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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 14, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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snowman. indoor snow fall, a suspended glass christmas tree and 2 million pounds of ice. >> it was a lot colder than we expected. >> hand warmers and a big parka. >> news 4 continues at 5:00 a.m. >> news 4 today st. no break from the winter weather. e tracking conditions for you on the roads right now after a night of rain and sleet in our area and what you need to know to prepare for the day ahead. let's start with storm team 4 tom kierein with your friday morning weather headlines. >> storm team 4 showing the sky to the west is clearing out. a clearing sky over washington. south and east, though, we are getting a few linkering sprinkles of light rain. temperatures in the upper 30s in
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the lower part of the eastern shore. that is pulling away. and the sky beginning to the clear out. a cold morning. weather headlines will be blustery. winds gusting 20 to 25 miles per hour. this chilly pattern will be continuing into the weekend. temperatures right now have dropped into the mid-30s in prince george's. much of montg and fairfax to 30 degrees, shenandoah, panhandle on of west virginia. look at oakland. down to just 19 degrees now. coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s. the hour by hour changes on the way. colder day coming up at 5:11. now melissa, what's going on? >> new crash in monday rove ya. fingerboard road at bartholows road, all lanes blocked. there is an accident.
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your alternate is bethesda church r wider look at the beltway, a lot of construction we saw early a now cleared. happy friday, everybody. 66 and 95 in virginia, everything smooth. still construction 95 southbound near route 6:42. beltway at branch avenue, no problems there. more construction is hanging around. coming up at 5:11 >> 5:02. today he is connected to the assault and di of three women in our area. jesseatthew will be in court in fairfax this morning. >>reporter: matthew is the prime suspect in the death of uva student hannah graham. but he is also charged of the 2005 rape and abduction of a woman in fairfax county. he is due in court this morning
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in that case. matthew is facing three felony counts, including tempted murder. he is accused of dragging a woman into a wooded area in fairfax and assaulting her. he has been charged with the abduction of the disappearance of happen that graham. dna links the graham case and the fairfax rape to . harrington disappeared after attending a rock concert at uva. she was later found dead. at this point jesse matthew has not been charged in the harrington death. again, jesse matthew due in court in fairfax county on a 2005 charge connected with a rape and abduction. he is due in court at 9:00 this morning. megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you. megan, thank you. he's also charged with abducting hannah
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actually, this is about brendan wilson. >> today is the funeral for brendan wilson. he was the student gunned down on monday. funeral services begin at 6:00 this evening at miller's funeral home at woodbridge. 5:04. detectives need your help finding the fourth suspect in they are looking for deion moses. judge allowed them to release his name and photo even though he is underage. three other people are under custody can. smalls was out on bond at the time of the shooting. he was supposed to be wearing a monitoring bracelet. wriggly is expected to find out if he can replace his current defense team he is accused of assaulting, then kidnapping judge audrey creighton in may. creighton admitted to having an
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affair with him. he was later found in florida. he faces 55 years in prison if convicted >> postal workers are planning to protest job cuts outside postal headquarters in d.c. this is video of a similar protest in april. the postal union says staffing cuts, along with the closure of 80 mail processing centers will dramatically slow down mail delivery. they are calling on cuts to delay it until they can improve finances for the postal service. another ebola patient is headed to the nebraska medical center. that patient will be flown in tomorrow. the patient reportedly a surgeon and a citizen of sierra leone who contracted the there, but he is also a u.s. respect. the last patient in this country was released from a new york city hospital on tuesday. the university of virginia just received a record number of
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early applications. early action allowed students to apply before november 1st and receive an answer by the end of january. uva received more than 16,000 packets marking a 7.5 increase over last year. uva applicants do not have to commit to attending if admitted for early decision. a baby back with his mother. it put her at the center of a custody fight >> watching for slick conditions on the roads. your weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. first, though, take some time to pour yours
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this morning, the university of minnesota is getting world wiped recognition for inventing a device that can detect cancer in a few minutes. it is known as z lab. it only needs one drop of blood to work. in 15 minutes it can detect cancer and heart diseae invento expect it to be in wide use for several years. once it does hit the market it should cost between $200 and $500. good news before you drink your of coffee. some of you are drinking it already. that cup of coffee may help
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lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. swedish be researchers say drinking three to four cups a day to lower your risk by 25%. it has nothing to do with the caffeine. the study found that decaf coffee actually showed a greater protective effect against type 2 diabetes. if you're wondering if you will have to be shaking all day and bouncing off the walls, that's not the case. any coffee will do. it probably won't mean four big cups like this. coming up on 11 minutes after 5:00, 35 degrees. 35 in tinnily town. colder in a lot of places this morning. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. we still have lingering light rain. behind that skies clearing out.
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a live view. temperatures right now near 30 degrees. low 30s 8:00 a.m. lots of sunshine, a blustery wind. low to mid-40s around 2:00, 3:00. by 5:00, right back down to near 40 degrees. the feels-like temperature, 7:00 this morning, it will feel like the 20s. and then the feels-like temperature by noon time, low to mid-30s. we're going to have gusty winds. we're talking windchill. we'll be talking with al roker who is in the final stretch of his rokerthon. now let's check with melissa, who is dealing with construction. construction 95 south at fairfax county parkway. two left lanes blocked until . two right lanes blocked. should be out of the way shortly on 95. 66 headed into town, out of town, looking quite good.
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270 at old hundred, no pro i'm back in 10 minutes. see you at 5:21. thank you, melissa. al roker is closing in on history. here's a live look. we will talk to him to see how he is holding up now that he is on the a air for 31 hours for rokerthon. >> a man can't text his wife without anyone looking. the life long redskins fan makes an interesting request for the team for his final wish. weather and traffic always on
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5:15 right now. storm team 4 x 4 is out checking on road conditions to help you get to work on time. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia siegel joining us live from leesburg. what are things looking like out
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there? good morning, aaron. we are traveling along route 15. we just passed leesburg. good news to report. we have gone from washington, taking the dulles toll road. now heading into maryland. dry road conditions across the area. that's great. the temperature here in the storm truck is now at freezing. obviously if there was still moisture on the roads, that could create areas of black ice. we have been driving now for a good hour or so. everywhere we have been looking at dry road conditions. the other element, breezy conditions. winds in leesburg 15 miles per hour, gusting to around 20. good news as well, though. we're not noticing the breezier conditions here in the storm track. like i said, heading towards frederick. we're going to take 70, back down to 270 into d.c. we will continue to bring you updates if you see any slick spots for that morning commute.
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aaron and eun? >> amelia, thank you. two more students have come forward saying they were inappropriately touched by a substitute teacher. >> do you have any comment on that? >> >> news 4's jackie benson tried to talk to that teacher, jose paneda last night, but he refused to comment. he was arrested in october, accused of inappropriately a 12-year-old a at roberto clemente. the district has taken heat for waiting to notify parents for three weeks. he taught at 20 different montgomery county schools last year. they're asking for anymore possible victims to come forward. d.c. police searching for clues to solve a murder in southeast washington. the shooting happened on 37th street, not far from fort dupont park. police have not identified the man who was killed and don't have any information about the possible shooter. right now president obama
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wrapping up his visit to myanmar. early this morning, president obama said he wants to see more progress towards democratic reform in myanmar. the country is trying to reinvent itself after decades of military rule. you can start signing up for health insurance through the federal health exchange this weekend. open enrollment under the affordable care act begins tomorrow. they are expecting a much smoother process this time around. republicans who now control both houses of congress are already talking about trying to repeal the law. virginia governor is making a push to get you signed up for health care. if you qualify for coverage, they will most likely be reaching out to you. virginia uses the federal health exchange website. last year 200,000 people enrolled. a an additional 160,000 will sign up this year. a florida mother and her son have been reunited after a
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controversial ku battle. sarah markum says she has the right to decide who her baby eats. and that doesn't include milk. she is a vegan, which means she does not eat anything by an animal. in june, the mother refused to take the dehydrated baby to the hospital pause they didn't have nondairy formula. >> it was an ego and the arrogant doctor didn't want to lose. >> this whole thing was a nightmare. i can go back to being a new mom. >> the family says caleb has been raise odd soy milk since day one and is 100% healthy. the mother may still face child neglect charges but the lawyer is still work to go get them thrown out >> it will be a first today at the national cathedral. five muslim groups will hold friday prayers inside the
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cathedral. the begins at 11:30 with the prayers beginning at 1. now to a developing story on hawaii's big island. lava is breaking out at three spots near the town of pahoa. this shows you just how far the creeping moln mass can move in two hours. a trash transfer station, cemetery and main road. it has consumed one house, a shed, and dozens of trees. . 's temperatures are making one thing very clear, winter is coming. d.c.'s department of public works will talk about its plan to start tackling the snow once it starts falling. ward 3 council member will lead the hearing starting at 11:00 in room 500 of the wilson building.
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that's pretty unusual. you don't hear that this time of year very often. thundersnow on lake erie, northeast of cleveland. the midwest, as well as much of the country, dealing with unusually cold temperatures right now. parts of ohio could see as much as 10 inches of lake-effect snow. you asked the weather guy what causes thunder snow and he could probably go on for hours. >> al roker has been going on for hours. 31. on his way to a world record for the longest weathercast. al, you're almost there. and you have a lot of weather to talk about too. good morning. >> you know what, guys, that's what made the difference in a sense. there was so much to talk about. >> yeah. >> it just kind of flew by. we were going to all these different nbc stations, including you guys. we with thank you for helping us do this. now we are looking at more to talk about. early next week, a polar vortex
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breaking off. this one colder than what we have been experiencing. so we have to get ready for that early to mid next week. in the meantime, as you look today, you'll have a high in washington, 44 degrees. 15 degrees below average. boston, 44. 10 degrees below average. indianapolis, even on the chilly side. tallahassee, florida, 58 degrees. new orleans, which is normally always warm and humid, 52 degrees. that's more than 21 degrees below average. but what's been above average is the response to donating to the uso. tom kierein, tom, if you would a chance for 34 hours you could fill it with no problem. >> i don't know. not without some double vision and numbness in the feet. let's not make al talk anymore. just gesture. just point to the map from now
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on. he's the iron man of meteorol y congratulations. wonderful we start off here with a clearing sky. a few lingering sprinkles on the lower part of the eastern shore. that's continuing to pull away. temperatures behind the clearing sky have tipped to near 30 degrees in northern montgomery county, loudoun county, prince william and fauquier. reagan national at 37. eastern suburbs, mid-30s in prince george's county. alexandria, arlington, up near annapolis and anne arundel, mid to upper 30s. wear a nice warm knit hat and your puffy coat. we will have cold temperatures with us. gloves is a good idea. as we will have it near freezing. morning drive, watch out. might be a few icy spots on
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roads. you'll kneeled the heat on getting back home. near 40 with a blustery wind. tomorrow morning, down to the during the the day on saturday, afternoon highs reaching the mid-40s. good weather for raking leaves on saturday with a lighter wind out of the northwest. sunday, good day for outdoor work as well. sunday afternoon, big game at fedex field. skins/buccaneers. kickoff at 1:00. should be in the upper 4. quite a bit of cloud whereness through the game.
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and one fan did enjoy a hardship in life made an interesting
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final request to the team via his obituary. he lived in mechanicsville. he was 52 years old when he died on sunday. he survived a house fire and lost a teenage son. but his family says he always kept laughing through it all. and his final request will live on forever thanks to his wife who put it in the obituary. he said he wanted members of the redskins to act as pall barriers so they could let him down one more time. >> that's what he wanted. and he was so funny. always very witty and quick. >> even at the end giving us a laugh there. the family says it has not been contacted by new developments in the secret service scandal. a new report highlighting the many mistakes they made when a man jumped the white house fence
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and made it inside. putting student safety in the spotlight. the incident that put greek life on hold at west virginia university >> you're stepping out to cold, blustery conditions. we'll show you the high temperatures you can expect with with weather and
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looking at the stories making headlines right now at 5:30. the main suspect in the death of a uva student will be in a fairfax courtroom to face charges in a sexual assault case there >> friends and family will gather in the day ahead to say good-bye to a woodbridge teenager gunned down at his school. and a plan for the keystone pipeline. but we begin with weather. the rain and sleet has moved out. windy conditions are going to make it feel even colder than the temperatures you're seeing on your screen right now. >> storm team 4 tom kierein is tracking the temperatures you can expect. >> the fg beginning to flap. still showing some lingering light rain on the eastern shore.
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it's all pulling away. we had sleet and flurries overnight. it is now long gone. county by county today, pleasy and cold. afternoon highs in the 40s. and to the south and west across the west of north central virginia, highs near 40 in loudoun. low 40s much of the rest of northern virginia. and counties in southern maryland this afternoon should be reachin. blustery wind. coldest spots in the shenandoah valley. in the mountains where many locations. highs in the 30s. next weather and traffic on the 1s. a look at the hour by hour changes. melissa looking at conditions this friday morning. right now we are looking quite good overall. taking a look at 270 at shady grove road heading into town. 66 into and out of town also looking quite good.
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a trip in on 95. if you're hopping on in stafford heading into town you can see all the work zones are out of the way. you're completely clear into town as well as if you head southbound. no major problems. branch avenue, pennsylvania, indian head highway, everything rolling along nicely. the earlier crash also out of the way. a wider look overall. no major problems at this point. you're looking good. nice and clear. i'll be back at 5:41 to look at travel times. thank you, melissa. 5:32. a developing story this morning. a harsh new report from homeland security about the jumper incident at the white house in september. it says everything that could have gone wrong did. and the man made it through the front door. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill now with a look at the details. >> reporter: some shocking details, eun. good morning. the reason gonzalez was able to get over that fence and into the white house, according to this
5:33 am
report, people just weren't watching when they were supposed to. the north lawn officer was on his cell phone and not having his earpiece in his ear. he didn't have his backup radio. he left it in his locker. they cite several performance organizational and technical failures like the spike that was missing on the fence that led to that incident. a dog attack was ordered but by then it was too . he was already inside. homeland security official calls this report harsh but said intent to to fix propblts. the officers and agents are not on administrative leave. we're getting reaction from here on capitol hill, head of homeland security committee he w more hearings on this. that is not acceptable.
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>> tracie potts live on capitol hill. tracie, thank you. a police detective is suing a defense attorney he's the reason she received deat simms is was accused of sending explicit mechanics messages to his 15-year-old girlfriend. his girlfriend jessica foster called the warrant crazy and said her client was being persecuted. detective abbott said those words were directed at home and were defamatory and caused severe emotional distress. he is suing for $350,000. we know who murdered a 1-month-old baby, his father. he was charged with murder in his son's death inside an apartment on trenton in southeast. police say the baby wa.
5:35 am
leaders put a stop to all fraternity and sorority. they said the action to halt activities while these mattee b students's safety in mind. later this morning, we will hear from the two window washers who were rescued from one world trade center. the men were stranded for hours outside the 68th floor when their scaffolding broke on wednesday. firefighters had to break the glass in the window near them to pull to safety. they had to use diamond cutters. new this morning, south korea is banning asiana a airlines for 45 days.
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the company will appeal the decision by the ministry of land, infrastructure and transport disciplinary committee. three people died and 200 were hurt in the july 2013 crash. the ntsb blamed the crash on the pilot, saying they made errors during the landing >> you have quality choices when it comes to sending your children to charter schools. one-third are in high performing charter institutions, 9% more than last year. in all, 20 were rated in the top tier. some of the top programs including chinese immersion and montesori. it's not cold enough for snow just yet but there is a winter wonder land apparently. they will officially kick off the christmas on the poe tack mac at 1:00 p.m. it includes 2 million lights, indoor snowfall, 60 foot tall
5:37 am
suspended glass christmas tree, and 2 million pounds of ice. >> a lot of ice. >> helping you get around a little easier. why one county in northern virginia will be plowing more than just roads this winter. learning more about the chaotic scene following a crash into a store in montgomery county. the mistake the driver made. you're going to need to crank that heat in your car. take a live look. it is barely above the freezing mark. tom will be back at 5:41 to take you through the temperatures over the next 24 hours. and your weather and traffic on news 4 today. >> you can keep an eye on the temperatures and how the t
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i was standing by. when i heard a rumbling sound. it kind of sounded like an earthquake. a car comes crashing into the store, past me, went straight to the back. >> straight to the back. that mini van went barreling through a gaithersburg storefront, barely missing customers there. you take a look here. the van made it 60 feet inside on frederick road. one woman was hit and taken to the hospital. she is expected to be okay. montgomery county fire says the elderly driver was trying to park when he went through the storefront window. >> good thing not more people were hurt. all right. we're talking about cold temperatures.
5:41 am
really cold. especially for this time of the year. not ready for this, aaron. scarf, gloves, the whole nine yards. >> it feels more like mid winter not mid-november. under a clearing sky. remaining cold with sunshine. near freezing. low to mid-40s. back down to near 40. going forward the next 24 hours. by late evening, by dawn saturday in the 20s. weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:51. what's going on? >> looking good on gw parkway. clara barton looking good as you widen out. all the earlier work zones are now out of the way. as far as travel times go, 2730 southbound from jermantown to the beltway, 16 minutes. outer loop, 95 to 270, 10 minutes as well. fairfax county parkway to the beltway. and 95 north all on me.
5:42 am
i'm back in 10 minutes. . melissa, thank you. ebola back in the spotlighthis morning. what we are learning about the latest patient preparing for treatment in the u.s. plus, trying to ease the financial burden. the
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your time now is 5:45. storm team 4 is working for you by watching the weather and the roads. it is just 35 degrees outside our studios. that's the warm spot. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia siegel is out in the storm team 4 x 4. she shows us jefferson pike. >> reporter: good morning, eun. we're here in the storm team 4 x 4. we have been through leesburg, frederick, jefferson street. we're going to start to head towards d.c. jefferson street kind of a secondary road.
5:46 am
even the road conditions here are in great shape. what we are noticing is the cold temperatures. storm team 4 x 4 reporting a temperature right no so it is definitely that chill in the air like tom has been talking about with the breezy condition. .emperatures will feel like the storm team 4 x 4 tracking the road conditions. we noticed damp spots on the sides of roads. there's not enough moisture on the road to create any slick spots this morning. like i had, we're going to hop on 70, get on 270. we will let you know what we are seeing out here. breezy conditions are being reported up here in frederick. we're not noticing those in the storm team 4 x 4. eun? >> we'll check in with you soon. >> 14 before the hour now. a montgomery county family is keeping the memory of their son alive in hopes they will find his killer.
5:47 am
solomon king would have been 26 years old. 10 years ago he was hit and killed by a hit and run driver in potomac. the crime has never been sold. his mother said the last 10 years felt like a bad dream. >> every parent thinks why? why? not me. it's just like a d but he's not here with anymore. >> police say they don't have any new leads in their investigation. meanwhile, the family marks the 10th anniversary with family and some of his favorite foods. today accused kidnapper delvin barnes will be in court for a bail hearing. he is accused of kidnapping a 22-year-old in philadelphia earlier this month. she was found safe in jessup,
5:48 am
maryland three days later. a woodbridge high school student will be laid to rest today. brendan wilson was shot behind his school. a vigil remembering the 16-year-old's life was held by family and friends. funeral services begin at 6:00 for miller's funeral home in woodbridge. three people were arrested in his murder but they need help finding a fourth suspect. this is deion moses. in a rare move, the judge allowed police to release a picture of him. the man accused of kidnapping a montgomery county judge will be back in court. he is expected to find out whether he can replace his current defense team. he is accused of assaulting and kidnapping judge creighton in may. creighton admitted to having an affair.
5:49 am
he was later able to escape. he faces 55 years in prison if convicted. a reward fund has been set up to find two siblings missing since september. now that the leaves have fallen, police are going back to places they searched before for sarah and jacob huggle. troy turner, the father, announced whoever finds his children will receive a reward from the victims rights foundation. the mother has been charged in their disappearance. the latest class of d.c. fire cadets will be full time firefighters. d.c. fire and ems holding its training academy graduation at dunbar high school. 27 qaa debts will begin service. the cadet program gives public school a chance to train for a career in firefighting. this is the third class since they were reinstated in 2011. d.c.'s first mom's organic grower today.
5:50 am
5% of the first day sales today through sunday will go to an organization that helps and shelters homeless children. a look at westfield mont goal mall's $90 million facelift. it features a dining tara instead of the traditional food court. it features lobster me. and a 16 screen movie theater. your trip on two wheels will be easier after a snowstorm in arlington. the county set aside $300,000 for bike trails. the county can says it is the first jurisdiction in the area to have a snow plan for bike trails. speaking of snow or at least the cold. the early blast of cold air remains over a huge part of the
5:51 am
u.s. this is a picture of denver. balmy 4 degrees. yesterday at this time they were negative 14. temperatures as much as 40 degrees below normal. pacific northwest seeing snow. midwest, record cold. and the south is dealing with it too. overnight freeze warnings were issued. and little rock, arkansas saw its earliest snowflakes in more than a decade. i talked to my mother yesterday in atlanta and she said she wasn't leaving the house. it was too cold. it's too soon. she couldn't handle it. >> yesterday when i saw a little sleet, i think a tear that involuntary came out of my eye. >> it wasn't sleet. it was eun's eye. a few sprinkles on the lower part of the eastern shore there and the storm team 4 radar here are the temperatures if you can
5:52 am
bear to look. just near 30 degrees out of the mountains. oakland, 19 degrees. it is near freezing hagerstown through front royal, loray, stanton. fairfax county low to prince william manassas, near freezing there. it's also near freeze anything leesburg and loudoun county. much of montgomery county and the other part of the county is southern part low to mid-30s. and beltway, mid 30s. southern maryland too. it's just in the mid-30s. so dress accordingly today. a knit hat and your warm winter coat. have some gloves with you. the winds will be increasing. it will feel even colder. at the bus stop this morning, low 30s and near freezing with lots of sunshine. but it feels like the 20s. mid-30s by then.
5:53 am
earlier this week i traveled to charles county and visited the t.c. martin elementary in charles county in brian town. they even had a welcome for them there on the marquis of the school. and i had a wonderful warm welcome from all the wonderful students there. let's thank the teacher susan sacker for the invitation to talk to all of these fourth and fifth graders in charles county. they knew a lot about weather. we had a great time. 50s sunday. rain likely monday. cold again mid week ne >> looking good this morning. this is what we deserve on a friday. beltway at river road, no problems here. this is th. 66 headed into town, you're a little bit close to manassas. it opens back up. nothing happening. just a little bit of volume. taking a look at 95, that is
5:54 am
moving along nicely. no issues. beltway at indian head, also looking good. as long as we see movement, we're happy. not seeing any yellow or red at this point. maryland, 95 into town, out of town, you're fine. bw parkway, you're fine. a live picture of maryland coming up. 5:54. work is under way to replace an entire water line. a water main burst and sewer water flooded 14 homes in that neighborhood. virginia american wire hired a restoration company to help neighbors with the cleanup. but there is anew concern, their brand-new asphalt has to be dug up to replace the water main. >> it's ridi. to have the road just recently paved, all torn up to put in a new water main, which we need. but they should have thought of that. they should have coordinated it.
5:55 am
>> a city spokesperson said the city is working with virginia american water to improve coordination to prevent this kind of thing from happening in the future. >> another ebola patient is getting ready to come to the u.s. for treatment. the nebraska medical center says a person who contracted the virus in sierra leone will be flown to the center in omaha tomorrow. the patient is reportedly a surgeon who is a citizen of sierra leone and a personal u.s. resident. the last patient was released from a new york city hospital on tuesday. quitting elected office for a state job comes with a bigger pension and a lawmakers wants to change that. they are proposing legislation that makes it less enticing to collect a pension on the much higher paying jobs. they are investigating phil puckett. he resigned to take a job with the state tobacco commission.
5:56 am
this is video from a similar protest back in april. the postal union says the staffing cuts and the closure of 80 mail processing centers will dramatically slow down mail delivery. they're calling on cuts to be delayed until congress can improve legislation for financing for the postal service. a dilapidated building at 1700 w street in anacostia has been abandoned several years. 24 two bedroom, two bathroom units. today vincent gray and other city leaders will mark the start of construction. the early application program is a hit with students. the school just received a record number of applications. they applied before november 1st and receive an answer by the the end of january. uva received more than 16,000
5:57 am
packets marking a 7.5 increase over the last year alone. students can compare financial aid officers at other schools. well, you want to start paying attention to what's happening at uva this weekend. they will host a meeting tomorrow to discuss a new financial model to reduce student debt. it has climbed 51% in the last decade to $22,000. that is still below the stated national average. >> all aboard the santa train. when the popular winter attraction will go on sale. november 24th at 9:00 a.m. tickets cost $6 when you buy
5:58 am
online. accused of inappropriately
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, a substitute teacher accused of n inappropriately touching a
6:00 am
student worked in 20 schools. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is tracking what we are seeing now. tom, a lot of stuff is happening. a lot of things have happened the last 24 hours. the sky beginning to clear to east of us still cloudy. a few lingering sprinkles on the lower eastern shore. that's continue to go pull away. be prepared for a cold morning. freezing friday forecast. blustery afternoon. wind chills in the 20s. and this chilly pattern will be continuing into the weekend. as you step out the door, you will bereeted by a blustery wind. temperatures near 30 in montgomery, fairfax, loudoun and prince william and fauquier. prince george's, mid-30s. mid 30s in washington and by the chesapeake bay. the hour by hour cold changes for the day ahead.


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