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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 18, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11:00, angry parents at a local high school. video of a fight leads to immediate security changes. >> the incoming mayor talks
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about changing plans for a new d.c. soccer stadium. and our cameras look at training for local firefighters. > also breaking news, police blocked off a large crime scene at a double shooting. news 4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. >> here's that shooting scene in northeast d.c. spreads from west virginia avenu simms >> it is in the same police district as we told you about last night. in that district the crime rate isg faster than any other part of the city. what's going on right now. >> we're in the fifth police district in northeast d.c. this crime scene takes up nearly three blocks, condensed down to this area right now. people in this area ducked when they heard shots fired here on
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the 1200 block mt. olivet road. two they are conscious and breathing. they are trying to get information and a description on the suspects. let' video from a public safety meeting with police last year the fifth district had the biggest reduction in crime city wide and this year it is on trace the big increase. we interviewed this woman about this latest shooting. >> you inside and hear what? >> gunshots like the fourth of july. >> what's going through your mind? >> get on the floor. we've been doing this for like two weeks now. >> two week snz. >> yeah. >> some say it has been going on for at. that's what th. you're looking at a live picture
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of the door. there's shattered glass as you can see right there. good thing no one was in that van at the time. police will go through the van to gather shell casings and take it to the crime lab to try to get more information. they urge anyone with information to. news 4. more breaking news right now in new jersey, one perso dead after three tr crashed and caught fire on the turnpike. l three vehicles werner gu-- e. i 95 closed just south of brunswick while crews try to figure out w going on. could break two records for
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coldest temp on november 18th. we have the latest on the nationwide cold snap. >> i predicted one to two feetd of snow in this area before never five feet. they are seeing it up towards buffalo. look at the last two hours. this is the last twelve hours, here's lake erie and here's buffalo. twel hours, and going back 18 hours seeing five feet of snow just south of buffalo. for us, no snow. but we have the cold. dallas airport has set a new record down to 19 degrees out of dellis, beating the old record of 20. if we stay around 19 we will set another record so we will have two days in a row where we have
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another . and the cold returns as we head towards the weekend. i'll show you in just a couple minutes. > thanks doug. four have died in that storm in western new york. as much as six feet of snow is expected in some of those areas by mid day tomorrow. the national guard is m many people had to abandon their vehicled when they couldn't go any further. two months before taking office mayor wants to remove the reeves municipal center from a controversial ld swap to acquire land for the soccer stadium saying it will give the district more control over the
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project. it is not necessary for us to acquire the land. i think we can better control the product that we get if we decide to sell the reeves center in a separate transactiol ask t vote before the end of the year. this man says the shaw neighborhood is one of possibilities for teen facility. he wants to be sure neighbors wh it is, will welcome the venue. residents in shaw said it could everyone an impact on their dog pa he is looking to build a smaller venue with 1500 seats not the 5,000 seat that's had been reported. > n ton owners of a populr casino about to break
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into gaming. planning to build near the home of the p. maryland live is believed to help win the license. pennsylvania now has the second largest gaming market right after las vegas. a disturbing video about a fight at a local high school, led to nearly 100 parents wanting to know why a girl who was being bullied wasn't protected. >> for the first time we h e principal talk about this incident but his comments were limited and didn't sit well with many you held students accoun. but you have to hold admin administrato accountable of.
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>> the agenda was scrapped and the time devoted to the incident that happened in a school hallway in which a 16-year-old was brutally assaulted and dragged by her hair. her boyfriend who came to her rescue was beaten so badly he needed sur. principal was pelted with questions by parents concerned for the safety . at one point newman responded to er whose daughter was >> i ack nono that. >> school officials would not allow the principal to we asked whether the long
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standing concerns had been addressed. we have to continue to communicate and work through the processes in the school. >> the video was painful for the students believe that the video over shadows the accomplishments and improvements here. >> not a lot of people come to the peer mediators to talk because they are scared but it does make us want to reach out more to the students. >> the big changes we mentioned, the school will be getting an additional school resource police officer a criminal charges have been filed in connect. >> thank you jackie. an effort to bring street cars to arlington has been scrapped after two long time supporters on e arlington county board wou funding. the decades long effort was
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supposed to replace busses with street cars from leesburg park to petomac yard. is. >> keystone xl pipeline, members were handcuffed after chanting and refused to leave the imchamber. the bill short one vote short of the 60 need ds to to pass. they will bring it back up in january. after the deadly massacre in synagogue in jerusalem where people were praying.
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four rabbis and police officer were killed when two palestinian men armed with meat cleaver and a gun stormed the building and started hacking anyone in their pang, three of the victims were americans with dual citizenship in israel. next at 11:00, news 4 camera up close with the risks firefighters take every day. a new call for action at a virginia high school. students walked out after a tweet they say is racist. are you missing a million
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the naacp is demanding answers about a racist photograph retweeted by an assistant prl in norfork, she tweeted a photo of back boys and white goiirls and the capti reads every white girl's father's worse nightmare. the naacp has launched its own investigation. tonight we take you inside a burning building to see, hear, and feel the heat to share firefighters experiences. it's a story you will only see here. >> this is by far one of the
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scariest things i've ever done. the d.c. fire department took a group of burn unit doctors for a day of simulations and i was invited to join them. i now have a better appreciation and understanding for the heroic work they do. >> firefighters work into burning buildings every day. here at the training academy they put our team through a series of real life scenarios. we went straight into a smoke-filled building with a second-story fire blazing. once inside the smoke was so thick i couldn't see anything even though i had an air tank d mafisk, it wasn't only impossible to see but hard to catch my breath. once inside the room with the fire, the flames were all around
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me from the >> you can feel the heat a your >> then i'm ordered down on the floor ap i'm handed a hose to put out the . once the fire was out, so were we. >> good to go? >> oh, yeah, that's great. wow. >> mayor vincent gray was there to greet us and poke a little fun. >> for those of you who may be tempted to light up mark seagraves, hand me one of the matches also. >> there was a serious lesson learned in that burning building, how not to get lost. >> we need to stay on a wall, stay on a hose line, because if something got bad, you follow that hose it will take you where you came, outside, or on a piece of rope. >> just like real firefighters and paramedics who respond to dozen of life-threatening calls
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every shift, we were off to a heart attack victim on a second story apartment. it may not have looked as dangerous as burning into a burning building but there's nothing easy about carrying a body down a flight of stairs while doing cpr. we all have better understanding of the science, training and stamina of being a first whe those flames were all around me it wrapped every inch .f body to heat that i couldn' if they stop moving for 30 seconds it sends a distress signal letting the team know there's a man down. >> mark, wow, now we understand it a lot better. thank you. >> wow. >> doug is here with another look at our weather forecast. >> we have record temperatures
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today will go even lower going through the night. let's show you what we're dealing with. 27 at reagan national airport. winds out of the southwest at about 6 miles an hour. we have breezy conditions across parts of the area. wind chill now 20 in d.c. n. still snow showers towards . that's the big story. lake effect snows right across buffalo region, the airport has reached 3 to 5 inches of snow and south of buffalo, three to that could continue through the day today and could produce more sn. this loop here, 18 hours over look what this does.
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fred sent me this from just to the east of the look at this snow drift nearly ten feet, that would be pretty cool, at least for one day, low temperatures, 24 in d.c., 16 back towards leesburg. i think dulles will get back broke a record set in 1990. another 20 degrees record set in 1936. so very cold temperatures. at close to it. we will see wind chill in the upper 20s all day long, you need to wear everything on here. only thing you won't need is the umbrella.
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anything good that did fall would have bee. 37 on wednesda something else going on, want to know the latest on the winter weather outlook that coming up, i will have the latest on how d cold. if this is any indication, hmm. saturday, 45 degrees but we do warm. 60 on sunday and 65 on monday. e a chance of rain on sunday, most likely late sunday. again chilly and dry air saturday. rain late in the day on sunday. most of the afternoon will be often the dry side at least until about 1:00 or 2:00. all in all just a cold forecast but s like things will warm just a littl >> thank you doug. we have sports coming up.
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jason has sports and the caps have a contest out west. >> it has been up and down for the capitols started off strong .ut came a five game lo last time they played arizona, trots said he had to change the beor
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let's see how much things have changed. late start time coyotes scored six goals in regulation last time these two teams met. first period, jason with the pass to b and he sticks it in the back of the net. caps take an early lead. second period arizona on the attack, sam with the shot to a wide open goal. just a beautiful pass th hope he doesn't have a chance, coyotes even it in the second, caps on the powe. ba back m is. georgetown looks ready to
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redeem themselves with a nice mix of upper classmen with big east player of the year, john thomas in the house checking out the hoyas. they didn't the look good early against corpus christie. this game was tied at 34 at half . freshman lj going to be a good one georgetown up by two. minutelater, big guy inside will stop that, joshua wi. georgetown beat corpus christie 78-6 the hoop crew, 9th rank virginia hosting south carolina
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state. early it is four-point ball game. cavs over to anderson knocking down 3 pointer. he had 17 points. virginia is up seven. later the defense starting to take over. anthony gill, easy jam the other way, uva up 21 half time. second half malcolm brogdon gets the block out on the break and the finish. 17 points virginia beat south carolina state. final score 75-55. i think georgetown is going to be really good this year. john
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a 90s classic helped virginia's own ryan sill, got 40% of the audience vote to stay in the competition. the judges said he deserved to be there and he keeps getting better. watch him next monday here on nbc 4. somewhere out there is a million-dollar power ball ticket but time is running out to claim the jackpot they matched the first five numbers but not the power ball. that ticket expires december 18th, one month from today. wait until you see these
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live pictures. >> we've been talking about buffalo all day. they've seen the snow all day. this is so cool, this is downtown buffalo with lake effect snow coming in off lake erie. erie.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- russell brand, brooke shields,


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