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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 17, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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they crashed last night. this happened on alabama avenue, southeast on s we know both officers had to go to the hospital. no word, though, on their conditions. it is time to take a look at the forecast. a cold start. all that rain will become a messy morning today. get yourself for the rain today. you'll be glad you have an umbrella. look at all this rain in tennessee, kentucky, northern alabama and mississippi. that is on a track to come can all the way up into our neighborhood. right now we've got some light rain most of virginia, into maryland. it is along the 95 corridor. farther north and west, it is snowing hard in cincinnati. here locally, light rain in montgomery, prince george's. down 95, steadier rain in stafford and southern is fauquier. you'll need a coat, umbrella,
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rain boats. we'll be hovering around 40 degrees between now and 9:00 this morning. students at the bus stop need an umbrella. showers between 7:00 and 8:00. and between 8:00 and 9:00 that rain may get a little bit harder and steadier. by then we should be in the mid-40s. a look at highs today. now looking at the roads, alexis davies is check anything. good morning, tom. a water main break can cause potential delays. the left lane is blocked if you're traveling that area. use a little caution and give yourself extra time. and give yourself extra time with the rain and the wet roads. you do want to use caution on the parts of the roads where poppeding ca
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a lot of people relief for people flying out of dulles. southwest airlines 632 scheduled from dulles to vegas had to land in salt lake city, utah. this after a medical emergency on board. early reports say that the person was behaving erratically before losing consciousness on the plane. the passenger was remove. flight 632 finally made it to vegas. aaron? 4:32. doctors treating a surgeon who contracted ebola while working in sierra leone say he is in extremely critical condition. he arrived at the omaha, nebraska biocontainment unit on saturday. the u.s. will start the screening travelers from a fourth nation in west africa.
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a cluster of new ebola cases have been detected in mali. about 15 to 20 people take connve the university of virginia is handing out gatorade and anti-flu kits. the school believes a fast moving stomach virus is going around. students think they may have food poisoning as well. at least 15 students are sick, all within the last two days. most are getting better within 24 hours. but the school says the local health department is investigating what is going on there. this morng investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire that damaged a home on jean nine lane in fort washington. investigators say someone may have been working on a vintage car in the garage when this fire
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started. the home owner is happy everyone is alive. >> rebuild. go to church and pray for our lives. we were able to get our wall ets and passports out. >> the family is staying with relatives now. within an hour of each other, two other fires broke out in capital heights and district heights. a ground breaking today for what will be the tallest office building in our region. capital one is building a new headquarters in tysons corner. you will see it towerinover not far from the mcmetro station. it will be 470 feet tall, only shorter than the washington monument in our area. it will be double the size of their old headquarters you can see that one here, which is just over 200 feet. a council president will be talking about a number of items which impact your family.
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they proposed you change how quickly the minimum wage goes up in the county and increase drives who illegally pass a stopped school bus. a travesty. that's what rg3 is calling the skins's latest defeat at the hands of the tampa bay buccaneers. the team is dealing with another possible injury. trent williams will undergo an mri. he injured his mcl. griffin said the team just is not playing well. >> right now we have no pro bowl players. we're not playing that way. i'm not playing that way. the line is not playing way. the receivers are not playing that way. our defense is not playing that way. special teams is not playing that way. and we all know that. >> okay. the road doesn't get any easier from here. they play the 49ers and the colts in the next two weeks. >> i like the reaction. aaron says it
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>> grab your umbrella as we get a soggy start to the workweek. we're tracking how long the rain will fall and high temperatures with your weather and traffic on the 1s. can't catch a break. the latest mishap forcing bono into surgery. 4:36 is your tim
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a consumer alert now. you have more time to file a
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claim with the general motors victims compensation fund if you were involved in a crash caused by a faulty ignition switch. you can file a claim by january 31st. you give up your right to sue the automaker if you do file a the company says it has sent out nearly 4 million notices. the faulty switches have been linked to 19 deaths. . this morning ford says it is cooperating with federal investigators looking into an air bag problem with a a 2007 mustang. it received a number of driver reports in north carolina where there were injuries by a metal fragment from the car can's air pack. the air bags have been linked to four deaths in the u.s. work on the silver line could slow you down today. crews will start a year-long
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project on the dulles greenway. they are building a bridge to support the silver line on the way to ryan road station in ashburn. you can expect some lanes to be closed. the second phase of the silver line not expected to open until 2018. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. as we take a live look outside, you'll see lots of rain falling for pretty much everybody. chilly. . let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:41. . good morning. only had a quarter inch of rain overnight. that's enough to make everything wet, including the side streets and sidewalks covered with leaves. right now getting moderate to heavy rain in southern west virginia, kentucky, tennessee, down into western carolina, northern tkpa georgia. right now around the region, scattered light rain across northern virginia, much of
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maryland. this will be with us through the morning commute. and for much of the day ahead. temperatures right now are chilly. we don't have to worry about any frozen spots. it's in the upper 30s, shenandoah, panhandle, fairfax, montgomery. near 40 in prince george's. low 40s in washington. mid to upper 40s in the bay and the lower part of the eastern shore. upper 50s, even low 60s there. highs north and west of washington. 40s and 50s around the metro area. we'll be hitting mid-50s this afternoon. 30s in the mountains. and snow showers there later today. a look at a cold plunge coming in in the next 24 hours next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:51. alexis davies, what's going on on the roads now? >> good morning. we have a malfunctioning traffic light in about necessary da be of a power outage. treat it as a four way at river
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road. water break in kensington between decatur and lawrence, blocking the left lane. and coming out of leesburg, helded to the dulles toll ad, looking did. a little bit of wetness on the road. but looking at 64 miles per hour as you pass 28 heading into restin. . alexis, thank you. they bring the latest technology to your fingertips. the growing concerns about those infotainment systems in your car. d.c. area dealing with heavy rain. chuck bell helping to track the conditions you can expect when
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16 before the hour. right now the rain is coming down. give yourself plenty of time before you head out the door this morning. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck
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bell is on the road with the storm team 4 x 4 to show you what you will be dealing with this morning. chuck? good morning, aaron and eun. indeed a wet start to your monday morning. temperatures in the low 40s. we're on connecticut avenue going northbound up towards the beltway. it is indeed going to be a very sloppy go for your monday morning commute. all the roads are completely wet. moderate rain extends along i-95 south from fairfax county parkway through the woodbridge exit, stafford and fredericksburg. those rain drops are moving northeast out. so basically straight up i-95. they will follow the commuting army in this morning. more rain across parts of west virginia and also across northern maryland. a couple of showers out there as well. indeed it is a very, very wet start to your monday morning. temperatures will stay in the upper 30s w 40s. tom has a complete check of your
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seven-day forecast which i promise you will sound an awful lot more like a winter forecast than an act of pure evil. that is what president obama is calling the execution of peter kassig. he was murdered over the weekend by isis. a video of the execution was posted online yesterday. the 26-year-old was taken hostage 13 months ago while working as a medic in syria. he converted to islam in captivity. his parents held out hope that his muslim captors would not kill another captors. >> he knows this is bigger about him. >> i won't go down thinking about anything that i know to be true, that you and mom love me more than the >> they remember his son for his
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humanitarian work, not for the way he died. he was the third american to be executed by isis since august. 4:47 right now. if you head to your cubicle at the state department today, the agency says it may have been hacked. the department believe somebody targeted its systems in october, the same as when the white house was targeted. they had to shut down an entire unclassified e-mail system. since october, both the postal service, the the national weather service have reported attacks. >> angie goff at the live desk. scientists are getting ready to release data collected on the space ship that landed on that comet last week. it landed wednesday. this is about 311 million miles from earth. really remarkable. the batteries died but not before sending information back that could help us understand the origins of life on earth. that report expected early this morning. aaron. >> all right. angie, thank you. the families of two missing
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virginia t alexis murphy are hoping to find out whathe. volunteers searched for murphy and samantha clark 90 miles south and a litt d.c. this is the same area where the man convicted in murphy's death lived. >> strangers who don't even know our family out here looking for alexis. we greatly appreciate it. >> randy taylor was convicted of killing alexis murphy even though police never found her body. she vanished last year. he was questioned in the disappearance of clark. . what could be a a volatile week. 100 days since the michael brown shooting was marked with a protest. all eyes on the grand jury this week as they decide whether there was enough evidence to
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indict officer darren wilson. wilson shot and killed brownback in august. the grand jury's decision could come down at any time. d.c. police are keeping an eye on what happens in ferguson. "as the nation's capital, we realize that individuals may come to our city to express their first amendment rights. we want to make sure they do so in a lawful, and peaceful manner ♪ the running back's grievance hearing begins today. once the hearing is complete, there's a five-day window to resolve the grievance. that means peterson could play next sunday. he admitted to hitting his young son with a switch. he said he never meant to hurt his son. the the tampa bay buccaneers got a surprise visit from drug officials at bwi airport. the dea says it is an ongoing investigation into whether teams are abusing prescription drugs.
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the 49ers and sea a hawks were also checked. the teams were not targeted. more inspections could be coming. it is 4:50. toxic fumes from a charter bus sent 15 cheerleaders to the hospital. the bus stopped on 95 south in thornburg, virginia after the girls reported fumes were making them sick. they were rushed to the hospital to get checked out. they were in d.c. for a cheer competition and were headed b it's been a rough couple of days for u2 front man bono. he hurt his arm riding a bike in new york city. bono will have to have surgery to fix that problem. because of the accident, u2 was forced to reschedule an appearance on "the tonight show" with jimth last week he was on a plane that lost its hatch. nobody was hur.
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>> he is bono. he still gets to be bono, and that's a good thing. >> you're a u 12 fan? >> i think they're great. >> you saw them live? >> yeah. it was several years ago, though. >> eun is losing her voice because she was screaming at her television yesterday. redskins. >> there's a lot of truth to that, tom. >> turnover. turnover. we're turning over a new leaf this morning. and the leaves are wet. and we have rain that is continuing to fall. we've got light rain now. but it's enough to make all the roads we no freezing. watch out for the ponding of water heading off to the north and east. here's the timing on more steadier r by 8:00, 9:00 this morning, we'll have the steadier, heavier rain beginning to move into the metro area. these areas in yellow and orange are zones of heavy downpours that may be coming through right
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through 11:00, through 1 that is going to be moving off to the east. and by midafternoon, should be tapering off just as some light rain and into the evening hours. colder air moves in as a result. we could get snow showers in western maryland, highlands of west virginia. they could get several inches of snow as colder air m we will just begin to clear out. by late evening, we will have our sky clearing. the wind will be increasing. gusts of win over 30 miles per hour as the cold air crisis. an inch to an inch and a half of rain in virginia. a half inch on the lower eastern shore, out in the mountains by the time this tapers and ends. temperatures right now cold. in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees but above freezing. we'll be into the mid-50s this afternoon. the 30s tuesday, wed.
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back into the 40s thursday, friday, saturday. back into the 50s sunday. with the rain ending, we will have the sky clearing. partly cloudy and breezy tomorrow. it may only get to a little above freezing. mid-30s on wednesday. high 40s with sunshine thursday, frid. highs into the mid-50s. alexis davies in for melissa checking on road conditions. so far on the beltway, we have no major incidents to report. you want to watch your speed from maryland, virginia. towards the beltway at route 212, volume on the road. no major delays. 270 at montrose, looking good as well. watch your speed and watch for ponding on the roadway headlights coming at you are the northbound lanes. we're not seeing any major delays there. more volume on the roadway. river road in bethesda, a nonfunctioning traffic light.
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appreciate t keeping tabs on what your children drink. the safety of the popular energy drinks. nothing to raise your glass to. the decision in the day ahead that could have you paying more to have your favorite glass of wine or mixed drink. why even a hands-free feature on your car's
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the drop of crude oil is causing the prices at the pump to drop. they could continue to drop for thanksgiving. the d.c. is $3.11. in west virginia, it is $2.98. a new warning about the middle console in your car. they are taking your eyes away from the road. the national highway traffic n says it supports car innovations but not when they sacrifice safety. "consumer reports" says even hands-free technology ca problem, especially if it's not
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working. >> you're already distracted because you are engaging with pandora or the maps. then if it's not working, you are spending more time on that and not driving. >> it all comes down to personal responsibility. always pull over if you're doing anything other than keeping your eyes on the road. if you are one of the tens of thousands of people on amtrak, pay attention to a meeting this afternoon. outlining the future of the corridor through 2040. leaders are preparing a passenger rail improvement plan. this is one of several meetings where you can voice our opinion. the meeting will happen on north capital on northwest was you can talk with d.c. mcduffy is hosting a public safety forum at 6:30 tonight at the turkey ticket recreational center on michigan avenue northeast. there will be several police leaders there. they want to know how you can better protect the community
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from crime. virginia's abc board needs to figure out how much more you will have to pay for alcohol. they ws $2.4 billion budget gap. they want to modernize their systems to become more efficient. some are concerned raising prices too much will have a negative impact on sales. if you can't wait to start fishing again in the warm weather, you may be able to go to lake manassas next year. the city prohibits access to the lake. according to the "washington post", the city could reopen it. however, it would have to pay for a study to see whether public access could put the water supply at risk. that study would cost nearly $45,000. stay with us. news 4 today continues rig >> we're tracking potential problem spots as a line of showers rolls through the d.c.
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region this morning. storm team 4 meteorologist has our coverage with the out the door forecast. grab an umbrella. you'll be glad you did. we will have rain most of the day the. all of this coming from a broad area of low pressure ahead of a cold front with moderate to heavy rain in tennessee and kentucky. that is on a track to come all the way to our region getting snow right now to the west with cold air moving into western kentucky, southeastern ohio. that will stay well west of us though. right lane in fairfax, the district, southern maryland, all of this enough to make everything wet and the wet leaves too. temperatures right now are chilly. we're in the 40s east of washington, into the upper 30s to our west. but all above freezing. we don't have any icing going on this morning. at the bus stop this morning,


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