburbs, as well as much of southern maryland, much of virginia along 95 and west of 95. that's where we have the densest fog reports. these are the latest visibilities. manassas, zero. just a quarter mile at reagan national. it's kind of coming and going. watch out for that. use your low beams. slow down the fence fog. watch out for pedestrians. temperatures mild. we're hovering 60 i


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