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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 13, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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new at midday, we just spoke to the father of two missing children in montgomery county and have information on a new search, new help and new determination to bring a little boy and little girl home. and you woke up to some big weather change, out there. it is only in the 40s. this could be the warmest temperatures that we see in days. good morning, welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. brother and sister jacob and sarah hoggle disappeared within days of each other in september. their father just spoke with us. news 4's megan mcgrath is live with how the search is taking a turn. >> reporter: barbara, we're
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learning that a montgomery county nonprofit will be helping with the search, lending their experience, their organizational skills, to the search for the hoggle children. police, family members, and even complete strangers have spent hours and hours searching for sarah and jacob hoggle. the toddlers have been missing since the beginning of september. their father hopes that a new reward fund will help continue that search. they have been missing for two months. father troy turner holds out hope his children will be found safe. now, some more help to keep the search going. the victim's rights foundation, a nonprofit group dedicated to the victims of violent crime, is starting a reward fund. whatever donations are collected will go to the person who finds the missing children. >> it gives us more organization. it gives us a greater base to pull volunteers from which is something that we need a lot of to finish up these searches. we probably have still close to 300 maps to complete.
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>> reporter: 3-year-old sarah and 2-year-old jacob hoggle have been missi since the first week of september. their mother, catherine hoggle, has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. while she claims the children are still alive, she has failed to to reveal their location. police fear that sarah and jacob are dead and are building a murder case against catherine hoggle. but troy turner has not given up. family members search the area every day and on the weekends they are often joined by volunteers. >> i have to belief. 100%. i believe 100% that my kids are out there. i believe they're somewhere right now and that we're, you know, no matter how long it takes, we're going to find them. >> reporter: troy turner says his sister's out searching today. he will be out on the weekend. and they're looking for volunteers. anyone who wants to help. if you want to donate to the reward fund, we can get you to a link on our website, you can take it from there. back to you in the studio.
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>> thank you, megan. turning to our change in the weather, you can expect more clouds today and chilly temperatures. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal joins us with her first midday forecast. good morning. >> good morning. big change in temperatures from this time yesterday. 24-hour temperature difference across the area, most spots are about 20 degrees cooler than we were this time yesterday. so 21 degrees cooler in washington. look at charlottesville. we were about 30 degrees warmer in charlottesville around midday hours yesterday. right now, our temperature coming in at 46 degrees. not only that, adding insult to injury, cloudy skies across the area. for the rest of the afternoon hours, we remain cloudy. high temperature only 50. we're really not going to warm up too much more from where we're at right now. as we get into the evening hours, there is the chance of showers for that evening commute. on the satellite and radar, only
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tracking overcast skies across the area. i'm going to be showing you that shower potential, walk you hour through hour for your evening. >> all right, thanks, amelia. a meeting is just getting under way to protect new marijuana laws in the district. d.c. congresswoman holmes norton is teaming up with people from colorado where pot is legal. supposed to address how congress should and should not interfere with state drug laws. voters in alaska, oregon and the district of columbia approved ballot initiatives last week that legalize marijuana possession. maryland will decide how to regulate marijuana in that state. the panel will vote on rules for voting and dispensing the drug in the state. legislation approved this year allow physicians to recommend medical pot for patients and authorizes as many as 15 licensed growers in maryland. the family of a metro worker
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killed on the job last year is suing the agency for $10 million. harold ingram was a war veteran. he was working on the red line near union station in october. the lawsuit alleges that a broken house sprayed hydraulic fluid and sparked a fire. that fire caused a crane operator to lose control of a 40-foot piece of rail which hit and killed ingram. the family is claiming negligence, saying, quote, vmata failed to inspect the hose that ruptured. metro confirms the lawsuit, but will not comment any further. right now, you may be hearing some loud booms in loudoun county. virginia state police are conducting demolition exercises at the chan till la stone kwoquy
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on route 50. right now, lots of questions being asked after a rear door fell off a private plane. u2 leader singer bono was riding in that plane. how the crew responded to the midair emergency. plus, record shattering cold and winter still six weeks away. a look at the severe conditions and how people in the midwest are handling the subzero temperatur.
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right now, you're looking at something we've never seen before. this is the first photo taken by a spacecraft that landed on the surface of a comet. you can see one of the lander's three feet there. the washing machine sized spacecraft landed on the comet yesterday. this mission started ten years ago. the european space agency says the lander bounced twice and touched down for good. the lander's already sending back data which could help uncover secrets about the beginning of the universe. well, new this morning -- >> we have a hanging scaffolding from tower one. >> two new york window washers are back home. the men spent yesterday afternoon dangling from one world trade center. a steel wire snapped on the scaffolding equipment they were using leaving them hanging 68 stories from the country's tallest building.
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nearly 100 police and firefighters responded. >> it was so high. it was crazy. it was unbelievable. it was pretty impressive. i would have been scared to death. >> features like double pained windows that don't open slowed rescue workers down. they eventually had to use diamond cutters to saw through the panes and get each worker inside. berlin airport authorities say u2 frontman bono's private plane lost a hatch as it was coming in for a landing. the rock star and four friends were flying in from dublin yesterday when the rear door fell off 12 to 15,000 feet above the ground. the plane was able to land safely and no one was hurt. no word on why the door fell off in the first place. well, his sweet creations have made him famous. now the cake boss is in some legal hot water. >> maybe focused on politics,
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i'm focused on policy. >> plus, is she telling the truth? why this senator's motives are being questioned. and high temperatures today, about 10 degrees below average. tomorrow, colder. i'll let you know just how cold it will be for your friday. coming up in about ten min.
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right now, all the lanes on
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the memorial bridge are blocked. just got a tweet in from the maryland transportation authority. there you see the truck, it's the center of this. it was on fire. that fire is now out. but the clean-up is still happening right now on that that carried traffic over the potomac between maryland and virginia. we'll keep watching the situation and bring you more when we know more. back to you. >> all right, thank you. right now, president obama is in myanmar. the president announced the u.s. will start sending peace corps volunteers to myanmar late next year. they'll train for three months before volunteering for two years. lawmakers here are holding two meetings on the fight against isis. one meeting is focusing on funding. the other focusing on strategy. the u.s. has been conducting air strikes against isis in iraq since august and in syria since september. secretary of defense chuck hagel is expected to testify this afternoon. there are lawmakers on both sides now supporting the keystone xl pipeline after years
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of delays. they're voting on it today, in fact. nbc's tracie potts tells us what's bringing them together now. >> reporter: the house could vote today on a bill to build the keystone xl oil pipeline. it's sponsored by louisiana republican bill cassidy. he's in a december 6 runoff with democrat mary landrieu. now they're hoping by backing off, she can win this tight race. landrieu insists it's not about politics. >> they may be focused on politics. i'm focused on policy. >> even if the pipeline approval makes it to president obama's desk, white house advisers may again recommend a veto. >> i think it's fair to say that our -- that our view of these kinds of proposals has not changed. >> reporter: for six years, the pipeline stalled over environmental concerns, sending oil 1,100 miles through the middle of the u.s. plus, there's a court case pending in nebraska over the
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route. >> the president is waiting for action to pan out in nebraska and he wants all these issues to be resolved. >> reporter: the senate could vote tuesday, leaving it in president's hands by the middle of next week. they still need to get that proposal off capitol hill. the senate needs four more democrats to make it veto proof. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> we're joined by mark murray, nbc's political editor. one called this the mary landrieu preservation act of 2014. explain that. >> in louisiana, oil and energy are so important. so you're saying landrieu and her republican opponent try to one-up each other on something they already support. they're both supporting it. they're try to have a contest of who supports it more. democrats certainly want to help and put mary landrieu in the best position possible. i'm not necessarily sure this
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game of one up mansship is going to decide this. if there will be enough democrats that can push landrieu over the top of a race in which the original, she only got about 40% of the original vote. if republicans are still fired up after winning the senate majority, i think those are going to be the two biggest factors in this runoff. >> if there are enough democrats to support this, will the president veto it? >> it seeps clear from white house press secretary josh earnest he's probably going to veto it. he's been kind of a little cagey, keeping his options open. but if -- the idea would be if president obama does want to eventually approve the keystone xl pipeline, he's going to want something in return for it. not necessarily having a vote. if all a sudden he gives the thumbs up, maybe next year will be because republicans decide to get something else in return for it. >> just minutes ago, the senate republicans elected mitch mcconnell, as expected, i think, as majority leader.
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does he take over as majority leader even before t new cong begins? >> no, it will start in january, for the 114th congress. all the members of congress new and old are in washington, d.c. right now, having these elections now. republicans are doing it for house and senate. of course it was no surprise that mcconnell will be the majority leader next year. >> how much campaigning do they do for these leadership positions? >> it's only when there's a contested race. there was no other republican who is challenging mcconnell. when they feel like there is a challenger, there's a tremendous amount of jockeying. a lot of, hey, maybe i'll put you on this committee if you support me. for mitch mcconnell and the other leadership races, when there's only one person on the ballot, it's an easy decision to make. >> thank you. we will see you tomorrow. for more from mack a the nbc news political team, check out first read on sony museum officials unveiled a revitalization plan
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for their part of the national mall. it's along independence avenue from 7th to 12th streets. will get new entrances and landscaping so they feel more connected. the plan includes major renovations and work on the outside of the museum of african art. take a close look at this video. that's a mama bear cradling her new baby cub at the national zoo. she actually had two cubs this week. there's no bear cam there on the view website, so we have to do what we can to be able to show you these until the little bears are allowed in an exhibit. the zoo says these are one of the only four andian bear litters born in north america in a decade. metro looks to the future. how paying for a ride could soon change. and the food lovers dream come true. the two-day event taking place this weekend that will satisfy your appetite.
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right now, the star of tlc's cake boss is behind bars and awaiting arraignment. new york city police say buddy was arrested for drunk driving early this morning in manhattan. according to tmz, he had to take a test for sobriety and he flunked the test. he has been charged with driving under the influence and will be
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arraigned later today. he is the owner of the bakery which is featured on a tlc show showcasing their elaborate and large cakes. d.c. police receive one call every 17 minutes related to domestic violence. knock out abuse is an organization raising awareness and money to combat that problem and to help the effort tonight, the group is holding a gala. its 21st. that has become an annual tradition in the nation's capital. we're joined by dr. randy walker. robin mcgraw and amanda to talk about the gala that is helping to combat domestic abuse. good morning to all of you. >> thrilled to be here, thank you. >> everybody thinks of you as dr. phil's better half but you've got some great things going on. you've been working in this whole field with something called when georgia smiles. tell us about that. >> so proud of the foundation. we launched when georgia smiles a year ago in october.
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so we've had a wonderful first year. i'm very proud of it. thrilled to be honored here tonight. >> what was the impetus for you starting this? >> i've been at every show of "the dr. phil show" now in our 13th season, and i have to say most moved by the shows we've done on domestic violence. and the strength that these women show. not only when they come to the show and ask for help to get out of a violent situation, relationship, it's also the women who come there who have been in their situation and want to help them get out. it's very moving. i just wanted to be a part of helping them with their solution. >> and standing next to you, amanda is someone who has been able to take advantage and grow from the help she's gotten from one of the shelters in our area. tell us what happened for you. >> i was in a very physically abusive relationship for over a year. lots of hospitalizations. i was actually arrested for
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refusing to testify against my abuser at one point. i was convicted. that sat on my record for a long time. but bethany house picked me up from the ground. i was like a baby being reborn. they helped me reunite with my daughter who i had not been with for over nine months. they helped me go through three years of court processes, court trials with my abuser who was ultimately convicted. he's serving 55 years in prison for what happened -- >> and you're feeling good these days? >> feeling very good. i work in the field now. a case manager working with other victims. >> that's a good message, isn't it? >> this is, we're both wanting to give her a hug. the very story and the very reason i wanted to get involved. >> tonight, you're going to be honored. you're going to be there as well. tell us what is the reason you're doing this and continue to do it. >> what i'm doing is, one, because there is a big need in our community for treatment of
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domestic violence. and we raise funds throughout the year. this is our biggest fund-raiser. over last 21 years, we've raised close to $9 million for domestic violence, organizations in the area. we're hoping to match the -- gain more than what we did last year which was $600,000 at this gala. there are a few tickets still available. maybe 10 to 20. but the tickets are basically sold out for tonight's gala. unless you want to purchase them and i can say the number 202-466-6040 and ask for madeleine smith. that's the only way there are tickets available. so we hope to see you there. >> continue to donate to this effort throughout the country but here, knock out a because against women. rob robin, thanks so much. amanda, you're so happy you shared your story. thank you. right now, a teen is killed in wood bridge, being remembered by friends and classmates as
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police searched for a suspect. what police are saying about the motive in this killing. plus, the first look at our seven-day forecast. amelia segal will let us know how long these chilly conditions are going to stick around. it's easy to get overwhelmed with daily ads on holiday blockbuster deals. blockbuster deals. but what are the
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you sell to me? no, it's free. you want to try? i try this if you try... not this. okay. da! you can't breathe through your nose, suddenly, you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather! well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. cold medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow, it opens your nose up to 38% more. so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do, sleep. add breathe right to your cold medicine shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. and look for the calming scent of new breathe right lavender, in the sleep aisle. right now, parts of the
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country are dealing with record cold. denver hit 14 below zero. that's the coldest it's been in this time since 1887. windchills are below freezing as far south as texas and alabama. of course, that record cold is headed our way. and let's find out right now. amelia's sitting with us right now. how cold is it going to get? >> we'll see high temperatures around 50. tomorrow, highs only in the 40s. when you factor in the winds tomorrow, because it's going to be breezy, will only feel like temperatures are in the 30s during the afternoon. that's one of your weather headlines. let's talk about tonight. there is a chance of showers. unfortunately, the timing could be during that evening commute. so you're making that commute tonight or you know somebody that is, you might want to tell them to budget a little extra time as they head home from work tonight. the weather not going to be an issue at all. the weather as far as the commute is concerned. but when you factor in the wind, it's going to feel like temperatures are in the 30s.
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we're going to remain cold for a while. most likely right up until thanksgiving. temperatures across the area right now are in the 40s. low to mid-40s. 46 is the temperature in washington. in frederi41 for those of you in wind chester. 45 in culpepper. we're socked in with cloud cover. for the most part, it is dry. this is a little bit of potentially right rain and snow mixture back in the panhandle of west virginia. so future weather, timing out the rain for you. 3:00 this afternoon, most of the area is still mainly dry and still overcast. as we work our way towards 6:00, this is when the thundershowers arrive, especially in the d.c. metro area. northern prince georges, montgomery, fairfax, prince william counties and in the district and arlington as well. as we work our way toward midnight, some scattered showers are possible. a 60% chance you're dealing with rain today or later tonight.
11:32 am
might see some wet flakes well north and west of washington. even back into frederick county. as we work our way toward friday morning, we'll dry out. for that evening commute, tonight, some wet roads are possible. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. tomorrow morning, sunny skies at that point. but it's going to be colder. it's going to be breezy as well. you'll have the heat on in the car tomorrow morning with the temperature around 34 groups. as we talk about the temperatures throughout the day tomorrow, a high of only about 43. when you factor in the winds, 6:00 a.m., feels like temperatures are in the 30s. 3:00 in the afternoon, only feeling like temperatures are in the upper 30s. 7:00 p.m. tomorrow evening, temperatures feeling like they're in the low 30s. friday night lights for friday, obviously, definitely want to bundle up. saturday, a high of 46. cloudy on sunday, a high of 49 degrees. low temperatures on saturday and
11:33 am
sunday will be in the 20s and 30s. so a cold start, barbara. both weekend days. a little bit more sunshine though on saturday. and then another cold blast arrives next tuesday and wednesday. high temperatures on those days having trouble making it out of the 30s. >> all right, thank you, amelia. breaking news. isis just released a statement. let's check in with news 4's molette green at the live desk. >> isis vowing to fight until the very end. a new just released audio statement from the head of the extremist group hit the social media networks this morning. it's still not clear when this recording was made, before or after u.s. led air strikes that reportedly wounded the military's leader. that is the latest from the live desk. back to you now. >> thank you, molette. prince william county police are searching for a fourth suspect in a wid bridge high school student's murder. brandon wilson was remembered at a vigil last night. it was held on the trail where brendan was shot and killed on monday which is near the school.
11:34 am
>> i just -- i just basically loved him and it's really sad that somebody actually took his life. and i hope -- i hope they catch that person. >> police arrested three people. the alleged shooter, kuwayne smalls and a 17-year-old -- the third person was 17 years old but unnamed, charged with conspiracy. police say brendan's death is drug related but his mother told us she does not believe that's true. all coaches at stafford public high schools will receive training in bullying and hazing after a choking incident at brook point high school. . freelance star reports the high school football division in the area is also developing a student code of conduct. last month, a high school student suffered a concussion after she was choked in the locker room, passed out and hit his head against a locker. in a half hour from now, we'll get a taste of the future on metro. the agency will unveil the next
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generation around noon today, it will allow you to pay using a smart phone or credit card. the gates will be tested in january. if all goes well, metro will replace all other gates in the system. verizon ordered to pay up in maryland. plus, it's really worth it or is it? how to figure out if a black friday deal is worth the money. and stick around, when we come back, for part of a world setting record.
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you could be getting some money back from verizon if you're a fios customer in maryland. over misleading advertising. for confusing equipment charges and early termination fees. verizon says it will notify you if you are getting a refund. well, americans might get to spend more time picking at that thanksgiving leftover than pouncing on black friday bargains. nbc's peter alexander is in falls church. >> reporter: you better believe there are people watching us now who are eyeing a spot in front of stores like this one. to camp out for those door buster black friday deals. there may be a reason this season that you don't have to. frankly, black friday in the eyes of some may be a thing of the past. walmart, among one, is changing
11:39 am
its plans. this year, offering those black friday deals over the course of five days. super sizing their sales as it were. from thanksgiving through cyber monday. target already promoting holiday discounts starting the sunday before thanksgiving. if you thought battling the crowds were going to be your best bargain, experts we spoke to don't buy it. the fact is some stores are advertising door buster deals that theme been promoting previously or planned to promote later in the season. take the example of a 50 inch rca television at kmart. nerd wallet, a consumer financial website, found it was going to be marked down to $399 on black friday. that's the same price as they were offering up two months earlier. and online prices, those are going to hit rock bottom ons thiss this day itself. average discount 24%. all thanksgiving week. the average item will be 20% off. this thanksgiving, don't be surprised if the people around
11:40 am
you start without you. nearly a third of all online sales will come from smart phones or tablets. that's more than any other day all year. that's the latest from here, back ton you. >> staying safe while shopping for the holidays involves more than just protect your wallet. retailers work around the clock to keep your safe during that black friday rush. retailers aren't the only ones with a plan. consumer reporter erica gonzalez joins us with shopping tips. >> it's nice to work with you during midday. all this week, we have been highlighting stories on how to stay safe and secure while shopping. today, we are focusing on how to brave the crowds and how you can make the most of your black friday shopping experience. we visited two local black friday veterans, friends who have been shopping black friday sales for eight years. they say the deals are worth the time and all of the effort that you're going to see that they put into this.
11:41 am
>> we're going to be a consumer either way, so we can either be a smart consumer and purchase during a time when we know we're going to get the best deal or we can just buy when we know we need it, but then we're going to end up spending more money. >> now, is there any way to beat the crowds? do you have a tip for that? >> so, most people would think that it's an electronic, they've got to go to the electronic section. one way to avoid getting trampled, that's another thing we'll talk about, the wording that's used on black friday. you don't want to rush straight to the electronic aisle. why? you might be surprised to find high-ticket items somewhere else in the store. for instan, you could see big screen potatoes next to potatoes in the produce section. so scout out the store before you head to one session. that's the case with these ladies. we'll tell you more about their story tonight. she said last year the dvds were next to the potatoes. >> they hide these things so you
11:42 am
have to go through a maze to find them? >> not necessarily a hiding process as it is so much is strategic placement t make sure you don't get an overwhelming flood of people going to one particular section. they're going to scatter those items here and there to make sure that the people are also scattered here and there. if you've got a question about holiday shopping, you can send them to me on facebook. just search news 4 consumer watch. my team and i will do our very best to answer them for you. >> okay, we'll see you tonight and then tomorrow too. it could happen today. the first step in lifting a blood donation ban that has been in place for more than 30 years. plus, your risk of heart disease. why people living in d.c. are not at the same risk as someone living in virginia or maryland. >> i know you tried to reinvent yourself. you started picking up the guitar, playing a little bit. have you ever thought about practicing in the bathroom? >> you can catch more of of this with meredith.
11:43 am
kathie lee and hoda today at 1:00 right here on nbc 4.
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the cost of sending your kids to college is going up again. four-year public anniversary is almost $19,000 a year. out of state, you're looking to pay at least $32,000 a year. you'll run about $42,000 a year on average if you send your child to a private nonprofit college. the college board says adjusted for inflation it cost more than
11:46 am
three times as much to go to college now as it did 30 years ago. today, an advisory group will vote on a policy that prevents gay men from donates blood. if you ever donate, you will see some men cannot, men who have had sex with another man any time since 1977. according to bloomberg, the group could recommend changing that ban to adjust a one-year after sex ban. the fda will vote on this policy in december. in fuse for your health this morning, heart disease is the leading cause of death among americans according to a new y journal of preventive medicine. where you live can put you at a greater risk of developing heart disease. news 4 has what you need to know when it comes to heart health and where you live. >> living in our area puts you at a lower risk for developing heart disease compared to other parts of the country. this study looked at a number of factors including high blood pressure and obesity.
11:47 am
here's what it found. take a look at this map. you can see some geographic trends when it comes to heart disease. we're in pretty good shape. for women living in maryland, d.c. and virginia, the risk for heart disease is low across the board. maryland and d.c. tie a 7.5% risk rating. that's compared to around 14% for men in the same area. men living in the district have the lowest risk at 13.5%. other the next ten years, men in our area are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than women. if you live in west virginia, here, you are at the greatest risk, with nearly 16% of men and 8% of women developing heart disease in the next ten years. to see how we measure up to other parts of the country you can find the full study on our website. a huge event for huge lovers. takes place in our area this weekend.
11:48 am
all you need to know about the emporium. >> it is a brand-new food market. something that started in baltimore in april. we're having the first one here in the district this weekend. it's going to be on saturday and sunday. this is on the union market campus. it's a cool event because it combines both shopping and eating. if you're a food lover if you love cocktails, this is a great place to go. >> what should you eat if you go there? >> there's going to be a lot of food you'll be able to eat on site, including steak shack, taco bomba. east side kings from austin. all the way from austin. paul was a top chef winner in season nine. he decided to bring his caravan here. all kinds of asian snacks. a lot to eat. definitely bring cash. >> what about buying food to take with you? we're talking about fresh ingredients or prepared foods. >> it's a lot of both. it's not just about eating. it's about buying gift, for the
11:49 am
holidays and for your food, your friends who are food lovers. jaerl curl from queen candy in portland is coming with her amazing candies. they're just like the ones you remember like lollipops, similar to star bursts but they' all made with french ingredients. and fantastic ice cream. they're going to be there. they're going to be a lot that you can place orders for. put in a bag and take home and wrap up and give to someone. >> it's going to be at union market this saturday and sunday. tickets are going to be $20. it's $40 for vip. that's going to buy you samples. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> more expensive for vips. >> vips get extra. they get cocktails and a breakfast brunch. it's going to be very fun. >> thanks, have a great weekend. for more ideas for your weekend, log on to for the going out guide on washington
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this week's wednesday's child. her name is cynthia. while she is looking ahead to a future as a vet or zoologist, her greatest dream is to have a parent to encourage her. have you ever been to the zoo? >> no. >> she wants to be a zoologist so we came here to explore the idea. cynthia has some ideas in mind for her future and they all include animals, big and small. john taylor, who's worked with all kinds of animals here at the national zoo, is now the keeper of one of the most popular exhibitions, the farm. cynthia showed a real compassion for each of the animals she met. >> you want more than one? >> she had been living with her grandmother who's just no longer able to take care of her. >> when i was little, my favorite animals were horses. >> did you learn to ride? >> yeah. >> do you still have a chance to ride? >> no. >> would you like to be able to? >> yeah. that would be a lot of fun.
11:51 am
>> while she loves horses and cows, she says if she's lucky enough to be adopted, it wouldn't matter whether she's in the city or the country. she says she just wants a family that will love and care for her. and what would you offer in return? >> i would offer my love. care. and a lot of affection. >> those are things she missed, she says, growing up. often, prospective adoptive families aren't interested in teenagers but they're kids too and they need a family to come home to throughout their lives. j.t. had a little gift for cynthia, a zoo shirt, and some parting words about her future as a zoologist. >> you do have a future, the way you work with the animals. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for cynthia or another child whose waiting, please call our special adoption hot line. number's 1-888-to-adopt me.
11:52 am
or search for wednesday's child at the longest uninterrupted weather broadcast. a roker trying to set a record now. a look at our local weather and who's more likely to see scattered showers. stay with us. we
11:53 am
11:54 am
developing this afternoon. starting at 4:00, we'll hear from the family of two missing children from montgomery county. they're speaking right now.
11:55 am
later we'll learn details of a reward fund. a second open enrollment for the affordable care act begins this weekend. making stops around the country today. on news 4 at 4:00, we'll have more on who needs to enroll and how soon. here's a live look at the christmas tree at rockefeller center. crews just hoisted a 550 pound star atop the spruce. the tree will be adorned with more than 45,000 l.e.d. lights and you can watch the tree lighting on december 3rd right here on nbc 4. and right now, al roker is trending across the country. hoping to make history. trying to forecast the weather for 34 straight hours and create a guinness world record. al joins us live. hey, hal, how you holding up? >> it is always great to see you, barbara.
11:56 am
you know how much i love you. >> right back at you. >> thank you. and we are looking at a day of -- it's going to be not a bad day today in washington, d.c. temperature about 44 degrees. all in all, not too bad. we didn't get quite as far south. you're going to be in the low to mid-40s today. no big problems. there's a weak front pushing through. it's not really going to bring much. there might be some showers late tonight into early tomorrow morning. once that system moves through, temperatures drop a bit, but all in all, not too bad. we're looking at decent weather. again, we are trying to break the guinness record. but the reason we're really doing this is to call attention to the uso. i got to go do a uso tour show with jay leno and kevin eubanks at the bagram air base so please
11:57 am
go to and help us raise money for the people, the organization that catakes ce of our men and women in armed services. >> we miss you, like to see you in person. >> all righty, barb. >> keep up with al today. live streaming the entire roker-thon until he breaks the record. let's talk about something else. >> i know, right. >> do you think you could do the news for 34 straight hours? >> you know, i don't know, but i wouldn't mind trying. we've done some really long sprints when we've had things happen. 34 hours is a long time. >> best of luck to al. for the rest of today, cloudy, the best chance of showers between 6:00, 7:00 p.m. until about 2:00 amg. scattered showers for the evening that could slow the
11:58 am
commute. otherwise, high 50. tomorrow, colder, high of only 43, breezy throughout the entire day. temperatures are only going to feel like they're in the 30s. some good news at least we'll be dry for the weekend. >> that's good, very good news. thanks a lot, amelia. that's news 4 midday today. we thank you for being with us. and invite you for 4:00, 5:00, and we'll be right back here at 11:00 with news 4 midday. we hope you'll join us. down the chimney?it wait, how does he fit up the chimney? how does he keep down all that milk? how much does 7 billion presents weigh? i just don't get it. why don't you ask him yourself?
11:59 am
santa! join us at busch gardens christmas town, where christmas shines brightest. celebrate beneath the glow of 8 million twinkling lights. get up-close to penguins, and experience spectacular shows, all at busch gardens. for the best ticket offers, visit today.
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>> kayla: there is no child. >> theresa: what? >> kayla: you're not pregnant. >> brady: what a surprise. she lied. >> theresa: no, that can't be. >> brady: imagine lying about something like that. >> theresa: why? >> brady: it's like lying about hitting someone with a fireplace poker and putting them in a coma. >> kayla: theresa. >> theresa: why are you lying? >> kayla: i'm sorry, i'm sorry. >> brady: and then lying about who did it. excuse me, excuse me. are you saying that she is lying? >> theresa: i'm pregnant! no, i'm having a baby. i'm--i'm having your baby. >> aiden: thank you for being someone i can trust... to listen, care. for so long, it's felt like life has been pressing in on me, li c


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