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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 26, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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backyard outside our news 4 studios. earlier this afternoon big flakes falling. steady snow starting to cover the ground. a coating is exactly what we expected to see. >> and out live near dulles tonight, we are more concerned about what is next. a deep freeze. our storm team four coverage begins with doug camerer. >> this cold is not going to help with the conditions. >> no. at the not. we only have to fall a couple of degrees until we get below that freezing mark. that's when we could see problems with the ice. first off, take a look at the radar. storm team 4 radar showing the know around the area. most of it has been on the lighter side of the last couple of hours here. and you notice down toward the southwest starting to really decrease as far as the snow cover goes in the rain. so we're starting to get out of this system. and we're starting to get out of it fairly quickly. still seeing snow around the gaugersberg area and fairfax county and loudon county. we're dealing with rain and snow
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and a few other things throughout that continue to fall. how much snow have we seen? gaugersberg, 1.2 inches. winchester, around 4 inch mark. this is right where we were talking about during the day yesterday. our forecast looking good for this. back towards the west though, r romney, west virginia, 14 inches. higher elevations getting more than the six inches. they saw that back to places in the west. the big issue is the temperatures tonight. and notice we're very close to freezing. dulles right now at 33. reston, 33. 34 in rockville. many of the secondary roads will become rather slick overnight tonight. any snow left on the roads farther to the north and west will become rather slick. watch out there tonight and watch out early tomorrow morning. i'll have more if a minute. >> all right. and our team coverage continues now. news 4's david cukul cull culve
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tracking the weather in hay market. >> vdot crews are out this hour and continuing to treat the roads. now you remember last winter, i don't know how many snowfalls we saw out here. in fact, vdot tells me for comparison, they had to mobilize road treatment 24 times last year. but they didn't even have to start this early in the season. from the leesburg perch, you can see this vdot facility all lit up. >> those are lights from the line of trucks loading up on sand and salt. throughout northern virginia, we have approximately 400 pieces of equipment. and we'll increase that if need be. >> vdot's steve shannon started his day at 3:00 a.m. it will be a restless thank giving eve for he and his drivers. >> there is a possibility of snow in the morning, not much. we'll have crews working ought night long. >> along route 15 where we found heavier snowfall, slushy roads even and steve's crews were out and about.
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many travelers rearranged their plans keeping mostly off the highways. >> icy out there. >> yes. >> at this winchester rest stop, even the dogs bundled up. some kept to their travel plans despite the weather. morris cramer drove from rockton. he has a game to be at. >> a lot of folks on the road? >> not that many. i thought it would be more. but coming down 81 was pretty good. >> boris is aiming for blacksburg and so too the johnson family headed down if south jersey. >> we would rather do without the snow. >> yes. >> we would rather win. >> yes. phil drove down from massachusetts. his challenge, not the road conditions. the drivers. >> they have a lot to learn. >> not a smooth commute for everybody today. we did find some trouble spots in points farther west in loudon county. in fact, some accidents, i'm going to show you some of that when i see you again all new at 6:00. for now, we're live in haymarket. >> the storm team 4 by 4 truck
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also out on the road. we're monitoring the conditions in maryland. >> right now we're in bucky's down and i'm on route 85. the roadways are relatively clear. snow is covered on the different lawns out here. let's shou you this roadway. we came across this water and wetness on the roads. i want to point out that is possibly freeze overnight. if you plan on driving, you know, tonight, make sure you slow down and be careful. we took 270 north past rockville, germantown, right now we're in bucky's down. we didn't come across any accidents. we didn't see anything out of the ordinary. a lot of drivers are being careful on the roads. and that's a good thing. we'll continue to bring you updates in storm team four by four. news 4. >> well, the redskins are buzzing to day in a big change that is not only for the season but for potentially for the future of this franchise. rg-3 benched. colt mccoy gets a promotion. >> we have team coverage of this
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dramatic develop. for you in the redskins quarterback controversy. here we go again. diana has the first candid comments now from the coach tonight. >> well, this is certainly not what the redskins envisioned two years ago when they drafted robert griffin iii. but after poor performance officials the last few weekends, jay gruden made the decision to bench rg-3 in favor of colt mccoy. >> he wasn't happy about it. he was very upset. he wanted to have more time. but, you know, i decided to make a change to colt. that is the bottom line. >> jay talked to me. i know this is a significant decision for our team. and i understand that. you know, moving forward, i jst want to play the best i can and help our team as much as i can and try to find a way to win some games.
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>> i came here with a clean slate. i want to play the best players. i don't kafr who they are, where they came from. obviously the history of robert and talent he has, very excited to coaching. i'm not giving up on robert. we just haven't been successful. >> as rg-3 as the number two quarterback now here if washington, what is his future here with the washington organization? we're going to talk more about that coming up at news 4 at 6:00. >> it's a question we want to ask you. could the days be over for rg-3? s is it's our slash poll of the day. there are strong opinions out. there let's go out live to fedex field and prince george's county bureau reporter darcy spencer. darcy? >> hey there, wendy. a lot of opinions out there. but most of the people we spoke to here near fedex field in landover today are expressing
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loyalty to the star quarterback rg-3. the snow is falling and many are making a last minute trip for thanksgiving supplies. but there is always time to talk redskins and star quarterback rg-3 being benched for sunday's game. tristan malone says it's too soon to lose hope. >> the first year he came on to the scene, i mean, he took us to the playoffs which was amazing. and the whole city was just up and so excited and happy. so i feel like we should give him a chance to get us back there again. >> a lot of fans on social media and radio say it's time to move on. but the diehards we spoke to aren't just devoted to the team, they are loyal to rg-3. he'll be watching sunday's game from the sidelines. >> they brought him back too soon anyway. that's my belief. >> he needs more time to heal? >> i think so. >> no matter the reason for this dismal season, many like jerry cash say the team's problems cannot be pinned on one man.
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>> nar not playing together as a team. they're going to get rid him, they need to get rid of the coaches, linemen, linebacker. >> you have to have good players. it takes a team. >> now many are wondering what is next? will robert griffin iii remain a redskin? >> i don't think so. if it keeps going the way it's going, i don't see him probably really staying with the redskins. >> as you heard there, there is a lot of support here in prince george's county for rg 3. we did find one woman who says this could be a good thing for him. sort of a learning experience. you're going to hear from her coming up in my report on news 4 at 6:00. reporting live from landover, darcy spencer, news 4. soldiers on roof tops. now the latest evidence of the on going fallout in ferguson, missouri. last night national guardsmen made nearly 60 arrests and there's concern thereould be more unrest tonight.
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there is hope though that the scale of the violence that we saw monday night when officer darren wilson was not indicted for shooting michael brown is in the past. many of the protests against the ferguson decision have been peaceful across the country. that is something brown's parents say they appreciate. >> everyone that approached us, we appreciate that. we love them for that. >> we asked the supporters here to do is not just make noise. make a difference. >> officer darren wilson said in an interview that "survival and training drove him to shoot brown during their confrontation and that he would do the same thing again. brown family says his attorney says they're still planning a civil suit." we now know that a young girl shot in d.c.'s marshal heights neighborhood last night is just seven years old. the shooting happened just after 6:00 near 50th and cal cull place. they rushed the child to the hospital after being shot in the lower part of her body.
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she's expected to be okay. and investigators don't think she was the intended target. they're looking for a four door black honda. >> there is new hope that new clues could help track down the suspect in a sexual assault. it happened near the george washington university campus. detectives are hoping you remember a group of three men, one was wearing a shirt with the word fitch on it. the other, a dark v net shirt with a black nicy fuel band on his right wrist. a female student claims the men followed her into an alley near i-street and new hampshire avenue last friday night and sexually assaulted her. that area is very close to the foggy bottom metro station. a local high school just sent letters home today telling parents about a teacher's aide charged with having sex with a female student. she walked out of court today with a coat covering her face. police arrested her last night.
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they say they were inside her car naked. norday works at eastern senior high school. coming up in this hour, kristen wright talks to the teen's guardian about that arrest. now at 5:00, he had lights and a siren and ran through the red lights to get to a local fire scene. turns out he was a fake. how a man posing as a firefighter got caught and his explanation in court. >> plus, we're learning how washington will remember marion barry, the former mayor's final trip through all eight wards of the city. >> what a lovely day to take to the skies and catch a flight out of reagan national or dulles international or bwi. it's a bit of a mess here.
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right now, that winter storm warning remains for parts of our area and one area taking the brunt of the storm is the shenandoah valley. there is what looks like in burkely springs, west virginia. beautiful. they've already gotten a foot of the white stuff. the winter weather may be to blame for a power outage in that area. about 1,000 people were without electricity today in morgan county. >> well, yesterday travelers had to wait long lines and today they are just waiting for their pla
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planes to arrive. >> they're butting the brakes on travel up and down the east coast. adam tuft is keeping his eye on the situation. and our local airports, he joins us from reagan national. >> jim, there have been delays. we still have frozen precipitation. i want to show you and get a good look at the light there and what is falling at reagan national. for, some the snow was a welc e welcomed sight. the flag flies in the cold wind and snow. outside dulles international. while inside collin admires it. collin is on his way to atlanta. >> what do you think about this? it is just the snow? >> yes. >> driving to the airport it was nice. >> while it may have looked nice, the weather up and down the east coast has caused delays and cancellations. the family from vienna trying to get to indianapolis but their flight out of reagan national was coming from rochester and
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now, yep, canceled. >>. >> i cancel, what you are doing? >> eat. >> not a bad idea. but 10-year-old nicole looking forward to her grand mother's cooking. >> i like the mashed potatoes and cornbread. >> the runways are just wet and most flight operations are running normally. >> and back here now live at reagan national airport, you know this is the busiest travel day on the roads. it's not the busiest travel day at the airports. when will that be? i'll tell you about that next hour at 6:00. reporting live at reagan, news 4. not just here, folks in other parts of the northeast getting a snowy start to their thanks giving weekend. let's take a look at conditions today in westfield, massachusetts. shoppers dealing with snowy roads, parking lots and those shovels are hot item. if you are driving north, you may see heavy wet snow on the pennsylvania turnpike in lancaster. road crews are working nonstop
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to keep that turnpike and other highways clear. doug has a head to ohio. >> i'm thinking about riding my bike. what do you think? >> yeah. >> i like that idea. >> i like that. >> tonight. yeah. >> what about saturday? >> exactly right. >> next week. >> i was going to ask you beforehand, for sure. it's going to be a tough go out there next week. we've already seen problems on 6 will out that way. a lot of people heading that way. so, yeah, heads up for you. what's going on? >> i have to work! >> let's look at the snow around our area. we told you it would fall around the prince george's county area and we told you it wouldn't amount to too much out there. still, a little snow fell. at a time today, it did in fact accumulate on the grassy surfaces just as we talked about. but no problems out there on the roads. just wet roadways during the day
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to day. snowfall totals this is very close to what we said during the day yesterday. we said less than an inch around the d.c. metro area. prince george's county right on down towards frederick. just about all rain towards the south. we've seen that, too. one to three inches is what we set around fairfax, gaithersburg and damascus. that's what we saw in those areas. a couple places seeing just a little more than that. and then back to the west, we said 34 to 6 inches with higher amounts. it was really three to nine inches with higher amounts in elevation. we did talk about that chance for elevated snowfall totals in areas around the blue ridge and mountains of west virginia. they did pick up close to 6 to to 12 inches. current temperatures, 37 degrees. still dealing with a little bit of rain and snow mixture towards the airport. temperatures are going to be huge tonight. right now everybody above freezing. 34 gaithersburg, 34 leesburg. 36 in manassas. the temperatures falling tonight. what to expect for the rest of the evening. rain, snow endsing between 5:00 and 8:00. icy patches through the morning. use caution on the roads.
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again, the highways should be okay. it's the secondary roads, especially in the western zones back towards loudon county and places to the west that will have problems this evening. still dealing with a little bit in the way of some rain and snow around the area including the d.c. metro area right up towards 270 back along 50 and route 7 in through portions of loudon county. that continues to come down for the next two hours. the wider view showing this storm system exiting our region. here is another storm system that is going to come through overnight tonight and in through tomorrow. what did that bring us? maybe a couple snow showers. maybe a couple of rain showers. but not going to do a whole lot during the day tomorrow. here's the bigger issue. overnight low temperatures. down into the upper 20s. we only need to fall a couple agrees to get there. 29 leesburg. that's why i think quo see ice overnight tonight through early tomorrow morning. give yourself extra time. that's why our impact forecast is on the moderate side tomorrow. due to the fact that we'll see refreezing temperatures overnight or refreezing of the roadways.
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icy spots early tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, we'll be better. everybody gets above freezing tomorrow. 41. again, an afternoon shower, maybe a flurry. 39 on friday. very cold day for black friday with wind chills in the upper 20s to low 30s. then the weekend really looking nice. saturday looking great. sunday looking even better with a high of a8. right now, we're going 65 on monday. then we come right back down to 40 with another chance of hey, rain or snow on tuesday. >> all right. thank you, doug. >> and nfl players denying allegations from the mother of his cancer stricken daughter. the cincinnati bengals rallied around tackle devonn still. he's denying accusations that he hasn't paid child support for his daughter leah in four months. the report comes from leah's mother who told the new yo"the daily news" she's close to being homeless. he called the report untruthful and he'll continue to let the courts handle the situation. >> braving the conditions for a good deal. we're going to show you where some holiday shoppers are doing
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more than just skipping nankz giving dinner. we're going to find unite what they are lining up for. >> and a warning before you make that holiday feast. dos and don'ts for cooking on thanks giving day. >> he responded to a montgomery county fire with emergency lights flashing and sirens blaring. but once on the scene, he was arrested for impersonate ag firefighter. this is chris gordon at the montgomery county courthouse with the outcome of his
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he had sirens and decalls on his vest. but now a montgomery count qui man who was speeding through red lights faces jail time for impersonate ag firefighter. >> news 4's chris gordon found out one reason why he got caught. >> a police officer driving to this warehouse fire in rockville last april see this is white kia suv with lights and sirens run a red light. the officer pulled alongside to question the driver, kevin craft. craft said he was heading to a two alarm fire on tap street saying he's with ems. but at the fire scene, none of the firefighters knew who kevin craft was. that's when the police officer called the county fire marshal's office. >> i was asked if i knew a kevin craft and i responded that, yes, we were very familiar with kevin craft in our office. >> how so? >> numerous encounters with our office for previous arson and impersonation charges. >> prosecutors say craft had
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nothing to do with starting this fire in april. he was arrested, booked and charged with impersonating a firefighter. today craft pleaded guilty to the charge in montgomery county court. >> and this individual had lights and sirens on his car and he also had fire fighting equipment in his vehicle. he had regalia on. he had fire fighting or emergency personnel vests on with decals indicating he was part of the fire fighting team. >> craft has a criminal record and coming up to night on news 4 at 6:00, he'll tell you of the provider offenses that indicate this is not the first time he impersonated a first responder. at the montgomery county courthouse, chris gordon, news 4. >> capital ploes arrested a homeless man who spent the night inside the private offices of the u.s. house committee on veterans affairs. >> our scott mcfarland learned that man was removed early saturday morning from the committee's private suite of offices on the third floor of
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the cannon office building. that is just down the hall from the committee's hearing room. the man had baggage with him at the time and arrested and detained at the capital police lockup. >> supreme court justice rouge batders ginsburg is recovering from heart surgery. she had a stint placed in her right art troy day. she reported being in pain after working out last night with her trainer. the 81-year-old could be in the hospital for the next two days. according to a report in bloom berlg, she expects to be back on the bench next week. ginsburg has had cancer twice since taking over the bench back in 1993. >> coming up, she faked her kid's cancer. >> right now at 5:00, convicted for telling a horrible lie, one mother learns her fate for deceiving people for years about a child with leukemia. find out how she got away with it for so long. >> and honoring marion barry. we know how thousands will be able to pay tribute from downtown to east of the river. >> and the famous super model
5:27 pm
bae smith had ties to our area here in the capitol. now will are
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final farewells for marion barry, how the city he loved will show him some love in return. plus, a mother's deception. >> who does that? who makes their child believe
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they're dying of kanser? >> she was convicted about lying about her son's cancer. it's what she did to her own child that went too far. and wind and rain and snow, we'll tell you what motivated local holiday shoppers to camp out. >> we have team coverage on this weather alert day. >> we're keeping a close eye on the temperatures. our storm team crew monitoring the roads. doug is back with the up to the minute details on what we're expecting to night. >> we've been monitoring the temperature throughout the afternoon. and we still have the winter storm warnings and advisories in effect. they will be allowed to expired. we are looking at this all moving out of the area right now. storm team 4 showing where radar and snow is you can see back towards win clefter, it's out of that area now. just looking at what is going on around our region, a flurry near d.c. and waldorf and 301. showers and flurry activity there, too. we're just about out of the woods for the precipitation
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tonight. the form of rain or snow. now we could turn to another issue during the overnight hours. we'll talk about that with veronica johnson. taking a look at the temperatures on the roads. bj? >> that's right. out front a few wet puddle right now. temperatures above freezing. i've got my infrared thermometer. i've taken three quick readings here in the range between 28 and about 34 degrees right now. so that's where currently is. but in the mechlt next couple of hours, we'll have the murcury drop. we won't have any issues around d.c. hit the secondary roads north and west, we could have real issues by 10:00, 11:00 p.m. 34 you come south into hagerstown number big issues around d.c. but 66, yes. look at where those air temperature readings will be by
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tomorrow morning. we start to see conditions improve. so again, it's snow, ice west. icy patches even closer in for us. >> a couple more winter days out there and then a nice warmup we got coming up and possibly during the weekend. that in just a minute. >> all right. doug, thank you. shamari stone son the wed roads riding in our four by four. >> we're now on route auto in frederick, maryland. it is very wet out here. we made a left. and we're now in this neighborhood. you can see snow on the side of the road. it is real important you are careful out here.
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we awesome people who were speeding and it was like they were on nascar. slow down on the roads. make sure you're careful out here and we have to wait to see what happens much we continue to bring you the road conditions and let you know what is going on. >> we now know the public will have three days of special events to hohn yort memory of former d.c. marylandon barry. we are live at the washington convention sent we are a look -- a closer look at the tributes that are planned. mark? >> i can tell you as a reporter who covered barry for many years and got to know him, noes surprise that the man known as mayor for life would want a big sendoff. that's what he's going to get in part because barry actually helped to plan his own funeral. >> reds dents have been filing
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into the john wilson building for days to sign the condolence book, three days of memorials will begin next week. >> mrs. barry and his son christopher wanted to reflect his 52 years of public service. >> next thursday morning, mayor job barry will line in repose here for 24 hours. then if i morning, his body will be moved in a public procession from the wilson building to the temple of praise church in southeast. that procession will pass through all eight wards of the district. there will be musical tributes during the day and memorial service starting at 6:00 friday evening. a public viewing at the washington convention center followed by a four hour memorial service. barry will be buried at a private ceremony on capitol hill, the final resting plays of several members of congress and notables from d.c. history.
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>> he was the most iconic figure in the history of the district of columbia and the federal government also. >> now we still don't know the exact route of that cross city procession or any of the speakers who will be speaking at barry's several services. now coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you more about when and why barry started planning his even own funeral and how it compares to other funerals in others in the district of columbia. mark sea graves, news 4. >> thank you. we're still waiting to learn more about the disappearance of popular restaurant owner bae smith in new york. smith had been reported missing in south hampton late last night. no other details on what happened earlier this year. smith revealed she has
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alzheimer's disease. >> bill cosby and his wife donated $20 million to spellman college in 1988. now the historically black women's college is finding itself trying to set the record straight. spellman decides to withdraw the support of cosby despite the multiple sexual assault allegation that's have come to light. today spellman officials released a statement saying though it is not appropriate for college to comment publicly on specific allegations, sexual assault is a profoundly serious issue for any educational institution. please know that we do not condone sexual violence in any form and understand our critical role as a women's college to lead in the fight against it. >> now at 5:00, a teacher's aide caught neighboringed in a car with a teenage student. the child's guardian talking to news 4. >> really disturbed, disgusted.
5:37 pm
disappointed and d.c. public schools. >> shoppers are camping out. they're already lining up to get deals. >> and history in the making for wednesday's child on national adoption day. a record number of our kids in new homes now for the holidays.
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thnchts is a story we love every time this year. we're so excited to hart wonderful stories of the new families created in national dopgs day in court. >> this year we saw an unprecedented number of wednesday's children being adopted. and, of course, barbara harrison as she always is, was the host for the 28th year. >> we just adopted our number eight baby. and it was a wonderful birth. no contractions. >> she is one of 38 children adopted at the 28th adoption day. >> i had the honor once again of introducing all of the children and their families to the family court judge who's gather each year for this special event. >> we saw him on wednesday's child. >> our wednesday's child program was credited for making a lot of of prospective families aware of the children waiting for
5:41 pm
permanent loving homes. >> we had our son, like him. he passed. we had a big hole in our hearts. and he filled it. >> one by one, the judge that handled each of the cases put a signature on paper that said this is the family now. made in court but surely somehow made in heaven. as each child seemed to have the feeling that this family was one that they will always meant to be with. or what? >> forever family. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> all three of you. >> thank you. >> and while some families were adopting for the very first time, the only one? >> the only one. >> congratulations. >> there were others like this family way two boys adopted last year and adding two little girls this time around for a very fool and happy home to go home to.
5:42 pm
barbara harrison, news 4 for wednesday's child. >> prchlt. >> if that doesn't put a smile on your face, hey, if you have room in your hard and home for a child, waiting for a home, we invite you to call our special adoption hotline. >> we have same am tip to save you cash tonight. >> a d.c. public schoolteacher's aide goes in front of a judge accused of having sex with a student. the teenager's mother also came to court today. hear what she has to say about
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s. we have a nice dose of winter. how is it going to play out? >> is this the way it's going to be for christmas too? >> let's not get our hopes up yet. that could lead to ice overnight tonight. take a look. show wlau is happening out at the airport. adam tuft is telling us not too bad in most of the areas. but we did have close to 70 delays out there towards national airport during the day to day. 37 degrees still dealing with rain and snow at the airport. temperatures not dropping very
5:46 pm
far. they may actually go up once the precipitation stops. 37 degrees at 7:00 and clearing. temperatures around 35 degrees at 11:00. i'm not worried about the city, i'm worried about the suburbs. rain and snow ending between 5:00 and 8:00. it's almost out of here. so use kougs on those roads. give yourself a little extra time and early tomorrow morning. probably around 9:00 tomorrow morning we should be okay. you can see the back edge of this moisture making its way in across our region. so still seeing it through southern maryland and the d.c. metro area. that is the one storm getting out of here. we have another storm system to the west. it should stay just far enough to the south that most of us remain dry. can't rule out a stray shower, maybe even a fleur why you during the day tomorrow on our thanks giving. to mostly cloudy, passing
5:47 pm
shower. maybe that flurry that we talked about. a high of 39 degrees. very cold start, too. wind chills starting off in the 20s for you folks getting out there to do shopping. another chance of rain possibly even mixed with snow coming up on tuesday. that's way too far off. >> it certainly is. >> 16 years old and in special education. d.c. police say that did not stop a teacher's aide from striking ape sexual relationship with that student. officers caught the two naked together. and now the teen's guardian says she is hurt. the school leaders let this happen. news 4's kristen wright is live with details on that. >> wendy, the teenager's guardian spoke to us right out here in front of the courthouse and she told us unfortunately
5:48 pm
the girl is an easy target for this type of crime. the 27-year-old aide at eastern high school is charged with sexually abusing a 16-year-old student. the teenager's legal guardian says the child has special needs. >> she's a child struggling emotionally. she's always had problems. >> police say they caught him parked with the teenager in an alley in grant street in northeast yesterday. both of them naked. according to court documents, the 16-year-old told investigators that she and the teacher's aide are in a relationship and the woman is her girlfriend. >> if you tell her you love her, you know, you can basically get her to do anything that you want. >> those court records also say the student told detectives she left eastern with her yesterday.
5:49 pm
the teacher's aide was hired in august. the girl says they engaged in sexual acts approximately twice a week since september. >> i'm hurt. i was sending my child to school for her to learn, stay out of harm's way for her to be protected. and right now i just -- i can't find no words to how i feel. >> she will be back in court on december 16th. coming up to night at 6:00, what happened when the teenager's guardian went over to the school today to speak with administrators. >> kristen, thanks. three bank robberies in sterling in recent weeks and police are heading to banks before they get hit. it's a preemptive move by the loudon county sheriff's office. they're talking about what they should do in case they get hld up. there were six robbers in loudon
5:50 pm
in 2013. most of the bank robberies that happened in our region last year occurred in december. >> if you're ordering things on line this holiday be on the outlook for package thieves. a homeowner caught a guy walking off with a box. the suspect got away in a gray four door car. if you recognize him, call the police. >> the cold and snow is not keeping some diehard shoppers in montgomery county from being the first to grab black friday deals. people camping out in a best buy in gaugersberg today. right now they've been in line for at least six hours. one man told us he is looking for a deal on a 50 inch television. >> really just to drive, to do something and say i've done it. i've never dn the black friday thing, waiting out for something. i figure why not do it? i'm off for three days. my family will be in virginia. i have nothing to lose. >> best buy stores open at 5:00 tomorrow evening.
5:51 pm
and there are also deals online for those who don't want to fight the crowds in the store. >> giving back to those in need. it's the spirit of thanks giving. and tonight some police officers in alexandria did just that. armed with turkeys and all the trimmings for a festive meal, the community policing unit hit the streets day and made several stops delivering meals to families. the officers saw a need in the areas where they work every day. so they hand picked families they knew needed a little extra help this holiday. >> officers who normally work in lower income communities who selected families that they know are in need of services and, you know, us trying to give a little bit back to them whether we know they give to the community. >> more than 20 families received thank giving diners to day all courtesy of the alexandria police department. >> well, when you're cooking for a crowd, it can cause a big mess and go beyond your dirty ditches. >> consumer reporter erica gonzalez is here with a warning about cooking grease and the cost to clean it up. >> if you're hosting thanks
5:52 pm
giving dinner, the last thing you want to be forced to call a plumber because the kitchen sink is overflowing. but it does happen. because people stuff their drains with big no-noes. this is what drains can look like whether grease is pure poured and later hard ens. that's why necessity recommend that you can it, cool it, and then throw it away. problems can also arise if you put uncooked rice, vegetable peels and turkey bones down the drain. there will be plumbers on do you think dwroi undo the damage, but at what cost? emergency pricing, holiday hours, you can care less what they call it. you just want to know how much. washington's consumer's checkbook, a nontrost organization that rates companies based on consumer reviews recommends you call around because it can save you big. >> replacing exactly the same garbage disposal, we found rices ranging from 200 to $650.
5:53 pm
that is for exactly the same job. and some of those plumbing companies that have the lowest price were among the highest rated in terms of quality. >> keep the house -- keep the spouse happy and don't have to call the plumber. consumer's checkbook is giving nbc 4 viewers free access to its ratings for the next week. just head to and search plumbers for the link. put the name of one of those plumbers in your phone right now just in case something happens tomorrow. wendy and jim, back to you. >> thank you. >> an army of volunteers spent the day at a kitchen getting ready for tomorrow's thanksgiving meal. we stopped by today to see all of the prep work going on. marion's kitchen is dedicated to stamp og how the homelessness in the district. in addition to a free thanks giving male, marian's kitchen provides housing, health care and other services to homeless families. >> people donated money to help a family they thought needed help for a child living with
5:54 pm
leukemia turns out they didn't need help at all. find out how one mother got caught in a big lie and how she hid it from her own family.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
we're a week away from a new discussion that could allow openly gay men save lives. >> next tuesday a committee will continue discussion on a vote to overturn the lifetime ban that keeps gay and bisexual men from donating blood. a 19-year-old 911 operator is
5:57 pm
leading the petition to overturn the ban. he says the stigma of hiv infection among gay men is outdated and extoll orientation should not keep any healthy person from donating. >> honestly, they're focusing more on the stereotype more than the science and the risk itself. so it's unfortunate. but that's what they're doing. >> the fda is still requiring gay donor to be abstinent for a year before giving blood. >> well, she is accused of shaving her son's head every day to trick people into thinking that her child had leukemia. >> and as we report now, the sentence is in for sandy newan. but there is one mystery that remains for this colorado mom. >> she said nothing, nothing to explain why for two years she faked her son's cancer, collecting thousands in donations. her defense attorney called it a
5:58 pm
misunderstanding. sandy's friends, the boy's teacher told the court for two years the mother got details of 6-year-old's illness, his fight with leukemia, the organized fundraisers did everything they could to help. and still today in unison, they said they couldn't wrap their minds around what happened. >> who does that? who makes their child believe they're dying of cancer? who does that? who makes the entire family believe that their son, their grandson, their nephew, their brother is dying? that, to me, is not a mentally stable human being. >> a judge sentences sand dwroi 90 days of work release and five years proef bags. for the people's trust she broke this is punishment enough. even though this was a bust, there will be others. >> i think in the future we just are a little more cautious and, you know, deliver our support in a way that i think we learned to follow-through maybe and not
5:59 pm
just trust what you're being toldy the parents. >> we have to be a little bit more cautious. >> absolutely. >> more cautious. >> which is sad in today's society. >> sandy will start serving jail time in december. and that mother has two other children. >> there will be another hearing to determine whether she'll regain custody of those kids. >> caught spinning out of control as drivers try to navigate the conditions. some places got a dusting, others a few inches. all of us will feel a significant drop in temperatures tonight. all of this coming on one of the busiest travel days of the year. from the roads to the sky, we're on storm watch tonight. >> right now, a winter storm warning is in effect as conditions shift from rain to snow. and then back to rain again. >> crews have been scattered all over the area, d.c., virginia, maryland, to show you what it's like. doug, is the snow gone now or what? >> yeah, it really is. you mention that winter storm
6:00 pm
warning. the good news here is that it has been allowed to expire and will continue to improve. but we've had snow all day if parts of the region. you can see right now storm team 4 radar showing the rain and snow getting out of here. say good-bye to the rain and snow around northern virginia. still seeing some in portions of fairfax county. mostly now in through the state of maryland, most of it on the lighter side. it will continue to be on the lighter side as we move on through. still snow around gaithersburg . flurry activity. we're going to continue to see what's going on now. the winter weather advisory also in effect. that is dropped. not worrying about that either. the big deal here is we've seen the snow and now we're seeing freezing temperatures tonight. 34 in reston. 34 in gaithersburg. temperature only have to drop two to four degrees to get to that freezing mark. and that will happen as move on through the next couple of


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