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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 16, 2014 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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welcome could the volkswagen post-game report. here now is bob costas. >> in a 42-20 patriots victory which extends their winning streak to six and takes their record to 8-2, tom brady completes 19 of 30 for 257. did have a couple picked off but threw for a couple of
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touchdowns. this is the rare instance where there's a patriot victory, brady plays but he doesn't get a game ball. instead the two go to jonas gray, young running back out of note game, carried it 38 times, just shy of 200 yards, 199 and four touchdowns. on defensive side of the ball, darrelle revis with three tackles, all over everybody, primarily reggie wayne. darrelle revis and jonas gray are both with michele tafoya. >> michele: darrelle revis, you guys came in to face the number one offense in the nfl. how were you able to take away t.y. hilton and minimize reggie wayne? what was the game plan? >> we were determined, really determined. it was a challenge for us in the secondary, and we took that challenge on, and we played well. >> michele: exactly how did you do it? >> just separation, man. coaches had a great game plan. thanks to bill and the coaching staff and we stuck to it. guys got in on them and we stopped them. >> michele: and the guys up
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front stopping the run. how did that help you on the back end? >> it put a lot of pressure on andrew and decided to play tight coverage in the back end and worked out together. >> michele: congratulations, derrelle. let's turn to jonas gray. heard his name many times, four touchdowns, the first four of your nfl career. on this day how do you explain this performance? >> man, i'm just blessed, blessed beyond belief. put together a great game plan. hammered it in all week and giving us all our key points and the linemen did a great job up front and kept working all day and keeping me positive, picking me up after the plays and everything was working and able to do the rest with my legs. >> michele: a lot of downhill running and just hitting the holes. why was it so effective against the colts? >> a lot of times that's what we either best at. had the opportunity to do it, it was working and a lot of positive games and it was working so don't change it up.
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>> michele: just your fourth career game in the envelope in. how did you earn the trust of this staff in such a short time to carry the role you did tonight? >> i think a lot has to do with the leadership in the locker room. those guys prepare unbelievable and all we do is follow. if you follow their lead they will trust you and believe in you. >> michele: congratulations, big night, four touchdowns. >> thank you, michele. >> let's bring in tony dungy. been a part of a whole lot of patriots/colts games, in this case viewing it from a distance. almost a rhetorical question. in the aftermath of this one, which team do you see as the class the afc in. >> that's pretty easy to answer after tonight. new england has soundly beaten the other three division leaders in the afc, and they did a great job tonight, but i think the big thing is not just that they won the game on the road, but it's how they did it. did it with the running game. michele talked to jonas gray, and he was fantastic tonight.
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they powered the ball over -- overpowered indianapolis and did it with defense. made them one-dimension a. took away the run and darrelle revis and that secondary were fantastic, so when you can go on the road and play like that against a division leader, that makes a statement and that's exactly what new england did tonight. >> all right, coach. thanks. now to mike florio, profootball talk. tell us about the big stories you're working on for tomorrow's show. >> well, adrian peterson situation will come to a head on monday, maybe in two ways. there will be a hearing before the arbitrator to see if peterson comes off the exempt list. essentially suspended with pay and is fighting to be reinstated. a ruling could come as late as saturday and could be ready to suit up for the vikings when they play the packers on sunday, but on a separate track the nfl could suspend adrian peterson under the personal conduct policy and if the nfl expedites that process, he could be reinstated and suspended all
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over again so that will be one of the big stories of the week. on the field for san diego chargers, quarterback philip rivers was battered and bruised and he was checked for both a knee injury and rib injury and after the game rivers has been dealing with a severe rib somewhere for quite some time, and finally the cardinals picked up another win. 9-1 for the first time since the truman administration. larry fitzgerald tweaked a knee so we'll be keeping an eye on that. >> thanks, final score, patriots continue their roll, they roll over the colts 42-20. al is back to wrap things up after this. double wings, extra ranch. we need to do something different. callahan's? ehh, i mean get away. like away away. road trip?
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welcome back to the 9:00 volkswagen post-game report." watts leaps and he has it. he's saying he's n.touchdown texans. j.j. watt! >> sets, throws. man down there. it's caught! it's caught. touchdown arizona! >> coming up, of course, very shortly, "the sunday sports report." see it over on nbcsn. chris okay. so tonight it's pretty simple and one team gains 244 yards on the ground and the other gets 19. you know who is going to win. what a spectacular performance by the patriots on the ground. jonas gray in particular with four touchdowns. next week it's on to the meadowlands. it's the cowboys and the giants, one of the great rivalries in the league, of course, and the
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cowboys right now tied with philadelphia. philadelphia losing to green bay today so the packers do the cowboys who had a bye week a big favor. they are now in a tie for first place at 7-3. dallas/philly game coming your way on sunday night in the middle of december but first things first. tony romo, nobody knew he would be able to play after he got hurt, but he did play in london last week against jacksonville and looked good and he'll be even healthier next week coming off the bye. dallas and the giants on "sunday night football" from the meadowlands. we will see you then. in indianapolis tonight, looking at final score once again. it was 42-20. the patriots have now won six in a row and they go to 8-2. until next week, al michaels, cris collinsworth and michele tafoya and the entire gang saying good night from indianapolis. -- captions by vitac -- ♪
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terrifying attack near the university of maryland. we'll tell you h student escaped. another teenager has been shot and killed in woodbridge. the fight that had neighbors running for cover. and surprise drug inspections from airports to stadiums, the nfl teams who were stopped after sunday's big
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games. and we want to begin tonight with the weather. storm team 4 is tracking more rain that's moving into our area and right behind it a serious blast of frigid air. let's get right to amelia segel. how is this going to affect the morning commute? >> chris, likely a slow go for the morning commute, especially during the later morning hours. rain tomorrow and then record-cold temperatures on tuesday. right now on storm team four, i'm tracking showers across the area, mainly in maryland and parts of west virginia. lot of virginia seeing mainly dry conditions right now. however, overnight tonight, this rain from the south and west will make its way into our area becoming more wide-spread during the morning hours. so, with future weather, here we are, 6:00 a.m. cloudy skies and mainly dry conditions. once we start to hit 8:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m. rain returns to the area. leaving tomorrow, try to leave earlier, allow some extra time for that morning commute.
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heavy rain around the mid-day hours. chris, coming up in my full forecast, i'll let you know when this rain comes to an end and how cold you can expect our tuesday to be. >> all right, thanks a lot. well, it was a frightening assault that happened in the early morning. one minute a university of maryland student was getting out of her car, the next she's getting attacked by a man who pulled a knife on her. all this happened off route one, a couple blocks away from campus. news 4 derek ward has the latest from college park. >> reporter: prince george's county police sent some evening k nine canvassing. according to police report, the victim was getting out of her car when a man came up behind her with a knife. put it to her throat and tried to drag her off, luckily she was able to fim off. the woman wasn't injured. the attacker got away. the woman is a student and happened off campus. university police sent out a campus-wide notice of the inaccident. >> they wanted to know what was going on and if he was going to
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be here all night, obviously to make me feel safer. >> as word spread on and off campus, so did the sense of dread among some of those who have to be out. >> never walk alone at night. it's scary that it happened so close to the building. >> this latest incident among three that have been reported in november, off campus but close together. on november 6th, just before 8:00 p.m. in the evening, a female was grabbed and fondle as he watched on college avenue on november 10th a female student was watching along this road when a man grabbed her from behind trying to grab her. she screamed, he fondled her and ran off. there were no weapons used in the earlier incidents. there's no indication any of the three incidents are related, they give reason for caution and extra awareness. >> i usually try to talk to someone on the phone or have a pepper spray. i usually don't like walking alone at night, i am right now. but my place is right there. >> reporter: police are working to come up with evidence or anything else to lead them to sunday morning's would be
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attacker. >> doesn't make me feel safe. >> reporter: in college park, derek ward, news 4. two teen ijers have been gunned down in woodbridge. one of them did not survive. neighbors said sunday around 12:00 p.m. they heard 10 to 15 gunshots. someone d teenager outside a home. weaver died at hospital. he was 19 years old. the other vick is 15 and is expected to be okay. one neighbor said he was rushing to help the wounded teenager and bullets were still whizzing by. >> i lived on this street since '85, i've never seen anything like this. this is crazy. i mean, i hope they catch him and prosecute him to the fullest extent. >> police have not arrested anyone but investors do not think this was random. the dea is launching a surprised drug inspection into several nfl teams. the inspections are part of an on going investigation into claims some teams are abusing prescription drugs.
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in fact, the tampa bay buccaneers public relati the we marshall after the redskins game. the san francisco 49ers and seattle seahawks also had to undergo inspections. the redskins were coming off a bye week at home against one of the worst teams in the league, but it didn't do them a bit of good. jason pew is here with the highlights. jason, there weren't many. >> not a lot of highlights at all especially from a redskins' point of view. they were beat by a worse team. didn't matter at the records at fedex field today. tampa bay wanted this game more than the redskins. rg3 and his team searching for win number four on the season. redskins, backed up, griffin drops back, his pass gets tipped and intercepted by johnthan banks. takes a hit from rg3, didn't slow him down, he would score. one of two interceptions in the game for griffin. tampa is up, 10-0.
11:49 pm
fourth quarter action, bucs up by 13. josh mccown going up top to the rookie, mike evans. hauling in the 56-yard touchdown, he had a career high, 209 yards receiving. bucs beat the redskins 27-7, skins now 3-7 on the year. rg3, he knows this loss is on everyone. >> you can't sit in your locker or be out on the field and say, well, it's not my fault. i'm a baller, i'm an all-pro, i'm a pro bowl player. because right now we have no pro bowl players. we don't. we're not playing that way. i'm not playing that way. the line is not playing that way. our receivers aren't playing that way. the backs, our defense isn't playing th way. we all know that. guys have to accept that. accept that we have a long way to go. accept that we have to get better. >> now coming up later we'll have more on this redskins' loss and what it means for this team as they go forward with the season. chris, back to you. >> thanks, jason. this is just coming in, a
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group of cheerleaders who left d.c. tonight are now in the hospital. investigators say their bus stopped in thornburg, virginia, after the girls reported fumes that were making them feel sick. paramedics rushed them to hospital to get checked out. the girls were in d.c. for a cheer competition and were heading back home to north carolina. well, at least one family, possibly two, lost their home in a fire today. prince george's county had so many fires going on at one point, they had to call in backup from other areas. the fire in fort washington did the most damage and gutted this two-story home. we're told it started in the garage where someone may have been working on a vintage car and caused about a quarter of a million dollars in damage, but somehow, the homeowner is trying to find the silv lining. >> rebuild. go to church and thank god for our lives and we were able to get out. so that's a blessing. >> the crews were also fighting fires in capital heights and
11:51 pm
district heights. one of those homes may be a total loss as wul. all three fires started within an hour of each other which forced firefighters to call in help from other departments, in maryland and virginia. >> police officers and volunteers scoured hundred of acres sunday trying to figure out what ha ped to murphy and clark. murphy disappeared last year and clark vanished four years ago. they fanned out in orange coun, 90 miles south of d.c. they were looking in the area where randy miller used to live. murphy's aunt says even after taylor's conviction, police promised they would never stop looking. >> sunday morning it's cold and there were 150 strangers who don't know our family out here looking for alexis. so it's very humbling and we greatly appreciate it. >> samantha clark's family also came to the search on sunday. police aren't saying if any new leads or tips brought them to
11:52 pm
that particular area. another american has been brutally be headed by the terror group, isis. peter kassig was kidnapped a year ago in syria. he was a young, humanitarian aid worker. tonight brian moore has reaction from his family who want the world to focus on how he lived, not the way he died. >> reporter: ie cyst terrorists claimed the life of a fifth western victim, peter kassig, a former army ranger turned aid worker. >> we see the same now familiar militant dressed in all black with a distinctive london accent saying that peter kassig has been killed. >> reporter: the 26-year-old indianapolis native converted to islam while in captivity and took on the name abdul-rahman. his parents held out hope that muslims wouldn't kill another muslim. >> he knows that this is bigger than being just about him. >> reporter: confirming his death, president obama called kassig a humanitarian, taken in an act of pure evil. the tape was released a day after martin dempsey traveled to
11:53 pm
iraq to oversee operations against isis. meanwhile, back in washington, lawmakers are working on funding the fight. >> we are slowing down the advancement of isis. >> reporter: that is little comfort to kassig's grieving family members and friends. >> when he did speak about his time over there, he always spoke about what he wanted to do to help people who were suffering. >> reporter: a man who came as a warrior, but died as a peacemaker, trying to help others. brian moore, nbc news, washington. the maryland surgeon who is ing treated for ebola is now extremely sick and his doctors are monitoring his condition on an hour by hour basis. dr. martin salia started showing symptoms ten days ago. at that time he tested negative for ebola. on mondae tests came back positive. and he arrived in nebraska on saturday. dr. salia's wife and kids live in new carlton, but his wife
11:54 pm
arrived in nebraska on sunday. meantime, the department of homeland security just announced the u.s. will start screening travelers from a fourth nation in west africa. a cluster of new ebola cases have been confirmed in mali at the centers for disease control recommended the new screenings. while there are no direct flights from mali to the u.s., 15 to 20 people take connecting flights everyday. the nori virus is extremely contagious and certainly no way to spend a cruise. there was an outbreak on board the princess cruise ship and nearly 200 passengers and crew members experienced a mix of vomiting and diarrhea. cdc officials met the ship when it docked in california on sunday. the crew members all had buckets of sanitizer and were wiping down the entire ship. >> there were a couple rooms where passengers were confined to their estate rooms so they
11:55 pm
wouldn't spread the illness and then like in the buffet, they had staff serving us instead of allowing us to touch the handles on our own. >> there was another outbreak on the same ship back in april when more than 100 people got sick. a serious stomach virus may campus.ding through the 15 students have come down with gastro intestinal symptoms since saturday. they think they're getting sick from food poisoning. but at this point, the university doesn't know what the source is but the local health department is looking into it. well, 100 days, still no grand jury ruling. still ahead, the protests in ferguson, missouri and why d.c. police are closely watching what's happening. plus the state department hacked? the breech that may have put some classified e-mails at risk. and a winter blast that froze the midwest, now moving our way. amelia is back with when we can
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fight back! >> fight back! >> it's been 100 days since a missouri police officer shot an unarmed police officer. michael brown was killed in that confrontati activists ha been in the area for several days waiting to see if a grand jury decides whether there's enough evidence to indict officer darren wilson. today's rally was peaceful and protesters blocked streets, police stood off to the side. grand jury's decision could come down at any time. d.c. police are keeping a close eye on what's happening there in ferguson. they sent us a statement that reads in part, as the nation's capital, we realize that individuals may come to our city to express their first amendment
11:59 pm
rights. we want to ensure they do so in a lawful and peaceful manner. there was a horrible incident on a bronx subway station sunday. a man was standing on the platform when a stranger, pushed him on to the tracks. he was crushed by an oncoming train and killed instantly. and his wife was with him and had to watch the whole attack happen. police are looking for the man who pushed him, but say this looks to be completely random and unprovoked. on sunday, the state department admitted that its computer systems may have been hacked. the department had to shut down its entire unclassified e-mail system so technicians could do a security upgrade. it's believe the original attack happened back in october, around the same time the white e computer network was targeted. the postal service and national weather service reported attacks although no classified information affected. tonight, bill cosby's attorney says the comedian won't dignify claims of sexual abuse with a response. he says the accusations are
12:00 am
decades old. but that comment is the first reaction since any time. the uproar reignited allegations that cosby raped several women in his past. he was never charged although he did settle a civil suit with one woman eight years ago. the fact that allegations are being repeated doesn't make them true. right now, a blast of winter-like weather hit the midwest hard, forcing officials to close down schools and shut down roads. this is the area in minneapolis, st. paul. snow and ice caused major problems for drivers, so much so they left their cars on the side of the road. pretty cold. the areas expected to stay below freezing through the end of the week. this might be a good representation of just how cold it is in parts of the country. a in kansas city is a pond of ice. the water is freezing as soon as it comes out.
12:01 am
the temrature is 27 degrees. the fifth day in a row it's been below freezing. that's the longest stretch since the city started keeping records. and i guess that frigid cold weather is making its way our way? >> absolutely. we're talking about record-cold temperatures likely on tuesday, as well as wednesday. >> ouch. >> yeah. before that, rain to deal with. >> i was hoping there would be something to look forward to on monday to get us ready for that. >> temperatures tend to moderate towards the end of the week. for tomorrow, rain is likely throughout pretty much the entire day. the weather definitely having an impact on your day about moderate to high. we're even looking at some heavy rain at sometimes, especially around the midday and early afternoon hours. you need the big umbrella as you're headi tomorr. keep it handy throughout the day. kids what to wear? well, need the raincoat for sure. sweatshirt underit. chilly. high temperature tomorrow, only
12:02 am
around 50 degrees. typically our high is about 58 this time of year. and we're looking at about an inch of rain. so, with that, that's good news because we are about a three-inch deficit since september 1st. for the monday morning commute, steady rain is likely by 9:00 a.m. if you do leave your house earlier you could be okay. it's all about timing tomorrow. for the evening commute, rain is likely i think where the roads will be clogged tomorrow evening. you want to plan on that. tuesday morning, there could be some isolated slick spots. this is when the cold air is here. we're not talking about widespread black ice on tuesday. the most rural areas could be slick spots on the road. here is future weather. lunchtime tomorrow, we're noticing rain, some areas of heavy rain across the area. still tracking rain by 4:00 p.m. areas back to the west start to dry out. d.c./metro area dries out by 7:00 p.m. and all of the area should be dry by 9:00 p.m. we're looking at clear skies at that point and what that means
12:03 am
the cold air already making its way into the area. temperatures right now are in the 30s and 40s. good news, i'm only forecasting a low tonight of 34 degrees. we really shouldn't hit freezing in any spots. washington is about 41. 47 right now, some of the colder spots in the upper 30s like wind chester and gaithersburg. they've been sitting there all night long. tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., areas of showers, temperature of 41. the widespread rain around 9:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m., heavy rain. mid 40s at that point. low 50s at 3:00 p.m. still tracking showers. showers start to end around 7:00 p.m. temperatures in the upper 40s. this is how it feels. tuesday morning at 6:00 a.m., temperatures in the teens. at best it's only going to feel like tempe in the low 20s as we get into the afternoon hours. tuesday evening, temperatures return to feeling like they're in the teens. a high temperature on tuesday of 35 and its breezy and windy throughout the day. that's why it feels so cold.
12:04 am
still breezy on wednesday, high temperature of 40, at least plenty of suns bh days. chris, warmest day of the week, 49 on thursday. a high of 49. then we're back to 42 for a high temperature on friday. >> oh, i want to say we're not ready, but i guess -- >> i warned you. >> doesn't matter at this point. it really doesn't. >> it's coming. >> yeah, thanks. still ahead, what today's ugly loss means for the redskins, including rg3.
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