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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 27, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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ahead of the holiday, the president and his family handed out meals to families. they volunteered in southeast washington packing and districting meals. the president also dished out warm thanksgiving wishes. they help with food, clothes and other services. one of the best things about this year is people really come together and serve during thanksgiving. >> yeah. they have made it part of thanksgiving tradition. stay with us. news 4 at 5:00 a.m. begins >> news 4, feeding those in need. how a tradition of service is making sure no one goes hungry for the holidays. >> those look good. we are giving you a sneak peek of another holiday favorite, the macy's thanksgiving day parade. i'm eun yang. >> i'm richard jordan in for aaron. a live look outside. looking dry right now.
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there are chances that some people will get wet a little later. >> let's check in with storm team 4 a amelia siegel to find out about the weather. >> mostly cloudy skies across the area and mainly dry. there is a chaps of scattered rain showers. wet snow mixing in. it will favor northern virginia. those of new southern maryland and the northern neck. only 20% chance that washington sees any light rain today. most of maryland north of southern maryland remains dry. light rain and welt snow showers. but really nothing look we saw yesterday. i am tracking fog across the area back over the mountains. petersburg, stanton, winchester, visibility around a quarter mile. this remains an issue until 9:00 a.m. slick spots possible this morning with temperatures in the 30s. areas at or below freezing
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gaithersburg, stanton, petersburg. a high today, though, of 44. you can see for the morning hours, temperatures remain in the upper 30s. 40s by 10:00, 11:00 a.m. it's cold tomorrow. i'll let you know what you can expect in 10 minutes. >> maybe you are wake withing up and ready to catch an early flight to the airport. tough travel day yesterday. so far this morning relatively few cancellations. there were close to 750 cancellations yesterday and more than 4,700 delays. if you're headed to new york or philly, definitely check with your carrier before heading to the airport. this is also one of the busiest times of the year to be hitting the road. aaa says there will be 41 million travelers on the highways between now and sunday. that's up 4% from last year. sunday is the busiest day for air travel. a all those people heading back
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from their destinations. and yesterday was the busiest dave on the rails. as you head out to your thanksgiving feast, or even if you stay home you can keep up to date with today's forecast on your home with with the storm team 4 weather app. >> 5:03. a teachers aide is facing sex abuse after a 16-year-old student was found naked inside her car. this is carla norde. she works at d.c.'s eastern high school. she's been in a sexual relationship with a female student since september. the teen's legal guardian said the girl is a special ed student. >> i'm hurt. i was sending my child to school for her to learn, stay out of harm's way, for her to be protected. and right now i just -- i can't find no words to how i feel. >> the guardian says she's disa pointed with d.c. public schools about how they have responded to
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the incident. she said they aren't giving her much of an explanation as to how this could happen >> tracking down suspects in a sex assault near george washington university campus. take a look at your tv screen. detectives are hoping you will remember one man. one was wearing a fitch shirt and a nike fuel band on his wrist. a man followed her into i street and new hampshire avenue last friday night and sexually assaulted her. it is very close to the foggy bottom metro station. right now desists of volunteers are about to get busy preparing hundreds of thanksgiving dinners to hand out around the region. molette green has more on that effort. >> reporter: richard, good morning. the first shift of kitchen volunteers is about ready to come out and start packing up
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and delivering about 3,500 thanksgiving meals. let me step out of the way. it's the turkey and all the trimmings that you see on this table here. you have your vegetables, corn. don't forget your yams and stuffing as you go down the line. this is enough food, again, to feed a a family of four. and for d.c. area residents living with hiv, aids, cancer and other serious illnesses, this is a gift of love this holiday season. the people who are getting these meals, this is about living to see another holiday and being thankful. in the next half hour, we're going to talk to some of the hundreds of volunteers and the executive director about what it takes to do all of this and bring some holiday cheer to a lot of people across the dmv who really need it this year. i'm molette green reporting live from food and friends in d.c.
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looks really good. a lot of people will be watching nfl football. all eyes will be on the turkey bowl. two high school teams battle it out for bragging rights. it's the 45th annual tradition. h.g. woodson takes on blue high school. the game is this morning at 11:00 a.m. at eastern high school in northeast washington. mayor gray will be on hand to present the trophy to the winner a new recall regarding toyota. what you should know about the flaw that could be deadly >> how many of you are bypassing the crowds and still landing the deal. we look at reagan national. 37 degrees outside. 37 degrees outside. pretty chilly out there.
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welcome back. thanks giving dinner hasn't even been served yet and many of you are planning your black friday shopping. 60 million will head to the stores in the next three days. about 140 million people will be shopping on black friday. not everyone will brave the crowds, though. 25 million of you plan on doing your shopping online. >> the doors don't open until 5:00 tonight. people are already camping out for deals at best bay. they have under 12 hours to go. we found three tents tet up at
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gaithersburg on shady grove road yesterday. campers want first dibs on the big screen tvs. it is open from 5:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and opens again at 8:00 a.m. >> that's the deal for some of the big ticket items, there's only one or two at each location. so unless you're the first in line, you're going to miss out. >> and you have to run fast. >> you have to have a team. they are missing the whole day. >> whoever is out there, hopefully they are bummed. >> a look at your forecast. good morning, amelia. >> good morning. definitely need your jacket throughout the day. maybe even the up principle la with a chance of scattered showers in the forecast. it will be cold enough that wet snow may mix in. sky cast 4, this is walking you throughout your day with what could potentially be looking at. otherwise, cloudy skies. 10:00 a.m., still mostly cloudy.
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a threat of showers especially for those of new northern virginia today into the afternoon. the best chance of rain in southern maryland. obviously snow not a threat at that point. as temperatures warm into the 40s. most of us, all of us noticing clouds. more clouds and sun throughout the day today. here's your temperature. 7:00 a.m., 36 degrees. 11:00 a.m., temperature around 40. so a crisp day outside. 3:00, that's when we hit our high of 44. for the evening hours if you are traveling for the thanksgiving dinner, not tracking any rain threat at that point. the threat of rain lingers until 2:00, 3:00 p.m. high temperatures tomorrow, cooler. high of only 39 degrees tomorrow in washington. frederick warms to a high of 37. fredericksburg, 41. hey, at least we'll have plenty of sunshine on friday. clouds move back in for the weekend. temperatures warm up. let you know more in 10 minutes. >> 5:12 right now.
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ahead on news 4 today, we'll take you behind the magic of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. healthy and the holidays can go hand in hand. a few ingredients you can swap out to save calories but savor the flavor. it is
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your time is 5:15. in california, protests continue following the grand jury decision in the michael brown case. take a look at the scene. protesters blocked all lanes of interstate 5 north of san diego. the protests caused a packup for miles before police came and removed the protester. los angeles police arrested more than 130 people for blocking traffic yesterday. there were also arrests in oakland where several buildings were vandalized >> the town of ferguson is hoping to use this thanksgiving
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to reflect and regroup after self days of protests. it was are relatively quiet overnight. only scattered demonstrations. yesterday they went through city hall screaming shame, shame. in downtown st. louis, 200 demonstrators held a mock trial for darren wilson, the officer who shot brown. singer garth brooks decided not to appear on the "tonight show". he said it seemed distasteful. he wrote that he felt wrong promoting all of his stuff. whoopi goldberg will be there instead. surveillance video shows 12-year-old tamir rice holding what looks like a real gun. two seconds within pulling up next to him an officer shot and
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killed the boy because he said he looked like he was reaching for his waist band. we're hearing 911 calls where a caller said he thought the gun was fake. there's a guy with a pistol. the guy keeps pulling it in and out of his pants. it's probably fake but it's scary. >> we know rice had a pellet gun with the tip removed to make it look like a real gun. in a statement his family says their son could still be alive if police would not have acted so quickly. working to learn more about two suspects d.c. police are searching in connection with a stabbing outside the gallery place metro station. they are looking for two women wearing dark clothing. investigators save the victim went into the station for help, prompting one of the entrances to temporarily close. this happened around 8:00 last night. we're told the stabbing did not happen at the metro station. no arrests and no word on the victim's condition. new, your car may be
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recalled. toyota is pulling back 57,0 yar and rav4s. the models were made between december 2002 and march of this year. the air bag inflaters can explode with too much force and may spray metal pieces into the car. some of us may be counting our blessings, there are others, not us, who could be counting their calories. >> a few tips to help you eat healthier this friday. >> a can has four tea spoons of added sugar per receivering. >> i'm walking through the market with a nutritionist. >> we eat whatever we want. typically we will consume about 4,000 calories for the thanksgiving meal. >> that's a lot. so should we worry about we eat?
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>> i want to eat and enjoy. >> we eat light throughout the day so we're not as hungry when it time for actually thanksgiving. >> i eat what i want. >> you're not going to calorie count? >> no. >> still, nutritionist janet little said there are a few things to cut back. first, if you're in the kitchen. >> instead of sour cream, use yogurt. nobody will know the difference. >> cut back on the butter. when it comes to fresh versus canned. >> buy fresh. you will save five tea spoons of sugar. >> how can you cut the calories once you sit down at the dining room table. >> choose white meat over dark meat. that will save you half the fat. >> when it comes to gravy, people tend to go overboard. >> pouring it over the entire
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meal. most people have poured one cup of gravy can which can take you up to 300, 400 calories. >> look for lower calorie drinks and dressings. when it comes to dessert, all pies are not created equal. >> you can choose a pumpkin pie over pecan pie. that will save you half the calories. the nutritionist says it's not an idea to starve yourself before the meal. >> here's the reality. it's once a year i'm cooking this way. so i'm putting the sour cream and the half and half in my mashed potatoes. >> yogurt doesn't sound all that appealing. here's a live look outside.
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it feels like a chilly start. >> i'm with you, the one take to spurpblg and enjoy your meal. it's going to be cold outside. maybe even showers moving through the area. a jacket and hat is what they need to be wearing today if they are spending time outside. mostly cloudy skies on this thanks giving. and tracking some fog during the early morning hours. this is an issue until 9:00 a.m. visibilities are a half a mile or less. until 3:00 p.m., maybe wet snow mixes in during the morning hours. but doesn't stick. the rain chaps is pretty small. but i think we will see a little bit more widespread activity. anyway, 6:00 a.m., showery activity.
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notice where it is favoring northern virginia. those of new northern virginia, southern maryland have the best chance of seeing rain today. 11:00 a.m., some of that isolated activity still in northern virginia. 3:00 we get into the afternoon hours. this is when the threat is of rain is over. limited sunshine makes an appearance. 8:00 p.m. tonight, you're traveling, coming home from the thanks giving dinner. not worried about rain or snow at that poin in fact, we're looking at part cloudy skies. tomorrow for black friday, heading out to get the deals, make sure you layer. plenty of sunshine. temperatures warm into the weekend. 46 on saturday. clouds move back in.
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mostly cloudy skies. high temperature of 58 degrees. monday we're actually at 60. a chance of showers on tuesday and wednesday. >> i like those 60 degree temperatures. thanks, amelia. right now crews are setting up for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. . this is the 88th annual parade in new york city. 77th and central park west. good morning. happy thanksgiving. >> yeah. happy thanksgiving to you, eun and everyone there at wrc. this is the start of the of the parade behind me. one of 30 floats going down the parkway. this is tom turkey. thomas the train is right behind him.
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this year six new characters will be in the parade. some of your old favorites like spider-man, snoopy and woodstock will be there. there will be 1300 cheerleaders and dance team members. 1,000 clowns, which is terrifying to me. but also 12 marching bands from around the country. this all gets under way at 9:00. they have it down to a science. hope you guys are down there in washington. >> chris, thanks so much. i'm terrified of clowns. 1,000 of them together.
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good luck. >> it's my worst nightmare. >> we'll check in with you in a little bit. >> in news for your health, more adults are done with smoking. cigarette smokers represent 18% of the u.s. population according to any awe cdc survey. that's down from 21% in 2005. it is the lowest point in 50 years. while the overall numbers are down, smoking remains high among certain groups, including the poor, people of mixed race, and those with a physical disability. . black friday is turning green in colorado this thanksgiving day. they are getting a lot of interest in green friday sales. . marion barry helped to plan his own funeral months before his death. details are now revealed. see how it compares to other
5:26 am
high profile tributes in the district. giving promise to a new vacci vaccin >> the first shift of these kitchen volunteers is already hard. we're packing up a thanksgiving feast here at food and friends. there is a a method to packing the food just right for the clients who will receive them. i' molette green. more on that in my live report coming up. and if you can't be in front of your tv, watch news 4 on the go with your smartphone or tablet. download the nbc washington a
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looking at the stories making headlines right now at 5:29. a teachers aide is facing sex abuse charges after a 16-year-old student was found naked inside her car. carla norde works at eastern high school. according to court documents she has been in a sexual relationship with the female student since september. a relatively quiet night in ferguson, missouri with scattered demonstrations. they ever hoping to use this to reflect and regroup after several days of protest.
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>> according to the national retail federation, about 140 million people will be shopping on black friday. much more on those stories throughout the morning. first, good morning to you. i'm eun yang. let's take a live look outside. a cold start to the day. being stuck in the kitchen may not be a i bad thing. nice and warm in there. storm team 4 amelia siegel with what you can expect. happy thanksgiving. . good morning, eun and richard. happy thanksgiving to you at home. i have to agree. today a nice day to be inside with family and friends. it's chilly. it's mostly cloudy. we could be dealing with rain, especially those of new normal virginia and southern maryland. right now i'm looking at temperatures closely. we don't want to see any black ice from the rain and snow showers we saw yesterday. washington not really a a concern. the temperature at 39. college park at 34. camp springs at 35. but areas like gaithersburg, out towards dulles and further north and west could see slick spots
5:31 am
this morning until the sun comes up. here's how temperatures will warm throughout the morning hours. we're in the upper 30s through 9:00 a.m. low 40s 10:00, 11:00 a.m. the kids want to go outside, play football, get out some energy. definitely have a jacket on for that. the weather not too bad. mainly dry conditions across our area. very light rain south of fredericksburg. 30% chance you are dealing with rain. eun, i will have a look at the travel forecast in 10 minutes. thank you, amelia. well, you won't have to deal with track work on metro this weekend. all work has been suspended through sunday. trains will run on a holiday schedule. the system opens at 7:00 a.m. and closes at midnight. tomorrow rail and bus service runs on a normal weekday schedule. normal fare and parking will be in effect tomorrow >> a showcase for marion barry was held at the same
5:32 am
neighborhood bar where barry stopped to buy food after he was released from the hospital on saturday night. byron coleman ran into barry and snapped this picture just hours before the former mayor died. mark seagraves has more on the memorial services that will be held next week. marion barry will be remembered as a larger than life civil rights leader and politician. after lying in repose thursday morning. friday morning his body will be moved in a public procession from the wilson building to the church in southeast. that procession will pass through all eight wards. similar to the funeral procession for former mayor walter washington in 2003. after a day of services at temple of praise on friday, a memorial saturday. >> we initially talked about the
5:33 am
service being four hours. that's probably the intro. while many people want to speak at barry's funeral, barry will decide who gets to speak. barry gave his family specific instructions on how his services should be planned. >> he pretty much gave an outline of what he would like to see at his home going. >> one of the things that mrs. barry and christopher are trying to reflect and show is that incredible life of the mayor for life marion barry, jr. it is now 5:33. now to the fight against ebola in the u.s. and worlide. a new vaccine is being tested at the national institutes of health in bethesda. researchers say the first 20
5:34 am
volunteers have shown signs of developing antibodies that fight the deadly virus. some built up the immunities within four weeks of receiving the vaccine. volunteers have not developed any serious side effects. president obama plans to visit nih next week. the number of cases continues to rise in south africa. 600 people were infected in just the last week. more than half of them in sierra leone. nearly 16,000 people contracted the virus in west africa. 5600 people have died from ebola. volunteers across our area are busy cooking thanksgiving dinners for needy families. one of the groups is food for families. they are cooking up turkeys with all the trimmings. molette green is live in northeast washington with a look at what's happening today. hey, molette. >> richard, good morning. the first shift of kitchen volunteers in full swing.
5:35 am
this is truly a labor of love. take a look behind me. there you see on this side leading this group of volunteers from the platinum dreams biker club. that's midget. she's only 5 feet tall. that's mark. they got here very early to pack up 3500 thanksgiving meals that will be delivered today to the clients of food and friends. and there is a method to proper packing. so i want to talk to the executive director craig snyderman about this enormousest under wayment the method to the packing, you've told they they had to be trained on making sure that food is packed just right. >> that's right. we have 3,500 meals prepared to go out today. everything has to be done exactly right for this to get delivered to the people throughout the district and 14 counties in maryland, virginia.
5:36 am
so we don't make this up as we go along. >> those who are living with hiv aids, cancer and other illnesses. this effort to get the food out to all the clients starts well before today. >> we started on sunday cooking turkey. we have been cooking all week long and packaging food. we have 1,300 volunteers this week, making this possible. we have only 52 staff. so the volunteers prepare this food. and this will be 100% volunteer delivered today. >> behind craig is the actual meal. what it looks like. the meal that will go out to all the food and friends, clients. the next half hour, we are expecting mayor elect to show up. we will talk with some of these volunteers who have given up their thanksgiving morning to do this for those in need. reporting live for food and friends, i'm molette green. i'm sure that will all be
5:37 am
appreciated later tonight. find out how stores are getting you to best your budget. >> the clue on a piece of clothing that you can help police with to catch the suspects in an assault near a local college campus. blackberry wants to give you $550. but you might pass up the deal when you find out what they want in return. and your black friday forecast. time
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welcome back at 5:39. remember when black betters were the only smartphones and everyone loved them. blackberry will pay 550 bucks for you iphone. but in exchange you have to buy the new $500 blackberry passport. they are trying to take back customers after losing most of them to iphone and droid services. let me tell you i was one of the tried and true. i can't imagine going back. >> not even for $50? >> maybe $50. >> coming up on 5:41. time to get a check of weather on the 1s. good morning.
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mostly cloudy skies across the area. a chilly day today. high temperature of 44 degrees. out and about, the kids enjoying fresh air as you get ready to have thanksgiving. a jacket and hat would be ideal. traveling this morning you do want to be cautious of black ice, especially on sidewalks and secondary roads. mainly dry roads. not worried about any rain or snow. in fact, tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. so you need sunglasses if you are traveling on black friday. cold, though. high temperature of 39 in washington. 37 for those of you in annapolis tomorrow. 35 in winchester. our high temperature is 34. you see our temperatures, richard. warm through the weekend. high on sunday near 60. i'll have the weekend forecast in 10 minutes. >> can't wait for that.
5:42 am
thanks. besides the turkey, football, and family, we have the macy's parade to look forward to on this thanksgiving. a behind the scenes look. keeping your money safe and secu
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your time is 5:45. police are asking for your help to track down the suspects in a sex assault that happened near george washington university's campus. a group of three men. one was wearing a shirt like this one with fitch on it. another was wearing a dark v-neck and black nike fuel band on his right wrist. a female student claims a man followed her to i street and new hampshire avenue last friday night and sexually assaulted
5:46 am
her. the area is very close to the foggy bottom metro station. work to go find out the condition of a jogger hit by a car while running in georgetown. that accident shut down roads near 28th and q streets. the jogger was hit and became pinned underneath the car. he was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. police are working to find out what led to that incident >> we're working to learn more about the maryland soldier who died in afghanistan. sergeant major turner was killed man when a car packed with explosives hit his vehicles in kabul. turner is from maryland on the eastern shore. he joined the army in 1993 and served deployments bosnia and iraq before going to afghanistan earlier this year. the 48-year-old was already a bronze star and purple heart recipie recipient. he is survived by his wife and five children. more stores are opening
5:47 am
earlier than ever. toys r u.s. and jc penney plan to open one hour earlier than target, sears, kohl's and macy the. they'll be opening at 6:00. fashion center, westfield and springfield town center will open at 6:00 as well. . eager shoppers spent the night in the cold. camping out to be the first to get deals in gaithersburg. brandon jackson says he thinks it is worth it to sleep outside for electronics. >> i have never done the whole black friday thing, waiting for something. i figure why not do it. i'm off for the three days. my family is going to be in virginia. so i have nothing to lose. >> he has a long wait ahead of him. you could end up overspending and not even know why.
5:48 am
>> erika gonzalez has what major retailers are doing to step up security and keep you safe. >> jessica anderson with kiplinger personal finance says there's a reason you end up buying more than you expected. >> your subconscious has already decided what you're going to buy before you pull out your credit card stphrr that's right. you are propelled to buy for a different reasons, not just the sales. number one, shopping with a friend. >> we've all been there. oh, that looks so great on you. i must have it. >> reporter: the average person will spend 5% more this year than last. nearly $800 this holiday season. if you want to stick to your budget, tell your friend talk to the hand. mannequins. traditionally you will ceman kins in the window. head is either left or white. you're more obliged to go in and
5:49 am
take a peek when the mannequins make eye contact with you. mmm. smell that holiday goodness. way. it's a trap. scent marketing. cinnabon. the ovens make you crave their cinnamon buns. they pro tell you to buy. number 4. a new jingle to go with your jingle bells. >> these are songs that people have grown up hearing. but it's a slightly newer version. i don't know. one direction probably has something out for the holidays. >> the oldies but goodies are nostalgic. you feel warm fuzzy inside and then you pull out more cash. >> you are looking pale and paste y. they want you to look fantastic when you are putting on their close.
5:50 am
>> warm, soft lighting. hues of yellow and gold all over department stores. leave the fluorescents for electronics. so look alive. your dollars are a at sake. . wow. all these little tricks to get us to spend money. >> so sneaky. >> i don't think all the stores use some warm lighting. i've been in dressing rooms and i'm like, whoa, whoa, whoa. >> those are the ones where you don't spend money. that's the secret. >> i know exactly what you're talking about. thank goodness the lighting is like this and i know how i'm going to look. >> the truth hurts sometimes. >> let's get the truth on the forecast. >> those of new northern virginia, down through the northern neck and southern maryland. wet snow could mix in during the morning hours. it doesn't stick because of the temperatures. but very early this morning if you're out and about, you want to be cautious of black ice, especially on sidewalks and back
5:51 am
roads. that will remain a concern until about 8:00, 9:00 a.m. also fog over the mountains will also be a concern until 9:00 a.m. cold tomorrow. but the sun returns. as we look through the weekend our temperatures are going to warm near 60 degrees by sunday. temperatures right now are in the 30s. 39 in washington. that's where we have been for a few hours now. gaithersburg still holding at freezing as well as winchester, petersburg. culpepper, 34. so you can see temperatures really close to the 32 degree mark. that's why we will be concerned until 8:00, 9:00 a.m. temperatures warm, 32 degrees. here on the satellite and radar, tracking rain down around richmond. and this same disturbance, this same area of rain could set off a few scattered showers in our area. again, mainly south of washington until about the midafternoon hours. the threat is low. only 30%. here we are at 7:00 a.m. notice this isolated activity. notice where it is.
5:52 am
it's in northern virginia. 11:00 a.m., still scattered showers mainly in northern virginia. as we get into the afternoon hours, limited sunshine comes out overall. more clouds than sunshine. high temperature of 44 degrees. happy thanksgiving. lorain, 41. tomorrow, temperatures tumble. high of only 39. temperatures around the freezing mark. by noon, upper 30s. that's where we stay throughout the remainder of the day. plenty of sunshine. temperatures warm. high of 46 on saturday. a high near 60 degrees. monday we hit 60. mostly cloudy skies. a chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. high temperatures in the low to mid-40s. 5:52. three hours away from the start
5:53 am
of the 88th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. nbc's chris palone with a preview of the iconic parade. chris, good morning to you. >> good morning. happy thanksgiving, eun. we are starting to see the volunteers show up. and the police are starting to spread out. things are getting ready to get under way. they are starting to gather around some of these iconic balloons. the 16 giant balloons that will be going down 6th avenue to macy's in herald square. they inflated the balloons. there are six new characters. then there are also some of the old favorite stand-byes like spider-man, thomas the tank engine there, snoopy and woodstock. they have been in this parade more than any other balloon. this tradition started back in
5:54 am
1924. it started with live animals marching from 145th street five and have miles. that's a heck of a parade. in 1927 they got rid of the live animals and introduced the balloon and an american classic was born. it is supposed to be a nice day for late november. 40 degrees. a nice enough day for lee and a half million people to come new york to watch the parade. we'll send elt back to you. >> i can imagine balloons are much easier to manage than the animals. >> recent hacking incidents may have you thinking twice before you swipe a credit or debit card. the newest options keep you safe and secure. >> i don't feel safe walk around with cash. i don't feel safe swiping my card in department stores. i don't know what to do these
5:55 am
days. >> reporter: one of the americans undecided how b how to approach the holiday shopping season. >> it makes me want to go back to using cash. >> reporter: cash is always king. >> it is just incredible to think how far we've really come in such a short period of time. >> reporter: in talking with us, the national tail federation. mag stripes are being replaced with chip cards. we rang up a few items at walmart at northwest d.c. to try. you insert instead of swiping and leave the card there until the transaction is approved. >> i usually do thanksgiving in the family. >> reporter: are you inviting us? are you cooking for us? cleo brown will be doing shopping later this year. >> big turkey, wonderful
5:56 am
dressing. sweet potatoes. >> reporter: and no shopping? >> not at all. >>reporter: but when i asked her about the chip card, she said it wasn't top of mine. >> i actually haven't given that much thought just yet. >> reporter: if you haven't thought about it, you should. >> i would highly recommend that you call and as your cards are expiring or you would like to have a more secure form of payment. >> reporter: or you could go mobile right. >> the iphone 6 with the pay system on it. >> reporter: apple pay is for the latest addition of apple products. google wallet is android version of both give you the power of credit in your home without ever taking out a physical card. only select stores are ready. so there could be a lot of people like cleo stphrr do you feel more comfortable shopping with cash or check? >> i feel more comfortable with
5:57 am
that. i'm retired. so i'm happy to do that. and one thing about keeping cash and paying with cash, you know it's paid for. there's no bill in the next three months. >> you run out of cash and you know you have to stop shopping. >> colt mccoy is the starting quarterback for the washington reskins. >> he knows rg3 can play better. he says right now mccoy gives the team a better chance to win. >> i'm prepared to give colt every opportunity to keep the job, yes. that's not an issue for me. if he does, he will be the quarterback the following week. he's an experienced quarterback. he has games under his belt. he has more experience than the other two guys have here. skp and he plays like it. >> this is the second time in the last two years rg3 has been benched. right now a number of volunteers are hard at work in
5:58 am
the district. >> let's
5:59 am
right now on news 4 today, making sure no one goes hungry. the work under way to make sure those in need get a thanksgiving meal. we are tracking conditions as some of you get ready to hit
6:00 am
the road to meet up with family and friends on this thanksgiving. when you are going out, find cold temperatures with a threat of encountering ice out there. amelia siegel with more what what you can expect. >> black ice is possible. i'm tracking some fog. it's back around the i-81 corridor. it's like winchester, stanton, cumberland continuing to report visibilities around a quarter mile or less. fog remains a concern in these areas until 9:00 a.m. and black ice is possible on sidewalks and secondary roads for pretty much everybody until 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. as well. here on the satellite and radar right now, cloudy skies and some rain just south of us impacting areas like richmond. we could see a few scattered showers today from the morning hours on into the midafternoon hours. wet snow might mix in during the morning hours. but it is not going to stick.


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