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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 13, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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when you do look at that, it is cold. a clear sky over washington. your weather headlines for this brrsday, a chance for an evening shower. our temperatures right now on your tv and smartphone are showing it just in the mid-30s through the shenandoah valley. it's near 30 near the pennsylvania border. nearby in montgomery, prince george's, fairfax, in the upper 30s. low 40s near the chesapeake bay. many locations in the 20s. at the bus stop this morning, bundle up. we'll stay in the 30s through now and 8:00 with a clear sky. and then still chilly. by 9:00, in the low 40s. and the weather app is veil on the storm team 4 google play, itunes store.
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coming up a look at your drive time with amelia siegel. she's out live with the storm team 4 x 4. melissa is checking traffic. what's going on? >> believe it or not, we have a big jam we just found on the camera. as you approach skaggsville road, only left lane get if it were to turn the back the other way, you could see it's very, very slow. this is emergency road work. just got off the phone with police. probably going to be there for a while. no major problems into and out of town as you look at this map. 95 in maryland not the prettiest right now. lorton road, moving along. 270, no problems. northbound and southbound clear. nice and green and moving. and we do have this construction still. inner loop between landover and annapolis road. two right lanes blocked at this point this morning. when i'm back at 5:11, weather and traffic always on the 1s. 66, another look at 95 in
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virginia and the top of the beltway once again. guys? thank you, melissa. 5:02. a new effort today to end sexual assaults at maryland colleges and universities. sit a serious problem often ignored by campus and police authorities. megan mcgrath is live on the campus now with how officials are drawing a line. mega megan? >> r sit a big problem. it is estimated 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted during their time in college. of those assaults, only 12%, though, are actually reported to now, president barack obama recently launched the "it's on us" campaign to increase awareness. and here in maryland, attorney general has been studying the issue. and later this morning he is expected to announce his findings at a press conference here on the campus of the university of maryland. now he looked at all maryland colleges. we're expecting to learn more about strategies to change
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campus culture to cut down on sexual assaults on campus. that press conference is happening at 10:00 this morning. and we are expecting to learn more about his findings, specifically on maryland's campuses. reporting live in college park, megan approximate mcgrath, news 4. now back to you. a sec sentencing hearing is scheduled for a former district heights police officer. johnny riley faces 45 years in prison for multiple convictions. riley's last hearing was postponed pause he attempted to attack prosecutors. he'll be back today to see how long he will spend in prison for shooting a handcuffed man in the back in september of 2012. riley will spend a mandatory five years in prison for a handgun conviction. a high school student in anne arundel county has been taken it of school after posting himself with a gun. the boy posted it on instagram with with the caption, i could
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actually kill someone with this gun. he will not return until the the incident is reviewed. a workplace dispute may have led to a stabbing. law enforcement source tells news 4 this all stepped from alicia recently losing her job. the male victim is a partner at the law firm where she worked. both victims are in the hospital with life threatening injuries. today virginia governor mcauliffe will be recognized for his help with victims of domestic abuse. the anticipate-violence group is hosting a gala at ritz-carlton in d.c. you may hear loud booms this morning. don't be ala. explosive tests are being conducted at the chantilly stone quarry between 8:00 a.m. and
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noon. you may hear loud becomes, rumbles. no reason to call 911 though. the metropolitan washington airport authority approved a plan to shift money from dull throws reagan. it makes room for a $1 billion construction. they have decided to divert the funds. >> your personal information left exposed. newly discovered software gap may have put you at risk for years. . your walk to metro this morning will be a cold one. meteorologist amelia siegel will have a look at your neighborhood forecast and what to wear at 5:11. tracking your risk for a heart attack. how where you live could help how where you live could help provide a warning for your
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welcome back at 5:08. a new study is calculating your risk of developing heart disease based on where you live. the study mapped heart disease over the next decade for adults 30 to 74. overall men in our area are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than women. and all of you people in west
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virginia are at greatest risk for developing the disease. for women in maryland and d.c. tied with the lowest risk for heart disease. men living in the district have the lowest risk of heart disease over the next 10 years. that study was published in the journal of preventive medicine. >> a lot of people walking, yoga. a lot of yoga studios around here. namaste. i don't even know what that means. amelia siegel is in the storm team 4 x 4 at the franconia metro station. i hope she's wearing a big coat. yep. >> and i like your earmuffs too. >> reporter: thank you, eun. you know you need to dress warm today. we're talking about the temperature change all day yesterday, pretty much leading to the big temperature drop. and it is here. our storm team 4 x 4 reporting a
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temperature of 43 degrees. definitely cold. as we look to our weather station, good news. you can see that thing on the top. well, it's not moving at all. for the commuter forecast, temperatures will be in the 30s for the morning commute. we're not dealing with any rain. but you do need sunglasses and a warm jacket. coming home there could be showers. that could slow the commute. if you're going to be out early this morning, i recommend gloves as well. melissa is tracking a bit of a slowdown to the roads. believe it or not, we have this slowdown, maryland 95 south at skaggsville road. this isn't showing the true story. it is jammed headed southbound. that is from emergency road work. no word on when it is going to be out of the way. 66 and 95 both looking quite
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good. no fog to be seen anywhere like we were dealing with yesterday. beltway at st. barn pass looking pretty good. no major problems at all. lots of green. lots of movement, which is what we like to see. headed south, looking good. nice and clear to the spur. no major problems at this point. i'm back at 5:21 with a live look at prince george's county. left hanging 100 feet in the air. the obstacle firefighters had to come to reach a pair of window washers >> attempting to make history on television. the feat al roker is under
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♪ and military missions. we're constantly innovating to advance the front line in the cyber battle, wherever it takes us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. a winter coat is a must this morning as you pour that morning coffee and get ready to head out
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the door. take a look at the temperatures outside. in the 30s in some spots. barely hitting 40 in our area. this morning we're learning what lengths firefighters had to go through while rescuing two window washers hanging from two of the largest buildings. it took firefighters two hours to safely rescue the men from one world trade center yesterday afternoon. a steel wire snapped. each worker was carefully hoisted inside the building. both men given the okay to leave the hospital last night. a metro worker killed on the job last year, his family is suing the agency for $10 million. he was a war veteran working on the red line near union station.
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a lawsuit alleges that a hose ruptured during track repair, hydraulic fluid sparked a fire, which caused them to lose control of a 40 feet piece of rail. it swung wildly hitting and killing ingram. they are claiming negligence. they failed to train and instruct mr. hamlin to use the speed swing properly. they confirmed the lawsuit but will not comment any further. this crash in prince george's county sent two people in the hospital. two cars collided around 5:00 p.m. sending two people to the hospital in critical condition. a man robbed a woman with a blood-filled sir ring. this was saturday morning.
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you can see the man approach a woman holding a sir ring. he told the woman, quote, i have aids. give me your money. the man got away with $200. the woman was not hurt. police are questioning 12 people on an attack on u.s. sailors in turkey. three sailors caught in the middle in istanbul. they had plastic bags they tried to pull over their heads and spray paint thrown at them. they were also chased by the attackers. they disguised it as a peaceful protes it is an organized group that is anti-american. none of the sailors was hurt. we learned new maryland governor larry hogan will face a budget shortfall when he takes office. logan ran on a platform of budget reform.
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>> my job is to try to present this financial information as concisely and factual as possible. >> hogan will present a new budget plan to lawmakers. say it senate republicans elected jennings from baltimore county to be their minority leader. there will be 33 democrats and 4 republicans in maryland senate after the inauguration next year. right now you are look act something we have never seen this close before. pictures of a comet from 300 million miles away. the washing machine sized spacecraft that landed comet yesterday. the decision started 10 years ago. the lander bounced once and then touched down for good. so far the instruments seem to be working. it is sending back data that
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could give secrets about the beginning of the universe. relentless flow. hot lava continues to threaten homes on hawaii's big island. a river of molten lava on to a driveway at a facility yesterday. it scorched a shed and parts of a cemetery. microsoft has left your information at risk for nearly 20 years. the unicorn bug allows an attacker to remotely take over and control a computer. the bug is present in every version of microsoft windows from windows 95 onward. ibm spotted the bug in may. microsoft just finish the problem on tuesday. no word yet on how many people have been hacked since 1995. that is a long time. a live look outside. 43 degrees.
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a lot of you seeing temperatures in the 30s, too. >> a big change. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein to get an update . we have to break out the coats, tom. >> you're going to need gloves too and maybe even a scarf this morning. thankfully, we don't have any rain or snow around. that's the storm team 4 radar. all clear in west virginia, virginia, maryland and the eastern shore. later today, here's the timing, though, on some rain that may be arriving later thi might get a few showers way out in the mountains of west virginia, maryland. that's going to be by 2:00. that's the zone of a few sprinkles of rain, panhandle of west virginia, hagerstown and frederick. that's going to be around 2:00. showers get closer to washington by 7:00, to 8:00 this evening. a few of the showers coming through with wet roads for the
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late afternoon and early evening travel around. and after that, we will begin to see the showers quickly zing off to the east and dissipating after midnight tonight. temperatures right now are cold. mid-30s in montgomery county to fairfax county. much of loudoun and prince william in the mid to upper 30s. much of prince george's, 30s and near 40 by the bay. a few scattered showers with a high reaching near 50 degrees before then. then near freezing. by dawn friday, a blustery wind tomorrow. cold. temperatures just in the low 40s friday afternoon. and very cold on saturday morning. down to the mid-20s. after nyes in the mid-40s and sunny. a bit milder. near 50. rain looking likely sunday night and monday. rainy monday. clearing out after that. another shot of cold air with highs in the 40s on tuesday and
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wednesday. 5:31, next weather and traffic on the 1s, a look at your neighborhood highs. abouting to you. thank you, tom. al roker is trying to make history with the longest weather report ever. how cool is that. it is trending on twitter across the country right now. al is in hour 7. he is trying to break a guinness world record. and al joins us live from new york city. you're up, you're good. you're not punching. are you doing okay? >> i'm doing great, aaron and eun. it's an honor to follow a broadcast meteorological kierein, tom kierein. whatever tom says, i second the motion no matter what it is. we are in #rokerthon right now. today is guinness world record day. if you liked it last year, you'll love it this year.
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it ain't going anywhere, unform. more record lows to talk about. denver, 14 degrees below zero. that's the air temperature. it feels like 35 below. chicago at 27. cleveland, it feels like 23. atlanta, feels like 34 degrees. as we go into the afternoon, pittsburgh, only 38. that's 16 below average. kansas city 23 below average. 16 below at 48. and tom we'll tell you coming up we've got another shot this weekend into early next week. seems like a walk in the park. we're still six weeks away from the official start of winter. >> oh, my goodness, al. if you know anybody who knows
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punxsutawney phil, i would just slap him. stkphrp i'm not going to argue with that. >> i know. hang in there. we are rooting with you with the utmost confidence you will break this record. >> thank you. we're trying to raise money for the uso. please check that out. >> great cause. thank you, al. we appreciate that. of course you can keep up with al all day long on they're live streaming the rokerthon until he breaks the record. >> he will break the record. we know our al. let's check your first 4 traffic with melissa mollet. >> good morning, guys. beltway at colesville, moving along. taking a look at 95, we did have an earlier crash down on the parkway. still looks a little bit slow. you're looking quite good.
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beltway at braddock, looking good as well. no major problems there. 270 out of frederick, nice and smooth. nice and green. it is rolling down to the spur. no issues. i am back at 5:31. a live look at 95 in maryland. i'm not going to be doing this for 35 hours. mr. roker is my hero. unbelievable. a new warning that you should know about before you brave the holiday shopping. >> male drivers are more likely to hit something. there's your news. they asked 2,000 drivers what type of parking accidents. turns out more likely that men will hit a car, pole, cart or a person. >> anything in their way. >> stay out of the way.
5:26 am
men are more likely to use a hand gesture, not a thumbs up. >> or a-okay. >> and likely to say something to another party in a confrontation. >> hey, great job parking. we should start being positive. all right. keeping your kid safe when they surf the web. the new programs being put to the test in our area that could help protect them from danger on the internet. the steps being taken to make sure guard rails do their job. >> a shock to the system as you step out the door on this chilly morning. storm team 4 meteorologists are tracking the high temperatures you can spebgd with your wea in you can't be in front of your tv, catch it on your smartphone or tablet.
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looking at the stories making headlines at 5:30. family and friends are remembering a teenager as police search for a fourth suspect in his murder. . new information about an
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in-flight emergency on a private plane carrying bono. two window washers are out of the hospital after an accident left them dangling high above new york city. harrowing scene there. we begin with a story you will be talking about all morning. we are dealing with temperatures in the 30s in a lot of places. tom kierein has more on the cold and how warm it will get in the day ahead we hope, tom. >> i wouldn't use the word warm. the chill has arrived. welcome to brrsday. mid and upper 30s in washington. at the bus stop this morning, bundle up. #bundle updc. lots of sunshine. between 8:00 and 9:00, should be into the low 40s. but still pretty chilly. so larry up this morning. for the rest of the day,
5:31 am
temperatures that are right now hovering near freezing in the mountains and around the bay in the low 40s will only make it to near 50 in washington. neighborhoods in prince george's, upper 40s. montgomery and fairfax, mid-40s. maybe a few snow showers. a lot of it not sticking. near 50 by the bay. next weather and traffic at 4:41. amelia siegel out on the storm team 4 x 4 with your forecast. looking pretty good. 270 at democracy boulevard next to the mall of course. everybody headed southbound down at river road, nice and smooth. cherry hill road is moving quite nicely. taking a look at prince george's county, everything is moving. pennsylvania avenue, branch avenue, indian head, crane highway. everything looks nice and green and flowing right now. 95 in virginia, a little bit slow approaching quantico.
5:32 am
no major issues there. 66 at fairfax county parkway moving along as well. back at 5:41 with travel times. 5:32. president obama is in myanmar. he is meeting with the president as well as members of the parliament. tomorrow we will leave for australia. congress will vote on the keystone pipeline today. for months it divided republicans and democrats. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill to tell us why they may both support it today. tracie? >> reporter: the senate race is not yet decided in louisiana. mary landreau trying to hold on to her week. the republican she's running against is in the house. which one will make it to the president's desk faster? that's why both democrats and
5:33 am
republicans are now focused on approving this pipeline at this point. even if it does get to the president's desk he may not sign it. here's what the white house said about that. >> i think it's fair to say that our view of these kinds of proposals has not changed. >> and that is because, for one thing, there is a court case in nebraska right now about the route that that pipeline would take through the middle of the country. the president wants that resolved first. . thank you, tracie. also today we could hear more about the president's immigration plan. he will not back off his plans to reform immigration policy even though republicans will control both chambers of congress come january. the main suspect in the death of uva student hannah graham is waking up in a fairfax county jail cell. this is jesse matthew.
5:34 am
he was transferred to the detention center yesterday. matthew is due in court on friday to face three felony charges, including attempted murder in a 2005 rape case in fairfax and charged in abduction with the disappearance of hannah graham. prince george's county will receive a big today. >> the county didn't say how much it will be or how it will be use they donated $1 million to teach for america, benefiting schools. it will make it safer for your children to navigate the internet. think before you link is an online course where students grade three through eight focus on cyber security and online bullying. to learn more about pass ward
5:35 am
safety and keeping your kids from contacting strangers. . a new report suggests parents are borrowing less to send their children to college. it is down 8% in one year. at the same time, the cost of tuition isn't really going down. one reason for thene, students are receiving federal grant money. they are choosing fewer big name facilities and opting for smaller schools. today museum officials will announce a major revitalization plan for buildings along independence avenue keeping you safe in a crash. the steps being taken to make
5:36 am
sure guard rails in our area do .ot put you at risk for an hopefully you have your seat heaters. it is going to be cold this morning. amelia siegel has what you need to wear for your forecast with weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:41. no smartrip card? no problem. the way you can c
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welcome back.
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take a look at this video. this is what it is supposed to look like and what is supposed to happen if your car hits the tkpwar rail head on. now we are learning the federal government has accepted a plan to accept one of their products. >> we first told you about the guardrails made by trinity industries. the company made a design change that could turn them into spheres, impales cars. it is starting inspections of all the rails across the country and should finish early next year. coming up on 5:40. the cold is going to get your attention as you step out the door. >> i know you have your puppy coat on, earmuffs. that's a clear indication of what we need to be doing, right,
5:40 am
amelia. >> that's right. good news, temperatures have gone up a degree since we got here app hour and a half ago. oh, it just dropped. 44 degrees is the temperature with your storm truck. it's definitely cold. i'm bundle up and feeling perfectly comfortable. you might want to grab the gloves. if they don't have gloves on, they definitely have their hands shoved in their pockets. in the upper 30s. you need the the warm jacket but sunglasses as well. we will notice clouds increasing throughout the day. walking home from work, you want to pack the small umbrella. scattered showers are likely moving through during that evening walk home. temperatures at that point in the 40s. so a chilly day all around, getting kids ready for the bus stop. you need the warm jacket, hat,
5:41 am
scarf as well. for now over to melissa with a look at the roads. >> you look adorable in your earmuffs, amelia. gw parkway, clara barton, everything looking good. starting in virginia, 66 east, 10 minutes. 95 north from quantico tractor trailer beltway, 25. jermantown to the beltway, on time at 16. and skaggsville to the beltway, 8 minutes. earlier construction out of the way. i'm back in 10 min. how you will be able to buy a car in 30 minutes or less. >> midair scare for bono. a door on his plane just fell off in the middle of a flight. we're gathering details about what happened next and how the plane landed safely. and your weather and traffic are always on news 4 today.
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.> you can get your hour-by-ho
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15 before the hour. dealing with winter-like weather outside. the light breeze you see isn't going to help matters. the flag almost fully extended. temperatures awfully close to the freezing mark. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tracking the forecast for you. 5:45. police still searching for a suspect in a woodbridge teen's murder. people told stories and shared memories of the teen at a vigil last night. they met at the trail where brendan was killed near
5:46 am
woodbridge high. police arrested three people but they are searching for a fourth. >> to take a child's life. i'm a mother. you can't imagine to lose your son. to lose your child. to lose your baby. it's just wrong. the alleged shooter, kewayne smalls, tim any wilson and a 17-year-old charged with conspiracy. they say his death is drug related but his mother tells us that's not true. georgetown university launching its own investigation into a rabbi accused of taping women. ranly freundel is charged with using a camera inside a block. investigators have set up a website so potential victims can contact them. a high school student has been taken out of school after posting a picture of himself
5:47 am
with a gun. he went to a private school in seven pack. he wrote a caption i could actually kill someone with this gun. today terry mcauliffe will be recognized for his work for victims of domestic abuse. the anti violence group is hosting a gala at the ritz-carlton in d.c. a deadly shooting that happened in october. they're charging a teenager with second-degree murder. he was shot on adams street just blocks from the rhode island metro station. witnesses said it was a drive by. he died at the hospital. police arrested and charged the teen yesterday. his name not being released because of his age. receiving training in bullying and hazing at brook point high school. reporting that the high school football division in that area
5:48 am
was developing a student code of conduct. right now individual schools set their own codes. a brookpoint high school student suffered a concussion after he was choked. d.c. is teaming up with states where pot is legal to tell congress to back off their laws. lawmakers from colorado, oregon, and the district are holding a news conference today. they are expecting to discuss how their colleagues on capitol hill should or should not interfere with dru. >> a critical vote is expected to regulate medical marijuana. a panel will decide on new rules for dispensing drugs in the state. >> it allows physicians to recommend pot for patients and authorizes as many as 15 licensed growers in maryland. 5:48. an advisory group will vote on a
5:49 am
controversial policy you will know about if you have ever given blood. the u.s. bans men from donating blood if they have had sex with another man in the last 31 years. it started around the same time scientists discovered hiv. >> the group could recommend to change the ban period to just one year after sex. they will vote on the policy in december >> a midair scare involving bono. the rock star and four friends were flying on a private jet from dublin to berlin when a rear door fell off. the plane was able to make a landing safely. no one was hurt there. no word why the door fell off in the first place. today we are getting another step closer to kicking off the holiday season. the tree at rockefeller season will be topped with a star, not only old star. this is last year's procedure. the 2014 star is 9 1/2 feet
5:50 am
wide, weighs 550 pounds, made up of 25,000 swarovski crystals. it will complement the 45,000 l.e.d. lights that will light up the tree throughout the holiday season. the 82nd tree lighting december 3rd. always a beautiful site >> dealing with an early arctic blast complete with snow and record cold. this is a live picture from a very cold denver this morning. we just got an update from tom. right now it is 14 below zero. that's the air temperature, not the wind chills. we're just mid-november right now. denver under siege from heavy snow. and seeing a similar in wyoming where it feels like 25 below zero right now. >> i'm getting goosebumps. >> i'm telling you. windchills below freezing as far south as texas and alabama today. of course that record call is headed our way. so the question is how cold is it going to get here? if it got that cold here -- >> i don't want to see 25 below
5:51 am
in my lifetime. nk >> i'll read about it. >> right. >> i was in minneapolis in january for a weather conference of all things. it was 17 below then with the wind blowing 20 miles per hour. it was so cold it felt hot. it crossed that line. freezer bu. it's incredibly cold there. here we just have a chill compared to that. but it's cold. compared to what we have been seeing. yesterday in the 60s. right now in the 30s most of montgomery, fairfax, prince george's county. some of the areas farther west down to freezing, shenandoah, into the mount. post your pics. most of the trees have been stripped of their leaves with the winds we have had recently. that tree is hanging on a little bit. still have individual trees with gorgeous color, though around the region. take a picture and post it on instagram, facebook and twitter. the sky over washington. storm team 4 tower camera. good sreupblt. the washington monument,
5:52 am
national cathedral under a mostly c.
5:53 am
local lanes very slow 270 southbound at westmont goalry. 95 a little bit slow out of stafford county. you're running 45 miles per hour. you're opening up a little bit and triangle slow through dale city. overall, looking quite good as you look at the beltway. prince gorgeous's county, nice and green. in maryland to the north a little bit. 95. and bw parkway, everything moving quite nicely. 270 at mont rose looking good. going to get more information on westmont goalry in a couple of minutes >> thank you, melissa.
5:54 am
today you'll get a little taste of the future. metro will unveil a next generation fare gate at the station this afternoon. you can pay using your smartphone or credit card. starting in january, a select group of passengers will start testing the new gate at 10 stations across the system. if they're successful, all the old fare gates and vending machines will be replaced. you can see major construction starting at reagan airport. they have approved a plan to shift funds from dulles to reagan. it will allow for $1 billion in improvements. the authority has been trying to steer more business to dulles but decided to convert money more more people are going to reagan national. you will have to get used to the low gas prices in our area. not too hard to do that, according to the energy department. an average gallon could stay below $3 into next year. it is based on lower crude oil prices and weak demand.
5:55 am
right now an average gallon is $3 or less in phded phd, maryland, virginia and west virginia. 5:55. how would you like to buy your car without haggling in 30 minutes or less? the largest auto dealer is letting you do just that. auto nation is offering smart choice express. it allows you to pick out the car or truck online, negotiate the price, set up financing and do all the paperwork at home. and then the vehicle is is waiting for you at your nearest auto nation for pickup. how about that? it will start rolling out the smart choices at dealerships in florida next month and then perhaps to other stores next year if this is successful. >> it takes hours. literally five or six hours. you want to ask all the questions, make sure you
5:56 am
understand everything. i'm not signing nothing until i new this morning also the same protections you receive on your bank account are being extended to prepaid cards. more people are using the reloadable as a which he can b checking account these days. it would require card users to be protected against fraudulent charges. you could be getting money from verizon if you are a fios customer. you may get a refund if you were signed up for a package and paid equipment fees without them being disclosed. verizon will notify current and past customers if they are due a refund. rethink your parking strategy for holiday shopping in bethesda. one parking garage is a pile of
5:57 am
rubble. it was demolished after a piece of the garage fell off. part of the side rail back elleded in late september. no one was hurt. they are working on a $90 million renovation. it was supposed to make your travel faster and more efficient. today you can learn about a big high-speed rail project in northern virginia. a meeting tonight at 5:00 p.m. at the westin crystal city. the proposal has the train running for 115 miles from d.c. to charlotte, north carolina. d.c. making a bid for the olympics and 22 different governments in our area are on board. the washington metropolitan council of governments endorsed the 2024 bid. it's called the olympics,ette "once in a generation opportunity". a $10 million lawsuit. why the family wants them to pay after their father died while working on the red line.
5:58 am
a live look at 5:57.
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, metro sued. a father was killed while working on the red line. plus, temperatures fell quite a bit while you were asleep. check it out right here.
6:00 am
in the 30s for many of u we'll get to storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein in just a moment. melissa mollet with breaking news. crash just past west montgomery avenue. several miles of backup at this point. no major problems. looking at 295. slow as it typically is this time of day. 66 and 95, slower than we would like to see. 23 miles per hour.


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