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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 19, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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record cold temperatures as you make your way to work and school. now temps in the teens and low 20s. settled into the d.c. area. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with your what to wear forecast. your warmest weather gear. wear somet with a hat like this young man. cold temperatures throughout the morning. cover your hands. make sure you are wearing warm footwear as well. temperatures hovering in the teens to 20 degrees in much of the region. we will stay this way throughout the morning. here's the capitol under the cold sky. a frigid morning. we'll have another colds afternoon with temperatures in the 30s. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11.
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now melissa has an update on the crash. in alexandria, police say this is still shut down, glebe road at route 1 it's a crash, two vehicles. police still on the scene. bw parkway 234bd r northbound, blocked from an earlier crash. 123 gordon boulevard, in a that is moving along nicely. 66 into town and out of town. 270 looking good north and so south as we head to the east. 95 and bw parkway, no issues right now. beltway at st. barnabas moving along. >> happeni today, the man accused of killing a d.c. corrections official is expected in court. carolyn cross was found dead into her apartment in september. and since then there have been questions about whether the man
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accused of murdering her is mentally stable. richard jordan has more on what willn today. richard? >> reporter: hi, eun. tkpwoerpbg. will be a preliminary g but it will not be the first time that the suspect appears in court. he has appeared before on video monitoring, video conferences in court. at the time he was in a suicide prevt indicating there is some concern for his own well-being. he is charged with first degree murder in the death of 64-year-old carolyn cross, a high-ranking af she was found dead inside her alexandria apartment by her daughter. her daughter had picked her up to take her to the airport. there answ. she went inside the apartment there's also been some frustration by police and the community as a whole as to the
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motive. why cross was killed. they say cross did not know him. police believe they had no connection. they had never met before. they did live relatively close in separate apartment buildings that share a apartment. perhaps we could learn more about this today. they want to keep him in prison, in jail, rather, behind bars until the trial begins. richard jordan, news 4. suitland high school in prince george's county will take extra precautions following a violent fighs highway. 100 parents attend aid meeting. they want to know why one student was not protected even though she told school leadersg. another resource police officer and security officer will be on campus. a dragged by her hair. her boyfriend tried to help. his jaw was broken in the fight.
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new information on an overnight fire in d.c. around 11:00, flames quickly spread from the first story to the second and then to the roof of a vacant house in northeast. at this hour the fire is under control. police had to shut down streets on 200 block of t street while they cleaned up. the cause of the fire is under investigation. 5:04. the government is stepping in to demand a recall of the deadly takata air bags. they can explode instead of inflate. a recall in eight u.s. states and five territories. the highway traffic safety administration said they should recalled in every state. they are linked to four deaths around the world. work to go keep you safe from snow. the state highway administration showing off its plows and trucks this afternoon. we're told it added a new monster truck plow. we will try to show you a picture of that on facebook as
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soon as we get one. most of the region waking up with teens. down right cold outside. chuck e te rockville metro station with how you can cope with thcold. > good mornin. it is indeed a cold start this morning. g e 21.2 degrees at the weather station on the roof. it is a cold start this morning. to me personally it doesn't feel as cold as yesterday morning because there is a little bit less wind. it's cold cold outside this morning for sure. common sense as always. dress in layers. three or four layers a lot better than one big coat. drink extra water as well. they think, oh, it's just cold. this particular air mass is extremely dry. it will suck the water out of you. being property hydrated helps
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you heat and cool the same. put moisturizer on your skin, guys. my hands could really use it. this is the kind of cold that killed your ears. look what it did to my elephant ears. it was doing so well until yesterday. my elephant ears and the back of my real ears, freezing to death. i don't know if i have an ear muff this big, though. >> you're just showing off with your elephant ears and your backyard guarden and all your meteorological knowledge. you guys have a good morning. stay warm. >> thanks, chuck. as chuck just showed us, it's going to be brutally cold as you make your way to work. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein will show you if things will improve with your hour-by-hourt at 5:11. tensions reaching a boiling point in ferguson ahead of a grand jury decision.
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welcome back at 5:09. new this morning, soft drink companies are not keeping all their promises to you or your children. a new study shows they are still spending a lot of money to market sugary drinks to kid. in 2013, beverage companies
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spent $866 million to advertise on healthy drinks. companies are ramping up ads on social and mobile media which makes it tricky for parents to monitor. the yale rudd center did the study >> guys, listen up. here's another reason we should opt for a salad today. new research suggests a link between trans fat and memory loss. the study out of california found men under 45 whose diets included more trans fats scored much lower on word recall tests than healthier eaters. in fact, those who ate the highest amounts of trans fats remembered 11 fe >> and there was a whole thing ho. >> it's one of the things you have to monitor for yourself. >> and you don't know what's
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going on. >> that explains why i can't remembanything. >> weather and traffic on the 1s. we are dealing with another cold day. tom kierein, what's going on out there? >> trying to forget the cold. temperatures down into the teens to just near 20 degrees in many areas. at dulles airport, down to 18. that's a new record low for s the capitol under a clear sky. by 8:00, mid-20s. a light wind. still chilly by noon time. a little bit above freezing. back to the mid-30s by 5:00 p.m. ne weath and traffic at 5:21. your walk to work forecast for this wednesday. melissa mollet is back. >> i am. hello. good morning. this crash northbod has just cleared. still this crash in alexandria. glebe at.
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central avenue, looking good this morning. 95 in virginia, a little bit slow past dale city. i'm back in 10 minutes with a live look at 270. following in her father's footsteps. one of new york's newest firefighters. . dealing with a sore neck too often? why way you t
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right now you're waking up to another frigid morning. you' stepping outside to temperatures in the teens or 20s as you leave for work or school. tom kierein tracking the conditions as you head to work. he has your walk to work forecast at 5:21. d.c. police need your help identifying these women suspected of stealing shoes. you can see the two women put
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shs into their bags and just walk this happened the t.j. maxx northwest. police are off reward if you re women in this call d.c. poli. police say two people were found shot last night not far from gallaudet and simms place. neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief. peopley hit the deck when they heard the gunfire. and it is not the first. >> so you're i you hear what? >> gunshots. like the fourt >> what was go mind? >> get on the we were doing weeks now. >> two weeks? >> yeah. >> just the da shooting, peop went to a meet concerns about in violence.
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the fifth poli from having the in crime last biggest increa year. a developing story near philadelphia. trafc still a mess on the new jersey turnpike after this fiery crash. a driver lost control of a tractor trailer. this was last nightouth of new brunswick. they slammed into two other trucks before bursting into flames. one person died here. police are on the scene gathering evidence and trying to clean up t governor mcall itch wants everyone to share the cost for future roc according to a times dispatch wants to reneg orbital scienc. he wants them their rockets the site in th. right now they responsible fo
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>> a wongwoman's wallet may have police were looking for clues around the holiday inn. the congresswoman's name was not in the report. if you t you kw what call arli. a mystery in anne aty bah was found dead in his car. he was found slumped over the steering wheel in his blue nissan versa similar to the one you see here. it was still on and parked awkwardly in millersville just from 7:00 monday morning. he lives about 45 miles away in . he made his money driving people around. if you have any informati on his death, call anne arundel county police. > on the grou in ferguson, missouri now where people are on a tense stand by. any moment now a grand jury could make a decision regarding the white officer who shot and
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killed an unarmed black teenager. area remains under a state of emergency and the national guard is ready if police and protesters violently clash again. officials fear riots will break out if officer darren wilson is not charged in brown's death. it is fueling gun sales in the st. louis suburbs. gun dealers have reported selling two to three times more in recent weeks. sales are higher among first . on monday, walmart had sold most of its supply. new york city fire department lost chiefs, captains, rank and file firefighters on 9/11. this morning a child of one of those firefighters is now a firefighter herself.
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josephine smith graduated yesterday. joes teen is the first child of a 9/11 firefighter to join the force. she ha a lot of emotions after the graduation ceremony. >> happy, excited, sad that my father >> josephine is one of 44 women in the fdny. she hears a photo of her father in and wears his bracelet every day. she said her goal is to make him proud every day. . he sure must be. western new york is dealing with a lot of snow. some areas are dealing with five feet of snow. mike bettes joins us live from hamburg, new york, buffalo suburb. mike, good morning. .his i >> reporter: it really is. this is a record setter. this ia that has been really shut down.
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they know how to deal with snow here. let me give you a lay of the land. our crew is stranded here with dozens of other travelers. we barely made it here yesterday. we were the last car to roll in after a plow it. we're stuck. we didn't have a four-wheel-dri. this car was parked here all day yesterday, all day today. it's under a portico. there's a roof! if we didn't have a four-wheel-d we would have been trouble yesterday. our cameraman got stuck behind semis that got stuck. if we hadn't picked him up, he would have been i a lot of trouble. this is since about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. look how much we picked up on the two feet we had on top of that. we'll trudge throu the snow. it is about knee deep.
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it is tough to get through. it's a fluffy snow. it is terrible for making a snowball or snowman. this part has actually been plowed. this is about a foot of snow here. this has been plowed. i've got to tell you, folks here are not going anywhere. look at these cars. totally snowed in. some of them unrecognizable. these folks likely to be here the next two or three days. the hotel says they can house and feed everybody for two to three days the. after th they don't get a food truck in here, they're out of food. >> mike bet else, thanks for showing us what it looks like in hamburg, new york. hope you make it the nexw days. be safe out there. >> bananas, so we're good. >> thank you, mike. >> participants of upstate new york -- actually we want t you this. after being stuck on a bus more than a day, the niagara
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university women's baskel team finally on their way home. the women had strapb for ab 40 hours. the team's guard tweeted a picture of state police rescuing them. >> tha goodness. they were running out of all supplies, as you can imagine. no hotel nearby like mike's > talking about the weather in your area, thankfully no snow. in the teens in a lot of places. >> let's go to tom kierein. >> our radar is clear. look at the buffalo radar. they are still getting the lake-effect snow. a narrow band off lake erie south of buffalo where they have had up to 70 inches of snow. walking to work here this morning, no snow. everything is dry. clear and cold. we'll be in the mid 20s through the morning community. as you head back home, it's going to be cold. a lighter wind thankfully today.
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partly cloudy skies by later this afternoon. temperatures aroun the metro area, te county. fairfax county is in the upper teens. it's dipped into the mid teens in prince william. warrenton, 17. dulles down to 17. that he wants a record low for the date. the old record was 20 degrees ther elsewhere, into the mountains, single digits there. low to mid to upper 20s around the chesapeake bay. and we'll get some warmer air moving in tomorrow thanks to a southwesterly breeze. it will be near 30 in the morning. afternoon highs, upper 40s. on thursday, it will feel like spring. then on friday, it's going to get chilly again. mid-20s in the morning. afternoon highs near 40. still chilly on saturday, too. mid-20s in the morning. afternoon highs, low 40s. then finally getting up to near average high for mid to late november. sunday, mid-50s.
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and rain likely now on sunday afternoon, sunday evening. mild on monday. into the mid-60s. might get an afternoon shower. back into the 50s on tuesday with sunshine returning. ne oe 1s, what to wear on this wednesday and traffic with melissa. crash. just spoke with police 50 east at kenilworth. your alternate is landover to get back over to 50. outbound new york, if you're traveling that way or northbound d.c. 295, you will be pushed on the parkway to stay north. on 66 into and out of town, no major problems. wider look at things overall looking quite good into town, out of t. old hundred moving along. in maryland, we can see 95 and bw parkway both flowing quite nicely. a crash in alexandria, glebe road, all
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melissa, thank you. one day your kids will probably be smarter than you. until then, they need your help. that may be easier said than done. on mother realizing the standards are designed to make kids not memorize. >> we had addition and multiple indication tables. now they use reasoning to derive an answer. it caught me off guard at the first grade level. >> she is like a lot of parents across the country. the solutions she came up with and how parents can arm yourself to face this brave new world i can't help my kids with their homework. if you suffer from back and neck pain, put your cell phone down. slump to go read a text or to
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study a selfie can put extra pressure on the the study found out of new york found g your head at a 60 degree level puts an extra 60 pounds of pressure on your spine. can yoe it? the best way to alleviate the pressure is to keep good posture. can read your phone like this, though? probably> saving money the time you go on vacation. the new service at our airports that will pay you to leave your car with them. the proposed change the d.c. mayor is making for a soccer stadium. > your what to wear forecast > you[ male announcer ]ecast at northrop grumman,
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we've always been on the forefront of innovation. when the world called for speed... ♪ ...when the world called for stealth... ♪ ...intelligence... endurance... affordability...
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adaptability... and when the world asked for the future. staying ahead in a constantly evolving world. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. right now we are dealing with record low temperatures in the d.c. area as this arctic air settles in. take a look at these temperatures. most of you will step outside to in the teens. if you're lucky, maybe in the low 20s this morning. we have team coverage of these extreme conditions, includi storm team 4 meteorologist with what to wear. >> live in rockville with some
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of the precaut in our area, chuck, because of the brutally cold temperatures. that's right. the first cold snap always . temperatures that yo been mentioning indeed in the teens and 20s. we're at 21 degrees here in rockville. the one thing that's a little bit of improvement over yesterday is the wind is nowhere near as much as of a factor as yesterday. we're in the 5 miles per hour or so range, as oo y at 20, 30 mil hour. ifw somebody looking for a warm spot to get out of the car, the places are three of them the district has opened. sherwood rec center, emery rec center in northwest and guy mason on calvert street in northwest d.c. those are warming shelters inside the district. if you go to, a whole section dedicated to the
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cold and hypothermia hotlines. there will be a list of all the numbers you can call if you need a warm spot or if you see somebody who i maybe i need to get out of the cold. sounds like my brain is starting to freeze up a bit. tom, back to you in the comfy studio. that's seniority. that's worth something. >> furnaces are working overtime. i saw a lot of home heating trucks running around this morning. i'm sure they are dealing with furnaces that are not working. you'll need a hat or hood. warm coat, gloves, scarf. it is feeling like mid winter, not mid-november. hour by hour through the day today, by noon, low 30s. mid and upper 30s by midafternoon. a few high clouds coming through. much of the region will have temperatures holding steady. in the teens where we are between now and 8:00. teens, northern virginia, most
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of maryland, 20 in washington. mid 20s by the chesapeake bay. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:41. neighborhood highs today. we have a pretty wide range com. still dealing with the crash, melissa? >> a crash in cheverly. 50 east kenlworth avenue road closed. landover road to 50 is your alternate. everything worked to bw parkway because of that closure. 66 at jermantown road, no problems there. 95 in virginia, a little bit slow passing through quantico. otherwise, looking quite good. crane highway, taking a look at 301, branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue, head flowing just fine. top of the beltway, no problems. 95 here in maryland and bw parkway looking just fine.
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glebe at route 1, all lane blocked. > an assista princ being criticized for what some are call a racist retweet. in the summer she retweeted a picture showing a group of couples going to prom. the boys are black, the girls white. every white girl's father worst nightmare. the naacp branch is looking into . but medical exle death of univers student hannah homicide. police are not specifics. >> her remains abandoned hous jesse matthew is charged in her disappearance. a final autopsy i five people killed in a violent ck
5:35 am
this morning w back the a jer day after five killed in a vi. four rabbis and died when two armed with mea into the build hacking at any. local synagogu the jewish com greater washin closely with p worshippers ar. they're in conta montgomery cou task f today acting director of the ocret service takes the the hot clancy will testify in front of the house judiciary committee. many lawmakers expressed concerns about the agency's policies. they are looking to find out what agency is tkaog doing to make .
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some democrats it could help lo mary landreau month. the senate fai short of one v >> bowser says instead propos with $150 mill that will eliminate a lot of risk. >> she said she believes the city could make more by selling the reeves center separately. she will ask council to vote on her proposal before the end of the year. the governmen is pushing for a nationwide recall for defective air bags. why the makers say that is not the best idea. waking up to temperatures mo teens and 20s. there will be a pretty wide
5:37 am
range of temperatures today. >> there will. how you can park at the airport for free. sounds too good to be true? it is. >> throughe b you can .ee the current temperature
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how would you like to park your car at the airport for free? starting today, it is possible but you might have to do something that will make you a little uncomfortable. you can drop off your car, get a town car ride to the airport and even have your car cleaned at the airport. it's all free as long as you allow your car to be rented by other drivers while you're not using it. the company will pay you for every mile that renter drives. flight car says it insures vehicles against damage up to $1 million. it takes a few pictures of your car when you drop it off because you would be worried about scratches, dents. >> you can't guarantee what the other drivers are going to be doing in your car or how they will be treating your car. >> melissa, what's going on on the roads? >> big problem here in cheverly. the road is closed. landover to 50. outbound new york, northbound
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d.c., 295, going to be a mess wi thingsment overall, generally looking pretty good. taking a look >> thanks, melissa. ever teens and 20s. neighborhood highs warming nicely. into the low 40s across north central virginia, lpepper, fredericksburg, charlottesville. the neighborhoods near the pennsylvania border, temperatures low 40s. highs mid and upper 30s midafternoon. few clouds drifting by the mountains by late afternoon. next weather and traffic on the 1s, a warming trend for the weekend. >> thanks, tom. it has become as big a tradition as the thanksgiving feast itself. that have
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a broader mix of energies, world needs to move, to keep warm, to make clay piggies. that's why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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right now we are dealing with record cold temperatures in one part of the d.c. area. is arctic air has dropped temperatures into the teens and 20s. as you make your way to work, temperatures could fall even lower. more at 5:51. it is cold out there. >> it is. thanks, eun. tracie potts is live for us on capitol hill to tell us more about why this is the case >> reporter: the feds, the department o in ts recall go nationwide. th started out doing it
5:46 am
regionally, mostl for gulf states and people with high temperatures and humidity because the air bags, the inflators were seen to have ruptured in the conditions. now d.o.t. said they have seen two incidents outside the so-called hot zone where the inflators have ruptured as well. they think that the nationwide recall would cover millions more cars that could be at risk. we're talking about tah-dah in ford, chrysler, mad da, bmw. pop in your vin number to see if you are affected. takata has responded. they say, yes, they will comply with the rec if the automakers don't, the go. they are looking for any documentation done outside those gulf coast areas. aaron? >> tracie potts on the hill for
5:47 am
us. thank you, tracie. the nsa will continue to collect your phone records despite your concerns about privacy. the 58-42 vote was too short of the 60 needed to continue debate. president obama supported the measure. the election would have required the nsa to get a court order. a somed phd mother is suing her daughter's former science teacher and the board of education. benjamin cano worked in benjamin in silver spring. he was accused of inappropriaty touching three students last year. he made a plea deal to lesser charges probation. he never admitted guilt. she is suing assault and battery and the board for negligent hiring and seeking $300,000. 5:47. you can look for government-cov heating insurance.
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the website is completely revamped this kwrafr after a number of problems with its rollout last year. organizers opened it early. thousands of you have already applied. > police are trying to figure out what caused a two-car crash that killed one man and hurt a mother and a 55-year-old man was going north, lost control, crossed the median and hit a car with a woman and her toddler. the man died at the scene. new windsor is back open this morning >> a man accused of killing a d.c. corrections official is back in court. carolyn cross was found dea inside her alexandria apartmen. news 4's richard jordan is live in alexandria with more on what will happen. >> rep eun, this is a preliminary g scheduled
5:49 am
for later this morning when the suspect will likely appear by video conferencing. that's how he appeared in previous court appearance wearing a suicide prevention vest which indicates there is some concern for his well-being. he is facing a first degree murder charge in the death of 64-year-old ca a high-rankin official in the d.c. department of corrections. she have found dead in her apartment two months ago. r daughter made the discovery. the daughter was going to pick up her mother to take her to the airport. when there was no answer, she went in and found her mother . as to the motive here, there is no clear connection between the victim and the suspect. they did live relative live close to each other in separate apartment billions that shared the same parking lot but it
5:50 am
doesn't appear they had ever met or they knew each other at all. so we may hear about motive today. yo that prosecutors will be argue to go keep him in jail without bond to the trial. reportingandrea, richard jordan. a new bill about search and seizure in the districtst about to become law. the bill says the government has to prove any seized property is connected to a crime. the owner will receive prompt notice of what's happening. and . street cars will not be an option to get around arlington. the board voted to discontinue funding for the project. julie kerry broke it on twitter. board members say voters sent a clear message on election day. he opposed the project. planning for street cars in arlington had been going on for decades. che your pockets. you might be running out of time
5:51 am
to claim a $1 million powerball jackpot. it was purchased at getty mart in sterling, virginia back on june 21st. it matched the first five numbers but not the powerball. that ticket expires at 5:00 on december 18th. it would be such a waste. hope someone claims it. >> i have to spend more time at sterling. le learned. let's turn to tom kierein now. the pupbl up factor again today. it is so cold. >> it is really gold out there. we already had records set this record lows set at dulles, 17 degrees. that a new record for the date. .wi marshall they tied their reagan national is now at 22 degrees. just 4 degrees above the record
5:52 am
low. it's in really the cold spot is warrenton at 15 degrees. between 7:00 and 8:00, hovering 20 degrees. still probably in the teams in the rural areas. between 7:00 and 8:00, 8:00 to 9:00, warming into the mid-20s with bright su. and i visited win gate elementary in bethesda. it was raining hard when i. they have five kindergartens. had a terrific time. thanks to julie kim for the invitation to talk to all of these bright and happy students in bethesda. already had a unit on weather. so they are all very interested in all different types of weather. had a terrific time there. this afternoon, a few clouds coming through. highs only reaching the upper
5:53 am
30s. by midafternoon, much of the region. and then tomorrow, milder. getting into the 40s. that's below 56. chilly high near 40. low 40s saturdse clouds. ought to make it into the mid-50s. showers on sunday afternoon. then mild monday. highs mid 60s. maybe an afternoon shower. then highs 50s again on tuesday. we have breaking news on the roads now. here's melissa. what's going on? >> breaking news. this problem in cheverly. chopper just got over the scene. 50 east at kenilworth avenue. this is a car off the roadway causing a lot of problems. here's what's happening. eastbound at kenilworth, road closed. your alternate, landover road to 50. outbound new york avenue, going to be forced on to bw parkway.
5:54 am
295 southbound after east capital, the left lane blocked there. 66 at 95, looking pretty good. running 45 miles per hour. beltway at landover also moving along. and ce looking quite good as well. top of the beltway, into and out of town. more on this c. . the owners of maryland's most profitable casino about to roll the d neighbors in the shaw area were upset at the idea of that facility taking the place of a popular dog and skate park.
5:55 am
>> one of the areas we're looking at, but certainly not the preferred area or only area and the like, we would want to build somethinf. >> he says he prefers a location downtown. he is open to building in the suburbs. he is expected to take two years beforey becomes a reality wherever it's built. take a look at your refrigerator. important recall at giant food wo pass along to you. vacuum packs of smoked salmon may be contaminated with listeria. lo for acme 4 outside smoke. it operates stores in virginia, maryland and d.c. no illnesses have been reported so far. in the day ahead, members of the u.s. postal service will be in the hot seat on capitol lawmakers are holding a hearing into the latest data breach. they want to know why it took
5:56 am
two months to tell us their data had been hacked. employee's soc and customers to contacted the personal care e-mail may have been compromised as well. later today, you could learn more about the expansion project in the districe school bought l davenport street in wisconsin avenue in northwest in the tinnily town neighborhood. the school is panding its campus. you can get an update tonight at 7:00 on the high school on davenport street. have you ever dinosaurs roamed the earth? the museum of national history pieces together their history by looking at ancient fossils. it includes bones from a huge ta
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ran saur us rex. . according to arl, the wallet went missing near the exit to the airport. the website said police were looking for clues in the holiday inn. the congresswoman's nam not in the report. if you know you k anything about what happened, call arlington or u.s. capital police. 5:57. cleaning up after an unmanned rocket exploded. the changes the governor wants to see because of this decent. >> record-breaking low 24 degrees outside our studios. the chill will stick with us through the day. melissa is tracking road problems for you on route 50. the latest whe
5:58 am
5:59 am
it is so cold out there we have already broken a record this morning. many of you seeing temperatures in the teens. if you're heading out, you
6:00 am
really have to bundle up. we are in the coldest part of the day righ. tom? . dulles airport down to 17 degrees. that's a new record low for the date. dress accordingly. gloves, a scarf to stay warm. and also some warm footwear as we have temperatus down into the teens in montgomery, much of northern virginia. dulles dropped down to 15. that broke the warrenton, manassas, 16 degrees. much of prince george's is in s. mid-20s by the chesapeake bay. a frigid morning. we'll have a cold afternoon. and we have a weekend warming trend to look forward to coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s, a look at the hour by hour breakdown. that's next at 6:11. melissa has breaking


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