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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 27, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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for her to learn, stay out of harm's way, for her to be protected. and right now i just -- i can't find no words to how i feel. >> she said they aren't giving her much of an explanation how this could have happened. she was put on administrative leave. >> turning to the weather, we had snow in the middle of the day. it was quite a sight to see it. >> was kind of fun i thought. >> it was. because it didn't last too long. >> good morning, rich and eun. happy thanksgiving. a 30% chance you're dealing with a rain or snow shower having a little impact on your day. the temperature right now in washington is 39 degrees. we will continue to fall for the remainder of the morning hours. 7:00 a.m., 36. mostly cloudy skies. for the morning hours, there could be isolated rain, wet snow
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mixing in. showers mainly northern virginia, possibly making it into the d.c. metro. in the afternoon, scattered showers are possible in southern maryland, northern virginia. those of you north of washington in maryland should stay dry. everyone noticing the clouds. highs in the low to mid-40s. 1:00, temperature of 42 degrees. kids heading outside, playing football, just getting the energy out before they enjoy their thanksgiving meal. nice warm jacket and a hat. temperatures tumble tomorrow. what you can expect on black friday in 10 minutes. is new this morning, we're working to let you know approximate the latest recall from toyota. 57,000 cars being recalled to replace potentially deadly air bags by takata. yaris and rav4 models are being
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recalled. they can explode with too much force and spray metal pieces into the car. tomorrow you'll have a chance to sign a con dollens book for marion barry. lie in repose for 24 hours next thursday. and a public procession on friday. take a look at this special showcase to honor barry. it was held at union town bar and grill in southeast washington. this is the same neighborhood bar where barry stopped to grab food after he was released saturday night. byron coleman snapped this picture just hours before the former mayor died >> thanksgiving dinner hasn't even been served yet and many of you are planning your black friday shopping. 60% of americans will head to the stores the next three days according to the national retail
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federation. about 140 million people will be shopping on black friday. but not everyone will brave the crowds. 25 million of you plan to do your shopping online. eager shoppers spent the night in the cold. the first to get holiday deals. this is at the best buy-in gaithersburg. brandon jackson tells us he thinks it's worth it outside so he can get a a bargain on electronics. >> i have never done the whole black friday thing, waiting for something. i figure why not do it. i'm off for the three days. my family is going to be in virginia. so i have nothing to lose. >> he has a long wait ahead of him. best buy opens 5:00 tonight. >> he doesn't have too much longer. >> too much longer? he has 12 hours to go. >> more than just protecting your wallet. >> erika gonzalez has what major
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retailers are doing to step up security and keep you safe. >> reporter: and they're off! tense crowd and deals. lots of deals. all add up to one thing. black friday. >> for us, it's worth it. because you definitely get the deals. >> reporter: they have been shopping black friday sales together for the past eight years. although today will make it a gray holiday for the duo. >> reporter: people who sit here and watch it are going to say, they're crazy. >> it happens all the time. >> reporter: before they go out, they will plan. it's quite the strategy. >>ment running joke is i'm the spreadsheet queen. >> reporter: the stores are ready too. >> we start planning safety a year in advance. >> reporter: after a tragic accident in 2008 leaving one
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employee trampled to death, stores have new procedures in place to keep you and employees safe. forget doorbusters. they have stopped using that. they offer early bird special and one hour guarantees which give you a full hour to get the sale item. >> people can actually get a bracelet. if there's a hot item -- last year was a 32 inch tv -- people didn't have wait in line or rush. >> reporter: toys "r" us, no ticket, no deal. they have it down to a science. >> follow their rule and come up with a game plan. >> i have combed the ads. i figured how much i will spend in each store >> reporter: figure out what
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time they will go on sale. >> for us it's trying to maximize our dollar. >> reporter: don't rush straight to electronics. you might find high ticket items somewhere else in the store. >> this is what walmart says is part of crowd control. placing big ticket items in places where you would find produce in order to help with the crowds. >> last year the. >> david:s were sitting right next to the potatoes. >> reporter:. >> this is the one time to stock up on things i know my kids are going to need. >> give them credit. a lot of people will be watching football. but if you live in d.c., all eyes on the turkey bowl. >> two high school teens will be battling it out for bragging
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rights. the annual thanksgiving tradition. woodson takes on blue high school. the game is this morning at 11:00 a.m. mayor gray will be on hand to present the trophy to the winning team. annual thanksgiving day parade kicks off later this morning. this is the 88th annual parade in new york city. the parade is seen as the official sign that the holidays are here. it has 27 floats, 12 marching bands and 16 giant character balloons. the first was back in 1924. catch the parade this morning here 9:00 a.m. on nbc 4. well, calm in ferguson. what officials are attributing to quelling violence and protest. the holiday shopping rush. what you will notice while driving that will help you get
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in and out of the stores faster >> there's no traffic today. weather on the 1s. weather on the 1s. 4:37.
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welcome back. traffic lights around some of the busiest malls will be retimed. the goal is to keep traffic
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moving as more cars head into mall parking lots. vdot collected a lot of data last year and is using it to make it run better this year. traffic cameras and sensors will make adjustments in real-time >> you won't have to deal with track work this weekend. today trains will be running on a holiday schedule. opens at 7:00 a.m. and closes at midnight. tomorrow rail and bus service runs on a normal weekday schedule. this is the data. get out there and do what you have to do. you have the roads all to yourself. >> exactly. it will be nice and quiet. what kind of forecast will we have today. let's check in with amelia siegel. mostly cloudy, high of 44. having a i huge impact on your day, they're not going to, but you may be noticing while you're
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enjoying your thanksgiving meal. temperatures across the metro right now in the 30s. 39 in washington. one of the warmer spots. there could be slick spots this morning, especially on the back roads and sidewalks that haven't been treated. gaithersburg, dulles, huntingtown below freezing. temperatures will continue to fall for the rest of the morning hours. rain or wet snow mixing in. southern maryland, clouds. 3:00, peeks of sunshine. tonight it should be dry if you head out for the black friday deals. getting in on the deals early. tomorrow, cold. high of 39.
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i'll have the weekend details in 10 minutes. >> that's what i like to hear, amelia. looking forward to that. shoppers lined up for deals. former ceo who says stores should not be open today. surveillance shows the video leading up to when police shot ♪ [instrumental music] ♪
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welcome back at 4:45. in california, protests continue following the jury decision in the michael brown case. protesters blocked interstate 5 in san diego. it caused backups for miles before police came and broke up
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the protesters. they arrested 130 people for blocking traffic. in oakland, several buildings were vandalized. in ferguson, a quiet night of protests. they hope everyone can calm down, reflect and pick up the pieces. we have more from ferguson. >> reporter: protests in ferguson dwindling with the holiday and a a messy winter storm moving in. but there have been too many sleepless nights. queen barns especially worried. her salon she spent her life savings on. >> i don't approve this behavior. after a while people think they can only respond with violence. >> people responding with kindness. >> i'm trying to help sweep the
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sidewalks of ferguson because people were breaking windows without cleaning up after themselves. >> reporter: after the first night of chaos, 2,000 national guard backed up police and put an end to the clashes befored destructive. >> we didn't burn. we didn't get looted >> reporter: but there is still damage here. >> i have to think of my safety and my children's safety and them having to live their lives. >> reporter: a community reeling from three months of turmoil. investigators say two officers asked him to put his hands up. within two second of pulling up next to him an officer shot and killed the boy because the officer said it looked like he was reaching for his waist band.
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we are hearing 911 calls where a caller said he thought the gun was a fake. >> there's a guy with with a pistol. you know it's probably fake but you know what he is carrying it out. it is scary. >> he had a pellet gun with the tip removed to make it look like a real gun. their son could still be alive if police didn't act so quickly. looking to find out the condition of a jogger who was hit by a car while running in georgetown near 28th and q streets. the runner was pinned under the car. he was taken to the hospital. sergeant major turner was killed monday when a car packed with explosives hit his vehicle in kabul. turner is from maryland on the eastern shore. he joined the a arm in 1993 and
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served deployments in bosnia and iraq before going to afghanistan earlier this year. the 48-year-old was a a bronze star and purple heart srecipien. a a vaccine for ebola is being tested. the first 20 volunteers have shown signs of developing antibodies. some built them up within four weeks of receiving the vaccine. researchers say they have not developed any serious side effects. president obama plans to visit nih next week. the number of cases continues to rise in west africa. the world health organization says 600 people were infected just last week. more than half of them in sierra
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leo leone. more than 5,600 people died from ebola >> 4:50. supreme court justice ruth tkpwaeuder ginsburg had a heart stint implanted. she experienced discomfort during a workout with her personal trainer. at 81 ginsburg is the oldest supreme court justice. >> this was the scene in lees burg, virginia yesterday. many of the secondary roads and neighborhoods covered throughout much of the day. places here got anywhere from an inch to two inches of snow. >> drivers encounter slush. that area, though, received close to two inches of snow. take a look at this unique view of the snowfall.
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the white ferry carried cars even as the snow came down. they were sweeping the snow into the river, keeping the deck clean. more stores are opening earlier than ever. >> tonight, tonight, thanksgiving night, best buy, toys "r" us and jc penney will open at 5:00 p.m., an hour earlier than target, kohl's. westfield montgomery and the new springfield town center will all open at 6:00 p.m. just make sure and check. and have a plan. i guess people eat early and then go shopping. >> i posted on my facebook page the time the stores are opening. you'll have to bring your pumpkin pie with you and scarf it down at the stores. >> there's a chance of scattered
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showers today. especially for those of you in northern virginia. is it going to be anything like yesterday? absolutely not. >> okay. >> mainly dry roads. it's really through the morning and midafternoon hours where we could be tracking scattered showers. maybe wet snow mixing in during the morning hours. be cause of slick spots from the rain and snow overnight. i posted snowfall total on my facebook and twitter pages. travel looking good as well. definitely need the sunglasses tomorrow. it is cold on friday. today it's chilly. we're at 39 degrees. wind is not an issue. wind not going to be an issue throughout the day today. here's the latest satellite and radar. notice this rain down to the south impacting richmond.
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it could set off showers mainly for those of you in northern virginia, southern maryland. those of you in western maryland, northern maryland, you should remain dry for this thanksgiving. and i hope you go have a happy thanksgiving. 7:00 a.m., fog over the mountains along the i-95 corridor, areas back to the west. temperatures in the 30s. into the morning, midafternoon hours temperatures around 44 degrees. 7:00 p.m. dry. but mostly cloudy temperature of 37. your high tomorrow, 39 degrees. our average high is 52. we are running 10 to 15 degrees below average. plenty of sunshine for the weekend. 46 on saturday. sunday a little bit more sunshine. temperatures near 60. monday we actually hit 60 degrees. tuesday, a chance of showers, high of 42. so our temperatures tumble back
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down. tuesday, chance of rain showers as well. high temperature of 47. really no snow in the forecast. today a chance of a few scattered showers. mostly cloud y. on the chilly side, richard and eun. >> thank you so much. 4:54. coming up, how to count your thanks and calories while still filling up on your favorite foods. >> a tradition of service. the obamas getting ready to serve up thanksgiving meals. plus, rg3 benched. why do this now with five
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welcome back a lot 4:57. colt mccoy is now the starting quarterback for the washington redskins. coach gruden says he knows rg3 can play better but mccoy gives the team a better chance to win. as long as he's productive, the job is his to keep. >> i'm prepared to give colt every opportunity to keep the job, yes. if he does, he will be the quarterback next week. if he does, he will be the quarterback the following week. he's an experienced quarterback. he has a little bit more experience than the other two guys have here. and he pleas like it. >> as far as rg3, this is the second time in the last two years he's been benched.
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many players on the team said they were surprised by the decision but they need to move forward and focus on the game. it's the whole issue who is going to be the quarterback. mccoy was third string. now the starter. >> give him a shot and see what happens. hopefully we'll win. hundreds of volunteers are donating their time to make sure some get a warm thanksgiving meal. >> it dates back 30 years. >> got to get the legs out of that thing. >> a lot of labor and even more love. that's the best description how a beautiful feast has been served for three deck 80s at the knights of columbus in arlington. it includes 300 turkeys cooked and members by arlington residents who heard about list serve. >> we have two families who work
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pretty much year-round making the contact with all the various facilities, various donors. >> the turkey will be complemented by side dishes and desserts donated by heidelburg bakery cards made by local schoolchildren is designed to make homeless people feel like honored guests. >> they would know the people that came to dinner that they were loved. >> some volunteers are third generation knights of columbus families. >> uncle bob, john and other jon. and his son over here too. it is pretty family oriented. >> virginia governor mcauliffe and his family are spending the holiday giving back. they will serve a thanksgiving meal at the family shelter in fairfax >> the first family will sit down for dinner at the white house today.
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ahead of the holiday, the president and his family handed out meals to families. they volunteered in southeast washington packing and districting meals. the president also dished out warm thanksgiving wishes. they help with food, clothes and other services. one of the best things about this year is people really come together and serve during thanksgiving. >> yeah. they have made it part of thanksgiving tradition. stay with us. news 4 at 5:00 a.m. begins >> news 4, feeding those in need. how a tradition of service is making sure no one goes hungry for the holidays. >> those look good. we are giving you a sneak peek of another holiday favorite, the macy's thanksgiving day parade. i'm eun yang. >> i'm richard jordan in for aaron. a live look outside. looking dry r


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