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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 26, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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more than 46 million americans will join you. we have a school closing we need to pass along to you this morning. winchester city schools are closed today. tom kierein is tracking this wet cold pattern. >> the rain has changed over to snow. out in west virginia, right along the virginia/west virginia border, so you were part of the shepb dough valley, north of there, still raining. skyline dry getting wet snow. all rain east of there towards the west of there, into maryland. the snow will change from rain to snow there by 8:00 this morning. leaving in its wake an inch or so. one to three inches from northern montgomery, loudoun, northern fauquier and wins prpl
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and a rap hand act. three to six inches in shenandoah valley. a look at the radar again changing minute by minute. next weather and traffic on the 1s. a look at the colder temperatures at 6:11. a look at the roads. >> chopper over the outer look at new hampshire avenue. traff a warning to be careful. beltway at river road, a nice sheen this morning. wider look at things. overall, looking pretty good. haven't seen much of a slowdown until now. looks pretty slow. we called about this. we're not sure what's going on. as you head into town, it's as
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well. report of an earlier crash. 66, 95 in virginia, slowest spot is dale city. some travel times on this very travely day in 10 minutes >> 6:02 is your time right now. right now the roads are wet from the rain. this is 66 at gallos road in fairfax. many people already on their way to their thanksgiving destination. megan, how are the roads looking now? >> well, they are wet for sure. you can see 270. we have quite a bit of volume this morning. a combination no doubt of people leaving town and others who are actually going to work today. we are just seeing rain, though. temperatures above freezing. so it's just wet out there for the time being. we are expecting snow the next several hours.
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nothing major. certainly whenever you have rain or wintery mix, things get a little hairy out there on the roadways. so many people will be traveling. aaa is expecting an increase of 4% in terms of holiday travel from last year. 90% of those people are going to be driving. and there is some good news for drivers. we are seeing gas prices at a five-year low. take a look. in d.c., the average price for a gallon of regular is $3.05. maryland, $2.84. virginia, $2.64. west virginia, $2.92. people get a break in terms of what they are going to pay for gas out there. we are expecting a very busy day on the roadway. take it easy and pack your patience. thank you, megan. >> 6:04. now to the latest developments
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in missouri following the decision in the michael brown case. a live look at ferguson. still violence overnight thousands of national guard troops keeping the peace. >> ferguson police ready ordered the protesters off the streets. a police car was torched outside ciy hall. 44 people arrested overnight. it was a far different feel than the previous night. that is the latest from the live desk. aaron. >> for the fitter time since the grand jury decision, officer darren wilson is speaking about his decision to pull the trigger and shoot michael brown. wilson said michael brown punched him several times and
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tried to grab his gun. wilson said he is confident he did the right thing. >> is mr. anything you could have done differently that would have prevented that filling from taking place? >> no. >> nothing? >> no. the reason i have confidence is because i know i did my job right. >> officer wilson said it was the first time i had ever fired the gun on the job and he knows there is nothing he can say to make the brown family feel better. the family says they will pursue federal charges >> police looking for a person who shot a young girl. the girl is expected to be okay. he they do not have a description of the shooter. alcohol use is falling is sexual assaults on campus. they are suggesting the school do more. rape culture has been a topic of
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serious conversation at uva since a "rolling stone" article that included a woman's account of a gang rape at a frat house. protecting what you buy this holiday season. news 4 spoke to a special theft task force in fairfax. college may not be as traditional as it used to be. the changes students are making far more off than they used to. >> snow moving our way. storm team 4 radar. before it comes, temperatures are going to drop. how low they will go in your we
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>> this is at you are seeing in front of your face right now. this is a live picture. that stuff you see is actual snow. >> you have to stop and think about that. this is a live picture of i-68
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in western somed phmaryland, cu, maryland. the snow is falling and coming our way. >> what is happening with the weather? >> it will be into the metro area around noon time. western allegheny, garrett county. south of there, all snow. that area on the gray and white. storm team 4 showing it in the valley and the western side of the shenandoah valley. we'll stay above freezing through about 8:00 this morning. it will gradually get colder through the rest of the day. as the temperatures drop, transition to snow noon time into the latter part of the afternoon, giving us an inch on
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grassy areas. next weather and traffic on the 1s, that's coming up at 6:21. a look at when the snow ends. melissa is looking at our roads. what's going on. >> 66 east between nutley and gallos, the lane taken up. 395, we have a crash. we'll talk about that in a couple of minutes. 395 north, slow. beltway to 14th street bridge, 20 minutes. quantico to the beltway, 26 minutes. 17 minutes from jermantown. and outer loop, 13 minutes. a new student is making it hard for colleges to keep students. half of college students today attend part-time, don't start right after high school, transfer at least once, or experience a combination of all
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three. the study found that these nontritional students are less likely to earn a bachelor's degree in six years. there are more payday lenders than mcdonald's or starbucks. according to the federal reserve, 20,000 lenders. how it works is consumers pay a a fee for what amounts to an advance on their paycheck. some users end up paying annual percentage rates well in excess of 300%. making sure kids get a quality education. the problem that has loudoun's county first charter school. making sure you don't burn your food. we'll show you how this
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right now tracking rain on storm team 4 radar. in the next couple of hours we could see snow closer to home. either way et will make for
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tough travel conditions. minutes ago we got this first shot of snow falling west of cumberland, maryland. meteorologist check bell in the storm team 4 x 4 to show you what it looks like west of chantilly. chuck? >> good morning. moderate rain once again. we're on route southbound heading towards interstate 66 eastbound. and you can see here a whole lot more people on the roadway. because we're back lower in elevation, they have warmed up a touch. 40 in leesburg. so a cold steady rain here. most of the road temperatures are still in the low and mid-40s. american legion bridge, 46 degrees.
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this will stay liquid on the roads. it's raining hard enough where there are plenty of big puddles and road spray out there. the busiest day of travel, you're going to have to slow down and take it easy out there. leave a little room between you and the guy ahead of you. >> good voice there. airlines have begun canceling flights. an average of 750 people will travel by train the next few days. tom will lay out when it will switch over to snow at 6:21. new information on breaking news out of missouri. take a look here. video in of a shooting scene at a home about 17 miles from ferguson involving two fbi agents you can see in the video dozens of police and other
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emergency vehicles on that scene. the agents will be okay. injuries not life threatening. they were shot a couple of hours ago investigating a person reportedly barricaded inside. our sister station is reporting this incident is not related to the protests nearby. that's the latest. back to you, eun. >> thank you, molette. the family of michael brown is speaking out about the decision not to indict officer darren wilson. michael brown, sr. had strong words for the state he calls home. >> it just lets me know where we live is not where we thought or what i thought. people have been saying all the time that this was a racist state. >> brown said he felt the grand jury never had the chance to hear about the great call thes of his son during the hours of testimony that they received. new, pakistani intelligence
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officials say a u.s. drone strike killed four militants in the tribal region. the area is a safe haven for a mix of local and al qaeda linked terrorist groups. washington business journal approved two committees by mayor elect muriel bowser, still a member of council. instead the new plan allows eminent domain to buy land at buzzard point for the new d.c. united stadium. the district will pay half of the $3 million price tag. you should keep your hands free as much as possible when walking through the parking garage. news 4 learned retail crime in the tie sons corner area is up. a special task force is trying to change that.
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it is based in a secret location at tie sons corner center. the team has made 500 felony arrests. >> that is surprising. when i come out here to go to work, i see police everywhere. >> i usually don't shop in the evening. if i really have to go out i just kind of look when i'm going in the parking lot. >> the silver line is bringing more people to tysons and bringing more crime to the area. later today, organizers will get ready for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. crews will inflate the huge balloons. i think that is a frog. you'll see 16 giant character balloons. thomas the tank engine. i think that's the first time for him. you can watch tomorrow here on nbc 4 at 9:00 a.m. i'm trying to figure out what that is.
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thomas the tank engine. it's a train? >> yes. it's a train. >> d.c. is one of the hardest partying cities in the country during the holiday season. d.c., third. new york city and san francisco took the top two spots. >> i'm not surprised. we have fun. i'm going to our party for nbc 4. >> i have three. >> look at you, fancy pants. >> free champagne. 21 after 6:00. a busy travel day we expect today. >> everyone watching the weather for the road conditions. >> weather alert day. frequent updates all day long. storm team 4 will be here as we
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get into the afternoon. the western side of the shenandoah valley, garrett county. northern western suburbs, the pockets of yellow. rain is coming down harder, loudoun, montgomery. farther south into prince william county. temperatures well above freezing. upper 30s in shenandoah. it will begin to change to snow there. that's about 8:00 this morning. 10:00, 11:00, getting closer to our northern western suburbs. by 1:00, we will have wet snow in fairfax, prince william, montgomery, fauquier, howard. between around 3:00 to 4:00, 6:00 p.m., three-hour period, right in the metro area, about
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an inch. inch of snow on western northern suburbs. many locations will get three to six inches of snow. that's along skyline drive. we'll have it wet throughout much of the day. happy with an umbrella with a wet snow this afternoon. chilly on friday. look at the at the storm team 4 radar next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:31. 66 east at gallos road, we have crash. as far as delays go, four miles. again, 66 eastbound. that is going to be quite a mess.
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wider look at things, typical top of the beltway. taking a look at 95 in virginia, headed north, a little bit closer to stafford. then it opens up. a little slow southbound as you head through try angle. maryland, 95 looking good. bw parkway, no problems. old hundred, a little bit of wetness. 68 west of cumberland if you are headed that way, snow. loudoun county's first charter school is facing probation. the loudoun times says middleburg has deficiency in teaching certifications. apparently a number of teachers do not come up when searched in the licensed section in the virginia department of education website. today the environmental protection agency is expected to propose stricter smog standards. the epa will recommend lowering
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the limit for ground level ozone from the standard set in 2008. under the proposal, states would have up to 20 years to meet the new limits or face federal penalties. american petroleum institute said they should not change. an update for a virginia native competing in the voice. that's right. fans saved ryan sill from elimination. he was in the bottom three again. with your vote, america tweeted to make ryan an instant save. watch ryan compete next monday at 8:00 p.m. on nbc 4. he's been to our station. such a nice guy. really loving in experience on the voice. we hope he continues to do well. go, ryan. well, do you constantly burn
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your dinner? >> i do not. >> if you're having trouble cooking, this next story is for you. >> a new plan claims you will never burn your food again. this is it. it is called pantelligent. a group of guys from m.i.t. developed it. it will send you reminders when you need to flip your food or when your food is done. which is easy. you start to do something else. forget to flip it over. >> i an app to chop my vegetables. >> the pap will set you back 250 dollars. >> it will start shipping out in august. >> 100 flights in the u.s. already canceled. we're checking out the airports with the most troubles >> and in an-depth look a lot today's morning and snow. school closings are scrolling at
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the bottom of your screen. some folks are being impacted. how far it could stretch for anyone who plans on traveling. weather and traffic at 6:31. thieves use sledgehammers to
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the snow starting to mix with the rain. >> a lot of break lights. slick roads. you have rush hour and people headed out for the holidays. it looks like travel is picking up there. it's going to be busy on the roads for sure. >> indeed it is. weather alert here at nbc 4. >> tom kierein tracking the rain and where it is changing over to snow. good morning. >> good morning. weather alert day means we'll have frequent storm team 4 updates. we will be changing from rain to
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snow in the metro area. it's changed here in the last membership. didn't see any snow up on the manipulate. now it is beginning to show up. signal nobody is about 1500 feet. all along skyline along the blue ridge, skyline, it is now snowing. west of there too. it is all snow. eastern west virginia, garrett. east of there, all rain. pockets of moderate rain in loudoun county, up into montgomery, maryland. hovering low and mid-40s. it will gradually drop into the afternoon. change to snow in the metro area. all rain south and ease. one to three inches. higher el gas stations may get over six inches of snow as the system comes on through. a look at when we get below
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freezing coming up at 6:41. melissa, how are the roads? >> still nastiy. we're pushing this out on on the nbc app. take a look. four mile backup. it is jammed all the way. four mile backup. the sheen, the outer look. wet roads as well. a wider look at things, overall looking pretty jammed. pretty slow. almost everywhere. had that earlier crash at d street. slowing things down there. in washington, 95 north past dale city, pretty slow there. you are getting snow if you are headed to western maryland. back with travel times, guys. >> thank you, melissa.
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reagan national, flights have been canceled preemptively. 14 flights no it of reagan are canceled right now. wendy, good morning. >> good morning, eun. how are you doing? here at o'hare, crowded but calm. the major airlines have preempted hundreds of flights as a strike against that storm that you guys are facing out there on the east coast. and that is not good news. as you can see behind me, the lines are building. there are plenty of people who already stacked the airport and it's not even 6:00 eastern time yet. we start to have the sun make its way up. a healthier economy definitely giving us a boost to the holiday travel. an estimate of 46 million americans will travel either by
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road or air between today and sunday. gas prices down 84 cents since april. that's boosting holiday travel. even thoef airline tickets are up since last year. all we can say, as it starts the ripple affect across the country, you have to pack your patience. >> wendy, thank you. 6:34 right now. today we will learn more about how you can honor the legacy of former d.c. mayor, marion barry. make sure you have our nbc washington app. we will send you a push alert as soon as plans are announced. they include one or two days of viewing. the funeral will be at the
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washington conviction center. we're work to go find out whether that will be a public or private burial. we expect more details later today. this morning police are searching for two men suspected of a shooting in prince george's county. the man was shot several times last night near eleanor roosevelt high school in green belt. the victim's injuries do not appear to be throelife threaten april dubois was participating in an immigration rally when vet service spotted her with a handgun in a holster. it is a felony and she could spend five years in prison. more than 2,000 people took to the streets of d.c. to protest a grand jury decision in ferguson, missouri. they shouted hands up, don't
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shoot. they feel the system is stacked against them. >> this is a system that is not broken. this is a system that is made not to work for. >> those protesters were joined by other minorities, including asian americans who say they too feel victims of racial profiling. sheriff's deputies need your help identifying four men who used sledgehammers to break jewelry cases at a store. it happened yesterday afternoon at sterling. the men took off in a stolen jeep and switched to a different car in the parking lot. if you recognize the men, call loudoun county sheriff. colt mccoy will start this week skwepbd. >> plus, accused of killing three people in alexandria.
6:37 am
why charles severance's lawyer say all charges should be thrown out. when the temperatures will dip below freezing for of first time today. weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:
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welcome back. colt mccoy will be the starting quarterback this sunday. overnight news diana rosini confirmed that rg3 has been benched. he has been sacked 11 times in the last two games and faced criticism. mccoy has won both of his games this season. >> all right. let's check in now with the weather. we have seen snow west of cumberland. take a look. you can see the snow behind us
6:41 am
right now. here it is. real snowflakes out of the sky in november right before khapbgs giving. a live picture here. you know will this cause problems. >> the first time this season we are seeing quite a bit of snow. we just saw live video. it is snow. the western side of the shenandoah valley. east of there, moderate. raining hard in loudoun. transitioning into snow during the afternoon, wet snow during the afternoon. tomorrow morning, upper 20s. less than an inch on grassy areas. western suburbs, one to three. higher amounts west three to six
6:42 am
inches. highest amounts above 1500 feet. a look at your thanksgiving at 6:51. backup stretched for four miles this morning. very slow through the beltway. you can see the problem on 66. from fairfax to the beltway, should take you nine minutes. it is taking 40 because of the crash. definitely leave early. listen to an extra song on your ipad. maryland not so bad. 270 south from jermantown to the beltway. 20 minutes. outer loop, 20 as well. if you are driving today, expect to see millions of cars on the road. we're following a developing
6:43 am
story. protests in ferguson lasted into the morning. the resource used overnight that
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right now news 4 is keeping a close eye on the cold rain and the snow to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. megan mctkpwralgrath on i-2
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>> reporter: conditions above freezing so no snow. 270, you can see the volume of traffic. if you look down the road apiece, i'm not sure if you see, we have a police officer on the left-hand side of the road not sure what that is about. we are expecting things to be very, very busy as folks head out of town for the weekend. i have also seen snowplows. plows aren't down. they're not spreading any chemicals can. obviously they are waiting, standing by to see what happens with the weather. we could see the wintry mix in the next several hours. we're here in rockville. but in areas north and west, you could start to see a little bit of accumulation later on today. and of course we are expecting a very, very busy day with holiday travel. 90% of people leaving town are going to be driving. so a lot of people out on the
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roadways. whenever you have weather, whether rain or slow, it can get slick out there. keep speeds down and remember a lot of people will be out on the roads with them. pack your patience. keep an eye on the weather reports. back to you guys. thank you, megan. now to the latest in missouri following the decision in the michael brown case. a much calmer scene this morning. news 4 molette green is following developments >> ferguson police had to use tear gas to break up the crowds. that happened after windows were smashed outside city hall. national guard helped to make the difference and contain the
6:48 am
protests. police were able the get their hands on a molotov cocktail and a .9 millimeter pistol. >> that you know, molette. across the country people are demonstrating how upset they are with the grand jury decision. 100 protesters were arrested. several people were arrested in new york city overnight. hundreds of protesters marched through the streets of times square. the parade is half macy's and herald square where they are trying to get ready for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. officer wilson is speaking out about his decision to shoot michael brown. >> he said michael brown punched him several times and tried to grab his gun. will son says he's confident he did the right thing. >> is there anything you could have done differently that would have prevented that killing from
6:49 am
taking place. >> no. >> nothing? >> no. the reason i have confidence is because i know i did my job right. >> officer wilson says this was the first time he had ever fired his gun on the job. he said he knows there's nothing he can say to make the brown family feel better. the family will pursue federal charges. craig melvin is in ferguson. he will have more on if police are second-guessing themselves after monday's violent protests all ahead on the today snow. >> president obama will pardon the thanksgiving turkey in the rose garden. he clocks in at a whopping 50 pounds. they were raised in fort recovery, ohio. >> 50 pounds. that's not even realistic. you couldn't eat that if you wanted to. >> he will spend the rest of his life on a petting farm.
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>> we have school closings farther west of here. >> much of the region will have a white thanksgiving. storm team 4 radar. the area in the green and yellow is raining hard. chuck bell is in fairfax county. where are you now, chuck? >> tom, as of now, we are on i-66 eastbound approaching the beltway directly in the four mile longanbachup. light to briefly moderate rain in fairfax county. we're at 45 degrees. back an hour ago in downtown lees burg the temperature 40. the colder air back out to our west. still all rain here. i continue to check the temperatures. low 40s around the immediate metro area. a cold rain. it is indeed a slow go on 66 eastbound where we are. i have been i will take my own advice. the drive to atlanta, we're not
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taking i-81. we're taking i-95 south through richmond. i sure hope that's a better route. >> good luck, chuck. we'll keep you posted on what's going on. storm team 4 radar showing this area of snow has expanded in west virginia, western maryland. and the higher elevations along skyline drive. it is beginning to expand. just got this photo posted by one of my twitter followers in moorefield, west virginia, 40 miles west of winchester along route 55. and you can see that wet, big fat snowflakes coming down there. post your pictures on instagram and facebook. especially facebook where you can post higher resolution pictures. where it is snow around moorefield, petersburg, oak happened, right near
6:52 am
tpraoeszing. the timing changing to snow here in the metro area. noon time to early afternoon. that's this area of lavender. the area in green is rain. wet snow between around 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 pfpl. we will probably get the accumulation in the metro area. we'll have icy spots tonight. one to three west. loudoun, fauquier. farther west, snow totals three to significance inches. higher elevations over 1500 feet. today have an umbrella, warm jacket. it will be a cold rain this morning, wet snow this afternoon. thanksgiving, 40. small chance of sprinkle or flurry. saturday into sunday, warming up. melissa looking at the volume building big time. >> 66 east at gallos road.
6:53 am
chuck bell, i hope you're listening because this is what you're about to hit. four mile backup. jammed because of an earlier accident. 95 out of triangle, it's not so bad until lorton. southbound as you pass try angle as well. you can see a lot of yellow and red on the screen. branch avenue, you can see a little bit of moisture on the lens. eurp loop, disabled car causing a slowdown. not much there. out of town you're looking quite good. travel times at the end of the show. 6:53. lawyers want to throw out charges for a man accused of
6:54 am
killing three people. they argued their client was originally taken into custody on a bogus gun charge, violating his rights. 6:54. a university of virginia board is calling for a crackdown on under-aged drinking call excessive alcohol the fuel behind sexual assaults. the board of visitors adopted zero policy towards sexual assault after an article in "rolling stone" detailing allegations of a gang rape at a frat house in 2012. charlottesville police are now investigating that incident. in the aftermath of that "rolling stone" article, prior victims and advocates are coming out to support each other. peter alexander smoke to a recent graduate who identified herself in the article and says she was a victim. you're a survivor. you're an expert on the target. is enough being done to teal with this? >> i think we can always do
6:55 am
more. we have made good strides, especially in the time since i have been here. >> you can hear more at 7:00 a.m., after news 4 today. police are trying to figure out who shot a young girl in the district. the shooting happened last night on call place near 50th southeast. d.c. police are looking for a four door black honda. the girl is expected to be okay. speculation building around terry mcauliffe's plan to visit new hampshire. he is expected to headline a fund raiser. some believe he is headlining hillary clinton as a 2016 candidate. the visit is to celebrate party wins in the november elections. 6:55 your time. four things to know as you head out the door. rg3 has been benched. colt mccoy will be the starting quarterback will start. coach gruden said he didn't want
6:56 am
the news to get out until today. police say overall a much calmer night of protests. police credit the additional national guard. 14 flights out of reagan national among hundreds canceled nationwide because of a storm approaching the east coast. many of you are preparing for your thanksgiving drive. aaa predicts a million people in our area will hit the road this weekend. >> storm team 4 seven-day outlook. rain in the metro, changing over to snow this afternoon. maybe an inch on grassy areas here. three to six inches possible shenandoah valley and the higher el gas stations. farther west, six inches of snow in the afternoon. all of it ending early evening. >> travel times, 66 east from fairfax to the beltway, should take you nine minutes. it is taking you 43. four mile backup.
6:57 am
quantico also slow at 37. 270 south not terrible. 20 minutes down to the beltway. 21 minutes. those are your travely travel times. >> all right. thank you, melissa. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> check your smartphone. we'll send you alerts all day about the road conditions, the weather and any flight conditions we continue to hear about from your airports. have a great day. >> this picture
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good morning. foul weather. a nasty nor'easter sets across major delays for tens of thanksgiving travelers from the deep south all the way to new england, hundreds of flights already canceled. rage. for the second straight night, angry protests over that grand ry decision in the michael brown case in cities coast to coast. but police say things were much better in ferguson overnight. while the officer who fatally shot the 18-year-old breaks his silence. >> the reason i have a clean conscious, i know i did my job right. >> this morning, reaction from michael brown's parents. six american survivors of ebola come together for the first time live in our studio. they'll open u


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