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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 18, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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winter, still november here. >> wrap your brain around that. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has the weather headlines. >> it's called novemberrr. it will stay wintry cold with frigid windchills. hairstyles by mr. wind with the winds gusting over 30 miles per hour through the morning. and the weather impact for this tuesday will be a moderate impact with the wind. you'll hang on to that steering wheel because we have some winds that are going to be gusting 30 to 35 miles an hour between now through early afternoon. windy and cold throughout the day. temperatures right now in washington, 29 at reagan national. it's only low to mid-20s in montgomery county. in fairfax county, right now upper 20s in prince george's county right near the chesapeake bay near 30 degrees. farther south and west of us, just in the mid to upper 20s in prince william and loudoun
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county, same for stafford and spotslvani and chuck bell will be joining us live momentarily out there in west falls church. what does it feel like out there, chuck? >> reporter: we were going to tysons but came to west falls church metro station instead. it looks like the middle of january out here. 26 degrees in falls church. yes, you're right, the wind is blowing out there today. the current windchill, 18 degrees here. and windchills are in the teens and 20s everywhere. even some single digits out in the mountains. so really a huge bundle-up factor for you first thing this morning. and it's not that we have not been this cold before because we have. we are not going to set a record or anything today, but it's just the suddenness of the change that has everybody going.
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come to our website, nbcwashington. we have a full section top center right there for the hypothermia hotline. give a call if you see someone stranded outside, homeless, needs extra warmth, give those local municipalities a call. now to alexis for a check on traffic. let's hope it's an easier commute today that yesterday. well, it's easier on the beltway but right now we have a wind advisory as you mentioned wi the winds in effect for the bay bridge. they are prohibiting the large box trucks and trailers and everyone else to drive with caution. taking a look elsewhere on the roadways, the dulles greenway to the toll road is looking good. and an average speed of 60 miles an hour heading down the greenway. 55 is happening on route 28 near the dulles toll road. traveling further to the inner loop of the beltway, all lanes are open. and it continues in the inner loop of the beltway to river road, no delays or incidents to report. back to you. alexis, thank you. coming up at 5:03, vincent mayor
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could be headed to an indictment connected to his 2010 campaign. "the washingto" says that mayor gray -- [ no audio ] if he's indicted, they will look for a speedy trial. right now missouri is under a state of emergency as it prepares for the grand jury's decision into whether or notr wt and killed an unarmed teenager. missouri governor jay nixson called up the national guard to help keep the peace. officer darrin wilson shot michael brown in ferguson back in august and his death caused demonstration the area and across the country.
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this morning two families want answers following fights at a high school that has left one of their loved ones in the hospital. the principal is expected to talk about the fights tonight at the pta meeting. cell phone video shows the two fights at suitland high school in prince george's county on friday. the mother of the 16-year-old victim holding the pink balloons tells news4 that another girl had been bullying her daughter. she warned school leaders the day before that attack. the victim's 16-year-old boyfriend came to help. that fight was also caught on video. he had to go under three hours of jaw surgery last night. >> it is heart-wrenching to me to look at a video with my nephew on it and -- where somebody is putting him in a chokehold like they are in the military trying to defend our country. >> in a statement the school district says, we join the community in sadness and shock following the brutal incident that was videotaped this past friday at suitland high school.
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please be assured that the school system is taking swift and appropriate disciplinary action. no word yet on whether any students will face criminal charges. there is a meeting today that will affect thousands of people in montgomery county. the county health and human services committee is working to pick a new health provider for people with developmental disabilities. th are down to two options now and will meet again about the issue this afternoon. today vdot shows off the newest tools to keep you moving through the snow. the agency will unveil a new plow tracking website that will help both you and other plow operators know which roads have been cleared and which ones still need work. vdot says the goal is to give you as much realtime information on road conditions as possible so you know when to leave and can get to your destination on time. the university of maryland's former home for basketball could receiv a major upgrade. the school released plans to over te facility.
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there are renderings that were just released. the terps played basketball there from the 1950s to 2002. the school finance's committee will present that plan on friday. and tracking news out of israel after a deadly shoot-out at a synagogue overnight. we'll go to the live desk for new reaction on that attack. and the flag outside the news4 studios whipping in the winds to make the cold temperatures more unbearable. we have what to wear in your forecast in your weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. plus, keep good tabs on the bank account. why financial problems can bring you unwanted health problems. your
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as a toddler, i enjoy three activities. breaking things... spilling things... and just general destruction, in the abstract sense. so i, for one, am not a big fan of nest.
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you see, the dropcam is always watching... even when my folks are in another room. i rue the day that this product was invented. but i'm not 100% sure what rue means. nest dropcam. welcome to a more thoughtful
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welcome back at 5:09. there's another reason to keep track of your credit and it can be a matter of life or death. researchers at duke university found a link between low credit scores and the odds that a person will suffer a heart attack or stroke. the study found that those who ma good financial decisions also tend to make good health decisions. and a new study out of colorado says people who work the t shift are more prone
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to weight gain. why didn't somebody tell me that ten years ago? researchers tracked healthy adults who followed a typical work schedule and transitioned a night shift for three days. well, the amount of sleep and calorie up take were the same but people burned less energy in the 24-hour period when they worked overnight. >> i think when you're tired you just want to snack. i want to reach for the peanut m&ms every single time, right? >> our bodies are predisposed, we should be asleep right now. your body metabolizes that way. >> check yr credit and exercise. >> you also want to check for holes in your coat this morning because the wind will get in. it's so bitterly cold outside right now. >> you need your hat and scarves, gloves, bring out all the winter gear. tom kierein, what happened? >> dress like this young lady. wear a knit hat and your warmest winter coat today. but you can ditch the umbrella. the roads have been blow-dried. you need the warm hat, gloves
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and a scar. dress like winter-like conditions for the day ahead. there's capitol hill under a clear sky now with the wind blowing around 30 miles an hour. we'll have these whipping winds with us throughout the day. teeratures right now in the 20s. we'll be near 30 degrees by 8:00 a.m. by noon, only low 30s. hitting the mid-30s mid afternoon. the temperatures drop back after 5:00 p.m. back down into the 20s tonight. a look at when it warms up again, that's next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 5:21. alexis dave s, how are the road looking? we have in indian head, port tobacco road and ironsides road are closed due to an accident involving downed wires. your alternate is going to be durham road. and back to you.
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thank you, alexis. going to extreme measures for a free ride, the lengths some drivers are willing to go to to skip out on paying tolls. and right now some road work you'll want to be aware of. the project begins this morning in d.c. that will transform a busy road many of you use to get
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5:15. new road work is underway to transform a lot of what you see in d.c. and it could affect your drive to work today. megan mcgrath is live where crews are working on the third street tunnel. >> reporter: aaron, take a look behind me at all the construction barrels lined up here. shortly, the barrels will be pressed into service as they close this intersection down. it's part of a larger constructionproject. they are going to be building five new buildings eventually over top of the third street tunnel. that construction can be begin, there's a lot of preliminary work that needs to
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be done and that's what is going on here. they are relocating underground utilities an t area of massachusetts avenue and h street in northwest between second and fourth streets. take a look at some of the areas, some of the roads that will be affected here. lane closures from 7:00 a.m. until midnight. we're talking about the intersection of third and h streets. that intersection will be closed while this work is being done. eastbound h street is going to be redirected to massachusetts avenue. westd h street is going to reopen in the old layout allowing travel directly to mass avenue. also expect sidewalks in these construction zones to close down so pedestrians are going to be affected as well. the timing of the project, 7:00 a.m. until midnight, that means it will happen during the day and during both rush hours. so this is a congested, heavily traveled area. so it is going to cause some traffic tie-ups. this is a project that is going
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to be going on for a while. so plan accordingly. reporting live in northwest, megan mcgrath, news4. we now know a 21-year-old man died following a crash in montgomery county po approached the man in a parking lot saturday night in gaithersburg and noticed his license was suspended and called a tow truck. when it arrived, the man took off, hit a utility pole and a tree and flipped onto another car near aspen hill road. angie goff with new video just in from the scene of what one witness called a killing nightmare. a look, this is near a s synae in jerusalem. two palestinians attacked worshippers as they prayed. four israelis were killed and the attackers died in a shoot-out. the palestinian group hamas praising the attack. the palestinian preside condemning it and secretary of state john kerry calling it simply an atrocity. another act of violence
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amid-rising tensions in the area. coming up on 18 after the hour, this morning a virginia woman is under arrest accused of trying to help isis. heather kaufman is from outside of richmond and supported isis on facebook. an affidavit say she is tried to connect someone with a facilitator in syria. turns out that person was an undercover fbi agent. kaufman's attorne says she has no connection to the terrorist group. and new sanctions would include seizing tankers and trucks carrying oil from syria and iraq controlled by isis. and the u.n. wants to order a worldwide moratorium on the trading of antiquities from syria and iraq. the panel wants to deny aircraft permission to land or takeoff if they are coming from or going to territory held by the two terrorist groups. and the fbi is calling the hatchet attack on a group of new york city police officers an act of terror. director james comey says the attack was politically and
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ideologically driven. last month thompson attacked four officers with a hatchet allegedly, seriously wounding one of them. thompson was killed by police. we are on top of a developing story in prince george's county. someone at the potomac high school in oxon hill was diagnosed with tuberculosis. we don't know if it's a student, staffer or member of the community. th is trying to track down anyone who had close contact with that person. so far there are no new cases. tb spreads through the area including bad cough, weight loss, fever and chest pains. today you can find out if your child will go to a new high school in prince william county. the new school will be located on dumfries road in manassas. they are slated to vote on boundaries for that at a meeting tonight. th cy revised the boundaries last month after the department of justice expressed concern about the diversity of the area. the new high school which has
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not been named yet is slated to open in september of 2016. today many people will be cleaning up from tornado damage in the south. there were at least five confirmed tornadoes since sunday night. an ef-1 twister touched down in twiggs county, georgia. debris is scattered everywhere in this video. and a stray goat apparently. strong winds tore right through some mobile homes in the area. things just pop up when there's bad weather. >> i didn't expect that. right now the snow is still affecting people in western new york state. take a look here, you can see the lake-effect snow in the hamburg area. that's expected to see up to 2 feet of snow. the snow along with gusty winds is making it harder for drivers to get around as well. november 18th. >> it's too soon. you know, tom, we know you're just the messenger, but even you have to say it's pretty early for this kind of cold, right? absolutely. we fast forward a couple months,
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it's feeling more like january than november. and we've got that cold blast in on us now. all around the region, looking at the latest wind gusts. we've got over 30 miles per hour. the wind, the latest gust at reagan national, 32. a gusty wind around the bay and southern maryland where it's gusting 30 miles an hour there as well. and the windchills as a result are down into the teens. it feels like mid-teens in washington and the nearby suburbs. gaithersburg's windchill is 8 above. feels like 10 degrees in hagerstown. windchills around the bay in the low 20s. at the bus stop this morning, layer up. that blustery wind and cold temperatures, will be hovering in the upper 20s between 7:00 and 8:00. near 8:00 to 9:00, we'll still have the gusty winds in the lower 30s. later this afternoon with the winds gusting over 30 miles an
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hour, we'll still have windchills in the teens this afternoon. highs reaching low to mid-30s for much of the region. then during the day on wednesday, a lighter wind, cold tomorrow morning. down to the low 20s starting off wednesday morn wednesday afternoon, still cold, only in the mid-30s for highs. partly cloudy. then a nice, mild, warming occurs on thursday. afternoon highs thursday into the upper 40s. and lots of sunshine. then another shot of somewhat chillier air, but not terribly cold. highs just near 40 on friday with bright sunshine. then over the weekend, finally moderating a bit. on saturday back to the mid-40s and partly cloudy. good weather for outdoor activities. sunday, increasing clouds with a chance of rain sunday afternoon with highs in the mid-50s. look at monday, gorgeous. should make it to the low to mid-60s by monday. that will be a welcomed change. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 5:31. a look at the windchills through the day hour by hour, alexis
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with the first 4 traffic. good morning, tom. we still have no major delays or incidents to report as you travel in on the beltway in maryland or virginia. we do have a disabled vehicle northbound on 295 at the off-ramp to the 11th street bridge. that's bloing the right lane. and we are seeing some delays in the area. elsewhere in indian head, maryland, we have an accident at port tobacco road at ironsides road. we have downed wires. your alternate there is durham church road. taking a look elsewhere, 270 out of frederick looking good. no major delays there with all lanes open. 66 at fairfax county parkway looking good traveling in to the beltway. then a live look at 95 at norton road, more volume but no delays. aaron and eun, back to you. 5:23. a new study suggests one-third of american adults with diabetes don't know they have it. researchers at emory university looked at health data from the past five years to find three in ten people with diabetes were unaware they had the condition
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even though 67% of them had seen a doctor at least twice in the previous year. and medical scrubs have been around for decades but a group of houston men is revolutionizg the industry. take a look at the medsuit. the game-changer of the high performance scrubs is copper sewn into the fabric and copper is anti-microbial. and it has several features which eliminates the need for a lab coat. it is not cheap, it will sell you back $400. >> remember that goat we showed you a minute ago, this is one of hi buddies but this time it's a deer. not a cousin, just a friend. the deer got into a church in new jersey. you can see some broken glass on the floor here, books and paper everywhere. e deer broke through a first-floor window at the church. took a little walk around there. the church leaders originally thought a burglar caused the mess. not the case, though. a mass murderer and cult
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leader charles manson is getting married. the 80-year-old is marrying a 26-year-old woman. the woman moved to california nine years ago to visit manson in prison. she also runs a manson fan website. th pair has 90 days to marry or they have to reapply for another license. some drivers are going to extreme measures to avoid paying tolls. we mean extreme. police say it may be tempting, it's a law-abiding citizen to pay the price. check out the pictures from florida where they use a similar similar to easy pass. people don't mount their tags and cover their license plates with duct tape and their hands. look at this guy. they had friends lean out of the trunk to cover the license plate. look at this person -- he's standing on the back bumper to cover the license plate. so of course this prevents the cameras from catching the plates and sending the bill in the mail, but police say it costs the states millions of dollars
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each year and that can lead to a toll in the increase. the regular folks like us who pay have to pay more. >> i did blow through a toll once in florida. >> but you paid once they charged you. >> i did. >> getting out of the truck and hanging on the bumper. >> for a dollar toll or something like that? >> insane. added precautions in the ebola crisis. the steps to keep new cases of the vi out your warmest clothes this morning as we deal with cold and windy conditions. the windchills you'll see throughout the day with the hour-by-hour forecast at 5:31. and more and more are taking to the streets. now a new survey shows what drivers like you think about sharing the roads with driverless cars. and stay connected with us online or on your smartphone. >> follow us on >> follow us on twitter
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it's a snack, made from 100% new sand nothing but fruit. no preservatives, no added sweeteners. it's like having your own personal orchard, any time, anywhere. with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. a broader mix of energies, world needs which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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at 5:30 world leaders are condemning a deadly attack at a synagogue in jerusalem leaving four people dead overnight. and mayor vincent gray could reject a plea deal involving his 2010 campaign.
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and after cell phone video surfaced showing a pair of violent fights, the principal will address those tonight. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. the story you're talking about this morning, the bitterly cold temperatures outside. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is tracking the windchills to make it feel colder. can't believe it's the middle of november, tom. just looking at the latest windchills on the storm team 4 weather app, they are down in the single digits out in the mountains right now. you can get the storm team 4 weather app right now on google play and the itunes store. stay ahead of the weather when you're mobile and away from the tv. temperat right now on the storm team 4 app and on the tv screen in the upper 20s, prince george's county, the low to mid-20s in montgomery county. only near 30 in washington. just mid to upper 20s in fairfax county, alexandria and arlington. farther west, leesburg, down to 27. southwest of washington, upper 20s now in prince william and
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falkier counties. and the feels-like temperature by noontime, it's still going to be only feeling like 20 degrees hour by hour into the afternoon. the feels-like temperature will hovering in the teens to near 20 degrees with the wind still gusting but with lots of sunshine. we'll look at the colder temperatures coming in tonight in the next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:41. alexis, how are the roads? they are looking good traveling the beltway and virginia. problems there. we'll take a look at routes 210, 5 and 301 traveling out of maryland toward the beltway. looking good at 53 at 55 miles per ho respectively. no delays or trouble spots report there had. a live look at route 210 south of the beltway where we are seeing volume but no incidents. taking a live look at 395 just north of etzel road, all lanes are open. back to you. happening today, the president and congress are taking a closer look at the
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battle against ebola. the president will be briefed by his national security and public health teams about the effort to combat the deadly disease. on capitol hill two hearings are scheduled, one house committee will focus on the fight in africa and the other looks at prevents the disease from spreading here at home. meanwhile, the pentagon is planning to spend more specialized national guard troops to west africa to fight the virus on the front lines. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hillh more. >> reporter: good morning, eun. we new thousands of more troops were being sent and now we know where they are coming from, including one battalion from rockville. wee learned they are sending ones from baltimore and 68 from the 398th combat us is taped mid-support battalion out of rockville. i'm doing some digging to find out about them. they served in iraq back in 2009 and their specialties is logistics and shipping.
5:33 am
and that's importa because there's a lot of equipment that's got to be shipped over to help treat ebola. they, like the other members of the military and the reserves in the national guard over there, will not be dealing directly with patients once they get there. they will be setting up hospitals and other facilities and training health workers. one of the reasons these particular groups were chosen e penta says is because they have a lot of high-tech people, doctors and lawyers, i.t. experts, engineers to help in that effort. they are expected to get trained here, they will obviously undergo all of the safety training that we have seen so far. they will deploy at some point in the spring, we believe, to relieve more than 2,000 who are already over there. and they could be deployed for as much as six months. >> tracie potts live on call toil hill for us, thank you. also on capitol hill, the senate is set to vote on the keystone xl pipe line. mary landrieu is the biggest
5:34 am
supporter of the bill. if it passes, it could help her case in a re-election in the runoff vote next month. and right now everyone is waiting to see what the president will do about immigration reform. we are learning that what people think about what he could do, the new poll from "usa today" says 46% of americans think president obama should wait until all the newly-elected lawmakers take office. another 42% think he should take action now. the president is expected to sign an executive order on the issue any day now. a 19-year-old is waking up in jail following a fight at a birthday party in prince william county. joseph damarus is accused of stabbing a 13-year-old and imprisonening an officer. this happened friday night at a clubhouse on framer estates drive in woodbridge. he was working security when he started to turn people away. a fight broke out and the teen was stabbed. damarus is being held without bond. we are getting our first look at a plane that crashed
5:35 am
into a house near midway airport in chicago. taking a live look at this scene right now, you can see the tail of that plane sticking straight up. now the good news is that everyone who lives in the house were able to get out okay. residents saying they came to their rescue and pulled everyone out. nobody was hurt. still, though, questions that remain, how is the pilot doing? was anybody in that plane along with the pilot? we don't know that yet. the faa are saying that the pilot reported engine trouble shortly after takeoff. that's when he tried to return to midway and didn't make it. aaron? thank you. 5:35, and right now investigatore trying to figure out why a car crashed into a house in montgomery county. chopper 4 over the scene last night on new hampshire avenue in brookville. e fire department says nobody inside the home was hurt. the driver is also expected to be okay. and also right now, traffic is moving again on columbia pike in fairfax county after a man was hit crossing the street. the accident happened last night
5:36 am
near evergreen lane and columbia pike. crews rushed a 52-year-old man to the hospital with life-threate injuries. fairfax county police say the man was not in the crosswalk and the driver did stay on the scene. today the d.c. council will vote on the new bill to control where some money goes when it is seized by police. the crime goes to anyone not the police department but under the new bill that money would go to the district's general fund instead. the bill has unanimous support. it's now 5:36. right now, take a look at these temperatures. can you believe this? tom will have you back at 5:41 to take you through the next 24 hours. and he says the temperatures are in the teens and 20s in a lot of places. the new fight over the traffic circles in some neighborhoods e driving some crazy and the high-tech innovation some are not ready for, including this guy. and it's a good idea.
5:37 am
your weather and traffic are always on "news4 today." >> throughout the commercial break, you can see the current temperatures and how traffic is moving along.
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welcome back. a new poll shows many of us are leery about self-driving cars. 65% felt the self-driving cars are a dangerous idea. >> and 61% say they would
5:40 am
consider buying a car with features like automatic con avoidance and parking assistance. and 50% said they would walk away from the car if it was too hard to use. right now there are no cars that can be called self-driving, but car and tech companies are working hard to make one because the demand is out there. people would like to have the bells and whistles and the newest thing. >> we shall see. steer clear. we are talking about frigid temperatures. i'm not exaggerating when i say it's 27 degrees outside our studios. weat and traffic is on the 1s. >> i want a car that pays for itself. and we're starting off this morning with a cold temperature to reach you as you step out the door. capitol hill under a clear sky only in the 20s. 8:00, near 30 with a gusty wind. winds will be blustery near noontime in the low 30s. only the low to mid-30s for high
5:41 am
temperatures. by mid afternoon. back by 5:00 down to the low 30s and the wind will diminish. then overnight tonight, the wind will go calm and the temperatt this time tomorrow morning under a clear sky. the low 20s. a look at when it warms up again is the next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:51. alexis, how are the roads now? good morning. we are still looking at an accident-free commute to this point on the beltway. no reported problems in virginia or maryland. and the american legion bridge, the outer loop and inner loop crossing into virginia, all lanes open. looking at the 14th street bridge, we are seeing more volume but no delays. the woodrow wilson bridge is looking good with travel times heading out this morning. looking good all around the beltway. back to you. alexis, thank you. you won't be paying more if you get caught passing a school bus in montgomery county. the law to keep fines from being hiked. we heard about the faulty air bags but the recalls do not reach our area. but we'll show you how you can
5:42 am
get the air bag in your car replaced if you drive a hon
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good morning. it feels like the teens in most regions around the area. you can see the winds just outside the studios here in tip leetown blowing in the wind. and you need to grab your coat this morning, your hat, gloves, the scarf, whatever you can do before you head out the door. chuck bell is joining us live now with the storm team 4x4 at the west falls church station. we saw you put on the coat today, chuck. >> r absolutely. it's time for all-out parka puff on your way out the door this morning. the temperature here in west
5:46 am
falls church is now at 28 degrees. but e wind continues to blow out here. we're averaging a 15-mile-per-ho bree gusting to over 25 miles an hour at times. here they are back down in the teens to near 20 degrees. the official what to wear advice today. you will lose most of your heat through your head. a nice big puffy coat, warm wool sweater, t-shirt, jeans instead of the wool coat. and we have the warm polka dotted socks. that's the key. if your feet are warm and the top of your head is warm, the rest of it you can cope with by keeping your hands in your pockets. but it's a real chill out here. eun yang, you live for cold weather just like this. we aught to get you out here. >> how did you know, chuck? i need a pair of the polka dotted socks. you need to get me a pair of
5:47 am
those. i'll get you some for christmas. >> thank you. 5:47. right now missour is under a state of emergency and any day now we could learn the results of the grand jury looking into a police officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager. jay nixon called the national guard to help keep the peace. officer darrin wilson shot michael brown back in ferguson in august. his death caused demonstrations that area and across the country. e protest caught many police officers off guard including one police captain. >> the magnitude of the people, the moms and dads and busine pe and educators -- >> people across missouri are preparing for whatever happens when that decision coming out. a lot of you are worried about safety in ward five in d.c. today the ward five is in d.c. on track to have the highest in crime last year. just last year it celebrated for
5:48 am
having the biggest drop in crime. the d.c. council member brought officers and residents who live in the area together to talk about the issue. one woman said she's concerned for her neighbors. >> most of them are senior citizens, whh in the area a they can't go out to defend themselves against the people. most of them are frightened. >> murder, sex assaults and thefts are on the rise in ward five and police have been successful at fighting burglaries there this year. a member of the harlem globetrotters talk to students about not bullying others. handels franklin will stop by the school in the district and share tips on how to stop bullying by using action, bravery and compassion. fmplgts you are hoping for maryland's governor to come in to cut taxes, you may have to wait a while. gary hogan was surprised by the size of the state's budget deficit. he says the shortfall ngton could slow down his plan to roll back taxes.
5:49 am
and alcohol prices are going up in virginia. the state alcoholic beverage control board voted on several changes that amount to an increase of 24 cents per bottle. that will help to close a small part of the state's $2.5 billion budget gap and pay for new technology to make the abc more efficient. the governor terry mcauliffe hopes changes will increase abc sales from 800 million to 5 billion per year. and montgomery county is looking for new health coverage today. they want a new provider with anyone who has developmental disabilities. the committee will meet about the situation this afternoon. afternoon and now the runway at dulles is clear after a plane blew a tire just after takeoff. chopper 4 over the airport as crews responded to the emergency landing. on the boeing 757 was put on a new flight to san
5:50 am
francisco as investigators figure out what caused the tire to blow out. and today we'll learn at how crews are doing to fix capital defects and crackles. the dome was last repaired in 1960. the repairs started six months ago and will take a few years to complete. constructn is slated to begin tomorrow on permanent traffic circles to slow down cars in northwest d.c. vdot last month said neighbors were not happy with how they performed. neighbors in tip leetown asked for a meeting with ddot before the permanent circles are installed but ddot ignored their requests. a new survey says we are still using our smartphones behind the wheel but not for making calls. state farm says the percentage of drivers who acknowledge accessing the internet while driving has doubled from 13% in 26% this year.
5:51 am
at least 25% of drivers admit to reading e-mails behind the wheel. 20% admitted to reading social media sites like twitter and facebook while driving. right now 14 states and d.c. prohibit the use at handheld cell phones wh driving. but no state bans all cell phone use behind the wheel. and those percentages were those who admitted. think of those who do it and don't admit they do. >> we are seeing tougher laws popping up in regards to cell phones and i think they will get tougher. 5:51 and pretty tough to handle the chilly weather. but that doesn't get close to it. >> we crossed the line. and that wind is a biting wind with long sharp fangs. and it is blowing you around. the latest wind gusts are over 30 miles per hour. i just had a gust at reagan national at 32. elsewhere the gusts are between 20 to 25 miles an hour gusts.
5:52 am
easton just had a gust to 35 miles per hour. the blustery winds are dropping windchills into t single digits. windchills only in the single digits from western maryland to much of west virginia. shenandoah valley, windchills near 10 degrees. the panhandle of west virginia and up to western washington county, closer to washington it's just in the mid-teens but gaithersburg is at 8. windchills are in the mid-teens. reality check, it's only november. we shouldn't be getting this until january with temperatures now for most of the region in western maryland. look at oakland, maryland. this is not a windchill temperature with the air temperature 9 above zero. windchills in the mountains today could be below zero. so walking to work and school, you'll be seeing this hover near
5:53 am
8:00. then head home this afternoon in the mid-30s. dress accordingly with the cold weather with us all day long. you'll need a windbreaker and good half and scarf and warm gloves. this is luber run park. you can post your pictures to facebook and instagram. connect to me with your comments. as we get into tonight, the winds will diminish. by dawn tomorrow temperatures plummet downo t low 20s. during the day on wednesday, highs in the mid-30s remain cold but a lighter wind. then on thursday a welcomed warming to make it into the mid to upper 40s on thursday afternoon. bright sunshine and a bit chillier again to be reaching near 40 during the afternoon. here a look at the weekend. yard work on saturday and raking the believes blowing all over the place. then sunday, the mid-50s.
5:54 am
a chance of rain sunday afternoon. after that, milder weather moves in monday with highs reaching the mid-60s monday afternoon. a look at the roads now. alexis davies is in for us this morning. columbia pike at george mason drive, a vehicle versus a motorcycle. use cauti in the area. and taking a look elsewhere, route 50 in maryland, at route 202, headlights traveling toward the screen are the inbound coming lanes. and 95 northbound right around the fairfax county parkway, heavy volume there but no incidents reported. 270 southbound out of frederick very slow going right now with no reports of incidents to find but we're still looking in the area. northbound 295 the off-ramp to the 11th street bridge, the earlier disabled bridge is gone with all lanes open. thank you. 5:54, if you walked outside you know it's cold enough for snow and vdot shows off tools to keep you moving once it does snow. the agency will unveil a new plow tracking website to help
5:55 am
you know which roads are plowed and which ones still need work. vdot says the realtime information will make it easier to plan your trip in bad weather. and leaders in montgomery county want to increase the fine for passing a stopped school bus but too many drivers do it and it's putting your kids at risk. however, the news4 i-team learned the fine won't go up any time soon. the top judge in maryland says only the state legislature can change the fines, not the county or courts. right now the fine for passing a stopped school bus is $125. honda owners in the area may be able to get the hair bag in their car replaced even though the states in our area are not impacted by the massive recall. cnbc's landon dowdy shows us why for your money. good morning. >> reporter: goomorning, eun. honda is quietly offering to replace potentially defective air bags nationwide even though a recall covers 13 recalls in high-humidity states. they are calling vehicles with
5:56 am
these air bag that is can explode and spread shrapnel in a crash. and a new payment offer called snapcash is released. the card data is stored by square to also promote spending. and you can support the district and support the homeless at the same time. in the past four years, the company has raised more than $375,000 for nonprofits in our region. 5:56 now. you get a chance to weigh in today on the brand new apartment complex and hotel. plan for tysons corner. the board of county supervisors is currently reviewing the project build on route 7 at the old best western hotel not far
5:57 am
from the greens for roe metro station. the plan calls for two towers with 1,000 apartments and a 300-room hotel. the board meets this afternoon at the fairfax county government center. >> a big upgrade to a historic building is in the works at the university of maryland. they released a $155 million plan to overrun the fieldhouse whterps played for 50 years. these are some renderings just released. e school's finance committee will officially present the project for approval this thursday. a fight inside suitland high school caught by cell phone. one teen needed hours of surgery. how the school's principal will try to calm parents' nerves tonight. and frigid temperatures out there right now. 28 degrees in northwest washington. how cold is it going to get and how long will the temperatures .ast in weather and traffic o
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, investigateg mayor gray's plan and high it was turned down.
6:00 am
and looking at gaithersburg, 7 there. it's going to be a cold day. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here now to show us what to expect. tom, breakout the heavy coats. just looking at the numbers makes it feel cold. we have the wind whipping through on this too cold tuesday. here are the headlines, feeling wintry cold throughout the day. with frigid windchills and hairstyles by mr. wind. yes, the wind will be blowing and gusting to around 30 miles an hour throut t day. and the impact forecast, we'll have a moderate impact with gusty winds. especially if you're driving a high-profile vehicle with winds gusting through the morning. temperatures right n are in the low to mid-20s in montgomery, fairfax, much of northern virginia, prince george's county in the mid-20s. upper 20s in washington. upper 20s around the chesapeake bay. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 6:11 in your


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