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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 20, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> teaching folks how to cook, like me. >> you should take some classes. >> us. news 4 today begins at 5:00 a.m. big problems right now in prince george's county this morng that could effect your commute and crews are work to go repair a water main break in suitland. > wat gushed all overy silver hilr suitland high school. megan mcgrath is there watching the repair progress. good morni well, you can see the hole in the road behind me and all the water that's down there. they still pumping tt out. they haven even begun the the work of fixing this broken water main. we are down the street from suitland high school. northbound lanes, silver hill road are closed. and we have water outages in the area. last night suitland high school did not have water.
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we are trying to get an update this morning. we have called. we have tweeted. no update from the school system about whether or t the situation is going to impact classes, wey or not. we are waiting for that informatio we get it.e it to you as soon this is going to be a problem for a whe yet. hours we're talking. southbound silver hill is open. with more on traffic. we go to melissa mollet. >> thank you, megan. good morning. may began and i have been talking a lot about how to get around it. megan is telling me out there you will be pushed on to brooks drive. then you can head to pennsylvan avenue and turn whichever northbound silver hill road closed at brooks drive. southbound open at this point. taking a look here, a little bit north, looking at 95, just as you pass 32 -- or, excuse me, headed to 32, you're a little t slow. bw parkway moving just fine. 270 into and out of town also
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looking g. 66, no major problems. a t of earlier construction is out of the way now that we hit the 5:00 hour. northern route 1 moving along nicely. a live pictu of 270 coming up at 5:11. 5:02. talking abt me cold temp this morning. but you're going to notice things are not quite as bad as they were. m of you stepping out to temperat in the 30s right now. tom kierein is here with what your kids are dealing with at the bus stop. normally we complain about 30s. but i guess it's better than the 20s, tom. >> it is balmy compared to yesterday we into the teens. your weather headlines, a rather cold morning. and then a cool afternoon. not cold like yesterday. we can look to a weekend warming trend that may linger into the begi county, the rest of
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virginia. d 3 to upper 30s by the pay. 40 at the eastern shore. into the mountains, many locations generally in the low 30s. the wind will be with us througho much of the day to. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. hour by hour warming through the day ahead. now back to you guys. a man due in court today, a day after the secret service made an alarming discovery inside his car. r.j. capheim said someone in iowa told him to drive to the white house. that raised red flags. they searched his car and found a hunting rifle and ammunition in t trunk. >> president obama is going to announce his executive order today about sweeping changes to immigratn policy. >> unfortunately washington with
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allowed the problem to fester for too long. so i will lay out the things i o with my authority as president. it will happen tonight at 8:00. watch the whole video on our facebook page. it could keep as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. nbc's tracie potts will join us at 5:32 with how republican lawmaker this morning we know one of the first people saying he wants to run for president in 2016. and he virginia. we desperately to fix our country, to reinforce the values -- >> former democratic senator jim webb is starting a an explorator committee. he served one term in the senate .rom virginia as well as today you can learn more about ebola at a free workshop. ebola, the basic facts and what is being done will be held at
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jermanto library. a public health administrator will be on hand to answer any questions you have about the deadly disease. it starts at 7:00. a memorial service will be held for the maryland doctor who died from ebola st. mary's catholic church in landover hills will host a vigil for dr. martin salia. a funeral pass will follow the next day. he contracted the disease while treating patients in his native sierra leone. he died monday after being flown to nebraska for treatment. > police are starting efforts to keep you and your family safe from dnk drivers. kicking off a statewide effort today. same for montgomery in maryland. more than 1,000 people were killed between thanksgiving and new year in 2012. new year's is the deadliest day of the year. there were 140 deaths in 2012. breaking news. we are tracking out of florida after someone walks into the library on the campus of florida
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state universit and starts shooting. the new video just into our newsroom that takes us inside that building when we go to the live desk ahead. grab the the winter coat before you step outside. the conditions you're dealing with and how warm it will get in the day ahead with your hour-by-t at 5:11. first, want to make your kids better drivers? why you should push school
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right now police paramedics and even advertisers can track your location by using your phone. new technology in smartphones makes it determine to the exact floor you're on. this is because it collects altitude data. it could help in fire rescues. intelligen warm that hackers could abe the system. require wireless carriers to build more precise location systems into their phones. we already told you abe loc campaigns to push school start times back so kids can get more sleep. teens with earlier start times apparent have an increased risk of weekday car accidents. eastern virginia medical school looked at data from the 2009-2010 school year. it revealed teen crash rates we higher in counties where school began at 7:20 than
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where they started at 8:45. there was no difference in adult crash rates. in teens who are sometimes new drivers and getting used to lack of sleep and being on the roads makes a difference. regars of when school starts, doctors recommend teens get at least nine hours every night. ni is more likely to make you alert and prepared for the day. >> i don't know a whole lot of teens who sleep nine hours, if you ha homework and sports and that kind of stuff. all right. it's time to talk about the cold, cold weather. 35 degrees outside our studios. but that's actually an improvementm yesterday. it's h bed and get under the covers. here's tom kierein. >> our storm team 4 winter weather outlook will be this aften at 5:00 on news 4 at 5:00. temp are feeli wintry cold. it's down near 30. not teens like we had yesterday. as we get through the day, hour by hour, by 8:00 a.m., should be in the low 30s. by noon time, should be into the
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low 40s with sunshine. a blustery wind gusting to 20 miles pehour. then by 5:00, back down to the mid 40s. we reach upper 40s by midafterno. next weather and traffic on the. melissa, what's going on with that water main break. >> going to be there likely through the morning commute and the afternoon. taking a look northbound silver hill road at brooks drive. that is sh down. brooks, make your way over to pennsylvania avenue. megan was out there. we have been chatting about what the best route will be for you headed tha 2730 at montgomery village, looking good. live picture of 66 coming up in a couple of minutes. > well, he's one of their most famous customers. we'll show you what the owners of ben's chili bowl is saying as companies drop their support for the median.
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not everyone is enjoying their
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breaking news in florida. right now police in tallahassee on the scene of a shooting on the campus of fsu. a shooting at the library. news 4's richard jordan has more on that from the live desk. >>repo: aaron, terrifying moments aft the gunman went in the library and shot three people. here what it was like moments after. >> there has been a shooting in the library. stay where you are. we'll be coming to clear and take care of anybody. >> you can see fear on the faces of students there. three people were shot by the gunman in the library. we're just learning that one of th is listed in critical condition.
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the gunmant and killed by campus police. police offs saying they encounted him outside the the library. theye ordered him to put down his weapon. he refused. he fired shots towards fsu police officer. offi fired back, shot and killed him there. now classes at the school have just been canceled for the day. there was a campus alert that was issued overnight, into the morning. has been lifted. we're waiting on a news conferen that's set to bn the h. we'll be watching from the live desk. aaron and eun >> 5:16. prince william county police looking for a man in connection with a deadly shoot an arrest warrant has been issued for brian patterson. they have already arrested another man in the case, chris officer coward. 19-year-old christopher weaver was shot and killed outside his home on keating drive last weekend. patterson .a 15 boy was also sh wounded. say the shooting was the result of a neighborhood two people are recovering
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this after being hit by a car in laurel. that. chopper 4 was over the scene. someo pedestrians were hit near laurel lake shopping center. four women have come forward accusing a local nurse of groping them in the emergency room. po say this could be just the beginning. >> did you sexually abuse patients? >> sir, we said no comment. >> 37-year-old jared kline is facing three sexual abuse clients. he gave a 22-year-old a chest exam without wearing gloves. another patient at george washington university hosp d him of making her touc all four victims say they were disoriend or semi conscious when the alleged assaults happened. there could be other victims who don't know the abused. montgomery coun fire investigat tryin to get a suspect to explain why he set a
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a home on fire with peopl. more than 70 firefighters rushed to the scene yesterday on horners lane in rockville. we're told while the fire was still burning, the suspect went up to a jo con to setting the flames. he is now facing arson charges. all three people inside the home escaped safely. the damage is estimated at $400,000. 5:18 now. a trial date set for a whole women in a deadly exorcism attemp they murdered 1-year-old and 2-year-old bec they thought they were possessed. an april tr sanford. despite psychiatrists ruling she was legally insane at the time of the incident. >> 19 after the hour. new fallout from the sex assault allegations surroun bill cosby.
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nbc and netflix both canceled projects they were expected. tv land pulled reruns of the cosby show. janice dickinson claimed cosby drugged her and raped her. his attorneys call this a vicious, defamatory lie. he has never been charged with assault. we are looking at an associated press interview where cosby refused to comme on the allegation i have to ask about e coming up in the news recently regarding thi comedian -- >> no. we don't answer that. ther. >> while he won't comment on these allegations, cosby is keeping his schedule. tonight he's doing a show in the bahamas. he's in florida tomorrow. and a las vegas casino next week. local landmark ben's chili bowl is not making any comments on his guilt or innocence. he famously professed his love
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for ben's chili bowl and is a able to eat there for free any time. the family told us" you've seen bill cosby wherever we stood. he's been a big supporter of us for a lo time. he's been a family friend, " today muriel bowser will give up her post with metro as she gets ready to become d.c.'s. bowser will resign from the board of directors. adam tufts first report the news on twitter last night. the mayor elect said she made the decision to focus on her > schools in arlington, fairfax, loudoun and prince william county show the biggest gains. by 2018, 40% will be enrolled in public schools. families aren't moving around the state. and there is a significant increase in birtl
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snowing in buffalo, new york. that city has seen as much as five feet of lake-effect snow. another one to three feet could fall by the end of the day today. a live picture from buffalo this morning. the unprecedented snow has already been blamed for seven . e governor como called in the national guard. he will apply for federal emergency money. they could see 100 inches when this finally wraps up. then they have to worry about bi. and dozens of waited a day to get rescued by first responders. drivers did not heed the warnings to stay off the road and violated the closure of the throughway. an interview with a local tv station, one of the throughway's directors sai the roads should han closed sooner. a huge swath of the throughway running 130 miles along lake
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erie is still closed this morng >> and ralph wilson stadium in buffalo has turned into one big snow collecting bowl. crews are now asking for fans to help to get it emptied out before sunday's game with the jets. you think they' going to make it of snow. right now the game is still on. they have to remove 220,000 tons of snow before sunday. they are paying fans $10 an hour and a free ticket. 220,000 tons of snow. .> and can you get there to he >> good luck to the folks there. 22 after the hour we're. we'rg with snow. but sit a chilly, cold start to the day. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist t kierein. the other question, we e dump it back into lake that
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erie. off to a dry start. our storm team 4 skycast mostly clear sky between now and 8:00 this morning. a clouds coming through. a mostly sunny sky and winds shifting sou and west. warming nicely. and back down into the evening, sunset, we will have the winds shifting back into the northwest. that will bring in some colder air. right now our temperatures around the region are hovering right around freezing in the nearby suburbs in prince george's county. montgomeryy ae below freezing. near or above freezing in fairfax. alexandria, f church, the district in the mid 30s. near 30 the rest of northern virginia, fauquier, loudoun and prince william. and we have amelia siegel out with the form team 4 x 4 with our neighborhood highs. where are you, amelia? >> reporte herndon park and
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ride. wee been here 30 degrees or so. the temperature went up. we're almost at 34 degrees. it was 32. definitely a chill in the air. you notice thi mo we're quiet here right now. when they're getting on the buses definitely bundled up. by this afternoon, we can shed layers. it will be warmer today than yesterday. highs in the mid to upper 40s. 47 for a high temperature in in bethesda. 45 in ashburn. 44 for those of you in columbia. plenty of sunshine. tom, it will be breezy at times today. tomorrow our temperatures dip. but overall, good news. at a warming trend early next week. >> brief relief for today. tomorrow, much colder. by dawn on friday, back down to near 20 degrees. friday afternoon with sunshine. highs only in the 30s. a blustery wind. mid0s. then low 50s with increasing
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clouds. mild on monday. high near 60 tuesday. 40s on wednesday next week as we get ready for thanksgiving. melissa, how's traffic? water main break here again in suitland. we have been talking and tweeting about this from first 4 traffic. ev pushed it out on the nbc washingt app. northboundr hill road at brooks drive. take pennsylvania to get around this. 66 west of 29 in gainsville, thats looking good this morning. taking a look at 95 into and out of town, no problems there at all. wider look at things overall as we pass the beltway, no red, no yellow. lots of green. taking a look here at maryland, 95, bw parkway, looking good. back to the beltway, no and out of town, inner and outer loop, looking quite good. more on this water main situation in a couple of
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s you then. thank you, melissa. your next flight on jetblue could be more expensive and a bit more cramped. the airline is creating three different ticket classes based on price. and the cheapest ticket will include a fee for a checked bag. no word yet how much that will cost. southwest is now the only major carrier that do. jetblue plans to add more seats to planes which would take an inch of legroom away from the passengers. the changes will take effect next year. a new report looks at which states are the most miserable in thanksgivi virginia is in the top 10. a real estate blog has them as the ninth most miserable. maryland came in at number 30. the study takes things like the likelihood of a family food poisoning episode and likelihoo account. e of the things that boosted their misery, the likelihood of having a political argument at the dinner table.
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interesting. serious factors going in there. and other ones. some people just don't get along with their families. you know uncle buck. i'll tell you. >> and if you eat the last mac and cheese at your host. costly mistakes when the new 95 opens next month. an improvement over yesterday. when the next blast of cold air will move in with your weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:31. you're looking live at the repair work under way in prince george's county after a water main break. the impact this work is having and wh
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it's a snack, made from 100% new sand nothing but fruit. no preservatives, no added sweeteners. it's like having your own personal orchard, any time, anywhere. with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. breaking news right now in prince george's county. live pictures from suitland, somed phd. crews working to repair a water main break on springhill road near suitland high school purchase we're still working to find out whether school will be in session today. they are telling us the schools will not have water at the beginning of the day if they do decide to open. megan mcgrath on the scene. we'll check in with her in just
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a little bit. > melissa mollet is helping you to get around that mess with your first 4 traffic. a mess this morning in suitland. silver hill closed at brooks drive because of this water main break. police are going to push you off to brooks drive and up to pennsylv avenue. y you would like. obviously crain highway southbound at missouri, two lan blocked. it is now just the left shoulder because of emergency ro work. dale city, that is moving along nicely. 66 just fine. 270 northbound. southbound, totally fine. northbound and southbound all the way down to the spur for you this morning. maryland, 95 at cherry hill also slowing nicely. >> cold weather top of mind this morning as this winters weather hangs over the d.c. area. when you step outside, you'll be greeted by temperatures in the 30s, which is a lot better than where we were this time
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yesterday. however, the cold weather is returning. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here with when that cold comes back. >> enjoy our brief relief for today. we will get another shot of cold air. that's not going to be arriving until tonight. for today, hour by hour, we'll have our temperatures remaining near 30 degrees the next hour or two. by 8:00 a.m., low 30s, sunshine. mostly sunny noon time. and low 40s. ought to hit upper 40s by 2:00, 3:00. by 5:00 p.m., back down to the mid-40s. after that is when the cold air returns. will be moving in tonight, back into the 30s by 8:00 p.m. near freezing by 11:00 p.m. this time tomorrow morning right back down to near 20 degrees c and a blustery wind. a look at our cold friday as well a the next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:41. a look at neighborhood highs > it is just about 5:33.
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all eyes on the president today to see what he will do about immigratn reform. he will announc his plans tonight. tracie pot is live on capitol right now with more. tracie, good mo >> r eun, good morning. we have already heard from house speaker john boehner, if the president goes through this it will ruin any chance of immigratn reform in this new republicand cong. e president announced it on facebook. eve agrees that our immigratio system is broken. >> reporte 18 democrats got a sneak peek at a white house on what the president will say. we are hearing he will clear the way for as many as 5 million undocument residents to stay in this country. that includes farm workers, parents of kids who were born here, children brought here illegally, and high-tech workers, college graduates whose skills states. going around congress is not an
5:34 am
idea most of the public is thrilled about. our nbc news poll shows 48%, almost half, say they don't think the president should take executive action. that speech happens at 8:00 tonight. eun? tracie, thank you. republican governors are also reacting to the plan and texas governor rick perry said he may sue. he told chuck todd that texas could lead a lawsuit against the president even before the new congressman takes office. an article in "rolling magazine is causing on the university of now police are getting involved. the magazine described a culture of . it includes one woman's story how she was gang raped at a fraterni party as a first year student. she said it was difficult to find rape and assault statistics at the university.
5:35 am
she claims that's bec send theirgh school." teresa sul statement includes m not disclo officials. i asked th police dep investigat the univer fully with t student tell news 4 they were upset because they did not get any ale prince george's community college says it is revising its .olicies the at montgomery in her chi wants her . her lawyer feeding he claims pol rights when without hi her lawyer fit to sta. her childr since earl
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police believe they are dead. the holiday season means the fbi is gearing up f bank number of triples in the the d.c. f with local increase v undercover they're as report if look right later care is op the loving be on new montana. it was buiey it will he kids all ove it was bui. most ou waking up to temperatur above freezing. we couldn't say that the last few days. it is cold outside. we'll take through your neighborho forecast coming up next at 5:41.
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what many of you say you don't understand about the 95 express lanes. n f you. to clear up the raising your power bills significan th be going up $400 a month >> through the break you can see the temperatures, your day planner and the ongoing scene outside sui
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welcome back.
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with the 95 express lanes opening next month, a new survey finds many of you don't understand how the lanes will work. but a survey found 55% of you know the express lanes will replace the existing hov lanes on 95. only on 95. nearly a quarter of drivers think the lanes will only be tolled during rush hour. that's not the case. this is tolled at all times if you don't have thre in the car. if you do have three or more people, be sure to get an e-zpass flex so you can ride for free if you have three people. >> what? >> i didn't realize they would be always toll lanes. >> yeah. >> it's going to make 95 a mess fous. all right. we may get relief from the cold and the chill. >> amelia siegel is live in herndon talking about some highs. this is goi to be short, hence the hashtag brief relief.
5:41 am
amelia, good mog >> rep goomorn eun. that's exactly how we are describing t weather today. a brief relief from the cold temperat we have had. highs in the mid to upper 40s. that's still 10 degrees below average. chilly out this morning. i have my gloves. we're here at the herndon park and ride. we have our storm team 4 by 4 on the truck. the winds only about 5 miles per hour. bu as we get into the later morning it will be breezy at times. yo see the high temperatures in your neighborhood. hagerstown, martinsburg, cooler in other locatio at least we will have plenty of sunshine. the brief relief for today. and then cooler air arrives for tomorrow. tom has more in 10 minutes. but right now what are the conditio on the road? >> s a little bit nasty.
5:42 am
brief relief with the weather. silver hill at brooks drive, still a water main break througho the day. no doubt. your alternate, brooks drive and into pennsylvania avenue. wi at things. no major problems. much of the constn out of the way. taking a look at travel times. 66 eastbound on town. 95 north from quantity quo to the beltway on time at 24 minutes. skaggsville to the beltway, 8 minutes. 270 jermantown to the beltway, 16 minutes. on time there. i am back in 10 raising concerns about several popular family haulers. the mini vans that didn't make the grade in a new round of crash tests. news that could ease your child's child's your time is
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nest protect is the best smoke alarm. you can check it with your phone from anywhere. no fires. okay, that one was unnecessary since i'm in my home and i know i would've gotten a message if there was a problem. but you can never be too safe. still no fires. and no carbon monoxide leaks. glad i checked. am i obsessed... no, but i am safety conscious. and i'm going to check one last time because maybe there's a fire happening and i can't smell it... and there isn't. nest protect. welcome to a more thoughtful home.
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is this van sitting in your driveway? the insurance institute nor highway safet just released the results of its new crash test. d a mini van's front corner pens collides with another object at 40 miles per hour. the nissan quest, chrysler town all received the lowest rating. in every test it caused the mini van s. they called the nissan quest's results disastrous. anyone inside the van would be trapped. c reached out to nissan and the statement" foss for the
5:47 am
performanc of the 2014 quest in the small overlap frontal test. senats wl look for answers to to how millions of faulty air bags became installed in so many cars in the first place. all the air bags were manufact by takata. they will investi who can be done to protect you in the future. t now 10 carmakers have reca one former senator is looking fo former dem webb is stn explorator he served from virgi secretary pres.
5:48 am
12 before the hour. developing now in ferguson, missouri. pross -- rather protesters are planning demonstrations ahead of a grand jury decision on michael brown's the reverend al sharpton plans for peaceful protests in 25 cities once they decide to charge darren wilson for shooting and killing brown. the decision could come any day now. new questions about ferguson police and officials a after michael brown's death. an investigation in st. louis e-mai were exchanged it was determined it was not thorough and deleted and some e-mails alarming rate of suicides among local teens have federal officials taking action in fairfax county. the cdc are looking for
5:49 am
potential suicide clusters. three teenagers have died by suicide since september. that is in 13 suicides among girls in the co. this week the cdc led a number of focus groups for parents to look at risk facrs and preventi strategies. > a court just sentenced the head of a south korean ferry operator to 10 ye 300 people, school stu accident. in additio the ferry members ha prison tim and 36 yea. take ahi the gunman i coming ins restaurant. you can se the drive-. the robber surprise o landover. prince geo are not di restaurant the man pu demanded c back door money. police are
5:50 am
reward for information that leads to an arrest. uber executive used of using a tracking toll to spy on they are looking into whether an executive violated the company's privacy policies. he looked for a buzzfeed reporter earlier this next. this comes after another uber executive threatened to dig up private infor of journalis who have reported on it critically. burning trash and turning trash into electricity. that projectso, to expense and i have could die at the county board of commissioners today. > aaa will let you know how much traffic you'll be sitting in this holiday. the motor club will make its annual forecast from reagan national thimorning. aaa will forecast how busy airports hotels will be.
5:51 am
if you are planning to drive to your turkey dinner, you will save money of course. thanksgivi holiday gas prices are expected to be their lowest in years. well with, today a committee will be talking about a big change possibly to a building at the unmaryland. if you went there or know somebody who did you probably have heard of cole fieldhouse. yes. >> the terps played there nearly 50 years. the board of regents will discuss a $155 million plan to redevelop tha building and turn it into an indoor football practice field. your electric rates could be going up significantly in virginia because of new federal clean air regulations. dominion virginia power say electric rates could go up 30ers by 2025, that's about $400 per year feh the cost of doing that could be passed on to consumers. some state law a makers say there are other ways for dominian virginia a power to
5:52 am
make up the cost. a lot of people have up th because it's been so cold. >>p up. it never gets warm enough for me. >> putting layers on. >> aaron, would you make a doctor's appointment for eun to check out that cough. between now and then, it will be warming today. maybe you'll feel better. >> i hope so. nothing le warm weather to keep a girl happy. >> milder by later this afternoon. enjoy the the brief relief. looking forward into the winter. how much snow will your neighbor get? looking for the storm team 4 winter weather outlook. we'll have that for you this afternoon. news 4 at 5:00 p.m. here on nbc 4 tv. skycast for the rest of the morning, a few clouds coming on through. rest of the day, quite a bit of sunshine in the daylight evening. mostly clear into the evening hours. wind shifting north and west.
5:53 am
colder air moving in. it will be cold this morning but not frigid. 30 degrees bet students board buses between 8:00 and 9:00, mid 30s. a blustery wind. winds may be gusting 20 miles pe later today. low 30s in prince george's and much of fairfax. montgomery is around 30 degrees. near 32 in loudoun and prince william and stafford, spotsylv, culpepper. most of the region should be .aking i maybe even feel like spring for a few ho we have been through. the wind shifts into the northwest. it gets cold tomorro highs uppe mid-40s saturda afternoon. on sunday, increasing clou
5:54 am
then mild monday. into the 60s. an afternoon shower. mild tuesday. chillier mid week. melissa is dealing with the water main break. >> it's going to be around for a while. talk building this one in suitland. nort silver high school road at brooks drive. megan mcgrath out there showing us this. out to pennsylvania avenue if you're headed through that area. t virginia visitor center is looking good. 95 in virginia, slower than we would like to see this time of day. northbound a l slow through dale city. overall, looking pretty good. want to remind you about this. tom kierein, angie goff, savannah guthrie and al roker an participating in today's cranksgiving. you can sign up by going to the nbc washington facebook or any of your facebook pages and join us. guys? >> you have to practice,
5:55 am
melissa. get on a bike. >> helmet, everything. maybe knee pads and elbow pads too. >> face guard of some sort. >> we want you back to work on thanks, melissa. maryland governor-elect larry hogan said his plans to cut taxes will not be hampered by the deficit. according to "washington post", he backed off comments. he said he will try to roll back as many taxes a as possible. his priori so-called rain tax to reduce storm water pollution in the chesapeake bay. more than 500 families could get major help buying a home. a g assistance program will be announced. it will give $20,000 in down paymen exist, a federal tax li and . . a big win for the anacostia . busboys and poets will have a
5:56 am
location on martin luther king in southeast in a bowling alley. it will open in spring 2016. it will double as a cooking school for ward 8 residents who want to enter the hospitality and culinary fields. two big banks are ready to take some of the burden off your kids with when they have to pay back student loans. landon dowdy is live in for your money. landon, good g >> repor that's right, you.n. wells fargo will lower rates for borrowers this month and extend repayment periods start anything february. s expects the move to save borrowers thousands of dos in intert payments. s consideri cutting rates, loans and forgiving debt for people in dire straits. 8% of the $1.2 trillion st apple plans to install beats on
5:57 am
iphones and i pads next year. they bought the high end headphone calls for $3 million in may. it will be included as early as this march. thank you. > 5:57. the first tesla dealership is virginia is one step clor to being built. the board of supervisors has approved constructn of that dealersh at 8500 tyco road not far from the springhill metro station. tesla faced legal challenges to build because state law does not allow car manufacturers to sell th they reached an agreement with the state to build just one dealersh in the state. today you can learn more about ebola at a free workshop. ebola the basic facts and what's being done will be held at the jermanto library at 7:00. a man arrested near the white house. the strange comment he made to
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secret service
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>> reporter: well, yeah. we just got new information. wssc had initially said two schools, suitland high school and drew freeman middle school, were without water. we have just gotten an update. and here's what they say. they say they were able to shut down the valves from this water main break, shut them down in a way that spared those two schools. so this morning both of the schools, suitland and drew freeman middle do have water. they are not impacted by this water main break. now, who is impacted? well, the drivers who use silver hill road. northbound lan are closed. that is going to be the case for some t is at brooks drive. you're not going to be able to get through. southbound lanes are open. they haven even started to get down t


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