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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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check it out right here. in the 30s for many of u we'll get to storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein in just a moment. melissa mollet with breaking news. crash just past west montgomery avenue. several miles of backup at this point. no major problems. looking at 295. slow as it typically is this time of day. 66 and 95, slower than we would like to see. 23 miles per hour.
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first light showing up on the eastern horizon from the storm team 4 tower camera. a few clouds around. headline for this brrsday, might get the a shower around 6:00, 7:00 p.m. temperatures in the mid-30s. near 40 in fairfax. loudoun and william in the upper 30s. at the bus stop this morning, bundle up. we'll stay cold through 8:00. lots of sun. chilly between 8:00 and 9:00. low 40s. when you're waiting for the bus, download the storm team 4 weather app. check the temperatures where you are. get it on google play and the itunes store. your time 6:02. the family of a metro worker killed on the job last year is suing the agency for $10 million. harold ingram was a war veteran working on the red line near union station.
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a broken hose sprayed hydraulic fluid and caused a fire, and the crane operator lost control of a 40-feet piece of rail, which hit and killed ingram. the family is claiming negligence. they say he failed to proper job briefing. they confirmed the lawsuit but will not comment any further >> a former cop northbound in jail. he will be sentenced on multiple convictions. the last time riley was in court he to attack a prosecutor. he will spend a mandatory five years for a handgun conviction. maryland's attorney general is tackling a tough issue off ignored on college campuses, according to many reports. we're talking about sexual assault. megan mcgrath live with what's
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being done today to end it. aaron, sexual assault is a big problem. it is estimated that 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted during their time in college. of those assaults, only about 12% will actually be reported. president obama launched a campaign to raise awareness. here in maryland, attorney general doug gansler has been looking at all the campuses in maryland. he is expected to announce strategies to change the campuses culture to cut down reduce the number of sexual assaults on campus here in the state of maryland. there will be a press conference later in the university of maryland at 10:00 this morning. we're expect to go learn more detail about the strategies and what's going to be done to deal with this very serious problem. reporting live in college park,
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megan mcgrath, news 4. we're work to go find out what caused this crash in prince george's county that sent two people to the hospital. it closed down all lanes during the evening rush. two cars collided at 5:00 p.m., sending two people to the hospit. 6:04. two lawyers on the other side of the law after allegedly stabbing a couple in their home. they were charged with abduction and malicious wounding. the couple went to a home on spencer road in mcclain and stand a man and his wife sunday night. a law enforcement source said this stems from alicia losing her job. the male victim is a partner in the law firm where she works. right now we want to show you something we have never seen this close before. pictures of a comet from 300
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million miles away. a washington sized spacecraft land odd that couple yesterday. it bounced once and then toucheddown for good. so far instruments are working. i just tweeted a photo that it took of itself on the rocks. you can see it on my twitter feed. it is sending back a lot of data that could uncover secrets about the beginnings of the universe. you might hear loud booms in loudoun county this morning. don't be alarmed. they are doing demolition exercises at the stone quarry on route 50. these tests are happening between 8:00 a.m. and noon. no reason to call 911 if you hear booms or rumbling. we learned the state budget will be nearly $600 billion short next year. governor elect larry hogan
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wanted robert neil with it as he transitions into office. both parties. they will present a new budget plan two months from now. the men rescued 68 stories above the ground are out of the hospital. why new security features at the world trade center made their the rescue so complicated. we are live with many of you catching the metro. ♪
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welcome back. in news for your health, living in our area puts you at a lower risk for heart disease compared to other parts of the country.
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>> the study looked at high blood pressure and obesity. here's what it found. the next 10 years men in our area are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than women. for women, maryland and d.c. tied for the lowest heart disease for women. overall, all of you people in west virginia are at greatest risk. that's good news for people here living a healthy lifestyle. we're walking, biking. only women were allowed in here. take a look at the team's hockey in heels last night. that's storm team 4 amelia siegel. looks like you had fun out
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there. >> and you know your way around an ice rank. >> i dabbled in ice hockey a time or to many, many years ago. in all seriousness, last night was fabulous. i got to facilitate the question and answer session. ladies know their hockey. i'm so glad i got to be a part it's chilly outside. gloves on but i have earmuffs on. definitely feeling that change in temperature. overall, 10 to 20 degrees cooler than here's our number 1 headline. cooler temperatures for today. there is a chance of rain later today for the commute. definitely need the heat on. nice warm cup of coffee. upper 40s for the commute home.
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hopefully we don't have a repeat performance tonight. breaking news, amelia in rockville. 270 south at false road, four-car crash off to the shoulder. we had a one-mile back skwrupl. this is looking a lot better than it was. wider look at things, no major issues. taking a look at travel times in maryland, 270 southbound. good at 16 minutes jermantown to the beltway. 66 east looking good. 395 looking good from the beltway to 14th street bridg i'm back in 10 minutes. let the gender battle begin. the gender most likely to wreck this holiday season in a big parking lot. and the sex more prone to flip
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the bird to a fellow driver. >> just saying. news 4 today also about to be part of history. part of history. the
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6:16. you can see many of you waking up to temperatures in the 30s this morning. temperatures dropped drastically overnight. it's not just going to be cold today. you can also get pretty rainy. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein working on the timing when the rain might arrive. your weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:21. new this morning -- >> we have a hanging scaffolding. >> two new york window washers are back home after being released from the hospital overnight. the men spent yesterday dangling from one world trade center. a steel wire snapped on the scaffolding equipment they were using, leaving them hanging 68
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stories from the tallest building. more than 100 police and firefighters responded. >> it is pretty impressive. i would have been scared to death if i was up there. >> post 9/11 security features like double paned windows that open slowed rescue workers. they had to use diamond cutters to saw through and hoist each workers inside. the whole rescue took two hours. at the live desk, russia standing firm, tkphapding that the west lifts sanctions before talks can take place. this meeting happened between the two world leaders on the sidelines of this asia trip. right now the president is in
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myanmar. you are looking at a group photo of the summit. president obama is set to meet with that company's president and expected a strong warning not to promise on backslide of a freer and more fair society. in a the latest. back to you >> thank you. 6:18. police are holding 12 people in turkey while they investigate an attack on a group of american sailors. >> go home! >> not only was there the loud taunting, you can see them pull plastic bags over the sailors heads and threw paint at them. whoever did this disguised the attack as a peaceful protest. three sailors were attacked. no charges have been filed. a releaptless flow of hat lava continues to threaten
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homes. it scorched trees and a cemetery. today museum officials will announce major revitalization plan for buildings along independence avenuerom 7th to 12th street. it includes a makeover for the castle. new entraps and exits to the museum of african art. retailers work around the clock to keep you safe during the black friday rush. they sat down with two black friday shopping veterans with an inside look on ways to take advantage of the deals. don't assume that tv you have been eyeing in the electronics aisle.
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some retailers spread them out to the produce aisle to help control the crowds. . you've got to wake up and see this. just in. we're getting a look at the first picture of the first spacecraft to land on a comet. it shows a rocky surface. it is now stable. >> cool stuff happening in outer space. right now al roker is trending all over the country on twit >> roker thon. al is trying to make history. he is trying to do the weather for 34 straight hours and break the guinness book of world
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records. he joins us live from . looking good, al. how are you holding up? >> i've got to tell you guys, aaron and eun, this has been the perfect time to do hashtag roker thon and try to break the world record. we have so much going on. we have lake-effect snow in the great lakes. tom kierein has been telling you about that. we have been talking about a potentially crippling ice storm in the pacific northwest. my buddy tom niziol of the weather channel naming this winter storm bozeman. look at what's happening. rain and snow firing up. so this is going to be a big deal. over the next 48 hours we are more than a quarter of the way through this. we are just getting warmed up, guys. >> boy. all right.
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al, i have to ask. at least i read that you have only taken one break about eight hours ago. how do you still have a voice at this point? >> you know, i don't know. i've got to tell you, i don't know. i feel g i got six hours before i started of sleep. and i consciously worked very hard at adding to my sleep. i normally only get five hours a night. and the last future nights i have been doing six, seven hours. so i think that's helped. >> you're ready. >> we'll see you in a couple hours. many hours. >> okay, guys. >> thanks to al in d.c. make sure you check out my twitter. i just tweeted the uso page. you can keep up on they are live streaming. check in any hour of the day. he will be there for a while working on that world record. >> so tomorrow morning. we want to check in with our own
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meteorologist tom kierein. >> al is the iron man of meteorology. after that he's going to complete a marathon. he is amazing. he just keeps going. i've been looking at this arctic air mass over the rockies and . some of that cold air is moving our way and heading east. storm team 4 radar all clear this morning. and later today, this increasing clouds. gray area of clough cover moving in. partly cloudy. by early afternoon, out in the mountains, a few snow showers. this lavender is a few snow showers in the highlands of west virginia, garrett county. this is around 6:00 p.m. we head farther south and east
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after 9:00. much of it beginning to dissipate by late evening. light showers moving in for the evening hours. between now and then, just cold. we're in the 30s around the region. and during the afternoon, the clouds thickening up a bit. highs reaching near 50. a few showers after sunset. tomorrow, blustery and cold. afternoon highs low 40s. cold weekend to follow too. next chance of rain sunday night into monday. another shot of cold air mid week next week. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:31. a look at your neighborhood highs today. what's going on? >> brand-new crash 95 north at 642. we have chopper on the way to see what's going on. as you widen out here a little bit on 95, you can see it's quite slow as you pass quantico. 15 miles per hour there. no word exactly wening there. probably just a lot of volume. wide look at things, overall looking pretty typical this time of day. slow top of the beltway. and 395 as you head into town as
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well. northbound, taking a look at 66. if you hop on to prince william parkway, centreville, heading into town, pretty slow. out of town looking quite good. >> melissa, thank you. >> the cost of sending your kids to college is going up again. you may want to brace yourself for these numbers. the average price tag for a four-year public university is almost $19,000 a year. if your student goes out of state, $32,000. the college board calculated that rise in tuition. . a new warning that you should know about before you brave the crowds for holiday shopping. watch out for men in the parking lot. >> the new survey says that male drivers are more likely to hit something. car asked 2,000 drivers what strategy they used to score a parking spot and what type of parking accidents they
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have experienced. men are more likely to hit a car, cart, pole, perhaps a pedest whatever is in the way, right? men apparently are more likely to use a specific hand gesture. we'll leave it at that. and more likely to say something to another party in a parking lot confrontation. i bet you there's choice words there as well. >> it says we are more likely, if we know somebody is waiting for a spot, we are more likely to sit there and take our time. >> just to agitate the other pepper? >> we're not that evil. wow. >> the stress of the holidays. maybe that's it, right? >> it could change how maryland lets people grow and sell medical marijuana. safety concerns at school. the message a student posted with a picture of a gun. and the cold air will hit you as you open the door it will hit you in the f that's weather and traffic on
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the 1s. >> you can see your day planner, a look at traffic on the
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right now it might be tough to look at what we have on the screen for you here. all right. peek one eye open maybe. temperatures in the 30s for many of us. a coat will be a must this morning. news 4 today keeping your weather and traffic together every 10 minutes. right to storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with a look at the forecast. all right, tom, you said it's here. now we are ready for it, i guess. >> it did arrive pretty much on time from what i was been saying the last several it is beginning to push in to our region now. and right now it is just in the 30s. so dress accordingly this morning. you'll need your puffy coat and earmuffs. mid to upper 30s between now and 8:00 at the bus stop. a very light breeze and clouds coming through. clouds in and out too. by 9:00, just into the low 40s. still pretty chilly through mid
6:31 am
morning. neighborhood highs reaching near 50 in washington, nearby suburbs in prince george's, montgomery and fairfax. farther north and west into the 40s. out of the mountains, many locations will see snow showers late in the day. and that changing into rain perhaps this evening into the metro area. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:41, amelia siegel joins us with your live 4 x 4 forecast. new crash chopper 4 over virginia and 95 just after route 1. a single vehicle accident off to the side. we have the right lane and the shoulder blocked. we are headed towards woodbridge and this crash on the right side of the roadway. no major injuries there. live picture at fairfax county parkway. pretty decent volume building at this point this morning. taking a look at maryland. 270. slow southbound all the way to jermantown. and it opens back up. live look at the top of the beltway.
6:32 am
typically slow as you pass colesville. 295 passing 50. prince george's looking good. back in 10 minutes with travel times. >> melissa, thank you. 6:32 right now. a fourth suspect in the suspect of a mur of a woodbridge high school student is on the run. brendan wilson was remembered last night by friends and family. they shared memories at a vigil held on the trail where pwrep dan was shot and killed on monday, which is right near his high school. >> i really loved him. it's sad that someone actually and i hope they catch them. >> police arrested three people. the alleged shooter kewayne smalls, kimthy wilson and a 17-year-old. they are charged with conspiracy. police say the death is drug related. his mother says that's not true. the suspect accused of killing hannah graham is due in court on friday to face three
6:33 am
felony charges, including attempted murder in a 2005 rape case in fairfax. he is also charged with abduction in the disappearance of hannah graham. 6:33 now. instagram photo led a private sc in maryland to remove a student from class at severn school. according to the capital gazette, the boy posted a picture with a gun and included the caption, i could actually kill someone with this gun. the school's headmaster said he will not be returning until the incident is reviewed. energy concerns that divided lawmakers on the pipeline for months now. tracie potts is live on capitol hill to hear why so many are supporting this for the first time. >> reporter: aaron, democrats doing an about-face to support this because they are trying to help out their colleague mary landreau who is on a runoff in louisiana. she supported the keystone pipeline.
6:34 am
now the guy she is running against on the house side, he has another compete proposal they are trying to get to the president's desk. but even if congress passes this, it's not clear at all that the president would sign it. we heard from the white house spokesman overseas with the president who says they haven't seen any details yet but are still skeptical whether or not this should be approved. >> i think it's fair to say that our view of these proposals has not changed. >> reporter: it has been six years. and the problem is, number one, environmental concerns. the epa administrator pointed out there is a lawsuit going on in nebraska about the pipeline in the middle of the country. and the president is reluctant to approve it until that lawsuit is resolved. aaron? >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you, tracy. the president is in myanmar today. tomorrow he heads to australia.
6:35 am
when he gets back he could disc developers on a high-speed rail project in northern virginia want to hear from you. there's a public meeting in arlington to let you weigh in at the westin crystal city in arlington. it runs from 115 mile from d.c. to charlotte, north carolina. congresswoman eleanor holmes-norton is teaming up with states who have legalized may marijuan voters in alaska, oregon and d.c. approved ballot initiatives that legalize marijuana possession. she is holding a bipartisan news conference to push more states to make pot legal. a critical vote to regulate medical marijuana in maryland. this afternoon a panel will decide on new rules for growing
6:36 am
and dispensing the drug. it allows physicians to recommend marijuana for patients. it authorizes as many as 15 licensed growers in maryland. protecting your family when an stkaps. the new timetable the feds have to check out this dangerous flaw in highway tkpwaeud rails> if y going to be cold. amelia siegel will take you through the next few hours in your weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:41. a new form of innovation is taking shape,
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take a look at this video. this is what's supposed to happen if your car hits a guardrail head on. now we are learning the federal deposit has accepted a manufacturers plans to test one of their guardrail's designs >> we first told you about the guard rails made by trinity indust the company made a design change
6:40 am
that could change them into spheres eupl pailing cars. inspection results should be able next year. if you're headed out, you may want to grab your heavy coat, hat, gloves, coat, everything. to springfield with the storm team 4 x 4. scarf, big coat, the whole nine yards. >> i have lost the earmuffs. as the sun is starting to come up, it is feeling a little bit warmer. you can see here at the metro station, folks got the message. not seeing a lot of gloves. some people do have hats on. and the chill lasts in the air throughout the day today. we got here around 4:30 this morning. temperature was 43 degrees. right now we're still at 45. similar temperatures as you are
6:41 am
walking to work this morning, you need to bundle up. it will still be dry. you might be dealing with showers. we will go from upper 30s for most of us during that morning walk to upper 40s later today. what you need to wear, obviously . we will let you know how long this chill will last. good morning, amelia. 95 virginia after route 1. we have the right lane and right shoulder taking up with a single vehicle accident the. trying to get it out of the way shortly. overall looking good. slow here. top of the beltway, d.c., 295, passing 50. 395 as well a little bit slow. 95 northbound quantico to the beltway, 52 minutes. very, very slow. leave early because of the crash.
6:42 am
66 headed into town, 24 minutes from fairfax to the beltway. 395, 17 minutes into town. taking a look at maryland, outer loop to 270, 28 minutes. jammed 270 south jermantown. i'm back in 10. >> thank you, melissa. the mid-flight scare for bono that has investigators searching for a missing plane door. plus, thieves with a stroller. the used this to distract the employees.
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news 4 is work to go get you up to the minute the minute you're up. >> we start with katie in germany. a huge leap in science, something we have never stearns before. katie, so cool. >> so cool. what an experience to be here yesterday as they were finally able to land it. this place was just on fire if you will. they were cheering, hugging, popping champagne bottles, going a little crazy. it bounced a few times, floated around the atmosphere. it is kind of hard to tell what
6:46 am
you're seeing. scientists apart sure what they are seeing here. it could be a crevasse or a boulder. the first time you see something riding on a comet. they are trying to answer some of life's biggest ques how did life begin? are we alone? they hope the information they are able to get will help answer the questions. is that comet how it started. if it started with earth, did it also start in other areas? are we not actually alone. they hope maybe they can get some clues to find out some of the biggest questions we have out there. >> a lot of questions. a lot of mysteries. thank you, katie.
6:47 am
you can learn more on the "today" show. a family of a metro contract worker says the agency's negligence caused his death. they are suing for $10 mil. ingram was a war veteran. the lawsuit alleges that a hose sparked a fire that caused a crane operator to lose control of a 40 foot piece of rail. the family is claiming negligence saying wmats fail to inspect the hose, failed to conduct a proper job briefing and failed to train and instruct mr. hamlin to use the swing properly. they confirmed the lawsuit but will not comment any further. maryland is doing something to
6:48 am
stop sexual assaults on campus. may began, good morning >> reporter: well, eun, sexual assault on college campuses, it is estimated one in five women are sexually assaulted during their time in college. president barack obama recently launched "it's on us" to raise awareness. here in maryland, attorney general gansley has been studying the problem. later this morning he will announce strategies, there will be a press conference here at the university of maryland at 10:00 this morning. we're expect to go learn more about what they plan to do. what kinds of programs, training they can put in place to cut
6:49 am
down on the number of assaults and encourage women who are assaulted to come forward. reporting live in college park, megan mcgrath, news 4. you may hear loud booms in loudoun county this morning but don't be alarmed. they are conducting tests on the quarry plaza between 8:00 a.m. and noon. the state will face a $600 million budget hole. the former state lawmaker robt neil will help with with budget issues >> new protections being added to prepaid cards. the rules being proposed today to be protected against fraudulent charges. no fees for monthly bill statements. 2 million households relied on those reloadable cards next year. part of the country is
6:50 am
wakingings up to temperatures we just don't see this early in the year. this is a live picture of denver where it is 14 below zero. man. it is the coldest november in denver since 1887. it looks that cold. it is snowing. wind chills below freezing as far south as texas and alabama. you know what that means. record cold headed our way. tom, i'm afraid to ask how cold it will get. >> we think it's cold in northwest. it is 42. it is 56 degrees colder in denver than it is right now. just to put it in perspective, 14 below zero in denver right now. just incredible. my brother lives near there. he said the furnace isn't keeping up. he said it's getting colder in
6:51 am
the house. 43, reagan national. 40 by the chesapeake by. looking a little like . this photo by ellen elovitz. good weather this weekend for raking leaves. you can see some of the trees here in northwest with the predawn lights showing up. off in the distance, quite a bit of cloudiness over the metro. sunshine in and out with temperatures in the 30s through 8:00. by noon time, just the mid-40s. and we might briefly touch 50 at 1:00, 2:00. by 5:00 p.m., showers will move in for western suburbs. then into the metro area. 43 by 8:00 p.m. chilly by midnight. near 40. this time tomorrow morning, right near freezing and partly
6:52 am
sunny. friday will be even colder. and with a blustery wind tomorrow guesting to around 25 miles per hour. frigid by comparison saturday morning. the mid-20s. afternoon highs. mid-40s with sunshine. a bit milder sunday. good weather for rakin. and rain leakly after sundown sunday, perhaps after midnight monday, rain after that. another classic cold air. traffic is not looking good. >> still have a problem on 95, virginia, after route 1. it is about 20 miles per hour at this point as the chopper goes back. 95 northbound as you approach route 1. it gets slow. after route 1, the actual crash is happening. thank you for that, chopper.
6:53 am
taking a look a lot 66. very slow. if you hop on prince william, opens up slow in centreville and . nothing happening. slow top of the beltway at colesville road. overall in general looking pretty typical. guys? >> melissa, thank you. 6:53. a second sentencing hearing for a former district heights police officer. johnny riley faces 45 years in prison for multiple convictions. his last hearing was postponed because he attempted to attack prosecutors. a group of chicago thieves brought a baby and stroller along as they targeted a pizza place. surveillance caught one of the thieves stealing from a tip jar and then the group leaves stroller and all but not before
6:54 am
somebody takes a fake order. they go around back and steal an employee's bike. change to go a longstanding drug donation policy. the u.s. bans men from donating blood if they have had sex with another man in the last 31 years. the group could recommend to change the banned period to one year after sex. . you may be enjoying low gas prices for a while. an average gallon ranges from 2 poepb $17 in virginia and $3.15 in d.c. metro will unveil next generation fare gate this afternoon. it will allow you to pay using your smart phone or credit card. it will be tested in january. if all goes well, it will
6:55 am
replace all the gates in the system. new, what caused a rear door to fall off the plane carrying rock superstar bono while in the sky. bono and the four friends are okay this morning. get this, the pilots didn't know until after the jet landed. no loss of cabin pressure. only what they thought was turbulence. >> thanks, molette. you could be getting money from verizon if you're a fios customer over misleading advertis refunds will be issued for confusing equipment charges and early termination fees. verizon says it will notify you if you're getting a refund. 6:55. 4 things you need to know on this thursday. a live view in new york where al roker is trying to create a world record for longest
6:56 am
weathercast. coming up on nine hours in. n tweeted a link. he raised more than $24,000. maryland officials will vote on new regulation for growing and dispensing medical marijuana. a historic mission to land a spacecraft on a comet. more than 300 million miles away. that's coming up in a few minutes on the "today" show. maryland attorney general doug gansler will talk about how to end sexual assault on campus. a puffy coat morning. just in the 30s now. later today, up around 50. en increasing clouds. light rain after sunset and before midnight. sunny, breezy, cold on friday. a chilly weekend to follow. next chance of rain looks to be late sunday night, into monday.
6:57 am
melissa? two close spots. 95 in virginia northbound after route 1, a crash really slowing traffic down. 66 is nasty all the way from prince william all the way into town. it is just kind of gross this morning. nothing really happening on 66. just really, really slow. 270, clear from the earlier crash >> thank you, melissa. that is the broadcast. we appreciate you spending time with us. >> the "today" show is next. don't forget to support uso
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. good morning him deep plunge. temperatures dropping by 40 degrees if some places as an arctic blast sweeps across the country now taking aim at the southeast and northeast and is this just a beginning for what's to come neighborhood, breaking overnight, u2 singer, bofo, a door on his jet flies off, what went wrong neighborhood, we have contact. first images from a spacecraft landing on a comet speeding at 85 miles per hour. more on how long the mission can last. and roker-a-thon, al's questions set a new record for


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