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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 26, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> yeah, pat, by now most of us have snow. some of ace lot more than others. you can see it out your window. this is the big picture on radar. veroni veronica, everyone wants to know, is it going to stick around? how bad are the roads going to be? >> it is going to stick around. we dropped to 32 degrees. most neighborhoods by 7:00. once we hit 32, we'll stay around that mark for about 10 to 12 hours as we head into the morning hours. so even if you didn't get a lot of snow and you do have wet roads, that means slick icy conditions on area roads by late tonight and through the morning. here's a look at the current radar. woodbridge right now on the line. it's that area right along i-95 that has been the dividing line between the rain and snow for much of today. speaking of west far to the west, well that's the back edge of all this due to end in about four hours.
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so we're talking about between 7:00 and 9:00 this will start pulling out of here and ending. what is expected later tonight? icy patches through the morning. and that means use caution. right now out on the weather deck, meteorologist doug cameron with a look at area wide temperatures for the overnight period. >> unprepared because we need a hat out here for sure, maybe the umbrella. i'm standing under a tree. you can see behind me, the trees do not have the snow cover on them because the temperatures are still above freezing. it's just raining coming down off the trees. we have a mixture of snow out here and something that is bouncy. what is that? that is snowflakes that melt into a ball and then refreeze coming down. a little different than sleet because it is still white. you can see on the storm team four weather deck, a little bit in the way of the white snow that is remaining across our area. take a look at the numbers. 37 in d.c. right now. we're not worried about inside
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the city. notice gaithersburg and winchester all down to 34. once we hit that 32-degree number, we really think the area roadways, especially the secondary roads could be very slick as we make our way through the overnight hours. it's going to be a big problem for your day tomorrow. i know a lot of people left early yesterday. some trying to leave tomorrow morning. but give yourself a little bit of extra time tomorrow morning. allow the temperatures to get above that 32-degree mark which should happen by that 9:00, 10:00 hour tomorrow morning. we'll be back a little later on with a little bit more of that. >> thanks a lot, doug. the winter storm warnings remain up to our west. there is a lot more snow. that means slippery, slushy icy roads by morning. we've got a lot more on road impact. and what's going to take place outside of our area if anyone is going to be hitting the road coming up later this hour. guys? >> thank you. here's a live look now outside reagan national airport. planes are being de-iced out there today. 69 flights at reagan national
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were canceled because of the weather. things are a bit better at dulles. only eight flights were scrapped so far. and at bwi marshal, all but four flights have gotten out. >> we have teams across our region tonight tracking the impact this weather is having on your flight, roads, and the rest of your holiday weekend. >> we start with adam tuft at reagan national where for some vacation is starting with a long wait, adam. >> that's right. certainly delays and cancellations on the board here at reagan national. right now we have a rain and snow mixture coming down. it's just plain cold out here. yeah, a lot of people have had to sit and wait. at times the snow has been steady. an opaque looking flight control tower telling the story and families like this family from vienna trying to get to indianapolis caught in the middle. bags and all. their 2:00 flight from reagan national canceled and this is just the beginning of the trip.
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>> we're hoping that we'll make it today. in fact, we're flying to indy and then driving two hours to where my mom lives. >> wow. >> a long day. >> you have more to go once you get on the plane. >> yep. >> others have been facing delays but for the most part, the precipitation not causing a huge mess here on the runways. and back live at reagan national. most of the delays and cancellations have been to places in the northeast, philadelphia and new york city. so certainly check ahead if you're headed there tonight or even tomorrow. reporting live at reagan, news 4. >> thanks. all this happening as people hit the roads, of course, to get home or get out of town for the holidays. this is a look at current conditions from the first 4 traffic center. most drivers are finding speeds close to normal. 66 westbound near the vienna metro is slowest in the area right now. some parts of maryland have been difficult to navigate for drivers, snow emergency plan is now in effect for frederick
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county. drivers are not allowed to park on any county roads. anyone driving on a snow emergency route must have snow tires or clanz. we have a full list of those snow emergency roots on and snow continues to fall. crews are preparing for any outages in the area. this is video from oxon hill. snow and ice can make tree limbs heavy, causing them to fall on to power lines. right now more than 500 pepco workers and contractors are standing by. pepco's call center also has extra staff on hand for this storm. drivers in virginia have seen all kinds of wet weather today all day. but almost everywhere the roads have been slick. news 4 hit the road earlier today and has more on conditions now from haymarket. david? >> pat, it may be tough to see here along route 15, the snow is coming down. it's the smaller flakes right now. you can see behind me building up a little bit on the grass.
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the streets, roads, mostly just wet at this point. i can tell you it's been a range of different types of precipitation coming down. 30 minutes ago there were these heavy flakes. 30 minutes before that, it was a cold rain. we have been all over northern virginia today. we started out in arlington. a cold rain there, made our way to centreville and fairfax county. that crossed over to snow and then we made our way to winchester where we found the heavy snow. >> by mid morning, this is what drivers faced on route 7 in sterling. wet pavement and heavy snow. the slush already building up on the sides of the roads. but on the day before thanksgiving, many drivers delayed their trip or left early to avoid the weather. but some just couldn't dodge it. >> a little dicey and slippery. >> dicey out there? >> yes. >> what about from the passenger's seat? >> likewise, yes. i have my own personal brakes over here. >> the johnson family has been doing a lot of driving today. left this morning from south jers ji. destination, blacksburg,
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virginia. they weren't looking forward to a snowy thanksgiving. >> you'd rather do without the snow? >> yes. we would rather wing it. >> where did you start? >> rochester, new york. >> in his 80s, he is headed to norfolk. his family members tell me this former trucker insisted on taking the wheel. >> i see the road is quite bad up that way. >> you were surprised? >> yeah. we were run right into it. >> and behind me you can see route 15 as i said just wet right now. as you heard doug and veronica mention, that is going to pose a problem as we go into the later hours and temperatures start to drop. so how is vdot going to handle the roads? we checked in with them today. you're going to hear their plan for tonight into tomorrow when we join you all again new at 5:00. for live, we're in haymarket, news 4. >> right now we're tracking snow just as many of you get ready to hit the roads for the long holiday weekend. storm team 4 is tracking where the snow is falling and whether it will impact your plans.
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>> plus, sideline, the new controversy surrounding the redskins does the decision about the starting quarterback mean more changes are
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now to the story that everybody's talking about this afternoon. washington's football team benching robert griffin iii. >> the head coach just talked a few minutes ago. we're live at redskins park. questions are swirling about the future of the team and rg-3. >> yes, jim. he just wrapped up the press conference. he took dozens of questions from the media. it wasn't the most comfortable press conferencest year. but we found out the biggest news and that is robert griffin iii is now the backup quarterback here in washington and colt mccoy is now the starter.
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earlier today the team was out in the bubble practicing. colt mccoy taking stifrt team snaps with the team. gruden says mccoy knows the offense well and gives him a better chance to move the ball. he gets points on the board. as for griffin, he will be the number two. gruden says it wasn't a decision rg-3 was happy about, but that he hoped it will help to work out later in his future. he also talked about what it all means for griffin's actual future in washington. >> i think has a man and competitor, he has a future in the nfl. i'm not going to predict it. i'm not going to sit up here and say we're going to sign him to a 15-year contract or trade him. i'm coaching the quarterbacks i have in the best way that i know how. and that's all i can do. >> now all three quarterbacks were called in to hear redskins park last night and told by jay gruden that colts will get the start.
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we tried talking to robert griffin iii today but he declined to speak. i'm at redskin park, back to you. >> thanks, diana. >> do you think rg-3's time in washington is over? that is our survey of the day. call or text to vote or cast your vote on facebook or twitter. rushed to the hospital, we'll tell you about the new health concerns for supreme court justice right here if washington. >> tvs, ipads and i poods, we're taking you inside target's back room to show what you the retail giant is doing to get ready for black fr. >> and it's a weather alert day here at nbc 4. when will we see that snow we've been seeing all day finally move out? storm team 4 tracking it. if you'll see any more on your thanks
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first at 4:00, talk about bad timing for the busiest travel day of the year. snowflakes have been falling all over the region all day. >> all this month we've been showing you how to shop securely for the holidays. eric gonzalez joins us with a look behind the scenes at how target is getting ready for the crowd. they are gearing up. >> definitely are.
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all the store employees getting in their wheaties to make sure they can handle the madness that is black friday. everybody's getting ready for this. now you normally see the storms pretty pristine, lights on, everything in front. we're going to take you behind the scenes and show you what the stock room likes like. this is a columbia heights location. the team leader was showing us around. we took one elevator to another. we found rows and rows of the high ticket items that are ready for the big sale. 40 please work the room every night to get ready for black friday. they have 5,000 pieces of merchandise are arriving every day. this tv that is considered a door buster, we didn't find it in the stock room, we found it already on the store floor. they are moving stuff out and getting ready. >> speaking of shopping, erica. you know when you're checking out. this gets me and the clerk asks if you want to open a credit card account and save money on
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your purchase. i've always wondered, is this a good idea long term? >> you feel pressured. you feel maybe possibly rude if you don't say yes. kind of depends. but maybe not. you know, we've all heard the pitch save 15% off today's purchase by opening the store credit card. yeah that, sounds good. i don't want the card. a number of americans say they're really feeling the pressure to sign up. says three in ten americans feel bullied when a store clerk asks if they like to open a store credit card to receive a discount. what's more? about half of consumers regret their decision to open a store card and more than half say they avoid returning to the store where they felt bullied all together. and to avoid that regret, don't make an impulse decision. says read the fine print, folks, you may get that 15% off of today's purchase. but it may not be a great deal if you're paying 25% ininterest rate on the card. that is not unheard of.
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that is very common on a lot of credit cards. >> that is not good imagine, either. >> no. >> hey, you have a warning tonight at 5:00 about thanksgiving, grease, and plumbing problems. >> because of all the cooking. >> exactly. >> tomorrow is a very busy day for plumbers. i'm going to show you how to avoid the worst plumbing disasters. and it all has to do with what you put down your sink drain. that is coming up to night at 5:00. if you have a story idea for the consumer, we would love to hear from you. there is the e-mail address and also our phone noub boot. we hope you have a very happy thanksgiving. i'll see you tonight at 5:00 first to avoid the drain mishaps. >> we'll be looking for you then. thank you. >> all right. president obama today gave the 67th annual thanksgiving turkey pardon today. he noted "the washington post" recently questioned the wisdom of this holiday tradition. >> it is a little puzzling but i
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do this environment year. but i will say that i enjoy it because with all the tough stuff that swirls around in this office, it's nice once in a while just to say happy thanks giving. and this is a great excuse to do it. >> this year's official turkey, cheese and the alternate mechanic who will live out the rest of their lives at a park in leesbu leesburg. good for them. now back to the snow. we are on the roads with you right now. as many of you get ready to kick off the holiday weekend. the storm team 4 by 4 is out there along i-270 in montgomery county. you can see the roads are mostly wet right now even as though snowflakes continue to fall. >> you know, it's moving at a good clichlt i'm wondering as the temperature falls, some of that that we're seeing now, will that moisture turn to ice?
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>> quite a bit of it will. a lot of us got by. things melted on area roads to the north and west. that's where that snow was. it did accumulate. but now area wide, as we said, temperatures dropped. and we're talking about the refreeze. right now road temperatures are at 33. so it's at the critical mark and about to head on down especially after sunset. air temperature right now or at least for 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., 37 degrees. six to eight in the morning. icy spots in many locations. not just where there was snow accumulating on area roads. so watch out for black ice. leave yourself plenty of time if you plan on hitting the road early tomorrow morning. all right. here is a look at the current radar split. the white, the snow. the pink, the rain and snow. anywhere near there, too. so route one, a mixture of rain and snow. western side of the beltway, mcclain, bailey cross roads that, is snow going that is still falling throughout the area. wet snowflakes. a little-yer and more chunkier. look at this right around 66.
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so mixed conditions. but again, getting icy there late. rain mainly culpepper down 522. and all of that ending in the next three hours. there is a back edge around luray. it is a winter wonder land. if you hit the road tomorrow morning, don't have radar, can't watch us, download our storm team weather app. of course on itunes or google play. the forecast worked out good. the locations over here front royal, winchester, hagerstown, just over four inches. there are a few spots that had more than a foot of snow. and right there around d.c., two inches or less. leesburg, damascus right around 2:00 2 to 3 inches of snow. temperatures late tonight will be dropping down below freezing. and again that means the refreeze for us. here's a look at your future weather by 7:00. things really ending. and by the time we get to early tomorrow morning, again, the icy patches on area roads, there is another little small disturbance that's going to come through our
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area tomorrow. could trigger a shower or two mainly during the afternoon. and perhaps even a flurry around petersburg, frostburg, the high spots if you're still planning on traveling, morgantown and elkins, too, as far as the forecast goes, 37 to 41 degrees. it will be a cold one for thanks giving. meanwhile, we'll talk about friday's forecast later throughout the area. it starts cold. i'll show you temperatures throughout the area for friday morning. right now the weekend, 46. 58, of course, that storm system headed to the north. so if you have anyone that is coming in, we'll take a look at spots like philadelphia and boston and new york. the impact from the storm system coming up. guys? >> thank you. slowing down service. we have a heads up about getting around town during the holiday weekend. >> not your average hold up, a crook makes a big mess inside a busy store and all caught on camera. >> we want to hear about the big stories tonight that you're talking about. so like us on facebook.
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ginsburg had a stint placed in her right coronary artery today. justice ginsburg was rushed to
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med sr hospital center last night. she reported being in pain while doing her normal workout with a trainer. just ginsburg is now 81. in today's news 4 your health, calling it quits. adults are smoking less than ever before. cigarette smokers represent 18% of the u.s. population. that's according to a new cdc surv survey. and that's down from 21% in 2005. it is also the lowest point in 50 years. why the overall numbers are down, the survey found smoking remains high among certain groups including the poor, people of mixed race and those with physical disabilities. and among lesbians and gays. 5,000 people in the district enjoyed a free thanksgiving feast today. hundreds of volunteers served turkey with all the trimmings at the convention center. our own erica gonzalez helped out. there is the safeway feast for sharing. residents also got free health
4:27 pm
screenings, flu shots, and warm clothes for the winter. >> members of the business community, members of the washington, d.c. community to come forward and help those neighbors in need. >> this is the 14th year for the feast of sharing. great stuff down there. >> trading in your phone for cash? >> that's a real offer you can take advantage of. but you might be surprised to hear who is behind it. also, more fallout in ferguson. will the thanksgiving holiday be enough to quell the fears and calm the tensions in a divided town? >> and it's our big story of the day. look out your window or at our radar, safer place. snow showers across our region. we're tracking the every move right here first at 4:00.
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and we're back first at 4:00 with the blast of winter that's hitting right as we get set for the thanksgiving holiday. >> the storm team four by four is out there on i-270 now just outside of frederick. we've seen some slush covering the on and off ramp. let's get the latest right now from meteorologist veronica johnson. how it is looking from your per inspect sniff. >> from my perspective, the flakes right now having a tough time hanging on. a lot of locations, d.c. on east. look at this. the temperature is 37.
4:31 pm
right now leesburg is 34 degrees. luray too. that is where there is snow. it has been sticking out west around areas of i-81 and around the plains. so snow moves out. we get the rain, clearing and with that clear skies. temperatures go boom down to around freezing many neighborhoods by tomorrow morning. with that is an impact forecast that is moderate for tomorrow. temperatures throughout the area, 20s and throw 30s. refreeze overnight with icy patches around the area. by the time we get to 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., we're on the other side of the freezing mark. and with sunshine and headed to 40 degrees, we should be doing okay by the afternoon tomorrow. we have a lot more outside of this forecast and friday morning. that's all in a few minutes. guys? >> thank you. the snow is great news for ski
4:32 pm
resorts. many pennsylvania slopes will be open on friday. they include liberty mountain, white tail, round top and blue mountain. here's a look at pictures of the snow from liberty mountain's web cam today. for many resorts, the skiing gets underway at 8:30 in the morning and keeping on going until 10:00 tomorrow night. >> concerns there will be more ferguson fallout tonight. this day brought more protests in ferguson and around the country. and for the first time since the grand jury decision that sparked monday's violence, michael brown's parents are sharing their shouts. we have a reporter live in ferguson with the latest today. jennifer? >> the pattern continues. people protesting during the day, violence at night. but stepped up efforts by the police and the national guard here on the ground. it appears to be working. >> demonstrations from here in missouri and coast to coast today.
4:33 pm
in st. louis, angry demonstrate rz stormed city hall but met with police resistance. the anger over what is happening in ferguson resonates across the country. and most stopped short of destructive violence this night with three times the national guard presence as before. a sentiment appreciated by the family of michael brown, appearing this morning on the today show. >> some people have their own agenda. i want to say that i'm mad at the people that are doing what they're doing. but that's not their agenda. that's not what i ask for. that doesn't have nothing to do with us. but, yeah, everyone is protesting. we appreciate that. we love them for that. >> there were problems.
4:34 pm
it was nowhere near the level it reached 24 hours earlier after the grand jury decision not to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson was announced. >> it's not the right way to go about it. >> as a long holiday weekend approaches, with some hopes for calm. >> in all 42 arrests overnight and authorities say their game plan over the next 48 hours is to stay the course. keep the peace but allow everyone a chance to protest. i'm live in ferguson, missouri. jim? pat? back to you. >> all right. two fbi agents are recovering after being shot overnight just a few miles from the case. this may be a case of suicide by cops. it happened around 3:00 a.m. in suburban while agents were shot while helping a local man take police into custody. it's not related to the unrest
4:35 pm
in ferguson. one agent was shot in the shoulder, the other in the leg. >> and we just got new surveillance video of the cleveland boy moments before he was shot and killed by a police officer. it shows 12-year-old rice walking around the playground saturday carrying a pellet gun. two police officers arrived after getting a 911 call about someone at the park with a gun. police say rice was told three time to raid his hands but that he reached into his waist band and pull out the puet et gun. one officer opened the fire and shot him. the orange safety indicator was taken off the endst barrel. >> met metro buses and trains are up and running on thafrgz giving day. but trandz will run on a sunday schedule. the system will open at 7:00 a.m., close at midnight. you can park for free at all metro lots. and normal off beat fares will be in effect. buses will also operate on a sunday schedule thanks giving
4:36 pm
day. check bus timetables for the details. and if you use metro access service, it will be available during the same hours as metro rail and metro bus. >> it can be tough to get self service in parts of greenbelt. city leaders are not missing words. they don't want more cell towers. on monday, is tcouncil voted on letter to the prince george's county government. they're concerned about the construction new towers could bring as well as health issues. and the towers could ruin the aesthetics of their city. the council also wants more transparency in the plan approved in 2011. >> check this out. a woman in the district's angry shopping ranlt caught on camera. this video shows her knocking over, there she goes, displays in a liquor store. this happened on eastern avenue last thursday evening near new hampshire avenue. police are looking for her now. they tell us she also stole something from this store.
4:37 pm
we don't know what got her so upset. we want to bring up to date on a less key we reported last night. a plumbing contractor who was pulled from a trench collapsed in myersville has died. he's been identified as 26-year-old robert craig of myersville. he was trapped in dirt up to his chest when that trench caved in on him. less key crew has to dig him out by hand. craig complained of hip and leg injuries after the rescue and died later at the hospital. >> aren't you afraid? i'm afraid to bury my child. >> giving marijuana to children. we'll show you why mothers are bending the rules to save their kids. >> no ordinary red carpet premier. it's connection to washington and why everyone could soon be talking about this. ♪
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we want to hear from you about the stories you're talking about on this wednesday before thanksgiving. follow us on twitter. we have new developments in the search for malaysia flight 370. the plane's engines are likely intact at the bottom of the indian ocean. that word today from a search coordinator. this could play a key role in finding the missing jetliner. crash investigate yordz came to this conclusion based on that air france flight that crashed in the atlantic ocean in 2009.
4:41 pm
both planes engines are similar. >> you can still get health insurance while do you your christmas shopping. starting friday, can you get help signing up at the mall. the obama administration sending workers to help you understand the enrollment process to find out only at westfield mall including montgomery and bethesda. they're also at the wheaton and annapolis malls. this runs through the 15th of february. it is a lot easier to enroll in the affordable care act on line. nearly half a million people got insurance through health last week. it was the first week of open enrollment. more than 220,000 were signing up for the first time. health website had massive problems last year. >> so how attached are you to your iphone? blackberry wants to give you more than $500 for it.
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it's part of a new push to win back customers. blackberry gives you $550 if you trade in for the newest phone, the passport. to get the deal, you must have an iphone 4s or later model. the program starts december 1st. >> a london red carpet with strong ties here in washington. angelina jolie was on the red carpet at the unbroken premier. her husband, brad pitt, was nowhere in sight. she is getting oscar buzz for directing unbroken. it's about st. louis zamborini, the olympian that spent two years as a world war ii prisoner of war. the film is based on the best seller by d.c. author laura hillenbranlt. it premiers december 17th. >> it's already one of the most chaotic days to travel. and now it's being made worse by the snow that is impacting millions. we'll show you how it's unfolding. >> and veronica johnson is
4:43 pm
keeping that eye on our snow. >> that's right. take a look at the radar. snow here. yes, in black ice. late tonight. but our travel headaches are not going to last. we'll have a look at the weekend when news 4 at 4 returns. cocoa or eggnog? toasty or frosty?
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right now, i tell you, we drove 270 north past bethez dashgs rockville and now we're up here. i'm going to show you the road conditions. it's been pretty clear. we haven't come across, you know, a lot of ice at all. the roads are clear. they are very wet, however, and you can see this neighborhood. and snow is covering the lawns. but again, the road is clear. we did see some snow plows out here but besides that, roads are clear. news 4. >> all right. thank you. highways and airports are packed today. it's one of the busiest travel days of year, of course. >> whitney is live at chicago's o'hare international airport where the terminal is a bit more crowded this time. wendy? >> hi, pat. how are you doing out there? i've got to say, i almost feel guilty for telling you this. it's quite crowded out here at o'hare international. but things are very calm. we've been out here since 2:00 a.m. central time.
4:47 pm
and we've seen a steady ebb and flow of passengers throughout security lines. at time there no one even standing in them. at the maximum wait, we're seeing a five to ten minutes. so like i said, things are running very smoothly. a healthy economy and lower gas prices have given a boost to those holiday travel lines. aaa estimates 46 million people will travel by air or road this weekend. the weather though as you guys well know is not cooperating on the east coast. unfortunately at some point we think we're going to feel the ripple effects of that here in the midwest. hasn't happened yet. i'm hoping by mentioning it i'm not jifrpging us. but whoep you are doing pretty well out there. the only delays we have seen or cancellations are one from the east coast. so we have to remind passengers as we always do, don't forget to pack your patience. live in chicago, wendy wolf, back to you. >> thank you. >> all right. so veronica, where are the roads the worst tonight?
4:48 pm
>> anywhere west of frederick, maryland, mt. erie and areas like warrenton, around leezberg, too, on to the west. that's where we're talking about very slick icy conditions come late tonight. take a look. it's no the christmas. certainly looks like that winter weather wonder land. several inches of snow there. here's where we got the snow, you can see our snow cover map here. gaugersberg, frederick, loudon county, a bit more there. just over two. a lot of it melting as it came dune. but not the case here in the dark blue. it stuck around. and that is where driving has been stop and go and tough. romney, west virginia, over 14 inches around chambersberg, probably now over five inches of snow. the reason we're talking about the snow ice really being critical in these areas, that's out 66. 72, 72 and, of course, i-81 as well. in and out toward the locations around hagerstown, too.
4:49 pm
current road temperatures, 33. hagerstown, gaithersburg now at 34. 39, 37 degrees to the south. everywhere we're going to start dropping the air temperature and the road temperatures after about 8:00, 9:00 p.m. this evening. hisy spots. we trop to 33 by morning. improved travel after around 8:00 to 9:00 tomorrow morning. certainly for the afternoon and evening. temperatures by tomorrow late afternoon around 39 degrees. hey, i promised i would show you outside of this area. look at this. 9:00 the snow all of that mess moves out of our area. philadelphia, still get something around midnight. new york city, it's gone. up into boston by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, i'll moving out of here. that leaves us with sunny and cold conditions for black friday. early morning around 30 degrees. upper 30s by the time we get to the afternoon. and you've got more on what folks can expect around the area as well for the upcoming weekend. >> yeah. you talk about friday.
4:50 pm
friday is still going to be a very chelly afternoon. but then we're talking a pretty nice looking weekend. let's talk about that friday forecast first. we have a cool event coming up. reston town center, we'll be out there hosting a reston town center holiday parade going on right there right down at reston town center. it will be a cold one. the weekend, however, a little bit different. 46 degrees on saturday. sunshine. so cool but a lot nicer. and take a look at what we deal with during the day on sunday. high temperatures back up to around 58 degrees, even closer to 60. so warmer and feeling very nice for the day on sunday. so starting to warm as we make our way into the weekend after a very chilly thursday and friday. but as we talk about, bj, maybe get out the shorts on sunday. why not? not quite yet. >> i don't know. maybe. we stay cold across western maryland tomorrow. cumberland at 32. improved conditions. d.c., areas like college park, laplata, too, in the low 40s.
4:51 pm
here's a look at your weekend coming up. again, as doug said, there is the warmth. 65 on monday. but, boom, we're right back down again with rain coming in mid portion of next week. we have a lot more on your thanks giving day forecast. what you can expect overnight coming up on news 4 atveronica. stories we're working on in the newsroom. a big security breech. we'll tell you where a homeless person managed to find a warm place to sleep. it is raising a lot of red flags this afternoon. and a college quaut in the middle of the controversy surrounding bill cosby. how the school is weigh in on the allegations against the comedian. >> we want to go to the live desk. there is a bad accident in georgetown. >> this involves a guy who was out jogging this afternoon. in a residential area of 28th and q streets. he was hit by a car and pinned under that car. he has been taken to a local hospital. he is in extremely critical
4:52 pm
condition. d.c. police major crash investigators are there at the scene as you can see. but now, again, a jogger hit at 28th and q streets in the residential area of georgetown this afternoon. extremely critical. back to you. >> all right. wendy, thank you. >> marijuana moving families across state lines. >> there is my daughter's life. obviously, i'm going to do anything i can to save it. >> mothers from around the country doing anything they can to save their children. but it's not coming without controversy. >> i'm dorothy spencer in prince george's county. we're out in the snow today talking to fans about rg-3 being benched for sunday's game. we'll have a story coming up in a live report. news 4 at 5:00. >> and storm team 4 staying on top of this winter storm. when will the snowflakes finally move out of your neighborhood?
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
a live look as we weather the blast of winter hitting right adds we get ready for the thanksgiving holiday and all the travel. storm team 4 is tracking the storm's every move. we're going o get the latest from chief meteorologist doug in a moment. >> imagine you're desperately ill child needs merchandise that -- medicine that is blocked by the federal government. medical marijuana is not legal. four mothers who called
4:56 pm
themselves the canan moms are fighting to legalize the medical use of canibus across the board. >> i'm on the list of prayer and hope. it certainly canibus 100%. >> they call themselves marijuana refugees. >> you are ready? >> she did great. it was amazing. >> the four moms along with hundreds of other families have to relocate to a state like california where medical marijuana is legal. >> this is my daughter's life. i'm going to do anything to save it. >> are you so excited to go on the airplane? >> yes. >> they travel from florida to california because they say they are desperate to get their children medicine in the form of marijuana. >> what we all need to focus on is the unlawful laws that make us have to relocate. and move to states that already
4:57 pm
have canibus legal for medicinal surprises. >> dalia now age 4. >> don't take any pictures. >> i'm not anywhere near your picture. >> they have seizures which caused developmental delays. bruno unable to walk or talk has up to 400 seizures per day. and 10-year-old kristina who has already had three brain surgeries. >> i feel like a barbarian. >> medical marijuana is a market that brought in billions of dollars to states that have legalized this stage one drug. a regular consultation with this physical cost up to $600 including a few followups and he's busier than ever these days. >> i have seen a number of marijuana refugees where they had to move from another state to california just to be able to
4:58 pm
be in a state where medical marijuana is legal. >> but not everyone agrees that marijuana should be considered a viable option for some of the illnesses. >> you have to always think about the benefits and risks. and the benefits outweighing the risks. i don't think we're there yet in terms of the research and support. still, the moms say they have seen enough risk with the fda approved drugs their kids are already taking. >> we are not against conventional medicine. my daughter's life has been saved several times. but we do believe that had we had options, some of the things that were more harmful and unnecessary would not have had to be put into their bodies and done the damage that they've done. >> good job. high five. we have a weather alert day. right now at 5:00, flakes keep falling. it's what's going to happen overnight that will really impact our roads. >> a trusted teacher's aide
4:59 pm
arrested for schl abuex abuse o student. we'll tell you where police caught her with a teenage girl. >> and rg-3 out, colt in. could this be the end of the road for the redskins embattled quarterback? >> he wasn't happy about it. he was very upset. he wanted to have more time. >> we begin tonight with that winter storm warning for parts of our region on one of the busiest travel days of the year. by noon the snow already covered the streets here in leesburg, virginia. our storm team tracked the snow as it stuck to the ground and roadways making driving a bit tricky for anyone trying to get to their thanksgiving destination. >> the same story in maryland. this is what it looks like in germantown this afternoon. wet streets, big snowflakes. just north of the area, a snow emergency declared this afternoon in frederick. and will last through the next hour. the maryland state highway administration also encouraged drivers avoid driving if you
5:00 pm
can. >> check out the scene in our backyard outside our news 4 studios. earlier this afternoon big flakes falling. steady snow starting to cover the ground. a coating is exactly what we expected to see. >> and out live near dulles tonight, we are more concerned about what is next. a deep freeze. our storm team four coverage begins with doug camerer. >> this cold is not going to help with the conditions. >> no. at the not. we only have to fall a couple of degrees until we get below that freezing mark. that's when we could see problems with the ice. first off, take a look at the radar. storm team 4 radar showing the know around the area. most of it has been on the lighter side of the last couple of hours here. and you notice down toward the southwest starting to really decrease as far as the snow cover goes in the rain. so we're starting to get out of this system. and we're starting to get out of it fairly quickly. still seeing snow around the gaugersberg area and fairfax county and loudon


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