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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 26, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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this year's turkey clocks in at a whopping 50 pounds. that's a big bird. they were raised in western ohio. apparently they get pampered right before the pardon happens. a lot of nice food. then they go off to a farm or petting zoo. how about that? >> or a hotel. stay with us. news 4 at 5:00 continues. we're helping you get your holiday destination this morning as we deal with a winter storm that is rolling in the d.c. area right now. our crews are on the road already. >> we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> right now it is all rain across virginia and into maryland and the eastern shore. right now out of the mountains, many locations there are getting some wet snow.
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date, kinenne valley, some of the snow showing up in the higher elevations. elsewhere, this is all rain. we have a large area under a winter storm warning, frederick, loudoun and points west. closer in, the counties in purple, howard, montgomery, fairfax, prince william. these counties under a winter weather advisory. lighter amounts of snow. one to three inches. southern loudoun, northern fauquier. from the blue ridge west, three to six inches. higher amounts above 1500 feet in the mountains. in the afternoon, transitioning over to wet snow in the metro area not until around noon time. and i'm back in 10 minutes with a look at when that snow will be ending all coming up at 5:11
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melissa is dealing with wet roads. >> wet roads. that's right. that's hard to say this morning. police have reports of debris. i'm not seeing anything on the camera. be aware if you're headed that way. beltway at colesville, looking good. it has a sheen on it because of the wet roads. 270 out of frederick, headed northbound, either way you're completely fine on 270. 66 and 95, no problems in virginia, indian head highway, everything moving along quite nicely. more coming up. a close eye on the road conditions. roads are wet this morning. give yourself extra time as you head out the door for your holiday tunnels. like on 2730 in rockville right
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now. what's it looking like there? >> well, we are just seeing rain at this point. temperatures above freezing. it's just soggy out here. take a look behind me. this is 270 in the rockville area off montrose road. we are seeing quite a bit of volume out there already this morning. things will build as the day progresses. a lot of people leaving town for the holiday. rain coming down. we are expecting it to change over to a rain/snow mix. it depends where you're going to be. that of course is to slow things down, make things slippery. we're expecting 4% increase in terms of travel over last year. so very, very crowded out there.
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gas prices at their lowest levels in years. virginia, $2.64. in west virginia, the average price is $2.92. that will help a lot of folks out. if you are traveling, take it easy. it's not snow yet. it is still slick out there. we are seeing slippery, rainy conditions. just take it easy out there and get to your destination safely. megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you guys in the studio. >> megan, thanks. 5:04. check your flight this morning. hundreds of flights have been canceled ahead of the storm. according to flight aware, there were more than 300 cancellations before the first rain drops or snowflakes even fell. the majority of them are at the new york laguardia and newark
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liberty airports. you can see storm team 4 in the palm of your hand with our storm team 4 weather app. seven nbc washington weather in the app store or google play. now to the still developing story in ferguson, missouri after the michael brown decision. early "morning news" conference. 44 people arrested there. still violent protests. no gunfire or other arsons, though. national guard was called in to keep the peace. helping police identify people who committed violent crimes. michael brown, sr. had strong words for the state which he calls home. >> it just lets me know where we live is not where we thought or what i thought.
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>> mr. brown said he felt the grand jury never got to hear the great qualities of his son during the hours of testimony they received. >> i'm molette green at the live desk. we're following two fbi agents shot this morning in north st. louis county. it is about 17 miles from ferguson. at this point it doesn't appear to be related to the unrest and the protests. but here's what we're getting into the newsroom. the details now happened an hour ago at a home. and our sister station is reporting that the agents were at this home after getting a report of a person barricaded inside. we still don't have any information yet on their conditions. we'll stay on top of this developing story. eun. >> thank you, molette. a university of virginia board is calling for a crackdown on underaged drink calling excessive alcohol the fuel
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behind sexual assault. the board adopted a zero tolerance policy after an article in "rolling stone" magazine. charlotte police are now investigating that incident. in the aftermath of that "rolling stone" article, prior victims and advocates are coming out to support each other. peter alexander spoke to a region graduate who identified herself in the article and said she was a victim. >> you're a survivor. you're an expert on the topic. >> i think we can always do more. i think we have made really good strides in the time i have been here. but we can always, always, always do more. this is the impetus for us to start doing just that. >> you can hear more on the "today" show right after news 4 today. this winter storm rolls into the d.c. area. when it could turn to snow at 5:11. . breaking his silence.
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what ferguson police officer darren wilson is saying about the moment he came face to face with michael brown. the traditional college student may be becoming a thing of the past. use chase freedom at
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welcome back. there are now more payday lenders than mcdonald's. how it works, customers pay a fee for what amounts to an advance on their paycheck. they usually lack access to ordinary credit. they usually pay percentage rates well in excess of 300%. the nontraditional college student is a new challenge for schools. more than half of students today attend part-time. they do not start right after high school. they transfer at least once or experience a combination of all three according to research from the national student clearinghouse. the study found they are less likely to earn a bachelor's degree in six years. so university colleges are trying to figure out -- they're used to kids being 18. you start college. now they have all these different variables to consider. now they have to look at how to make changes >> we have a school closing to pass along to you. winchester schools closed because of the weather. let's go to tom kierein and
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get you caught up on what to expect. >> it's rain right in washington. most of the region it is is raining now. storm team 4 radar showing it is beginning to transition over to snow off to our west. this is in the highlands of west virginia, far western maryland. all east of there it is all rain. temperatures in the 40s most of the region. stay 40 degrees until 8:00 with rain. by noon time, snow mixing in. temperatures dropping into the upper 30s. then mid-30s by 5:00 p.m. with wet snow. some of that accumulating maybe an inch on grassy areas in the immediate metro and western suburbs. farther north and west, one to three inches. out of the mountains, shenandoah, three to six inches. coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s, a look at what the snow will be ending and your thanksgiving at 5:21. melissa, how are the roads?
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>> wet at this point. at the virginia visitors center, you can see the sheen. 95 in virginia in and out of time looking good. moving along. all the construction from earlier out of the way. prince george's county looking good as well. beltway to georgia, no problems there. 270 at montrose, this is where megan mcgrath is this morning. that also looking good. a little bit more volume than we normally see. perhaps folks headed out of town. struggling to cook dinner just right for you and your family? the app on your smartphone that could keep yo from burping your food ever again. >> i don't burn food. we are tracking a developing situation it of ferguson, missouri after tensions remain
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coming up on 5:17. a shine on the road from the rain that's already beginning to fall. storm team 4 meteorologist check bell in the storm team 4 x 4 tracking radar. chuck? . good morning. yes, indeed, aaron. a wet and sloppy go. the temperature has dropped since we left the station in northwest washington by 5 degrees. moderate rain coming town. 41 degrees. we're on route 7 heading westbound. we're about a mile or two north of sterling, virginia. a moderate rain. plenty of puddles on the roads. not too many headlights in our picture. ack to you, eun. thank you, chuck. continue to go watch the development in ferguson, this morning. streets are much quieter after more peaceful protests. vandals did manage to overturn a
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police car and set it on fire. you can see the scene there. more than three dozen arrests. police credit the national guard with helping them maintain order in ferguson. but wasn't a completely calm night. jay, good morning. hey there. good morning to you, eun. nothing like the first night after the grand jury was announced here there was some violence near the police station. there was looting. several businesses were broken into. now, they moved in much more quickly than they did the first night here. and they had the assistance of more national guard troops on the ground. nearly triple the amount that initially deployed here.
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more than 2,000 assisting police as they continue to work through and maintain overnight. . jay, was there anything else that helped get control of the situation? >> yeah. in fact, they are crediting a lot of the peaceful protesters that were part of the march for helping their officers to identify those causing problems in the crowd. they say that's an important step as this community tries to move forward. >> jay, thank you. >> thank you. president obama says there is no excuse for burning buildings, cars and property in response to the decision. the president caused the actions criminal. he said the people who carried them out to be prosecuted. the comments were made in chicago yesterday. he said he understands the community's anger over the decision but violence is not the way to protest that decision. and for the first time we are hearing from the man who actually pulled the trigger that night in august. officer darren wilson said
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michael brown punched him several times. >> is there anything you could have done differently that would have prevented that killing from taking place. >> no. >> nothing? >> no. >> the reason i have confidence is because i know i did my job right. attorneys for the brown family say they will pursue federal charges. right now police are trying to identify the shooter who hit a young girl in the district. the shooting happened last night near 50th street in southeast. police are looking for a four door black honda. the girl is expected to be okay. >> a u.s. attorney of virginia is resigning next month. he is in the middle of investigation. he assures his stepping down is
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not expected to affect the handling of the high profile case he has been handling. he is leaving the end of december to join a private law firm. the loudoun times says the middleburg community charter school has deficiencies in teaching certification. a number of teachers do not come up when searched in the licensed section of the website. the school board will meet to discuss this issue december 2nd. in the day ahead, organizers will get ready for the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york. organizers will inflate the huge balloons. you will see 16 including hello kitty. that looks like a green dinosaur right there. >> is that pokemon? >> oh, you're right. you can see it here at 9:00 a.m.
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snoopy is my all time favorite. >> me too. >> superman? >> i like the classics. >> snow lovers will be doing the snoopy dance later today. we will likely get this rain transitioning to some wet snow during the afternoon. right now it's all rain across virginia and into maryland, delaware, new england. and farther south towards atlanta. this area seeing the white is wet snow. transitioning from rain to wet snow in the last couple of minutes. this will be changing minute by minute. right now it is raining in the metro area. western northern suburbs by 9:45, 10:00, the area in
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lavender is likely where we will begin to see the snow start to go and start coming down ask sticking to grassy areas. closer to washington, nearby western northern suburbs likely not see anything in the way of snow until 3:00 in the afternoon, southern montgomery, fairfax, prince william and farther south. then brief period, two or three hours between 3:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. after that it quickly ends. after it's gone we'll begin to clear out. temperatures below freezing. so icy spots tomorrow morning. around the metro area, mainly about an inch on grassy areas. western northern suburbs one to three inches. and farther west we will see three to six inches. highest amounts along the blue ridge and highlands of west virginia. weather alert day. frequent updates. we transition into snow. what to wear today. certainly will have a warm
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jacket. chilly, cold rain, transitioning to wet snow. thanksgiving day, partly sunny. a small chance of sprinkle or flurry. warmer into the first part of next week. now melissa is looking at a new crash. >> we're talking about 395 yes or no bound at the 14th street bridge. a report of a crash here. we are not seeing anything on this camera this morning. we'll keep you updated on that. a wider look at things. overall looking quite good. if you're thinking of heading out, you you might want to do it soon. everything is looking good. a lot of construction has been out of the way for us this morning. 66, 95 in virginia, that is looking good too. over to the east just a little bit here in prince george's county, no problems. everything rolling along quite nicely. in maryland, 95 in cherry hill, also looking good. 2730 into and out of town, no
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problems. a live look at 270 coming up. >> ryan again. two weeks in a row. >> that's right. you, america, helped save ryan sill on nbc the voice again. he was in the bottom three again. with your votes, america tweeted to make ryan its instant save. he advances to the top eight. he received nearly 50% of the audience's vote to make it to the next round. watch him compete next monday at 8:00 p.m. on nbc 4. man, we love ryan. apparently we like to party. a new survey says d.c. is one of the hardest partying cities in the country during the holiday season. it is based on how many holiday invitations were september out. san francisco took the top two
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spots. are you surprised? >> there's a lot of let's get together. >> shows we're a fun bunch. >> yeah. >> all right. well, do you burn your dinner frequently? if you do, the next story is for you. >> a new pan that claims you will never burn your food again. take a look. this is the pantelligent. >> of course they did. >> it is a smart frying pan. it gives you specific instructions on how to prepare your food. it will send reminders when to flip your food and when your food is done. it will set you back $250. it on track to -- >> how much? >> $250. i have to call my mother, my aunt, toe know what temperature, how long. >> you can smell it.
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>>. >> i'm afraid i will get colitis one day from cooking chicken. shaking things up in terms of their losing ways. the redskins's decision to bench rg3 >> rainfall around d.c. could be change to go snow in several hours. what to expect in your weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:31 >> developments out of ferguson as they try to put a stop to added protests. added security messages overnight. it is now 5:27.
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weather alert day. that storm bringing heavy rain. wet roads as you head out the door. this is i-270 in maryland. we're seeing wet roads in the district. a live look at the key bridge. sit expected to cause problems throughout the day. the the green is all rain. as our storm team has been forecasting this white area over
5:31 am
here, that snow -- tom will bring the timing of all of this. i can't do your job, tom. >> your right, eun. that is an area of wet snow. it is transitioning from rain to snow out in west virginia, western maryland. this is all advancing south to north. wet across maryland, the eastern shore. it is transitioning over to wet snow now in garrett, high lands of west virginia. the southern part. right along the blue rage, elevations above 2,000 feet getting wet snow as well. temperatures well above freezing. total amounts of snow, by the time this all ends, by sunset,
5:32 am
maybe an inch on grassy areas, nearby suburbs. one to three inches farther west. three to six lower elevations. well, weather and traffic on the 1s, it is changing minute by minute. >> an earlier crash is now out of the way, thank goodness. beltway at kenilworth. this is the storm team 4 x 4. chuck bell on route 7 headed to leesburg giving us an update. the windshield wipers going back and forth as they are headed out west. a lot of folks headed out of town this morning. we are looking quite good. a lot of earlier construction is
5:33 am
out of the way. a lot of it just didn't happen this morning. 66 in virginia, looking very nice. travel times coming up at 5:41. >> see you then, melissa. it's 5:33 now. we're keeping an eye on developments in ferguson, missouri. vandals did manage to overturn a police car and set it on fire. 44 people arrested. no gunshots heard and no facial fires set. there are 2,000 guard troops to protect businesses from destruction. police are tasked with protecting the citizens thepltz. in d.c., 2,000 protesters took to the streets to protest the michael brown decision. they marched from mt. vernon
5:34 am
square shouting hands up, don't shoot. they feel like the system is stacked up against them. >> this is a system that is not broken. it is a system that is made not to work for us. >> protesters were joined by other minority groups including asian-americans who say they are victims of profiling. another hearing is scheduled for a woman arrested for carrying a gun outside the white house. the secret service spotted her carrying a handgun in a holster. it is i felony. she could spend five years in prison. we have a warning to stay safe and secure this holiday shopping season. keep your hands free as much as possible when walking through the parking garage. retail crime in the tysons corner area is up you. a special task force said the
5:35 am
team is trying to containing that. some people were surprised at the rise in crime. >> it is surprising. when i come out here to go to work i see police everywhere. >> i usually don't shop in the evening. if i have to go out i have to look when i'm going in the parking lot. . the epa will recommend lowering the limit for ground level ozone from the standards set in 2008. under the proposal states would have up to 20 years to meet the new limits or face federal penalties. >> u.s. drone strikes killed four militants in the cup's
5:36 am
tribal region. they say the missiles hit a compound this morning. it is a safe haven for groups >> facing charges for trying to support isis. until yesterday, one man had been free after his arrest at the minneapolis airport back in may. the other man slipped out of the country to turkey the same month. he is believed to city be overseas. the fbi estimated a dozen or so americans have joined terrorist groups in or around syria. learning more about the funeral arrangements for marion barry. the plans will khrupb one or two days of public building in downtown d.c. next week.
5:37 am
we expect to find more details later today. >> a new deal to build a soccer stadium. the washington business journal reports two committees approved a plan by mayor-elect muriel bowser, who is still a council member. it removed the aging building from a land swap. instead, the new plan allows the council to use eminent domain to buy land for a new d.c. united stadium. the district will pay half of the $300 million price tag. the rain you see in our area right now will be changing to snow in the coming hours. when you could see snow in your neighborhood with your hour-by-hour forecast at 5:41. the threat of snow is already causing problems from travelers. the number of flight cancellations we're already seeing on one of the busiest travel days of the year. potential end of an era. what we are learning about the decision by the redskins to bench rg3. weather and traffic always on news 4 today.
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you can see storm team 4
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well, you won't be seeing rg3 playing this sunday for the redskins. overnight, news 4 confirmed that colt mccoy will get the start next week against the colts. rg3 is coming off two poor starts, been sacked 11 times and
5:41 am
faced a lot of criticism through much of the season. mccoy has won both games he started in the season. jay gruden did not want the quarterback news to get out there before he addressed entire team as a whole today. and it speaks to so many of the issues this team has had. the quarterback controversy should never have been a controversy. the coach put him back in even after colt mccoy did so well. can he rise again as the starting quarterback or the skins. >> someone on my facebook fans said, no, he can't. rg3? >> school are closed because of this weather we are seeing this morning. >> weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:41. what's going on? >> it's raining across virginia, maryland, eastern shore. it has transitioned to wet snow. this area in white, highlands of
5:42 am
west virginia now in southwestern virginia, southern part of the shenandoah valley, skyline drive, beginning to change over to wet snow there. there's national airport. it's all wet. rainy through the metro area. 40 by noon time. wet snow during the afternoon. all of it ending by early evening. a look at thanksgiving at 5:51. a new crash. here's melissa. >> third street tunnel, the left lane getting by. >> a lot of early construction out of the way. in maryland, 270 south, 16 minutes. outer loop, top of the beltway, 11 minutes. in virginia, 66 east running 11 minutes into town. quantico 26 minutes. i'm back in 10. see you then. thank you, melissa >> helping you save money on
5:43 am
your holiday shopping. what you need to know to save time and money with black friday shopping. one of the busiest travel days of the year. we'll go to chicago for the flight cancellations that are piling up. during the break, we are working for you to show you working for you to show you radar, tem of shaving stuff. working and thankfully, you radar, tem being able to find backups.
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lifeand thankfully, of shaving stuff. being able to find backups. welcome back at 5:46. roads are wet right now. take a look at your screen. drizzle as part of a storm is moving in on one of the busiest travel days of the year. chuck bell is tracking the rain and the snow from the storm team 4 x 4. take a live look here. good morning, eun. it's a very soggy start this morning. we are doing the loop through downtown leesburg, king street,
5:47 am
loudoun street here in downtown leesburg. rain is fairly light here. temperatures noticeably dropped. we left the station about an hour and a half ago. now we're down to 40 degrees. the rain coming down. i've been checking out the road temperatures on the web sites. vdon and mdot have temperatures available. still in the low 40s. most of the initial wave of snow will melt on the roads. it could become slushy towards i-81. thanks for the warning, chuck. appreciate that. this rain is making holiday travel tricky. hundreds of flights are being canceled. 14 flights are canceled in and out of reagan national. wendy wolf at chicago o'hare with more on the travel problems. wendy? >> reporter: good morning, aaron. we haven't started to feel that ripple effect on the overnight
5:48 am
cancellations you were referring to. that was a preemptive threat strike by the the airlines as the storm starts to move up the east coast. that is not good news as the thanksgiving travel numbers are up. you can see the lines are building at this early hour. a healthy economy and lower gas prices have tkpeufrpbgiven a bo this travel season. as i mentioned, gas prices are down 84 cents since april. airline tickets are up slightly compared to last year. that hasn't seemed to let people get in the way of their travel plans. what could hinder is the weather, as you mentioned. as we always say, pack your patience. >> wendy, thank you. . back to this developing
5:49 am
story in ferguson, missouri. a stebgd night of protests. it follows the grand jury decision in the michael brown case. it was a relatively calm night in ferguson. it's not just ferguson. right now across the country, people are demonstrating how upset they are with the grand jury decision. looting is being reported. molette? >> that's right. an active scene still going on on the west coast. a number of arrests up now to 100 in los angeles. police have clamped down on the protesters. those who broke away from a larger, more peaceful protest. in new york city, 1,000 plus took over the fdr highway.
5:50 am
they filled the streets near times square. we're not hearing of any reports of injuries. 10 minutes before the hour. a seven is on in connection with a shooting. chopper over over the scene. the man was shot several times near roosevelt high school. the trial of charles severance is set for october 20 a 15. yesterday lawyers asked a judge to either tkropt case or dismiss evidence against severance. they argued their client was originally taken in on a bogus gun charge. talk about a grazen robbery. a group of men used sledgehammers to break into cases the a jewelry store in
5:51 am
virginia. the smash and grab helped yesterday afternoon at dulles town center in sterling. if you recognize the four men in these pictures, call loudoun county sheriff's office >> a substantial decrease in virginia's mortality rate. the rate decreased by nearly 20% in five years. that means nearly 200 more babies a year are making it through their first birthday. premature birth is the number one risk for infant mortality >> the president is taking part in a traditional ceremony at the white house. the president will pardon the turkey in the rose garden this year. this year's turkey clocks in at a whopping 50 pounds. they were raised in fort recovery, ohio. i hope they have a happy life. >> a swanky hotel downtown to
5:52 am
some dirt farm. >> petting zoo. i know. tough transition. but at least they're alive. >> good point. rain transitioning to snow. we will have frequent storm team 4 updates. rain across virginia and maryland. in the last couple of minutes this snow has been advancing to the east. this area in gray and white that is the wet snow. now pushing into shenandoah valley and right along skyline drive. snowing at elevations above 1500 feet. near 40 degrees in western northern suburbs. father west it is now into the mid to upper 30s. still above freezing in
5:53 am
shenandoah valley. here is the timing on the snow getting closer to the metro area. 9:45 this morning. by then, well across the shenandoah valley. just east of the blue ridge. closer to washington, noon time to 1:00, that's when our western northern suburbs will see the rain change to snow. the rest of the afternoon, we'll just have a period of a couple of hours, two or three hours of the wet snow between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. in washington. quickly ends and pulls away. clears out don't. icy spots. about an inch of slushy snow on grassy areas. shenandoah, into the mountains, accumulations of three to six inches. a big area under winter storm
5:54 am
warning with winter weather wise advice up the east coast, i-95 corridor, route 81. that will be a mess later today. we'll have quite a bit of rain before we go over to snow and drop into the 30s. partly sun y. near 40. a chilly day on friday. watch for icy spots. we have problems with a new crash. john kingman road, the right lane is blocked. very important for a lot of you. crash blocking the right lane. 66 headed into town. >> slow through centreville. looking good especially for this
5:55 am
time of the morning. wider look at things here, overall looking quite good. d.c., 295, passing 50, a little bit slow. we're getting chopper up to take a look. chopper should be over the beltway coming up soon. you may want to get a head start on holiday specials. stores are opening their doors even earlier on thanksgiving day. nearly 26 million americans say they will or may shop on thanksgiving day. that's actually down from last year. >> black friday. >> i like black friday shopping. it's exciting. lots of people. fun the get bargains. >> we have a 12-year-old. so we're looking at buying video games and tech toys. >> retailers are slashing prices
5:56 am
on electronics. best buy is selling a 50 inch panasonic tv for $199. target has a 40-inch tv for $119. best buy is selling a mac book air for $779. i have to admit those are bargains. i'm not stand anything line. on sunday, many will offer bargains. goodshop sunday. stores like amazon or websites like amazon and best buy, target, macy's and app will will donate a percentage of every profit to your charity. because we are all doing so much shopping when we are giving khapbgs, more and more of us find ourselves working to.
5:57 am
landon dowdy has more on that story on for your money. >> good morning to you, aaron. being on tv, you can probably relate to it. a lot will work over the holiday. a survey by allstate find a quarter will be required to clock in on thanksgiving, christmas or new year's. there is at least a chance they will have to work one of those holidays. consumers borrow more taking out new mortgages for the first time in over a year. for the most part consumers are careful about taking on new household debt. but late payments are student loans are getting worse. it makes up roughly two-thirds of gdp. >> news 4 is live to get you ready for what could be the busiest travel day of the year.
5:58 am
if you plan to hit the road, we have you
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, we're following a developing story in ferguson, missouri. dozens of people were arrested. >> if you're getting ready to hit the roads for thanksgiving, the rain, a little snow, and
6:00 am
more than 46 million americans will join you. we have a school closing we need to pass along to you this morning. winchester city schools are closed today. tom kierein is tracking this wet cold pattern. >> the rain has changed over to snow. out in west virginia, right along the virginia/west virginia border, so you were part of the shepb dough valley, north of there, still raining. skyline dry getting wet snow. all rain east of there towards the west of there, into maryland. the snow will change from rain to snow there by 8:00 this morning. leaving in its wake an inch or so. one to three inches from northern montgomery,


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