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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 17, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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new at midday, breaking news, a maryland doctor being treated for ebola in nebraska has died. what the hospital is saying about his quick decline in health. and take a look. storm team 4 radar. that white there you see on your screen is snow. and that's where it's cold enough to snow. is it headed our way? temperatures could fall as much as 20 degrees tomorrow. we'll talk about the snow coming up. good morning, welcome to news 4 midday. ahead of those temperature drops, rain, heavy at times, expected for most of this day. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell joins us with his first
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forecast. >> awfully nasty outside right now. temperatures are in the 40s with the rain. these 40 degree temperatures though will be the warmest we'll see for quite a while as the polar plunge arrives here tonight into tomorrow. right now, we're up to 47 at national airport. 49, southern maryland. 41 in martinsburg, west virginia. rain for everybody. more moderate to briefly heavy rain coming our way for the next several hour. as a big push of moisture is coming our direction. that will bring temperatures up to near 50 for a brief time before the real cold air starts to rush in here just after the sun goes down tonight. we're in the 40s but it's already below freezing out across parts of ohio. so what to wear today? everything that's warm and dry in your closet. you should be prepared to layer it up and keep it out for the next couple of days as the cold air is here to stay. we'll be in it the 40s for today. falling into the 30s by early this evening. and the cold weather is here all week it looks like. your seven-day forecast at
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11:30. breaking news, the new carrollton, maryland, surgeon, has died. he was diagnosed with the disease a week ago. he arrived at the omaha nebraska bio containment unit on saturday. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more from outside the hospital. >> reporter: dr. salia had been in extremely critical condition. he had been given doses of plasma and the experimental drug zmapp but just a short time ago doctors here confirmed that he passed away. on saturday, he arrived from sierra leone, the tenth ebola patient treated in the u.s. a medical team in hazmat suits carefully moving him to a waiting ambulance. the 44-year-old doctor was too weak to walk. dr. salia was a native of sierra leone but a legal u.s. resident. he'd been woin as a surgeon at a hospital in freetown. >> he decided to still go and
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help his people because he wanted to show he loves his people. >> reporte in a video from earlier this year, the doctor says the job was his calling. >> i took this job not because i want to but i firmly believe that it was a calling and that god wanted me to. >> reporter: dr. salia had been the third ebola pat treated at this biocontainment unit. he's now only the second ebola patient to have died on u.s. soil. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, omaha, nebraska. the department of homeland security says the u.s. will start screening travelers from a fourth nation in west africa. a cluster of new ebola cases have been confirmed in malli. the centers for disease control recommended these new screenings. while there are no direct flights from mali to the u.s. about 15 to 20 people take connecting flights every day. the fifth and final suspect of the murder of a woodbridge high school junior has been arrested. police say the 16-year-old girl was taken into custody on friday. police say the girl was present during the shooting that killed
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brendan wilson. wilson was killed last week near his high school. investigators have called his death drug related and said he and the suspects knew each other. and we have a developing story this morning in college park. university of maryland student are being told to walk in groups after a third student attacked in less than a month. this latest incident happe early yesterday morn, just off route 1 on har wick road. a student says she was getting out of her car when a man came up behind her with a knife. she told police the man put the knife to her throat and tried to drag her away but she fought him off. the woman is okay. people we talk to say they're taking extra precautions when they go out at night. e on the phone or have a to pepper spray. my place is right there. >> right now, police say they have no suspects and no indication that the case is connected to two similar cases earlier this month.
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and we have new video of a anyone was hurt in this apartment building on fourth street northwest between kansas and new hampshire avenues. firefighters did not t dame the. we can see lots of them had to p though. the heavy smokdu on the outside of the building is there still this morning. if you're going holiday shopping in tyson's corner, you'll see big brand-new buildings. it's the latest in an outbreak of growth in the area. in fact, crews will break ground on the site any minute now. news 4's megan mcgrath is live in mcclane where it's all going down. >> reporte the governor is speaking and in just a few moments they're going to officially break ground on the new capital one headquarters. this massive tower is not only going to change the look of the skyline in tyson's corner but it will provide great amenities to people who work and live here. fueled by metro silver line, tyson's corner has experienced
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quite the building boom. offices, apartments, new restaurants and shopping. things have really changed. >> just since the metro was getting close to being finished, they've added a lot of buildings. i mean, it's a lot different. >> reporte how would you describe the changes? >> drastic. >> modern. >> it's beautiful. real beautiful. it's a lot of opportunities now for everybody. >> reporte soon, a new landmark will grace the skyline. a huge office tower. the tallest in the region. capital one is building a new headquarters in tyson's corner. 470 feet and 31 stories tall. it will be the closest thing this area has to a sky scrapper. only the washington monument will be taller. next to the silver lines mcclane's station, the tower will provide not just office space for capital one but the larger development will have retail development, even a community center. >> tysons is not, will not be
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just a place where there are offices and retail. but also it's going to be a vibrant community that will include residential, a hotel. people can live here, can work here. >> we want this to be a statement. about architecture. about qu of development here. >> reporter: it's going to take a while to build. the completion target date is mid-2018. reporting live in tyson's corner, megan mcgrath, news 4. right now in philadelphia, we're getting new information about the pope's just announced visit to the u.s. plus, if you're a redskins fan, you're probably still shaking your head, asking how did the team lose so badly. rg3 has some answers for us. and look at what's causing a chocolate shortage and how
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starting today, the postal service will be working every day to make sure your packages get to their definitions. they will work seven days a week until christmas. the service estimates it will handle 470 million packages this holiday season. several nfl teams got a surprise visit from federal drug officials this weekend. that includes the tampa bay buccaneers who were stopped at the airport after their game
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with the redskins. the dea says the stops were part of an ongoing investigation into whether teams are abusing prescription drugs. the san francisco 49ers and s seattle seahawks were also checked. the nfl says all teams cooperated. federal officials say no arrests were made and more teams could be targeted. rg3 is calling it a travesty. nothing seems to be going right for the redskins. they lost again to the 1-8 tampa bay buccaneers. >> right now, we have no pro bowl players. we're not playing that way. i'm not playing that way. the line's not playing that way. the backs aren't playing that way. our special teams isn't playing that way. we all know that. >> and to make matters worse, the team is dealing with another possible injury this morning. left tackle trent williams will undergo an mri today. he injured his mcl in the first quarter of yesterday's name. of course, we will treat out the
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results of that mri whenever the results are released. an act of pure evil is how the murder of an ame isis is being descl lowing thisg story and have some new information on the man's family and the president's response. plus, children and energy drinks. the result of a new study and the harm those drink. it's a cold rain outside today. b it will be a while out the before we can get rid of the cold.
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this just in, out of philadelphia, where we have been monitoring a news conference there. pope francis confirming he will visit the city of brotherly love next september 2015 for the world meeting of families. >> it's a moment we've all been waiting for. waiting for a long time. and now that the moment is upon us, it causes us to reflect on everything we have to do. d meeting of families, saying planning is already under way. this event will be open to the public and organizers say could draw up to at least 1 million people. you might recall a few months ago pope francis said he also hoped to visit d.c. and new york
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city during the u.s. trip. but of course we don't have the official itinerary just yet. you can add the state department to the list of agencies that say they've been hacked. both the postal service and national weather sere reported attacks in the last few months. officials say they believe someone targeted their systems back in october.classified was they say. now to a developing story. confirmation this morning that american hostage peter kassig has been killed by isis. became the fifth western and third american to be killed by the terrorist group since august. nbc's tracie potts has more on whether the continued killings will eventually lead to american troops in iraq. >> reporter: in a statement, president obama called the beheading an act of pure evil.
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he changed his name to abdul rahman after converting to islam. the former army ranger was captured by isis while delivering humanitarian supplies syria last year. >> i was able to share a little bit of hope and comfort with some people. >> reporter: that's one of the last times his parents heard his voice. later, they got this letter. >> don't worry, dad, if i go down, i won't go down thinking anything but what i know to be true. that you and mom love me more than the moostars. >> reporter: defense secretary chuck hagel calls him an inspiration to us all. >> he tried to give back to the world. he cared very deeply and loved the world he was in. >> reporter: american muslims are concerned about how isis is recruiting their youth. >> they're hunting for young people who cannot logically analyze things correctly. so they make them believe that it's the right thing. >> reporter: kassig's execution has stirred the debate over whether the u.s. should go after
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isis with ground troops. >> i think the president's wrong in saying under no circumstances will he consider ground troops. >> i think we learned a lesson and paid a bitter price when we put troops oe ground on a long-term basis in iraq and afghanistan. >> over the weekend, president obama said there are some situations where he would consider sending in ground troops like if isis got their hands on a nuclear weapon. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. well, it appears to be a much smoother start for people looking for health care under the affordable care act. health officials say about 100,000 people submitted applications for coverage this weekend. open enrollment started on saturday. and while people looking to sign up for the first time had no issues, there were some reports of people who have coverage had issues accessing their acts. >> do you have an issue with people getting on to their old accounts? or is this just user error? >> with regard to that, we thing the vast majority were able to. in some of those examples, we're
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tracking them down. that's part of what i said we're going to do. >> health and human services secretary silvia burr well says more than 1 million people have also visited the site to research their options for health insurance. for more on the affordable care act, we're joined by carrie dann, a political writer for nbc news. so, is the law working? >> that's a question that sort of depends who you ask. objectively, from the last few years, you can see some positive signs from the obama administrater i terms of this r compared to last year, obviously, such a disaster a year ago. this year, as you heard from burrwell, the health and human services secretary, they're looking at pretty positive numbers. the number of uninsured people in the country has lowered. and premiums for many of those people have gone down. >> have the politics surrounding the affordable care act changed at all? or the same people against it and the same people for it? s it seeps
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>> it seeps li like it's a stat situation. law is very low. it's about 36% based on our last nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. the same sides are still entrenched. they wouldn't be doing that if that wasn't a politically popular decision. the politics have not changed that much. >> the supreme court is expected to take up another challenge. tell us what that's about. >> the supreme court is going to look. it's kind of unexpected they decided to take up this challenge to the law. they're going to look at whether or not the federal government can constitutionally give subsidies to many people who want to sign up for obamacare. what that could essentially do, if they decide thosedies are not constitutional it would of people would decide people that's too much, i'm going to drop off obamacare. it could be a fatal blow but we're not going to know until next year. >> it was meant as a one-time incentive to get people sign up or is it still out there? >> these are subsidies that would go depending on what your
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income level is. if you sign up through the federal website, you are eligible for fed subsidies. >> we will follow that and continue to see if america's interest in this affordable care act -- >> with many months to come. >> especially in the rollout is better this time around, maybe we'll e more positive numbers. >> it's going to take time. >> thanks so much, carrie. for more, check out "first read" on right now, someone could be tracking what you are looking at on your cell phone. coming up, the cell phone provider that's taking steps to make that tougher. and a man pushed on to an oncoming train. what police are now saying about this deadl.
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a new report shows your child's body simply cab not handle energy drinks. found me than 40% of poison calls involve kids under 6 year it is old. experts say energy drinks have too much caffeine for a child's body. some of the reactions researchers reported were serious heart problems and seize urs. if you think it costs a lot to feed your family, you're right. a new report from diets and found huge variations in how much groceries cost in different states. virginiap to tops the list. a cart of chicken, apples,
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potatoes and milk will set you back $27 in virginia. the meal costs $14 in both d.c. and maryland. there's no word on why there's such a big difference in the cost of groceries state by state. well, this sounds like a nightmare. but it's true. we're running out of chocolate. two of the world's largest confectioners are blaming a handful of reasons. including climbing coco prices and just the plain simple fact that we're eating more chocolate than we produce. the chocolate makers say if we don't do something right now, we can expect a huge global deficit in chocolate by the year 2020. right now, police in ferguson remain on alert after a weekend of demonstrations and a grand jury decision that could be announced at any time now. what police are saying about keeping any new protests peaceful. plus, it's gray and it's wet out there right now. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is back with your first look at the seven day forecast.
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okay, they don't even know if they're going to have any snow this year, but georgia is getting ready anyway. tomorrow, the state will hold a snow drill to prepare for a storm. take a look. you might remember how only a
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few inches paralyzed atlanta last year. stranding thousands on the highways. to keep that from happening again, the governor added dozens of response teams to keep roads safe there this year. and storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell joins us now. i was just asking him if he thinks we're going to get any snow. >> no. >> probably not this time around. >> typic of what we face in the wintertime. we have all the winter in the front and the cold air in the back of this storm system. we have plenty of rain and ugliness to worry about today but at the time temperatures get at or below freezing mark, all the moisture will be gone. the good news is we should get quite the drying breeze out there overnight tonight as well. so ground temperatures are warm and a quick drying breeze out there means i don't think we'll have too much of an icy spot on the road tomorrow morning threat either but we will keep you closely attuned to that. it's going to be a cold pattern around here for the rest of the week by the way things look.
11:30 am
today will make five days in a row colder than average. and by the seven day, we have at least seven more in a row still to come. weekly temperatures this week, our average high is 56. we'll be about as close as we're going to get to it for the next couple of days today, around 50. tomorrow and wednesday, highs in the 30s. and then only the low 40s for the rest of the week. a little recovery by sunday. next week, thanksgiving week, is looking noticeably milder. there's at least some good news r pact on your monday, moderate high out there today. rain, heavy at times. really keeping things kind of slow and ugly out there right now. there's a look over downtown washington. moderate rain, 46 degrees. south wind for now. we might be able to jump those up to about the 50 degree range for a brief time today but that won't last long. low 40s, shenandoah valley. near 50 in southern maryland. the computer is convinced we're
11:31 am
going to make 55. i am convinced we're probably going to hover at 51 or 50 for afternoon temperatures today. windchills right now aren't too back. you're going to really want to bund up for this one. what to expect for the next couple of days. a midwinter pattern. super cold. temperatures some 20 degrees colder than average. dangerous windchills as well. always dress in layers. drink extra water. that helps you fight off the cold. and moisture your skin. there's going to be static electricity on the rug kind of cold weather. snow's going to the western parts of kentucky and western west virginia. severe weather today across southern virginia and the carolinas. for us, there's that plume of moderate to heavy rain that's coming our way here for the rest of the afternoon and into this evening. so be ready for a very ugly stretch. you can always follow me on twitter @chuckbell4. also download our weather app as well.
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so rain today, lows tonight, back into the 20s. so that will be a cold one. windchills tomorrow, teens for windchills on your way out the door. and teens to near 20 for windchills during the middle of the day tomorrow. that is january cold. here's that seven day. as advertised. brutally cold the next couple of days. slightly better. but still awfully chilly by late week into the weekend. next chance of rain into today is sunday, barbara. >> all right. new york city police are looking for whoever pushed a man on to an oncoming train. this happened in a bronx subway station yesterday. a man was standing on a platform when a stranger pushed him on to the tracks killing him. to make matters worse, his wife had to watch it is a tack happen. police say it looks like the attack was completely random and unprovo >> fight back. >> fight back. >> it's been 100 days since a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager
11:33 am
in ferguson, missouri. people are preparing for what could be a volatile week. all eyes are on the grand jury as they decide whether there's enough evidence to indict the police officer who killed brown. nbc's ron allen has more. >> despite the frigid weather, some 100 or more demonstrators marked 100 days since michael brown was shot and killed. >> fight back! fight back! ck streets. some peacefully laying on the ground. mimicking brown's death. >> haven't you made your point? >> point won't be made until that cop is indicted. >> reporter: emotions are raw with the grand jury decision expected any day now on whether officer darren wilson will be charged. the st. louis post dispatch obtained police records including surveillance video showing wilson in the white t-shirt at a police station some two hours after the shooting. officers tracking a robbery
11:34 am
suspect. >> 25, it's gonna be a black male in a white t-shirt. he's running toward quick trip. >> reporter: later, wilson reports his location. >> 21, put me on canfield with two and send me another card. >> reporter: according to the post dispatch, that's wilson after he stopped brown and a friend. some 90 seconds later, brown was dead. reports the newspaper, based on police records and interviews. another officer calls for help. >> get us several more units over here. there's gonna be a problem. >> we all have to work together more than ever now to make sure that our community stays whole. >> reporter: the state highway patrol captain ron johnson had been visiting schools, asking students to avoid trouble. while promising police will be less confrontational when the grand jury decision happens. what's going to be different this time? >> i think you will see a softer approach and i'll just leave it at that. >> reporter: ron allen, nbc news, ferguson. d.c. police are keeping a
11:35 am
close eye on what happens in ferguson. they said, as the nation's capital, we realize individuals may come to our city to express their first amendment rights. we want to ensure they do so in a lawful and peaceful manner. bullets flying everywhere. that's how neighbors described a shooting that left a 19-year-old dead. two teenagers were shot outside a home on keating drive early sunday. 19-year-old christopher weaver was killed. the other victim is 15. he's expected to be okay. one neighbor told us the whole thing was just unbelievable. >> i lived on this street since '85, you know, i've never seen anything like this. this is crazy. i mean, i hope they catch him and prosecute him to the fullest extent. >> police have not arrested anyone but investigators do not think this was random. searchers are once again looking for two virginia teenagers. 17-year-old alexis murphy who disappeared in 2013 and samantha
11:36 am
clark who disappeared in 2010. more than 100 volunteers looked for them. this is the same area where randy taylor lived. he's the man convicted of killing murphy. her body has never been found. she vanished last year. police questioned him in the disappearance of clark four years ago. he was never charged with that case. and new this morning, we're learning about a southwest airlines flight from dulles that was forced an emergency landing. flight 632 was on its way to las vegas yesterday when it had to land in salt lake city. we're told a passenger was behaving erratically before losing consciousness. after that passenger was taken to the hospital, the plane coo las vegas. new numbers out today on the homelessness of children in our area. plus, the step a major cell phone provider is taking today to prote your privacy.
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and why prince william is ask
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right now, the centers for disease control and prevention is disinfecting this cruise ship. nearly 200 passengers and crew members on board got sick from a norovirus outbreak. the crown princess was on a month-long trip. passengers say the crew members
11:40 am
were wiping down the entire ship with hand sanitizer. >> handrails and walls and bathrooms. tables. the chairs. in the buffet, they had staff serving us instead of allowing us to touch the handles on our own. >> there was another outbreak on that same ship in april when more than 100 people got sick. a report shows one in every 30 children is homeless. the national centers for family homelessness says nearly 2.5 million chn america do not have a place to call home. that was the last year number. that's the highest level it's been. here is the breakdown in our region in the district. more than 6,500 kids were homeless. in maryland, more than 30,000 kids were homeless last year. in virginia, more than 35,000 kids were without homes. in west virginia, more than 16,000 kids did not have a home there. the information is based on numbers from the department of
11:41 am
education last year. as we get closer to the holidays, it's easy to get stressed out and even depressed. it's important to know the difference between the holiday blues and a more serious problem. as part of our changing minds campaign, dr. joshua looks at the signs and symptoms of depression. depression is a common mental disorder that affects about 1 in 5 people at some point in their lives. depression is not just the occasional low mood, personality weakness or bad attitude and it's not something you can snap out of. it's a serious medical illness that can lead to suicide in abt 5% to 10% of the people who suffer from it. at least two weeks of chronic sadness or irritability, decreased energy, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, dist b d sleep and poor concentration. if you or someone you love is suffering from depression, please take action and seek help. >> and to find that help, go to our website,,
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and search changing minds. a major an on tourism in virginia. technology now connecting you to almost every aspect of your life. the pros and cons of the upgrades in technology. >> well, there is a story about one of your former -- your former colleagues, barbara walters. >> right, because you co-hosted "the view." >> exactly. >> how did that go? >> it went poorly because i insulted her on live television. >> and more on what andy cohen >> and more on what andy cohen did on the meredith you want i fix this mess? a mess? i don't think -- what's that? snapshot from progressive. plug it in, and you can save on car insurance based on your good driving. you sell to me? no, it's free. you want to try?
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facebook says it's getting into the professional social networking game. the site is now developing, quote, facebook at work, end quote. it's a separate website that would allow you to keep your personal and work profiles apart. it would also let you connect and collaborate with your co-workers. the new site will also allow facebook to compete with similar networking sites such as linked in. if you use atat, the company says it's making your cell phone more private. attaching so-called super t help to your data website s identify who you are. at&t says it's not using cookies anymore. prince william is asking you
11:46 am
to help raise awareness about the eaves ovils of poaching. >> with the help angry birds, we've created a friends tournament for the penguins. you can have some fun while learning more about them and the wider issues of poaching. >> the role of the week long application for cell phone was created in united with wildlife charity. the ant eaters are hunted for their meat and their scales. the pengalian runs the rick of becoming extinct in our lifetime. you can download the app today. new technologies putting the internet on your car's dash board. it couldt you from keeping your eyes on the road. >> drivers are already bombarded with distractions. now, more and more automakers
11:47 am
are adding info trainment systems to dash boards. >> people are demanding it. that's the biggest thing. people demand having this kind of thing in the car. entertainment systems. it's foot just about driving, it's about keeping yourself entertained. >> dash board systems that bt and social media into your car could be another distraction. the national highway traffic administration says it supports innovations but, quote, not when it companies a comes at the cos. while some technology allows for hands free usage, john link of consumer reports says even those can be distraction when they don't work. >> you're already distracted by the fact you're engaging with pandora. if it's not working, you're spending more time paying attention to that and thought driving. >> repor both automakers and experts agree, it all comes down to personal driver responsibility. it's not important to write
11:48 am
lol on to a facebook post while you're driving at 60 miles an hour. pull over if it's really that important to like a cat video. >> reporter: save those videos for a red light. kirk gregory, nbc news. and today virginia's abc board meets to figure out how much more you're going to be paying for alcohol in the state. the governor directed the agency to raise prices to help pay for the state's $2.4 billion budget gap. in addition to raising prices, the board also wants to modernize the system so that it becomes more efficient. city leaders in manassas say you might be able to visit lake manassas in the future. right now it is closed to the public but the wauck says the city is considering opening that up again. the lake provides water to about 100,000 of you in that area. before they open it, though, the city has to make sure all that water won't be pollu the change. the manassas city council says they can make a decision about it one week from today.
11:49 am
paying the bills is what many of you are concerned about these days heading into the end of the year. a new survey from shows 41% of americans say they're concerned about getting a handle on their bills. p from 36% two years ago. as for other financial priorities, 22% said they want to pay down their debt. while 17% say they're focusing on saving. time is 11:49 now. coming up, music stars coming together to help stop ebola. plus, storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is back with how big a temperature drop we can expect .omorrow
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right now, we're waiting for results from the spacecraft that la on a speeding comet more than 300 million miles away from earth. scientists will release the findings in just a few minutes. landed on the comet on wednesday. the batteries have since died. but scientists say they're hoping the lander will peek out of the shadows long enough so the solar panels can recharge them. right now, rain is helping to slow down that lava flow from the volcano in hawaii. crews are concerned about the air quality since the lava's burning through asphalt and trees and s on the big island. it's not threatening property at the moment but it is near a buddhist cemetery that's been affected by the lava. we're following several developing stories throughout
11:53 am
this day here on nbc 4. doctors in nebraska will hold a news conference about the ebola patient who died. we'll send a push alert to your phone with more on what they say. dr. salia arrived on saturday. the maryla contracted the deadly disea while working in sierra leone. lawmakers will be given a briefing on ethics and other issues. and mcauliffe is expected to launch a major gay and lesbian tourism campaign. he will talk at the tourism summit in reston. stay with nbc 4 for updates. today, you can help fight ebola by buying the song "do they know it's christmas." singers are coming together for the 30th anniversary of band aid. nbc's katie tur reports. ♪ it's christmastime
11:54 am
♪ there's no need to be afraid >> reporter: 30 years almost to the day. but this type around, a brand-new band aid. with one direction, ed sheeren and bono. ♪ how can they know it's christma >> reporter: instead of boy george -- ♪ smile of joy >> reporter: sting and, well, a younger bono. ♪ instead of you >> i wish in a way we didn't have to do this and there will come a time when we won't. >> reporter: on saturday, some of the biggest names in pop turned out to record band aid 30. ♪ throw your arms around the world ♪ a cover of 1984's "do they know it's christmas." this time, to help raise money in the fight against ebola. >> so many great legends in music. it's been really good. >> please welcome sir bob geldof. >> repor the man responsible for organizing the original
11:55 am
debuted this lt vision on the british "x factor" last night. >> this is the most anti-human disease but we can stop it. >> reporter: back in 1984, the original band aid raised more than $10 million to fight famen in ethiopia. which meant today in the battle against ebola the lyrics had to change. ♪ tonight thank god is there ♪ well tonight ♪ we're reaching out and touching you ♪ >> reporter: another star-studded turnout to help the world remember its christmastime again. >> that was katie tur reporting. not everyone is a fan of this project. some people are upset organizers did not include african artists, many of whom recorded their own anthems against ebola. it's time for a final check on the forecast. you keeping an eye on that cold
11:56 am
weather. >> it's all we've talked about office for almost a week now. we saw this one coming a long ways out. these really big weather events. you can see them a long way coming. we've been tracking it for days and days. here's what it's going to feel like tomorrow morning when your alarms go off. temperatures. e are the windchills now. by lunchtime tomorrow, teens and low 20s. and back down into the single digits and teens by late tomorrow night. so that's cold, cold stuff. the way tomorrow's looking hour by hour, start off temperatures, mid-20s. lunchtime temperatures, near freezing. bare freezing mark at any point during the day. keep in mind, windy is the operative word for torrow. in addition to the cold, windchills, teens, for much of the daylight hours tomorrow. that's really -- that would be cold even by january standards. let alone here in the middle of november. the warm-ups kind of sort of begins towards the end of the week but it may be into next week before we get above average
11:57 am
y nun mber on that seven day is colder than average. except for sun bottom numbers a windchill. oh, no, the lower temperatures. and that is the at the chur. it's going to be that cold. it will feel even worse. time to get out that puffy parka coat. >> thanks a lot. ♪ wish that i cou witness all your joy and all your pain ♪ tonight you can cheer on this guy from sterling virginia on "the voice." ryan sill will try to sing his way into the top ten. his coach gwen stefani saved him from elimination. you probably saw that. sill graduated from dominion high school in 2012. he attended james madison university. you can watch him sing live tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc 4 and we will all be pulling for him. he's got a lot of competition out there. that's a great show.
11:58 am
and that's news 4 midday. thanks for joining us. we invite you to tune in for news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. we'll be back tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. with news 4 midday. we'll be looking for you. until then, have a great day. stay warm tomorrow morning. we'll see you at 11:00 a.m. for midday. .
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and twitter at freshsocietyva. >> nurse: this just came for you. a secret admirer? >> jordan: uh... oh. [chuckles] a surprise, but maybe not so secret. >> chad: don't worry about it, sonny. do whatever you need to do with the architects. we got it covered here. yeah. sonny's on board with you moving to the new club full time. [phone ringing] >> ben: what if i'm not on board with moving to the south side? >> chad: i got to take this. if you don't like the plan, talk to sonny about it. father? how are you? >> stefano: it's time, my son. [knocking]


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