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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 12, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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we have seen the fog kind of come and go over the last hour where it's been clear. the fog kind of moved in. dense fog. it cleared out a little bit. it will be swirling the next hour. all these counties in gray under this dense fog advisory. that is until 8:00 this morning. it includes washington, nearby suburbs, as well as much of southern maryland, much of virginia along 95 and west of 95. that's where we have the densest fog reports. these are the latest visibilities. manassas, zero. just a quarter mile at reagan national. it's kind of coming and going. watch out for that. use your low beams. slow down the fence fog. watch out for pedestrians. temperatures mild. we're hovering 60 in washington.
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near 50 for western and northern suburbs. next weather and traffic on the 1s storm team 4 x 4 with your hour by hour changes. melissa has a new crash. >> brand-new crash. just got off the phone with police. 290 south at benning road. it is blocking the right lane. it is typically slow here, but this is adding to the pain for sure. virginia, 95, tom has been telling us this is probably the foggiest spot. i'm asking folks to tweet me pictures. this sent in saying foggy morning in fulton. definitely a foggy morning everywhere. no major problems aside from the crash. 66, 39 miles per hour. probably because of all the fog. and prince george's county looking quite good. 6:02. police arrested a suspect one day after 16-year-old brendan with him son was shot and killed
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not far from his home in woodbridge. it will be a somber day as classmates return to school today. megan? >> reporter: well, aaron, there was no school yesterday. so this is the first time back to class for students since one of their classmates was murder. they can take some comfort in knowing the man who fired the deadly shot in this case, that person is now behind bars. they arrested kewayne smalls at his home yesterday. he is accused of killing 16-year-old brendan wilson on a path. it is a common cut through to go from school to a nearby neighborhood. smalls knew the victim. they actually lived in the same neighborhood. and the shooting was drug related. at the time of the murders there wa lookout for three suspects. asked if there would be other arrests, police would not comment on that. but they did say this is still
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an ongoing investigation. as students returned to school today, there will be grief counselors on hand to talk to anyone having difficulty coping with what has happened. megan mcgrath, news 4. aaron, back to you. megan, thank you. a d.c. rabbi accused of spying on women heads to court. he will face a judge for a status hearing. he served at kesher israel for 25 years. he's accused of taping women in a ceremonial changing room. he was also a professor. he has been suspended from both jobs. investigators say edgar blanco stand salvador on perry place northwest in columbia heights neighborhood. it happened two weeks ago. blanco was charged with murder. . mayor vincent gray and fire chief eugene jones will unveil
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several new emergency response vehicles. they have been plagued by equipment failures and staff shortages. they have made a commitment to expanding and improving the the department's resources a d.c. group is suing csx. the company says it will eliminate a lot of backups. however, people who live in that area say it could ruin their neighborhood. you can see a group of them protesting the tunnel here. this was last week. they will announce the lawsuit later th. they say the tunnel will cause safety problems and pollute the area. you won't see rosh hashanah or christmas on the montgomery county school calendar anymore. a lot of you shared your opinions on the nbc washington facebook page. the children will still have those holidays off, but they will stop naming them on the
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calendar. the move came in response to local advocates asking for a holy day to be added to the calendar for muslims. today is your chance to weigh in on a big high-speed rail project in northern virginia. it has the train running for 115 miles from d.c. to charlotte, north carolina. at the meeting tonight you can learn about the the route and station locations at 5:00 p.m. at the national museum of the marine corps. in quantico. . a push to protect the plant. an agreement the u.s. just made with china to give our children a healthier future. the holiday shopping center made a little bit easier. we're in for a big drop in temperatures. when it will start hour by hour in your weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11.
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welcome back at 6:09. new this morning, a major mime stone on climate change. the u.s. and china announced a big agreement to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2030. president obama's goal is to reduce aemissions 28% by 2025. 6:09 is your time right now. a lot of folks waking up this morning having to deal with some fog. >> that's right. it's not too cold out there, though. that's the good news. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is with the storm team 4 x 4 to see when that will change. i'm not ready for the cold. >> i understand you're not ready but the cold is coming. we get one more relatively mild
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day. that will be today. temperatures are really a big change early this morning. we have thick fog outside. washington monument, the very tip is still object scored. a half hour ago you couldn't even see from where we are standing. even though we have a foggy start, once the wind is up and the sun is up as well, we will be left with an abundance of sunshine. so it will be a mild day. temperatures 40s, 50s, 60s. chilly 40s by early this evening with a brisk north westerly wind. you'll need your jacket at least twice on your wednesday today. roads are wet. because they are sweating out all the moisture. let's see if these wet roads are slowing people down 295 south at benning road, a crash blocks the
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right lane. about two miles worth of backups at this point. just heard about a new crash here. just got off the phone with police. trying to get more information in virginia. 95 northbound at gordon boulevard, 123, left lane blocked. we looked at our map, 20 miles per hour. about a three-mile backup approaching that crash. taking a look at travel, 95 north, 35 minutes. 10 minutes behind. otherwise, in virginia looking pretty good. 395 north, 66 east, no problem there. now in maryland, 270 southbound, 16 minutes, 12 minutes. looking good. more live pictures of the fog coming up. melissa, thank you. stuck between a rock and a hard place. how a man ended up between two walls for days. and the rescue to get him out >> a man sent his ex in d.c. a box full of baby chicks. the note that explained the strange parting gift and the stranger that saved
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15 after the hour right now. and most of the snowfall has stopped in the upper midwest. you can see on storm team 4 radar here there is still lingering lake-effect snow in michigan. as much as 25 inches of snow fell there. 18 inches fell in northern wisconsin. parts of minnesota saw more than 16 inches of snow. and winter doesn't officially start until another six weeks from now. still millions of people across the country are already seeing a major drop in temperatures as snow and ice fall. dashcam video showing how slick the roads are in rogers, minnesota. a tractor trailer jackknifed an on an icy road. another vehicle slammed into their squad car. >> i'm as prepared as i'll ever be. got the coat, got the gloves, got the scarves, the boots. >> do what you can. the system will send freezing
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temperatures as far south as texas and the east coast. storm team 4 meteorologist will tell us what we can expect on weather and traffic on the 1s. everyone is back in their homes following a powerful series of explosions in a chicago suburb. a baking building caught fire yesterday. a series of explosions ripped through the garage sending black smoke into the air. the neighborhood was evacuated. four people were hur >> it literally shook the whole second floor. i thought it was an earthquake. >> the whole brick wall just blew up. >> firefighters believe the cause of the fire involve a propane tank in the garage. a father and daughter who survived a deadly house fire on talk building what happened that morning. mother and daughter emily barks were killed. 11-year-old sarah survived and is now in the hospital with
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burns to both her arms. sarah's father grabbed a ladder and was able to rescue her. he tried to go back in but the fire was too intense. >> i felt helpless. i wanted to jump in. but i figured if i did and i didn't get out, she would be be orphaned. i didn't want to leave them. >> neighbors had raised $60,000 to help the family. if you would like to help as well, we posted a link on our website. search "fire survivors". 6:17. police in and around ferguson, missouri are on edge. they are worried about public reaction if a grand jury does not indict a white police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. officers wilson shot and killed michael brown in august. police have been pleading to the media to appeal for calm. the protests followed the
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shooting. officials are trying to make sure that things remain peaceful. right now deputies in florida are guarding sinkholes in one neighborhood. this is in the town of holiday on the state's west coast near tampa. take a look at this. this new sinkhole showed up overnight. deputies want to keep everyone safe by keeping everyone away. this is the sinkhole that started it all. it swallowed a car. it's huge. no one was hurt, though. one home was condemned. six is others evacuated. the sinkholes are growing. a third could happen at any minute. today a local college professor officially becomes a u.s. congressman. house speaker john boehner will swear in dave brat. brat upset long-time majority leader eric cantor in the primary. pratt will finish the term cantor resigned from and then begin a new term next year. another big upset winner in
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our area. larry hogan will take another step to his transition. mayor governor-elect will announce a new senior member of his transition team. this is happening in annapolis. we were not told who it will be, though. the first step to putting a human on mars. this is the new orion roebcket. no astronauts will be on that flight. the goal is to make sure all the rocket systems can work before it can carry any humans. how cool to finally put somebody on bars. >> more than 30 years since they put a rocket on the launch pad. it will be exciting to watch. >> for sure. fog and mild temperatures. >> we're getting quite a bit of de of my storm team 4 facebook, twitter followers are posting photos. here is where you can post fog photos to instagram, twitter,
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and facebook. that's what daniel perez did. he took this a few minutes ago. dense fog in alexandria. a great job capturing dense fog. you know it's even worse than that. right now all the counties in gray are under a dense fog advisory. and visibilities are down under a quarter mile. and that is going to be with us for another couple of hours for the metro area. so watch out for students and pedestrians this morning in the dense fog. temperatures right now fairly mild. 50s in fairfax, prince george's county. cooler in loudoun fauquier and prince william. cooler air moving on in. use the low beams in the fog. a little sun breaking out by 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. and then heading back home, we'll be in the low 60s during the afternoon with bright sunshine. a blustery wind. you'll need sunglasses with bright sun and blue skies this
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afternoon. then colder air arrives tonight. by dawn tomorrow, upper 30s. afternoon highs only in the upper 40s on thursday with increasing clouds. might get a light rain shower late thursday afternoon and 30 in the morning. afternoon highs mid-40s. coldest day looks to be saturday over the the next several days. mid-20s in the mornings. highs upper 40s on sunday with clouds. some rain looking likely on monday. cold again on tuesday with highs near 40 degrees with sunshine. next weather and traffic on the 1s hometown forecast highs for the afternoon. and now melissa looking at road conditions with the fog. any crashes? >> one brand-new crash. nok can esville road at aden. your alternate is parkgate drive. a very serious crash. trying to get more information for you as well. again, we still have this crash on 295 southbound at benning road. crash blocks the right lane.
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very slow as you approach. 66 at suddenly, you can see how foggy that is. i tweeted this earlier. she guessed correctly. 66 at suddenly. guess what, we will send her some nbc. nice and clear at this point. wider look at things. looking typical. you can see the slowdown near benning. i'm back in 10 minutes with more foggy cameras, guys. >> see you then. thank you, melissa >> a man could face trespassing charges after he was found trapped in between two walls at a department store. this happened in a denver suburb. take a look. crews had to break through the store's outside wall yesterday. as you can see, the man was able to crawl out of the space himself. he was stick there for three days it has been cold in colorado. 15 degrees yesterday. the man was described as a transient. they believe he got into that space using a vent on the roof
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of the store. . we are working for you to keep you safe and secure this holiday shopping continue. you can now pay using apple pay, google wallet, credit, cash, your checkbook. we take a look to see whether one is safer than the the others. all week on news 4 at 5, erika gonzalez has what you need to stay safe and secure. send questions on facebook. search consumer watch. she will answer your questions you might have more money to spend on presents this holiday season thanks to a steady price at the pump. if gas prices stay at their current level, that will be the equivalent of an extra $100 in your pocket this year. that is a big win for consumers and retailers. shoppers are expected to spend on average $800 on gifts this year. turns out you couldn't enjoy soaking in the sun all that much this summer because you might have been too busy thinking about christmas. a new study shows we start
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thinking about christmas earlier and early. august 19th, by the royal statistical society. we are thinking about christmas three months earlier than in 2007. i'm tell you, after the summer birthday, my daughter is like here's the christmas list. starting to build >> wants you to be prepared. >> giving you a head start, mom. more than a dozen baby chicks are in new homes after a man mailed them to his ex-girlfriend as a prank. a weird one. the d.c. woman got them in the mail with a note that said something to the effect of there are a lot of other chicks out there. get it? >> haha. i get it. >> the the woman told the postal worker delivering the chickens, she was going to throw them in the trash. the postal worker took them to the washington humane society.
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they're safe now living at an man sanctuaries. >> it is legal to ship baby chicks through the mail but they can sometimes be injured in the process, if case you get any ideas. >> just to be snarky. not worth it >> why taxes may go up for people living in the city of alexandria. wanted for sexually assaulting a woman. how this man took advantage of a woman's morning routine. and check out the national harborview through the fog. the capitol wheel lit up. we'll let you know how warm it will be when the fog clears. your weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:31. and news 4 today keeps your weather and traffic live for you all morning long. we're under a dense fog advisory. als a look at how things are looking crossing the
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right now it's not too cold
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out there. temperatures are cooperating. but it is pretty foggy. be careful on your morning commute. news 4 keeps your weather and traffic together on the 1s. tom kierein is here to walk us through the forecast. >> the birds are serenading me in the fog. there are a few breaks in the clouds. a peek of the moon showing through. patchy dense fog. use your low beams brandy wine 55. near 60 by early afternoon. falls church near 50 with fog there. and by early afternoon there too is bright sun. a blustery wind. it will be in the upper 50s. montgomery near 50 degrees. fog there too. and silver spring up in the upper 50s, near 60 by early afternoon. that's when we will have our
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high temperatures and neighborhoods around the region for the rest of the night. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:41 with storm team 4 x 4 on the mall. melissa still dealing with fog. >> very thick fog. the worst is virginia, 95, just north of try angle. you can see how dense it is. woodrow wilson bridge looks pretty as long as it stays off the roadways. we're not seeing any fog here. just seeing good volume headed down to the spur. other than that, you're moving along nicely. nokesville road at aden road, shut down. 295 southbound at benning road, crash blocking the right lane in the district. two miles of backup as you approach that area. top of the beltway, 395 into town. travel times coming up. >> thank you, melissa. a reminder to be careful when
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you are using the slug lines at commuter lots. a woman said she was sexually assaulted after picking up a ride in prince william county. police are hoping you can lead them to a suspect. we are posting this on nbc washington facebook page. the attack happened 5:30 yesterday morning at the commuter lot in woodbridge. a woman was waiting for a bus at the light when a man asked if she needed a ride. he got in the car and the man exposed himself and sexually assaulted her. he dropped her off farther north. two u.s. senators say they are optimistic a maryland man jailed in cuba will be released. they met with alan gross and cuban leaders yesterday. his family said he threatened to take his own life if he is not released by his birthday next may. cuba gave no indication any development was imminent. he is serving 15-year sentence, accused of spying for the u.s.
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government. he says he was there to set up internet service in jewi communities. cuba will release gross in exchange for cuban agents jailed in the u.s. . this is the first time congress has been in session since the midterm election. they have a lot of work to get done before the new congress takes over in january. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with a rundown of their agenda. tracie? >> reporter: hey, aaron. let's start with the budget. a trillion dollars that runs out december 11th. then the $5 billion the president wants to deal with isis. he wants to send more troops into iraq. he needs more authorities to continue arming and training the syrian rebels. that runs out next month. congress has to deal with that. a $3.7 billion request still
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there to deal with immigrant children coming into this country without th then there are tons of nominations that are still sitting on the shelf in the senate. democrats want to get those pushed through before republicans take over in january, including loretta lynch for attorney general. and finally they may deal with the keystone xl pipeline even before republicans who are pushing it so they can help their colleague mary landreau who is facing a runoff next month. some of your tax breaks are running out at the end of next month. aaron? >> tracie potts on the hill for us. tracie? a man convicted of chandra levy is back in court. he is trying to get a new trial in his case. he was sentenced to 60 years in prison after his conviction in 2010. but defense lawyers are questioning the testimony of a key prosecution witness in the case. an inmate said he confessed
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while in jail. but they are trying to prove morales lied for leniency in his own case. parents sounding off about a decision not to notify them about an assault at their children's middle school they shared their frustration at a community meeting at baker middle school in damascus. police arrested 44-year-old epps, a contract employee charged with sex assault, accused of inappropriately touching a student back in october. the principal apologized for not telling parents when it happened. parents found out several weeks >> when are you actually going to answer the question why it took you a month to let us know what happene >> that was wrong. that was wrong. that was a mistake. >> news 4 found epps was arrested four years ago on
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similar charges. dr. joshua starr is requesting background checks for all contractors. >> those of you in the city of alexandria could be head a tax increase. "washington post" saying it is look to go close a $16 million budget gap. they had a contentious meeting last night. a final vote not expect until sometime in may. a special veterans event is happening today. hiring our heroes job fair starts later this morning at joint base anacostia-bolling. there will be workshops before the hiring fair. a dewey state student body slammed by a coach. the action the school took after seeing this video. a woman watched on a home security app that someone broke into her condo. this morning, though, she's having the last laugh. >> yes. haha. >> what she knew that the
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thieves didn't that left her with a smile. get ready for a cooldown. the changes coming today hour by hour in your weather and traffic on the 1s
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bowie state university police investigating a former football coach caught on camera body slamming a student. former nfl player charles grant was fired from his volunteer position after tmz sports posted this video. in it he shouts and curses at the student, throws him to the ground and then into the bleachers. >> he's a grown man. he's bigger than the guy. he shouldn't have been throwing him down like a rag doll. >> grant is a former defensive lineman for the new orleans saints and on the team during his 2009 super bowl victory. in a statement the university says in part, "the department of athletics has zero tolerance"
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take a look at the shot of the 14th street bridge. meteorologist chuck bell is live with the storm team 4 x 4 to tell us more about it. chuck? >> reporter: hey, good morning, eun and aaron. yeah, the roads are wet. but it did not rain overnight. the cold ground with warm, moist air riding over the top of it. it condensates the water. the clouds are all over the place. the cloud deck is 500 feet. sometimes we can see the top of the monument and sometimes we cannot. only 1,000 feet up. the skies are clear. once this fog is done this morning, it will be a beautiful afternoon. plenty of sunshine coming your way. all you need to grab is a light jacket. you'll need it twice today. a little bit cool first thing this morning. temperatures won't move a whole lot. 50s and 60s now. up to the mid-60s for a brief
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time, sunshine this afternoon. back down in the chilly 40s for this evening. be ready. this is the last of the mild air. get outside and enjoy it because it will be colder than average for the next 10 to 14 days. over to melissa mollet with a check of the roads with first 4 traffic. good morning, chuck. very slow is at some points this morning. outer loop of the beltway, off 95, just jammed. we're making calls to figure out what's going on. we're not seeing any actual incidents. 295 northbound into town, the bottom of the beltway is slow. seeing fog in spots. 66 east of sully road hasn't quite lifted just yet. taking a look at travel times, you can see the outer loop, 270, 31 minutes. that's three times as long as it should take you. 95 northbound, quantico, 47 minutes. most of this is because of the fog.
6:42 am
we're not seeing crashes. 280 to the beltway, 18 minutes. i'm back in 10. the man accused of killing a high school student now in jail. how the victim's school will help classmates cope with this tough time >> and the joy of no school on a snow day gone. how one school district is
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right now news 4 is working to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. >> we start with news 4's megan mcgrath in woodbridge where kids are back to school for the first time since one of their classmates was killed. megan?
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>> reporter: well, that's right. counselors will be on hand to help students and staff deal with the loss of a student on monday. perhaps they can take comfort in knowing that police have arrested the man who pulled the trigger. police arrested kewayne smalls at his home last night without incident. he is accused of killing 16-year-old brendan wilson i path near woodbridge high, a common cut through used by students to go from the school to a nearby neighborhood. investigators say smalls knew the victim and he actually lived in the same neighborhood as he did and that the shooting was drug related. at the time of the murders, there was a lookout for three people. so we asked if there's a possibility there may be other arrests in this case. police were not commenting. they just said this is still an open investigation. grief counselors will be here talking to students. a note has gone home to students
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talk building what has happened and giving parents signs and things to look for in their students at home just in case they're having difficulty coping with all that has happened here. we are expect to go start seeing students arrive at woodbridge high school soon. this is the first day back to class since the murder happened. 14 before the hour now. today a prominent rabbi usedism is back in a courtroom. he served at kesher israel for 25 years. he is also a professor. he is accused of taping women in a ceremonial changing room. he has been suspended from both jobs. d.c. police arrested edward blanco. edgar blanco stabbed salvador in the columbia heights neighborhood. the atck happened two weeks
6:47 am
ago. blanco was charged with first degree murder. today mayor vincent gray and fire chief eugene jones will unveil new fire trucks. they will introduce the latest paramedics recruits. the department has been plagued by a number of reports of equipment failures and staff shortages. mayor gray has made a commitment in recent months to reinforcing the department resources. the committee of 100 on the federal city say it can cause safety and pollution problems. this is the protesting here. the tunnel expansion was approved last week. a meeting today to discuss a big high-speed rail project running through northern virginia. the proposal has the train running for 115 miles from d.c. to charlotte, north carolina. at the meeting tonight you can learn about the train route and station locations at 5:00 p.m.
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at the national museum of the marine corps. at quantico. a brand-new mercedes may have a problem with its steering. mercedes said steering wheels in the new 2015 c-class cars can stop working at low speeds. you can see the car in an ad here. the company recalled more than 10,000 of these cars. you will be able to get the issue fixed for free. no one has been hurt by this. the problem has only been reported outside the ♪ >> huge crowds and a huge cleanup this morning after the concert for valor on the national mall. in the newsroom, we're working to find out how many of you were there. kristen wright joins us live. kristen, looks like they did a good job cleaning up? >> reporter: you know what, they have. considering how many people were here not that long ago, it looks great. i honestly hasn't seen a piece of trash. that doesn't mean there isn't
6:49 am
but i just don't see any. so that's good. you see the big video monitor. that is being taken down. lots of activities starting bright and early just to tear everything down. great night. special night. so many people coming together from all over the country to honor our veterans. right now on the big stage it is coming down piece by piece. as you might imagine it takes a large crew for people to take it apart. it looks like worker bee taking the whole thing done. a lot of trucks, picking up equipment, unloading crate toss pack everything up. this morning's cleanup comes after some of the largest crowds we have seen at the mall this year. as eun said, no official crowd count just yet. hundreds of people here for the concert for valor last night. the arctic blast canceled classes in central minnesota.
6:50 am
students at one school in st. cloud didn't have a typical snow day. the principal at st. cloud cathedral high school told teachers to post their classes online. so students have to do their work on their school laptops and ipads from home. one student said his teacher posted videos to walk through the problem-solving. >> i don't k >> taking away the joy of a snow day. >> you're supposed to wake up and be excited that you can go back to school. >> in my day when i had to walk to school. >> barefoot and carrying all your books. >> i only had two laptops under my feet. good morning. we have been dealing with fog. visibility has been improving. skies will clear up, so put on a happy face. there is the national harbor. look at that.
6:51 am
the capital wheel. like glass reflecting the wheel. visibilities are improving around washington. we have dense fog. the counties in gray under this advisory until 8:00 this morn includes northern virginia. just about all of maryland and our nearby suburbs. fog reduced visibilities to a quarter mile or less. it's a mild morning. still in the 50s in prince george's and montgomer points west winds beginning to increase. watch out for pedestrians waiting for busesment upper 50s between now and 8:00. near 60 between 58 and 9:00. by then sunshine breaking out. most of the fog will be gone. love this photo by jeff norman a couple of days ago at rock creek park. some of the leaves have been coming down. breezes will bring more leaves down with the sunshine as we reach low 60s by early afternoon. post your pics like carmen musso
6:52 am
did. you can put the higher resolution photos on facebook. well below our average thursday, all the way to tuesday of next week. and cold air does move in. it's going to stay for a while, prop up its feet and stay. temperatures in the 30s tomorrow. might get a shower thursday afternoon. friday and saturday, cold morning. into next week, we'll have some clouds on sunday. the first part of the week. showers sunday night and monday. only 40s. near 40 for a high with sunshine back. melissa, what's going on on the roads? >> a new crash. this is something we just talked to police about. beltway at colesville road. three cars on the outer loop at georgia avenue. hopefully that will be out of the way in the next 30 minutes
6:53 am
or so. crash on the outer loop. this new accident, 295 northbound at the 11th street bridge, two left lanes blocked because of a crash there. wider look at things, we're a little more red than i like. you can see a five mile slowdown. 66 headed into town, hopping on prince william parkway, very slow through centreville through oakton. it opens up after. and then the fog persists.lissa a judge will sentence a d.c. man convicted of killing his mother's boyfriend in clinton, maryland. 33-year-old dejuan hunter faces 50 years in prison. he and the victim's family are expected to make impact statements at the sentencing. hunter shot and killed the man while he was sleeping jab 1st. what would you do if you saw somebody break into your home and you were 1,000 miles away?
6:54 am
well, that's exactly what happened to one woman. she was in philadelphia got an alert from her phone over the weekend. that's when she looked at a security camera app and saw a woman break into her florida con toe. >> i'm sitting here in philadelphia with my husband screaming that there's a woman and man come walking into our beautiful apartment in florida. i have a clean view of this woman's face. i'm not letting this go. this is not a minor i. . joan is getting the last laugh. they got away with the camera and an empty safe. new this morning, a man who was accidentally released early from jail is back in custody. leesburg today reports chris hernandez galvanize turned himself in. he was released about 38 hours before his sentence is complete. he is serving 92 days for assaulting a family member violating a protective order >> 6:54. the supreme court hears a case today that could lead to tax
6:55 am
refunds for some of new maryland. the court will decide whether the so-called piggy back tax is legal. maryland does not make people pay taxes on income made in other states. but everyone is still required to pay county tax on that income. maryland could be on the hook for $150 million in tax refunds to residents. we're reading hundreds of your comments on facebook in reaction to a controversial change in the montgomery county school calendar. the school board voted to remove the names of all religious happens including christmas and yom kippur. it decided to stop naming the holidays so no one is offended. . congress is back at work topping the agenda. the senate will hold a hearing on the government's handling of th. cdc director is set to testify. this is the first hearing in the
6:56 am
senate since the first u.s. case of ebola was diagnosed in dallas. here are 4 things you need to know before you head out the door at 6:56. u.s. and china announced a big agreement to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. this is being called a major milestone in the u.s./china relationship and the fight against climate change. freezing temperatures are spreading as far south as texas and for the east coast as well. coming up on the "today" show, dylan dreyer will have a live report from denver on the temperature plunge. take a good look at this sketch. a woman was sexually assaulted by a man who picked eher up at commuter lot. today is the first day of classes since brendan wilson was murdered. smalls was arrested. a bit of a blustery wind. afternoon highs, low 60s. and the chill arrives tomorrow. and we'll stay all the way
6:57 am
through the weekend into the first part of next week. melissa? some of your roads thick with fog. 95 at dumfries. that's the beltway at colesville. a little bit slow top of the beltway. aren't we all used to that? >> thank you, melissa. that is news 4 today. thank you for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. back in 25 minutes with weather and traffic. hope to see you t ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪
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good morning. breaking overnight, history being made right now as a spacecraft is attempting to land on a speeding comet. we're live with the mind-boggling mission ten years in the making. polar plunge, temperatures across the east set to drop double digits over the next 24 hours while farther west cities like denver already in the single digits and heading below zero, giving al a lot to discuss as he gets set for a marathon guinness world record. robin williams was suffering from a debilitating brain disease at the time of his


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