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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 17, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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showers rolls through the d.c. region this morning. storm team 4 meteorologist has our coverage with the out the door forecast. grab an umbrella. you'll be glad you did. we will have rain most of the day the. all of this coming from a broad area of low pressure ahead of a cold front with moderate to heavy rain in tennessee and kentucky. that is on a track to come all the way to our region getting snow right now to the west with cold air moving into western kentucky, southeastern ohio. that will stay well west of us though. right lane in fairfax, the district, southern maryland, all of this enough to make everything wet and the wet leaves too. temperatures right now are chilly. we're in the 40s east of washington, into the upper 30s to our west. but all above freezing. we don't have any icing going on this morning. at the bus stop this morning,
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have an umbrella handy. showers through 8:00. hovering near 40. between 8:00 and 9:00, mid-40s with steadier rain moving in by then. what to wear today, dress like this young man. rain boots, umbrella, rain coat and also s we will va that chill in the air. look at the hour by hour wet forecast for the day ahead. now a couple of traffic signals. >> tom, that's right. river road at western avenue, that traffic signal is out. and we're getting word willard avenue at river road is out due to a power outage in the area. treat both as a four-way stop and use caution there. in kensington, water main break between decatur and lawrence blocking the left lane there. wet roads. use caution and go slowe back to you, aaron and eun. >> alexis, thank. today an fbi agent accused of
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using drugs being kept as evidence heads to court for a hearing. the revelations prompted the fbi to call for the release of more than two dozen d. matthew lowry is accused of taking drugs stored in a lab in court cases for those suspects. lowry was found in september slumped over the wheel of his vehicle with drug evidence bags in t car. his attorney says the allegations are overblown. looking for a gunman who started shoot anything a neighborhood and kille 19-year-old christopher weaver was killed. the other victim is 15. he is expected to be okay. one neighbor told us he was rush to go help the wounded teenager and bullets we >> i live down the street since '85. i've never see i hope they catch them and
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prosecute them to the fullest extent. >> prosecutors have made no arrest. they do not believe this is a random incident. >> a southwest with airlines flight from dulles forced to make an emergency landing. flight 632 on its way to las vegas yesterday when it had to land in salt lake city. we're told a passenger was behavingeer r. university of va is calling a fast-moving virus. it is affecting mostly freshman students. all of them became sick in the last two days. the university is handing out garrett raid and anti-flu kits to help stop the spread of the sickness from spreading. officers were on their way to a shooting in d.c. when they
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the got into a crash. it happened on alabama a avenue southeast, five minutes away from the crime scene. no word yet on the a massive brand. new ground is breaking ground. news 4's megan mcgrath is live where the new building will be built. good morning to you, megan. >> well, good morning, eun. the renaissance in tyson's corner continues. a lot of new development in recent years. of course the opening of the silver line. now the area's tallest office building is coming to tyson's. capione's new building. it is designed by a local firm. it is 470 feet tall. so it will be eclipsed only by the washington monument, which is 555 feet tall.
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it's adjacent to the silver line. it can be seen prominently from the beltway. the governor will be here later this morning for the ground breaking which gets under way at 10:30. live in tyson's corner, my began mcgrath, news 4. . we now know when pope francis wi the the u.s. he just announced he will be he. philadelphia will be one of his stops. that's a huge event that aaron? >> angie, thank you. expanded screenings. the latest group added to a list to help stop the potential
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spread of the ebola virus. keep your umbrella handy. we're tracking when the rain will move out with your hour-by-hour forecast at 5:11. first, though, the price of keeping food on your family's dinner
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a growing number of young children with becoming sick after drinking highly caffeine ated energy drinks. 40% of poison calls involve kids under the age of 6. experts say they have too much caffeine for a child's body to handle. . if you think it costs a lot to feed your family, you're right. a new report from diets in found huge variations in how much groceries cost in different states. virginia tops the list with the most expensive groe country. a cart of chicken, apples, potatoes and milk will cost you $27. it is less than $10 in idaho. it costs $14 in d.c. and maryland. >> go to virginia for the cheap gas prices but the groceries are
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higher. >> sometim virginia because i live in d.c. i feel it's cheaper too. >> maybe it depen on the store you go to. heavy clouds overhead. we're dealing with a lot of rain this morning. >> form team 4in has your weather and traffic on the 1s. >> light rain. only a tenth to a quarter inch since it sta it's going to be with us here for the entire day into this evening. right now a chill in the air. upper 30s to near 40 around most of the region. mid-40s by the chesapeake bay. gray sky over washington. not enough rain to reduce visibility. but just light rain through 8:00 with a chill in the air and near 40 degrees. then by noon time, upper 40s. the rain could be getting heavier. moderate to brief downpours into the middle of the afternoon. might get into the mid-50s around 2:00, 3:00. by 5:00 p.m., back to the low
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50s. then most of the rain should be tapering and ending this evening. then turning much colder tonight. a look at the timing on the rain ending and what areas we will see it drying out first and turning colder first next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:21. alexis in for melissa checking on early problems. >> the beltway is looking good. watch your speed as you travel in maryland or virginia. ponding on the roadways. taking a look at bridges. american legion bridge, more volume. no incidents there. 395, 14th street bridge, again, seeing wet roads. watch your speed as you travel into the district. you'll find ponding on the roadways but no delays there. woodrow wilson, maryland to virginia, no delays reported there. we have those power outages causing malfunctioning traffic n bethesda. river at western avenue is dark. alexis, thank you.
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call it a chocolate lover's nigh why you could soon have a tougher time finding your. oh, no! >> we are helping you make it to work on time as the d.c. region deals with morning showers. helping to track conditions you can expect on the roads this morning. at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity,
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that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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to bring your family a fresh-tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. welcome back at 5:15. the rain is coming down across our region. look at storm team 4 radar. the the rain is making a soggy commute this morning. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is on the road in the storm team 4 x 4 to tell you what you can expect. how is it going out there, chuck? >> reporter: good morning, eun and aaron. good morning, everybody. monday off to a oh, so very monday morning like start for sure. it's already raining outside. a balmy 42 degrees with light
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rain coming down. the inner look of the beltway in beautiful prince george's county, landover exit, 202, it's indeed a wet roadway first thing this morning. definitely going to want to slow down a smidgeon. there's a whole lot more rain where this is going to come from. do expect to need the umbrellas and the windshield wipers for your monday. temperatures aren't going to budge more. in the 40s with the rain showers all day. it looks and feels like a monday of a home loss by the redskins. wouldn't you guys agree? >> chuck, rain impacting the roadway. also impacting the runways. we are dealing with a handful of delays. some cancellations at area airports, including reagan national as well as dulles international in virginia. you're going to want to call ahead to your airlines before you head to the airport to take
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your flight or if you are expecting someone to come in. we will tweet a link using our handle @nbcwashington on twitter for more information. back to you, aaron. a developing story in college park. a university of maryland student is okay after she says a man tried to attack her. police are still searching for the the suspect. a student says she was getting out of her car when a man came up behind her with a knife. the man put the knife to her throat and tried to drag her away. she fought him away. people we talked to said they are taking extra precautions when they go out at night. >> you try to talk to somebody on the phone or have a pepper spray. i don't usually like walking alone at night even though i am. my place is right there. >> this is the third similar case at the university in the last month. there is no indication that the cases are connected. a developing story.
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doctors treating a new carrollton medical student. dr. martin salia was diagnosed a week ago. he arrived at the omaha, nebraska biocontainment unit saturd. a cluster of new ebola cases have been confirmed in mali. the centers for disease control while there are direct flights from mali to the u.s., 15 to 20 people take connecting flights every day. an outbreak of norovirus hit a princess cruise ship for the second t the crown princess was on a month-long cruise to hawaii and tahiti. it dock indeed california yesterday. passengers say the crew members were wiping down the entire
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ship. >> they had staff serving us instead of us touching the handle on our own. we'll learn more of montgomery's county's they will address minimum wage, how fines can increase. one family is planning to rebuild after a fire took their home. this happened on jeanine lane in fort washington. it damaged the back of a two-story home. somebody may have been working on a vintage car when the fire started. the the home owner is keeping a positive attitude. >> rebuild. go to church and thank god for our lives. we were able to get our wallets and passports out so that's a .
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there were also fires in capital heights and district heights. one of those homes may be a a total loss. take a look at this fire in california. a roof on fire at a church in san jose. nobody was inside at the time. the church was built in 1919. it didn't have a sprinkler system. it burned through the heavy dry timber pretty quickly. the priest hopes to rebuild but he is not sure if that will happen. a travesty. that is what rg3 is calling the latest defeat at the hands of the tampa bay buccaneers. the redskins like their chances against the 1-8 bucs. rg3 says everything has .
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>> right now we have no players. we're not playing that w. i'm not playing that. the line is not playing way. the receivers are not pl that way. our defense is not playi way. special teams is not pla that way. and we all know th thousands of people were trapped by a few inches in atlanta. they are holding a two-day snow drill thisk to make sure they are ready when the weather turns bad for that area. they created this last year to come up with plans to put in place to make sure people didn't get stuck like last year. >> how is your mama? >> she doesn't leave the house. snow in atlanta? don't even open the door. >> call and make se i'm okay. all right. 5:21. thankfully no snow here. we are dealing with a lot of rain this morning. 43 degrees outside our studios. pretty cold too. >> what do we have in store
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today? >> punk keep up the rain on the storm team 4 app. right rain overnight. it is all advancing southwest, heading northeast. steady, heavier rain in southern west virginia, southwestern virginia, upper part of the shenandoah valley. in the higher elevations it's beginning to move in there. getting closer to the metro area, right now light rain across northern virginia, maryland, district, eastern shore. this will be with us through the morning commute. steadier rain west and southwest is this area in orange is the heavier rain that will be moving in between 9:00 this morning until 1:00, 2:00 this afternoon. by then, though, we could have a lot of it beginning to taper off
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to our west. and then changing over to snow out here in west virginia, many locations may just be getting some snow showers. but enough there for a wintry scene. here we will be clearing out in the metro area, maryland, evening hours and overnight. the winds will increase. temperatures will plummet. how much rain will we get? all the areas in blue could get an inch, inch and a half. areas in green, ha right now chill in the air. we're just in the upper 30s to 40 degrees. we'll stay this way another couple of hours. reach mid-50s midafternoon. much colder tomorrow. blustery wind. highs in the low 30s. mid-30s wednesday. mid 40s thursday, friday, into the weekend. sunday evening could get some rain. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:31. now a look at road conditions. alexis davies in for melissa.
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good morning, tom. good morning, everybody. we have wet conditions so watch your speed in virginia and maryland. route 50 at 202, looking good. headlights coming at you are the westbound lanes there. elsewhere in virginia, 66, increased volume. no major delays there. a 270 southbound, looking good with no major delays. malfunctioning traffic lights have been repaired. aaron and eun, back to you. the immediate aftermath of the malaysian crash in july. it appears to show the wreckage on fire shortly after the plane came down. you can see people from a nearby village gathered at the site. it was flying from amsterdam to kuala lumpur when it was shot down.
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everybody on board was killed. right now waiting for results from that spacecraft that landed on a speeding comet. they will release the findings sometimes today. it landed on the comet more than 300 million miles away on wednesday. the batteries have since died. th hoping it will peek out of the shadows long enough to the solar panels can recharge them. heavy rain help to go slow down the lava flow out of hawaii. they are at the concerned about the air quality since it is burning through trees and grass. it is not threatening any property right now but it is near a buddhist cemetery that's already been affected by the lava. if you're an old school video game aficionado, you might remember the e.d. for atari. it was the worst game ever made.
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a city in new mexico made $37,000 off 800 copies of the game found in a local landfill. experts believe they were buried there in the 1980s. it wasn't that bad. a filmmaker creating a a movie about the game and its sudden disappearance was obviously interested in this dig and this find. i remember atari. >> i do too. my parents would never let me get an atari. >> the first nintendo. >> you may need to sit down for this next story. we may be running out of we are eating more than what's produced. i could be responsible for that. >> you said we. by we you mean i, right? >> guilty as charged. the chocolate makers say if we
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don't do something now we can expect a huge global deficit by the year 2020. that gives me how many years to start stockpile something you will see an even greater shortage i'm telling you now. >> we'll be all right. >> no, we won't. >> target of another cyber attack. what hackers made off with when they broke into the state department. >> must have features in our cars today creating dangerous distractions. storm team 4 is helping you to make it to work on . storm team 4 x 4. a line of showers set up for a slow commute this morning. your weather and
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looking at the stories making headlines right now at 5:30, university of maryland students are being told to walk in groups after the third student attale it is now official. overnight we learned pope francis will make its first trip to the u.s. in september of last year. . and work to build the tallest building in our region begins today with cap tap one's new office tower in tysons corner. much more throughout the morning.
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first, good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. you can see on storm team 4 radar waking up to a lot of rain this morning. you'll need an umbrella to get to work and most likely need to get home too. let's go to tom kierein to get you up to speed with this forecast. >> mostly light rain. a live view from the city camera. not reducing visibilities much. it's just light enough to make everything. the leaves are wet and slippery on the side streets and sidewalks. there's heavier, steadier rain in charlottesville. west of there in central and southwestern west virginia. as a result, you will want your rain boots, umbrella and maybe some gloves this morning. we'll have it rather chilly over the next couple of hours.
5:32 am
right now it is hovering near 40 degrees much of the region. and then later today, we'll crime into the upper 40s. reaching low to mid 50s by 2:00, 3:00. showers all the way through the daylight hours. through this evening, much of the rain will taper off. from west to east by 8:00, upper 40s. clearing out. near 40 by 11:00. this time tomorrow. sunny. in the upper 20s. next weather and traffic on the 1s, neighborhood highs around the region. a wide range. alexis, what's going on on the road. >> check your speed. you'll fine ponding from the overnight rain. right now we have delays. 66 eastbound, route 50. no reports of incidents in the area. pretty minor delays. give yourself extra time.
5:33 am
penn south 505 a nine minute delay. in maryland, 301 running at 55 miles per hour as you approach the beltway. a live look at 210. aaron eun, back to you. an act of pure evil. that is what presi calling the execution kassig. the former army ranger turned humanitarian was murdered over the weekend by isis. 4 a video of t posted onl tracie potts joins us with reaction from capitol hill. >> reporter: good morning. this morning the u.s. has now authenticated that video that shows the beheading of american peter kassig. he converted to islam. we know his family issued a statement saying they are
5:34 am
heartbroken but they are very proud of the work he was doing. the 26-year-old was an army ranger, former army ranger who had taken over a humanitarian aid mission in syria. in fact, he was delivering supplies when he was captured last year. his parents have heard from him sporadically. they heard an audio recording. they got a letter a month ago saying he loved them no matter what happened. this sparked debate in washington about whether or not we should be going after isis more aggressively. sending in ground troops. some of the president's critics saying that is not something he should rule . you can add the state department to the list of government agencies that say they have been hacked. both the postal service and the national weather servi have reported attacks in the last few months. at the state department, they believe someone targeted their systems in october. nothing classified was taken. the department shut down and
5:35 am
upgraded its unclassified e-mail system to prevent any future attacks >> toxic fumes from a charter .us sent 15 cheerleaders to the the bus stopped on 95 sout thornburg, virginia girls reported fumes w them sick. they were rushed to the to get checked out. they were in d.c. for a competition and were hea homeo north carolina. 5:35. the search continues for two missing teens in virginia. more than 100 voluntes searched for alexis murphy volunteers searched for and samantha clark 90 south and a little wes this is the same area wh man convicted in murphy' lived. >> strangers who don't e our family out here look alexis. it's very humbling. we greatly appreciate it >> randy taylor was co killing alexis murphy ev though police never foun body. she vanished last year. he was questioned in the disappearance of c.
5:36 am
he was never charged in that case. a hearing for adrian peterson. it will determine whether he will be allowed to the field. he admitted to hitting his young son with a switch but says it was a form of discipline and he never meant to hurt his son. once the hearing is complete, there is a five-day window for the after their game with the redskins, the tampa bay buccaneers got a surprise visit from the federal drug officials at bwi international airport. just is one of several nfl teams inspected yesterday. the dea says it is an ongoing investigation into whether teams are abusing prescription drugs. the san francisco 49ers and seattle seahawks were also checked. federal officia say no arrests were made. more inspections could be coming. they were not targeted. getting a handle on bills is what many of you are worried about heading into the end of
5:37 am
the year. 41% are concerned about paying bills, up from 36% two years ago. 22% said they want to pay down debt. 17% say they are focusing on saving. aaron, got part of the british parliament has been evacuated because of a bomb threat. this is according to police. we are hearing a suspicious package has been found. officers are there on the scene. no word of anyone being hurt. this scare comes almost a month after a gunman attacked canada's parliament. more as we get it. eun? >> gangy goff. than angie. facebook is developing a new website. how it will help you avoid awkward, embarrassing moments at work. it's an umbrell tom is keeping a close eye on the radar and let you know when it will stop and let up in your neighborhood.
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what is more distracting?
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welcome back. a new warning about the middle console in your car. it could be more distracting than your cell phone. dashboard systems, you see them there. they bring the internet and social media to your fingertips in some cars but are also taking your eyes from the road. >> "consumer reports" say even
5:41 am
hands-free technology can be a problem, especially if it's not working. it all comes down to personal driver responsibility. always pull over if you're doing anything other than keeping your eyes on the road. there are so many extractions already. forget about all the hands-free devices. if you have kids in the car, your radio. all sorts of things can cause problems when you're driving. on a day like today you don't want to be distracted. weather and traffic on the 1s. we go to tom kierein. >> trying to find the windshield wipers or turning up the heat can be distracting. you'll want to find the wipers. we have a large area of light rain in virginia, maryland, and the district. hovering in the upper 30s later today highs may reach low 60s in the neck. highs only in the 40s and 0s farther west out in the mountains. maybe they could get snow
5:42 am
showers. a look at a cold plunge and how long it lasts on weather and traffic on the 1s. what's going on on the roads, alexis? >> in virginia, 95 northbound is looking pretty congested right now. no reports of incidents. we are seeing major delays there. elsewhere, montgomery county, no delays at new hampshire avenue. ac. duke street at paxton street. paying more to enjoy the favorite bottle of wine? the decision in the day ahead that could drive up the liquor prices that you pay. >> we are help to go make your commute a little less stress isful. meteorologist chuck bell with out on the road with our storm team 4 x 4. here's a live look. st with us. st wi[ male announcer ] at northrop grumman,
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and when the world asked for the future. staying ahead in a constantly evolving world. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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14 before the hour. light rain is falling in most of our region. here's a look at storm team 4 radar. give yourself extra time as you head out the door this morning. the rain is making for a wet commute. chuck bell is on the road with the storm team 4 x 4. >> reporter: good morning, aaron and eun. we are on the inner loop just about ready to get on i-95 going southbound. headlights coming towards us. those are the outer loop commuters this morning. lots of road spray out here. be sure to leave a little extra following distance between you and the guy ahead of you. you know what a crazy gu you need to give a little bit more room, give everybody a bit more room today. the rain will continue all the way through the morning commute into work and school. umbrellas and raincoats required. a warm rt that. temperature on the 4 x 4 is 43
5:47 am
chilly wet degrees right now. not expect to go get out of the upper 40s for much of the day. rain could be a little bit heavier later this afternoon. tom will have more in a couple of minutes. now a warm, comfy, dry studio, back to you. chuck, thank you. police are looking for a gunman who started shooting in a quiet neighborhood and ended up killing a 19-year-old. two teenagers were shot outside a home on keating drive in woodbridge on sunday. 19-year-old christopher weaver is killed. the other is 15 years old. he is expected to police don't believe this random shooting but ha named a suspect. the shooting is not rela the murder of a woodbrid school student.
5:48 am
fight back! >> ferguson, missouri bracing for what could be a volatile week. activists marked 100 days since the michael brown shooting with a protest. all eyes on the grand jury as it decides whether there is enough evidence to decide officer wilson. wilson shot and killed brownback in august. the decision could come down at any time. eye on what happens "as the nation's capita realize that individua come to our city to expr their first amendment . we want to make sure the in a lawful, and peace manner." we are working to find out
5:49 am
the condition of two d.c. police officers who were hurt in a crash while responding to a crime scene. last night the offic on their way to a shooting in southeast when they were involved in a crash. the crash happened on alabama avenue southeast off suitland parkway. just five minutes from the crime scene. both officers had to go to the hospital. no word yet on their condition. a flight was forced to make an emergency landing. flight 632 on its way to las vegas yesterday. it had to land in salt lake city, though. we're told a passenger was behaving erratically and then lost consciousness. after that passenger was taken to the hospital, that plane did go on to vegas. university of va is a fast it is affecting mostly f studen. all of them became sick last two days.
5:50 am
the universi gatorade and anti-flu kits to hel and telling them to wash virginia's abc board to figure out how mu will have to pay for a. they want to help pay fo state's $2.4 billion b they want to modernize systems to become more efficient. some are concerned raisi prices too much will hav negative impact on sal pope francis is coming to the united states. the pope announced he plans to attend the highly anticipated world meeting of families. that will happen in philadelphia next september. three-day visit will include a mass on the ben franklin park way. this will be the pope's first visit since elected in march 2013. . a rough couple of days for u2 front man bono.
5:51 am
he hurt his arm riding a new york city. bono will have to have sry to fix that problem. because of the accident, forced to reschedule an appearance on "the tonig with jimmy fallon this w last week he was on a pl lost its hatch. nobody was hurt in that incident. nothing like starting a monday with a cold rain. >> it's the worst kind of weather, right? >> and then even colder. >> thanks for that there are areas of moderate to heavy rain that are farther south and west of the metro area. look at the swath of white. that is snow. it is snowing in louisville, kentucky from cincinnati all the way up into columbus, ohio. east of there, that's rain.
5:52 am
moderate to heavy rain in west virginia. the leading edge of that heavier, moderate, steadier rain still three, four hours away of the metro. that will be 9:00 this morning. light rain in northern virginia, maryland, the district. that's keeping everything wet. we will stay wet through the morning and pretty much all day long. headlines for this monday turning colder tonight. and the colder pattern will be in place tomorrow and continuing into mid week. now, the timing on that steadier rain will be 9:00 this morning. between 9:00 and noon, areas in the yellow and orange are pockets of heavier downpours, that will pull off to our east. mid to late afternoon, lingering light rain in the metro area. snow showers in the mountains during the afternoon and evening hours may put down several insurance of snow in west virginia. we clear out tonight. rain total. areas in blue may get an inch,
5:53 am
inch and a half in southern maryland, the eastern shore. temperatures right now covering in the upper 30s and low to mid-40s. we'll just hit upper 40s to near 50 to 55 degrees today. much colder. only in the 30s tuesday, wednesday. 40s in the saturday. remaining dry. with the blustery wind, low 30s. mid 30s wednesday. mid 50s sunday. might get a little more rain on sunday. alexis davies is in for melissa checking on delays. >> that's right, tom. we have delays in virginia. no delays to speak of in virginia or maryland on the beltway. however, 66 eastbound heading out of gainesville, slow traffic through manassas. 66 after route 50, seeing significant delays there. no reports of incidents in the roadway. elsewhere, 270 out of frederick, seeing some delays. as you leave frederick, heading
5:54 am
south on 270 as well. no incidents being reported there. and then here's a live look at 95 in maryland. you're slow as you approach the beltway. seeing wet conditions on the road. no incidents reported here as well. aaron and eun, back to you. 5:41. your road trip for thanksgiving could be cheaper than last year. the national average for gas dropped 44 cents in the past two months. that is the longest stretch in six years. the drop of crude oil prices causing the gas prices to fall. the average of regular unloaded $3.11. in virginia, your average is $2.70. and in west virginia, the average regular unleaded $2.98. work on the silver line could slow you down today. crews are starting a year-long project on the dulles greenway. they are building a bridge to support the silver line as it crosses over broad run on the way to ryan road in ashburn.
5:55 am
you can expect lanes will be closed. it is not expected to open until 2018. 5:55. starting today the postal service will work every day to make your packages get to their destination. they will deliver seven days a week until christmas. it will handle 470 million packages this season. gift cards will be the hot item. the average person will buy $172 worth of gift cards as gifts. that makes sense, considering 62% of people polled say they want to receiva gift card over anything else. facebook has a new strategy to help you avoid awkward orem bearsing moments at work. landon dowdy is live with "for your money" good morning. >>reporter: go facebook is developing a site to
5:56 am
keep work and personal sites separate. it is similar to linkedin and googledoc. g.m. is extending the deadline for victims of crashes involving faulty ignition switches to file claims until january 31st. the lawyer overseeing the compensation fund said the notices have been spent to current and former owners of affected vehicles. . thank you. ford says it is working with federal investigators looking into air bag problem with the seven mustang. national highway traffic said a north carolina was hurt by a metal fragment from an they are using the same air bags from a japanese supplier. they have been linked to four deaths in the united states. if you take the train up and down the northeast corridor, you may want to hear plans for the
5:57 am
future. this is one of several meetings where you can voice your opinion. the federal railroad administration will host an open house today. leaders are preparing a passenger rail improvement plan. the meeting will happen at the hall of states in northwest d.c. at 4:00 this afternoon. happening today, maryland lawmakers want to expand campaign financing. they will come together tonight in silver spring. they will talk about allowing for congressional campaigns. larry hogan is the latest to use public financing. he will be the first govern elected after a campaign that used public money. a university of maryland student had a knife held to her throat on campus. the safety warning after this third attack on a student in about a month. and a rainy start to this monday morning. we'll keep you up to date on the forecast as well as conditions you'll find on the roads when news 4 today continues.
5:58 am
your time right no is 5:57. 6
5:59 am
. right now at 6:00 a.m., it is a rainy monday morning. we are watching where the showers are heaviest on storm team 4 radar. and we're live to show you what your morning drive will look like.
6:00 am
storm team 4 x 4. tom, good morning. continuing to move in and stay ahead with the storm team 4 weather app. see my latest cast and keep up with the latest radar. showers moving southwest, heading northeast. light rain in the district and maryland. it will be with us the next couple of hours. everything is wet with the leaves. very slipp. chilly. it's just in the upper 30s montgomery to 40 in prince george's. upper 30s near 40 in fairfax, loudoun stafford, spotsylvania. hovering around 40 degrees as well. so at the bus stop this morning, chilly and wet. temperatures just near 40 degrees between now and 8:00. 8:00 and 9:00, mid 40s. rain may start coming down a little bit harder.


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