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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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fridamorning. it's g to be another cold one. here is storm team 4 meteolt kierein to help you get out the door >> got to wear the winter gear. a kt hat, scarf and warm wint coat. you wone the umbrella. we lly dry throughout the day today. glos n the morning. a b milder in the afternoon. it up softbally cold. mid-50 lat today in the 30s. upper0s montgomery, fairfax near 30 degrees. much o prince george's county in t upper 20s. near the bay, 30. far west, upper 20s to 30 from loudoun, prince william, staffospotsylvania, fauqer a blustery wind too. capitol under a clear sky. your wth headlines r this hashgr friday. we'lha a chilly afternoon withhe blustery winds. we sti have the weekend warng to look forward. the latest coming up this half
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hour. nwean traffic on the 1s. sto team 4 x 4. melisat going on on the roa. >ord g at univer. we wt tis. we hav a tow truck on scene. overaris vi qui nicely. no major prle on the beltwa allhea routes into and it of town. head and out of town, on time 55 miles per hour. no problems there. tiny bit slow through centvi 66 you actually loong pretty nicd t 95 in virginia, a little bit slow p dale city. we ha this again. this water main break. silv hill at brooks drive. . 6:02 now. it w a heck tech scene in colleg p as dozens of police reseda high-speed chase. thiis scene from chopper 4. it ben as an armed robbery in
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norstee union statit night. park police chased the suspts into prince george's cou as the suspects were cornered at radcli and kenilworth near 20 minesmre the robbery occued four pe were taken into custy. >>thni president oba wille plane to las vegas. while there, he will sign execivrs oued last nigha will change the coury immigratiocenter. f register, pass a a crin background check and yourein to pay your fair sharof taxes you can stay in thicoy temporarily without fear of deportation. >> more reaction and how the prentns tol s an in e alu jusnu after that speech inside white use ended a womas arrested outside with a gun.
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we ein what that woman wasngseerce spoed her. mega >> rr: protesters began to gatherut the white house. a woman with a gun in a holster on thehip. they moved in and made an arr 23-yrpr lenhart of michan facing a variety of chars,lu carrying a pisl ou a license. thiis the second time in two days sy en arrested near tte with wea with. on wednesday, j.j. capheim of iows tan into custody. he had rifle and knife in his car. and c see law enforcement seahi volkswagen. accord to court documents he claid preside personally cald to make an appoin nowcapheim is due in court later today. he h alrea pleaded not guil illegally carrying a rifle. reportve along pennlv avenue, may began mcgrh, 4. nk, megan.
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it will be an emotional ceremony as the d.c. police departme remrs one of its darkest days. it'sn 20 years since three people re shot and killed insi pe headquarters dowow toda i agents, police offirsd attoey gener eric holder will attend a weath layg mark this occasion. on nor 22nd, 1994, 22-ar benny lee lawson ente cold case squad room and started shooting. offirs who were there that day tel ty remember every detail >> he was yelling special agent fbi'm down. >> aft he shot hank daly, mara up and came right at him. >> ea henry hank daly was killeg with michael mill and martha dixon martin headar was later named rehora daly. >> fairfax county police will be out on leesburg pi talking to
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walke hikers. three people have been hit in thelsh in octor . that includes a man who was kill o columbia pike on mony. this morning, we will lea new information about the finalge of constructi of the new i-95 express lanes. thearra to open next mon. at 29 mile stretch of toll lan wle isng hov lanes. you use them for free if you havehr or more people in yourar and a flex pass. there no toll booths. just e-zpass sensors >> fsu shooter sent messages to friende his attack. the rp he told them they shoex today. a t bo that saved a studt' during that shoong wh your kids are makbe food choices but necsa eating healthier. and we in for another cold day here.
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el back. if u annan droid or tabyou so run into probl with google n operinte peop o have taken the upgradth devices have slow d and some apps have brok odisaear altoge. gooe are of the reports and looking into the cause of the problem. a new study from johns hop said kids aren't eating heah foods served in school cafer 75% close the lean protein optn but more than half didn't eat it. whilth put vegetables the tray, 75% didn't have a singlebite. it's finding a way to make it
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taste better. >> apparently they eat the veggie if they have more time. >> you have to eat it. >> right. mines ago business leaders in the stok up in the freengcold. >> ey slept outside on the stre. so meou'tavto. amea siegel live with more. amelia >> ror well, aaron, we have been here since 4:30. temper around 36 degrees. i he it feels much cold t6. only a two miles per hour. as we go to video, this is the sleo that the covenant house host bring awareness to the nearly3,000 homeless youth in the d.c. metro area. and on any given night, it's estite potentially 4 kidsavle on the str temree cold across the are wyo factor in the winds, it fee colder. temtugh now for the
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most part in the 20s. somothetee. like hagerstown this morning. highs today 20 degrees cooler thayey. bree toue entire day. it is feeling cooler than yesrd aroun time, temperatures only in the mid 30s. upp 30s for the afternoon. tom will be looking ahead to thasg in the next 10 mines now melissa has a look at the roads >> tyou, amelia. we a looking quite good. slow inside the beltway, d.c., 295as 50. let look at some of the routes head i town as well. 270 loing good right now. on tim at 55 miles per hour. in virginia, 66 east, no problem the. quanti to the beltway, a littlelo at 31 minutes. 270 ut from jermantown to e beltway, 16 minutes.
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skasv to the beltway eight minuteimorning. i am ba in 10 minutes th anothher just found. n message from michael bro'sh as people wait for a g jury decision. why he bleeding with proteshimorng an planning to travel to veni may need to rhi yo plan youigd veou ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪
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5 aer the hour. new this morning, the man who openedir inside the od staters b appennt eight friends packes be that shooting. myrony sent one of the passgeoue but we haven't narrowed down the locio theg are expected to arrivtoday. poli in tallahassee said may thoht gme was tarng for persecution. he ope fire inside the libry lobby early yesterday mornin thr pe were hurt. policet and killed may after he refused to put down his weap. > lin about the close calfo one of the students insehe library.
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that senior just checked out thr b or had just checked out three books when may opened fir whene home and opened his back,f rebos had le in them, the thi h thele >> f mtiale s tooanci. that gbe. on, bth hadhet wafoa relioolur. >> grryioin fergusssou ce dow ati thatasporerin forrohe all led onhav beeca tekd r theff wd d contr draon we havd tsreei pla f. bmor if oflsno indiedheindeh of chow brown'o ed veo last nalorea n matterec >> sg ys t thens i do nt 'sea t be ai
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i wa iacd changeting >> lioniasay offernnstis condehal t b chargehengf micelw if hisifir wilsonhetu hse in di a group of sdes claiming resiby vandalizing a univerf iara hous 000 they are promising more actn nothing is done about a sinrtmp. accoin t calie therot anyus e-mthim resibfovaali and mammt suspsithkaa s frait it is mentioned in "rolling stone"cl the scene of a ganga the tsd vandisth'tto until s e. e aromil cosbs eys acng to w alt allat.
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accor ua r claimy hse her iesm in97 befe eaonhe "tonigw" she mco ihe rolen le t cuck's. in a statement cosby's attorney saie ea toint of absurdity. the ses are getting more ridou child pornography case, inclu 17-year-old who enrle school as a sixth grar. they arrested a 28-year-old and 17-yeawh moved from mexo s posing as a son. thecl massive amounts of chi pornography at the house whe t lived. he enrolled as a 12-year-old by using documents. poli do not know whether any childrtholer viczehew riow vicerede joe bid is in ukraine. he wl e russia's vioti a cease-fire with the president. also his agenda will be a
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roundto diuss the chalng of fighting corrup ithe country. the cedes overseas for a five-day, three-nation tour. secretary of ate john kerry is in vienna, austria to join negoti o iran's nuclear proam toy kerry is expected to mt witthigst tget a status update on how talks are goi. tdks ot queio the di for negotiations to move to t next stage is mony. >>alt. we hav been talking about cold weatr all week long. unseay this time of the year. but we finally getting a litbi relief. >> let g to tom kierein to get e skinny on. a brand-new model coming in sho a warming trend for the end t weekend, into the fir p of next week. it c now. whenou out, it feels like mid winter, not mid to late novemb walng to work, to the metro, scho tmorning. brig sunshine. only hoveri ne 30 degrees betenndd 00,
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9:00 th dg the afternoon, hea back home, it will still be chilly. upper 30s. win m be strong enough to be in e 20s for the afternoon. a bghd sunny afternoon. allro our region now it is subfr we a in the 20s across northe virginia, near the bay. fairx,p 20s. upper 20s, near 30 prince geor'she district of virgin crangimys al roker, savn guthrie, melissa mollet and angie goff. regier at the "today" site. youavl today to ride wi us to help miriam's kit iinelth hun goodea rr with aftno highs into the low to mid 4. sunday increasing clouds. mon soaring into the upper
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60s. mighge isolated shower. firslo thanksgiving, the the bi getaway day tuesday and wednes good for that. pary cloudy for thanksgiving with highs reaching the other 40s. nexteand traffic on the 1s, bus stop freezing friday forest coming up in 10 minus. now melissa is looking at any prob on the commute. just volume building. thiss yo see the monerty lot. all e gethr ligh on getting ready for scho. thgy. fir o in manassas, a dri beeen amherst and fain alls blocked. our altte sudley road. of seve this situation froyed in suitland. eastun silver hill at brooks drive. we he e bound lanes clo weso lanes are open for you this m. over in pretty typical.
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slow top of the beltway, georgia aven. st e beltway, as you head rd on 395. 66 and 95 looking pretty typil. slow spot 95 through dale city. belty, central avenue, moving righalong. i'm b in 10 minutes >> 6:22. we wao help you get ready for on of the biggest holiday shoin da of the year. black friday, exactly one week awaynow. abo a fourth of us are planng braving the crowds. but you don't have wt shopntn. som t best deals are hittine slv ts weeken >> s of the best deals you're goi to see is the monday befo thanksgiving. a lile ov the weekend befo thanksgiving, d en thank day itself. b thanksgiving, check out so web sites for deals. once you're in the store, use an appo and price compare to make sure you are getting the best deals. a toll supposed to stop the sprof ay
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pertu it. mode hand dryers like this one are problem. theyot out air at 400 miles per ho. researsd 27 times more ger in the air around those in compar with the air around papeto dispenser. they fdi times more bacr around the jet air dryers than the regular warm air drys y place youran under rmair. in case you're curious, you have about 200 million bacteria per square on each hand after you u the bathroom. so tha a t of bacteria. wasur. >> tou joual in washingt being w to be on their best behiort month's visit withe duke and duchess of camb the s gallery september out an e-mail reminding reporters of the l rules of etiquette and to pay special attention to the attire. bucng palace desib a
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jacket tie. and women a skt pt it. no jeans allowed. and rr rthe que v to richmond back in 2007. we got something from the govr'fi that said make suru dressed apprri camam no t-shirts. there rules. don't on traveling to venith the wheelie suies thea banned. the noise of large tour groups dragging them over hisri canal bridges keeps loca awake at night. city council voted to restrict wheie suitcases. touriugh emace a $600 phone. >> local residents will not have to beec to that ban. it's okay if t suitcases make noise. the re of us who travel there and spur hard earned vaciomoney. >> we a backpack. >> th tricks thievearusto
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go try to clean out your bank accou is stopping women, showin andliin intei an get ready to feel the cold air. we'el you how much you will have bundle up in your weatr ra on the 1s at 6:31 st w.
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o ni many of us are seeing temperatures hovinhe 30s. we do not expect them to budge too mu get fohe on fir tu on this friday morng a share of this view -- the s is coming up. i promise you it is. >> 4 today keeps your weathed traffic together on the 1s every day for you. we wan to start with storm team 4 meteoroli tom kierein. whawe expect in the day ahea good morn tom. >> big old planet keeps on turni the sun will be up a little bit before7:00. a clea sky. temtuou the region are cold. at t stop we will stay below freezing between now and
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8:00. we wve the bright sun. the will pick up as well. at t bus stop, 8:00 to 9:00, a litab freezing. the n will start picking up. theul gusting 20, 25 milepehour. by th we will have windchills in e t for the morning. whato wear today, dressed like thiyo lady, a scarf, winter coa you n' the umbrella. we wil dry all day. tempatre in the upper 20s just near 30 degrees. a look at the hour by hour windil t day ahead. amelia coming up next weath and trc on t 1s at 6:41. um bldin now. it is 6:30. this i w expect. virni95 in virginia, hop on in stafford county. you' a lite b slow. 40 s urheay trial sloa city as expected.
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woo win maryland, virni a lbf volume inbound at indian head highway. same bran avenue as you apph t beltway. theuan suitland with the water main break. east bou silver hill to brooks dri th wshno penvaavue. typica top the beltway. inbou 395 slow. 270 at old hundred looks like it is ng nicely. tral in 10 minutes. s you then. thanyo melissa. 6:31. a coup of hours, president obama sign sweeping changes to am iti ste about million people won't have t hide anymore. tracie is live on capitol hilth how he is selling his pla tra grn >> rep he is headed to las vego just that. good morning, everye. he g back to the similar higshee pitched immra reform to sign off on t executive orders.
6:31 am
he dai a plan last night in a sec tteous immraho you see here, man them outside cheering the president's plan, he said they ed to have been here five yea and either have children whore citizens or they need to have been brought here as childr thell dreamers who are now many cases many of them olde with a background check and paying taxes, they should be allod temporary relief from deportan be allowed to useeer work permits to stay ll in the united sta we need to be focusing not so much on immigrants in ger but cls >> felons, not families. crinat en. gang members, not a mom who is wor h to provide for her kid ifout e criteria, you can me of the shadows and get right with the law.
6:32 am
>> n, this isn't all going to happ r away. the dreame will be the first to get a chance to apply for tempor relief in february. forveels the appcaopinhe spring >trtu. repuic are already thrte strip money from the program or sue to protect legal immigrants. riay the president's move s timed just after the elen. some s not only did president oba ed his authority, he conadhif when he said n emperor. >> the president had said before he's not king and he's not an empor buhere acting like one. if president oba acts in defnt people, congress will act. >> tthram may the be up and running until springh telling people to start getting their paperwork ready to apply. the sh will break down the immigration measure, what he
6:33 am
has ne and why he is creang backlash at 7:00 onbc 4. . >>lik fwi breaking news o of ferguson, missouri. thr pe arrested there. the a demonstrators, prostt up outside the fergone me awai a grand jury decision that com aso a today determining whether the policece the ferguson policeer shot and kilda brown will be indt and face charges. many le have been gatheri for da awaiting this decision. at so time those protests becinunruly. thawh we have some arrests. pole epfor what cou be violent protests erup a a gnd jury donnoce . >hayou, richard. metro p want you to take a goodoo at this man. theyay he has kidnapped two wome botnei county. thestas in a parking lot on nutley industry, the second at vienna metro station. both t the suspect was
6:34 am
carryi gun and ordered the women inside their cars. he forced them to drive to atms befepi him off at the metro station. pole are asking won b extarhi walking to theirs at night. >> sca it cld happ to anyone. >> alw got to be on the lookou past weekend police releas surveillance photos. theliis the same manwnt sketch. he wks with a limp on his righsid ia patterson was taken intous lt. he and christopher coward are chaed wh shooting a killi ctoer weav on sund. a dispute outside he kea dre led to that shoin a son t was shot but surviv working for you t makre you don't become the vicof a scam. som i posing ace a virginia domini eti. peoar already reported incint they threatened to cut off
6:35 am
elecicca of past due bilf don't pay right awa ari warn this is fake and yu coa your utily company if you get a cal > rmrp d.c. mayor and cur w 8 councilman marion bar ing t hospal new4 d -yr-d is erno wl. he taerr complaofna tct infei he wa htarlr thiseath pble a prince george's county churchho a mass for a lococo ro ebo. dr. riaacth disealegn er leo. st. man erilho a masiso a vigil and wake will be held later today for famy d fridsni6: p. la this morning, virginia govno terry mcauliffe will stopn lees burg to make a big annncabonic devel that 10:00. we wi you know what he
6:36 am
says waonom. live views from inside homes acro aic are broadcasting on the internet right now. the mistake every one of tho hom made that left their pritets exposed. new concern in buffalo. nowh allhe snow has fal it has nowhere to go. plu i will b a cold walk to work this morning. howuc will warm up hour by hou your weather and trf on the6
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private webcams that stream infoatonline are not pri. sere a making their way online for all to see. a hacker from russia broke in to car and posted the live fn bse.
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a hkeusokin 70,0 c f0 countrnc t u., and pohefes h webt theke te i meao asbo secip s team 4 meteorologist amelia siegel is tracking tempat. good ng >> technically, eun, it is not 32 degrees but it feels like freg. we hav been here since about 4:3 temper oe truck have droppe degrees. we' down to 34. and thn pick up at 7 miles per hour. we e ing with the winh factor. we vee here since 4:30 becae nt house was hosti s-o ent. one of the colder spots, gaier temper feeling like the teens. feeng at reagan at this poi. thrth day today, i rem breezy. we cont to deal with the winhi factor. around noon, temperatures only fee like low to mid-20s.
6:41 am
upper 2 at best this aftern the thermometer reading a high of 39. most live sunny skies over frida we warm up through the weekend. in 1mito will let us know what we can eect for the enti winter as far as tempatre concerned. looking pretty good this morng choerr 66 at the beltway. thawe k for us. it mo along just fine. all ths inbound coming to the beltway. a wi look at things. topf beltway as expected. andn 395 headed into town. just about 45 miles per hour. notnma but i taking a look at 395 andom el times. bel tebridge, 14 mines 95 north quantico to the beltwa0 minutes at 35 minut 270 taking 17 minutes from jerow 95 u t 16 to the beltway, 8 minut as ints morng i b in 10 minutes with moren cranksgiving. >> melissa, thank you.
6:42 am
proct president. the n arrest made outside the whithote the president wrapd his big speech last nig. plus, probl that could make a jeep catch fire. the cpa isn't doing enough to warn its customers. safety concerns somehow abo metro's newest rail cars that c push back when you get to use them. >> weaer and traffic always on news 4 today. >> y c the current tempatda planner and
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high-speed chase near union stat he s chased into prince george county. choppe was there shortly aft tre cornered at radcd kenilworth avenue. foureo are now in custody. ghw snow is creating some serious problems in upstate newk. rme w expected this weend that could mean flooding as all the snow starts to melt. dyladr with more. dylagoni >> rorooin it's amazing that we are talking about floong considering the fact tt we are just surrounded by so m snow. it is col out here right now rei h, nework anotr he of snow yester it s incredible to see the
6:46 am
snow coming down at such intense rate myse and my entire crew got stu in e snow. andha get towed and plow out after sit anything a snobaut hour. whio coio were so bliin wa standing in front of walrt thebo 30 people inside who set up shop there since mon the are snowed in in the parkin theha been making their own comnith makg and cooking for eveon walmart. walmarethedot. they c out their cars today, unfortunately there is still a travel ban across so many areas because of the dangou road conditions. theal trying to get somh of a start on all the plo tthtoo. it iju so much snow. if y s i in person, it takesrth away. again,s weekend, looking at tempatf get in the 50s. all th will start now. it t go away until spring time bura on top of that could
6:47 am
add to the weight on roofs. we he po roof collap it could get more interesting and dangerous as we go into the weekd. >s safe, dylan. breaking news on the dea t in upstate new york. 12 peop have now died because of those storms. two of them just today. they e nursing home resident being transported to another facili it was during that transport thowo people lost their liv. sadel there. that's the the latest from the livdesk. otve report from buffan a few minutes on the "to s m after president oba's sh inside the white hou en a woman was arrte with a. megan mcgra joins us live outsi the executive mansion withow this was different than the a few days ago. megan >>ep w eun, this inct night the gun was on suspt hip. sheas actually near the fence outsi the white house.
6:48 am
and thde that happened earlr th we the weapons wereou in a nearby car. altug disturbing nevth now tnight, as the president was inside the white house, protesters began to gath outside. and that's when undercover secretce agents noticed a pisl in a holster on 23-yeaa lenhart of micga they moved in. that'sn she was arrested. nowise te just two days th someone has been aesarheh houswipo on wednesday, r.j. capheim from iowa approached secret service and the president person called him to make an appme theyat found a rifle and knins s car. he alrea had a court appean earlier this week on thuda durha appearance he pleed notlty illegally cari a rifle. livelo pennsylvania avenue, meg mcgrath, news 4. back tu guys in the studio.
6:49 am
thayou. 6:49 right now. that happened just after predemaed up his immigrspe in that speech, the president mentne young college stunt nevada. thisor we are hearing abo how she will contie to figor rightsf undom immigrants. beee can't stop here. we nd e a law passed in coneswecore t do som at. they can't keep hiding behind scarinpl abo us being undom didn't know the presidw talking abt h untilod started cheering whe mentioned her name. sheasug to the u.s. herarh s was 4 years old > cle i taking heat from theovemoing and this controversy centers on how the mp warning customers abo important safety issues. land dowdy is here toelus how th a stepping in. >>repogoni to you. u.s. safety regulators are urgg owners of older jeep libertgr cherokee modto get their recalled
6:50 am
carpa the f tanks could rupture and catir stru from behind in a crash. chrysl has 400,000 parts avaab only 3% of repairs havbea regulator say chrl should do more to conct jeep owners. bactoyou. thanks, landon. well, it is beginning to look a lot like chris on capitol hill. the w spruce should arrive at 1 ts morning. as on it does, we will post pics nbc washington facebo page. we ll to share it from our faco page. house speaker john baylor will lig i mb 2nd at 5:00. after that it will be lit from dusk 11:00 p.m. every day throug the holiday season. >> it all coming together. the t is coming. the at a cd. >> and going over to the holiday mus today. i'll b joining lou and chilly
6:51 am
for big switch to the hol m that occurs at 8:00 thmornin we join them live. the fie bleit snow. n >> ts h it will be loong li this winter ahead. ♪ wh the weather outside is fritf generasnowfall looking like abo aag for much of the are 5 means 5% to 10% above average snoal finehe live. it'so t be a little b snowr winter the way it looks right now based on the genelpatterns. and a little b colder than averawell. avera snow in washington 15 inc we t mo temra are cold enough for snow bu no snow. cle sky. everyt is dry this morning. upp0s in prince george's, fairf montgolo to mid-20s. lou, william, fauqerfo spova manrihtd degrs.
6:52 am
leave the heater on. it wil near 30 through much of e morning commute. for the afternoon commute, leave the sunglasses. brig sun in the sky. we' he the upper 30s by then. a lot h tmsre in the playoffs for friday night footba earlgames, mid-30s. lat games in the low 30s. thafu lighter wind. gusng mil p hr thrghe day today. so windchills just in the 20s. afton, , t mid-s. great r f cranksgivin melsal te you about that comi up. rain l l endmoor. mild tuesday. big getaway wednesday, and thursd part cloudy. highin upper 40s. and cnc of that foras a little low because some oe models are giving us
6:53 am
a lilen and/or snow. melia,s going on. >> liit volume at thipoismorning. taking a look here at cenev you'bo 40 miles per ho all wou vienna. it ope up obod. totly virgia through dale city, 26 milepe i virginia. also ts probl in suitland, easou silver hill road at brooks drive. rememb the water main break westbo open for us. belay at branch avenue, that is minng nicely this morng. hery go. thangind cranksgiving. we e celebrating tomorrow at noon a georgetown waterfront. tom kierein, savannah guthrie, al roker, tom kierein and myself wilga food to help field the hu this holiday season. if yod to join us, sign u by noon today. you ca s up on twitter. we havn there. also facebook. guys, n us. l right. mels on that bike. expt see a few more you
6:54 am
polof othe street on youray me from work. fai county pice will be out on leesburg pike talking to walks ivout pedia safety. here ps of them on the turnpi earlier this week. three people have been hit in the fal church area since octor ing a man who was killed on columbia pike on monday. frien family will pay the r toss a mother and dautele in an arlington housfire. a memorial service is planned today mary barks and her 7-ye-ogh emily. maran her husband bill tried to sav both their daughters earliis month. bill and his 11-year-old daut s made it out ali. tod'sia 1:00 this aftern a columbia baptist chuh falls church. 6:54 now. an emotional ceremony as the d.cpoept meer one ofar days. it'see 20 years since three peop w shot and killed inspo headquarters dowow fbi agents, police offirs and
6:55 am
attn general eric holder willtt a wrthayg remeerda on ve2n4 22--oenawn enterecoe uaro andrtot offs re tt d tell u rr er detail >> asngalgen fbi'mn >> aerotda, sittin behind a des mart gnd rhtt him. shet a >> sgenr dy s kild, wchl mill athn martez d.c. pic headquarters was lat renamed to honor sergeant dal > 6:55. later or, new infoatou the final stages of constructn t new 95 express lane. on tr to open next month. the 29-mile stretch of toll lanesil replace the existing hov l on 95. you use the lanes for free if haee or more people in t c ana exas othselltoay. the wbe no toll booths, just e-zpass sensors.
6:56 am
heu get to use metro's new ra cars, when could get pusd bac it concerned with how the new cars are getting their safety certifn. metro es it is follow the guiok for safety but the gener manager told the board thineer could push back the rollout of the new cars. they w sued to hit the trac in january >> 6:56. 4 things to be on this friday morng in few hours the capital chrtme arrive in d.c. tree lighting ceremony demr 2nd. th man who opened fire at flora s university appare packag before the shooting. onef pa is coming to r area. we n' narrowed down the exact n what's in the box,ut we do know it is supd ivy. today ena fln to ve seeng ordonra. a woman faces charges for carin loaded gun in front of the white house. she arrested moments after
6:57 am
there finished his spehn immigration reform. hag freezing friday. upper 30s. a gusty wind. lots of sun. mild on saturday. mid0s low 50s sund. rainunnig. chopper 4 over this manassas wat m break. faion s down. widoo at things, slow on the outer loop. >> ibroadcast. appci spending time with us. ba 2 minutes. unt t hope you have a gre day. see u . >> t t , evebo
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good morning. ready for a fight. president obama unveils his plan to help 5 million undocumented immigrants stay in the country. >> to those members of congress who question our authority to make our immigration system work better, pass the bill. >> but will republicans derail his plans? >> he's not an emperor, but he's sure acting like one. from bad to worse. the weight of all that snow in buffalo causing roofs to collapse as shoppers spent a fourth night stranded inside a walmart and the region braces for what could be massive flooding. the show goes on despite multiple allegations of sexual assault, bill cosby still takes the stage to perform his comedy acts


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